Big Tits

Subject: Gym flirtation gay/no sex Jason Hill liked to workout at the gym in the later evening hours. Most times he just had a stressful day at work and the later evening hours, 7-8, was when the gym was quiet. Usually just a few other men and women there. One night he got there about 6:45 and got on the treadmill for a good run. He noticed another guy there, a guy he hadn’t seen before. The other man, his name was Constantine Kephalas, was about the exact physical opposite of Jason. Where Jason was average height, 5’8″, Constantine stood around 6’5″. Where Jason kızkalesi escort was light complected, Constantine was dark complected. Jason’s chest was smooth with little hair, Constantine’s chest was extremely hairy. Maybe it was this reason that the two men noticed each other and began to make eyes from across the room. Jason caught Constantine staring at him more than once and when he met his gaze, Constantine did not look away. The men said nothing to each other as they went about their work out. Occasionally they would tarsus escort walk past each other and their skin would brush against each other. Jason felt a jolt of electricity run up his spine when he got close to Constantine. The wordless flirting continued as they both went for a swim. Jason had been shirtless the entire time, but Constantine had been wearing tight shirt. He took it off to jump into the pool and Jason could see exactly how hairy he was. His dick jumped at the sight of the shirtless, hairy man. He suddenly anamur escort fantasized about running his hands through the hair. Both men swam laps for some time. Then Constantine sat on the edge of the pool. When Jason came up for breaths he could see the man was playing with himself. Jason got out of the pool and sat a few feet from Constantine. Jason started playing with himself as well. The outlines of their cocks could be easily seen through their wet shorts. Jason was about to reach over and touch Constantine when the hairy Greek man looked out the window. He stared at the full moon and without a word he stood and was gone. Confused, Jason followed him to the locker room. Constantine didn’t say a word, nor even look Jason in the eye as he grabbed his stuff and left, leaving a horny and now lonely Jason behind. Comments and feedback are welcome.

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