Gym Workout


I work shift work so the hours that I’m at gym vary widely. I’d roll up there morning, afternoon or late evening, all depending on what shift I was currently on. For the current week I’m at the gym very late in the evening, a time most gym users are long gone. Offsetting not having the company of fellow sufferers, I do have the advantage that most of the equipment is available for my personal use.

So here I was, rowing away, sweating off any flab and keeping my muscles reasonably fit and this woman wanders into the gym. She was in her early twenties, good looking, very nice figure, and tight clothes. The outfit she had on showed all her curves and they were certainly worth showing.

She comes moving briskly along heading towards the running machines. I watch as she approached as her breasts are, let’s just say, well developed. Well-developed enough to have a nice bounce to them as she walked past me. Watching her from behind, I considered that view remarkably good as well. Lovely buttocks, that had a beautiful swish and sway. The only drawback in the entire package was the nasty look she gave me as she passed.

I don’t know why the dirty look. I hadn’t ever seen her before (I’d have remembered) and I hadn’t spoken to her. Just looked up as she approached and checked her out. After all, what else is a man supposed to do when a young lovely crosses his path?

She settled down on the running machine and I was lucky enough that my rowing machine faced that way. I rowed and looked, her running helping to break the monotony of the rowing. The way her breasts bounced didn’t do much to harm my enjoyment.

She cast several little glances at me as she ran, clearly annoyed that I was there. Tough titties, is what I thought. I’d got here first and if she didn’t like it she could lump it.

After about five minutes she came over and stood, glaring down at me.

“Do you mind not staring at me while I’m running?” she snapped at me.

I considered the question carefully before replying.

“As a matter of fact, yes, I do mind,” I told her. “You’re well worth looking at, so I’ll look. That’s why I have eyes, you know? To observe things of beauty.”

A little flattery will get you a long way I find. In this case it almost got me a trip to the hospital. If she’d been Cyclops, from the X-men, I’d have been flash-fried.

“Look, I come to the gym at this ungodly hour so I can exercise in peace, without being ogled by men like you.”

“Really? Ah, what sort of men do you want ogling you?”

Another near miss in the flash-fried department. Apparently not susceptible to humour. Hey, I thought it was funny.

“No-one,” she practically snarled at me. “I don’t want any men looking at me like that.”

I gave that the answer it disserved.


Steam was practically rising from her.

“What do you mean, bullshit?”

“I mean just that,” I said, going on to explain. “You’ve got a very nice face and figure. Your hair is cut in a style that draws attention to your face. You’re dressed in clothes that are tailored to show off your figure to the maximum advantage. If you didn’t want people to look at you, you could have picked out clothes that hide your figure. They’d be just as comfortable as those you’re wearing. Possibly even more so.

Your entire outfit shouts look at me, and you not only know it, but love it.

Of course, you could be a lesbian and are dressed that way to attract another girl. Are you a lesbian? Terrible waste if you are, not that it’s any of my business.”

Add truthful observations to the things that piss her off. I thought she was going to clock me. I know she thought of it.

“Lesbian?” she shrieked at me. “That’s typical male. Just because I’m not attracted to you, you think I must be a lesbian. That is such a sexist attitude.”

“Couple of points,” I said mildly. “I didn’t say you were a lesbian. I just raised it as one possibility. As for not being attracted to me, what in the world gave you the idea that I was trying to attract you? I was just sitting here exercising. Exactly the same as before you came in, except now I have better scenery.

I’m assuming from your irritation that you don’t think that you’re a lesbian. So going from the way you act I’d say you’re into S&M. I’m not, so why the hell would I try to attract you?”

“S&M?” she repeated, sounding slightly stunned. “Why would you think I’m into S&M?”

“General attitude,” I said with a shrug. “Probably a dominatrix. Yeah, I could see you standing over some poor fish in a black leather outfit, complete with thigh high boots and a whip.”

She gave me another cutting look and stormed back over to the running machine. I watched as she ran, but she was deliberately not looking my way. I did notice that she seemed to be running a lot faster.

She couldn’t leave it alone for some reason. I don’t know why. All I was doing was exercising and admiring the view. She suddenly came storming back.

“Will you stop looking at me,” she demanded. “I don’t like it.”

“Ah, I thought escort bostancı we’d been through this already?” I said. “I have no intention of blinding myself just because some stray dominatrix is offended by my seeing her.”

“I am not a dominatrix,” she snapped. “Nor am I into S&M. I just like my privacy. Why do you think I come here this late?”

“Um, I’d have to assume that you’ve been banned from earlier sessions because your snarky attitude upsets the other customers. And if you’re not a dom, you sure seem to be studying to become one.”

That’s when I took another guess.

“Oh, I get it. You’re at Uni. and they’re teaching you the modern idea that all men are evil and that women are they’re equal in every way. Except for the evil bit of course. So you feel you have to stick up for what you consider your rights and the hell with everyone else’s. Typical leftist student behaviour. Don’t worry. You’ll grow out of it.”

Women are such contrary creatures. I take her word that she’s not into S&M and she still gets offended. She called me a rude name and said she was going to complain to the management about me.

“So complain. To facilitate the handling of your complaint I’ll even introduce you to the manager in charge right now. That would be me. I’m managing late shift this week. That’s why I’m here stuffing around and talking to the paying customers. I’m John by the way.”

I tapped the employee badge that I was wearing, acting on the assumption that she hadn’t noticed it. Apparently she hadn’t, and that made her even madder. Such an even tempered little thing. Always angry.

I smiled up at her.

“I suppose I should apologise for that S&M crack. You don’t really project enough authority to be a dom and you’re much too undisciplined to be a sub. Well, I suppose you could be an untrained sub. Who knows how you’ll behave after a spanking or two. It’s plain you’re way past due getting one. Why don’t you speak to your boyfriend and see if he’s willing to help.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend and if I did he’d be far too much of a man to have to resort to beating a woman,” she said, apparently insinuating I was the type of person who would stoop to such low practices.

“I said spank, not beat. There is a difference. A nice spanking can be fun. So can what follows on from it.”

I deliberately ran my eyes over her.

“Yeah. A lot of fun. I can just see you now, bent over that bench,” nodding to a nearby weightlifters bench, “hands and shoulders on the floor, bottom on the bench and legs splayed, while I stand there, playing the bongo with your bottom.”

To emphasise I did a quick bongo beat against my thighs.

Before she could get carried away and start screaming I chipped in again.

“By the way, you still haven’t told me your name. You might try to show some semblance of good manners occasionally.”

“Katherine Perkins. You can call me Miss Perkins.”

“Um, no, I don’t think I can. Kate is much better. Tell me Kate, have you ever been spanked? I mean as an adult. Not as a bratty little girl. If not, I’m willing to broaden your education.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” she said. “If you tried I’d, I’d. . .”

She didn’t actually seem able to say what she’d do. She just stood there, glowering at me. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to be rude and unmannerly to someone who’s seated while you’re standing, possibly leaning over them a little? The advantage of height gives you courage.

I finally got up off the rowing machine. Seated with my legs bunched and my arms tangled with the oars, my height isn’t really noticeable. Now Kate was seeing me standing for the first time and she hurriedly back away a step.

She stood about five foot six. I stood six foot plus. I was also about twice her width and probably nearly three times her weight. She must have felt like a Chihuahua that found it had been challenging a St Bernard.

Kate was suddenly looking very nervous. I saw her eyes dart around the gym, taking in the fact that it was deserted apart from the two of us. She looked back at me, her hands going unconsciously to protect her bottom.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she said again, visibly gathering her courage together.

“Oh, I’d dare,” I told her. “No worries about that. I’d even enjoy it. The real question is would you dare?”

“Me?” she said with a bit of a squeak. “What’s it got to do with me?”

“Everything, I’d have thought,” I said dryly. “After all, it’s your bottom that would receive the spanking. But the point I’m getting at is that you’re wondering what it would be like to have a man actually spank your bottom. You know you deserve it but you’re nervous, so you’re trying to fight the idea.”

“I am most definitely not nervous. I just haven’t done anything that would warrant a spanking.”

“You’ve been rude and ill-mannered. All children should get their bottoms smacked if they’re rude and ill-mannered. Why should you be excluded?”

“Well, for a start, I’m not a child.”

“True. That’s going to make it so much more ümraniye escort interesting, isn’t it?”

I walked over to the weightlifters bench I’d indicated earlier.

“Come here. I think we’ll start with half a dozen spanks and see how it goes.”

“You’re insane. Do you really think I’m going to let you spank me?”

“Ah, yes, I think so. You’re curious. A besetting sin of women and cats that’s always getting them into trouble. In this particular case it’s getting you into a spanking.”

I patted my knee and Kate slowly edged her way over to me, looking mutinous every step. I guided her over my lap and she bent, reluctance in every movement, but she bent.

I delivered a quick sharp spank to her bottom and she gasped and her hands flew around to cover her bottom.

“One,” I said. “Move your hands.”

I waited and her hands slowly moved aside. I waited a moment longer and delivered the second spank. Kate gave a little squeak but didn’t try to cover her bottom. The third and fourth spanks followed quickly, and all Kate did was gasp and twitch a little. She could handle this she was deciding. The fifth and sixth spanks elicited the same sort of response.

I helped Kate back to her feet and she just stared at me defiantly.

“You see,” she said. “It means nothing. You’re just trying to bully me.”

“Ah, we haven’t finished yet, Kate,” I pointed out. “I did say this would be the start. You’ll need to drop your pants and panties for the next half dozen.”

Kate ran hard up against the uncomfortable fact that once something starts it tends to have its own momentum. She did not want to drop her pants and panties. She really did not. Neither did she want to seem to be backing down in front of a man, especially as she’d already had her bottom spanked. It hadn’t really hurt. I’d made sure of that.

She flicked another glance around the gym, making were we were still alone, then, turning her back on me, she pushed down her pants and panties and a very nice derriere was on display. It had just the slightest pink flush to it from the spanking. She was actually eager to bend over my knee this time, even if it was only to protect her modesty.

This time the spanking was harder, the spanks actually stinging, and her bottom was starting to develop a nice flush. Kate squeaked a bit and I could see her counting of the spanks, ready to scramble off my lap when the six count was reached.

Unfortunately, my hand was resting on the small of her back, holding her in place. Before she could do more than wriggle a little I was stirring her up again.

“OK. Things are going nicely. Are you going to apologise for your rudeness now?”

Kate didn’t exactly refuse, but her rigid silence spoke for itself.

“OK. The proper spanking will now commence. This section will continue until you either start to cry, apologise or offer to fuck me as an apology.”

Kate did not take that well. She bucked so hard that she actually fell off my lap and sat on the floor glaring up at me.

“You have got to be kidding. No way am I going along with that,” she snapped. “That’s going way beyond a spanking.”

“Really? Well if you’re not able to handle a proper spanking I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll limit the rest of the spanking to another half dozen and we’ll call it complete. OK?”

That she could handle. I saw the thought cross her face. Very mobile face, Kate had. She nodded.

“Fine. If you’ll just take off your top we’ll get to it.”

Her mouth opened slightly and she gave me a very nasty look. I could see she was trying to work out if she’d agreed to take her top off or not. Then it must have dawned on her that she was sitting on the floor in front of me, legs parted and no panties. With what I was already seeing, what did her top matter? She was naked and fuming when she bent back over my knee.

Kate was so angry that she became careless. She just draped herself across my knee, and this time her legs were just relaxed and parted, giving me full access to what lay between. I gave her four quick spanks on her rump.

The fifth landed full on her mound, resulting in a loud squeal. Kate did not, I saw, move her legs together. This meant that the final spank landed on the same spot to the sound of another loud squeal.

I left my hand where it was, rubbing gently. Kate was wriggling slightly under my touch, but her legs were still relaxed.

“What do you think you’re doing,” was all the protest she made.

“Those last two spanks landed here by accident,” I explained, “so I’m just massaging the area by way of apology.”

“All right,” Kate said, her voice having an odd note to it. “Apology accepted. You can stop now.”

“Mmm,” was all I said and I kept on rubbing.

“I said you can stop now,” Kate repeated, a tinge of desperation in her voice.

“Yes, I know. I heard you,” I returned, without slowing down my massage one iota.

There was a short pause and then Kate pointed out that I hadn’t stopped.

“I know, but it’s not really my fault. It’s that kartal escort bayan time of the month.”

Ever have a girl use that excuse on you. It’s so frustrating. No way to check. You just have to take her word for it. Pay back is nice.

“What do you mean, that time of the month?” The snarl was back in her voice.

I gave Kate’s bottom a tap to remind her of her manners.

“The time of the month when a man gets exceptionally horny,” I explained. “Happens every month. Ask any man. They’ll tell you.”

“I’ve never heard of such a thing. How long does this last?”

“Oh, it usually starts on the first of the month and lasts thirty, thirty one, days.”

Before she could reply to that I slipped a finger in between her lips, probing deeply. I felt her pussy push hard against me for a moment, and then her hand was there, pushing mine away.

“Bastard,” she said. “You stop that and stop it right now.”

That was pretty definite. I lifted her and turned her so that she was sitting on my lap. Her face was flushed. She was both angry and aroused. An interesting combination. My hand closed over a breast, and it felt good. I started gently massaging it.

Kaye slapped at my hand again.

“Will you just get your hands off me?” she demanded.

“If you like, but it’s not my hands that you need to worry about.”

“And just what is that supposed to mean?”

“It means that I have a naked female sitting on my lap. This naked female is aroused, her pussy hot and wet and ready for action. I feel it is my simple duty to give it what it wants, and that’s not my hands.”

“I am not aroused,” snapped Kate, “and I’m not having sex with you.”

My answer to that was quite simple. I unzipped and placed her hand against my erection. She went slightly pale but closed her hand so tightly over me that I thought she might crush me.

I continued gently massaging her breast for a few moments, and Kate held my erection the whole time, saying nothing. She didn’t let go until I slid her to her feet and stood up beside her. I took her hand and walked over to some mats we have for people who want to do isometrics.

I looked at her and indicated the mats, undoing my trousers and starting to slide them down. Still looking furious, Kate settled down onto a mat, lying there with her legs slightly parted.

I settled down next to her. She’d taken one swift glance at my erection and then deliberately looked elsewhere. I rubbed her pussy lightly and then ran my hand down to her knee. A gentle tug and her legs moved further apart. I settled between them.

“Look at me,” I said gently.

Reluctantly Kate turned to look at me. She was staring hard, and it wasn’t my face she was watching.

“Kate, I’ve been rushing you, but now you have to decide. Yes or no. I’ll go along with what you want.”

That seemed to make her even madder. While I was hustling her she could go along and say I made her do it. Now she had to choose. She lay there, glaring directly at me, and not my cock. Then she seemed to deflate just the tiniest bit.

“Please, John, will you take your little cock and see if you can fuck me?” she said, smiling sweetly.

“Kate, it will be my pleasure.”

I moved over her, on her, into her, driving in deeply. She gasped and pushed herself hard up against me, taking me all the way.

Now that she had finally committed herself Kate was a most enthusiastic lover. She pushed up against me eagerly, taking me deep with my every thrust. She moaned when I nibbled her breasts, pushing them hard against me, all the time her hips pushing hard up to meet me.

I have to admit I wasn’t exactly stuffing around, either. I pushed eagerly into her, enjoying her silken warmth rubbing against me. Her slippery wetness intoxicating as it wrapped itself around me, encouraging me to give my all.

We didn’t have a slow build-up, culminating in a grand finale. We just dived straight in, coming together in a burst of heat and energy, both of us fuelling each other’s fire. Any build-up was almost instantaneous. I banged Kate hard and fast and she reciprocated, working her hips with tireless energy.

The trouble with this sort of action is it doesn’t last long enough. It wasn’t long and Kate was tossing her head from side to side, giving little ‘Uh, uh,” sounds, her climax looming over her, threatening her.

That was OK. Mine was standing behind me, kicking me in the balls and saying hurry up. I did. I drove in harder and faster, sacrificing the length of the stroke just to get myself moving faster. Kate was squealing softly, bucking frantically under me, then I was coming and she was coming and we just collided in an explosion of heat and lust.

Kate just grabbed her clothes afterwards and vanished into the change-room. I did something similar, but I was back out in minutes. After all, I was on duty. Someone might come in. We do get the occasional late exercisers.

Kate finally came out to the change-room, looking as fresh as a daisy. She just calmly headed over to the running machine and continued her exercises.

I expected the next couple of nights to be dead, customer wise, with traffic picking up on Thursday and continuing through to Sunday. It would be interesting to see if Kate was a regular night visitor during the normally dead times.

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