Habit Forming Vol. 01


This is a series of short stories. They are vignettes of a couple in love. They were the regular morning exchange between the author and someone who was very special to him. They arose out of the desire to turn one partner into more of a morning person.

While we couldn’t be together physically at that moment, they served as an expression of love, desires and intimacy between us. You may find that these stories have some particular preferences or kinks to them. There is a reason for that. — It is because this was us, in print.


You awaken with me spooning you from behind, kissing your shoulder and rubbing your clit, my hard cock nestled between us.

When you finally are awake enough to bend back for a kiss, I tell you that I’m going to take you just as we are. Pulling your knee up, I slip into you from behind, fucking you slowly.

I love listening to you react — that soft gasp as I slide into you – and feeling you press back against me, tipping your hips to get that feeling you’re looking for.

I loop an elbow under your knee, pulling it up towards your chest, stretching you, to get the feeling I’m looking for. This lets me rub at your nipples while we are fucking.

You can hear my breath in your ear and me whispering about how much I am enjoying your body and how nice it is that you’re finally a morning person with me.

As I sense you getting close, I wrap a hand around your neck. I press lightly on the hollows on either side of your neck, slowing the blood flow a bit. I know this turns you on as you reach to rub your clit while your fingers can feel me sliding into you.

Your body and your breathing are telling me you are close, as are the words and sounds escaping your mouth.

As I feel your orgasm start to hit you, and your body grip mine, I release my grip on your throat and the rush of blood to your brain intensifies the orgasm ripping through your body as I pull you to me kissing your neck.


I’m usually hard in the morning, but this morning I’m hard for you with anticipation. I feel your body against my side and your hand sliding down my stomach. As you wrap your hand around me, stroking my erection. I pull you to me for a kiss and you wiggle against me, grinding yourself against my hip. We kiss with mounting passion, our tongues swirling.

As we break our kiss, you release your grip on me, throwing back the covers and sliding down my body while staring into my eyes…Nipping, kissing and licking my body as you go, teasing me with what is to come. Your hands take on a life of their own.

I feel you wrap your hand at the base of my shaft and you hear me groan as your tongue makes contact with me. You’re watching as the reactions to what you’re doing to me cross my face and my hips lift from the bed begging for your touch.

As your soft lips descend on me, you are in control, owning me as surely as if you had a collar on me. I feel your hard nipples grazing my thighs as you bob your head up and down on me. It is a delicious feeling. I can see the crinkle at the corners of your eyes that tell me how much joy you have at controlling me.

Your free hand has moved between your thighs, touching yourself while you pleasure me.

My moans tell you how much I ‘m enjoying this as I take my fingers and thread them through your hair. You can hear my breath catching as you bring me close and we lose eye contact as my head tips back against the pillow, my hips lifting to you.

I’m going to cum. You’re the one in control, driving me forward. The muscles in my stomach tense and I warn you that I’m going to cum. I see and feel the almost imperceptible nod that you’re ready. I groan, my cock pulsing in your warm, wet mouth as your tongue runs up the underside of me.



You awake to find me holding myself above you kissing your neck. My knee is pressed up between your legs and my hard cock is dragging on your hip. As you stir, I kiss you and your hands reach for my waist, your body arching and rising toward me. Your hand reaches between us stroking and squeezing my cock causing me do break our kiss and drop my head to your shoulder with a groan. The feeling is fantastic and makes me want to forget what I have planned for you and just fuck you.

You take a finger running it over the top of my cock bringing a bit of clear sticky fluid to your lips.

I whisper in your ear. “Am I going to have to tie you up to get you to behave?”

You whisper back. “Yes, please.”

I know you will be disappointed, but that isn’t part of my plan for us this morning as I kiss your neck again and you roll your hips against my knee.

I start to slide down your body, kissing my way down. I stop at your breasts, running my tongue around your nipple as I squeeze your breast. Sucking the nipple into my mouth hard, I can hear you gasp and push up to me. I feel your escort bostancı other breast must be jealous of the attention and treat it the same way. As I draw off your nipple to head lower, I let your nipple slip between my teeth and tongue, the textures of both a bit rough as I release you.

Kissing lower, I stop to run my tongue around in your belly button making you wiggle and nip at the flesh of your belly before settling between your legs, pushing them apart with my shoulders.

I reach up with a hand to caress your breasts before wrapping my arm around your belly to possess you as I lean in to taste you.

The aroma of you is intoxicating and the taste of you is tangy and sweet as I lick at your lips and nip at the flesh on your inner thighs with my teeth.

I cannot believe how wet you are becoming as you run your hands through my hair. Licking and nibbling at you before inserting two fingers up inside you to press on the sensitive spot you have, you push against me. My tongue shares your clit with my thumb as I make them chase circles around it. You grab my head and hold it right where you want me to be, right where it is. You don’t want me to stop.

My mouth latches onto your clit, sucking on it with increasing pressure as my fingers pull up against you as I finger fuck you, your hips circling and grinding against my face. You cannot seem to get enough.

Pulling my fingers from you, I use my hands to push your hips up to give me even better access to your pussy as I feel your legs drop to the sides. You can feel your own wetness on your hip from my hand.

My assault on your body continues as I split you open with my tongue repeatedly, your body begging for sweet release. I lap at your juices savoring them as they cover my face, your back arching and your breath coming in short gasps.

My tongue and lips go wild on your clit as your fingers tighten on my hair and you pull me down to you hard as you curse and moan, calling out to a higher power as your orgasm crashes over your body, your muscles taking over.

I let you come down from your orgasm high before sliding up your body to spoon with you, kissing your neck and shoulders while cradling a breast in my hand.


I’m awakened by the feeling of motion.

Your soft, warm body is pressed up against me. Your head on my shoulder, your breasts pressed against me with your arm draped across me and your thigh across my hips.

You’re not really awake, but your body is grinding your clit against my hip, rolling your hip gently. The motion is making me hard, my cock trapped between your thigh and my stomach. I squeeze you gently with my arm that’s wrapped around you while kissing the top of your head.

You stir a bit and stretch luxuriously, like a cat. A satisfied noise escapes from you as you stretch. Your body continues to rock against my hip, but with more intensity than before. I can feel wetness against my hip and I’m certain you can feel the same on your thigh where you are making contact with me.

I reach around to pinch the nipple that is close at hand and squeeze your breast.

You push your body up and I’m disappointed by the warmth of you leaving my side, but I’m not disappointed for long.

Moving to straddle my hips, you use your hand to rub the head of my cock in your slippery folds before setting the head of my cock at your pussy. I watch as you settle back onto me, your head thrown back, eyes closed and mouth hanging open. Your back arches and you gasp softly as you take all of me in one smooth motion.

You start to move on me and I reach for your hips.

I love you on top as I love the sight of us making love. You breasts sway with the motion. I can see the concentration etched on your face and my cock, shiny with your wetness sliding in and out of your pussy. The feeling of you on me is like silk and my hips lift off the bed, thrusting up into you to meet your motion.

Leaning forward with a hand on either side of my chest, you lean in for a kiss as you grind yourself against my body at the bottom of each stroke. You nip at my lips and tease me with your tongue each time you rise up. I can feel your hard nipples against my chest.

I can hear your breathing becoming more labored and you sit up, leaning back and putting your hands behind you. This stretches your body out – a delicious view.

From this position, I can now reach down, rubbing your clit as you ride me, our bodies meeting with increasing intensity, my thrusts rising to meet you. I can see the twitch in your stomach and the slight jerk of your body as I feel your pussy grab at my cock, your eyes closed and mouth open as you moan.

This trips me over the edge and I grab your hips, pulling you down to me hard, making your body shake and burying me deep within you as my cock swells and pulses inside you, filling you.

Sweaty and exhausted from our exertions, you lean forward laying down on my chest, knees against ümraniye escort my sides and calves against me. I wrap my arms around you, pulling you to me as we both fall asleep again with me still inside you.


The sound of the leather paddle on my desk rouses you from your sleep.

“Miss L, we expect discipline and decorum from the young ladies here. I’d really rather you stayed awake for my lectures. 10 demerits. Please see me after class for your punishment.”

The rest of the class passes without incident and at the appointed time, the rest of the class files out and you approach my desk.

While it is archaic, as a professor, I don’t know why the college demands uniforms of students, but I am enjoying the sight of yours. The blouse should really be a size larger and the buttons are having a difficult time containing your chest. I’m also pretty certain that the length of your skirt isn’t regulation either, but I decide not to pile on demerits.

“Miss L, I know the studying is difficult and your apparent social life on top of that appears to be impacting your ability to stay awake in my class. You know the consequences.”

I remove my jacket and put it over the back of my chair.

“Put your books over there and lean over the desk.”

I remove my tie and tie your wrists through the handles of the desk drawer to keep you in place for your punishment. The look on your face is not what I expect and I see you licking at your lips.

The punishment is ten hits of the leather paddle. One per demerit.

I walk to the front of the desk and lift your skirt to administer your punishment. I raise the paddle and administer the stinging kiss of the leather, your soft flesh rippling with the impact and angry red welts appearing. I alternate sides as I administer the blows. The sounds that I’m hearing come from you are not the ones I was expecting – moans of pleasure.

When I finish, I notice that your panties are soaked through.

I’ve caught you before in class. Your eyes dart up from where you’ve been watching my ass as I teach and back up to the lesson that I am scribbling on the board. Things suddenly start to fall into place for me.

“Miss L, you didn’t seem to find that to be much punishment. What am I to do to you to administer the proper discipline?”

‘Please fuck me, Professor. That would be punishment.’

I cross the room, locking the door and drawing the shades. I’m wrestling with my conscience as there are things I shouldn’t do with students, but I can’t help myself.

Returning to stand behind you, I push your panties to the side and slide my fingers through your wet folds and rubbing at your clit. Your hips are swaying wantonly at me. I have to have you.

I kneel to pull your panties down and to remove the skirt. When your panties come down, the aroma of you fills my senses and I lean in to lick at your lips, eliciting a groan from you.

Standing, I unzip my pants and push them down with my underwear freeing my hard cock.

You’re looking back at me, watching.

‘That looks delicious, Professor.’

I make a mental note for future ‘punishment’ of you, but I now need to deliver what you have asked for and deserve.

Stepping closer, I kick your feet apart putting your hips on the desk.

I spread you with my fingers, sliding into your molten pussy and grabbing your hips as I hear you gasp. I start fucking you with short, hard strokes and I am thankful for the heavy old oak desk that is taking the abuse we’re giving it.

I pull back looking at you tied over my desk and run my hands over the skin of your ass, feeling the rising welts from me hitting you as you push back for me. I slam back into your body hard, shaking it on my desk and causing you to moan. I fuck you with animal intent, hard and fast as I hear your breathing pick up and you work to meet my thrusts.

I’m close now and want to bring you off with me. I lean over, sliding a hand underneath your hip so I can rub your clit while I fuck you. I lean over your body, crushing you with my weight and whisper in your ear as you cry for release.

“I think you may be falling behind in my class. You’ll need to arrange to come to my office for extra help.”

‘Oh, yes Professor.”

Your thighs are beginning to shake as I rub you and you tense and cry out. Pulling out of you, I grab my cock, stroking it, as I cum all over the welts on your ass.

Cleaning up, I watch you as you get dressed and re-adjust your clothes.

I’m definitely going to enjoy office hours.


I am moved by the thought that you trust me and want to be mine, wearing my collar. My heart swells with love and pride at the thought. Little L shall be my good and beautiful sub. I can see the desire for excellence and obedience for our mutual pleasure.

We shall start this morning with an embrace and a deep kiss before I instruct kartal escort bayan you to kneel before me with your arms behind your back.

Your reward is to pleasure me – sucking my cock this morning as I know you want to do. You have already aroused me and made me hard. I rub it across your lips and you can feel the sticky fluid from the tip on them causing you to lick at them for the salty taste.

You take me into your warm mouth, wrapping your soft lips around my shaft, compressing them on me and driving me wild. What you do to me with your mouth is incredible and my moans tell you that I am pleased with your attention. You are my very good girl.

Pulling a hand from behind your back, you grab the base of my shaft, twisting your hand as you bob your head on me, your gaze holding mine.

I cannot control my urges as I begin to thrust into your mouth a bit roughly, grabbing the hair at the back of your head. You remove your hand to take me deeper and I can feel the head of my cock at the back of your throat.

The sensations are too much, overwhelming me, controlling me.

I tell you that I am going to cum and your eyes express your assent.

Arching my back and groaning, I give up my sticky prize to you with a final thrust into your mouth.

Breathing heavily, you pull off my cock. I extend my hands to help pull you from your knees. I need to get my shower so that I can get to work. But I am kind to my Little L. You were my very good girl last night and my very good girl this morning.

I wrap you in my embrace before kissing the top of your head. Releasing you, I tell you to lie on the bed on your back. I draw silk scarves from the corners of the bed, tying you to it.

Stopping to kiss you and suck on your hard nipples, I pull a rabbit vibrator from the drawer of the bedside table, sliding it into your wet pussy and turning it on to its highest setting.

I tell you that I’m going to take my shower and that I expect my good girl to have the vibrator right where it is now when I get back to dress.

As the vibrator’s sensations penetrate your pussy and rub on your clit, I can hear your first and then your second orgasm over the sound of the water running in the shower and smile to myself at the thought of you enjoying your reward this morning.


I see the lights of the car pulling up on the driveway. As everyone else is away, it can only be your Uber arriving. We’ve been planning this for some time and everything has fallen into place.

You ring the doorbell, but it really isn’t necessary as I’m already at the door. Opening the door we are both smiling and I invite you in. You look around and put your bag on the floor as you reach for me for a hug and a kiss. It has been far too long since we’ve been together.

“It’s nice to see you… Sir.”

The last addition comes with a bit of a smirk and more than a little delay. I resolve that I need to do a bit of attitude correction.

We step into the library where I had been waiting for you and I draw the shades. The only light is from the reading lamp beside my chair where I had been sitting, sipping on my rum, and reading. It is a bit dangerous having your here, but that seems to add to the excitement that we are both feeling. I add a bit more light by switching on the lights in the bookshelves, helping to set the mood a bit. We chat a bit and I ask you if you want anything to eat or drink, but you’ve already had something on the way up.

I kiss you and then sit back in my chair watching you. I’m waiting to see if you remember what is expected of you.

You stand and wait.

“Take off your shoes.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Your sandals come off and you wait.

“Come towards me and take off your shirt.” I sip my rum as you comply with my command.

“Come closer and turn around.”

As you turn, I stand and reach for your bra, slipping it off your shoulders and tossing it to the floor with your shirt.

Reaching around you to cup your breasts in my hands, I kiss at your shoulder and you melt back against me. Your head tips back offering your neck and I kiss it as well. I would prefer to bite you, but I don’t want to leave marks on you right now.

I whisper in your ear. “Shorts and underwear need to go. Remove them.”

Without hesitation, you slide them down your legs, stepping out of them and tossing them on the pile accumulating in the center of the rug. I walk around you, admiring you.

“Do I please you, Sir?”

The bulge in my pants betrays me. “Yes, you have been a very good girl. I may be willing to indulge a request.”

I can see a slight flush on your face.

“May I have the crop tonight, Sir?”

“You may, but not yet.”‘

“What is…”

“No. No more questions.” I lean in and kiss you, dragging my nails down your belly.

As I pull back from our kiss I open the drawer beside my chair and remove a small bundle.

“Grab your ankles.”

You lean over gripping your ankles with your hands as I unwrap the bundle – several silk scarves. I tie your wrists to your calves and sit back in my chair. From where I’m sitting your sex is exposed to me and I can see that you are already wet with anticipation.

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