Hagarch House


Hagarch HouseIt is breakfast time. I have put the coffee on the table for Mr Hagarch, Miss Noenoe his sister and the beautiful Miss Tigresspalm. I am getting, of course, nothing. Except my morning whipping, which is due after breakfast, on random parts of my naked body.I am kneeling, sitting on my heels, keeping my hands on my thighs. I am fully naked, allowed to wear a T-string only in my period, or when walking in the city. At the grocery i am addressed just “nakie” and have to wait till more decently clad ladies finish their shopping, of course getting the whip for being late when i come home. It is usually Noenoe who whips me with a riding crop and makes me kneel on rice for my misdeeds. I love her for punishing me, it is a lustful experience. I kiss her hands and feet, and the whip, too. Now Mr Hagarch calls me. I approach him on all fours and kiss his feet, getting a kick in my face as usual. He orders me to stand up and grab my legs under the knees. He takes the big singletail whip from a drawer. Noenoe and Tigresspalm are still sipping their coffees. I hear a sinister crack, and the next cracking happens on my bare bottom. I moan in the sharp pain. “Don’t whine slut, because you get double portion”, my punisher says. “Yes, dear Master.”I kaynarca escort bite my lips. Whip strokes are coming and coming. My body is writhing. Mr Hagarch keeps whipping me, so that i can’t keep the the silence any longer. I start moaning again, louder and louder. “OK bitch, if you make such a noise, I start it all over.”The girls laugh. I can’t laugh, the pain is so excruciating, but i humbly thank the Master for punishing me. “You are giving her a treat, Gorilla”, Tigresspalm says.”It is much more than her usual morning portion”, Noenoe remarks. “Yes, but she needs it. Do you need it, she-monkey?””Oh yes, deeply respected Master”, i reply humbly. “Well, then. And she is sent here to be punished, isn’t she? It is our commission from the Pauline College, isn’t it?””Oh yes”, Noenoe replies. “Punish the girl.””I do”, and the big singletail starts cracking on me again. “Today is an exceptional day for you, she-monkey”, Kadarch says between to blows. “Today you get a new job.””I see, Master.” Crack! Crack! Tigresspalm laughs. “You are preparing her well, Gorilla.””Yes, I do. She has to type a manuscript. It is Dutch.””I don’t understand Dutch, deeply respected Master”, I say spontaneously. Remembering late, that i am orhanlı escort not allowed to speak if i am not spoken to. “What? Did you speak without permission? Kneel here, slave, and round your lips. Put your hands on the back of your head.”The heavy singletail falls on my mouth. My lips are being ripped open. I get five strokes on the sensitive flesh of my mouth, drawing blood. “Will you speak without permission again, slut?””No, i never will, Master. Thank you for the punishment.””Was it enough? What do you think?” I know what i am expected to answer. “Oh no, deeply respected Master. I deserve much more.””And you, girls? What do you think, was her punishment enough?””Oh, by no means, Gorilla. Beat her lips into bloody rags”, the beautiful Tigresspalm hastens to reply.”Give her some more”, Noenoe judges, somewhat less enthusiastically. A quarter of an hour later i am kneeling at the computer stand, with my mouth being a swollen mass of bloody flesh and with my knees on hard chick peas. (“They will instigate you, little whore”, Hagarch said benignly.) I try to take away my attention from the sharp pain in my mouth, bottom and knees, and concentrate on the letters of the Dutch text, of which i don’t understand a word. “Do you tepeören escort know what is this text, sweetie?” the beauty queen Tigresspalm asks me. She is my guard, equipped with a tawse. It is a very painful punishing implement, a split strap. “No, I don’t, deeply respected Miss”, i reply.”It is an essay on Suriname’s history. This country used to be a Dutch colony, you know. And the Gorilla’s new girlfriend has Dutch language as major.””Oh, i didn’t know that the Gor…that Mr Hagarch had a new girlfriend.””He has, darling. A blonde. Her name is Glassrose. But now i have to punish you, sweetheart. You were disrespectful to your Master. You are not allowed to call him Gorilla. I will beat you with my tawse in every quarter of hour anyway, because I promised it to your Master, but now you get an extra dozen on your thighs. Enjoy.”She gives me the hard, stingy dozen, and i wail, my tears coming. “Thank you, deeply respected Miss, i deserved it. Now may i drink a glass of water, please? I am as thirsty as hell.””No little bitch, you don’t get any water till you finish your typing. Perhaps you will be ready by tomorrow night. And because you asked for it, now you get another dozen with the tawse. After that a more dozen, just to show you your place, filthy rat. And another dozen, for my personal entertainment. Another again, to express my love. Because I love you, little idiot.”She takes the tawse and starts thrashing my sensitive thighs again. I moan, feeling that i love her, too.

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