Hagrid takes advantage of Hermione

Big Tits

In case you don’t know what these characters look like, here are some brief descriptions

Hermione: Just think of Emma Watson or google her or something

Hagrid: Big guy, like 9 feet tall, kinda fat, long bristly beard and hair.

Harry: Skinny, untidy black hair, glasses, scar on his forehead

Ron: tall, red hair, freckles

“Where are you going?” Ron asked.

Hermione, one foot out the portrait hole looked back at Ron and Harry, who were playing a game of Wizard’s Chess in front of the fire in the Gryffindor common room.

“I’m just going down to see Hagrid. I need more time to study for my ancient runes exams. I want to ask him if it would be okay for me to skip several of his classes to study.” Hermione replied.

“Oh all right then,” Harry said. “But try not to hurt his feelings, we’re not taking his classes at all next year either, so we’d better not make it look like we’re avoiding his class.”

“No of course not,” Ron said sarcastically. “We love his class, especially when he brings in illegal animals, and have us deal with them. You haven’t forgotten the blast ended skrewts, have you?”

Hermione, rolling her eyes, turned away from the pair and left the common room.

The chill of winter had finally ebbed away and was replaced by the warmth of spring

Dressed in a white blouse, with a red and gold tie, and a matching school skirt and long socks, she enjoyed the sun as she walked across the grounds towards Hagrid’s hut.

However as her mind wandered back to the upcoming OWLs, her good mood withered. Her last few exams in Ancient Runes and Arithmency had been given lower grades than her usual standard. She was in a panic, and needed more time to study for these extra courses.

She arrived on Hagrid’s doorstep and knocked. As usual, Fang, Hagrid’s slobbery dog began barking.

She heard Hagrid shout “Shut up ye big oaf,” before the door opened and Hagrid emerged.

“Hello there Hermione!” Hagrid greeted her warmly.
“Come in, come in! Wanna a cup a?”

“No thanks Hagrid.” Hermione said as she walked in. She decided that she should get right to the point.

“Hagrid,” she began tentatively as she sat down on a brown leathery sofa. “I need to ask you something,”

Hagrid, who was making himself a cup of tea in the kitchen gave a grunt to show that he was listening.

“I was wondering if it would be okay if I could..umm…skip a few of your lessons to study for some of my other classes”

Hagrid, who had always gotten a hard on from just seeing Hermione, realized that this was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of her. The last time Hagrid had had sex was more than a decade ago, because no one wanted to have sex with a half-giant, not to mention the fact that it would be painful to have a half-giant’s cock in their pussy

“So,” He growled, changing his demeanor. “You want to skive off my class for some ruddy class that you’ll probably never have any use for in the rest of your life?”

Hermione, shocked by Hagrid’s sudden change quickly replied, “No! I just need some more time to…”

“Well you’re going to have to do something for me if you want to skip classes to ‘study’.” Hagrid said.

Hermione looked at him, not understanding.

Hagrid picked up his pink umbrella, which had his old wand concealed in it, and waved it at the door.
The lock gave a loud click, and several deadbolts with magical reinforcement slid into place along the edges of the door.

Hermione, bewildered, looked back from the door at Hagrid and realized that he was unbuckling his enormous pants.

“Hagrid!!” Hermione cried out. She scrambled to her feet and backed towards the door. “You can’t…”

“I can’t do what?” Hagrid growled. “You’re always coming in here with your short school skirt and tight shirt, showing off, and ye act like ye don’t know what that does me?”

“Hagrid…” Hermione whimpered as she stared at the large bulge in Hagrid’s pants.

“Yea, you’ll be saying my name a lot more times tonight,” Hagrid said, chuckling.

He undid the front of his pants and let the fall to the floor around his feet.

Hermione almost fainted

She had never seen a man’s penis before, and this was no ordinary cock.

Hagrid’s cock stuck out proudly from him, a full 15 inches in length, and at least 2 or 3 inches thick.

It twitched in anticipation of what was to come.

“Now if you want to skip my class, you’ll be my whore for tonight” Hagrid said, grinning.

Hermione, who was in a state of complete terror and panic, tried to calm herself down.

“Ok,” she thought to herself. “This is just one night, and if I do this, I can study….this is for my future”

She looked up at Hagrid, swallowed…and nodded.

Hagrid smiled an evil smile that Hermione had never seen before.

“Get on your knees…”


Ron and Harry were bored.

They had just finished their fourth şişli bayan escort game of chess, and were now at a loss at what to do.

Harry half-heartedly said, “well, I suppose we can start studying”

Ron looked over and said, “nah, lets go see what Hagrid’s up to”

“Ok,” Harry said.

They got up, walked out the portrait hole, and started down the castle on their way to Hagrid’s.


Hermione got down on her knees in front of Hagrid, biting her lower lip, and her eyes beginning to fill with tears.

“Stroke it,” Hagrid growled, swinging his cock into the side of her face.

Hermione felt something sticky left on her face after the enormous cock make contact with her cheek. She reached out and took hold of the enormous cock.

It felt warm and she could feel blood pulse along its length as she began stroking it.

Precum leaked down the side of the shaft from the purple head as she stroked, making her hands slippery

“Now suck it” Hagrid said, looking down at her.

Hermione hesitated for a few seconds before all of sudden, SMACK

A giant fist collided with the side of her head, and she fell against the leathery sofa.

“Don’t make me wait,” Hagrid snarled. “If you hesitate again the next one will be in the face”

Hermione, tears streaming down her face, went back in front of Hagrid, and took hold of the cock again. She opened her mouth and and put the head of Hagrid’s cock in her mouth.

It barely fit and smelled musky, and tasted slightly salty. She continued stroking his cock as she sucked on the head

Precum kept building up in her mouth, and she let it leak out around the cock

Hagrid, growing impatient, grabbed the top of her head, and he shoved his cock down her throat..hard

Hermione gagged and her eyes went wide as 7 inches of cock went down her throat. She didn’t fight back however, fearing another blow.

The cock slid in and out in and out stretched out her throat
Hagrid grunted with every thrust

Precum all along the shaft made gurgling sounds as he continued thrusting

Hermione kept gagging as she was throat fucked. She couldn’t breathe! THe cock was so huge that it stretched out her esophogus and was restricting her trachea

Precum kept pumping out of the cock
The cock was already so far down her throat that the precum was simply sliding down her throat and towards her stomach

She vaguely remembered reading about giants and their anatomy and physiology.
The book had said that giants would continuously produce precum, because of the immense size of their cocks. Hagrid must have gotten that gene Hermione thought to herself

Suddenly Hagrid forced her back and she fell against the sofa again.

Since the beginning of her ordeal, she had been clothed the entire time.
Hagrid grabbed the front of her shirt, and tore it off along with her bra.

Hagrid surveyed the sexy scene in front of her.

Hermione was laying against the sofa with only her skirt, socks and shoes on. She could feel dried precum cracking around her mouth when she moved her lips

Hagrid removed the rest of his clothes before he picked her up and tossed her across the room and onto his bed.

Hermione landed with a grunt on her back.

Quick as a flash, Hagrid was suddenly on top of her.
He was straddling her chest, his cock between her breasts, and the head resting on her chin.

He didn’t put his entire weight on her, knowing that she would be crushed.
He grabbed her by the hair again and told her to keep sucking

Hermione opened her mouth and the cock went in her mouth.

Hagrid then started to titty fuck the hot teenager

He squeezed her c cup breasts as he thrust, digging in with his fingers, moaning with pleasure

Hermione felt pain in her breasts as she sucked on his cock

Hagrid quickened the pace, creating a trail of pre cum in her cleavage.

“Now, its time for the real fun” Hagrid said

He stopped and got up, pulling his cock out of hermione’s mouth

He reached down and stuck his hand up her dress. He reached his fingers around the panties and stuck his fingers in her pussy

Hermione gasped and her eyes went wide with the sudden violation,
“please don’t fuck me”
“I’m a virgin,” she pleaded

Hagrid just laughed and lifted up the skirt, revealing pink panties covering her pussy.

HE ripped open the skirt in the front and pulled her panties off, leaving her in only her socks and shoes

He positioned his cock at her entrance and poked the baseball sized head of his cock into her pussy

Hermione screamed louder than she had ever screamed before in her entire life.

Hagrid cried out as well
“Ahhhhg Hermione! You’re so tight!!!”
he pushed a little harder, adding another inch, but his cock from there

He could feel the walls of her pussy squeezing the invasive rod of şişli escort meat so tightly that he almost came right there

Hermione was in excruciating pain, she could feel her skin breaking around her pussy as it was stretched to its limit. Precum leaked out from her pussy, creating a damp puddle around her juicy ass on the bed

Hagrid, using brute force, shoved another 2 inches in, causing Hermione to scream in pain again

As Hermione sobbed, lying on top of her ripped skirt on the bed, Hagrid began to pump in and out, in and out, using only the first 4 inches of his cock

Hermione balled her hands into fists, clenching the blanket she was on,

The pain was ebbing away though, and Hagrid was starting to slide more easily in Hermione, as her pussy started to produce its own lubricant, mixing with the precum that was still pumping out of Hagrid’s cock

“Mmmmhhhhh” Hermione moaned, starting to enjoy the fucking that Hagrid was giving her

Hagrid however, had a fetish for girls in pain when they were being fucked, so he plunged the rest of his cock in with tremendous force

Hermione’s eyes went wide again and she let out a scream that seemed to come straight from hell.
She saw a flash of light, and she fell into semi-conciousness
Her entire body went limp, and Hagrid cursed to himself, regretting what he just did

“Arr, well, i’ll still finish the job though” he muttered to himself

he pulled out, and sat on the edge of the bed, picking Hermione up by the waist.
She hung limply, her head hanging backwards

Hagrid turned her around so that she was facing away from him
Hagrid put one hand on her shoulder to steady her and the other at her waist

With ease, he lifted her upwards and positioned her slit above his waiting cock….and shoved her down on it

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” Hagrid moaned out loud as his cock broke through her hymen like a train through tisue paper

he started using her like a fleshlight, pumping her body up and down on his cock.
With each thrust he could see his cock pushing out at the skin at her belly

“Unngh, Unngh, Unngh” he grunted with each thrust
the precum, mixed with vaginal juices was now also mixing with blood from Hermione’s popped cherry

He was just about to climax when the door suddenly swung open

“Hi Hag…”

Hagrid winced and turned his head around slowly.

Harry and Ron were standing in the doorway, gaping at the scene in front of them.

Hermione was impaled on Hagrid’s cock, still hanging limply backwards
Her panties and skirt were on the bed, while her shirt and tie along with Hagrid’s clothes lay near the sofa next to the door.

“Err” Hagrid spluttered, letting go of Hermione
Her limp form leaned back against Hagrid’s chest

“I can explain!” Hagrid said
“We were just umm…”

Harry and Ron glanced at each other, both getting the same idea
“Tell you what Hagrid” Ron said
“If you let us join in, we’ll forget we ever saw this”

Hagrid stared at the two of them
“Fine,” Hagrid said after a few seconds
“But after you two are done, you’ll leave so that i can have a couple more minutes with her myself”

Harry and Ron grinned, and they stripped off their clothes

“We’ll wake her up so that she’ll be a bit more lively” Harry said as he disrobed
“Then we’ll modify her memory so that she won’t remember a thing”

“Good idea” Hagrid said

Harry and Ron, now naked walked up to Hermione and Hagrid, their six inch cocks erect, looking miniscule next to Hagrid’s

“One more condition” Hagrid said
“I get her arse”

“But you already stretched out her cunt!” Ron protested

“No need to worry” Harry said
He pointed his wand at his and Ron’s cock and said “Engorgio!”

Their dicks started to grow larger and larger until they were almost as big as Hagrids
Both at 12 inches and 2 inches across

“Now we won’t know the difference!”

“Good thinking” Ron said

Ron pointed his wand at Hermione, still on Hagrid’s cock, and said “Enervate!”

Hermiones eyes snapped open, and she almost fainted again from the sight in front of her

Harry and Ron were both standing in front of her completely naked with magically enhanced cocks twitching up and down with excitement

Hagrid leaned in and bit on Hermione’s ear
She cried out in pain
Hagrid whispered in her ear “Now you’re going to get it”

Hagrid placed both hands around her waist and lifted her up and off his cock

Hermione gasped at the sudden removal of the penis

Hagrid repositioned his cock…this time at her anus

Hermione felt the hard, warm, and slippery tip of Hagrids Cock poking at her hole

“Nooo” she moaned

She looked up at Harry and Ron, who were both stroking their cocks

“Please help me!!” she sobbed

“Sorry” Ron said
“But i’m planning on getting laid tonight”

Hermione sobbed even harder

“Here we go!!” Hagrid said, mecidiyeköy escort and he plunged her straight down on his waiting cock

Hermione felt the skin around her ass tear, and was bleeding freely
She felt the cock travel up her ass and felt an intense searing pain all along her colon

Then the cock hit her intenstines
and again, she howled in intense pain.

Hagrid who was now using his hips to thrust in and out of Hermione lay back on the bed, thrusting in and out
“UNNGH UNNGH UNNGH” Hagrid grunted
The feeling was incredible. A normal person with a cock as big as Hagrid’s would never be able to even move the cock an inch inside of Hermione’s ass, But Hagrid had the strength of a Giant from his mother

Hermione was screaming in pain and tears poured from the corner of her eyes

Ron jumped on top of the pair of bodies and thrust his cock into Hermione’s pussy, thrusting in and out, and set up a rythym with Hagrid’s thrusting:

Ron went in, Hagrid went out. Rown went out Hagrid went in

Hermione could feel the two cocks inside of her pumping
in and out, and could feel the skin between her ass and pussy stretching

“Ahhg, ahhh, oohh” she cried with each thrust
her tits bounced up and down every time they thrust

Harry, watching the spectacle, was especially turned on by her open mouth

he could see the cocks inside her poking out at the skin by her belly button every time they thrust

He walked over and got on the bed, kneeling next to Hermione’s head

He grabbed her hair and turned her head towards him and without giving her any time to catch a breath, he shoved his cock down her throat

Ron picked up his wand and cast a protean charm on himself, Harry and Hagrid, directed at their pleasure

Now the three of them could feel the pleasure from their own cocks as well as from each other’s pleasure

It now felt to each of them as if they were fucking all three of her holes at the same time

This also meant that they would cum at the same time

Harry, Ron, and Hagrid were all moaning and groaning with lust and pleasure
Soon, they could all feel their balls tightening, nearing their climax

Hermione was also nearing a climax. Despite the pain, she could still feel pleasure through the rubbing of cock against the walls of her pussy and colon
she was moaning, screaming, and crying all at once, as she felt three cocks pumping in and out of her throat, ass and pussy

Suddenly, the three guys started speeding up,
Hagrid put his hands against her abdomen, pushing down towards him, as Ron wrapped his arms around Hermione, squeezing her tits against his bare chest
Harry gripped Hermione’s hair even harder, and she could feel several hairs part from her scalp

The three suddenly at the same time plunged the their entire lengths into Hermione’s holes and yelled

Hermione felt cum splatter down her throat as well as in her colon and against her intestines
She could feel pressure building up in her ass in particular ass Hagrid’s dick sealed off the opening to her ass and created enormous pressure against her intestines as he came. Ron was filling up Hermione’s with buckets of his cum, and harry was doing the same with her stomach

The sudden plunge had also caused her to climax, and she came against Ron’s cock

Fortunately for Harry and Ron, Giants cum as many as eighty times in a row, so they all just kept cumming

Hermione could feel her insides filling up and she cried against Harry’s cock

suddenly Hagrid and Ron pulled out, and jizz poured out from her holes

Harry did the same and she felt her mouth fill with cum and pour out as harry left her mouth

Hagrid had his dick against the length of Hermiones lower back as he came, covering her back with a white coating.

harry and ron groaned as they came all over hermiones face, chest, tits, and belly

Soon she looked like a glazed donut, as she panted and moaned in pain
Everything hurt, her ass and pussy were leaking cum and blood, and her face was covered in jizz

“That ought to teach you a lesson” Hagrid said with an evil chuckle into her ear

At that point, Hermione blacked out again, as they continued to jizz all over her


When the three guys had finished jizzing all over Hermione, they got dressed and cleaned up the bed which was soaked in sex juice

“So what are you going to do with her now?” Harry asked as he shrunk his and Ron’s cocks back to normal size

Hagrid grinned evilly

“You two just wait here” Hagrid said

He walked over to Hermione’s jizz covered body and wrapped her in a towel before slinging her over his shoulder

“I’ll be back in about two hours”

Harry and Ron looked at each other before saying “all right, we’ll be here”

Hagrid winked and opened the door, leaving his hut.

He breathed in a breath of fresh air before taking off…..towards the forbidden forest

“I think its time for a bit of a reunion with some old friends in there” Hagrid said to himself grinning


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