Halloween Party

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“Honey, do we have to?” Jack bemoaned to Jill from the couch in the living room as she cooked dinner.

Jill somewhat angrily slammed the skillet down on the stove and said, “Yes Jack, I’m the secretary of the homeowner’s association, so it’s kind of important I go to the neighborhood Halloween party.”

Jill could hear the audible exhale before Jack finally breathed a petulant, “fine.”

Jill shook her head and said, “and you think my daughter gets her attitude from me.”

Jack, not wanting to pick a real fight started to laugh and said, “I know she does.”

“Well, if we’re going, I’m not going to…” Jack started before being interrupted.

Jill held up her palms and said, “I know, I know. We won’t wear overalls and carry a pail of water, I’m more tired of that joke than you are.”

“Speaking of the homeowner’s association, any news on the Peterson home?” Jack asked.

“No, I’ll ask Suzy next time I see her. I’ve heard she’s trying to talk the family into reducing the price again,” replied Jill.

“They need to, it sits in a perfect spot in the neighborhood. I mean it’s right next to the neighborhood park.”

Jill began to shake her head and said, “I know, but it really doesn’t fit with the neighborhood.”

“Babe, it was here long before the neighborhood. I think the neighborhood was pretty much built around it. It’s such a neat old house though.”

“I guess. I mean I would never buy a house like that…” Jill started to explain.

“What do you mean, I thought you liked old houses with ‘character?'” Jack asked.

“Character yes, haunted no,” Jill answered.

Jack guffawed, “Jesus, it’s not fucking haunted!”

“Jack!” Jill yelled as her spaghetti sauce began to splatter out of the hot skillet down onto the stove top.

“It’s not. Just because someone dies in a house does not mean it’s haunted,” Jack said.

Jill pointed her wooden spoon at him who was now turned around looking at her over the back of the couch. “Someone didn’t just die, they were killed. Then he killed himself.”

Jack smiled at her. He could tell when she was getting passionate about something because she talked with her hands. Currently she had managed to get spaghetti sauce completely across the kitchen island waving her spoon at him.

“Yes dear, it must be haunted then,” Jack said with a slight smile.

“Don’t patronize me shorty,” Jill huffed.

Jack narrowed her eyes at her. Technically he was the same height as his wife but when she wore her heels, which she often did, she was easily a few inches taller. She knew his height was his sore spot.

“Fuck off,” Jack said, turning around and turning his attention back to the Monday night game he had on.

Jill walked around the island and leaned over the back of the couch and kissed him on top of his head and said with a giggle, “Don’t be mad at me babe.”

Jack smiled up at her. Starting to laugh asked, “You gonna say something about my dick next?”

“I would never,” Jill said feigning surprise.

“Whatever. I know you girls talk a lot of shit at the HOA officer’s meetings,” Jack said as she offered her wooden spoon for him to sample the sauce.

“I’m nothing but complimentary of your prowess,” Jill said.

“Sure you are. I bet you fill Suzy in on everything that happens in this house,” Jack grumbled.

“Just at the meetings where we drink,” Jill explained as she walked back and stirred her sauce with a smirk on her face.

After a few moments Jack turned around and looked at her and asked, “Don’t you guys drink at all those meetings?”

Jill smiled at him and shrugged her shoulders and said, “Yeah, I guess we do.”

Jack shook his head at Jill and said, “Some of the stories you’ve told me about what goes on with her and Paul. I’m not sure I like you hanging out with her.”

Jill’s smiled broadened as she looked over at Jack and said, “You seemed to be quite enamored with some of the things she’s encouraged me to try.”

“I have become quite enamored with that ass of yours.” Jack teased.

“Oh, shut up. Let’s eat,” Jill said.

Jack stood up and fixed both he and Jill a glass of wine. As Jill leaned over the stove to pull out some garlic bread Jack ran his hand over her still firm 40-year-old ass. As much as he loved to tease his wife, he was still extremely proud to be seen with such a lovely woman. Her C cup breast might sag a little more than they used to, but she was still a knockout in his book.

Jill stood up and gave Jack a quick kiss, her short brunette hair framing her face. She had her shoes off, so they were the same height. She always took her shoes off when in the house, that way she didn’t look down, literally at her husband.

Jill loved her husband and his height was never an issue for her. He had always compensated for this self-perceived deficiency by keeping his body in tip-top shape until the last year. He used to work out daily but now only found time sporadically. His blonde hair was still as thick as the day she met him.

Their sex life was not spectacular. giresun escort They tried to have sex at least twice a week but sometimes would go more than two weeks without finding time. Jack’s five-inch cock was just not quite enough to keep her satisfied. She’d had a few bigger dicks back in her younger days, and often found herself masturbating to large cocks on the internet. Jack was a good provider; great father and she tried to make sure he wasn’t aware of her disappointment in their sex life.

Just as Jack and Jill sat down at the table their 18-year-old daughter June came crashing through the back door, dropping her school backpack, her phone cemented to her hand as usual. June’s long blonde hair was pulled tight into a ponytail, her sports bra and athletic shorts covering just enough of her athletic, tanned body.

“Yeah spaghetti!” June said.

Jill rolled her eyes at Jack and smiling at her daughter and said, “Grab a plate and sit down.”

June grabbed her plate and poured herself a glass of water in a wine glass and sat down. She barely looked up at her parents as she continued texting on her phone.

“Hey, hello?” her father teased her.

“Sorry, I’ll put it up,” June said, sending one last text.

“Don’t forget to come by the Halloween party after the game Friday night,” June said.

“How late is this party going?” June asked.

“Well, the little kids should be done by 8 o’clock but us bigs are going to have a bit of a costume party after that,” Jill explained, drawing a look of disdain from Jack.

“OK, Tim and I will probably swing by after then,” June said.

“What costume party?” Jack finally interjected.

“It’s something new this year. Honestly, we don’t have that many little kids in the neighborhood right now, so after we pass out candy, we decided to have a more ‘adult’ party,” Jill said.

June started laughing and asked, “God mom, are you guys having a swinger party?”

“June!” Jill yelled and put up her hands laughing. “First, no it’s just friends, but we might have alcohol available, so that’s why it’s ‘adult.’ Second, how do you know what a ‘swinger’ is?”

“Hello…the internet. Plus, it’s not the 50’s anymore Mom,” June teased.

“Can we please stop?” Jack asked, uncomfortably.

Both girls laughed at the discomfort Jack was obviously in.

“I’m 18 now Dad, I might know a lot…” June started teasing her father.

“Stop. You will always be my little girl, so just stop,” Jack pleaded.

“Fine,” June whined.

As soon as they finished dinner June ran upstairs to her bedroom to work on homework and Jack helped Jill clean the kitchen.

“So now, not only do I have to pass out candy to a bunch of munchkins, I have to hang out at a drunken masquerade party?” Jack asked.

“Yes dear, you will be fine. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of eye candy there as well,” Jill said with a smirk.

Jack looked at her slightly confused at first and then rolled his eyes as he said, “Whatever.”

Later in the bedroom Jack was doing push-ups as Jill got ready for bed. As he finished up his 50th Jill said, “Don’t forget, I’m meeting Suzy tomorrow afternoon to go over the party.”

“Try to stay sober,” Jack teased standing up from the floor, sweat pouring down his red face.

“It’ll be a Tuesday so I’m sure I’ll manage.”

“What’s that mean?” Jack asked.

“Nothing, but I might ‘tie one on’ Friday night,” Jill said.

“Great,” Jack said grumpily as he climbed into bed.

Soon Jack rolled over and ran his hand down Jill’s stomach and slid his fingers into her panties.

“What are you doing?” Jill giggled.

“I thought you might like to fool around?” Jack asked.

“Sure,” Jill said as she slid her panties down.

Jack clumsily rubbed her pussy, never really sticking to one spot very long. Before long he had rolled onto her, his five-inch dick rock hard as he slid it into her wet pussy.

“Oooooh babe,” Jill moaned.

“Mmm, your so wet,” he moaned.

“Mhmmm, you’re so hard,” Jill said.

“Fuck yeah,” Jack said as he began to slowly pump into her wet slit.

“Yeah baby, fuck me,” Jill moaned.

“Ughhh, Oh God, I’m cumming,” Jack cried out.

“Wait, Uh, Oh baby. Love you,” Jill said, trying to hide her dejection.

Jack gave her a deep tongue kiss and said, “Thanks babe, that was wonderful.”

“Yes baby,” Jill said as she slid off the bed and walked to the bathroom. After cleaning herself she sat down on the toilet and lazily rubbed her pussy until she had a mild orgasm. When she came back to bed Jack was snoring.

The next day just before 3 P.M. Jill met Suzy at a small trendy restaurant in the revitalized part of downtown.

The girls found their seats at a small “high table’ not too far from the bar. An athletic looking waiter came over and took their order.

“Are we drinking today?” Jill asked with a sly smile looking at Suzy.

“Only the days that end in ‘Y’ babe,” Suzy giggled.

Jill held up her hands and shrugged her shoulders saying, “We do gölbaşı escort have work to do you know.”

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s get two whiskey’s neat and two screaming orgasms,” Suzy told the waiter.

Jill’ looked at Suzy with eyes as big as saucers before a smiling Suzy said, “They’re shots babe.”

“Oh my God. I do have to go back home to my husband you know?”

“He wouldn’t like you a little drunk and flirty when he got home?” Suzy said with a smile.

“No. He’s kind of weird that way, he usually gives me the cold shoulder when I’ve had too much to drink,” Jill said.

Suzy started to giggle and said, “Well, he better be careful. It’s not a shoulder Steve wants to give you.”

“Oh, shut up,” Jill said as the drinks were sat down on the table.

Steve Smith lived two houses down from Jack and Jill. He was a divorcee with a fancy car and if the rumors were true, a large cock.

“Seriously, he told me less than a month ago he thought you had a fine ass,” Suzy said.

“Jesus why are you talking to Steve about my ass?” Jill asked.

“I had just taken his cock out of my mouth and it came up in conversation,” Suzy said as she held her shot glass up and waited on Jill before they both slammed their shots.

Jill’s throat burned from the shot, but it was her friends last comment that made her gasp for breath. Finally, after several seconds of staring at Suzy’s smug grin she asked, “You’ve slept with Steve?”

“Yes babe, do you think less of me?” Suzy said maintaining her smugness.

“I don’t know what to think girl. No, I don’t think less of you. Does Paul know?” Jill asked, taking a drink.

“He knows I have some ‘friends’ but we don’t usually go into detail,” Suzy said.

“So, you really are in an open marriage?” Jill asked.

“I guess, if you want to call it that. We’re just two horny people who don’t put limits on each other. Who happen to have been married for a very long time,” Suzy said, waving at the waiter?

“Well, it seems to work,” Jill said.

“Seems to,” Suzy said before turning to the approaching waiter and saying, “another round please.”

“I don’t think that would ever work for Jack and me,” Jill said.

“You’d be surprised. But even if it didn’t, from what you’ve told me about the size of his cock and the lack of sex you get. You deserve something on the side,” Suzy said.

The second round of whiskey and shots arrived and after taking their shots together Jill was definitely starting to loosen up.

“I just don’t know if I could,” Jill said.

“He slides that big, fat, hard cock up against you and I bet you’ll decide you could pretty quick,” Suzy teased.

“Oh my God,” Jill said.

“He’s coming to the party,” Suzy told her.

“Well, my husband will be there, so I don’t think anything is going to happen,”

“Crazy things happen on Halloween,” Suzy said with a wink.

“Speaking of Halloween aren’t we supposed to be finalizing details?” Jill asked.

“Yeah, we’re good. I had one hiccup, but I solved it,” Suzy said.

Jill took another drink of her whiskey and waived at the waiter for two more before asking, “What kind of hiccup?”

“Well the police as you know, block off the streets for us for our Halloween party for the kids, but they said we can’t serve alcohol at our costume party if we have it at the park,.”

“So, what are we going to do. I guess we could move to someone’s house?” Jill said.

“That wouldn’t be any fun. Besides you know most people would just go home instead of traipsing over to someone else’s house,” Suzy explained.

“So?” Jill said as the third round of booze arrived.

“Well, after talking again with the police they confirmed we can drink in the park, we just can’t serve liquor in the park. So, we’re going to serve the liquor at the Peterson’s place, it’s right next to the park anyway,” Suzy explained.

Jill stared at Suzy in her slight stupor and said, “Oh my God.”

“Don’t worry, I got approval from the executor. I told him it was a way to get at least some traffic through the house,” Suzy explained.

“We’re going to have a Halloween party in a fucking haunted house,” Suzy slurred.

Suzy giggled at Jill and said, “Your drunk bitch. Yes, we’re going to have a Halloween party in a fucking haunted house and also in a really pretty park. Although I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone it’s haunted. Remember I’m trying to sell it.”

“You going to fuck Steve in it?” Jill asked giggling.

“Maybe, or maybe we’ll fuck him together,” Suzy said.

“I can’t…well if his cock is really that big,” Jill said dreamily.

“It is babe,” Suzy said.

“What if Paul caught you?” Jill said taking yet another drink.

“He’s got his eye on a sweet little peach,” Suzy said.

“Really, are you mad?” Suzy slurred.

“Fuck no, I’d like to see it. I’ve seen her in her bikini all the time and she’s fucking hot,” Suzy said.

“Where?” Jill asked.

“At my house, she swims over there almost every summer,” Suzy said göztepe escort with a sly smile.

“Paul brings her to your house?” Jill asked stunned.

“No, she comes over with Patty,” Suzy said giggling.

Jill was just inebriated enough to still not catch on to Suzy’s trail of clues and asked, “Your daughter brings over your husband’s girlfriend?”

“No babe, he hasn’t fucked her yet, but he wants to. He’ll need permission probably though,” Suzy said.

“From you, I thought you didn’t care?” Jill asked through glassy eyes.

“No, from you. I’m pretty sure he’s not going to ask Jack,” Suzy said laughing.

Jill finally grasped where Suzy was headed and whispered much louder than she meant to, “Paul wants to fuck my daughter?”

Suzy did whisper back, “Yes babe, she’s fucking hot. It would be like fucking a miniature you.”

“Oh my God,” Jill said as she stared at her friend for several seconds.

“Didn’t you say you put her on the pill because she was fucking her boyfriend?” Suzy asked.

“I said she was sexually active with him I thought,” Jill said.

“Yeah, that means they’re fucking honey,” Suzy teased.

“Oh my God,” Jill said for what seemed like the 10th time since she sat down. As much as she loved her daughter, she worried if she was responsible enough to be sexually active.

“C’mon babe, if it happens it happens. Don’t worry, he won’t force himself on her, he’s pretty slick. She’ll be begging him for it,” Suzy said.

“I need another drink, Jesus,” Jill said.

It was Suzy’s turn to waive down the waiter. Finally, she turned back to Jill and asked, “You’re not mad at me, are you?”

“No, but I’ll tell you something. If Paul fucks my little girl, Jack better not find out,” Jill said.

“He won’t, like I said Paul is really slick. Besides Jack will probably be trying to find you,” Suzy said.

“Find me, where will I be?” Jill asked.

“Taking Steve’s fat cock, I bet,” Suzy said giggling.

Both girls held up their fourth shot in the last two hours and downed them.

“This party will either be the end of my marriage or a great time, I’m not sure which,” Jill said.

“Let’s just have a good time babe,” Suzy said.

“I’m drunk, how are we getting home?” Jill asked.

“Let’s call June and Patty to come get us,” Suzy said with a smile.

Suzy and Jill climbed in the back of Patty’s small hybrid. June sat in the passenger seat as Patty pulled out of the parking lot. Neither girl had bothered to turn down the thumping rap music coming from the stereo.

“Girls turn down the music,” Suzy slurred from the back seat.

Patty looked back at her mother in the rear-view mirror and said, “Hey, no fair. You always tell me driver chooses the music and passenger navigates.”

“That’s because I’m usually the driver, turn it down,” Suzy said.

June and Patty turned down the music and both girls began to giggle.

“What’s so funny you two?” Jill slurred from the back seat.

“I swear, this is getting to be a monthly thing, picking up your drunk asses,” Patty said.

Jill leaned forward and asked, “Please don’t tell your father’s?”

“Don’t worry…” June started to say before Patty cut her off.

“We promise not to tell, if you two will give us the hook up,” Patty said, looking at her mother in the mirror.

“What hook up? Jill asked.

Patty continued to look at her mother in the mirror, “I know you’re going to have lots of booze at your party. Could we maybe sneak a bottle?”

“Of booze?” Jill asked surprised at Patty’s brazenness.

“Yes,” Patty said, smiling at June.

Suzy looked over at Jill next to her and said, “Tell you what girls, you come to the party and maybe I’ll sneak you a few drinks, but you’ll have to promise to stay at the party.”

“Yes, you have to stay so we can keep an eye on you,” Jill said.

June turned completely around and looked at her mother in the backseat and asked, “Really Mom, you’d let me drink.”

Jill looked over at June and said, “I guess your kind of an adult now, you’re going to start doing adult things.”

Suzy smiled at June and said, “Speaking of, how are you and that boyfriend of yours doing?”

“We’re fine, he’s going to college out of state though, so I’m thinking of breaking up with him,” June said.

Jill leaned forward and said, “Babe, when did this come about?”

“Over the last few days, Patty and I have been talking and we’ve decided we don’t wanna be tied down when we go to college anyway,” June said.

“That’s a good plan,” Suzy said.

“Yeah, I don’t want a steady boyfriend right now,” June said.

“That’s a great plan, you can just hook up with whomever you want,” Suzy said.

“Mom!” Patty yelled from the front seat.

Suzy started giggling and said, “Like I didn’t catch you and that soccer player in the shower last week?”

“Mom!” Patty yelled again.

“Soccer player? Tell us did he score?” Jill asked between giggles.

“Mom!” June yelled.

Both Suzy and Jill leaned into each other they were laughing so hard.

“Maybe you girls will find someone at the party,” Suzy said, grabbing and squeezing Jill’s hand.

“Are there going to be boys there?” June asked.

“I thought you girls were growing up? Isn’t it time for men?” Jill slurred.

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