Halloween Sucks!


Author’s note – Hi! I haven’t been able to write in a while, but hopefully that will change soon as my schedule shifts about. This story was written for someone very special and awesome; hopefully it’ll be an ok present, even if it is a little late. Like always, any critiques or feedback is greatly appreciated; I have fun writing, but I want to always work on improving! Anyways, hope you enjoy

~Part 1~

“I’ll be right down, jeez!” I shouted from the living room, fumbling with the last pieces of my costume as my friend pounded on the front door. “We have plenty of time to get there, Lin!”

The only response that greeted me was more irritating knocking. Of all the nights to be dealing with a hangover… I thought glumly, awkwardly stumbling in my heels. Well, Halloween comes but once a year, and I was going to be sure I made the most of it.

I threw open the door, took one look at Caitlin, and immediately burst into laughter.

“What? Do you think it’s too much?” My sorority sister looked up at me with a big grin on her face as she rearranged her tight pink top. “Or not enough?”

Caitlin was just as old as me, but the petite Asian girl had always looked like total jail bait…and never more so than now. She looked like she had just finished shipping at a Goodwill for prostitutes; fishnet stockings traveled up her legs to disappear beneath a shiny black miniskirt. Her chest was covered by what would be an ordinary tank top, except that Lin had squeezed a pair of balloons into her chest, and the massive things made her top barely reach her belly button. A pair of bright red heels completed the ensemble, and judging from how she was wobbling, Lin was clearly not used to her outfit.

“More than enough, Lin,” I replied, eying her ludicrous balloon breasts. “What the heck are those?”

“Hey, not all of us can be as lucky as you, Busty St Claire,” she shot back, pointing at my chest. “Can you blame me for wanting to get Tio’s attention? And I thought it would be fun. Besides, at least mine is original! A blonde playboy bunny; you really are breaking the mold, Elsie.”

“Oh, don’t act like you’re not jealous.” I gave her a little pose, stretching in the doorway. Truth be told, I hadn’t spent that much time on my costume, but I think it had turned out decently. The black sequin corset had been easy enough to find in my size, and I had even managed to find cufflinks, a neck piece with a black bow tie, and a headband topped by some perky bunny ears. A little cotton tail just above my backside was the final touch; after that, it had been as simple as grabbing a pair of black heels from my closet.

“Come on, come on! I want to make sure we get there plenty early!” Caitlin was practically bouncing in excitement, which really was a bad idea; she almost stumbled into my rosebushes, her blow-up breasts nearly popping out of her top. I rolled my eyes, shutting my door and following after her.

It wasn’t quite dark yet, but the streets were full of costumed people all the same. Lin and I got our share of looks, equal parts interested and offended; I wasn’t sure which ones I enjoyed more. I made sure to push my chest out whenever some older woman would sneer, and Lin was soon following my example. Jealous much, bitches? I thought to myself, enjoying the attention. Lin had been right about one thing; I wasn’t lacking up top, and I absolutely adored the times when I could really show that off. The corset was doing wonders, making my figure really pop; my waist seemed slimmer, and my cleavage had been pushed up into a valley tempting enough to make any man drool…at least, that’s what I was hoping.

“Lin, you know that Tio is just a total dork, right?” I asked my ditzy friend as we worked our way down towards the costume party. “I wish you’d get this dumb idea out of your head.”

“It’s not dumb!” She chirped back, still clumsy in her heels as she walked next to me. “He’s top of the class in Economics and Business Management; if I date him for the semester, I’ll ace my classes for sure!”

I gave a disinterested shrug, although I had to admit a semester of being taken care of like that would be pretty fantastic. “I dunno, I just couldn’t put up with someone that lame.”

“Well then why are you trying to get with Chris? He’s a bigger nerd then Tio!”

I grinned, putting an arm around Caitlin as we strolled past a group of grinning guys. “Lin, one day you’ll learn that you don’t need to spend time on dates if you need guys to do what you want.”

Truth be told, Chris WAS a real geek, but he was also my lab partner in Biology. One little blow job and I’d never have to go to that stupid class again. The one little hiccup was that, unbelievably, he had a girlfriend…but if what I heard was right, he was way into bunny girls. Between my costume and getting some alcohol in him, it was a guarantee that he’d be in my mouth before the evening was done. And it was even his birthday to boot! That nerd was going giresun escort to get one hell of a present.

“I dunno, it still seems a little slutty, Elsie; you don’t want people to think you’re a slut, do you?”

“That doesn’t mean a whole lot coming from you, balloonboobs.”

“Bite me, bunnybitch!”

I laughed cheerfully, shooting a pleasant smile at a group of soccer moms giving disapproving looks. “Mmm, saving that for Chris.”

“What a stupid freaking waste of time,” I muttered for the hundredth time that night, holding Caitlin’s hand as she stumbled behind me.

“I don’t get why you had to drag me out of there!” Lin whined behind me, her face flushed a little; she had only had a couple drinks, but she was a total lightweight. “I was having a good time, its not my fault you got shot do-.”

I whirled on her, causing her to give a little squeak as she walked right into my chest. “I was NOT shot down, OK? It’s not my fault that dumbass doesn’t know what he’s missing.” The thought was more annoying than I cared to admit; Chris had just turned me down all night, not even seeming to care about my costume, even when I had pulled down my top a bit to give him an eyeful of cleavage. And when I had tried to give him a quick handjob, he had actually excused himself; what the fuck?!

“Anyways, I was having fun!” Lin prattled on behind me as we worked our way down the sidewalk. “Tio WAS a dork, you were soooo right, so all I had to do was suck him off, and now I’m set!”

“Tio has a girlfriend too, you know,” I reminded her; we had found out that little tidbit at the party, but it hadn’t deterred Lin. Truth be told, I was pretty irritated that she had succeeded where I had totally failed.

“Out of state, out of mind.” Lin grinned proudly. “And now I’m set for like half my classes!”

“If only Chris’ girlfriend was out of state, too,” I muttered, tugging my tipsy friend along. The party-ruiner was apparently in student senate; probably one of those clingy bitches. “Maybe she let him feel her up once, and now he’s totally devoted to her.”

“Or maybe he loooooves her~” Lin chirped out in a sing song voice, giggling to herself.

I glowered at her. “Love, shmove. I’ll just have to put more effort into it next time; I’m not about to take no from some stupid little nerd.” My temper was starting to flare up. “And if he keeps saying no, maybe I’ll just need to start some rumors, and see where that leads.”

“Jeez, you really are terrible, aren’t you?”

The soft voice came from right behind us, and both Caitlin and I jumped. Stumbling around, we turned around to come face to face with a thin, willowy girl in the long black robes of a witch’s outfit, complete a big pointy hat. The brunette seemed to be about our age, but nowhere as pretty…but there was something striking about her pale blue eyes.

Overcoming my shock, I took a step towards her, crossing my hands beneath my chest. “Excuse me? Were we talking to you, you nosy bitch? Pull the broomstick out of your butt and get lost.”

“No, but you were talking so loudly that anyone with ears could hear you, if there was anyone else around.” This strange girl was staring at me intently, and I felt a shiver go through me; her gaze was really disconcerting. “Besides, you were talking about me.”

Well shoot, maybe tonight wasn’t going to be so bad after all; Lin and the girl stood at equal height, and I was taller than her by nearly a head. “Is that so?” I replied pleasantly, giving Lin a look and motioning my head towards the snoopy girlfriend.

Lin gave me a dopey look for a few seconds, and then realization seemed to click behind her eyes. “Oh~!” She exclaimed, crossing her arms too. “Then, maybe you should…um…break up with Chris, because otherwise we’ll make your time at the U suck!”

“You would know about sucking, wouldn’t you?” the girl responded crisply, giving Lin a look of distaste. “I’m friend’s with Tio’s girlfriend…or ex girlfriend, as it were. She’s going to be heartbroken when she hears what happened.”

“Like….who cares?” Lin shot back, bubbly as ever. “All I did was blow him!”

“Judging by your demeanor, that’s probably all you’re smart enough to do.” The girl had taken a step towards us, and I was getting seriously creeped out. I matched her pace for pace, giving her a shove back. “Listen, witchbitch, why don’t you hop on your broom and fuck off before I give you some real problems?

“Yeah, what she said!” Lin added from behind me.

She smiled. “I don’t think so. And call me Cat.”

I opened my mouth to tell her what I would call her, but before I could make a noise, the girl had snapped her fingers. And suddenly I was stuck, frozen with my lips parted in an O.

Cat’s smile widened. “Ahh, now there’s a good look for the two of you.”

What the hell is happening? Did she drug us? I couldn’t hear Lin behind me; was she trapped in place too?

“Mmmm, gölbaşı escort no drugs, little bunny bimbo; just a simple spell,” Cat purred at me, grabbing my stiff arms and rotating me to stare at my friend. Lin was stuck just as I was, with an open mouth and wide eyes; in her costume she looked almost comical, but I was too frightened to think about that. Had this girl just read my mind?

“Ding ding ding,” Cat answered softly, that infuriating smile still on her face as she stared at me. “You didn’t think this was a costume, did you? I was out of state, but got a text from my boyfriend about some girl practically molesting him, so of course I had to come back and see what was going on.” She shook her head at us. “It’s one thing to try and slut it up, but trying to ruin relationships for your own selfishness? That’s just horrible.”

I could feel my cheeks begin to redden the entire time the costumed girl was speaking, and not from embarrassment; Lin and I must have been slipped a roofie or something, and now this crazy skank was lecturing us. I tried desperately to move, to shout, to do anything…but I was stuck solid, and from the look of it, Lin was too.

“You don’t believe me, even after I read your mind?” Cat gave a sudden, feral grin, and the knob of unease in my stomach grew. “No wonder you need help in class; you are thick.” The supposed witch jammed a thumb towards Caitlin. “She’s probably dumber than you, but even she believes me…although, goodness, she has quite the foul mind! She’s thinking some truly mean things, throwing foul language around…she really lives up to her costume.”

As soon as I can move, I’ll show you how mean I can be, you fucking dog!

Cat just chuckled to herself, wrapping a hand around Lin’s shoulder. “Elsie, the only animal I see here is you. What was it you told me…? ‘Hop on your broom and fuck off’?” She was speaking lower, and there was an almost sensual edge to her voice. For some reason I felt myself drawn towards everything she said, hanging on her every syllable.

“Fortunately, you’re a lucky little animal; I need some help with some practice spellcrafting, and you fit the bill just fine,” she continued, her soft voice almost sounding hungry. Cat’s cheeks were tinged with red too, but from the way she was speaking, I doubted it was from anger. “As for your balloon bimbo friend…she’ll be icing on the cake.” She paused, thinking. “Hmmm…maybe we should change her first? That will be a fun warm up for when I get to play with you!”

Lin’s eyes widened, the only movement seemingly allowed to her. Cat circled her like an eager predator, rubbing her hands along my friend’s stomach. A soft sigh escaped the witch’s lips as she studied Lin.

“Oooh my goodness, your thoughts are almost nastier than your friend’s!” The black-clad girl purred, wrapping her hands around Lin’s stomach from behind. Caitlin’s eyes were wide and panicked as she did, full of anger…but Cat began to rub her hands against the girl’s tummy, making slow, lazy circles. Lin’s eyelids fluttered, and her gaze lost intensity with every passing second. She blinked frantically at first, but as the witch kept tracing her hands about, she seemed to grow more and more complacent. In fact, her eyes seemed dazed, unfocused, like she was…

“A bimbo?” Cat grinned at me, resting her chin on Lin’s shoulder while her fingers massaged and teased. “Yes, she does look like a dumb little ditz, doesn’t she? But she had such filthy things to say…I don’t think we’re done yet. I want this outfit to really fit her.” And with that, she buried her face against Lin’s neck, her dark hair falling over her face. For a moment, I was frightened that she had bitten her…until I heard the soft, wet noises.

“Mmmnnn…nnnnn…” Cat’s muffled little moans joined with the wet sounds her lips made as they explored the curve of Lin’s neck. The Asian girl’s expression was unchanging, vacant and dull, but her breathing was getting faster; her stomach rose and fell more quickly under Cat’s hard-working hands. Cat kept right on nuzzling her, making soft noises as she licked and lapped at her light-brown skin. All the while, Lin’s chest rose and fell, the tops of her gigantic balloon boobs jiggling gently with every heaving breath…

Wait a minute, I thought suddenly, a chill running through me, how are those…t-those can’t be real…

“Oh, they’re real alright, Elsie,” Cat smiled at me, raising her hands to Lin’s enormous rack and giving her tits a squeeze, tugging at her tight top. “And they’re fantastic.”

If the way Cat’s fingers sunk into her massive jugs didn’t give away their change in size, the canyon of bronze cleavage certainly did. Somehow, the witch had made her balloons into actual boobs, and their size was ridiculous! Each one was the size of Lin’s head, if not bigger, and they looked ludicrous on her tiny frame. Lin herself didn’t even seem to notice her changes; her göztepe escort eyes were still empty, her mouth hanging slack as Cat fingers sank into her boobs, as if they were made out of jello. I had to admit, she really did look like a bimbo, with her top stretched tight over her gigantic jugs and a dull expression on her face. I wondered what thoughts were going through her mind…if any.

“One more little change, and she’ll be done,” sang Cat happily, breaking me out of my thoughts. What the hell? Why was I so fixated on those big fat titties…? But there was no time for those thoughts; something else was happening, and I felt compelled to watch. Cat had moved around to the front of the shivering girl. The dark-haired witch pressed herself tight up against Lin, her tits squished up between them. Cat leaned in further, obscuring my view, but the soft noises told me plenty. Cat backed off suddenly, licking her lips and grinning at her handiwork.

Lin’s face was slathered with makeup; bright blue eyeliner colored her skin, and her plump lips were coated in rich green. For a moment I thought I was imagining things; her lips had never been that big before. But the evidence was right there in front of me; those bee-stung things were just as real as her new chest. Her slutty look was completed by her eyelashes, long and full, and they were fluttering frantically now. In fact…

She can move again! Lin was looking around, blinking in confusion as she took a step, stumbling in her heels. I tried desperately to focus my thoughts at her, hoping against hope that she could help me. Lin, you big-titted bitch, stop wobbling around and get us out of here! But to my dismay, Lin didn’t even seem to notice me. Instead, she took an awkward step toward Cat, looking down at her vast expanse of cleavage. With an outraged hiss, she gestured towards her massive milk jugs, the fat things bouncing along with her every movement.

“Wha….wha you do me? Big tittieth?”

For a moment, I thought Caitlin was just overwhelmed with the situation; that she had misspoke, and maybe lisped by mistake. Between the look of horror on Lin’s face and Cat’s ringing laughter, though, somehow I doubted it was a simple slip of the tongue.

“Does my little slutslut have a problem?” Cat teased, her smile bright with mischief. “Don’t you like the improvements I made?”

“F-fuck you! Me…me no wan’ big mewonth!!” Lin gestured at her ridiculous rack, stamping her foot furiously. Unfortunately, that was a mistake; between her new stature and her heels, Lin had to windmill her arms wildly just to keep her balance, her chest thrust out while Cat laughed all the harder. If the situation hadn’t been so frightening, and had I actually been able to move, I might have been laughing too; Lin, a living blow-up doll, lisping and talking like an uneducated slut. A chilling thought had took root though…if this was what she had done to Lin, what would she do to me?

Lin, meanwhile, was still shouting at the giggling witch. “Fuck you!! Me no wanna talk aww dumbdumb! No wanna be swut, you ugwy bitch! You fix, you fix, me no ho’! You big…dumbdumb…no…ah…?”

Mid-rant, something changed in Lin’s expression; a distracted look that was similar to how she had appeared when Cat had been working her magic on her. Her hips began to wriggle back and forth, and Lin rubbed at her skirt aimlessly, licking her lips. One hand began to trail up her stomach, brushing the underside of one massive melon. For a second, I didn’t realize what was happening…she couldn’t possibly be…

“What’s the matter, Lin?” Cat looked as though Christmas had come early, grinning eagerly at the squirming girl in front of her. “Something on your mind?”

“Me…wha’ you…?” Lin looked equal parts furious and afraid…but there was something else in her expression too.

“Yes, you? What is it, Lin?”

“Me…me…” Lin chewed at her swollen lips, her knees rubbing together. Her tight pink top had two little tents, pressing out against the fabric.

“You’re…what, Lin? Help me out here!” The witch wasn’t even trying to disguise her obvious mirth, her eyes sparkling with delight.

“Me tho…tho…!” It looked like Lin was trying to fight whatever was trying to slip out from between her fat, pursed lips…but whatever resistance she had mustered died as Cat leaned forward and tweaked her nipples.

“Me tho hohny!!! Me thoo hohny!!!” Lin practically screamed it, her hips bucking as she cried out. She looked at Cat, helpless and shaking. “Fuckyfuck? Me tho fuckin’ hohny!!”

Ignoring her completely, Cat instead turned to me. “Neat, huh? My spell rerouted some of her body’s natural responses. Now, whenever she gets bitchy or mean, all she’ll be able to do is act like a cliché, and her body goes into…well….this.” She gestured at the trembling bimbo, squeezing her massive chest as she cried out in need. “She’ll stay like this until she gets some nice cum in her.” Leaning in close to me, Cat whispered, “Although it has to be in the right hole…every time she goes into heat, it’ll be totally random if she needs her pussy filled, her butt fucked, or her plump lovepillows loaded with jizz.” Winking, she turned away from me, back to Lin.

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