Halloween Trick (or Treat?)


It was Halloween night, and a group of us from college had been invited to an off-campus Halloween party at Sue’s boyfriend’s apartment. One of the guys had a large van, so designated driver was voluntarily chosen and we headed out in the early evening. The coolers were full and spirits were high.

Sue, another girl, and I decided to dress as the three blind mice. The costumes were cute, and for a shoe string budget, looked pretty damn good. The other guys we were with dressed as hippies, cowboys, ghosts, or whatever happened to be in their closets on the way out. So, we were definitely the highlight of the van.

The ride over was fun and we laughed the whole way. The van pulled up to this old Victorian house in an upscale neighborhood and we piled out of the van. There were many cars and motorcycles around, and music was pouring out of the house. This is going to be a fun evening.

Now I’ve been to a lot of college student’s apartments, but this one took my breath away. It was on the second floor and was very grand and spacious. Pete, the girl’s boyfriend, was a very gracious host, and offered us food and beverages as we wandered around. The apartment had two bedrooms, the master bedroom and a guest bedroom. The master bedroom had a bath with a shower and large kartal escort bathtub, and there was a powder room in the hallway leading to the bedrooms. There was a kitchen, dining area, and a great room. In the great room was something I have never seen in any apartment I’ve ever visited — a large, beautiful, dark wood bar.

The music got louder and the alcohol flowed easier as the evening progressed. Guest came in and left regularly, and I was getting kind of wasted. I knew we had a driver to get us back, so I wasn’t worried much. Then a song came on — Believe in Love, by Cher. Granted it’s not one of my favorite songs, but I liked the rhythm.

Sue yells over to me “yo Jules, isn’t one of your fantasies to dance on a bar?” I look over to her, shed my shoes, and climbed up onto the heavy bar. The whole place went wild. I felt this reaction and responded accordingly. I gyrated my hips and in general tease the shit of all the males in the room. Every eye was on me as I danced the song through. Cheers went out as the song was over and I climbed back down.

Sue ran over to me and shouted in my ear that there probably wasn’t a flaccid cock in the room after that display. I said “right” sarcastically, and turned to go to the bathroom to pee. The bathroom was maltepe escort bayan a little down hallway to the left, and it was unoccupied (luckily). I closed the door behind me and noticed there wasn’t a lock. Fuck it, I said to myself, this will take only a second, and I really have to go.

I sat down on the toilet, relaxed, and peed like I usually do — nothing unique. When suddenly the bathroom opens and in the entrance is a guy dressed up as Zorro. I said to him that I’m trying to pee, and he responded, “don’t let me stop you.” As he was saying this he advances to me and unzips his pants.

Now try to picture this — me still on the toilet, peeing, and a man standing before me unzipping his trousers. I did not know what to do. Shall I scream — no — no one is going to hear you or give a crap about you, or shall I deal with the situation that is about to be presented. I decided on the latter, and I’m glad I did.

Zorro approached me, undid his zipper, and pulled out his penis. It was fully erected, but not a large one. I made the correct decision I thought to myself. And I took the cock into my mouth. It did not reach my throat, but I like the feel of the head on my tongue.

But these leisurely thoughts did not linger as Zorro placed his escort pendik hands on the back of my head. The relaxation quickly disappeared as Zorro suddenly started thrusting his dick into my skull. I didn’t know what to do, so I just sort of hung on for dear life. The dick moved across my lips in a high pace, having no regard for my pleasure or comfort. Time after time the loose balls struck my chin. I attempted to speed up his climax by using my tongue, but all I could do is just be a receptacle for his cock.

His breathing quickens, he grabbed my hair, and a salty taste was detected in my mouth. He groaned and sunk his cock in as far as it would go. He stilled, shuttered, and the load unleashed into my mouth. It tasted awful. During ejaculations, I usually like to get the guy past my taste buds, and have the semen go into my throat. This guy was too short for that. Luckily it wasn’t a big load. After about five or six pumps, the jerking subsided. He pulled the deflating member out of my mouth, zipped up his flies, and without looking at me, turned and left the bathroom.

I spread my legs and spit the deposit out into the toilet. Boy, I said to myself as I finished peeing, that was kinda fun. He used me like his own personal glory hole. We did not even take our masks off. If we saw each on campus, we probably would not recognize each other.

After washing my hands, I rejoined the party and never saw Zorro again the rest of the night. Guess I exhausted him so much that he left early. Nice job Jules, I say to myself with a smile!

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