Hands On Ch. 01


It was a quarter past four in the evening, and the sweltering tropic heat, coupled by the fact that I refused to open any of the drapes by one to my mini-studio, lead to me sweltering. I hadn’t bothered to put on any clothes after showering, but it was pointless to try and focus on anything right now… just too hot…

So there I was, lying on the bed, drifting halfway to sleep, when I felt myself getting an erection. A smile came of my face, and my right hand grabbed hold.

“Oh, yeah, you really have a big cock.” I said to myself softly, lovingly, as I held it, stroked it gently, swirled my thumb over the head.

Slowly I became aware of the phone ringing. I had left the ringer on low, but not off entirely.

In a daze I got up and picked up the cordless handset, holding it in my left hand, my right hand still absently on my cock.

It was one of my friends, who was a big gamer and had a habit of rambling on about his latest PS3 conquests or happenings in the “industry”. I played a mostly passive role in these conversations, and for a while, I had gotten bored with illegal bahis it… it seemed I did 99% listening and moreover, most of what he said, I already knew or had long ceased to care about… I wanted to be a producer, not a consumer, and my student’s lifestyle couldn’t keep up with an expensive hobby like gaming, in any case.

I got back onto the bed as he talked, but realised that my body hadn’t changed from its previous state of arousal, as it normally would when I was interrupted… perhaps because I knew I didn’t have to pay much attention; perhaps because I was half — no, maybe just 25%, but still, partially — asleep anyhow… but in any case, I started stroking myself as I talked.

“…So, you finally beat Persona 3?…”

I occasionally said something to keep the conversation going, letting him use me as a listening post, whilst I enjoyed my long, hard cock, in all its handsome glory.

My breathing must have become more ragged, but he didn’t seem to notice. I was careful not to stoke myself too fast or get caught up, but somehow, I wanted to cum before the conversation illegal bahis siteleri was over…

“…So, the lass boss is in 13 parts? Tell me about them.”

I knew he would describe each and every thing in pedantic detail. His power of recall was rather great. In that respect, he’d become very useful, because instead of reading and parsing tom’s hardware, slashdot, and a dozen other sites, I just asked him what was new.

Or, more likely, I didn’t even have to ask.

It must be nice to be able to settle into being a consumer… not to have a monster within you driving to be creative, expressive… to impact the world for the better… but rather, to be free to “eat” to your heart and body are full. To be free to sur-press all originality, and settle into a pattern of compliance with rules.

It sounds like death to me, but then again, “he who has found the system, has found a corpse”, so… this should not surprise me.

I realized slowly that nothing was surprising me at all nowadays, except for how little fun I was having.

Even this masturbation – which canlı bahis siteleri to me was like being with a good lover; no, the best lover, for I was learning to love myself in each and every way, sexually, obviously, but also practically, physically, mentally, emotionally…

Even this masturbation was not enough fun.

I came, and even as I spoke about Heavenly Sword and my progress in my attempt at beating Revelations: Persona ( a very old game which we’d both, separately, gotten stuck in), I had a longing to be known…

Well, what better place to be known than the wide world of the inter-net-worked web of information surfers, bloggers, producers, enjoy-ers, experience junkies looking for the next new thing or good old thing or just some-thing…

At the time, though, I was hardly awake enough to be this introspective.

I just came, and there wasn’t that much cum, but I felt accomplished, I knew I was naughty, and I hoped it would turn someone on… that I’d find someone to share, multiply, my pleasure with.

I licked the cum off my palm between sentences, spoken into the phone in my usual monotone, until about an hour after it had begun, the conversation was done.

What to do now?

I wondered for a moment, and then…

drifted calmly into sleep.

…until… Chapter 2?

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