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This is my story and in part or in its entirety, shall not to be reproducedwithout the author’s prior permission.Feedback always welcome at Johnnie666666@yahoo.co.ukThis is based upon a story posted by Norm DePloom called Miss Brooks,back in 2005. I liked his story but didn’t like the ending, so I rewroteit.Introduction Jeff could not believe his luck. He was fifteen years oldand a sexy older woman had recently moved into a house just a few doorsaway from his. A few days later she had come to their house to introduceherself. As she introduced herself to Jeff’s Mum Jeff couldn’t take hiseyes off the sexy woman. Her name was Hannah. Jeff was smitten. Whileshe was clearly in her forties, she had a great figure, a perfect hourglasswith a tiny waist and flaring hips, Oh and absolutely huge tits that onthis occasion were obviously not supported by a bra. Jeff couldn’t takehis eyes off her big tits and her perky nipples showing through herT-shirt. Hannah caught him ogling her big tits and when he next looked ather face she smiled and winked at him.Jeff was in love. He spent his time watching Hannah leave her house togo to work in her sexy dresses and high heeled shoes. This had caused Jeffto fantasise about seeing her naked and he imagined himself fucking herwhile she writhed in pleasure underneath him. Jeff began to dream aboutwatching through her bedroom window while she slowly undressed and flauntedher sexy body. Jeff’s obsession to see her naked grew stronger each day.Weeks later Jeff walked by Hannah’s house every day after school and oneafternoon he saw her car parked outside on the street and made a maddecision. He sneaked through the side gate into her garden. She had leftthe curtains open, so it was easy for him to find her bedroom window.Jeff stroked his hard cock through his jeans with his right hand whilehe held onto the window ledge with his left hand while he imagined Hannahlying naked on the bed playing with her huge tits and stroking her pussy.Then she walked into the bedroom drying herself with a towel as she walked.Hannah had obviously just come out of the shower. She didn’t see Jeffpeering through her window. She stood and rubbed herself, her huge titswobbling, her nipples fully erect. As she bent over to pick up the dressshe had discarded she inadvertently gave Jeff a brief view of her big labialips hanging down beneath her hairy crotch. Without even a stroke, butwith a soft moan Jeff came inside his underpants. As soon as his cockstopped jerking Jeff hurried home in shame.That evening though his obsession became irresistible; having seen hernaked, although mostly from behind Jeff was fixated. He lay on his bedstroking his hard cock thinking about what he had seen between her thighsuntil he could stand it no longer. Rising from his bed, Jeff pulled jeansand a T-shirt on over his naked body and went downstairs and slipped outthe back door without his parents noticing. Jeff walked quickly down thestreet to Hannah’s house. The thrill of sneaking into her garden in thedark while knowing that she was at home made his heart pound in his chest.By the time he stepped up to her bedroom window his cock felt like it wason the verge of exploding.Hannah was, she knew she was, and so did the c***dren’s court, a realslut, although having been caught before having a sexual relationship witha minor, Hannah still found it difficult to control her impulses. Hannahthought back a couple of weeks to when she had met one of her neighbours.She remembered that the neighbour had a teenager son that had been oglingher braless tits and that she had winked at him. She rarely wore a bra athome. Earlier, when she had arrived home Hannah had stripped off herclothes, she had a quick shower to cool herself down (this was when Jeffwas peering through her window)then she only put on a very short skirt andhalter top then went into the backyard to tend her flowers. She feltnaughty not wearing knickers and feeling the cool breeze fanning hervagina. Throughout the process she had one hand stroking her pussy andstretching her big cunt lips while the other hand directed the hose. Bythe time she was finished she was hot in more than one way.Later, when it grew dark, she went into the house, she strippedcompletely naked and got into the shower again to clean off the dirt andsweat from gardening. The attention to her pussy while she was wateringhad left it throbbing and she held the shower head so it sprayed againsther pussy lips while she masturbated furiously until she came. Hannah wasstill so horny. Her juices were running down her legs. After roughlydrying herself she put on an extremely short and virtually transparent silkrobe and slippers and walked from the bathroom into her bedroom. As shewalked into the room she nearly gasped as she saw a boy’s head duck awayfrom the window. In those few nanoseconds she had already recognised himas her young neighbour Jeff, the one she had noticed staring at her tits.He had no idea she had seen him.Without giving any indication that she had seen him, she went to theside of the bed and turned so her bottom was facing the window. She bentdown as if she was folding some clothes and parted her legs – giving theboy a fantastic view of her hot pussy, completely unaware that she hadalready given Jeff a similar show a few hours earlier. Hannah was alreadyout of control. She knew she was going to have a problem but she just hadto perform for her 15 year old audience. She plonked herself on her kneeswith her pussy facing the window. She managed to arrange her pussy so thatit pointed towards the window and began to furiously finger-fuck herselfwith her middle finger, not stopping until she had sprayed all over thebed. Then, when she had recovered, she got up and left the bedroom. `Ican’t call the police’, she argued with herself, `he’s a good boy really,and so sweet. I’ll just chase him off with a warning’. Her pussy wasalready throbbing with lust, her finger-fucking had only increased herdesire. Jeff gazed through the window as the object of his lust hadentered the bedroom wearing the dangerously short transparent silk robe,her wonderful tits and rock hard nipples pushing through the material. Even from the front he could see her cunt’s lips through the forest ofhair, but then she displayed her superb and puffy cunt lips to him as sheknelt on her bed and fucked herself vigorously with her fingers, before shestood up and walked away. Jeff had no idea that the whole show had beenfor his benefit. Jeff’s excitement deflated when she left her bedroomagain. Hannah walked into her bathroom and applied some scarlet lipstick.Hannah could not bring herself to call the police. She slipped throughthe patio door and walked across the patio to the corner of the house. Theyoung boy was still staring intently into her bedroom.`Jeff,’ the sound of her voice, coming from almost right beside him,startled Jeff, who had been so intent on watching for her to reappear inher bedroom that he had not noticed when she walked up beside him. Hejumped and stepped back, tripping over, Jeff fell to the ground, bashinghis head on the hard floor of the yard.`Oh, goodness,’ Hannah completely forgot that the robe she was wearinghad to be held together to cover her nakedness, as if a transparent robecould do that anyway. She knelt next to him and held his head in her hand,she could smell her arousal and wondered if the boy could too. She helpedJeff to his feet, `are you hurt?’ she asked. All Jeff’s attention was onthe naked body clearly visible to him through the gaping robe. HoldingJeff by his arm Hannah led him across the patio and into her house. I’mjust going to make sure he’s OK, she told herself, (and warn him not to bea peeping tom). `No, I’m OK, just a little lump on my stupid head’ saidthe boy. She still led him by the elbow into the living room and sat himon the couch then sat down opposite him in the recliner.Hannah pulled her legs up and sat crossed legged, she arranged the robebetween her legs to cover her pussy. She desperately wanted to strokeherself as he watched.`What were you doing?’ Hannah’s question sounded ridiculous, even toher. They both knew exactly what he was doing. Hannah tried to ignore theheat and the wetness between her legs. As the dampness between her legsincreased, Hannah’s mouth became drier. She swallowed with difficulty; herbreathing became shallow and rapid. Hannah could feel the compulsionovertaking her like a darkness engulfing her mind. She knew that sheshould send the boy home and not get herself into trouble again. Jeff hadtried not to look at her since she had brought him into her house, but fromunder his eyelids he had seen her cunt briefly as she crossed her legs onher recliner. Perhaps, he thought, she was trying to decide if she shouldcall the police, or his mother.`Why were you looking in my bedroom window, Jeff?’`I wanted to see you,’ Jeff’s reply was soft and barely audible.`Is there some special way you would like to see me?’ Hannah asked aftera few seconds of silence.`With… without… clothes, I mean naked.’ Said Jeff.`So, my nasty little neighbour boy wants to see me naked?’. Hearing thewords ‘nasty’ and ‘naked’ coming from Hannah’s scarlet lips made Jeff’shard cock throb.`Yes,’ he hissed in a tone that sounded almost as if he was beingstrangled.`Say it,’ Hannah ordered, `You need to say what you want, you have totell me what you want me to do.’`I want to see you naked and I want to do rude things with you.’ Jeffwas so drenched in adrenaline he felt like his whole body was vibratingwith lust.`You can see me,’ Hannah said, but you can’t see any part of me untilyou name it. Tell your slutty neighbour what you want to see, MAKE ME DOIT’`I want to see your breasts too Hannah, show me those huge tits.’ Jeffpulled and tugged on his hard cock through his clothes while he watched hissexy neighbour’s body writhing on the chair.`Is there a specific part of my huge tits you want to see? Tell me todo it, be specific.’`I want you to show me your huge nipples.’ Jeff croaked, his throat wasalmost too dry to speak. He heard a low, soft moan from Hannah as her thinrobe slipped off her huge breasts. She held her breasts in her hands andsqueezed them so her nipples really stuck out at Jeff. Jeff could feel hislips trembling with his desire to suck on her erect nipples`Would… would you…’ Jeff could tell that Hannah was struggling withthe words, but was she struggling to say them, or struggling not to saythem?`…would you like to see me suck on my nipples?’`Yes.’`Say it. You have to make me, tell your slutty neighbour to do it, tellme to do it.’ Hannah was getting more excited and breathless as she spoke.`Make your slutty neighbour suck her nipples.’ Hannah’s voice shifted intoa whiny begging mode.`Suck on your nipples,’ Jeff ordered. Then, in a moment of inspirationhe added, `like the slut you are.’ With a loud moan Hannah grasped herright breast and lifted her nipple to her mouth and sucked on her nipplewith her red lips. The scene was so erotic. Jeff’s eyes were switchingbetween her horny tit-licking and nipple-sucking but kept dropping his eyesdown to the V he could see between her thighs through the transparent robe.Jeff watched for several minutes as his neighbour switched her sucking backand forth between her two nipples that were sticking out like big wet pinkstalks from her huge tits.`I want to see your p..p..pussy.’ He demanded with a forcefulness thatsurprised them both.`Do you really think that you are going to get your nice neighbour toshow you her pussy like she was some common slut?’ Hannah slowly loweredher breast from her mouth.`Yes,’ Jeff demanded even more forcefully, `I want you to show me yourcunt like the slut you are, I want to see your legs wide open while youcaress your cunt for me.’ Hannah was shocked to hear him call her pussy acunt but it also inflamed her desire. She slowly opened her thighs,watching Jeff’s eyes and face the whole time. As her white thighs slowlyseparated Hannah pulled apart the robe, allowing light to shine on her wet,pouting lips. Jeff could see the wetness glistening on the hairs on herpussy. Jeff could see her wide open vagina and she began to stroke itgently with her fingers. Jeff was having difficulty breathing. As hestared at her, she lifted her knees up onto the recliner’s armrests thenslid her arse towards the front of the chair. Her wide-open positionenabled the boy to see her tight, crinkled anus shining with the excesslubricant that Jeff could see flowing like a small river from the bottom ofher vagina. Hannah used her right finger and the thumb and index finger ofher other hand to spread her lips apart. She pulled her lips so far apartthat her vagina was gaping and Jeff could see right inside it. She beganto slowly slide her finger into her vagina then withdrawing it to rub herclitoris with the wetness she found inside herself. She looked at himdreamily with her finger buried deep inside herself.`That’s enough,’ Hannah announced.`I want…’`No, I said that’s enough.’ Her legs closed and the focus of Jeff’spassion rose from the chair.`Come back tomorrow night,’ she said, `and you can touch me.’ As soon asshe heard the patio door slide shut Hannah threw her legs over the chairarms again and renewed her attack on her pussy with both hands alternatingbetween savagely fucking with multiple fingers and pulling on her lips andclitoris like she was trying to rip them from her body. As well as herexcitement from her brief exposure to Jeff she was also remembering all theboy sex she had before she was caught and convicted of c***d sex crimes. She couldn’t help recalling her, what she called her “toy-boy”, experiencesand how good it had been. She was squashing her tits and squeezing hernipples in her sexual frenzy. She did not stop, nor slow the urgency ofher attack, until she had cum four times. When she was finally done shefell asleep in the recliner, her legs still up on the arms and her pussystill on display to the empty house.Jeff had followed her to her office the next day. She was wearing ashort button-through black dress and bright red patent heels. Jeff thoughtHannah looked, somehow, different. Was she different, he wondered, or didlooking at her pussy the previous night just change his perspective of her?As she entered the lift and turned she noticed the boy watching her andwalked back out of the lift. She approached him and drew him into thelobby fire exit. She stood so close to him that he could feel the heatfrom her body.”Did you enjoy yourself last night Jeff? Did you like watching yourslutty neighbour suck her nipples and stroke her pussy? I enjoyed it Jeff,I enjoyed it so much that I thought I would maintain the theme, so todayI’m not wearing any knickers or bra.” She announced in a soft tone onlyJeff would hear. “I’m naked under my dress,” Hannah added as she walkedaway and got into the lift. Jeff put his hands into his front pockets inan attempt to hide his erection as he walked out of the office block. Atlunchtime Jeff was back in the lobby. When Hannah appeared from the liftsshe spotted him immediately and walked into the fire exit doorway.”There’s nothing we can do until tonight.” She said. All morning Jeffhad been pondering some of the things Hannah had said the night before. ‘Tell me to do it…’, ‘Make me do it…’, ‘Make your slutty neighbour doit…’. Without speaking Jeff reached under her dress and pushed his handbetween her thighs. His hand ran down the hairy V between her thighs, hemanaged to get a finger into her vagina, it was soaking wet. Why else, hehad decided, would she have told him that she wasn’t wearing any knickersor bra. Hannah’s protest died on her lips, she spread her legs so hisfinger could explore deeper into her cunt, he put a second finger insideher. She crouched slightly to give him better access to her hot cunt. Sheclasped her hands behind her back submissively and waited for the young manto finish exploring her vagina, as his hand undid a button and slipped into grasp a throbbing nipple. The knowledge that her career, and much ofher life, would collapse in utter disaster if anyone walked through theunlockable door, only made the flow of lubricant from her vagina morecopious than it would have been otherwise. Jeff’s entire hand, up to hiswrist was coated with the slippery fluid. After some minutes thrusting inand out of her cunt, pinching and caressing her nipples Jeff brought Hannahto her first orgasm with him. He stopped finger-fucking her as the palm ofhis hand was drenched in the secretions running out of her pussy. She tookhis hand and licked the pussy juices off. She smiled at him. “Tonight,”she said in a lust drenched whisper as Jeff opened the fire escape door, “Ipromise.” Jeff’s exploration of her vagina and tits left Hannah excited,flustered and horny beyond all measure. She went out to buy her lunchtimesandwich with trembling thighs and throbbing nipples. As she took out herpurse to pay for her sandwich she found a note from Jeff at the top of herhandbag. It was like a school essay, it was written by a 15 year old, butthe message was clear.’Hannah is my cunt’ was the title. Hannah looked quickly over hershoulder to make sure no one in the queue was looking at what she wasreading, then went back to reading. Her vagina began to flow like a riveras she read.’Hannah is my Cunt”She showed me her huge tits last night then let me watch her suckingher big nipples. Then she spread her legs wide and let me gaze at hernaked pussy while she masturbated and this morning I rammed my fingers inthat soaking wet pussy and fucked her with them. I’m going to fuck hertonight.’My slutty whore neighbour is going to leave her door unlocked and be onher recliner completely naked with her legs spread wide open waiting for mewhen I go to her house tonight, just like she was last night with those biglips parted so I can see the pink inside of her slutty pussy. Her pussywill be hot and wet, craving my big cock.’I’m going to fuck her and make her do nasty things. I can’t believewhat a dirty, horny cunt Hannah is.’Hannah was caught between the desire to destroy Jeff’s missive beforeanyone else could see it, and the desire to put it somewhere safe where shecould read it over and over while she fucked herself with her fingers. Hannah could not recall any of the work day after reading Jeff’s note. Sherealised that Jeff had planned to get his fingers into her cunt earlier andhad written the note and left it in her bag when she wasn’t looking. Thedirty side of her mind, and her vagina; no her pussy, her cunt, hadcompletely taken over and all she could think about was the young boy’shard cock pounding into her. Hannah was full-time back in dirty slut mode.Hannah stopped at a sex store on the way home. She bought a selectionof vibrators, including the latest rampant rabbit and some magazines withsexually explicit pictures. She didn’t know how familiar Jeff was with heranatomy and she wanted him to feel free to explore every cavity in herhorny body. She also knew, from previous experience, that it would be onlya matter of time before Jeff decided to share her body with his friends. She wanted to make sure that he knew that she had absolutely no limitswhere sex was concerned. She was trembling, knowing that she could notmaintain control of herself or keep herself out of trouble with the law. She knew that if she was caught having sex with an u******e boy (again)that she would be sent to prison, but she could not resist the urges thatwere taking over in her brain.Hannah drove home with her hand between her wide-spread naked thighsstroking her clitoris, so glad that she had ditched the knickers thatmorning, while she imagined what it was going to be like the first timeJeff brought one or two of his friends over to her house. She imagined theperfect humiliation and embarrassment of being forced by a boy to putherself on display for his friends and what he might make her do. Sheneeded the boy to put himself in control of her body totally. Just in casehe might not think of sharing her with his friends she had purchased acouple of DVD’s promising ‘hours of gang bang fun’ to give him the idea.Hannah left the magazines, DVD’s, and sex toys on the coffee table whereJeff would be sure to see them when he came over. She was so hot. She hadimages in her head of lots of boys sucking and fucking her and she couldn’tkeep her hands away from her naked pussy. She decided to relax and do somegardening.However, instead of dressing in her usual, quite revealing, gardeningclothes, she was just too horny, so she stripped naked and went out intoher garden in the nude. She knew that the man who lived next doorregularly watched her through the cracks in the fence when she was dressed.Today she was going to give him a very different vision to watch throughthe fence cracks. She got down on her hands and knees, with her pussy andarse just a couple of feet from one of the larger fence cracks, and beganto do some work with her garden tools. It only took a few minutes beforeshe heard a muted gasp that told her she was being watched.Hannah slowly lowered her shoulders until the nipples on her largebreasts were resting in the cool freshly tilled soil then spread her kneesand arched her back to give her neighbour the maximum view of herwidespread pussy and arse. Once she was in position she reached backbetween her legs and spread her pussy lips open for his enjoyment, thenfucked her fingers in and out of her pussy while she rubbed her clitoriswith her other hand. Soon her fingers were flying in and out of her pussyand the palm of her hand was slapping hard against her clitoris and herpubic mound. She completely lost control as the orgasm was rising insideher. The lewdness of her actions were driving her wild. Even after sheheard the grunts and moans that told her that the neighbour had cum, shecontinued to display her pussy as she slapped and fucked herself harderuntil she came herself.As her body recovered from the orgasm she stood up, turned around and,facing the fence and looking right at where the man she knew was watchingher, God how she loved being a perverted slut! She winked at her peepingtom neighbour then turned and went into the house. I have a lot of fuckingto do, she thought as she put one of her new DVD’s into the player.Hannah watched a DVD, It was exactly what she wanted. There was afootball team of young men, all about 18 and a lone blonde woman with bigtits. They were in the dressing room in the shower and she walked in notrealising they were there. As soon as they saw her one of the boys grabbedher and they all stripped her. Their big cocks were bouncing around asthey undressed her, then they put her on the examination couch in themiddle of the dressing room and fucked her. They all fucked her, theyfucked her cunt, they fucked her arse, they fucked her mouth. She wascovered in spunk. With her legs up over the arms of the chair, Hannahreclined the chair back until she was almost laying down and slowly andgently rubbed her finger up and down her wet pussy lips while she watchedman after man pumping their cum into the woman’s gaping pussy. After a fewminutes she closed her eyes and imagined that she was the woman beinggang-banged. She continued to rub her pussy and clitoris and imagined awhole school full of f******n and fifteen year old boys were lined upwaiting for their turn to fuck her with their sweet young-man cocks. Sheloved having her arse fucked my young teenage cock. Big enough to give hertight arse a good fucking without being, as were some men, large enough tocause pain.After cumming again Hannah looked at the clock. Oh, how could she wait?She was going to get fucked by a boy for the first time in a long time andshe was going to get fucked by a sweet young fifteen year old boy. Shethought about how nice it was going to be to touch his hard boy-cock forthe first time. How much it was going to excite her to help him put hishard cock into her pussy for the first time. She wondered how big it wouldbe and whether it would have any pubic hair around it. Oh, god, how shelonged to take his hard cock into her mouth for the first time. As sheneared another orgasm Hannah remembered how proud and excited it had madeher when Jeff had forced his hand between her legs and played with her wetpussy even after she told him not to, and how he had fucked her so hardwith his fingers that she had quickly cum. It was his confident, dominant,attitude that had excited her and made her pussy wet as much as it was hisfingers exploring her in the fire escape.She turned off the DVD and went into the bathroom to take a nice long,hot, bath. As she ran the water into her tub she mused about how much itwas going to simplify her life to give up all the silly little rules shehad imposed on herself in her futile effort to suppress the dirty slut thatwas her true self. She could masturbate while taking long baths again, shecould remain naked all the time, she could touch herself whenever andhowever she pleased, and she could have all the teenage boys she craved,only that right now she only craved one – Jeff. Hannah pinched and pulledon her nipples with both hands, and then did the same to her clitoris withone hand while she closed her eyes and imagined how wonderful it was goingto be with her new young lover.After another orgasm, it seemed as if she was trying to make up for allher missed orgasms in one evening, She washed her naked body then climbedout of the tub and rubbed body oil over her wet skin. As her hands movedover her body she wondered how she had ever convinced herself to give upsuch sensual pleasures. “Never again,” she promised herself out loud asshe looked into the mirror. As she laid back naked in the recliner, shewas feeling almost like a virgin waiting for her first lover to come andtake her.She loved to watch the expression on a young man’s face when his hardcock slipped for the first time into a warm, wet, eager pussy. She wouldalways, for the rest of his life be his first; the pussy he would neverforget no matter how many pussy’s he fucked after hers. She loved the waythe teenage boys used to play with her body like it was a new toy. She wasdesperate to get that experience again.Meanwhile at Jeff’s house Jeff wasn’t sure what to expect. He wasdressing to visit Hannah. He wondered how she would react after he hadfucked her with his fingers when she had told him he couldn’t do anythinguntil tonight. She had said that he could touch her. Would she havechanged her mind? He wondered if he could fuck her too. Jeff was still avirgin; he had managed to fumble around with a few girls his own age,getting a hand inside a bra a few times and once he managed to get his handinside a girl’s pants and between her thighs, but he had never got anyfurther, and didn’t really know how to fuck, although he had seen peoplefucking on a couple of R rated DVD’s that he found in his Dad’s wardrobe.He thought about the other night when she had shown him her tits and hercunt. His cock was getting hard just thinking about what she had alreadyshown him. He decided to skip the briefs and just pulled on his tightestblack trousers. They really showed off his larger than average cock,especially as he thought he would be rock hard just looking at her, nevermind getting to touch her. He knew he could not tell any of his friendsabout her. First of all no one would believe him and, second, if they didHannah would deny it.Hannah did not mean to, but she fell asleep in the chair and waspleasantly awakened by a hand on her pussy and a mouth sucking ravenouslyon her nipple. She looked up to see Jeff whose mouth was hardening hernipple. She reached over and unbuckled his belt then pushed his jeans downto his knees. When she cupped his cock and balls in her hand Hannah couldfeel his deep moan vibrating from his mouth through her nipple and into thecore of her breast. “Quick, get naked Jeff” she said. Jeff wasted no timein taking off his trainers, his jeans and his T-shirt, glad he had skippedthe undershorts. He big cock was already fully erect and bouncing up anddown as he stripped.”Fuck me Jeff, I’m ready for you” she begged in an urgent whisper, “fuckyour slutty neighbour’s dirty hot and wet pussy. Use her like a whore.”Jeff stood naked at the end of the chair. Hannah slipped her arse close tothe edge of the seat opening her pussy even wider in eager anticipation ofher first teenage fuck in years. She whimpered like a baby when, insteadof immediately beginning to fuck the offered pussy, Jeff knelt down betweenher thighs and examined her pussy with its big lips and her throbbingclitoris.”It’s yours Jeff,” Hannah promised as she moved her hips in slow fuckingmotions, “it may be between my legs but it’s your pussy to do anything youwant with. My arse is yours too, so is my mouth and my tits, they are allyours.” Hannah felt like she was babbling incoherently while she waiteddesperately for him to fuck her. “You can fuck me anytime you want, in anyway you want and with anything you want, You can bring your friends overand I’ll let them fuck me, if you tell me to”. Her passion was so high shewas losing control, “There is nothing that this slut won’t do for youJeff”. Having finished his examination, Jeff stood up. He leant over herwidespread thighs and positioned his hard cock ready to enter her soakingwet pussy. Hannah grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down her soakingwet slit.”Yes, Oh god, yes,” Hannah hissed as Jeff leant forward more and hisrigid cock slipped into her. How could I have ever gone without this, shewondered as she thrust herself onto the boys hard cock with wild abandon.”Just promise you’ll fuck me a lot,” she begged as she wrapped her legsaround the boy and pulled him closer forcing his hard cock deeper into herpussy. “Please Jeff, let me be your slut. Just think, your very own slutwith a pussy that will do anything and everything you want it to. Wouldn’tthat be good? Let it be me Jeff”. It was easy to guess that Jeff hadjerked off several times between the end of school and his entrance intoher house (and pussy). He fucked her for forty five minutes withoutstopping. While he had no idea what a clitoris was, their positionsallowed his firm young body to press against her clitoris every time hefucked his hard cock into her. Hannah moaned and groaned her way throughseveral orgasms, each one more intense than the one before. Each time sheadmonished him to ‘fuck his slutty whore neighbour harder’ while shetwisted and tugged on her nipples like she was trying to pull them from herbody. After forty five minutes Jeff pulled his still hard cock from herwet, overflowing pussy and sat down on the couch. Since his cock remainedhard, Hannah knew it was just a rest break and not the end of the night’sfucking.”Would you like a Coke?””Yeah, that’d be great.” Jeff picked up one of the bondage magazines andbegan to flip through it looking at the pictures while he waited for her tobring him the coke. “I like it in the can,” he called after the nakedwoman as he watched her shapely arse and huge tits swaying as she walkedinto her kitchen.””OK.” It was interesting to her in a disconnected analytical way, howquickly she fell into the role of serving all of her young lover’s needs,not just his sexual desires. She knew, from experience that once she wasin this mode she would even do his laundry for him if he brought it over.She walked back into the living room, carrying two cans of Coke, and herthighs still trembling unsteadily. She saw him admiring her large tits andher pussy, with her puffy lips showing between her legs as she walked. Shehanded him a can and put one down on the coffee table for herself. Sheknelt between his knees and lovingly kissed his cock, then licked it beforetaking it in her mouth and sucking it. She sucked it slowly, savouring thetaste of her own cunt on it, marvelling at the size and hardness of it. She pushed forward until his cock was in her throat. She loved it, but shewanted his spunk inside her this time so she lifted her mouth off hiswonderful cock and stood. She sat down next to her naked young lover andglanced at what had been holding Jeff’s attention while she was fetchingthe drinks. He was closely examining a series of pictures showing a nakedwoman who was wearing only a dog collar and was being walked on her handsand knees with a leash; the man walking her had a large dog on anotherleash; the next picture showed they were clearly in the middle of whatappeared to be a public park, with the dog sniffing around the arse of thekneeling naked woman; the next picture showed the dog obviously fucking thewoman with the man standing watching.”Would you like to see me do that?” Hannah said “If I was your very ownslut and you told me to I would be that woman for you”. Hannah’s voicetrembled with a combination of anticipation and fear. The idea of beingfucked like a dog in heat in a public park excited her immensely and sent agush of lubricant flowing onto the cushion of her couch. The possibilitythat her young lover would really make her do it terrified and excited her.The fear did not subtract, but added to the flow of lubricant from herpussy.”Definitely! Someday, I would love to see you kneeling on the grasswhile my dog fucked you like that”. Hannah was both excited and reticentat the thought that her young stud wanted to flaunt her body and humiliateher in a public place. Considering that just fucking was new and excitingto Jeff, Hannah guessed it might be some time before he startedexperimenting with the more bizarre sexual antics that she craved.”Would you like to see a video of a dog fucking a horny slut’?” sheasked. Like most teenage boys she knew he would be a fast learner and thatit would not take him long to discover that she would perform any act ofsexual gratification that he wanted, including being fucked and humiliatedin public. If he told her to open her legs wide on a crowded bus while shehad no knickers on, she would do so without hesitation. She knew she wouldfuck his dog if he told her to. She was a horny pussy that needed, nowanted, to be told what to do by her young lovers.”Yes I do want to see that, I hadn’t realised that dogs fucked women”Hannah looked at him, loving his naivety. Jeff looked up from the staticstill pictures, answering his naked neighbour’s question with simple,boyish, excitement and enthusiasm. Hannah picked up the remote control andstarted the DVD playing. Jeff watched, enthralled, as he saw a naked womanwalking around, then standing with her legs apart as a dog walked into theroom and started to lick her pussy. She leant back against a table andspread her thighs. Jeff could see her hairless pussy being split andlicked by the big hound as the woman caressed her own tits and squeezed hernipples. This went on for a few minutes as the woman had a noisy orgasmfrom the dog’s stimulating tongue. Then she dropped to her knees andlowered her shoulders to the ground. The camera angle changed and Jeffcould see her puffy pouting pussy lips. Then she slipped her hand betweenher legs and used a finger to open them, opening them wide, showing thepink wetness inside. The next image showed the dog’s huge pink cock as itslid into the soaking pussy. There followed several minutes of the dogfucking harder and harder into the woman’s pussy as she moaned and groanedon the floor. The dog stopped thrusting as his doggy spunk filled thewoman’s pussy. Meanwhile, in the house Hannah pushed the table away fromthe couch then, slipping onto her knees, lowered her head into Jeff’s lapand sucked his hard boy cock into her mouth. She was rewarded with a deepmoan as she swirled her tongue over Jeff’s big rigid cock. Hannah lovedthe taste of her own pussy on a hard cock.Hannah grabbed the remote and switched off the doggy porn. She pulledJeff from the sofa and positioned herself on her hands and knees in frontof him.”Fuck me Jeff” she demanded. “Fuck your slut hard”.Jeff got onto his knees and shuffled up behind her, marvelling at thewetness around her pussy and the size of her vagina’s lips. She had herhand under her waiting to feed his cock into her hungry pussy. As she feltit slide in she almost came. It was exquisite. She grasped his cock hardas he began to slide it in and out of her.”Harder Jeff, harder” she moaned.Jeff complied. He held her flared hips and used them as levers to ramhis young cock into the soaking wet hot pussy in front of him.Hannah could feel his hairy young balls bouncing against her engorgedclitoris as he pumped his cock into her willing pussy. She felt her orgasmrising as his big hard cock plumbed the depths of her pussy. She squeezedhis cock as hard as she could to make him pump his spunk into her as shecame. He did. She began thrashing around as her climax hit, then began tofeel his spunk spurting inside her as she felt his cock pulsating againstthe walls of her pussy.She collapsed on to the floor, her young lover collapsing on top of her.She could feel his hot breath on her neck and his softening cock in herpussy. She rolled him off her and turned over, rising up on one elbow shebegan to kiss and lick his lips as he played with her nipples.”You must need to get home” she said, glancing at the clock and seeingit was getting late.”What happens to the spunk in your pussy?” he asked.”What do you want to happen to it?” she replied. “Would you like to seeme eat it out of my pussy?”.”Yes please! That sounds interesting” her young lover responded.Then he watched her get up from the floor and crouch down, bending herknees so her arse was inches from the carpet. He could see her pussy lipsnearly touching the floor. They were spread wide apart and he could seethe pink insides of her lips and the whiteness of his spunk as it startedto leak out of her.She put her hand under her pussy and pushed two fingers inside her. Shescooped out his come and licked it off her fingers. Jeff was enthralledwatching the slutty act as his neighbour’s fingers kept diving into herpussy and pulling out more and more of his thick spunk until she couldn’treach any more.”I can’t reach the rest” she said “your cock dumped it deep inside me soit won’t come out until I walk around, then it will drip into my knickers”.Jeff’s mind was absorbing this thinking about his spunk inside her sluttypussy he quickly came to a horny conclusion.”If you are going to be my slut I don’t want you to wear knickers anymore, ever” he commanded. “And only wear a bra when you go to work. Infact, when you are at home you must be naked all the time in case I cancome round and fuck you!” Hannah smiled and nodded her agreement, pleasedthat he had said she was going to be his slut.They stood and embraced. He massaged her big tits and squeezed her hardnipples before sliding his hands down her flat tummy to cup her naked hairypussy.”I think sluts should be shaved too don’t you?” he said, not waiting foran answer. “And as you are going to be my slut from now on, to do what Iwant with, I want you to shave your pussy every day, you will do that forme won’t you Hannah”.”Of course I will lover, why don’t we do it together right now? Itwon’t take long” Hannah replied. Hannah took his hand and took him intoher bathroom. She ran the water until it was hot and filled the basin. She stepped into the shower to retrieve the razor she used for her armpitsand dropped it into the water. She took a pair of scissors out of thecupboard under the sink and gave them to Jeff. “We’ll need to get rid ofmost of the hair first or it will block up the razor and burn my skin. Doyou want to do that for me?” she said. Jeff nodded and took the scissors.Hannah took a towel and laid it on the bathroom floor. She sat on it andleant back on her elbows to watch Jeff cut her hair. Jeff cut Hannah’spubic hair as short as he could and then put the scissors down. “Would youlike to do the shaving Jeff. Remember it as the first time you shaved yourslut’s cunt?” Jeff smiled. “Yes, I definitely want to do that. You tellme how you would do it and I’ll do the shaving”.Hannah told Jeff to soak her pubic hair using the flannel in the basinand hot water. When he had done that she told him to squeeze some shavinggel from the dispenser onto his hand and rub it all over her hairs. Hannahwanted him to dwell on her throbbing clitoris as he spread the gel but Jeffcarried on until her pubic mound was white with gel. “OK, get the razorand we’ll start” Hannah said. Jeff got the razor out of the hot water andheld it ready to shave. “OK, to stop it burning you have to shave in thedirection that the hair is growing” Hannah explained “so start on the rightside of my pubes and shave to the middle. Try to not let the razor getblocked by hair so rinse it frequently”. Jeff started to shave his slutspubic hair, working from the outside to the middle and rinsing every timeas there was so much hair. Soon Jeff had got down to Hannah’s pubic bone.”OK Jeff, here is where you are on your own. Keep shaving from my leg intowards my lips and be very careful!” she joked. Now Hannah laid back andpulled her legs up and opened them wide so that Jeff could shave betweenher legs and her cunt lips. He was very careful and very thorough, he hadalso grown an enormous erection from the erotic act of shaving her. Shewas in ecstasy when he grabbed her lips between his fingers and stretchedthem away from her body so he could shave right up to them. How did heknow to do that? She thought to herself. When he finished between herlegs he lathered up the whole lot again and shaved her a second time, evenshaving off the tiny hairs down near her anus. Jeff let out the soapywater and refilled the basin with clean hot water and used the flannel toclean the left over gel from Hannah’s cunt.Hannah stood. She patted herself with a fluffy towel before inspectingJeff’s efforts. She felt around her cunt and her lips and rubbed her handall over her mound. It was perfectly smooth. “Jeff, what a fantastic jobyou’ve done here” she said. “I don’t know why I’ve never done that before,it feels and looks fantastic. Look how big my labia lips look!” Jeffsmiled and agreed telling her lips were indeed huge and looked even biggerwithout the forest of hair around them and that with a permanently shavedand naked cunt she really would remember that she was his slut. Hannahlooked down and saw Jeff’s huge erection. “I can’t let you go home likethat can I?” she laughed. She knelt down and took his cock in her mouth.Jeff stood there holding her hair loosely loving the feeling of his cockgoing down her throat. “OK, enough” he said. Hannah looked up somewhatdistressed. “Turn around and stick your lovely arse up in the air and openyour legs wide” he said. Hannah took her mouth of his cock in an instantto do his bidding. She dropped her shoulders to the floor of the bathroomso her bottom was really high, her throbbing cunt sticking out between herparted thighs. Jeff rammed his cock into it to the hilt and in one go. Hannah gasped. It felt so good. Jeff held Hannah by her flared hips andfucked her as hard and as fast as he could, ramming into her with all hisstrength. Hannah had never been fucked so hard. There was a newsensitivity around her shaved cunt and she could feel Jeff’s balls bangingagainst her clitoris as he fucked into her. After a few minutes she feltthe orgasm rising in her clitoris. When it came it was a big one and shecalled out as she came. She was closing her legs to stop Jeff’s balls fromtouching her now sensitive clitoris. Jeff smacked her arse and told her tokeep her legs wide apart. Hannah did so, even though it was difficult toignore the natural reaction to close them. Soon the tenderness of herclitoris was forgotten as the big cock slamming into her was bringing herto orgasm deep in her cunt. Jeff could feel her cunt tightening andguessed she was starting to cum. He continued fucking her hard as he knewthat he was close too. Jeff came first in the end. Hannah felt his cockpulsing as it filled with spunk before bursting out the end and floodingher vagina walls. Hannah came that second, she screamed again and squeezedher vagina muscles, gripping Jeff’s hard cock to make him keep it deepinside her. When the moment had passed Jeff slowly withdrew his softeningcock. Hannah scooted round and took it into her mouth to lovingly clean itwith her tongue. The both stood up and smiled at each other. “I’ll haveto shave you again!” said Jeff “That was fabulous”. Hannah agreed. “Hannah, you started to close your legs just then. This is a new rule. You are never to close your legs, ever. They must always be at least 12″apart at the knee, further if I specifically tell you. Do you understand?”Hannah nodded. Jeff looked down. Hannah’s eyes followed his gaze andrealised he was looking at her knees that together. She quickly adjustedherself so that her knees were 12″ apart. It felt strange, but she knewshe would do it for Jeff. She would do anything for her lover, anything.She felt Jeff’s spunk starting to run down her thigh. She willed herselfto ignore it.Jeff said that he really must go or would be in trouble. She walked himto the door.”Wave until you can’t see me any more” he said “and don’t hide behindthe door”.Hannah smiled at him and stood at the wide open door, the sticky cumwetness around her pussy cooling in the breeze which was making her nippleshard again. `I wonder who’s watching this little display’ she thought, butkept her promise and stood naked at the door until, after a last turn andwave, he had disappeared from sight.She walked back into the lounge, still naked to switch off the lights.If she had been paying more attention she would have noticed her nosyneighbour’s head sticking over the fence top, having watched the dirtiestshow of his life.After Jeff left Hannah walked around the house naked. There was so muchspunk on her thighs that she had to keep stopping to run her finger up herthigh to her big lips, collect a finger full of spunk and lick it. Sheloved the taste of Jeff’s spunk. Her pussy was still throbbing from theserious fucking that Jeff had given her this evening. The newly shavedskin was ultra sensitive too. She couldn’t keep her hands off her cuntlips. She went straight to bed and laid there gently stroking her pussy,just thinking about their horny session before he had to go home to hisparents. After just a few minutes Hannah fell asleep.The next morning Hannah awoke late. She cursed that she had forgottento set the alarm clock and rushed to the shower, lathered and scrubbed herbody making sure the smell of sex had gone from her pussy. She dressedquickly in a see through bra and a light blue thong and a shortbutton-through blue dress. There was no time for breakfast and she rushedout of the door, got into her car and drove to the office.She made an appearance at her desk and returned a few calls then slippedout to the café on the corner to get a sandwich and a cup of tea. She wasstanding in the queue to order her breakfast when she felt a hand slide upher dress, lifting the hem up and cupping her arse. She jumped and turnedaround to see Jeff grinning behind her. She turned around properly andkissed him. He still held the dress up and now his hand cupped her cunt.She felt him touch the thong and instantly remembered that he had commandedthat she was never to wear knickers. Why didn’t I hide them she thought toherself. She started to explain.”Jeff, I’m sorry, I completely forgot I wasn’t meant to wear knickers. Igot up late and was on autopilot. I won’t forget again”.”No, you won’t” said Jeff. “I’ll make sure you remember. Take themoff””What, here? Now?” the shocked woman said, looking around at the peoplesitting eating their breakfasts. Wondering if anyone had noticed the womanstanding with her back to the queue and a boy’s hand up her dress,apparently holding her pussy.”Yes. Here and now, abso-fucking-lutely immediately” Jeff commanded. He stepped back to watch as she lifted the skirt of her dress and hookedher fingers into the waistband of her knickers. She pulled them down overher hips and let them drop onto her shoes.”Bend over and pick them up” she was told “bend from the waist”. Shedid so knowing that anyone in the vicinity of her behind was now getting anunobstructed view of her shaved cunt lips. She made herself ignore it anddid as he instructed. After picking them up she handed them to him.”Now undo all the buttons on your dress below your belly button” he toldher. She quickly did as he asked and could instantly feel the cooler airthat was being allowed into her pussy area. She desperately wanted to lookdown to see if her pussy was fully visible. She resisted the temptation,knowing it would anger him.”Good, now turn around and get your breakfast, and bring me a teaplease” and Jeff walked away, leaving her standing there not knowing howmuch of her womanly charms was on show to the diners. Knowing there wasnothing she could do about it anyway she continued in the queue until itwas her turn to order. She made the order, and took the two teas to thetable where Jeff had sat. The server would bring the sandwich later.She sat down next to Jeff. As she did her dress just fell off her legsand hung down the side of the chair. She didn’t need to look she knew thather pussy was on show. Jeff had placed her knickers on the table making itobvious to anyone that looked that it was a skimpy thong sitting there.”Pull the dress out from underneath your arse” was the next command fromher lover boy. She did so and the front gaped even more. She noticed Jefflooking down at her displayed pussy. “Have your forgotten already that Itold you that you must have your knees apart 12″ at all times?” Hannahstarted to apologise as she spread her thighs.”OK, now open your legs so they touch the table legs” he said, stilllooking, waiting to see her gaping pussy. She could feel her huge wet lipssticking to her thighs with the flowing juices that were running out of herpussy as she was being dominated by her young man.”That’s good” said Jeff, “I can see the pink insides of your cunt”. Shecould feel herself blushing as his words confirmed her fear. Jeff waslooking around the café, she wondered whether he was seeing who was lookingat the slut sitting at the table with her legs wide open showing her hornypussy. He was. He could see a big black guy sitting diagonally acrossfrom them. He must have a superb view of Hannah’s pussy Jeff thought. Making sure the guy couldn’t see that he was watching him Jeff leant acrossand slipped his hand down to play with Hannah’s pussy. He could see theguy stiffen slightly and knew that he was mesmerised by the vision ofJeff’s slut’s pussy.Then Hannah’s sandwich arrived, delivered by a young man. He stood atthe side of her to put the plate down and looked down at her exposed pussystill with Jeff’s hand playing with her lips and squeezing her clitoris. The young man went red as he struggled to tear his eyes away from herpussy. He managed to turn away and walked back to the counter. Jeff wasamused to see him talking to the manager and gesticulating towards Hannah.Jeff withdrew his hand and sat drinking his tea as Hannah ate her sandwichunaware of the fuss at the till.Jeff could see the manager walking around the café, apparently cleaningtables. Each table was cleaned from the direction that gave him the bestview of Hannah’s pussy. He must have cleared nearly every table in thecafé himself Jeff thought. I wonder how often he does that!”You begged me to let you be my slut Hannah. When I tell you that youare not to wear knickers ever again, I don’t expect my slut to disobey methe very next day” said the angry boy.”I’m sorry” Hannah started to apologise again.”Be quiet!” hissed Jeff, “I’m talking. This is going to be yourpunishment. You see that black guy sitting across the room?” She nodded.”He has taken quite a shine to your cunt, so you are going to share itwith him””No, please Jeff, don’t make me do that, I only want to fuck you” shesaid.”It is my cunt isn’t it?” Jeff asked. She nodded again.”Now go over to him. Do not touch the dress. I don’t want to see youpulling it together, I want everyone, especially him, to see your sluttyshaved cunt. When you get to him I want you to bend over from the waist soI can see your arse, make sure that your legs are open so I can see yourslutty cunt lips hanging down, then you are to whisper to him that yourcunt is so hot you need to be fucked immediately and that you will wait forhim in the toilets. Do you understand?” She nodded again.”When you get to the toilet you will find an empty cubicle, take off thedress and your bra and hang them on the hook behind the door. Then you areto stand in the open doorway until he walks in. You will drop to yourknees, pull down his zipper and suck his cock. When his cock is hard youwill ask him whether he wants you to continue to suck him or whether hewants to fuck your hot cunt. Understand?” She nodded meekly again.”Go now” he said “and when you come back I want the dress buttoned thesame way, and no bra. You either carry it or you give it to him if hewants it, in fact ask him if he wants it”.Pleased with his success at commanding Hannah to obey his will hewatched as she walked straight towards the black man, she bent over asdirected and he could see her arse as the dress lifted at the back. As shewhispered to him he could make out her puffy pussy lips between her thighs.He saw her slowly open her legs as he had told her and he could definitelysee her pussy lips hanging down.Having finished the whispered offer he saw Hannah make straight for thetoilet. A minute after the black man stood and followed.Hannah was waiting in the open cubicle, stark naked. Her pussy wasthrobbing with the knowledge of what she was about to do in public becauseher lover boy told her to.The black man walked up to her smiling. She dropped to her knees andgrabbed for his zip. She lowered the zip and fished inside his trousersfor his cock, grabbing it and pulling it out. She found it was true whatthey say about black cocks. It seemed huge and it wasn’t even hard yet. She bent forward and began to lick his cock and swirl her tongue around it,feeling it harden she began to suck it into her mouth. His hands were onher shoulders, then on her tits, squeezing her nipples as she sucked andlicked his cock. When it was fully hard it was about 9″ long and shecouldn’t close her hand around it because it was so thick. She took hiscock out of her mouth and gave him the instructed offer of fucking hermouth or her cunt. Predictably he chose her cunt.Without a word she stood and turned around. She bent over and grippedthe edge of the toilet and spread her legs wide giving him a perfect viewof her dripping pussy.He didn’t waste any time looking. He felt around her lips with hisfingers a little then she felt the tip of his cock as he brought it to herhole. She gasped a little as he began to feed the monster into her. Shewas so glad that she had been so aroused by Jeff’s words and her pussy wasso lubricated. Once the monster cock was fully inside her cunt the blackman proceeded to fuck her hard. She could feel his balls bouncing againsther clitoris as he pounded into her. She gripped his cock hard trying tomake him cum as quickly as possible as he hadn’t closed the cubicle doorand anyone that came in would see the naked white slut being fucked hard bythe big black man.It was the manager that came in. He must have worked out what was goingon. He walked into the toilet and stood watching Hannah get rammed by thatmonster cock. She could see him under her shoulder. She had been watchingthe black guy’s huge ball sac hitting her pussy as he rammed his huge cockinto her. She saw him take his cock out and stroke it. He said somethingto the black man, who nodded his head vigorously. The manager pushed pastthem both, pulled down his trousers and pants and sat on the toilet seatwith his large cock pointing up at her.”Suck it, cunt” said the black man. Hannah didn’t know what to do. Jeff hadn’t prepared her for this. But the manager grabbed hold of bothnipples and squeezed until her mouth opened to protest then the black manjust pushed her head down until the big white cock was lodged in her mouth.She began to lick and suck the cock. The feelings in her pussy were takingover and she knew that the lewdness of what was happening to her washeightening her pleasure. She could feel an orgasm beginning to blossom inher tortured clitoris that was being rammed by the big swinging black ballsin their sac. Suddenly it was all too much and her orgasm began in herclitoris. That made her squeeze her cunt muscles harder and harder as theclimax grew. Her squeezing was too much for the black cock and started tospurt its spunk inside her.The climax had her moaning on the cock in her mouth which set themanager off. He began to spray the inside of her mouth with his goo. Asthe climax began to pass she felt the big cock slide out of her gapingcunt. This was quickly followed by gallons of spunk. She stood up andpushed her hand down between her legs to stem the flow of spunk.”That’s a lot of my valuable spunk, you’d better eat it” said the blackman. He stood and watched as she scooped the mess off her thighs andlicked it off her fingers.He was about to leave when she remember the bra and asked him if hewould like to keep it, because she wasn’t allowed to put it back on. Toher relief he said no, but then to her horror the manager of the caféreached past her head and lifted the bra off the hook and told her he wouldkeep it as a memento.She waited in the cubicle until the two men had left the toilet. Thenshe buttoned the dress as she had been instructed and walked out. The walkto the table was so humiliating. She imagined every eye in the caféwatching her naked cunt walk across the room and that every nose couldsmell the stench of sex and spunk from her slutty body.She sat down next to Jeff. “Open your legs” said Jeff smiling at her.She did as she was told and he leaned over to look at her pussy. He couldstill see the spunk on her wet thighs and the little globules of spunk thatshe had missed that were sitting on the inside of her pink pussy lips.”Did you get well fucked?” Jeff asked. “And what about that managerguy? I saw him go in later and when he came out he had your bra hangingfrom his hand”Hannah told him what had happened in detail. He was smiling the wholetime. When she had finished her tale he beckoned for her to lean over andkissed her gently on the lips.”You won’t forget your promise again, will you?” he joked. “You’ve mademy cock hard with your slutty story we’ll have to go somewhere where youcan relieve my discomfort”. Hannah was afraid he meant back to thetoilets.”Do your dress up” he said. “Leave the bottom six buttons undone”. Shedid and saw that while it left her pussy dangerously near exposure, she wasactually covered, at least while sitting.They left the café together, ignoring the smirk of the café manager, andwent towards her office. She looked down at her dress and imagined shecaught a glimpse of pussy as she walked. Ignoring it she held Jeff’s handand walked by his side. He took her around the side of a building to wherethe dustbins were kept. He took his cock out of his pants and showed herhow hard he was.”Suck me” he ordered. She went to get on her knees. “No, crouch withyour knees open so I can see your cunt” he told her.She crouched down and began to suck his big cock, swirling her tonguearound his glans, enjoying his taste in her mouth. She was bobbing forwardand backwards on his cock. Her legs were complaining about theunaccustomed position and she wanted to make him cum quickly.”Now fuck yourself with two fingers” he commanded “I want to hear thepalm of your hand slapping your clitoris”.She began to fuck herself, trying to concentrate on sucking his largecock and trying to ignore the complaining muscles in her legs. After sometime fucking herself she really wanted to stop before she came, in case itmade her stop sucking his cock.”Harder” had he read her mind? She renewed her efforts and knew she wasgoing to cum in a few seconds. She sucked hard and forced his cock downher throat, hoping to get his cum in her throat before she came herself. The two events occurred at the same time. She felt his balls harden andhis cock quiver as his spunk rose out of his balls, filling his cock untilit burst out of the end, spraying the whole of the inside of her mouth. Ittasted fantastic and the lustful thoughts of her actions on his cock wereenough to push her over the edge into another orgasm as she continued toslap and fuck her horny wet pussy.She stood, glad to be out of that painful position, and opened her mouthto show him her prize. He smiled at her and told her to swallow it.They walked back to her office. He told her that he would be at herhouse later and not to forget his new rules. She promised him that shewould never forget any of his rules ever again and said she would be nakedand ready for him whenever he turned up at her house. He told her to keepher cunt warm and asked her if she knew how. She said she knew exactly howto keep it warm and would make sure she always did.She had been gone only 40 minutes but in that time she had been fuckedhard by a big black cock and had sucked off two big white cocks she hadeaten three loads of spunk and had two orgasms herself. She smiled andlicked her lips as she walked to the lift. She loved being a slut.Hannah arrived home about 5:30 and immediately stripped naked asinstructed by her lover, Jeff her 15 year old neighbour. Hannah had beggedJeff to let her be his slut. Jeff was still learning what the slutty,dirty 44 year old woman was capable of, but he was learning fast.Stripping naked didn’t take long when you only have a dress on and lessthan half the buttons are done up! After showering quickly to wash off theresidue of spunk from her fucking earlier that day Hannah busied herselfmaking something to eat. She sat down to eat and was reading one of thepornographic magazines she had bought to encourage Jeff’s mind to use hisslut in new ways. As she ate and read she had one hand below the tablepulling her pussy lips and squeezing her clitoris in its hood. She hadremembered to keep her legs open wide and this had the effect of making herconstantly aware of her cunt and its nakedness, being hairless andknickerless, she found she was always playing with her cunt lips. Ofcourse this helped to make sure that she kept her pussy hot and ready asshe had been told to. The new unfamiliar feeling of her shaved cunt wasalso a constant reminder of what she was; Jeff’s slut. She could alreadyfeel herself getting wet and horny. After her dinner she cleared theplates away and moved into the lounge and sat on her reclining chair,throwing her legs over the chair arms so her pussy was lewdly spread openfacing the patio doors into the garden.Hannah was getting impatient wondering when Jeff would come to her houseto use her body. She turned on the porno DVD of the woman being fucked bythe dog again and picked up her vibrator. She started the vibrator on lowand just rubbed it around her outer lips, being careful not to touch herclitoris because she knew she would come in seconds. The film was so hornyeven the slight attention she was giving to her pussy was bringing herseriously near another orgasm. She closed her eyes to block out the visionof the rampant dog fucking on the TV but it was too late. Without reallythinking she just brushed the vibrator over her clitoris and that was it.She felt her climax rising and she pushed her pussy out, she turned thevibrator on to high and clasped it directly on to her aroused clitoris. Eyes shut tight she was soon screaming and thrusting her pussy as waveafter wave of orgasm flowed through her body. She didn’t notice herneighbour looking over his fence watching the slutty show in her lounge.She made herself get up and walk around the house. She didn’t knowwhere Jeff would like to find her when he arrived. She decided to go toher bedroom. It was now nearly 7:00 and she expected Jeff to arrive fairlysoon, as soon as he had finished his homework. She crawled onto her bed onher hands and knees, making sure her knees were parted enough, anddisplaying her throbbing pussy to the doorway and whoever walked in. Sheput one hand through her legs and gently pulled and caressed her pussy lipsinto a wide-open position then with her eyes closed she dreamt of Jeff’sstiff cock.Jeff arrived soon after and walked in to be greeted by the delicioussight of a huge pair of pussy lips, wide open and pink just waiting forhim. He smiled and walked over and touched the pink flesh inside her cunt,startling Hannah who had been about to doze off. She began to turn aroundto greet him.”No, stay there” Jeff said “I want to explore your cunt”. His use ofthe word shocked her but she still found it so horny when he did. Heexplored, he examined every millimetre of her cunt inside and out beforemoving on to the hard bud of her clitoris then back to her arse where heprodded and poked everywhere he wanted to while Hannah just knelt thereluxuriating in the attentions of the teenage boy. She knew it was wickedfor a 44 year old woman to take the virginity of a 15 year old boy, but theslut in her had taken over and she was no longer in control of herself. Her body craved and demanded sex and her mind craved the depravity of beinga willing slut under the control of the young sexually naïve boy.He moved around to the side and began to play with her tits and squeezeher nipples gently and he could hear her breathing getting ragged and knewshe was highly aroused. He left her there panting and stood and strippedoff his clothes. His big cock bounced around as he pulled his pants down.Then he stood by the bed near her face and told her to lick his big cocklike an ice cream. She made to move but he made her stay on her knees andwouldn’t even let her touch his cock with anything but her tongue.She loved licking his cock. She could feel the secreting wetness in herpussy. The juices beginning to run down her splayed thighs as she lickedhim. He pulled her up so she was sitting on the side of the bed and toldher to open her mouth. She willingly did so and he slid his cock onto hertongue which she swirled around his cock-head. He began to fuck her mouthlike it was her pussy. She desperately wanted to suck it but he wouldn’tallow it. He made her keep her mouth open wide so that only cock-headtouched her as he forced his cock into her gaping mouth and down herthroat. She gagged a little but soon got used to the sensation and began toswallow his cock as it arrived at the back of her throat, rather than justlet it push down. This worked well and soon she could feel his ballshitting her chin as he slid his long cock deep into her throat.The feeling was exquisite and Jeff delayed the inevitable as long as hecould, but nature took its course and soon he was pumping his spunkstraight into her belly. She didn’t taste any of it he was so far down herthroat. When he had stopped spurting he pulled his cock out and she jumpedup and cuddled him and kissed him all over his face.”That was fantastic Jeff, thank you” she said adoringly. She kissed andcuddled him and kept on playing with his cock. Amazingly in five minutesit was hard again. The power of youth she thought.Then he turned her around so her back was to him and pushed her onto thebed once again onto her hands and knees. He pulled her to the edge of thebed so her pussy was at exactly the right height and he just rammed hishard cock into her cunt. She gasped as she felt him bottom-out on hercunt. She could feel the end of his long cock against her cervix. She feltso full it was heaven. Then he started pumping. Virtually taking his cockout of her cunt until just the tip was still in, then ramming it back in tothe very end, his balls slapping on her hot clitoris. Having just cum inher mouth he had such stamina that he kept fucking her like that for a good20 minutes. Hannah was in heaven. She could feel the beginning of anorgasm and she just let it happen. She wanted to know whether her orgasmwould make him cum too.It was only about an hour since her vibrator induced orgasm in thelounge, but when her climax arrived it was tremendous. Her pussy wasabsolutely soaking wet with her juices and she could feel her pussytightening around his cock as the climax grew and grew until it finished ina mighty orgasm that had her panting and sweating on the bed.He pulled his still-hard cock out of her spent cunt and she collapsedonto the bed. He went to sit beside her and started playing with her titsand nipples.Jeff asked Hannah where she kept the scissors that he had used to cuther pubic hair off last night. Hannah told him and laid on the bedwatching as he went into the bathroom and fetched them. Jeff went straightto the top drawer of her dresser and opened it. It was her knicker draweras he had rightly guessed. Hannah laid there with her cunt throbbing asJeff took out every pair of knickers she had and cut every one through thecrotch, rendering them completely useless as anything but dusters. “There,no more having to remember not to wear knickers” he said smiling, beforedumping the whole lot of them in the waste bin near the door.Jeff came back to the bed where Hannah was laying and stood next to it.Hannah lifted her hand up and gripped his shaft, wondering at its rigidity.Jeff sat on the bed and she crawled towards him and put her head in his lapand began to lick his drying cock. She licked it until all her cunt juiceswere licked off, then having recovered some energy she laid on her back andpulled him onto her body so his cock was resting between her big tits. Hiscock was covered in her saliva so was quite wet and she brought her handsup the side of her tits and enveloped his cock between them. He sooncaught on and started to move backwards and forwards, fucking her tits.He loved watching his cock appearing from the top of her tits near hermouth and was getting quite turned on. Soon the novelty of the tit-fuckand the pressure from her hand-held tits began to tell and he could feelhis spunk rising from his balls to fill his cock. She could feel it too inher tits but she kept them firmly wrapped around his cock, wondering whathe would do. Would he just cum all over her face she wondered. Shequickly found out.”Open your mouth and put out your tongue” he said. She did so. He washumping her tits now and she knew he was close. Then he stopped pumpingand just jerked his cock forward to the top of her tits so his cock wasresting on her tongue and he began to shoot his spunk onto her tongue. Thespurts were so strong his spunk was hitting her tongue right at the back ofher mouth, until he was almost done when it was just dribbling out of hiscock onto the tip of her sensitive tongue. It was so sexy she nearly cameagain just lying there with his throbbing cock delivering its payload intoher gaping mouth.She kept her mouth open until he had stopped spunking and he could seehis mess lying in her wide open mouth. He grinned at her and told her shewas allowed to swallow it. She licked her lips and gave him an impishsmile before she swallowed the lot. Then he collapsed on the bed next toher and told her to clean his cock because he would have to go homeshortly.Eagerly she cleaned his cock with her mouth, sucking it until it washard again, hoping he would fuck her again before he left.He was lying on his back and his cock was pointing in the air. She justlifted herself up and sat on it, feeling it spearing deep inside her hornypussy. She started to rock backwards and forwards on the pole, feeling itrubbing nicely on her clitoris as she rocked forward, but Jeff had otherideas.”Get up on your feet and crouch over me” he instructed “and bounce upand down so I can touch your big tits and feel your cunt slapping againstme. She lowered her hands so they were on the bed next to his head thengradually pulled her body up to crouching position, just as she had earlierwhen he had made her suck him off behind the office building. This timethough her pussy was full of cock and she had complete control of itramming in and out of her cunt. He had not long delivered his load ofspunk into her mouth so by the time her thighs were screaming for releasehe was still wanting to continue fucking. She pleaded with him to let herchange positions.”Don’t you want my spunk in your slutty cunt then?” he asked.”Of course I do, it is just that this position causes me absolute pain”she responded.”OK” he said “get back on your knees”, which she did willingly andquickly. Surprisingly he slid off the bed and walked into the lounge. Hecame back with her vibrator. He handed it to her. She looked at himpuzzled.”What do you want me to do with it Jeff?” she asked.”I want you to stick it in that hot cunt until the rabbit ears arerubbing against your clitoris, then I want you to turn on the vibrator andthe rotator”. Her pussy was so wet that the toy slipped in her cunt easilyand she turned it on and could feel the movement in her cunt and hear thegentle humming of the motor. The 2 way stimulation was something shehadn’t tried before and it was pushing all the buttons in her needy cunt.”What do you want me to do now?” she asked.”Whatever I tell you” was his light-hearted reply as he crawled upbehind her and pushed his wet, hard cock against her crinkly anus. Shemade herself relax. She had known he would want to do this but was a bitsurprised that he had thought of it quite so soon.She relaxed and pushed back against his hard cock, allowing it togradually enter her forbidden hole. He was holding her hips tight andpushed his cock deep inside her arse. He found the hole so tight that heknew his stamina wouldn’t last long and that he would come very quickly. He could feel the vibrations and rotations from the sex toy through thethin walls separating her cunt from her arse. He rammed his cock in andout of her arse marvelling at the different sensation her arse was givinghim. The extra stimulation from the rampant rabbit buried in here cunt wasbrilliant too. He only lasted five minutes before he lost control and hisspunk exploded out of his cock and filled her arse. The toy was workingwell too, she had a stupendous joint vaginal and clitoral orgasm as hepulled his cock out of her arse and collapsed onto the bed on his back.Hannah lovingly turned around and licked his dirty cock clean and laidnext to him stroking his hairless chest. It was now nearly 9:00 and Jeffhad to go home. He quickly dressed and she followed him to the front door.”See you tomorrow lover” she said as she held the door wide open, hernaked body again on show to anyone looking.”Don’t forget any of my rules tomorrow” he said “or you will be punishedagain”.”I can’t wait!” she laughed back.”Oh, and put that horny rampant rabbit in your handbag tonight. I wantyou to use it during the day. I’ll explain when I see you tomorrow” hesaid and she watched him walk down the road until he was out of sight. Shedidn’t notice her next door neighbour standing behind the fence watchingher antics and listening to her goodbyes. He knew the slut was fucking theschoolboy, but hadn’t figured out yet what, if anything, to do about it.Hannah woke with the sound of the alarm radio. She stretched her armsand ran her hands down her naked body. She felt fantastic. Her pussy wasstill throbbing from the fucking she had received the night before from hervirile young lover. Without even thinking about it she pulled her knees upand spread them wide so she could stroke her throbbing pussy. She couldstill smell the spunk on her, and she pushed her fingers inside herself andmoved them around to collect any remaining spunk, which she licked off herfingers. Within seconds she was so wet she just had to fuck herself withher fingers and smash her palm into her clitoris as if she was beingenergetically fucked by her young man. Just thinking about him made herhornier and she came quickly and laid there with her fingers still insideher steaming pussy.Reluctantly she got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. She brushedher teeth and got into the shower. She cleaned her body, paying particularattention to her sensitive breasts and pussy, then she sat down in theshower with her legs wide apart and lathered and shaved herself.After some tea and toast she went back to her bedroom, took off her robeand after admiring her body for a few moments, she went to the wardrobe tochoose her clothes for the day. Today she knew she would definitely notforget her instructions to not wear knickers! She looked down at the pileof ruined knickers in the bin where Jeff had thrown them last night. Shethought again of her “punishment” at the cock of the big black guy in therestaurant, and smiled. She decided on a black push-up bra and a blackzip-front mini-dress. Long enough to be decent but short enough to besexy.She left the house and walked across the pavement to the car. As shedid a gust of wind caught under the skirt of the dress and lifted it clearto her waist, showing her naked and newly shaved pussy to her nosyneighbour and a couple of boys walking to school across the street. Theygiggled and pointed as she pushed the skirt down and gave them a wink.She parked in the office car park, making sure she kept her legstogether as she got out of the car. She didn’t want everyone in the officeto know that she didn’t have any knickers on, it still felt strange andmade her a bit self conscious. She walked into the office foyer and puther bag on the security belt, putting her keys and phone in the specialboxes for metallic objects. She was shocked when the buzzer went off, thathad never happened before.”You must have something metal in your bag Miss?” said the securityguard, “I’ll have to check it”.”I don’t think there is anything metal in there” said Hannah as theguard picked up her bag. Before she could do or say any more he opened thebag and took out the bright pink rampant rabbit.”It’ll be the batteries in this I suspect” said the guard as he put therabbit down on the counter to the amusement of the rapidly forming queuebehind her while he continued searching the bag for any other metalobjects.”Best if you left this outside the office in future Miss” said the guardwith a completely straight face, as if he found vibrators in women’shandbags every day.”Yes, thanks, I will” said Hannah mortified. The guard just gave herbag back and handed the offending rabbit to her. She quickly stuffed itinto her bag and virtually ran to the lift, completely humiliated andembarrassed.At lunch time she came down in the lift, clutching her handbag with theoffending rabbit hidden inside – on its way to her car. She stepped out ofthe lift straight into the arms of Jeff who had been waiting in receptionfor more than an hour. She put her arms around him and gave him a hug,saying how delighted she was to see him. He smiled at her and pulled herclose. He lifted her skirt and thrust his hands between her thighs,grabbing her labia and pulling hard on her lips. The security guardwatched as she went crimson with embarrassment but made no attempt to pushhim away.Jeff knew that Hannah couldn’t be wearing knickers as he had cut themall up and put them in the bin last night, but he enjoyed feeling her up ashe checked her out. Feeling her hot cunt had made his cock rigid already.He turned her around and led her to the fire exit door. Inside the fireescape he turned her around and kissed her passionately. She melted intohis arms and was still day-dreaming about how wonderful he was when shefelt his fingers pushing inside her wet pussy.”Jeff, we can’t, not here” she said. “Anyone could walk through thatdoor”.”Yes, I know” said Jeff, “so you had better be quick or someone will seeyou sucking my cock”.He pulled out his rock hard cock and pushed her down by her shoulders.”Spread your legs and pull your skirt up to your waist so I can see yourhot cunt” he said. She crouched down, her bottom almost on the cold metalof the stair and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked him eagerly andexpertly, taking him deep into her throat then drawing away, licking andswirling her tongue before repeating the action. Jeff knew he wouldn’tlast long and wanted to make her remember his visit. He pulled his cockout of her mouth and spun her around, pushing her onto her hands and knees.She began to object but he just threw her skirt over her back, exposing herarse and cunt, he got between her legs and kicked them wider apart andrammed his cock into her cunt.As soon as she felt his cock inside her she became his slut again, withno thought of objecting, she lowered her shoulders and pushed up her arseso that he could deliver those lovely long strokes of his cock in and outof her willing vagina. She could feel his ball sac banging against güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri herclitoris and within minutes she could feel her orgasm tightening her pussymuscles around his rock hard cock.They came together and Jeff, instead of leaving his cock deep inside heras he ejaculated began to pull it out, still spurting as he did so. Thelast few spasms of spunk were only just inside her pussy and he rubbed hiswet cock around her lips as he withdrew, briefly reinserting his cock intoher creamed pussy and picking up more spunk which he rubbed around herlabia. Then he made her turn around and crouch down in front of him as shehad been when she was sucking his cock. He made her slip her fingers intoher cunt and scoop out his spunk and smear it around her cunt. Then he hadher smear more spunk inside her bra all over her big tits and hard nipples.They walked out of the fire escape door back into the foyer, consciousof the gaze of the security guard. The same one that had found the rampantrabbit in her handbag earlier that morning. He was giving them a look thatsaid `I know what you’ve been doing’.They walked down the road to the car park as she explained about theevents of the morning, the wind lifting her skirt and showing the wholestreet her naked, shaved pussy, then the security guard finding the rabbitin her handbag and letting everyone in the line behind her see it on thecountertop. Jeff smiled at the thoughts, knowing that the embarrassmentfuelled her lust and made her the horny slut that she was.Jeff told her that she could leave the rabbit in the car, but that shehad to use it on her clitoris before she could leave the car. Hannahreluctantly agreed to her lover’s demands.”In fact, you can start right now” he said “so I can watch to make sureyou do it properly”. Hannah was shocked but she got into the car. She wasexpecting Jeff to get in the passenger seat but he just stood at thedriver’s door holding it open! Hannah knew she would have to do as she wastold so she got the rabbit out of the bag, turned it on low, slid her bumdown the seat a bit, spread her thighs and slipped the humming rabbit upher skirt onto her throbbing clitoris.”No, that’s not right” said Jeff. “Pull the skirt up to your waist, anddon’t forget your knees must be a minimum 12″ apart at all times, even whenyou are sitting at your desk”. She pulled the skirt up and spread herthighs, exposing her pussy lips. “Do it like that every time. OK?” heasked. Reluctantly Hannah agreed. She knew she would do anything he askedof her to keep him wanting her. With her skirt pulled up and her legslewdly spread she positioned the rabbit on her clitoris button and turnedit on. It buzzed and hummed as she moved it around her cunt. She wantedher orgasm to happen quickly so she could reduce the opportunity of beingseen pleasuring herself. The fear of being seen had the opposite effectand it was several minutes before she came. Even then Jeff wouldn’t lether squeeze her legs together and made her keep them wide apart until herspasms stopped. Her pussy was dripping with cunt juices and some of Jeff’sleft over spunk that hadn’t been smeared on her body. Jeff leant into thecar and quickly wiped it all up with the inside of her skirt. Hannah couldalready smell the spunk and cunt juices on her body and it wasn’t fully dryyet. She knew it was going to get smellier before she got back to theoffice to wash it off.They left the car park and walked to a local café for a sandwich and asoda. Predictably Jeff made Hannah pull her dress out from underneath herbottom so she was sitting on the cold metal of the chair, which wasactually quite soothing on her hot lips. Then he told her to open her legsas wide as she could and pull her skirt up so that he could observe herlips. She did as she was told and was shocked by the smell that arose fromher nether regions. They ate their sandwiches quickly, with Jeff leaningover and gently stroking Hannah’s cunt lips to keep her horny.When they got back to the office Jeff pulled her round to the dustbinarea and kissed her hard. He pushed his fingers between her soaking thighsand made her open her legs for him. Hannah couldn’t say no to her younglover and obediently did as she was told. Even when he turned her aroundand bent her over she didn’t object as he flung her skirt over her backagain and thrust his fingers deep inside her before taking out his cock andramming into her soaking wet cunt. He fucked her hard and fast, leavingher gasping as he spunked inside her again, once again slowly withdrawingas he did so, so his spunk was only just inside her. He wiped his cock offon the inside of the dress again before turning her around and giving her aloving kiss.”Don’t wash or clean up your cunt until I come to your house tonight. OK?”. Hannah was once again shocked.”You can’t expect me to work all afternoon smelling of sex!” she said.”Hannah, you gave your cunt to me and I’m telling you that I don’t wantit washed or cleaned until I ask you to do so” Jeff instructed.”And because you argued with me I will have your bra” he commanded. Hannah looked around her before unclasping and removing her bra inside herdress. Her huge tits were straining the front of the black dress.Jeff grabbed the zip of the dress and lowered it to the bottom of hercleavage. “And leave the zip exactly where it is, I’ll be watching” hesaid and turned and left.His latest gift of spunk was already running down Hannah’s thighs as shewalked past the smiling security guard. She didn’t know about the securitycamera around by the bins. The guard had seen her being fucked andremoving her bra. He knew she didn’t have any knickers on too.As she walked past the security gate the guard beckoned to her. Shewalked over to him, hoping that he wouldn’t smell the sex on her. Shecould feel her nipples trying to burst through the dress and was consciousof the amount of cleavage she was exposing. The guard said there wassomething she needed to see, in the security office. He opened the doorand she walked in with him to see a bank of CCTV screens. She suddenlypanicked that she had been seen in the fire escape. The guard told her tosit down and he sat next to her in front of a keyboard. He typed in a fewcommands and she watched the screen in front of her as it panned the viewof the dustbins. She saw herself walk up with Jeff holding her hand, theirpassionate kiss and his assault on her pussy, then she saw herself beingspun around, her dress being flung over her back – showing that she wasobviously knickerless – before seeing herself being rapidly fucked by hereager young stud. Then she saw her skirt being used to wipe the cum offhis cock before she removed her bra and gave it to him while he adjustedthe amount of cleavage she would show all afternoon.Hannah didn’t know what to say.”What are you going to do about this?” she asked.”No, it’s what you are going to do about this” said the guard.”What do you mean? I don’t understand” said Hannah puzzled.The guard leant forward and pulled the zip of her dress down to thewaist, her big tits making their escape in the process.”Stop! What are you doing?” said Hannah, grabbing the guard’s wrists tostop her dress being completely unzipped.”You let me fuck you or I will send this clip to every department headin the building” the guard said.Hannah knew she would do it. She didn’t want to the man’s cock insideher but if it meant she could still fuck Jeff she would do anything. Clearly the guard didn’t know he was u******e but she didn’t want to riskbeing found out. She dropped her arms and stood up allowing the leeringguard to continue unzipping her dress before taking it off her.Hannah stood there as the guard roughly groped her tits, squeezing hernipples until she cried out. He shoved his hand between her legs, pushingthem apart. That’s when he first noticed the smell.”God woman, you stink of cum have you been fucking all day?” he asked.Hannah ignored him as his fingers explored inside her soaking wet vagina.She knew she was ready for a fucking as he took his cock out and stroked itbefore pushing her down to her knees to suck it. She just did, she suckedit until it was hard, knowing where it was going to end up in a fewminutes. Once his cock was hard he pulled her up and turned her around andbent her over a desk. With no foreplay at all he roughly shoved his rigidcock in her wet cunt and fucked her, grunting like a pig until his spunkfilled her. She was so relieved when he pulled his dirty cock out of hercunt and threw her dress at her. He turned and left the security room asshe pulled her dress on over her slutty stinking body and zipped it up toexactly where Jeff said she should.She got back to her desk without any further drama and sat down. Shewas conscious of the smell of sex and cum emanating from between her legsand from her tits where it had been smeared earlier. Now she had the extraspunk from the guard and it was slowly leaking out of her cunt onto herdress. She lifted her arse and pulled the dress out from under her. Suddenly she realised that would leave a stain on the fabric of the chair,which someone would be bound to notice. She wanted to go to the toiletsand get some tissue to stuff between her thighs, but she also knew thatJeff would be seriously pissed-off if he found out that she hadn’t followedhis instructions. So she stood up and let the dress fall down again beforesitting on the slowly forming puddle of spunk under her leaking cunt.Eventually she needed a pee and a drink. First she peed, being carefulnot to wipe any unnecessary spunk from her dripping cunt, then she went tothe water fountain for a drink. She was leaning over the fountain whensomeone came up from behind her. She knew she had a big damp patch on theback of her dress and was dreading someone asking what it was.The person stood behind, out of her sight, until she had finished herdrink. She turned around and was horrified to see it was the office jerk.He had been trying to get into her pants since she joined the company acouple of months ago. She half smiled to herself when she thought if onlyhe knew that I don’t have any pants any more, and today I don’t even have abra (although being the lech he was he probably already knew about thebra). Hannah just walked past him, swinging her arse, just daring him tosay something. A few minutes later he came to her desk and leant down andwhispered in her ear.”I don’t suppose there is any connection between the huge stain on theback of your dress and the overpowering smell of spunk and sex around you?”Hannah went bright red. She was embarrassed but she said.”Actually, I’ve been fucked three times since I arrived this morning andI seem to have forgotten my knickers and bra, so that probably explainsboth the stain and the smell wouldn’t you say?”He was visibly shocked by her blatant statement. He was completely lostfor words and just turned and walked away. Hannah knew she hadn’t heardthe last from him.She made it through the rest of the work day, somewhat distracted by thestrong smell and the fear of someone else commenting on it. She left thebuilding and walked quickly to her car. The wind was blowing up her skirtand caressing her pussy lips. As she opened the car door a sudden gustlifted her skirt to her waist again and she saw a woman from the officesmile at her, letting her know she has seen her naked bottom.Hannah climbed into the car and sat for a few minutes. She felt thesticky wetness on the now cool back of her dress and hoped it wouldn’t soakthrough and spoil her car seats. Then she drove slowly home.Jeff had made it clear that she wasn’t to clean up, but another rule wasthat she had to be naked in the house, so when she arrived home she tookoff her dress, putting it straight into the washing machine. She walkedaround the house conscious of the strong smell rising from her dirty pussy.She walked out into the garden to admire her plants. As she stood thereshe heard the front door bell rang and she ran to answer it, her titsswaying all over the place. She got to the front door and realised she wasnaked. She couldn’t put the black dress back on because it was in thewashing machine. She rushed into her bedroom and grabbed the first thingshe found – her silk dressing gown. Slipping it on she went to open thedoor.Standing on her porch was her nosy neighbour. She realised that he musthave seen her parading naked in the garden and come to get a closer look.He asked to come in for a minute as he had something to tell her. She lethim in but didn’t close the door. She didn’t trust him an inch.He couldn’t take his eyes off her tits that were straining through herthin silk gown, her hard nipples clearly visible. The whole time he wasthere he was undressing her with his eyes. It wasn’t difficult, he hadseen her being fucked by the boy, then by the toy. He knew her cunt, justnot how to get some of it. He started to talk, then he screwed his nose upand asked her what the dreadful smell was. She blushed deeply, knowing itwas her cum-soaked thighs and pussy that were producing the smell. Shejust said she couldn’t smell anything and asked what he wanted.He brazenly said that he had seen that boy from down the road come intoher garden a lot in the past couple of days and wanted her to know that hethought he was a peeping tom.Hannah laughed at his cheek. She solemnly told him that the boy washelping her catalogue albums in her music collection and that he wasn’tdoing any harm.The neighbour couldn’t say that he had seen the boy fucking her on herrecliner before fucking her doggy style on the floor just the night before,or that had seen her fucking herself in the lounge with her big vibratorbecause then she would know that he was the peeping tom, so he reluctantlysaid his goodbyes and walked out the door.After the neighbour left Hannah was spooked. Her pussy smelt like shehad been fucked by 10 men there was so much spunk on her thighs. Just thethought and smell of it made her desperate to be fucked. She didn’t wantto use any of her toys but knew she had to keep her pussy hot and wet forher toy boy lover.Eventually she sat in the recliner and spread her legs over its arms. She sucked her finger and just traced the outline of her pussy. Shemarvelled at how soaking wet it was again with so little stimulation.Meanwhile Jeff was sitting in his den with his best mate Jimmy. He wasdesperate to get away from Jimmy so he could go and fuck Hannah some more.Jimmy was just hanging out. He asked Jeff where he had been for the pastfew days as he hadn’t been around. Jeff didn’t say anything. He wastrying to find some excuse for not hanging out with his old buddy withouttelling him he was fucking a 44 year old sexy slut. Jimmy, however, wasn’thaving any of it and pushed his friend to explain his absence.After a considerable time Jeff was so desperate to get out to see Hannahthat he blurted out that he had been fucking one of his neighbours and thatshe was 44 years old with the biggest tits that Jeff had ever seen. Hetold him that she had a horny shaved cunt and that she never wore knickers,he didn’t tell Jimmy that he had forbidden her to wear knickers and had cutthem all up. Jeff told Jimmy that she wanted to be fucked all the time andcould deep-throat his cock.Jimmy was 14. He had seen pictures of fucking. In fact his Dad had asuperb collection of pornographic material that meant that the only thingthat Jimmy didn’t have was a cunt to fuck. He hoped now that he wouldhave.It took Jimmy 40 minutes to convince Jeff to take him with him toHannah’s house. Jeff explained that Hannah was in love with him andprobably wouldn’t want to have anything to do with Jimmy at all.They walked down the street towards her house. On the way Jeff wasthinking about what Hannah had said to him on that very first evening. Hecast his mind back and then it came to him in a rush.”It’s yours Jeff,” she had pledged “it may be between my legs but it’syour cunt to do anything you want with. My arse is yours too, so is mymouth and my tits, they are all yours.” What else did she say? Heremembered “You can fuck me anytime you want, in any way you want and withanything you want, You can bring your friends over and I’ll let them fuckme, if you tell me to.”Jeff was learning. Suddenly he realised that it was going to be OK. Hejust had to be commanding and Hannah would do as she was told. That’s whatsluts did – that’s what sluts wanted.Jeff led Jimmy boldly round the back of Hannah’s house and slid open thepatio door. Hannah was reclined, her legs over the arms and her big lipscompletely on view to anyone looking from that direction (e.g. herneighbour).The smell in her lounge was incredible.”What is that smell?” said Jimmy quietly (Hannah had dozed off). “Thatis my spunk running out of her slutty cunt and drying on her thighs”. replied Jeff”Look at that cunt” said Jimmy “look how big her cunt lips are, and lookhow big her tits are! Do you think she will let me fuck her? I reallywant some of that”.Jeff took Jimmy across to the sofa and sat him down. Then he walkedacross to where Hannah was reclined and gently lowered his mouth to hers,timing precisely touching her mouth with his lips and his fingers on hercunt. She awoke with a start at the touches. She saw Jeff and smiled andpulled him down for a deeper, sexier kiss. She didn’t even see Jimmysitting there eyes gaping at her wide open pussy and huge tits.Jeff told her what a good slut she had been leaving her cunt smelly allday for him. She preened under his praise and told him about the neighbourcoming to tell her about a peeping tom and smelling her dirty cunt. “Nowgo and wash it off for me” he said, “I’ll be waiting in your bedroom with astiff cock, so be quick”.She jumped up and rushed to the shower, eager to get rid of the spunksmell. As much as she liked being fucked and even eating young boy’s spunkshe hated the smell of dried spunk on her body.Jeff told Jimmy to wait for 10 minutes then to come to the bedroom doorand watch until she was on her knees, then he was to crawl up behind herand stick his cock into her cunt.She came out of the bathroom with wet hair, not dissimilar to the firstencounter they had in this house except this time she was stark naked. Shestood in her bedroom rubbing her hair and then dried her body.Jeff stood behind her and stroked her tits as they dried and worked hisway down her body behind the towelling she was doing herself. When shethrew the towel at the laundry basket he turned her around and gave her apassionate kiss. She swooned in his arms. Her pussy immediately floodedin wetness and she parted her legs. Jeff felt her legs part and droppedhis hand to stroke her pussy lips.”I’m so desperate for your cock, fuck me now, please” she said. “Youhaven’t fucked me for hours and my pussy just needs your cock”. Jeffsmiled inwardly. He stood back from her and stripped off his clothes. Shewas mesmerised watching his lithe young body appear from under his streetclothes.”On my back or my knees?” she asked.”Oh, you can crouch first and suck my cock” he said.She crouched down with her knees open wide. He could see her huge cuntlips hanging away from her cunt. She took his cock into her mouth andstarted swirling her tongue and preparing to deep-throat him when he toldher to.Jeff knew that this position made her tired and he wanted her to ask himto move. That way he could get her on her knees with her soaking wet cuntready for Jimmy’s hard cock.”I want your two middle fingers in your cunt and the two outside onesholding your cunt lips” Jeff commanded. She did as she asked and was told”Now fuck yourself with the two middle fingers and use the other two tostretch your cunt lips out. I want those middle fingers in really deepthen almost pulled out. Oh, and I want to hear your palm slapping yourclitoris”. As she sucked him he watched her follow his instructions. Herarse was nearly on the floor and he could hear the wet slap of her hand onher pussy as she fucked herself hard with her fingers. He just held on toher shoulders as she sucked.Jimmy was standing in the doorway now, looking at Hannah’s hand going inand out fucking herself while her head went backwards and forwards suckingJeff’s cock. Jimmy had stripped off his clothes and was standing nakedthere with a big hard-on.”Deep throat Hannah” Jeff said, and she began to swallow his big cock ashe wanted her to. Her leg muscles were already screaming and she wasdesperate to get his spunk so she could stand up. She realised she wasn’tgoing to last long enough and quickly took her mouth of his cock to plead.”Jeff darling, this is killing my legs can we move please?””OK” Jeff said “I’ll sit on the bed and you can kneel in front of me soyou can still finger fuck yourself”. Hannah was so relieved. She scootedup to him and took the cock greedily into her mouth, swallowing it firsttime to please him. Then she returned to finger fucking her pussy as hehad instructed. Jimmy now had a better view of what she was doing andcould see her fingers nearly come out of her cunt, stretching her huge lipsdown her thighs then crashing back in to slap her clitoris. Jimmy stoodthere stroking his cock waiting for Jeff’s signal.Hannah was in the early throes of an orgasm and was moaning into Jeff’scock as she deep-throated him. Jeff didn’t want her to come until she hadJimmy’s long thin cock in her cunt.”Stop before you cum” he commanded. She gave a slight nod to show sheunderstood, but continued to fuck herself fast and hard. The slaps weregetting faster and faster as she got nearer and nearer the point of noreturn. Suddenly she stopped. Leaving her fingers in her pussy andsqueezing them with her cunt muscles to stop herself going over the edge.Jeff smiled, now was the time to introduce his slut to a new cock.”Pull your fingers out of your cunt and spread your lips wide so thatyour vagina is open wide” he told her. She did as he asked, wondering whathe was going to do, expecting him to take his cock out of her throat andscoot round behind her to fuck her. Instead Jeff signalled Jimmy andgrabbed Hannah by the hair in case she jumped up when Jimmy began hisassault.Jimmy came up behind the unaware kneeling slut and dropped to his kneeshe could see right into her cunt as she held it open for him. He grabbedhis cock and moved closer until he was close enough to ram it in. Helooked up at Jeff sitting on the bed with the slut’s head going up and downon his big cock. Jeff nodded and gripped Hannah’s hair tighter.Jimmy thrust his cock into the soaking wet cunt, right to the hilt. Hannah was shocked beyond belief as she had no idea there was even anyoneelse in the house. She went to lift her head and move her body but Jeffheld her tight.”Don’t move Hannah, it’s just another cock that I am allowing to sharethe cunt that you gave me. We know you like boys cocks so now you’ve gottwo in your slutty body”. His words set her on fire. Another boy wasfucking her cunt!She could feel the long thin cock ramming in and out of her pussy andhis hairless ball sac began bouncing against her clitoris. Hannah was inheaven. She forced even more of Jeff’s cock down her throat to show herappreciation.It didn’t take long for her orgasm to arrive. She was so nearly therewhen she had finger fucked herself to the edge. Jimmy’s balls were hittingthe spot on her clitoris and it was driving her over the top. She neededto concentrate on her pussy so she sucked hard and fast on Jeff’s cocktrying to get him to spunk in her throat. Jeff obliged. She felt his cockexpand in her throat and he held her tight gradually lifting her mouth uphis cock, withdrawing it from her throat. When it was in her mouth shesucked it harder and bobbed up and down faster while keeping her pussytilted so Jimmy’s cock sc****d her G spot and his balls kept on slappingagainst her clitoris. Jeff was more than ready now. He pulled his cockalmost out of her mouth and told her to open wide. As she did he startedto cum on her tongue. Masses and masses of boy spunk filling her mouth.”Keep it in your mouth” she was told as his cock dropped the last fewdroplets onto her tongue and withdrew. As soon as his cock was out of hermouth she dropped to the floor so she could lift her arse higher and getmore of Jimmy’s cock in her hungry pussy. She could feel the orgasm risingagain but did nothing to stop it this time. Her pussy gripped Jimmy’s cockas she climaxed. She shuddered and trembled at the intensity of theorgasm, keeping her mouth closed to retain the spunk Jeff had left there.Jimmy indicated to Jeff that he had to cum. Jeff nodded and pointed toHannah then to his mouth. Jimmy nodded that he understood. As the lastfew squeezes of her orgasm gripped his cock he slowly withdrew. Hannah wasdevastated to lose the lovely cock from her horny cunt. She wanted his boyspunk. But then she was delighted when the young boy appeared in front ofher.”Get up and open your mouth Hannah. Don’t lose any spunk. You areabout to get some more to eat” Jeff smiled at her. She quickly lifted upand opened her mouth for Jimmy to put his cock into. He saw the gooey messinside her mouth and he just came. He shot into her mouth adding volumesto the spunk she already had in there. He watched in fascination as hisspunk shot out the end of his cock onto her tongue then slid to the back ofher mouth. He kept spurting for ages, stroking and squeezing his cock toget every drop of spunk onto her tongue. When he had finished he took hiscock away from her mouth and sat on the bed next to Jeff. Looking at theirhorny slut kneeling on the floor in front of them; with her mouth agape andabsolutely full of their spunk.”You can lick your lips with our spunk and swallow it now” said Jeff. She did and then she gave them a huge smile.”You really, really surprised me there. I had no idea you had plannedto share me with your friends already!” she smiled.”Jimmy is my special friend. It was hard keeping you a secret from himand as soon as I told him what a horny cunt you are he begged me to shareyou with him” Jeff explained.”Unfortunately we have to go now because Jimmy has to go to bed earlierthan I do and it is getting late”.Hannah started to complain that she wanted to be fucked again beforethey went but Jeff insisted they left so Jimmy didn’t get into trouble withhis parents.”Can’t Jimmy go home and you can stay and fill my pussy with your spunk”Hannah pleaded.”It is Saturday tomorrow” he said “we’ll have all day to think of waysto fuck your slutty, horny cunt, won’t we Jimmy?”Jimmy nodded and Hannah kissed them both deeply, preparing to standnaked in the doorway. She felt so horny she was barely in control. Shestill wanted to beg them for more cock, her cunt was still so horny. Reluctantly she stood in the doorway naked while they walked down the pathand until they were out of sight. Until then both Jeff and Jimmy keptlooking back frequently to admire her sexy naked body.Still naked, but for once with no young boy spunk running down herthighs, Hannah sat in the lounger. She had already picked up the biggestvibrator.She threw her legs over the recliner arms and thrust the huge toy intoher horny naked pussy. She dreamt of the boy and rammed the toy into hercreaming pussy. Time and time again until she had a massive orgasm. Asher pussy began to cool down Hannah realised that after only a few daysJeff had introduced Jimmy’s cock to her middle-aged pussy. She wonderedhow long it would be before Jeff was making her do even more dirty acts.She couldn’t wait!Hannah woke early. She awoke lying on her back with her legs wide openand her cunt throbbing. She had no idea when Jeff would call but shewanted to be naked and available for his big cock.She showered vigorously before sitting in the shower tray and shavingher cunt, and all her pubic mound. Then she rinsed off and dried herselfthoroughly. Her mind was completely full of being fucked by the two boyslast night. Even as she was drying herself her pussy was getting wetterthinking about their horny little minds and what they might make her dotoday.Jeff and Jimmy were at Jeff’s house talking about Hannah. Jimmy waskeen to go straight to her house and fuck her again, but Jeff wasn’t ready.Jeff had been thinking a lot about Hannah and how naturally slutty she was.His demands on her had been so readily met. She had allowed herself to befucked by that big black stranger, and while it was clear that she didn’treally want to do it she had not refused. In fact, Jeff realised, Hannahhadn’t ever refused to do anything he told her. She had told Jeff that shewanted to be his slut and while he was prepared to share her Jeff wanted itto be clear that he was her owner. Sitting listening to Jimmy talk aboutfucking her again started to give Jeff some ideas. They would fuck heragain but Jeff had some other ideas too. Ideas that when carried throughwould result in his total control over Hannah. Jeff called to his Mum thathe was going to walk the dog with Jimmy and they left the house.Hannah had finished breakfast and was wandering around the house naked,as usual. Her pussy was still throbbing with desire. She had always knownthat the more sex she had the more sex she needed and now she needed sex.Her instructions were to always keep her cunt hot and wet so she picked upher vibrator and went to her favourite recliner to do as she must.Dropping into the chair she threw her legs over the arms, lewdlydisplaying her big pussy lips. She felt her bald newly shaved pubic moundand marvelled how good it felt. She moved her fingers around her pussy. God it felt so good. She pulled her lips and split them with her finger,gently squeezing her clitoris as she did so. The inside of her pussy wasnicely wet already, so she turned on the vibrator and just played it aroundher pussy lips avoiding her clitoris in case it made her cum before she wasready. She luxuriated in the feeling of the humming vibrator around herpussy. She pulled it away and felt with her other hand for her clitoris.She pulled the little hood back so it was sticking out and poked a fingerinto her pussy to get it wet. Then she gently stroked the protruding tipof her clitoris. She almost came straight away the feeling was sopowerful. She decided that she just had to stop touching her pussy or shewould cum for sure. Instead she picked up one of the porno magazines andstarted flicking through the dirty pictures waiting for her horny younglovers to arrive.Jeff Jimmy, and the dog, walked through the door and straight into thelounge where she sat naked with her legs apart still flicking through themagazine. Jimmy immediately pounced on her, diving between her legs andsucking her nipples and squeezing her huge tits with his fingers. Jeffleant over and kissed her tenderly, pushing his tongue into her open mouth.She was already creaming and moaning softly at their tender touches. ThenHannah noticed the dog and a sudden fear overtook her. She remembered thatwhen she was begging Jeff to let her be his slut she promised she wouldfuck anyone and anything he told her to, including his dog.Jeff stood up and stripped off his clothes. His big erect cock wasswaying around as he pulled off his socks. He immediately went and stoodnext to Hannah who willingly opened her mouth to receive the gift of thecock she adored. Jimmy slid down her tummy to kneel on the floor in frontof her widespread thighs and began to lick her pussy. He didn’t reallyknow what he was doing but Jeff had told him that Hannah would enjoy havingher pussy licked by the young boy so he just did what he thought he should.Hannah was in heaven. Her throbbing pussy being licked was sensational,especially when by accident he sucked on the now protruding clitoris andlicked all around it. She moaned into Jeff’s cock as he pushed it down herthroat. Jeff could tell that Hannah was about to have a massive orgasm sohe took his cock out of her mouth, watching her pouting disapproval. Hepulled her up and made her kneel on the floor by the patio door. Then hegot Jimmy to stick his long cock in her mouth while he got behind her andshoved his fat cock into her cunt. He could feel her cunt tight around hiscock and he rammed into her so he pushed Jimmy’s cock down her willingthroat. They rocked her between them enjoying the feeling of her throatand cunt around their young cocks.Jeff was getting more ideas. He took his cock out of her cunt and laidon the floor beside her. He made her crouch down onto his cock and bob upand down until he knew her thighs would be complaining. Then he let herdown onto her knees, she managed to keep his big cock in her cunt and shewas told to hang her tits over his face so he could lick and pinch hernipples.Hannah was in heaven with his cock deep inside her pussy and his tonguedoing wonderful things to her tits. Then she felt Jimmy behind her. Shehad made his cock very wet with her sucking so when he began to push itinto her arse it slipped in easily. The boys could each feel the other’scock between the thin walls separating her cunt from her arse. They wereboth so tight now that they knew they wouldn’t last long. Hannah relaxedher arse so that Jimmy could fuck her arse in time with Jeff fucking hercunt. Within minutes both young men exploded into her pussy and arse atthe same time. Hannah had an incredible orgasm as they spunked inside her.Jimmy was the first to pull his cock out of her arse, then Hannah liftedherself off Jeff’s softening cock. She crawled down and licked his cockclean before turning and doing the same for Jimmy. She asked them if theywanted her to eat their spunk from inside herself. Jeff shook his head onbehalf of both of them, so she just got up and left it all inside her.Hannah went into the kitchen and brought back cold drinks for them all.She put them on the table, opened hers and took a long drink out of it. She was leaning against the table and Jeff could see the spunk starting toleak from her cunt. He smiled and waited. Within minutes the dog stood upfrom where he was sitting by the patio door. He walked straight to Hannahwho thought he was coming to be petted. Instead he put his nose betweenher legs and started to lick the spunk that was accumulated just under herpussy. Hannah tried to push him away until Jeff commanded her to leave thedog alone. Then he told her to open her legs. As soon as she did so thedog began to lap at her lips. The dog’s long wet tongue was licking fromher arse, between her cunt lips and over her clitoris. She had neverrealised how rough a dog’s tongue is. Hannah held on to the table, shefound herself leaning back to give the dog’s tongue better access. Jeffwas delighted and watched avidly as Hannah got more and more into the dog’stongue. Inevitably, after quite a short time, Hannah had an enormousclitoral orgasm, her thighs were shaking with the intensity of it. Hannahstarted to close her legs until Jeff spoke and told her that she had toremember the rules and the rules are that she must keep her legs open atall times, even when having an orgasm. Hannah kept them open although thedog’s tongue was now painful on her sensitive clitoris. She asked Jeff toplease stop the dog licking her because it hurt now. Jeff ignored her forthirty seconds, just because he could.Watching the dog licking Hannah’s cunt had turned Jeff on. He toldHannah to come and kneel between his legs as he was seated on the sofa. His cock was hard and perpendicular. Hannah smiled, knelt and took hiscock in her mouth. Jeff signalled Jimmy to bring the dog. Jimmy knew whathe wanted. Jeff told Hannah to put her hands between her legs and open hercunt. She thought it was for Jimmy and realised too late when she felt thehairs of the dog’s underbelly on her naked arse as his cock plunged intothe soaking wet vagina she had obediently held open for him. Hannah hadnever been fucked by a dog. She had seen it in porno films but wascompletely unprepared for the jackhammer effect of her first doggy fuck. She was surprised by the size of the dog’s cock too, she could feel itpushing at her cervix as he plunged his cock in and out of her. Hannahcould barely concentrate on Jeff’s cock as the dog’s cock mastered her cuntshe could think of little else. Fortunately Jeff came quickly and toldHannah to put her shoulders on the floor. This gave the dog the perfectangle to fuck his bitch and he went at it. Jeff and Jimmy watched thespectacle of the horny woman and the rampant dog. No one was prepared forthe dog getting his knot into Hannah’s cunt. Jeff and Jimmy noticed thatthe dog’s strokes were getting shorter and more urgent. When they realisedwhat was happening the dog was tied to Hannah. Jeff could see the skin ofher cunt lips stretched almost to transparency by the big knot at the baseof the dog’s cock. The dog filled Hannah’s cunt with his spunk. None ofit escaped past the knot. This bit was slightly boring and Jeff told Jimmyto go put his cock in Hannah’s mouth and fuck it. Jimmy was delighted andproceeded to do just that. Hannah was a good slut and willingly opened hermouth for Jimmy’s long thin cock. As Hannah sucked Jimmy’s cock Jeff movedcloser and began to play with her tits, squeezing her nipples and rubbingthem between his thumb and forefinger. He could hear Hannah moaning withpleasure as she focused on sucking Jimmy’s cock. Jimmy soon came inHannah’s mouth. He made sure that he pulled his cock back a bit so thathis spunk went on to Hannah’s tongue and not straight down her throat. Hannah looked up and smiled at him and showed him her prize, his whitegooey spunk laying under her tongue. Jimmy grinned as Hannah turned andshowed Jeff who told her she could swallow. At that moment the dog’s knothad shrunk enough and the dog managed to pull it out of Hannah’s tightpassage. Jeff noticed and told Hannah to quickly cover her cunt with herhand so the spunk didn’t go all over the floor. Hannah did so. She wasn’tbest pleased when Jeff made her lick the dog’s cock clean, especially asthe dog had already started himself. Hannah pushed his head away and tookhis long cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue all around it until itwas clean. It had a funny taste, she thought. Hannah was none too pleasedwhen Jeff told her to eat the spunk too, but to be fair she just gave him asideways glance that said “you are joking”, but quickly realised that hewas not joking at all. Jeff had her stand up and to open her legs wide,crouching slightly so she could separate her cunt lips with her fingers. She held her other hand underneath and used it to catch the big dollops ofdoggy spunk that dripped out of her stretched cunt. She timed it so thatshe licked the spunk from the palm of her hand before more spunk was readyto drip out. She continued until Jeff told her to go lower and to scoop itout with her fingers. Hannah continued until Jeff was satisfied there wasvirtually no spunk left inside her.Jeff asked Hannah what it was like to be fucked by his dog. Hannah toldhim that after the initial fear she really enjoyed it. She said that shehad never had a cock fuck her that fast in her life. She said that thefeeling of the dog’s knot inside her was weird as she could feel herselfstretched so much. The dog’s spunk was also a lot hotter than that of theboys so she had really felt herself being filled. It tasted different too,but not unpleasant. Jeff said that it was good that she liked it becauseit wouldn’t be the last time she would be fucked by a dog. Hannah smiled,she looked down and saw that Jeff’s cock was already hard again. Hannahleaned over and took it in her mouth. Jeff had her get on her knees andspread her legs wide. He looked at her puffy cunt, then rubbed his hardcock up and down the slit of her cunt before he pushed his cock inside andbegan to fuck her slowly. He told Jimmy to get on his knees in front ofHannah so that she could suck his cock but that he wasn’t to cum in hermouth. Jeff teased Hannah with very slow movement of his cock, knowingthat she could feel every single ridge and vein on his prick. Soon Hannahwas begging Jeff to fuck her hard. Gasping with desire as she sucked hardon Jimmy’s cock. Jeff told her that if she wanted more of his preciousspunk she would have to squeeze it out of him with her vaginal muscles. Jeff stopped fucking her and left his cock fully impaling her. He couldfeel her squeezing him and encouraged her to squeeze her muscles so that itfelt like his cock was moving inside her. It felt so good when she got itright that Jeff really felt like her cunt was moving up and down his cockas he watched it remain deep inside of her. She was so good that Jeffcould feel his spunk rising, so could Hannah and she worked herself harderto get him to cum deep inside her. She had a fantastic orgasm as she feltJeff’s spunk hit her cervix. Jeff had her stay where she was and gentlyremoved his throbbing cock, moving in front of her so she could lick theirjuices from it. As he did so he indicated to Jimmy to get his cock insideher, but he had to move slowly too. Jimmy understood and held his cock atthe entrance to Hannah’s vagina until she begged him to put it inside. Heput it in just an inch. She begged for more. Jeff told Jimmy to rub hiscock up and down Hannah’s slit as fast as he could, making sure that hecaught her clitoris too. Jimmy pushed Hannah’s shoulders down so that herclitoris was sticking out and he took hold of his cock and rubbed it up anddown as fast as he could. Hannah was so wet. Her vagina was alreadysoaked but now it also had Jeff’s spunk inside it. Her squeezing hadnearly brought the spunk to the opening of her vagina where it was beingpicked up by Jimmy’s hard cock as it slid up and down her slit. SoonHannah was near to another clitoral orgasm and was begging Jimmy to let herhave his cock inside her. Jeff shook his head and Jimmy continued toassault her clitoris with is cock until she came. As she did he slippedhis cock inside her arse and kept it still as he felt the contractions ofher orgasm. Jimmy slowly fucked her arse pulling his long thin cock almostout and then slowly teasing it back in an inch at a time. Jimmy knew hewas going to cum and gave Hannah’s arse a sudden quick blast of movement.Then Hannah, feeling Jimmy was beginning to cum, pushed back and just letJimmy fill her with his spunk. Hannah’s cunt muscles were aching from allthe effort of squeezing Jeff’s cock and despite having copious amounts ofspunk inside her she felt she still needed to be fucked by a rampant youngcock.Jeff said he wanted to go out. Hannah said that was fine, what did hewant to do, and what did he want her to do with all the spunk inside her.Jeff said he hadn’t quite decided but they should all get dressed and thatHannah should keep the spunk in her cunt and arse. Jeff walked intoHannah’s bedroom like he owned the house. He opened the wardrobe and wentthrough the clothes hanging there. He selected a very short brown suedeskirt that barely covered her arse and a tight cotton embroidered gipsy topthat left her shoulders bare and emphasised the size of her tits. Hechucked them at her and told her to get dressed and went back into thelounge and put his own clothes on.Soon the three of them were sitting in Hannah’s car, Jeff in front andJimmy in the back seat while Hannah drove. Jeff told her to make sure shekept her legs apart at all times while she had clothes on. She immediatelyopened her legs which pushed the short skirt further up her parted thighs.She looked down and could see her huge lips sticking out as they were gluedto her thighs by drying spunk. This made her so hot her clitoris waspoking its head out of its hood. Hannah shivered with desire. Jimmy satup close behind her seat and put his arms around her to squeeze her nipplesso they stayed hard. The two boys loved looking at their sexy neighbourbeing so slutty.Hannah asked Jeff where she was taking them. “First we are going to thelittle shopping precinct in the next town” said Jeff. “I haven’t decidedabout after that yet”.They parked and walked from the car to a small pavement café. Jeffchose a table in the sun and the three of them sat down. Hannah was a bitself-conscious being a 44 year old woman with two young boys, especiallythe slutty way they had dressed her. She looked over at Jeff who wassmiling at her then he looked down at her thighs and she remembered she hadto sit with her legs apart when she was dressed. She opened her legs about6″ and she knew her pussy was visible. A quick look over at Jeff said itwasn’t enough. She had to open her legs so her knees were 12″ apart,nearly as wide as they had been in the car. Her skirt was so tight it waspulling itself up her thighs so showing even more pussy. The whole of herpussy and pussy lips were on display and she could feel the warm breezeacross her still-wet and engorged lips.She thought it best to turn to face the table but Jeff stopped her.”I want to look at your cunt Hannah, don’t move away, I want to see itall the time”. His words burned into her pussy which was already throbbingagain. Her nipples were erect and pointing through the flimsy top. Thewaiter came to take their order. He said good morning, then saw Hannah’scunt and nearly choked. Jeff calmly ordered for all three and the waiterwalked away, turning back frequently to see the cunt on display. Thedrinks when they came were delivered by two different waiters and Hannahwas sure their tongues were hanging out as they put the cups on the table.They were looking more at her cunt than they were at the table. Jeff wasgrinning and Hannah could feel herself blushing at all the attention herslutty attire and attitude was getting her.They finished their drinks and Hannah said she would go to pay at thecounter. Jeff had other ideas. He called the waiter over and asked forthe bill. The waiter was delighted to stand there looking at Hannah’s wideopen pussy while he laboriously added up the simple sum. Hannah paid himand he smiled at her pussy as he gave her the change. They all stood andHannah went to pull down her tight skirt. Once again Jeff stopped her.”Leave it” was all he said. She did, but she looked down and she couldsee the bottom of her pussy lips hanging down beneath the skirt. She feltlike such a slut, but then, she thought, she had asked for this.She asked Jeff to let her use the toilet. Jeff was smart though, herecalled that she had only had a cup of tea since they left the house.”Do you want to pee or do you want to dump the spunk from your cunt?” heasked. Hannah went red, she realised he had seen through her ruse. Shecould feel the spunk just behind her pussy lips and thought it would runout any time soon.Jeff took her to a toilet block along the street. He walked in to theMen’s with her and took her into a cubicle. He took off her clothes thenwalked her naked across the toilets to stand in front of the urinal.”Pee then” he said. Hannah was shocked. Standing naked in a men’spublic toilet. She had to hold her pussy to point it at the urinal andbegan to pee, sending her stream of piss into the urinal. When she hadfinished Jeff made her wipe her pussy with her finger and lick it clean. Amazingly, no one had come into the toilet and Hannah was relieved. Notfor long. Jeff took her back to the cubicle where her clothes werehanging. Jimmy was standing there stroking his long cock. He sat on thetoilet seat and Jeff pushed her towards him and told her to suck his cock.This was all going wrong for Hannah. Her pussy and arse were still fullof their copious boy spunk and although she had peed there had been noopportunity to dump the spunk. Following Jeff’s orders she bent at thewaist and began to deep-throat Jimmy’s long cock while Jeff stood behindher playing with her pussy. She was concentrating so hard on the cock inher mouth that when the first cock pushed into her wet pussy she thought itwas Jeff. But this cock was much bigger than even Jeff’s cock. Jeff heldher still so she didn’t jump up and the guy fucked her quickly, dumpingeven more spunk into her full pussy. There were four more. Three morefucked her cunt and one fucked her arse.Now she was seriously full of spunk! Hannah would be more careful inthe future as Jeff was certainly learning about punishment.He let her stand up and dress in her skimpy clothes.”Come on” he said “just one more thing before we eat lunch” and he ledHannah and Jimmy out of the toilet. Hannah could feel the spunk sloshingaround in her pussy and knew it was only a matter of time before it wouldrun out of her pussy and arse down her legs.They didn’t have far to go. Jeff took them to a bait shop on thewaterfront at the end of the strip. There was a bench outside. He toldHannah to sit on the bench and left Jimmy with her, Jeff made sure she hadopened her legs the required distance, he could see the spunk beginning toseep out of her cunt and run down her thighs, before he went in to the baitshop alone.Jeff went into the bait shop and was gone for several minutes. When hecame out there were four boys standing looking at Hannah’s naked shavedcunt, giggling and pointing, much to her distress. Jeff stood there for amoment then went to the biggest boy, who was about eleven.”Do you want a feel of her?” he asked. The boy looked shocked.”Can you make her let me?” said the boy.”I can make her do anything that I want to” said Jeff proudly. “Hannah,put two fingers into your cunt and fuck yourself”.The boy looked amazed as Hannah did exactly as she was told.”Cor, can I really have a feel of her cunt?” the boy asked.”Yes, but be quick, we have something to do”.The boy stepped forward and grasped Hannah’s hand that was still fuckingher pussy. He pulled the hand away, noting the spunk on her fingers.”Has she just been fucked?” the boy asked.”Yes, she’s just been fucked by four cocks that spunked in her cunt andone fucked her arse less than an hour ago. Before that we fucked both hercunt and arse a couple of hours ago” said Jeff nonchalantly.The boy got down on his haunches to examine Hannah’s cunt beforereaching out and touching it, touching her lips, her clitoris beforefinally sinking two fingers deep inside her. He took his fingers out”God, she is full of spunk” the boy said.”Don’t worry, she’ll lick it off your fingers” said Jeff. The boypresented his fingers and Hannah obediently opened her mouth and suckedthem clean.Suddenly all the boys crowded around her, touching her pussy, feelingher tits through her tight top and all ramming various numbers of fingersinto her hairless soaking wet, spunk-filled pussy, then pulling them outand putting them in her mouth to lick them clean. The eldest boy had hishand inside Hannah’s blouse squeezing her nipples when Jeff said that theyhad to stop now because they were busy.The boys wandered off, very pleased with themselves.”Come on” said Jeff, pulling Hannah onto her feet and into the baitshop. Hannah was confused, why were they going into a bait shop. She soonfound out. At the back of the shop was a curtained-off area that said`tattoo parlour’.Jeff told her to sit down on a spare chair. She did so, remembering toopen her legs. Jeff went to the counter and spoke to the clerk,gesticulating to Hannah. The clerk was nodding his head and making notes.He turned the pad around and Jeff made some modifications to his notes. Then Jeff came back to where Hannah and Jimmy were sitting. The clerk wasbehind the desk ogling Hannah’s cunt.”Come with me” said Jeff. Hannah and Jimmy rose and followed him behindthe curtain. There was a big muscled guy in dirty jeans his bare hairy andtattooed chest covered with an open leather waistcoatJeff stood in front of Hannah to make it perfectly clear there was to beno discussion.”Strip off” he said. Hannah was dumbfounded.”What is going on?” she asked.”You are going to be tattooed” he said.”Oh no Jeff, please, why are you doing this?” she sobbed.”Because you are mine and I want anyone that sees my slut’s body to knowwho owns her, so just strip off now and do as I tell you or I walk out ofhere and out of your life, for ever”.Hannah could not bear the thought of losing her new lover, so she pulledher tight blouse over her head, releasing her huge tits, then unzipped thelittle suede skirt, letting it drop to the floor.The tattooist was impressed. He walked up to her and inspected hertits, weighed them in his big hands before feeling her cunt and her arse.He turned her all around before saying.”I can’t work on her with spunk running out of her cunt can I?” he said.Jeff turned to Hannah.”Hannah, get rid of the spunk” he said. Hannah looked around for atoilet. There wasn’t one. Hugely embarrassed she turned slightly awayfrom the tattooist and crouched before sticking her fingers into her pussyand scooping loads of spunk out and licking it off her fingers. She didthis about ten times before there was hardly any left, then Jeff made herwipe her thighs with her gypsy top until the tattooist was satisfied.He told her to lay on her back on a bench-like leather couch. Hecleaned a small area on the top of her pubic mound with alcohol and gotgoing with his tattoo gun, scarily close to her pussy. Hannah was tooscared to ask Jeff what was being tattooed on her, but it didn’t take longand it wasn’t very painful. Hannah dared to look down and saw that she hadbeen tattooed with “Jeff’s cunt” just above her clitoris.The tattooist moved away, done with his needle. He called Jeff to hisdesk and they talked for some minutes. Then Jeff nodded his headvigorously and the biker man grinned.They walked back to Hannah and the biker strapped her into the chair byher arms and legs so that she couldn’t move. Hannah was terrified; shethought she was going to be ****d. In fact, it was probably worse. Thebiker swabbed her right nipple and squeezed it until it was hard, then hequickly applied some special pliers to it that made a hole. He inserted asilver ring. Hannah was shocked into silence. She had no idea whereJeff’s control over her was going. Her pussy was throbbing with thethought of her being permanently marked as Jeff’s property and now shewould be bearing his jewellery too. The biker quickly did her other nippleand Hannah assumed she was done.When the biker squeezed her clitoris Hannah screamed.”No, Jeff, not down there it’s too much. It will hurt””Be quiet Hannah” Jeff said “or I’ll get him to put a gag on you. It’smy cunt and I want to dress it up.Dress it up they did. They put 3 rings in each of her big pussy lipsthen a small ring through her clitoral hood. They joined the rings with asmall silver chain which dangled onto her inner lips as she lay on thetable. She couldn’t see it but the clit ring was perfectly positioned sothat her clit was forced out of its hood. From that day on Hannah’sclitoris would be in a constant state of arousal. She just didn’t know ityet.When the work was done the restraints were removed and Hannah was helpeddown from the table. The biker said something to Jeff. Jeff turned toHannah.”We have to pay the man for all the nice work he has done for youHannah. I told him I don’t have any money but he said he just wants to fuckyou and we’ll be even”. Hannah didn’t know what to say. It was pointlesstelling Jeff she would pay for her own mutilation because it was clear nowthat he wanted to see her being fucked by the big muscled guy.While Jeff was talking the biker had stripped off his clothes and hestood there in front of her with a massive erection. He walked over to herand gently stroked all around her nipple rings. The sensations wereabsolutely incredible. Hannah didn’t realise how much more sensitive therings would make her nipples. She almost came and he had only stroked theend of both nipples. She could feel the wetness in her pussy as her juicesstarted flowing.The tattooist lifted her up and laid her back on the leather couch. Headjusted the height of it so that her pussy was perfectly lined up for hishuge hairy cock. He lifted and held her legs apart and leant forward andgently blew on her clitoris. She was so close to cumming she couldn’tstand it. She wanted him to squeeze her clitoris hard and take her overthe edge. Instead he stroked his cock and pushed it against her wet pussylips. They just slid aside allowing him access to her soaking vagina. Hiscock just kept going into her until she felt completely stuffed. Then hepushed more cock into her until she finally felt his pubic hair brushingher exposed clitoris. She squeezed her pussy muscles. The feeling in herclitoris was nearly unbearable she needed an orgasm she was so fucking hot.The tattooist started to pump his big cock in an out of her pussy. Hannah was in a different world. She had never had such a big cock in herpussy and the feelings from the rings were a completely new experience.He fucked her hard for about 10 minutes. She had two orgasms, squeezinghis cock trying to get him to cum in her starving pussy. When he did cumshe was stunned. His cock expanded and exploded inside her. She feltgallons of his spunk spraying inside her. When he stopped pulsating hebegan to withdraw his huge member. She felt like she was being emptied shehad felt so full. His cock eventually flopped out of her pussy and helifted her off the bench so she didn’t make a mess on it.Good idea. The spunk was already escaping from her gaping pussy. Jeffsaw it and told her to do her party piece. She instantly knew what hemeant and crouched down and scooped the gooey mess out and licked it offher fingers. The tattooist was absolutely delighted. Especially when theshe came over to him, on Jeff’s instruction and kneeled down in front ofhim to suck clean his dirty cock.Jeff then gave her the suede skirt and gypsy top and told her to getdressed. The new nipple rings were plainly visible under her top and therubbing of the cotton made her nipples even more sensitive than they hadbeen before. She was allowed to cover her pussy with the suede skirt. Just.Then they left, with the tattooist shaking hands vigorously with Jeff,inviting him to bring any of his women for him to work on.Hannah walked away from the bait shop just hoping that after all she hadbeen through that she would be the only slut Jeff needed, or wanted.They walked back to the car and she asked Jeff where she should driveto.”Well. As you are the only one that has had anything to eat, I think weshould go to a restaurant. There is one a couple of miles along the road.Let’s go!”Hannah had only eaten spunk since breakfast so she was seriously hungryherself. She was a little doubtful about her attire in a restaurant butshe knew that as Jeff’s slut he would do what he wanted anyway regardlessof her views.She put the car into gear and started to drive off. Jeff slapped herthigh. She had already forgotten that she had to have her legs open widewhenever she had clothes on. Quickly she spread her legs, once morepushing her little skirt high up her thighs. She looked down and saw theintricate rings and chains looping through her labia and up to herclitoris. She could see her clitoris poking out through its hood. Hernipples were fully erect and the outline of her new nipple rings could beseen through her top. She felt like the complete slut that she was. Itmade her gasp with excitement.She drove away, off to the restaurant with her young lover and his bestfriend.The tattooist had recommended eating on the deck of the restaurant justa couple of miles down the road. He said there was a big biker communityand that they would be well received and looked after.Hannah drove the car, remembering to keep her legs wide apart. This waseasier since she had the rings fitted.They were ushered onto the deck outside the back of this restaurantlooking over the lake. Hannah behaved impeccably by settling herself intoher chair and spreading her legs as wide as she could. The body heat fromthe new rings was incredible. The clitoris ring was just driving her mad,there was no way she could keep her thighs closed.Hannah’s pussy was completely on show, her lips were wet and stuck toher thighs, the thin chain glinting in the sunshine. She looked down andcould see her clitoris poking out from its little hood. She looked up tosee a waiter standing over her, apparently admiring her vaginal jewellery.Hannah knew better than to close her legs; instead she leant back on thechair so her pussy was even more exposed. Eventually the waiter emergedfrom his trance and gave them menus; took drink orders and, with a lastglance at the pretty pussy on display he went back to his station to enterthe drinks order.Hannah looked lovingly at Jeff who leant over and gave her a passionatekiss. As they kissed he gently stroked her swollen clitoris. Hannah wasready to come again and was breathing heavily and murmuring into Jeff’smouth. Jimmy was watching and began feeling very aroused at their display.He leant over and began to stroke Hannah’s left nipple. Hannah gasped asshe felt his stroke on her nipple go straight to her clitoris.The middle-aged woman being fondled by two very young men attractedquite some interest amongst the biker community that was spread across thelarge deck area. Soon a young woman came over to their table and lookedover Jimmy’s shoulder and saw that Jeff was stroking her ringed clitoris.She didn’t say anything and went back to her group at a large table. Herreport generated further interest with most people on the table eitherturning their heads or craning their necks to see the wanton slut beingfondled.Jeff and Hannah broke off the kiss and Hannah sat there breathingheavily, her pussy throbbing with desire. Jimmy too sat back and justadmired Hannah’s jewellery, somewhat mesmerised by all that had happenedalready today. It wasn’t to end though because a huge biker came over fromthe table that had been observing them. He sat down in the spare chair;leant back and lit a cigarette before saying to Jeff. “That’s mightypretty jewellery your woman’s wearing young man”. Jeff smiled and said”Yes, the guy in the back of the bait shop just did it for me”. “For you?”said the biker. “Yes” said Jeff “She’s mine; well, she gave herself to meand I was just marking out my territory”. “How do the rings mark out yourterritory?” the biker queried. “Oh, not the rings, they were the idea ofthe tattooist” said Jeff. He turned to Hannah and told her to pull herskirt up to her waist. Hannah didn’t hesitate, this was a directinstruction. She quickly grabbed the hem of her suede skirt and pulled itall the way up. She had to lift her bottom to get it all the way up to herwaist. She sat back down on the wooden chair with nothing between thechair and her. The biker read the message and smiled. He leant over andslapped Jeff on the back and told him he was really smart. Then has askedif his ownership might involve some sharing?Now it was Jeff’s turn to beam. “Well, I’ve shared her and her cuntwith a few people, she pretends she doesn’t like it but she comes like atrain when she is being fucked when I tell her to”.”That’s good” said the biker, “because a train is just what I had inmind!”Jeff didn’t understand. He just nodded as if in agreement and the bikergrinned again, shook Jeff by the hand and went back to his table.Hannah was petrified. She thought she knew what a train was. She leantover to Jeff and begged that they just finished their drinks and left. Shetried to explain but Jeff told her to be quiet, she was his to do what hewanted with and unless she wanted to be fucked by a dog right now sheshould sit quietly and keep her legs open. Hannah realised that the act ofleaning over to remonstrate with Jeff had caused her knees to close. Shequickly leant back in the chair and spread her thighs wide.Jeff passed her a menu and they all studied it. The waiter returnedwith their drinks and another to take their orders. This involved bothstanding over Hannah’s wide spread thighs and ogling her still-wet pussylips, stuck to her thighs and displaying the pink inside flesh of herlabia.Very soon the food arrived and the three began to eat. They were allpretty hungry and were concentrating on the plates in front of them sodidn’t notice the tattooist biker arrive and sit down with the bunch ofbikers on the table of the guy that had come and spoken to them. The girlswere still turning around and taking an interest in the 44 year old womanwith enormous 38DD tits and her legs lewdly splayed open to display theassortment of rings through her labia. They were fascinated that the womanseemed to be under the control of the young boys who couldn’t be older than14.The tattooist was obviously telling them all about his adventures withthe tattoo gun and the rings that morning and how the boy had made thewoman pay with her body. When he described how he had fucked her hard andthat she had come at least 3 times the girls gasped and the boys gave him acheer and one or two of them clapped him on the back. All the attentionwas on Hannah and the two boys now. Hannah must have felt the gaze becauseshe glanced up and recognised the tattooist and blushed bright red, sheonly just managed to stop herself from closing her legs as he was lookingdirectly into her pussy.Jeff looked over and followed the biker’s gaze down to Hannah’s pussy.He looked up and grinned. He stood up and grabbed Hannah by the hand. Shemeekly followed. Jeff stopped at a table between theirs and the bikers’.He turned Hannah around so that her back was facing them and began to kissher passionately. Hannah loved it and responded willingly. She could feelJeff’s hands on her back and felt them move down to her bottom. Shewriggled her naked mound against Jeff’s hardening cock, loving the feeling.Then she felt Jeff’s hands pulling her zip down and he began to push herskirt down her hips. Hannah knew she couldn’t stop him so she continued toabsorb herself in the passionate kissing. The skirt fell to the floor ofthe deck. She lifted each leg in turn and kicked the skirt away. Jeff’shands were on her bum cheeks now, gently squeezing and caressing her as hekissed her. He moved his hand around to the front. She gasped into hismouth as his finger brushed over her sensitive clitoris and pushed betweenher pussy lips. He moved his hands and pushed her thighs apart. Hecontinued kissing her as he gently fingered her pussy and stroked herclitoris. The bikers could see the silver chain glinting in the sun asJeff continued to finger the willing woman.She felt Jeff’s hands come back to her waist before gently sliding upunder her Gypsy top and stroking her big breasts, running his hand over hersensitive nipples and gently tugging the rings through them. Jeff’s handsslid back to her waist and she felt him lift the hem of her blouse and hepulled it up to her shoulders before releasing her mouth and telling her tolift her arms up. She did as he said and he slid the blouse off over herhead and dropped it to the floor on her skirt. Hannah was naked now butcould only see Jeff’s face as he kissed her, guessing that everyone on thedeck was looking at her naked form.Jeff lifted his mouth from hers and told her to close her eyes. Hebegan to kiss her neck and stroke her back then very gently he turned heraround. He kissed her neck and stroked her body he whispered to her tospread her legs as he caressed her tits from behind pushing her big tits uptogether showing them off to the gathering crowd. Even the waiters werestanding and staring at the naked woman being groped in front of them. Jeff’s hands worked down her body before sliding between her thighs. Hepulled the chain on her rings which extended her big pussy lips. Then hisfinger slipped into her vagina and began to masturbate her gently. Hannahjust relaxed herself and leant back on Jeff’s chest and let him do whateverhe wanted with her. She kept her eyes closed although she was fully awareof the audience that must be watching her naked body with her jewellery andher new tattoo. Jeff’s cunt it said and that’s what she was. Just aslutty cunt that would do whatever her young lover told her too.Jeff turned her around to face him before turning them both sideways andpushed her backwards until she felt an edge of a table against her arse. Jeff continued pushing and she allowed herself to be laid on the surface ofthe table with her legs dangling. Jeff lifted her legs from the knees andspread them wide displaying her pussy to the whole deck. He parted herpussy lips and began to stroke her inside with his fingers again. Hannahkept her eyes closed and sighed with the pleasure of the feel of Jeff’sfingers. With his other hand Jeff lowered his zip and pulled out his hardcock then he held Hannah’s lips open and slid his cock in to her tightcunt. Hannah gasped. She was being fucked in a public place in front of acrowd of horny bikers! Still, her body responded to Jeff’s stimulation andshe wrapped her legs around his back and gripped the table edge with herhands so that she moved less and got more of his cock inside her. Jefffucked her hard and fast and soon spunked inside her. As he pulled hiscock out of her Hannah began to lower her legs. Jeff told her to staythere and keep her eyes closed. Hannah wondered what she looked like lyingthere with her legs wide apart, freshly fucked with spunk beginning todribble out of her cunt. Jeff told her to stick two fingers inside hercunt and spread them open. She knew better than to argue with Jeff, so shedid as she was told. She immediately felt Jeff’s spunk running out of hercunt, down the crack of her arse and onto the table top underneath her.Jeff signalled one of the bikers and the man approached. He had alreadyguessed what he was being offered and he was already unzipping his pants ashe walked over to Jeff grinning from ear to ear. He slapped Jeff on theback and turned his attention to Hannah and her splayed legs and gapingcunt.Hannah flinched as his cock parted her pussy lips. She held tight tothe table as the cock pushed further and further inside her. She knew itcouldn’t be Jeff, and it was too big and fat to be Jimmy’s. She wanted toopen her eyes and see who was violating her but she dared not anger Jeff ashe might keep his promise and walk out of her life. She couldn’t bear thethought, so she kept her eyes tightly shut. Jeff stood next to her andwatched the guy fuck his woman. He casually played with the rings onHannah’s nipples as he watched the big cock slide in and out of her. Heleant forward and kissed her gently and told her what a good girl she was.Hannah preened under his compliments and was so turned on by him that shebegan to push back against the big cock making the fuck a lot better forthe man as he felt her responding to him.Jeff looked over at the table of bikers and then at the watchingwaiters. He smiled and made a decision. He walked over to the table andbeckoned to the waiters. They walked over to him, eager to find out whathe wanted. Jeff quietly told them that he had decided that anyone thatwanted to fuck Hannah would be able to and asked who was interested. Allwanted to except one guy that was sitting holding hands with a pretty girlin her leathers. Jeff suspected that if she hadn’t been there he wouldhave been as eager as the others. Having established that Hannah was goingto be fucked by 10 more men Jeff told them that they would have to fuck herin order of cock size, smallest first so that Hannah would still be able tofeel the fuck of each man. The guys were keen enough and each took out hiscock and Jeff told them which sequence and they all went and lined upbehind the guy that was still fucking Hannah. As they approached he lookedaround and saw them and gave a smile. He looked at Jeff and told him whata great fuck his girlfriend was as he started to pump his spunk intoHannah’s cunt.As he withdrew his spent cock Hannah could feel the spunk flowing out ofher cunt, dribbling over her arsehole and forming a puddle where her bodymet the table. She kept her legs up and open and her eyes shut tight. Once again Jeff told her to stick two fingers into her cunt and spreadhthem wide and she knew that Jeff was making sure her cunt wasn’t too sloppyto fuck. She felt the spunk oozing out onto the table. She was sure nowthat she knew what a train was and realised she was on it, or rather wasit. Her fears were confirmed when she felt another, slightly smaller cockpush its way between her puffy cunt lips. This guy was more hands on. Hewas spreading her pussy lips and pulling her chains as he fucked her. Thenshe felt his thumb on her exposed clitoris. She came straightaway andhoped he wouldn’t keep touching her there. The guy felt the pulses of herorgasm on his cock and focussed his attention on ramming his cock into hertight cunt. Her cunt muscles did the trick and the guy couldn’t controlhis orgasm. He just made one final push into her so he could leave hisspunk as deep inside her as possible before he began his withdrawal.The continual fucking was having its effect on Hannah’s cunt muscles. Her cunt was no longer fully closing when the men took their cocks out. This time the spunk came out in a torrent and she could feel it spreadingacross her arse on the table top. The next guy that she felt spreading herlips had a bigger cock but as he pushed it in her cunt was squelching withthe previous spunk still inside her. The guy didn’t say anything; hestroked his cock in and out of her a few times before withdrawingcompletely. He held his cock in his hand and lowered it a few millimetresbefore plunging it into her arse. Hannah jumped as his cock bottomed outin her arse. She wanted to open her eyes and scream at the guy to get hiscock the fuck out of her arse. Instead she lay there and let him strokehis big cock in and out of her arse, hoping that Jeff had seen what hadhappened and either stop him, or making sure it didn’t happen again. Jeffhad indeed seen what happened and it just made his cock get a bit harder.He said and did nothing. He had long decided that Hannah was going to befucked anyway these guys wanted her.Hannah had little experience with being arse-fucked. In fact before shehad given herself to Jeff her arse had never been violated. She tried torelax her rectal muscles as much as she could but her passage was so tightthe guy didn’t last very long before he filled her back passage with hisjism and slowly pulled his cock out of her.As soon as she felt the next cock bottom out in her cunt she knew it wasthe tattooist. His cock was exceptionally ridged and she just had to gripit with her pussy muscles it felt so damn good. She felt herself comingagain as he fucked her hard. She felt herself being moved across to theedge of the table and her head had no further support. She was so close tocoming she just let her head hang off the side of the table. She openedher mouth to gasp with the strength of the orgasm only to find it filledwith a cock.That set the tone for the next 30 minutes as Hannah was double-fucked inher cunt and mouth or arse and mouth. She didn’t know how many cocks hadcome inside her she was soaked in spunk. She could feel the men scoopingit from the rivers running out of her cunt and smearing it across herstomach and her tits. The slight breeze across the deck made her nippleshard as the spunk dried on them.Eventually none of the men could get it up again and they drifted awayleaving Hannah lying in a pool of spunk. Jeff came to her side and toldher to open her eyes. When she did he was smiling down at her. She askedhim if he had fucked her too. When he said no he had just watched sheasked him if he would fuck her now to finish off her train. Jeff took hiscock out of his pants and put it in her mouth so he could suck on it untilit was hard as a rock then he moved down and slid into her soaked cunt andstarted to fuck her. She turned her head and beckoned Jimmy over to her.She unzipped his trousers and took out his long thin cock and pulled him toher. She told them that she wanted the two boys that meant most to her tofinish her first train. The boys soon got a rhythm going with Jeff pullinghis cock almost completely out of her cunt as Jimmy’s cock slid all the waydown her throat. As they got nearer to their climax they were fucking hercunt and her mouth harder and harder. Hannah was squeezing her tits andpulling the rings through her nipples in her passion. She came yet againas the two boys came together one deep inside her cunt and one just insideher mouth. As they withdrew their cocks they helped her sit up and shesmiled and showed Jimmy his spunk on her tongue before she swallowed it.Shakily she climbed down from the table. She looked down at her bodyand saw that she was completely covered in spunk. It was dribbling downher thighs. She looked over at Jeff who was stood a couple of feet away.He was very impressed with the way she had dealt with being obedient to himand was smiling at her. She smiled back and saw Jeff look down at her cuntand nod. She knew what he wanted. She sat down on the bench of the tableand spread her legs wide. She pushed her two fingers into her cunt andbegan to scoop the spunk out of it and lick it off her fingers. When shehad done Jeff bent down and picked up her blouse and skirt and handed themto her. She put them on and they walked back across the deck and throughthe restaurant towards the car park. As they walked through the restaurantthe staff were standing in a line like a guard of honour and they clappedtheir hands and whistled as the proud woman took her two boys out to hercar. She felt like a million dollars knowing that Jeff was proud of herwillingness to do anything he asked of her.Hannah drove home in silence, still a bit stunned but aware enough toremember to keep her legs spread wide open so that Jeff could look at herpussy. She pulled into the kerb outside her house and they all walked inthrough the front door. Hannah, on autopilot, stripped off her clothes andturned to the boys, wondering if they wanted more sex. She could feel herpussy pulsing with desire just looking at Jeff even though she had beenfucked more than 20 times already today.Jeff took her in his arms and kissed her and stroked her tits and herarse. She could feel his cock growing in his trousers and she was veryimpressed. She brought her hand down and cupped his balls through histrousers before unzipping him and getting his cock out. She sank to herknees and took him in her mouth, eager to suck his hard cock. Jimmy cameround behind her and started stroking her wet cunt lips. As soon as hisfinger touched her clitoris she wanted to come again. She controlled it byfocussing on deep-throating Jeff’s big cock. She spread her knees to letJimmy know that her cunt was available to him. Jeff watched as Jimmyquickly stripped off his clothes and knelt behind the willing woman. Herammed his cock deep into her cunt pushing Jeff’s cock further down herthroat with his thrust. Hannah was in ecstasy. Her Jeff was fucking herthroat and his friend Jimmy was using her cunt. She had given herself toJeff and he was making good use of her and her charms. Her ministrationshad the desired effect and both boys came very quickly. Jeff managed topull his cock almost out of her mouth to leave his deposit on her tonguethen indicated that Jimmy should do the same. Jimmy waited until he wasabout to come then pulled his cock out and patted her arse to tell her toscoot her body round. She didn’t need to be told to open her mouth. Sheopened it to show Jimmy Jeff’s spunk on her tongue, then she gentlymasturbated Jimmy’s long thin cock until she could feel the sap rising andshe pointed it into her mouth as he began to ejaculate. When he hadfinished she licked the end of his cock and showed both boys the hugeamount of goo in her mouth and waited for permission to swallow it.Hannah was still kneeling on the floor as Jeff put his cock away andJimmy quickly got dressed. They left together, promising to be back soonand warning her to keep her cunt hot and wet. No problem thought Hannah asshe stood in the doorway waving them goodbye, feeling the light breeze onher naked body and the trickle of spunk running down her inner thigh. Musthave missed that bit she smiled to herself as she ran her finger up fromher knee to her pussy lips to capture the leaking spunk before licking itoff her fingers.What a superb day she thought to herself.After a long, hot shower Hannah had removed all the accumulated spunkfrom her body. She wandered around the empty house and could think ofnothing but the throbbing in her cunt. She gave up trying to ignore it. She poured herself a glass of wine and sat in her favourite armchair. Therampant rabbit was standing on the table next to the chair. She threw herlegs over the chair arms and put the rabbit on low, gently teasing herpussy lips and sipping the chilled wine. As she got hotter she began topress the rabbit head through her puffy lips and drew it up until it wasvery nearly on her clitoris. She could feel the vibrations and nearly hada clitoral orgasm without even touching it. She began to breath heavierand she turned the rabbit on high and thrust it deep into her cuntsqueezing it hard with her cunt muscles. She let the rabbit ears touch herexposed clitoris and came immediately. She held the rabbit hard againsther clit and turned the rotation on feeling the pulsing deep inside herwell-used cunt. She squeezed her cunt muscles on the rabbit and came hard.She was exhausted. She turned the rabbit off and went to sleep with herlegs still over the arms of the chair and the rabbit still deep inside her.Hannah woke up Sunday morning still on the armchair. She gently pulledthe rabbit out of her dry pussy. She remembered the fucking she hadyesterday when the boys had pulled a train, and she had been the train. The pain in her pussy lips was incredible. The painkillers had worn offand the new rings clearly had some healing to do. Even the rings throughher nipples were throbbing and Hannah knew that she wasn’t going to enjoypenetrative sex today.When Jeff turned up later that morning he found her naked as commanded.He kissed her and ran his hand across her ringed nipple. She jumped a mileand told the boy about her pain.Jeff hadn’t even thought of pain güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri when he had agreed to put the rings inher nipples, clitoris and labia. He was mortified that he couldn’t fuckhis slut, but she coaxed him to sit down and gave him an excellent blowjob. She showed off by keeping all his spunk in her mouth until he gave herpermission to swallow, then purposely licked her lips with her semencovered tongue before swallowing the huge load.Hannah told Jeff that if he wanted to bring, or send, Jimmy over thatshe would suck his cock too, but Jeff said that Jimmy was visitingrelatives out of town and wouldn’t be back until late that night.Jeff sat around for a while gazing lustfully at Hannah’s naked body,then decided he would go back to his house and finish his homework readyfor school the next day.Hannah bathed her rings in antiseptic and did some gardening, makingsure that she didn’t close her legs so the pain in her labia didn’t geteven worse.She was glad when it was bed-time. She bathed the rings again andslipped into bed making sure not to touch herself. She laid on her backwith her legs as wide apart as possible and was quickly asleep.The next morning was work, as usual. Hannah got up and showered, veryconscious of the silver rings in her nipples and labia as she washedherself. The rings in her nipples were much less of a distraction, untilshe tried to put a bra on. It was impossible. She quickly changedapproaches and put a loose dress on. She no longer had any knickers sothat wasn’t a decision to be made. She had a bite to eat for breakfastthen headed off to the car park to drive to work. Then she noticed theclitoral ring. The ring was stopping her clitoris from hiding in itsshroud. Instead it was sticking out and rubbing on whatever clothes shehad on. She hadn’t really noticed it the day before because of thepainkillers and the tight skirt more or less kept the material away fromher clit. Then she had been naked for most of the afternoon while Jeff andthe other men had fucked her, then she had her legs wide open in the carand as soon as she came into the house she had stripped off as she had beentold to.Now though, the fabric of her dress was stroking her clitoris. It wasfantastic. Probably not what she needed on the way to the office, but itwas fantastic. Her nipples were erect (she was braless) and her pussy wasthrobbing. She jumped into the car and immediately pulled her dress up toexpose her horny pussy. She managed to get the car moving before thrustingher fingers into her pussy.She smashed her fingers into her pussy and the new ring, bringingherself to a completely new-feeling orgasm as the exposed clitoris enduredthe manual assault. Then when she arrived at the office she had to use therabbit as she had been instructed to. She retrieved it from her handbagand pulled her dress up to her waist as instructed by Jeff. She put thelittle machine on low and gently rubbed her pussy lips until she wasbeginning to breath heavy. She had closed her eyes, knowing she wasn’tallowed to stop even if someone was watching through the window so shepreferred not to know. As the orgasm got closer she turned the rabbit onhigh and risked stroking it across her sensitive clitoris. The effect waselectric. She came immediately with a huge clitoral orgasm. She dutifullykept her legs open until the spasms had stopped before licking the rabbitclean and putting it in the glove compartment and pulling her dress down.Hannah’s legs were shaking as she got out of the car. She walked intoreception and saw Jeff standing there. She nearly wet herself. She justnodded to the fire exit and Jeff began to walk that way. She followed himwith her knees trembling. She hadn’t had any sex at all the whole dayyesterday, after being fucked at least 20 times the day before, and she hadbeen getting fucked regularly since she gave her body to Jeff. Having justhad an enormous clitoral orgasm she really wanted her pussy filled and tobe fucked by her young lover.She found him in the fire exit passageway. He turned to her and alreadyhad his big cock out in his hand. She dropped to her knees and started tosuck it hard. He pulled her up and turned her around, forcing her to herknees, throwing her dress up over her back and exposing her naked pussy. His rigid cock just slipped into her wet and horny pussy. Jeff began tofuck her hard and fast, his fantastic cock making her feel wonderful, shewas so hot.Neither of them heard the fire escape door open. The blue uniformedguard stood in front of Hannah. She looked up beyond his shiny shoes andpressed trousers. Jeff still was pumping his cock into her cunt (he hadhis eyes closed). Hannah tried to warn Jeff by squeezing his cock but thatdidn’t work.The security guard smiled at her and took his big cock out of histrousers and put it on her lips. Being well trained, Hannah opened hermouth and accepted the big cock. Jeff continued to fuck, completelyunaware that Hannah was now being fucked from both ends.Hannah was a master of cock-sucking and managed to get the securityguard to fill her mouth with his spunk before Jeff even knew he was there.The uniformed guard just did up his trousers, gave Hannah a “you are aslut” wink and walked through the door.When Jeff spunked a gallon of spunk inside her a few minutes laterHannah couldn’t bring herself to tell him about the security guard.She stood up and asked him if he wanted her to eat his spunk (as well).Jeff was in an imaginative mood. He made her eat a load of his spunk, thenhe stopped her just as she was about to lick it from her fingers and madeher rub it around her cunt. He made her do that with all the remainingspunk.”See you at home, slut” he said as he departed. Hannah buttoned up herdress and licked her fingers.Hannah had a brilliant day with the smell of Jeff’s spunk wafting upinside her loose dress and up to her nose. Several times she nipped out tothe ladies to freshen it up with her pussy juices obtained from a quickmasturbated orgasm.Just before lunch the mail-room man arrived with a parcel addressed toher “private and confidential”. She waited until the man had left beforeeagerly opening the package, wondering what it could be. Inside thewrapping was a small box and a note. The note was from Jeff. It was shortand to the point. “Use all the time unless I tell you not to. Jx”. Sheopened the little box and inside was a pair of silver benwa balls. Shenearly gasped. She had never used these before but had heard tales aboutthem. She quickly left her desk and took the box to the ladies. Shedecided that she had better make sure there was enough room in her pussyfirst so she masturbated herself to a very quick climax before slipping thetwo linked balls inside her very wet and slippery pussy. She then walkedcalmly back to her desk, not really noticing very much at all happeningwith the love balls. However, when she had to go downstairs for a meetingshe became very well aware of them. It seemed that each step she tookcaused the balls to caress the inside of her pussy. They continually movedabout and changed positions so that by the time she got to the meeting roomshe was quite flustered. All through the meeting she couldn’t think ofanything else but the fantastic feeling in her pussy the balls gave her. After the meeting she went back to her cubicle, only this time she focusedon really swinging her hips and putting one foot in front of the other asif on the catwalk. This had the dual effect of making the balls move moreinside her as well as making the loose dress rub on her clitoris and nipplerings.Even walking to her car in the car park later was ecstasy. She had tostop once to stop herself going over the top and having a very publicorgasm in the car park. She jumped in the car opened her legs wide (asinstructed) and pulled her dress up to her waist (as instructed). This wasquite easy as she just undid the bottom few buttons and the dress fell awayleaving her pussy, and its rings, fully exposed to anyone that was in aposition to look. She managed to keep her fingers out of her pussy, whichis just as well as she was stuck at traffic lights with a bus load ofcommuters looking down at her. She was brave enough to look up and smilewithout closing her legs or pulling her dress over to cover her pussy.It only took 15 minutes or so to get home but she could smell thearousal emanating from between her legs. The episode with the bus hadexcited her enormously. She walked into the house and quickly stripped offher dress and hung it on the hook next to the door in case anyone otherthan Jeff, or Jimmy, rang the bell. As she hung it up she noticed anenvelope on the mat. She picked it up and found another note from Jeff. “Take the balls out. Don’t wash your cunt. Use the rabbit until I getthere. Don’t come. Jx.” Hannah ran into her bedroom, almost forgettingabout the benwa effect but quickly remembering as she felt the stimulation.She sat on the side of the bed and pulled the little string hanging out ofher pussy that was attached to the balls. Her pussy was sodden and theballs slipped out easily. She walked into the bathroom and quickly rinsedthem off and put them back in their box.Hannah went into the lounge ready to assume the position with the rabbitas Jeff had told her to. Then she remembered it was still in the car’sglove compartment. She went to the door with her key; took the dress offthe hook and slipped it on. She was feeling brave and decided not to doany buttons up. She knew that if she ran into Jeff or Jimmy they would bepleased with her. She also knew that it wouldn’t be good form to be seenholding the sides of the dress together either, so she allowed thelooseness of the dress and the size of her tits to keep the two partstogether. This worked OK until she was almost at the car when an almightygust of wind lifted the dress like a sail until it was as high as hershoulders. Everyone driving past had a perfect view of her huge tits anddecorated pussy. Hannah could feel the blush rising from her breasts overher face. She was hoping no one that had seen her actually knew her. Notfeeling brave any more she quickly grabbed the dress down and did onebutton up just under her tits. She retrieved the rabbit from the glovecompartment, only then realising she had nothing to cover it with. So, shewalked back to the house with her arms by her sides hoping that no onewould notice the bright pink rampant rabbit in her hand. Fate had yetanother embarrassment for her before she was inside the house. As shefumbled with her key the wind once again lifted the back of her dressexposing her bottom just as her nosy neighbour walked up the path to hishouse next door. She was grateful that he hadn’t been walking along theroad when she had flashed her complete body to the world, then she realisedshe didn’t actually know whether he had been. Nor was she sure that hehadn’t seen her clutching the rabbit.Still burning with the self-inflicted humiliation of showing off herwhole body to the street Hannah slipped off her dress and put it back onthe hook. She went into the lounge and threw herself on her favouritearmchair and swung her legs over its arms; sliding her arse down until itwas at the edge of the seat totally exposing her full pussy and all itsrings and chains. Hannah had only been playing with the rabbit for a fewmoments when the doorbell range. She looked at the clock and decided itwas a bit early for Jeff but just in case she opened the door naked and hidbehind it. It was the nosy neighbour. Hannah began to wonder if he hadmade a peep hole in the fence to spy on her as he seemed to disturb herwhen she was masturbating. Then she thought she masturbated so much it wasprobably a complete coincidence. He asked if he could come in to talk toher. Hannah said that he couldn’t because she was just on her way to theshower and was naked. He smirked and said he didn’t mind if she was naked.Hannah said that she did and he would have to talk to her another time. She closed the door and turned back towards the lounge to see her starknaked full frontal framed in the floor to ceiling mirror behind her door.She realised that the nosy neighbour was ogling her rear view while she wastalking to him. She vowed to be more careful next time.She poured herself a glass of wine and went back into the lounge, spreadher legs over the chair and got busy with the rabbit. She remembered herinstructions not to cum and found it very difficult to stop herself justgoing over the point of no return. She decided it would be best to try toavoid her lips and clitoris, especially since her clitoris was now sosensitive, and so she rammed the rabbit into her hot, wet pussy andconcentrated on finding her G-spot. She couldn’t remember how long sheplayed with herself. She entered a dream-like state where the only thingthat mattered was the rabbit and her pussy, and that was how Jeff found herwhen he slipped through her side gate and through the patio windows. Hismovement caught her attention and she snapped out of the trance she was in.She moved to take the rabbit out of her pussy to greet him but Jeff toldher to stay where she was. She laid back on the armchair, wondering howlewd she looked with the rabbit sticking out of her pussy.Jeff came over, leant down and kissed her passionately. She kissed himback and tried to get to his trouser zip to grab his cock. Jeff sniggeredinto her mouth and told her to behave herself because he had plans for hercunt tonight. Hannah was immediately intrigued and begged him to tell herwhat was planned. Jeff told her to be patient and he sat down next to herand took over playing with the rabbit while she laid back and closed hereyes, pleased that her lover was using her body. After about 15 minutesthe door bell rang. Hannah began to move to answer it but Jeff told her tostay where she was and to hold the rabbit for him until he came back.Hannah was expecting it to be Jimmy at the door as Jeff had been sharingher body with him for a little while now, so she was shocked when two youngboys walked in. Hannah started to move but Jeff’s stern voice soon put astop to that. He told her to continue as she had been instructed, and thatthe two boys were cousins of his that were 12 and 13 and needed to learnabout sex, and what better than a willing older woman? Hannah smiled andtold him that when she had given him her body she had meant it and that shewould be delighted to teach the youngsters all she knew. Jeff said that hewas glad but that he would be doing the teaching and she would be doing asshe was told. Hannah smiled again, pleased that he was taking theinitiative and being domineering. She loved being told what to do,especially when there were consequences as there were at the restaurant atthe weekend when she had been fucked more than 20 times by many differentmen under Jeff’s direction.Hannah asked Jeff what he wanted her to do. She said she was desperateto cum and asked if she could finish herself off with the vibrator. Jeffthought it would be a good idea for the boys to see how an orgasm affects awoman so he told Hannah that she could finish herself off, but that shefirst had to thrust the rabbit energetically into her cunt to bring on avaginal orgasm and then she could tease the clitoris with the rabbit forthe clitoral orgasm. Jeff knew that Hannah really wanted to do it theother way round because a clitoral orgasm always left her desperate for acock. But she knew that Jeff was in charge and did as he asked. As shefucked herself hard with the rabbit Jeff gave instructions and describedwhat was happening to the two boys. Jeff told her to make the strokes longand the boys could see the rabbit come nearly out of Hannah’s cunt beforeshe thrust it back in to the hilt. They marvelled at the capacity of hercunt for the huge rabbit. Then Jeff made her take it out of her cunt andput it up her arse so that the boys could see that fucking was more thanjust about cunts. Hannah didn’t like anal sex but she would do anythingfor Jeff and she simply slid the rabbit out of one orifice and slid itstraight into the other pushing it all the way in before beginning to fuckher arse with it. Jeff only let her do a few strokes, he was moreinterested in his plan for the evening. He told her to return it to hercunt and to get a move on. Hannah loved it when he called it her cunt. She had been shocked when he first used the word as he looks so young andinnocent but hearing him tell her to fuck her cunt hard really turned heron. She soon came and the boys were mesmerised seeing her body spasm asshe did so. As soon as she stopped having spasms she removed the rabbitfrom her cunt and moved it to her lips. Jeff leant forward and said thathe would conduct the demonstration and told her to put her arms behind herhead and close her eyes until he told her to open them again.Her clitoris was so sensitive that, had she been doing this herself, shewould have tried to keep away from it a bit. Jeff wasn’t having any ofthat. He turned the rabbit on high and after spreading her lips wide andsqueezing them between the rabbits moving parts to stretch them out hebegan to attack the clitoris with gusto. Hannah was soon writhing on thechair, desperate to use her arms to stop him as the waves of the orgasmflooded her body. She knew she must not move, but she moaned and moanedand told Jeff she was done.Jeff told her to keep her eyes closed because the boys were shy, but toget on the floor on her hands and knees for some fellatio. Hannah didn’tknow he even knew the word, but she willingly scooted off the chair and onto her hands and knees in front of it. Jeff rearranged her where he wantedher and told her to open her mouth. She knew it was Jeff’s cock as soon asit was in her mouth as Jeff told the boys how to face fuck a womanproperly. He gave Hannah explicit instructions of when to deep throat andwhen to lick around his balls, then when he was about to come he told hernot to swallow his spunk. She could feel his cock pulsing and knew he wasabout to blow, but he slid his cock almost out of her mouth and told her tostick her tongue out. As she did he started to come, depositing his stickywhite goo all over her tongue and mouth.The boys looked on fascinated. They were eager for a chance to try itfor themselves. Everyone in the school yard talked about nothing else buttheir sexual conquests and the two virgins were desperate to be able tojoin in. Jeff had them both take off their trousers and pants and sit onthe edge of a chair. Their cocks were already hard from watching Hannahsuck Jeff. The 13 year old even had some pubic hair sprouting around hisyoung manhood.Jeff helped Hannah over to the older one first. She pushed his legsapart and licked his thighs and his balls then licked his cock like an icelolly. Jeff explained to the boy that he was allowed to touch and talk. If there was anything specific that he wanted Hannah to do he only had toask and she would be willing to do it for him if Jeff told her to. The boyjust grinned and put his hands on Hannah’s head. He didn’t pull her oranything he just wanted to hold her. At this point Hannah moved over hiscock and opened her mouth and started to take it in. The boy could feelthe heat of her mouth on his young cock, then he felt her wonderful tongueswirling around the head of his cock before sucking his cock all the wayinto her mouth and even to the edge of her throat. The boy thought it wasthe most fantastic feeling he had ever felt. He was a bit disappointedthat his cock wasn’t big enough for Hannah to be able to swallow it likeshe did Jeff’s, but he was happy enough to feel her sucking on him. It wasthe lad’s first ever blowjob and he only lasted a couple of minutes beforehe told Hannah he was going to come. Jeff asked him if he wanted to seehis spunk in Hannah’s mouth like he had seen Jeff’s. Predictably the boysaid yes, so Hannah lifted her head off his cock and got down low so thetrajectory of his ejaculation would land on her tongue. As he came sheopened her mouth so that he could see his jism land on her tongue and fillthe bottom of her mouth. He was grinning from ear to ear as she swallowedhis spunk and licked her lips. It had all happened so quickly that hermouth wasn’t even tired like it got when she blew Jeff who could last muchlonger because he was so experienced and had such a lot of sex.Jeff said that Hannah would give the other boy a blowjob straight awayand he helped her shift sideways so that she could start her ministrationson the 12 year old cock. This boy was a lot smaller and completelyhairless. Jeff was wondering whether he was old enough to produce spunk,but even if he couldn’t it would still be a brilliant experience madepossible for him by his older cousin. Jeff was watching the 12 year old’sface as she first sucked his cock into her mouth. He was clearly lovingevery second.The older cousin was watching avidly, his cock hadn’t softened since hehad come in Hannah’s mouth, as Jeff looked over he could see his youngcousin gently stroking his pole while watching Hannah do her stuff. Jeffwas absently stroking Hannah’s cunt with two fingers, one inside her lipsand the other outside, just running them up and down and feeling thewetness of them. Jeff smiled as another idea came to him, he beckoned theolder cousin towards him and put him on his knees behind Hannah. He usedtwo fingers to open Hannah’s vagina wide enough that he could see insidethen he indicated to his young cousin to ram his cock inside her. Thecousin needed no second invitation. This would definitely rid him of hisvirginal status and he was eager to feel what it was like inside a realwoman like Hannah. As the cock rammed into her pussy Hannah thought itmust be Jeff getting inside her. She quickly realised it wasn’t when shefelt Jeff’s gentle touch on her nipples and could tell by the angle that hewas next to her and not behind her. There was only one other person in theroom and she was fairly surprised he could get it up again so soon. Shethen spent a few minutes trying to focus on the two cocks in her bodybefore the 12 year old boy came in her mouth with no warning. She justfelt him pulse and there it was, all over the inside of her mouth. Shegently licked the cock clean then lifted her head to show her young studhis output in her mouth. She felt Jeff’s hand stroking her nipples andpulling the rings and his other hand stroking her back, then the hand onher nipple slid up her body to her chin and gently closed her mouth,indicating for her to swallow the boy’s spunk.Now she could really get into the cock inside her pussy. She arched herback and pushed her pussy out and started to time her push backs with histhrusts so his cock was slamming in and out of her. Jeff saw her come andknew the boy wasn’t far behind. In fact he came within a minute, unable tocontrol himself once Hannah had started squeezing her cunt muscles on hisyoung cock. He withdrew and went back to the chair. Jeff looked at theyounger cousin quizzically – asking him if he wanted some too, as Hannahstayed where she was, her throbbing cunt in the air with spunk juststarting to run out of it down her thigh. The young boy was as eager ashis brother and quickly rammed his cock into Hannah’s cunt and started topump in and out as quickly as he could without letting it slip out. Hannahwas impressed by the energy and concentrated on squeezing his cock to makesure he came quickly. It didn’t take too long and the boy went rigid andrammed his cock into her while his spasms ejaculated his spunk inside her.He too pulled out quickly and went back to the chair and retrieved hisclothing. Hannah stayed on her knees hoping that Jeff would fuck her too.Instead, Jeff told her she could open her eyes, once the boys weredressed, and get up. As she was standing there she could feel that therewas loads of spunk still inside her, slowly escaping through the gapbetween her pussy lips. Jeff told her to clean herself up. The boys wereamazed to see her crouch down until her arse was almost touching thecarpet, then sticking two fingers in her cunt and scooping out their spunkand licking it off her fingers. When she couldn’t get any more spunk shebegged Jeff to fuck her and let her do it again with his spunk. She justloved the taste of her lover’s spunk.Jeff said no, he had to take the boys home but he would see her soon andshe would definitely be fucked.Hannah awoke refreshed the next morning, showered and shaved her cuntand made some breakfast. Her pussy was only slightly throbbing thismorning as she had only been fucked a few times yesterday. The thought ofthe two young boys she had sucked and fucked yesterday evening brought asmile to her face and a wetness to her pussy. As always, and as instructedby Jeff, Hannah was naked in the house so it was fairly easy to spread herlegs wide on the stool and stroke her horny pussy, gently pulling on thelittle chains that joined her labia rings. Hannah was desperate for Jeff’scock. Just the thought of it made her ram her fingers into her wet pussy.She sat there masturbating for a few minutes before realising that it wasjust going to make it worse if she came with her fingers because it wouldjust make her more desperate for a cock. She was too far gone now though.She leant back on the stool and opened her legs as wide as she could so shecould really fuck herself hard with her two fingers. Her palm slapping onher exposed clitoris quickly brought her to a dual vaginal/clitoral orgasmthat had her sweating and panting. Hannah seriously considered gettingback in the shower but there wasn’t enough time.She went into her bedroom and opened the closet. Jeff had been thereand left a skirt and top on a hanger directly inside with a scrawled note”wear this – nothing else”. Hannah picked up the hanger, took the clothesoff it and dropped them on the bed. It had been months since Hannah hadworn knickers and nearly as long since Jeff had mutilated every one of themand thrown them all away so there was no thought of wearing knickersanyway. But the skirt that Jeff had left out was scarily short. She put iton and looked at herself in the mirror. She was sure she could see herlips hanging below the hem of the skirt and when she turned around she wassure she could see the bottom of her arse cheeks. She tried to pull theskirt down but only managed to move it fractions because it was so tightaround her waist and hips. Then she moved on to the blouse. She put it onwithout a bra, of course, the instructions were to wear these and nothingelse, and returned to the mirror. The effect was sensational, the tightskirt and the tight blouse looked incredible. The blouse was a creamcolour with buttons up the front. Without a bra the buttons were seriouslystretched and she could see her cleavage above and below the necklinethrough the buttons. She could also see her nipple rings, her nipples werepermanently erect since they had been pierced. She walked down thecorridor and could feel the blouse rubbing her nipples as her 38DD breastsbounced in time with her steps. She was glad the skirt was so tight thatshe couldn’t feel the fabric rubbing on her exposed clitoris, which hadbeen a permanent problem since Jeff had taken her to have a ring putthrough her clitoris to stop it hiding in its shroud.Feeling very exposed Hannah walked to her car. She was wondering aboutthe traffic on the way to the office and hoping she didn’t get next to anybig trucks as whenever she sat down she had to spread her legs at least 12″apart as instructed by Jeff. In this skirt that meant a major display of”cunt jewellery” (as Jeff would have described it). Hannah reached hercar, unlocked it and sat in the driver’s seat, immediately spreading herthighs. She looked down and as suspected her whole pussy was on show asthe tight skirt rode up her thighs. She put the key in the ignition andlooked at the dashboard warning lights. There was a note in front of them.It was from Jeff, economical with his words as usual. It said “Take thebus. Stand up. Hold the strap. Keep your legs apart at all times, noexceptions. Jx”. Hannah sat there looking down at her exposed pussy. Take the bus! My god – everyone will see my pussy! The only up-side asfar as Hannah could see was that she wouldn’t have to masturbate with therabbit in the office car park before she left the car. That always had herworrying about showing off her charms to colleagues as Jeff made her pullher hem up to her waist while she masturbated until she climaxed. This wasbecause she couldn’t take the rabbit through the security screen withoutbeing embarrassed by the guard. Jeff had told her to keep it in her bag atall times in case he wanted her to use it. When she told him what hadhappened he gave her a choice of taking it into the office or using it inthe car beforehand. Hannah had chosen the latter.With a sigh Hannah took the key out of the ignition, grabbed her handbagand got out of the car. For a few minutes she stood there contemplatingreturning to the house and putting a raincoat over her skirt and blouse toprotect her modesty. She desperately wanted to do it but she desperatelydidn’t want Jeff to know that she had deliberately defied his instructions.The last time she baulked against an instruction Jeff had threatened towalk out of her life and that was unthinkable, she was totally in love withthe schoolboy, even though she was old enough to be his mother, maybe evengrandmother!Hannah walked to the bus stop, conscious that anyone walking behind hercould probably see the cheeks of her arse, and that anyone walking towardsher, if they could drag their eyes away from her nipple rings couldprobably see her pussy lips, or at least the silver rings and chains thatadorned them. Hannah just kept her head up and looked directly in front,ignoring the inquisitive looks from the men and the disapproving looks fromthe women she passed. She arrived at the bus stop and a bus came alongvery shortly afterwards so she wasn’t standing around long enough to beapproached. Thank goodness it wasn’t a double-decker! Hannah had beenterrified that she might have to negotiate the stairs on a bus in thisoutfit. Anyone sitting at the bottom of the stairs could not fail to seeher whole pussy as she climbed them. The bus was fairly full though, sositting wasn’t an option, especially as she had been told to stand. Shemoved up the aisle until she was behind another person standing, andanother standing person stood behind her. The bus pulled away and everyonestanding lurched backwards. Hannah could easily have held on to a seatrail but she had been instructed to hold a strap. She lifted her arm tograb the strap. She had also been instructed to stand with her legs apart.Legs apart for Jeff was minimum 12″, so Hannah dutifully spread her thighs.She looked down and gasped, with her arm up in the air her skirt was 2″shorter and she could see her pussy lips, rings and chains too. Hannahsteeled herself to ignore it and just looked directly in front. A coupleof stops later someone in front of her wanted to get off the bus. She wasstill holding the strap as she had been told, so had to turn her body sothe person could get past. This presented her pussy to the man on herright and her arse to the man that had been on her left. Unfortunatelythere was nowhere else on the bus to stand.Both men had noticed the attractive blonde with the big tits and thetiny skirt when she got on, but both had been reading their newspapersbefore they saw her cunt and arse, virtually at the same time. Hannah wasstood there staring into space when she felt a hand start to slide up herright leg. It stopped at her pussy lips and gently stroked. She wanted toclose her legs but she knew she mustn’t because Jeff would be asking herwhat had happened on her journey. She was even more shocked when she felta different hand slide up her left leg, also stopping at her pussy lips,but on the other side. This too began to stroke. Hannah stopped herselffrom squirming or moving in any way, or from looking at the men. The manon her right leg was now holding her right pussy lip and rubbing the ringstogether while he stroked her engorged clitoris. The man holding her leftleg had worked two fingers into her pussy and was rubbing up towards herG-spot. Hannah could feel herself getting turned-on by the attention thather pussy was receiving and was beginning to get hot. Standing there withher left side facing the direction of travel, two men m*****ing her pussyshe felt the man standing to her right slide his hand up inside the gap ofher blouse. Lifted by the act of raising her arm he had glanced down andseen the two men with their hands on her pussy and noticed the gap betweenthe tight blouse and skirt and just went for it. He seemed to guess thatshe would stand there and not say anything. His hands were soon cuppingHannah’s huge tits, weighing one, then weighing the other it seemed. Hannah didn’t look down, she knew that anyone looking at her would see theshape of his hand under her tight blouse, and that would undoubtedly getthem to look down and see two men playing with her vagina. The man withhis hand inside her blouse then moved his hand and his fingers wanderedover her nipple and he found the rings. His fingers pulled the ring on herright nipple, then brushed across her tits to her left nipple where hepulled that ring too. Then his hands were stroking her nipples – one thenthe other. His hand disappeared and Hannah hoped he was getting off thebus. Instead he undid the buttons on her blouse to below her cleavage sothat he had better access to her ringed nipples. He continued to squeezeand stroke her nipples. The guys focussing on her vagina were even busier,the guy on her left now had three fingers inside her pussy and the otherguy was resting his hand on her ring chains so that he could m***** herclitoris. The weight on the ring chains pulled her lips down whichincreased the sensation of the three fingers that were pumping in and outof her pussy from behind. When the man on her right knew he had to get offthe bus he just squeezed Hannah’s clitoris hard and she just cameimmediately. Her vagina flooded the hand of the man with his fingers busyinside her and he pulled his fingers out and smeared her cunt-juice allaround her naked pubis. At the next stop all three men left the bus alongwith a lot of other people so there was no need to stand any more. ButHannah had been told to stand, and she knew if she sat she would have tospread her legs wide and that would make an even more spectacular show. Hannah didn’t get m*****ed any more but she had a lot of very disapprovingscowls and grunts from the women passengers that could see her naked pussy,and lots of amused smiles from the men who couldn’t take their eyes off thesexy woman.At the stop before her office the bus stopped and Jeff got on. Hewalked up to her and kissed her. He patted her bottom and cupped hervagina in a show of ownership that had all the passengers scowling. Hestood holding her cunt until the bus stopped again and she let go of thestrap and dropped her arm to her side. Her skirt now almost covered herpussy but she didn’t dare to pull it down in case Jeff noticed it. Shefollowed him off the bus. They went back to the café where they hadbreakfast before, where Jeff made Hannah fuck a big black man for beingdisobedient. She had promised never to wear knickers again but hadforgotten, so Jeff made her take them off in the café queue and had thenmade her ask the black man to fuck her in the café toilets.The manager and the waiter remembered the hot woman from before. Theydidn’t say anything but they made sure they could see where she went to sitwith her tea and her son (they thought). The shortness of her skirt andtightness of her blouse, which was still mostly undone, would ensure thatshe would get attention from any red-blooded male, but the manager had seenher being fucked by the big black man in the toilets and had invitedhimself in and made her give him a blow job while she was being rammed bythe big black cock. Jeff didn’t care. Hannah was his own to do what hewanted with and had no thought of whether they were watching his woman. Assoon as she sat down, without delay, Hannah opened her legs until theytouched the table legs and couldn’t be opened any more. Jeff, as usual,looked around to see who was taking an interest in Hannah’s cunt. No onewas really looking. Jeff told Hannah to go to the Ladies and fuck herselfwith her fingers and pull her lips until they were huge and come backsmelling of cunt. Hannah didn’t hesitate to follow Jeff’s instruction. She stood up, didn’t pull her skirt down thereby ensuring that Jeff couldsee her pussy, which she knew he would want to. Inside the Ladies shefound an empty cubicle and had a quick pee, then she stood up and put herfoot on the seat, spread her pussy lips and rammed two fingers into herpussy. She finger-fucked herself until she came, then smeared her cumaround her pussy as she had been told to. She put her foot back on thefloor and looked down. Her pussy lips were completely exposed as theraised leg had creased the little skirt. After pondering a few secondswhether to risk pulling it down Hannah decided it was too risky. Shedidn’t want to be made to fuck a stranger again for being disobedient andJeff had not told her she could keep her pussy covered.When Hannah got back to the table she stood by Jeff’s side so he couldsee and smell her pussy. Jeff was in a devilish mood. He made Hannah bendover and kiss him, knowing that everyone that side of the restaurant, themanager included would be able to see her arse. As he kissed her Jeff toldher to spread her legs. Having just been finger-fucked Hannah’s pussy lipswere huge anyway, so everyone had a view of the inside of Hannah’s pussylips and her rings and chains. She could hear the murmur behind her andknew she was causing a scene. It didn’t get better because when Jeff lether stand up again he told her to sit with her knees outside the tablelegs. Hannah sat, she had to move forward to get her legs open wide enoughto stretch around the table legs. This meant her skirt was pushed upbeyond her hip joint. Her vagina was completely on show and it was so wetthat her lips had stuck to her thighs so was completely open too. Hannahtried to concentrate on her tea, but the smell emanating from her vaginawas incredible. She was sure everyone could smell it too. It seemed thatall eyes in the café were focused on Hannah’s pussy, including Jeff who wasenjoying himself enormously.When their tea was finished Jeff told Hannah to stand up and kiss himagain but from the other side and to remember to keep her legs apart. Thisgave the other half of the café the opportunity to admire Hannah’s pussy,which most of them did. Jeff stood and took Hannah by the hand. As theywalked across to the door Jeff said loudly “For goodness sake mother,everyone can see your cunt”. Hannah went bright red but made no attempt tocover herself. Once outside Hannah asked Jeff why he had called hermother. He told her he was just completing the shock to the café customersthat had seen her showing off her cunt and kissing him. He said he wantedthem to think they were indulging in i****t, and laughed.Jeff walked Hannah to her office and took her round the back to the binsagain. Hannah hadn’t told Jeff about the security cameras and what hadhappened after he had fucked her there before. Now she wished she hadbecause she could hardly tell him now as it would make him ask how sheknew, and that would involve telling him about being fucked by the securityguard. So Jeff was oblivious as he told Hannah to crouch down and suck hiscock. He made her spread her legs as wide as she could and masturbate somemore as she sucked him. Then he pulled her up, turned her around and benther over from the waist. He rubbed his cock around her vagina and pushedher feet apart. He pulled her skirt up to her waist and bent her over andspread her lips with his fingers before ramming his cock all the way insideher. Despite her trepidation Hannah was in ecstasy, she would let Jefffuck her anywhere and everywhere he wanted regardless of the consequences,hoping that a consequence would not be that she would be reported foru******e sex. Jeff fucked her hard and fast and came very quickly. Heturned her around and made her lick their mess off his cock. Without beingtold Hannah crouched down and cleaned her pussy with her fingers, lickingoff as much as possible and lewdly showing Jeff her pink pussy.Jeff told Hannah that his parents were away that evening and that sheshould come to his house straight from work, and that the rules on the buswere the same. Hannah began to tell Jeff what had happened on the bus butJeff told her to keep it until this evening and maybe the story would belonger. Hannah knew what he meant. Another journey on a bus after a daysitting in this skirt with her legs wide open she would be showing evenmore pussy than this morning and that was bound to attract male attention.Jeff turned and walked away and Hannah walked into the office. As shepassed through security the guard beckoned to her and said he had somethingshe had to see. She walked into the security room where he had already setthe CCTV up. She watched herself walk into view, her pussy on plain view.She watched herself crouching down sucking Jeff’s cock while masturbating.Watching herself being fucked from behind with her skirt around her waistand her huge tits swinging loose in the tight blouse was quite erotic. Even before it ended Hannah had lifted her skirt to her waist, turnedaround and leant back and laid herself over the desk with her legs wideopen. The security guard wasted no time getting his cock into her hotcunt, admiring the rings as he did so. As he fucked her he leant forwardand opened the rest of her blouse buttons so he could play with her titsand her nipples. He was delighted to find the rings on them too andcouldn’t keep his hands off them. Hannah’s cunt was so tight he didn’tlast very long and soon shot his load deep inside her. He turned away andHannah rolled off the desk and stood up. The guard turned back and lookedat her and pointed at his softening cock. Hannah realised he had seen hersuck the mess off Jeff’s cock. She bent down and took him in her mouth,cleaning all the spunk and juices from his flaccid cock. Then she put herclothes down and was about to leave when he called her back and said hewanted to see her eat his spunk like she did the boy’s. Hannah justshrugged, pulled her skirt back up to her waist and crouched down andscooped his spunk out of her cunt and licked it off her fingers. Beforeshe could do anything about it the security guard had taken a picture ofher lewd act with a tiny camera. She stood up, adjusted her clothes andleft the room.It was little better in her cubicle. She had many visitors,predominantly male, although one or two women also came to gawp as she satthere with her legs wide open flashing her lips and jewellery. She hadpulled her chair close to the desk but there was no way of covering herselfwithout closing her legs and pulling the skirt down and there was no wayshe would defy her lover by doing that. Obviously it was worse walkingaround the office. There seemed to be an office telegraph that announcedwhen Hannah was on her feet so everyone could watch her walk by with herpussy lips hanging down. Hence just about everyone that wanted to sawHannah’s cunt that day.The journey home was a nightmare too. As she predicted the skirt waseven shorter when creased up and when she grabbed the strap there was morethan 2″ of flesh showing to whoever chose to notice. The first to noticewas a woman who gave a disgusted gasp and looked away, only to keepglancing back. Her glances caught the eye of a young man who moved seatsto sit next to her. Before he sat he asked her if she would like the seat.She declined as Jeff had told her to stand. Seconds later his hand was allover her vagina, pulling her rings, squeezing and caressing her clitoris.In no time he had three fingers inside her soaking pussy and was slowlyfucking her with them, rubbing his thumb across her un-shrouded clitoris ashe pumped his fingers in and out of her throbbing vagina. They had onlygone four stops when the thumb brought on her first orgasm. Hannah steeledherself to keep standing up and maintaining the 12″ space between herknees, while she desperately wanted to close her legs and let the orgasmpass. The guy knew she had cum so thankfully he stopped rubbing his thumbon her sensitive clit, but continued to fuck her until she came. Herorgasm was intensified by its public situation. Hannah’s juices floodedout of her gaping cunt onto the man’s palm. The bus was a lot emptier thanthe morning so many more people could see the young man m*****ing the womanwith no knickers and a skirt that completely failed to cover her vagina orbottom. He got up to leave a few stops before Hannah’s and made a point ofwiping his hand on her short skirt, pulling it up almost to her waist as hedid so. As the bus emptied as they neared her stop the men leaving the buswere groping her as they passed, squeezing her tits and pulling her nipplerings, or pushing their fingers into her pussy. Hannah didn’t know whetherJeff was on the bus watching so she didn’t move and allowed the m*****ationand didn’t make any attempt to pull her skirt or blouse over her exposedbody.She was relieved to get off the bus and to get all the hands off herbody. Glad too that no one from the bus followed her. Only then sheremembered that she had to go straight to Jeff’s house. Veryself-consciously she walked down her street to Jeff’s just hoping that shewouldn’t see anyone she knew. As she walked past her neighbour’s house sheheard his door open. She forced herself to look ahead and keep walking. She could hear him behind her. She knew he could see the cheeks of herarse as her skirt was so crumpled. When he called and asked her to stopshe ignored him, there was no way she wanted him seeing her pussy and itsdecorations (she didn’t know he had already seen them from a distance). Then he ran in front of her and turned. She kept walking and he had towalk backwards to stay in front of her. She saw his jaw drop as he saw shehad no knickers and a skirt on that couldn’t cover her pussy lips. He wasso shocked he stopped walking and she pushed past him. This gave Hannah adilemma, she was outside Jeff’s house now but she couldn’t go in becausethen her nosy neighbour would know that she went to his house with hervagina totally exposed. He was bound to tell someone. So she kept walkinguntil she turned a corner, then stopped and waited a few minutes. This wasa busier road with more cars and her naked pussy was getting a lot ofattention from the drivers. Fortunately when she looked back around thecorner the nosy neighbour had disappeared and she quickly walked back toJeff’s house and rang the bell – praying that Jeff, and not his Mum or Dad,would open it.It was a huge relief when Jeff opened the door and she pushed past himto get out of sight of the street. She told him about the neighbour seeingher pussy. “It’s a cunt” said Jeff, “and it’s my cunt so he can look buthe’d better not touch or he’ll be in big trouble”.Jeff pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately running hishands all over her hot body. She just melted in the arms of her younglover and was soon begging him to fuck her. Jeff was stroking her cunt,which was dripping, and pulling her lips while he rubbed his chest againsthers making her nipples even harder. When he stopped kissing her and tookher by the hand Hannah thought he was taking her to his bedroom to fuckher. Instead they walked into the garden.Hannah was shocked to see a circle of naked young boys sitting on gardenfurniture. There were twelve of them and they were all gawping at herexposed lips. Hannah stopped in her tracks. She had no idea what was inJeff’s mind but 12 guys and a nearly naked obedient woman probably meantshe would be getting fucked – a lot.Jeff took her hand again and walked her into the middle of the circlewhere he had placed a picnic blanket on the grass. He turned her towardshim and pulled her into an embrace. He kissed her again and as he did sohe was turning her around, showing her arse cheeks to all the boys. Thenhe turned her around and did the same little circle with her leaning backon him as his friends gazed longingly at her pussy lips.At the completion of the circuit Jeff gently pulled her top up and overher head, releasing her huge tits. Some of the boys gasped at the size ofthem and their decorations. Then Jeff turned her halfway and unzipped herskirt and let it fall to the floor. Obediently Hannah stepped out of itand kicked both the skirt and the top away. Now Hannah was completelynaked, standing in front of 12 young boys with her legs spread apart andher pussy lips hanging down and showing her rings and chains. All the boyshad erections, some were even stroking them. Jeff was caressing her wholebody but he was deliberately avoiding her tits and cunt. Her nipples achedto be touched. She moaned as the caressing aroused her more and more.Jeff said something and the boy directly in front of her gave a grin andjumped up and approached the pair. Jeff was still holding her by the waistand leant forward and whispered into her ear that she had to be a good girlfor him and do exactly as she was told. She nodded. The boy’s hands wentstraight for the nipples, pulling the rings and squeezing the nipple fleshbefore he held a tit in each hand and began to lick and suck her tits. Hannah came immediately the boy touched her nipple. She leaned back onJeff and relaxed as the young boy’s tongue heightened her feelings ofdesire. Then Jeff turned her 45 degrees. The boy continued groping hertits but didn’t move. Jeff said something and the boy directly in front ofher jumped up and came over and knelt down in front of her and began totouch her cunt. He was playing with the rings, pulling her lips apart andstroking inside her lips. Hannah couldn’t help but be turned on by theirattentions and stood there moaning with desire.Jeff told Hannah to get on her knees and make his friends’ cocks hard asthey were going to be fucking her in a few minutes. For Hannah, being toldthat she was going to be fucked by the young boys almost sent her over theedge. She was so hot and she was desperate to be fucked. She quicklyknelt down and took the cock in front of her in her mouth and began to lickand suck it, then she moved to the other boy while holding the first cockin her hand and gently stroking it to keep it hard. When they were bothhard as rocks Jeff told the boy with the larger cock to lay on the blanket,then he had Hannah sit on his cock. He allowed her to kneel on the blanketand feed the hard young cock into her soaking wet cunt. Hannah was inecstasy. Jeff told the other boy to put his cock in Hannah’s mouth. Hedid so and Hannah greedily sucked his cock into her mouth, swirling hertongue around the young boy’s glans. Jeff signalled and the boy took hiscock out of Hannah’s mouth and walked around to where Jeff was standing. Jeff told him to put his cock into Hannah’s arse. Hannah stiffened, shedidn’t particularly like anal sex and the boy’s cock was fairly big. Noone was asking for permission though and the boy knelt down behind her. Jeff passed him a tube of something which Hannah soon realised was KY Jellybecause the boy was smearing it around her anus and pushing his fingersinto her arse to lubricate it. When he was satisfied he placed his cock ather anus and pushed it in. Hannah felt stuffed. But it wasn’t all overJeff stripped off his clothes and stood in front of her and put his cock onher lips. She looked up at him and opened her mouth to let her lover in.Pretty soon the three boys had a rhythm going. This meant that Hannahwas getting seriously fucked as they kept her still and all pulled out andpushed in at the same time so her throat, her arse and her cunt wereserially empty and full. The strange feeling of being double-fuckedbrought Hannah to her first orgasm very quickly. She could feel it risingand wanted to scream out as it hit her. Instead she just moaned on Jeff’scock as her cunt juices escaped from between her vagina and the hard cockpummelling it and started to run down her thigh. It got better. Jeff saidsomething and two more boys came over and started to play with Hannah’stits and nipples, stroking and caressing and, as instructed by Jeff, onlygently squeezing.Jeff timed it so that he came in her mouth at the same time as the twoboys at her other end. She could feel the pulse as the two cocks began toejaculate their spunk into her cunt and bowels. The boys came and Jefffilled her mouth with is spunk. He told her she could swallow it straightaway, and after swirling it around her mouth to get the taste she lovedbest on her tongue and licking her lips she gratefully swallowed it.Jeff told her to stay where she was as the kneeling boy withdrew hiscock from her arse. Then the other boy took his cock out of her cunt andscooted out from underneath her. Jeff signalled and they both came aroundand put their cocks in her mouth to be cleaned before going back to theirseats. The two boys that had been playing with her massive boobs werenext. One slid underneath her and she helped him get his rigid cock intoher dripping cunt. Then the other boy worked the KY onto his cock andrammed it into her arse. A third boy came over to take Jeff’s place in hermouth and two new boys took their place at her tits. Hannah was inecstasy, the boys were fucking all her orifices and the attention on hertits was fantastic.By the time all the boys had their turn in her cunt and mouth, and arseif they wanted to Hannah had lost count of both the number of times she hadbeen fucked or how many orgasms she had. Hannah’s cunt and arse wereswimming in spunk. Jeff had Hannah clean her cunt with her fingers,licking all the boy spunk off them, leaving the spunk in her arse, knowingthat her tight rectal ring would only allow it to escape slowly as shewalked around. Jeff knew that would further arouse her as she would getsoaking thighs, having no knickers to catch the gooey spunk.When Hannah had finished licking spunk from her fingers the boys wereall dressed and lined up watching her. Hannah stood up and walked alongthe line and gave each a kiss as they left the house. Of course they allpinched a nipple or pulled a ring on her lips as they left. Hannah wentback into the garden where Jeff was sitting sipping a soda. Hannah wasabsolutely covered in spunk. It was in her hair, running down her leg,seeping out of her cunt and arse. She collapsed on the blanket and spreadher legs wide and relaxed every muscle in her body. Her pussy wasthrobbing with post orgasmic tremors and although her arse was a bit soreshe felt thoroughly satisfied. She looked up lovingly at Jeff and asked ifshe could do anything else for him, hoping her lover boy would fuck heragain or ask her to suck his cock.Jeff however, said he was hungry and asked Hannah if she would take himout to eat. Hannah readily agreed but said she would like to shower first,unless Jeff intended everyone to see the sperm all over her body. Jeff wasin a good mood so he told Hannah she should go home and shower and put adress on, but a short one, and come back to pick him up in her car. Hannahput on her skimpy skirt and tight top. She might as well have been nakedas the skirt barely covered anything now. Hannah walked home quickly,noticing her nosy neighbour watching from his window as she hurried pasthis house. She quickly let herself in and locked the door before takingher clothes off and rushing to the bathroom and turning on the shower.Refreshed from the shower Hannah dried her hair, put some make-up on herlips and eyes, a touch of perfume before going to her wardrobe to select adress. She went through her clothes rail looking for something that wasmore decent that what she had worn all day today, but still a bit risky. She found a short, flowery pink dress that buttoned up the front. The hemwas 3″ below her lips so passed the decency test but was daring enough tobe noticed, and probably commented upon by horny guys, especially as shewas braless and her nipples were sticking out through the thin fabric,although camouflaged a bit by the flower pattern of the dress. She put onsome killer heels, grabbed her purse and keys and rushed out of the houseand down to the car.As she turned the ignition key she saw Jeff’s note from this morning andsmiled. What a day she had just had! She completely lost count of howmany cocks she had serviced under instructions from her young lover. Eventhe episodes on the bus, in reflection, were pretty horny moments now shethought about it. She could feel her pussy getting wet again and hernipples pushing harder through the material of her dress.Making sure she had her legs wide open and the skirt of her dress pulledup to expose herself as Jeff liked, she drove the short distance to Jeff’shouse. He was standing on the porch waiting for her and jumped in the carand leant over and kissed her, he put his hand between her thighs andstroked her throbbing cunt. They agreed they would go to a little Italianrestaurant a few miles away.As they drove Jeff couldn’t resist touching Hannah up. She was, ofcourse, still sitting with her legs wide open as she had been told to. Jeff started undoing her buttons from the bottom up until they were open toher waist. The weight of the material allowed it to drop down the sides ofher seat so he whole pussy was on show. Jeff leant over a bit and slid hishand down her tummy and started to gently stroke her pussy lips andclitoris. Hannah was still hot from all the fucking she had been doingearlier and was quickly and easily aroused. She could feel herself gettingwet as Jeff stroked her and began to slip his finger between her lips andwet his finger on her cunt juices before sliding his finger across herthrobbing clitoris. Hannah knew she was going to come and begged Jeff tolet her stop the car in case she caused an accident. Jeff just smiled andtook his hand away leaving Hannah desperate to fulfil the orgasm.They arrived at the restaurant and parked a short distance away. Hannahbegan to button her dress but Jeff told her to leave it, it was fine. WhenHannah walked along the dress was rubbing on her exposed clitoris, keepingher on the edge of an orgasm. She looked down and could see her pussyevery time she put a foot forward. Jeff thought it looked really sexy,especially when a puff of wind just spread the dress apart from the waistdown. Hannah was relieved to see that no one was around to notice as shehad been embarrassed enough already today with the micro skirt she’d had towear all day.The waiter in the restaurant gave them a nice table where they could sitnext to each other. They were seated on a bench with their backs to a walllooking across to the bar area of the restaurant. As Hannah sat down sheopened her legs wide and the dress parted from the waist down giving Jeff asuperb view of her cunt lips which were all damp and puffy. Jeff couldsmell her arousal and gave her a smile and a kiss. It was still quiteearly so there were no other customers in the restaurant and the waiterswere keen to have something to do, especially after one came to take theirdrinks order and caught a glimpse of Hannah’s pussy. Jeff was amused tosee him move a little to get a better view. Hannah asked Jeff if sheshould put her napkin on her lap, but Jeff wouldn’t allow it, not thatHannah had really thought he would.After that they got extra special service. When their drinks came ittook two waiters to bring them and they took them both to Hannah’s side ofthe table. The waiter with Jeff’s drink had to lean across Hannah to putit down so he got a bird’s eye view of Hannah’s pussy with all its ringsand chains. He could also see her “Jeff’s cunt” tattoo as her dress waspulled so far wide.He went over to the bar and all the waiters gathered around. Jeffguessed he was telling them what he had seen. The head waiter came to taketheir dinner order. Predictably he stood on Hannah’s side of the table andmanaged to write her order on his pad without taking his eyes away from herpussy. He looked up at Jeff to take his order and saw Jeff grinning athim. Jeff asked him if he wanted to feel Hannah’s cunt as he seemed sopreoccupied by it. The waiter went bright red and apologised for staringand said he couldn’t take his eyes away from such a lovely looking pussy.Jeff was still in a good mood. He told the waiter that he had only seen apart of the charms of his woman (with the emphasis on “his”). He turned toHannah and told her to undo the rest of the buttons on her dress. Hannahdared not hesitate she went straight to the top button and quickly undidthem all. Then Jeff leant over and shrugged the dress off her shoulders sothe waiters could all see her mammoth tits and nipple rings. Jeff repeatedhis offer to the head waiter. He nodded his head vigorously and began tolean forward to touch her. Jeff told him to wait a second. He told him toget all the waiters to stand between him and the door in case anyone camein. The head waiter said what a good idea it was and gave the instruction.Even the chef came out of the kitchen to join the wall of men blocking theview from the door. Once satisfied that they couldn’t be seen from thedoor Jeff told Hannah to stand up. She got out from behind the table andJeff told her to take her dress off and put it on the bench. As she didher superb breasts were pushed out and the head waiter couldn’t resiststroking her nipples. Hannah had been taught to always stand with her legsapart in case Jeff wanted to play with her cunt and she did so now. Thehead waiter was all over her, being very gentle but exploring her wholebody with his eager fingers. Jeff knew how close Hannah had been to havingan orgasm in the car. He told her to lie on the table and lift her legs,holding them behind her knees and locking her hands. This had the effectof displaying her cunt lips and its jewellery and her arms were pushing hertits together so they looked even more huge. The head waiter couldn’tbelieve his luck he began to stroke and play again. He pushed a couple offingers into Hannah’s cunt and felt how wet it was. Jeff told him to blowgently on her clitoris that was sticking out and very red. He only blew afew times and Hannah had a crashing orgasm and began gasping that sheneeded to be fucked. Jeff told the head waiter that she needed to befucked but that as he had already fucked her so many times that day and hadallowed her to be fucked by 12 of his mates that he needed someone to help.Could the waiter help the poor woman?The head waiter couldn’t get his cock out of his pants quickly enough.When he did it was an impressive piece of meat, significantly bigger thanJeff’s in length and girth. Jeff was impressed and told the guy to get amove on in case someone came in. Needing no further encouragement the manstepped forward placed his cock at the opening between Hannah’s cunt lipsand began to push his cock into her wet cunt. Hannah hadn’t seen how bigthe cock was but knew it was a big one when she felt her lips beingstretched wide as he began to enter her. He was gentle enough, stoppingregularly and withdrawing to gather her juices on his meat. Finally, hemanaged to get his whole cock in her and Hannah was stuffed. She didn’tthink she had ever had such a big cock inside her before. The waiter beganto stroke in and out of her cunt, she could feel his cock rubbing on herG-spot and knew she was going to have an almighty vaginal orgasm some timevery soon. The waiter knew what he was doing and continued verydeliberately the same action until he began to feel Hannah’s vaginasqueezing his cock as her orgasm started. His reaction stunned her. Hebegan to fuck her deep and hard, he grabbed her thighs with his hairy handsand rammed his cock into her cunt, slapping her throbbing clitoris as hedid so with his pubic bone. Then he pulled almost all the way out andrammed in again. Hannah’s orgasm was enormous. She was squeezing his cockhard and could feel the spasms in her cunt as she came and came while hecontinued to fuck her as hard as he could. Then, when he felt her vaginalmuscles relax in the aftermath of the orgasm he made one final lunge andheld his cock deep inside her. She could feel the pulses in his cock asthe spunk began to rise before it exploded into her uterus. Just the feelof his spunk erupting caused her to have another orgasm, although tinycompared to what had just occurred.The waiter pulled his big cock out of her and Hannah scrambled off thetable. She grabbed him and kissed him before crouching down and lickingall their mess off his cock. Then, after a comment by Jeff, she did herparty piece and scooped his cum out of her cunt and licked it off herfingers. She stood up and Jeff passed her dress to her and told her to doup one button until he told her she could do more. So she did one buttonup at the waist so her tits were out and her cunt was still on show as shesat with her legs spread.Hannah sat with the one button done up throughout dinner. She hadmanaged to conceal most of her tits inside the flowery dress, at least theother diners didn’t point, or complain about her. When they had finishedtheir meal and were ready to leave they asked for the bill and had a streamof waiters at their table. They all shook Jeff’s hand and kissed Hannah -with a few of them sneaking a pinch of her nipples or her clitoris. OnceHannah had paid the bill Jeff stood up and went around to Hannah’s side ofthe table. He looked down at Hannah’s widespread thighs and her displayedpussy before leaning over and kissing her passionately, which includedcaressing her nipples and pussy. Then Hannah stood up, she hadn’t beentold to button her dress and there was no way she was going to ask forJeff’s permission. The reaction in the restaurant was silence as every manfocused on Hannah’s shaved cunt and her “Jeff’s cunt” tattoo, visiblydisplayed as she walked to the door. Her tits were bouncing in and out ofher dress. Her thighs were sticky from the cum that had leaked out of hercunt while they ate. They walked back to her car holding hands withHannah’s charms mostly on display due to the slight wind blowing her dressup. Hannah didn’t care, she was ecstatic to be with her lover boy and atthat moment would have knelt on the pavement to be fucked by him if thatwas what he wanted.They went back to Hannah’s house. She walked in the door andimmediately unbuttoned her one button and slipped the dress of her body andhung it on the hook next to the door. Jeff stepped in behind her andcupped her naked buttocks and kissed her neck. She swooned back into hisarms and his hands snaked up to cup her tits. She turned around andwrapped her arms around him as he kissed her while gently fondling herbreasts. Jeff led her into the lounge and pushed her back on to herfavourite armchair. She threw her legs over the arms and pushed her cuntout just as she had done when she first displayed herself to him ages ago.Jeff dropped to his knees and leant forward and began to lick Hannah’s cuntlips, licking up and across her engorged clitoris. Hannah was in heaven.She loved Jeff so much it hurt, and having his loving tongue on her pussywas fantastic. She laid there while Jeff licked her, she was gentlysqueezing her tits and pulling her nipple rings as she felt the passionrising from her pussy. She could feel the orgasm coming as Jeffrelentlessly licked her cunt from her arse to her clitoris in long wetstrokes. Her orgasm, when it arrived, was glorious. She screamed as shecreamed all over Jeff’s busy tongue. Her cunt juices ran down her arsesoaking her armchair.Jeff pulled her up and took her to her bedroom. He quickly undressedand laid on the bed and beckoned Hannah to sit on him. He kissed her andthen her tits, sucking her nipples as she fed his hard cock into her cunt.He let her ride him until she was getting hot before he turned her over,spread her legs across his arms and rammed his cock deep inside her. Jeffwas hot, he fucked her hard and fast, feeling the spasms of her multipleorgasms but ignoring them as he rammed his hard cock deep inside her,slapping his pubic bone into her exposed clitoris. Hannah was cumming likemad but pulling Jeff into her for even more penetration and action. WhenJeff stopped, just before he spunked, she could feel the spasms in his cockas the spunk rose and it coated the inside of her vagina as he came, deepinside her.Hannah knew that Jeff had to go home so he was there when his parentsreturned. She rolled him onto his back and took his now-flaccid penis intoher mouth. She sucked their juices off his cock and knelt over him andkissed him passionately. Jeff stood up and started to put on his clothesas Hannah watched him, admiring his lithe body. As they approached thedoor to the street Hannah grabbed hold of Jeff and kissed him hard. Hishands came up to her tits and he kissed her back. She desperately didn’twant him to go. As she was kissing him she could feel his spunk begin toleak out of her pussy. She took a couple of steps back and crouched downto scoop his spunk out of her pussy and lick it from her fingers. Jeffsmiled and leant forward to kiss her before turning and walking out of thedoor as she continued to scoop and lick. Hannah scrambled to her feet soshe could stand naked at the doorway to wave goodbye to her lover.When Jeff was out of sight Hannah went back to the armchair and finishedthe cleanup job with her legs hanging over the side of the arms.After Jeff left Hannah poured herself a glass of chilled wine and wentinto the lounge and collapsed into her chair. She had lost count of thenumber of times she had been fucked that day but her cunt was stillthrobbing with desire. She knew that her nosy next door neighbour had thehots for her and she briefly considered turning up his door with just herbath robe on and begging him to fuck her. It was her genuine love of Jeff,thirty years her junior, that prevented her from quenching her need withher neighbour.Instead, Hannah put her bath robe on and went out to her car and broughtin the rampant rabbit. She put it on the side table next to her armchairand sat and made herself comfortable with her legs stretched across thearms and hanging down outside. She looked down at her widespread pussylips and thought she could see her pussy throbbing. She knew she had beenfucked at least 20 times today but she was getting used to lots of sex andwanted more. Especially more of Jeff and his young friends.Hannah buzzed her lips and clitoris with the toy until she came hard,then she slid the device into her pussy until the part that stuck out washard up against her clitoris, then she rammed the whole length of it intoher cunt and began to rhythmically pump it in and out, dreaming it was Jefffucking her. She continued to fuck herself until she managed to have anorgasm. Then she dragged herself to her bedroom to go to sleep, stilldesperate for more cock.Hannah awoke with the alarm the next morning, rose and shaved andshowered before her usual confrontation with her wardrobe. Her head saiddress conservatively, her cunt (and Jeff) said dress sexily. Sexilyusually won, especially when her pussy was still throbbing from the sexualantics that Jeff had put her through the day before where she had lostcount of the number of times she had been fucked by 12 teenagers beforebeing fucked by the biggest cock she had ever had inside her when Jeff hadlet the head waiter at the Italian restaurant fuck her on the dinner tablewhile all the staff watched. Even thinking about it made Hannah wet. Shecouldn’t wait to see Jeff again and hoped he had grand designs on her body.Hannah had known when she began fucking Jeff that he would use and abuseher body, share her with his friends and anyone else that he wanted to. Hannah was in a strange place. She loved Jeff more than anything and shevowed to herself that she would do anything and everything that Jeffrequested – without hesitation to show him her love for him. Since beingwith Jeff, Hannah had more sex in a few short weeks than the previous twoyears, there was no way she was going to risk that by saying NO to Jeff -whatever he told her to do (he generally didn’t ask).Hannah chose a summer dress. Not a halterneck, she hated those, but asleeveless short dress with a zip up the back. No stockings – but she didput on a bra, now that her nipple rings didn’t make it too sore to do so.She looked at herself in the mirror and thought she looked pretty good forher age. She couldn’t resist turning around and bending at the waist tosee how far she could go before everyone could see her pussy. It wasn’tactually that far. A cup of tea and two slices of toast with Marmite andHannah was out of the door walking to her car. As she did she was thinkingabout her previous journey to work on the bus. That made her pussy tingle!The drive to work was uneventful. There were no busloads of commutersnext to her at the traffic light to see her wide stretched thighs and nakedcunt. She arrived at the office car park and retrieved the rampant rabbitfrom her handbag. She lifted up her arse to pull the dress out from underher bum and lifted the hem to her waist so that it didn’t get soaked,before setting to work on her pussy with the rabbit. After her orgasm sheturned off the rabbit and opened her eyes in that order. A woman from theoffice was standing next to her car watching her. Hannah knew that she hadseen everything. She quickly wiped her juices off the rabbit and put it inthe glove compartment before pulling her dress down and getting out of thecar. The woman had gone, leaving Hannah somewhat embarrassed knowing whatshe had probably seen.Halfway through the morning Hannah returned from the coffee machine tosee a note on her desk. It must be from the woman that had seen hermasturbating in the car park. It simply said that she should be in theladies toilet on the 5th floor at 11:45. Hannah knew that the 5th floorwas available to let so the toilets would most likely be unused.Hannah turned up precisely on time to find the woman that had seen hermasturbating with the rabbit leaning on the row of sinks. Hannah wasembarrassed and asked her what she wanted. She told Hannah that she hadseen her fucking herself with the toy and she had seen the jewellery on herlips and her tattoo. Hannah was mortified and asked the woman what sheintended to do about it. Surprisingly the woman told Hannah to strip. Hannah was a bit dumfounded; she stood there for a few seconds until thewoman leant forward and slapped her and told her to get on with it. Hannahreached back for the zip on the dress, pulling it down and shrugging thedress from her shoulders before dropping it to the floor and stepping outof it. Hannah was now standing in front of the woman dressed only in abra. The woman told Hannah to lose the bra, which took only a second. Hannah was now completely naked. The woman approached Hannah, she told herto spread her legs. She ran a finger between Hannah’s lips and smelt herarousal on it.She asked Hannah where her knickers were. Hannah said she didn’t wearknickers. The woman asked why. Hannah was too well trained and answeredthe woman honestly that her boyfriend had told her that she mustn’t. Thewoman asked why she couldn’t wear them when her boyfriend didn’t know andHannah had to tell her that he had destroyed them all. Then the womanbegan to quiz Hannah about her tattoo. Who was Jeff, why was she a cunt,who had tattooed her. She kept on until Hannah had told her the wholestory about Jeff and his complete control over her, she even told her thathe was only 15 years old. The woman continued to question Hannah aboutJeff. What was he like, how big is his cock, does he fuck her a lot. Hannah told her everything, about Jeff, Jimmy, the cousins, the dog, Thetwelve teenagers – everything. This seemed to satisfy the woman and Hannahthought she was going to be allowed to go straight back to work. The womanhad other ideas. She made Hannah lay on the cold tiled floor, then shestepped over her face. Hannah looked up her skirt to see that she had noknickers on. Her cunt was hairy though and Hannah could see her lips werepink and puffy, she was obviously very aroused. She crouched down onHannah’s mouth and told her to lick. Hannah just did as she was told andwas soon rewarded with the woman’s pussy juices flooding her mouth as shecame, noisily.The woman stood up and wiped her cunt with Hannah’s dress beforethrowing it at her and telling her that she would meet her at Hannah’s carat 5:15. She picked up Hannah’s bra and stuffed it into her handbag. Hannah was beside herself. She didn’t know what to do. The woman hadcompletely taken control of her and she didn’t even know her name, althoughclearly the woman knew her name and that she was being sexually active witha minor. Hannah was terrified and couldn’t concentrate the wholeafternoon.After work she went to her car to find the woman waiting. She unlockedthat car and began to get in. The woman stood at the passenger side of thecar and told her to take off her dress. Hannah wasn’t sure – she wanted tobe defiant but didn’t want to risk the police. The woman saw herhesitation and told her that if she didn’t take off her dress that shewould go straight to the police and tell them about her fucking a minor. Hannah was convinced. She quickly unzipped the dress and slipped out of itbefore jumping into the car. The woman slipped into the passenger seat. Even then Hannah’s training took over and she opened her legs wide. Thewoman asked Hannah why she had spread her legs as wide as possible. Hannahhad to explain that Jeff had told her to always have her legs wide open. The woman asked if Hannah always did what Jeff told her. Hannah told heryes and the woman asked what he had told her to do. Hannah then had totell the woman the whole story about how she had met Jeff and her tattoo,her piercings, and then her sexual experiences with other men at Jeff’scommand, and that if she disobeyed she was punished by having to have sexwith strangers.She told Hannah to drive home, and to keep her legs apart as she hadbeen instructed. When they stopped at a traffic light and a bus pulled upnext to them the woman made Hannah pull on her lip rings. When she lookedup there were four men smiling down at her naked body. When they arrivedat Hannah’s house the woman got out of the car and threw Hannah’s dressover her shoulder and walked to the front door. Hannah had to get out ofthe car and run to the house, her huge tits bouncing as she did so. Shequickly found the key in her bag and opened the door to get in and out ofsight. Once inside the woman spotted the flowery dress that Hannah hadworn to the restaurant the night before, hanging on the hook by the frontdoor. She asked Hannah why it was there. Hannah had to explain that shewasn’t allowed to wear clothes in the house and that she had to undress andhang her clothes on that hook. The woman asked Hannah why there was no brahanging there. Hannah had to tell her that she hadn’t worn a bra with thatdress. The woman continued to press and Hannah ended up telling her aboutthe trip to the Italian restaurant and how she had been fucked while nakedon the table in front of the entire staff. The woman smiled as she tookoff her jacket. She dropped her handbag on the floor and went into thekitchen. She poured herself a glass of wine, she didn’t offer any toHannah. Hannah was standing there naked in front of her tormentor, hernipples hard on her huge tits and her shaved pussy showing her ringedclitoris, with the rings and chains hanging from her nether lips as thewoman instructed her to get on her knees. Once kneeling she was told tokeep her legs apart and to put two fingers inside herself to remind her tokeep her legs spread. Then the woman stripped off her clothes, revealingher naked hairy cunt and nice firm tits with big erect nipples. She toldHannah to lick her.Hannah was now completely under the woman’s power, on her knees shemoved forward until she could reach the woman’s vagina with her tongue andbegan to lick. The woman told her to lick harder and to fuck herself withher fingers. Hannah did as she was told and she soon really needed tocome. She had been having so much sex lately that she needed more and moreof it. Eventually the woman came noisily. The woman went and foundHannah’s shower and told her to get in. As soon as Hannah was in the womanfollowed her. She made Hannah wash her body, then her own. While theywere washing she had Hannah tell her again all about Jeff, and Jimmy andthe 12 friends, all about her fucks since she found Jeff looking throughher window. The woman was groping Hannah, caressing her cunt lips andrubbing her nipples. She was fascinated with Hannah’s vaginal jewelleryand played a lot with them, paying special attention to her clitoris. Hannah’s clitoris was so sensitive that just caressing it was enough tomake her cum. She did so then, gasping, her legs shaking as sheconcentrated to keep her thighs apart. The woman noticed and asked Hannahwhat she was doing. Hannah had to explain that she wasn’t allowed to closeher thighs – ever, for any reason. She always had to have her knees atleast 12″ apart, more if Jeff told her. The woman was stroking her ownvagina now and rubbing her fingers over her tits. Then she asked Hannahwhen she was going to see Jeff next. Hannah had to tell her that she neverknew, but she had to be naked with a hot, wet cunt at all times in case hedropped by. She asked how Hannah kept her cunt hot and wet and Hannah toldher about the rampant rabbit she had seen in the car park that morning andthe porn films that she had bought for Jeff that she watched to keepherself hot.Hannah had to put the DVD player on and show the güvenilir bahis şirketleri woman the sort of filmsshe had shown the 15 year old. The woman was fascinated and sat mesmerisedby the filth on the TV. She told Hannah to sit in her armchair in herusual position and use the rabbit as she normally would. The woman watchedfascinated as the 44 year old played with herself because a 15 year old boytold her she must. The woman was dying to meet Jeff. Her own vagina wasthrobbing with the thoughts that Hannah had put in her head about the joyit brought her to be the owned slut of a 15 year old. The woman browsedthrough the porn repertoire that Hannah had collected for the boys. Hannahwas still playing with the rabbit when Jeff arrived at the patio door atthe back of the house. He was a bit surprised to see two naked womensitting in the lounge, with Hannah busily fucking herself with the rabbitand the other woman watching.Jeff slid the door open and walked in. The stranger stood up and walkedto him with hand outstretched. She shook his hand and introduced herselfas Pamela. Jeff was impressed that Pamela was not at all fazed by beingseen naked in front of him before even speaking to him. Jeff asked Hannahwhat was happening. Hannah looked at him meekly and told him the story ofhow Pamela had seen her masturbating with the rabbit outside the officebefore work that morning and had left a note for her to meet in the ladiestoilet on the unused floor of the office building. She told Jeff howPamela had forced her to strip naked and lay on the floor and that Pamelahad made her lick her cunt until she came. Jeff looked at Pamela, somehorny ideas developing in his fertile brain. Then Pamela went back to thesofa and sat next to Hannah. She took over the story and told Jeff howhorny she had been when she looked into Hannah’s car and saw her chainedcunt and the busy rampant rabbit between her cunt lips. Hannah was stillbusily fucking herself with the rabbit, so Pamela told Jeff how she hadmade Hannah lick her cunt. She told him how she had made Hannah drive homenaked and made her lick her again. While she was talking Pamela wasstroking her upper thigh and around her vaginal lips. Jeff noticed thatPamela’s legs were wide open like Hannah’s. Pamela told Jeff that Hannahhad told her everything about their short relationship and that she foundit incredibly horny to be someone’s sex slave. Pamela slid off the couchand crawled naked towards Jeff, her tits swinging from side to side as shecrawled. Then she was kneeling in front of him and she unzipped histrousers and put her hand in and fished his cock out. Jeff was surprisedhow forward Pamela was. All the girls his age kept themselves tothemselves and had nothing to do with horny teenage boys. Now Jeff had ahorny woman holding his cock while the older woman that had given herselfto him was ramming a huge rampant rabbit in and out of her cunt. Pamelabegan to suck his cock. Jeff just closed his eyes and let the horny womandeep throat him. When he came in her mouth she swallowed his spunk, lickedhis cock and smiled up at him. She asked him if she was any good, and howshe compared to Hannah. Pamela asked Jeff if he would fuck her too andtreat her like he treated Hannah.Jeff was thinking fast, he wanted this woman but it had to be on histerms. Jeff could see the challenge in Pamela’s expression. She wantedhim to say she was better than Hannah. Jeff told Pamela that she was agreat cocksucker, but that Hannah was completely obedient to him. Pamelaasked what Hannah would do for him. This just set Jeff off. He toldPamela to lay down on the floor in front of him, which she did immediately.Jeff kicked her ankles and told her she had to have her legs open at alltimes. Pamela opened her legs wide and Jeff could see her cunt lips andthe wetness of her arousal through the forest of hair around her cunt. Hetold Hannah to stop fucking herself and to come to him. He arranged Hannahover Pamela’s mouth and told her to get down on her knees and put her cuntover Pamela’s mouth. He told Pamela to lick Hannah’s cunt. Jeff retrievedHannah’s rampant rabbit and gave it Hannah and told her to use it onPamela’s cunt as she licked her. Jeff stood and watched as his slut wasalternatively stroking the rabbit along Pamela’s slit to her clitoris andthen positioning it at her cunt lips and ramming it in to the hilt. Jeffliked what he saw. He started to tell Pamela about Hannah. He wasextolling the (not so) virtues of Hannah, her willing acceptance to befucked by 3 or more cocks at once when told to do so. He told Pamela howHannah had laid on a picnic table outside a restaurant and been fucked byat least a dozen men because Jeff told her to. He told her that Hannahwould keep spunk in her mouth and lick her lips with it until she was givenpermission to swallow it. She would scoop spunk out of her cunt and lickit from her fingers. She obediently be minimally dressed in public; hetold Pamela about the bus and how Hannah had been virtually fucked on thejourney to work. Pamela was clearly getting hot, she was licking Hannahfrantically and Jeff could hear her moaning as the rabbit did its thing inher cunt. Suddenly Hannah had an enormous orgasm on Pamela’s tongue andwas humping her mouth trying to force herself to keep her legs apart whilethe orgasm took over her reactions. Jeff could see that Pamela wasn’t farbehind. Hannah rubbed the rabbit around Pamela’s cunt and clitoris keepingher on the edge of her orgasm. Hannah moved her arse down Pamela’s body soshe was sitting on her shoulders as she kept Pamela on the edge of herorgasm. Pamela was moaning, begging Hannah to let her cum. Hannah toldher that it would Jeff’s decision if, or when she would be allowed to cum.Jeff looked down at Pamela. She started to beg him to let her cum. Shebegged him to fuck her too. Jeff said that he could only fuck sluts thathe owned. Pamela begged Jeff to own her too. Jeff smiled and said hewould think about it. He asked Pamela if she thought she could be asobedient as Hannah was. Pamela said she was sure she could, she would justneed some help adjusting. Jeff grinned, he thought he could have some funhelping Pamela to adjust.Jeff pulled the naked Pamela to her feet and led her to the bathroom. In the bathroom Jeff told Pamela to kneel down and take his cock in hermouth. When she did so Jeff told her that if she wanted to be his cunt,like Hannah, she had to be completely obedient and follow all his rules. Pamela lifted her head from his cock long enough to say that she reallywanted to be his like Hannah and would adopt all the rules willingly. Pamela told Jeff that she was 36 years old and single. She’d had severalboy friends in the past, but none currently and that she was serious aboutwanting to be with Jeff. She told Jeff that she knew that secretly in hersubconscious she liked to be dominated and that she was a bit aggressiveoutwardly to compensate for it. Jeff had been concentrating hard and heforced his cock into Pamela’s throat. She let him, and pushed against himso his cock went as far down her throat is it could. Pamela was expectinganother load of spunk, but Jeff wanted to let her see that he could doanything he wanted with her body. He began to piss in her throat. Pamelawas startled but didn’t move. Jeff pulled his cock back so that his pissdidn’t go straight down Pamela’s throat, she had to swallow. There was noway that Pamela could swallow as fast as Jeff could piss and it was soonrunning out of her mouth and down her chest. Jeff then pulled his cockcompletely out of her mouth and pissed all over her face, her hair, hershoulders and her tits, telling her to rub it in as he did so. Pamela wasrubbing her body like she was rubbing in body lotion as Jeff pissed allover her. When he was finished he made her lick the drips off the end ofhis cock. Jeff told Pamela to shower her body and remove all her body hairbelow her shoulders and then, if he liked what he saw he might allow hersit on his cock. Then he walked out and left her to think about it. Jeffknew that if Pamela came out naked and shaved that she would be his slave,just as Hannah was. He walked into the lounge and smiled at Hannah. Hetold her to open her mouth. She smiled and complied and Jeff put his cockin it. He let her suck it for a while before telling her to get on herknees. He was fucking her hard from behind when the naked and shavedPamela walked in.As Jeff fucked Hannah he reminded Pamela of her new rules. She was toldthat she had to say yes to each of them as he explained them. Each waspunctuated by a particularly hard ram into Hannah’s cunt. The rules werefairly simple. Shaved cunt every day; “yes”. No knickers, all had to bethrown away; “yes”. Bra only for work; “yes”. No long dresses; “yes”. Shortest and sexiest skirts or dresses whenever possible; “yes”. Naked atall times at home; “yes” devilish smile. Lots of finger-fucking and lotsof cunnilingus; “yes”. Both cunts had to be constantly wet and ready forhis cock; “YES!”. Complete obedience to my will; “YES, YES”. Sex withanyone at any time when I say; “Oh, YES”. Pamela smiled as she said yes toeach of Jeff’s rules. Then last but not least he told Pamela that she hadto move in with Hannah so they were both near to where Jeff lived and bothavailable for his eager young cock.As Jeff rammed his cock into Hannah he was admiring Pamela’s lithe body,her puffy cunt lips and huge nipples. He told her to sit on the floor andspread her legs so she could fuck herself with her fingers while hewatched. Jeff was in his element. Two lovely, horny women both desperatefor his young body and willing to do anything. Jeff took his cock out ofHannah’s hot cunt and laid on the floor. He told Hannah to stroke herselfwith her fingers and told Pamela to come and sit on his hard cock. Helooked up at her as she stood over him. He studied her newly shaved cuntand decided he liked what he saw. She began to crouch down and she heldJeff’s hard and wet cock as she lowered herself on to it. He allowed herto bounce up and down on his cock for a few minutes, then he told her toput it in her arse. Pamela didn’t hesitate; she lifted herself up heldJeff’s cock and impaled her arse on it. Jeff was pleased with Pamela’sobedience, especially when she energetically fucked her arse with his cockas he just laid and watched her. He could feel himself cumming so he toldPamela to put it back into her cunt. She smiled at him and lifted herselfup until Jeff’s cock plopped out of her arse before ramming it back intoher hot, wet cunt. She bounced up and down on his hard cock until hedelivered his hot spunk inside her. She stood up and then knelt next tohim and licked his cock clean. Jeff told Pamela that his cunt’s always atehis spunk, and that wherever he had put it, it still had to be eaten. Pamela smiled and crouched down, he had called her his cunt already! Shescooped all the spunk out of her cunt and licked it off her fingers beforegoing to sit on the sofa.Jeff got up and telephoned Jimmy and told him to come over. Jimmy wasthere in a few minutes and was shocked to see Jeff naked with Hannah andanother woman. Jeff introduced Jimmy to Pamela. He told Jimmy that Pamelawas going to be his new toy. Jeff told Pamela to get on her knees so thatshe could suck Jimmy’s cock. Pamela did so and Jimmy quickly got naked andoffered his hard cock to the new woman. Jeff told Jimmy all about howPamela was going to move in with Hannah and that they would both doanything he told them to, and fuck whoever he told them to fuck. Jimmy wasgrinning. He told Pamela to turn around so he could fuck her from behind.Pamela was very willing. She knew that her cunt still had residues ofJeff’s spunk in, but she guessed that Jimmy had fucked Hannah after she hadbeen fucked by Jeff, so she willingly turned around and offered her newlyshaved lips to Jimmy. Jeff had just fucked Hannah and Pamela, but his cockwas still hard. It was covered in their juices but Pamela gratefullysucked it into her mouth as Jimmy rammed into her soaking wet cunt. AsPamela sucked his cock and Jimmy fucked her Jeff began to tell Pamela whatthey were going to do with her. Jeff made a sign to Jimmy as he continuedhis conversation with Pamela. Jimmy withdrew his cock from Pamela’s cuntand lined it up with her arse. Another signal from Jeff and he rammed itinto her arse as Jeff held her shoulders and pushed his cock down herthroat. Pamela couldn’t move and Jimmy’s cock quickly bottomed out in herarse. Jimmy began to fuck her arse, ramming his hairless balls into herclitoris as he did so. Jeff was still telling Pamela what she would bedoing. He told her that she would be going to the tattooist at the weekendwhere she would get her very own “Jeff’s cunt” tattoo and some rings forher cunt lips. Pamela was moaning into Jeff’s cock. Jeff took this meanshe was agreeing, although he wasn’t actually asking. He told her that ifthey wanted she could shave Hannah and Hannah could shave her. They wouldhave to travel to work together and both had to keep their legs apart atall times. Pamela would have to buy her own rampant rabbit so she couldmasturbate with it before she left Hannah’s car. Jeff told Hannah that shehad to teach Pamela all the rules and make sure that Pamela followed them.Jeff reminded Pamela that he would expect her be completely obedient tohim, to wear her clothes exactly as he told her to, and that she would beexpected to fuck any one that he told her to and that any disobediencewould result in punishment. Jeff told her how he had punished Hannah bymaking her beg a big black guy to fuck her in the toilets at the café. Hereminded her she must remain naked, with a hot, wet cunt at all times.Jeff was ready to come. He pulled his cock almost out of Pamela’s mouthand told her to put her tongue out. He came on her tongue and told her notto swallow. Then he waited until Jimmy had come in her arse and made hercrouch down and capture Jimmy’s spunk that was in her arse and get it intoher mouth. Pamela immediately stuffed two fingers into her arse and spreadit apart so that the spunk dripped out onto her other hand. She licked thegooey mess off her hand and kept the whole lot in her mouth. By the timeshe had finished her mouth was so full of spunk that she had to hold herhead back to prevent it running out. Jeff told her that she could lick herlips and then swallow. She did, and then smiled at him. Jeff was verypleased with her and told her so. Pamela was visibly preening under hispraise.Jeff was so pleased with his harem that he wanted to celebrate. It wasonly about 8pm. He left Jimmy playing with Pamela’s huge nipples and wentto Hannah’s bedroom. He opened the wardrobe and selected a dress for eachof the women. He took the dresses back to them and told them to put themon because they were going for a walk. The women looked at each other andsmiled. They each held their arms open for Jeff to pass them the dress hewanted them to wear. He gave Hannah the black dress with the zip up front.She put it on and left it open and walked to Jeff. Jeff was so pleasedwith Hannah, she knew perfectly well that he would want to adjust the zipto his requirements. Jeff started with the zip done up to the top, thenunzipped it almost to Hannah’s belly button. Her massive tits werestretching the opening and were near to falling out completely. He thenunzipped the dress from the bottom so the bottom of the zip was perfectlylevel with the bottom of her clitoris. Hannah looked down at herself. Sheknew that anyone walking towards her would be able to see her cunt lips andher hanging chains. She was wet again already, just thinking about howslutty she looked.Pamela was given a flowery dress with the buttons down the front. Similar to the one hanging inside the front door. She put it on over hernaked body as she watched Jeff adjust Hannah’s dress. She too left herdress open, hanging by the sides of her tits. Jeff stood in front of herand squeezed her big nipples hard. She said “Ouch”, but smiled lovingly athim. Jeff responded by doing the same to her clitoris. He could feel howwet she was down there. Jeff did up all the buttons on the dress. Then hestarted at the top and gradually undid them all right down to well belowPamela’s tits. Because her tits were not as massive as Hannah’s they werenot so in danger of bursting out of the dress. The effect was fantastic,all of Pamela’s cleavage was on show as was the whole of the insides of hertits. From the side it was possible to see right past her tits, so most ofthe tit meat was on show. Her nipples were so hard they were protrudingthrough the thin fabric of the dress. Then Jeff started to work on thebottom buttons, undoing them one by one. As Pamela didn’t have any chainsyet Jeff decided to be more outrageous and opened the buttons to just belowher waist. He wanted to see how Pamela handled it – and the attention shewould undoubtedly get – while they were out. Pamela dared not look. Shefelt naked. Jeff had her walk up and down the room to be sure that hecould see her cunt as the dress swayed open with her sexy gait. Satisfiedat last he asked Hannah for some money and the house keys so neither girlhad need of a bag. Hannah opened her purse and gave him a large note andher key. Jimmy opened the door and Jeff grabbed his two women by the handand led them through it.There was only enough room for three abreast on the pavement, so Jimmywalked behind admiring the skin he could see on the two women. Hannah’sdress was so short he could see almost half her arse cheek as she swayedalong happily next to Jeff. Pamela too was showing lots of arse, mainlybecause her dress was so thin it was caught in every slight waft of breeze,lifting it up to her waist and showing Jimmy the whole of her arse. Jimmywondered what it looked like from in front! He knew it must be good thoughbecause it happened as a group of guys approached from the oppositedirection. Jimmy could see the shock on their faces as they realised thatwhat they were looking at was a pair of totally naked cunts, barely coveredby clothes. As Pamela’s dress blew up again she had to turn to look atJeff, she was too embarrassed to look at the guys. Jeff was pleased withboth women. The guys approaching just stopped and gawked as the triopassed them with Jimmy in tow. They turned and watched the recedingbottoms as Jeff let go of their hands and lifted both their skirts to theirwaist, totally exposing their bottoms. One of the guys whistled and Jefflifted his arms up to wave, raising both skirts as high as they would go.Jeff led them into a café. He wasn’t old enough to go into a bar anddidn’t want to take any risks. He knew Jimmy would never pass for bar ageanyway so he just settled for a coffee bar. Jimmy opened the door and Jeffushered the women in ahead of him. He looked around at the appreciativegazes the women received, especially as the draft from opening the doorexposed Pamela’s cunt again. Jeff told the women to take a seat and wentto the counter to order drinks. Jimmy stayed with Jeff but watched thewomen walk to a table, along with every other person in the café. Theychose a table by the window and both sat in chairs with their back to thewindow. As soon as they sat down they both opened their legs 12″ wide,knowing that would be Jeff’s minimum starting point. Even at 12″ boththeir cunts were completely exposed to the whole café. Hannah’s big cuntlips were plastered to the side of her thighs so Jimmy could see rightinside her pink lips. He smiled at her and she smiled back, ignoring thelooks she was getting from the other clientele.Jeff and Jimmy brought the drinks, but they took them to a differenttable. This one was side on to the window. Jeff and Jimmy took the twoseats to the window side. The women stood up and joined them. Beforeallowing them to sit down Jeff had Hannah, first, bend over and kiss him.As he was seated in the furthest seat Hannah had to lean over. She raiseda leg as a counterbalance completely exposing her jewellery to the peoplein the café. Jeff then told her to sit next to Jimmy. Then he raised hisface for a kiss from Pamela who also had to lean over to reach his lips. She too exposed her cunt fully to the restaurant before sitting down. Bothwomen opened their legs wide as soon as their naked bottoms touched theplastic chair seat. Jeff looked down at Pamela and smiled. Her unbuttoneddress was hanging outside her legs and her whole cunt was on show. Jefftold her to open her legs wider. Pamela did so before looking down atherself. How lewd she looked. She started to blush with embarrassmentknowing what a spectacle she looked. The way Jeff had seated them meantthat one complete end of the place had a perfect view of her charms. Hannah had a similar situation. She had already opened her legs wider thanPamela when she sat down so when Jimmy told her to open them wider she hadto put one knee outside the table leg, advertising the fact that she wassitting with her legs wide open. Hannah’s knees were about 24″ apart nowand there was no escaping the attention she was getting from the other endof the café. Worst for Hannah was that her huge tits didn’t want to stayinside the dress any more. Anyone seated on the side could easily see hernipple rings. Hannah and Pamela were soaking wet. Neither knew how theother felt but each was thinking they would be leaving a very wet patch onthe plastic chair. They sipped their drinks. Jeff took the lead. Hedropped his hand under the table and between Pamela’s thighs. She gasped,catching Hannah and Jimmy’s attention. Jeff slid his finger up and down inthe slit between Pamela’s labia making it wet before stroking her clitoris.Jeff looked around to make sure the men could see what he was doing to hisslut. They could. Jeff nodded at Jimmy. Jimmy’s arm went under the tableand his finger began to slide up and down between Hannah’s huge cunt lips.Hannah’s clitoris was completely exposed by the tight ring so even thefirst time Jimmy’s wet finger touched it she nearly came. The boyscontinued their stroking. Hannah, predictably, came first. She suddenlygrabbed the edge of the plastic table and went rigid. Her whole face hadgone red and her chest became flushed as the orgasm took over her body. She managed to stop herself from screaming out, but there could be no doubtamong the clientele that the slut with the big tits and chains had just hada major orgasm at the hands of a very young boy. Pamela was only a minutebehind, Jeff wondered if seeing Hannah cum had brought Pamela to her peaktoo. Pamela started to wriggle her arse. She was about to grab the tableas Hannah had when Jeff told her to hold on the sides of her chair. Shewas trembling as she did so, she knew her orgasm was coming and shecouldn’t stop it. Pamela was so out of control that when Jeff told her toopen her legs as wide as she could and not close them until he specificallytold her she just followed his instructions. She might as well have laidon the table it looked so lewd. Pamela’s knees were stretched wide andholding on to the chair had made her slide down a bit so her cunt wassticking out even more. Everyone could see Jeff’s busy fingers strokingthe woman’s hairless pussy. As the orgasm grew Pamela wanted to scream,she wanted to shake, she wanted to hump her cunt on Jeff’s hot fingers. Jeff stopped her. He told her to keep her body completely still and toldher to concentrate completely on her cunt. She did and that took her rightover the edge. The orgasm was huge, she bit her lip to stop herselfscreaming and went limp as soon as the power of it had diminished. Jeffoffered his wet finger to her mouth. She willingly opened her mouth andsucked it like a cock. Jeff thought that was so erotic he would have toremember that.Several of the women at other tables were trying to drag their partnersout of their chairs as they watched these two horny, shaved sluts endurepublic orgasms. The men wouldn’t have it, not until they saw the sluts hadboth cum and were just slouched in their chairs. Although with their legsso far apart the view was still spectacular. The women made no move toclose their legs even though they knew that every pair of eyes in the caféwere focused on their vagina’s. Both were sitting in puddles where theyhad cum so hard. Jeff told them to go to the ladies and swap dresses. When they came out of the ladies toilet they looked sensational. Hannahhad made sure that the dresses were done up exactly the same as they hadbeen on the other woman, which looked spectacular. Hannah had the flowerydress undone to well below her tits. Her big tits were straining againstthe material, her nipples and rings clearly visible in through the tight,thin material. She had also left the buttons undone to just below herwaist. As she walked her jewellery and parts of her tattoo were ondisplay. Also, as this was one of Hannah’s shortest dresses the bottom ofher arse cheeks were clearly visible to anyone behind her. Pamela too hadfollowed Hannah’s lead and had the zips on the black dress almost next toeach other, literally three inches of zip was done up and her 36Cs wereswaying from side to side completely unfettered. Her naked shaved cunt wasclearly visible too as the dress opened as she walked towards the two boyswatching them approach with huge grins. They could all hear the gasps fromthe people in the café as they realised what they were looking at were tomostly naked woman wearing the other’s dresses as lewdly as they could. Jeff guessed that if the police were to see them they would be arrestedimmediately. Jeff hoped no one would think of calling them, knowing themen would want to see more as much as the women would like to see less ofthe two women.As the women stood next to the chairs they had been seated on Jeff saidthat he thought that both girls owed him and Jimmy a big kiss for givingthem such good orgasms. The women both leant over the table, one to kissJimmy, the other to kiss Jeff. Both lifted a leg to show off their cuntsand arses to anyone that cared to watch. Then they swapped places andkissed the other, once again making sure to expose their cunts. They bothknew that was what Jeff would have wanted them to do. Jeff and Jimmy stoodand the four of them walked to the door. The manager thanked them fortheir visit and told them to come back soon. Jeff replied by lifting bothwomen’s dresses to their waist and showing off their naked arses. Theywalked back up the street towards Hannah’s place. It was starting to getdark now but Jeff still had fun showing off the women’s bodies to thepassing traffic. Jimmy had a curfew due to his age so he had to go home.Both Hannah and Pamela kissed him goodbye as he fondled them openly in thestreet. Both women happily spread their thighs so that Jimmy couldfinger-fuck them before he left. Pamela was a bit embarrassed when acouple walked past as Jimmy was fucking her tight cunt with his fingers,but she soon got over it as he squeezed a nipple and said goodnight.When they arrived back at Hannah’s the women immediately stripped offtheir clothes. Pamela just screamed aloud. She told Jeff and Hannah thatshe had never had such blatant public sex and she was so turned on frombeing ogled by all the people as she was fingered by Jeff in the café. Jeff smiled as he began to take off his clothes. He told the women what hewanted. Hannah went to find the rampant rabbit while Pamela laid on thefloor with her legs spread wide. Jeff’s cock was already fully erect, justlooking at his two nubile women was enough. Hannah came back with therabbit. Jeff had her kneel so that her cunt was just above Pamela’s mouth.He told Hannah that he wanted her to use the rabbit only on the outside ofPamela’s cunt, her lips and her clitoris were OK, but no penetration. Hannah looked up at him and smiled. Jeff told Pamela that he wantedHannah’s cunt very wet so she put out her tongue and guided Hannah down onto it. Jeff watched the horny show of the two women making out on thefloor. He waited until he could see Hannah was affected by Pamela’s tonguethen he told Pamela to stop and only to lick Hannah when she was closeenough. He got behind Hannah and grabbed her arse, spreading her apart andspearing her hot cunt with his rigid cock. He thrust into her hard andheard her gasp as his big cock hit her cervix at the end of her vagina. Jeff rammed his cock in and out of Hannah’s cunt while Hannah still playedwith the rabbit on Pamela’s clitoris. Every now and then Pamela wouldreach her tongue up and lick Hannah’s clitoris. Jeff was controllingHannah’s position so Pamela’s tongue and Jeff’s rampant cock would makeHannah cum quickly. He pulled his cock out of her cunt, pushed her cuntdown closer to Pamela’s mouth and pushed his cock into Hannah’s arse. Hiscock was so wet from her juicy cunt that it slid in easily. This positiongave Pamela excellent access to Hannah’s clitoris which she licked andsucked until Hannah had an explosive clitoral orgasm. Jeff could feel iton his cock as Hannah got close to cumming and slowly pulled his cock outof Hannah’s arse so her natural clenching wouldn’t make him cum before hewanted to. He tilted Hannah’s arse again and thrust back inside her cunt.Hannah was still moaning from the clitoral orgasm as Jeff began poundinghis throbbing cock into her cunt. Meanwhile Pamela was cumming with therabbit on her clitoris. Jeff could see Pamela’s knees shaking and knew shewas having a huge orgasm and was valiantly trying to keep her legs apart asJeff had told her to. Jeff himself could feel his spunk rising and knew hewould be filling Hannah’s cunt any second. Hannah could feel it too andwas squeezing Jeff’s cock as hard as she could with her cunt muscles so shecould feel every ridge on his cock as it grew inside her. Suddenly Jefflunged and buried his cock in Hannah’s cunt right to the hilt, shooting hisload deep inside her. As he pulled his cock out of her still throbbingcunt he had an inspiration. He told Hannah to stay where she was. Hannahexpected to have to clean their juices off Jeff’s cock but did as she wastold. Jeff moved slightly and put his cock into Pamela’s mouth and toldher to clean it and get it hard again. Pamela took to her task with gustoand slavered her tongue all over Jeff’s cock, drawing it into her mouth andswallowing it to stop it from going limp. When Jeff was satisfied that itwould stay hard he told Pamela to suck his spunk out of Hannah’s cunt. Hesat and watched the horny women as Pamela stuck her tongue into Hannah’scunt, Jeff saw his spunk running down Pamela’s tongue into her mouth. Pamela licked and sucked until there was no more spunk in Hannah. By thistime Jeff was rock hard again. Just watching the sexy display had beenenough. He told the women to reverse positions. Then he remembered thatPamela had just had a clitoral orgasm and would probably be too sensitivefor another so soon so he had the women on top of each other in kissingpositions, Pamela on top with her legs wide apart over Hannah’s waist, withHannah underneath and her legs wide apart next to Pamela’s. Jeff crawledbetween them and stroked his cock up and down the slit between Pamela’scunt lips before slowly pushing his cock into her cunt. For a while thetwo women kissed passionately as Jeff increased the pace of his fuckingPamela’s cunt. Jeff then pulled Pamela back towards him so she slid downHannah’s body and found her face between Hannah’s huge tits. She began tolick and suck Hannah’s huge nipples, taking her rings into her mouth andswirling her tongue around them.Jeff slowly slid his cock out of Pamela’s cunt, keeping just the bellend inside her he rubbed it up and down the whole length of her slit beforesliding and pushing it into her arse. Pamela pushed back willingly, stillnursing Hannah’s ringed nipples. Jeff was ramming his cock in Pamela’sarse now. He had wanted Pamela to have a cunt full of spunk like Hannahhad, but he was fast running out of sexual energy. He knew he was going tocome too soon so he quickly fucked Pamela’s arse until he felt himselfcumming. He stopped pumping with his cock deep in Pamela’s bowels andbegan to spunk. The tightness of Pamela’s arse squeezed the spunk out ofhis cock. He slowly withdrew and stood up and went round in front ofPamela, he knelt down and crawled across Hannah’s upturned face so Pamelacould suck his cock clean. Hannah helped by licking and sucking his balls.Jeff told Hannah it was her turn to eat his spunk. Hannah smiled up at himand told Pamela to come and sit on her face so she could suck the spunk outof her cunt. Pamela sat on Hannah’s face before she told her the spunk wasin her arse. Hannah did not seem at all fazed. She pushed her tongue intoPamela’s arse hole and licked it. Then she pushed her two index fingersdeep into Pamela’s rectum and spread it open. Jeff saw the globules ofspunk running down Hannah’s fingers before she licked them off. Withinminutes Hannah declared Pamela’s arse clean.Jeff sat naked with the women, telling them how much he cared for themand hoping they would continue to get along well together. He toldnaturally assertive Pamela that she wasn’t to boss Hannah about and theyshould share everything equally. Jeff was still deciding about wardrobe.He was thinking of a shared wardrobe and wondered if it would work withHannah’s huge tits vs. Pamela’s more modest rack. He decided to keep thethought to himself for a while.Jeff went into the kitchen and fetched himself a glass of water then saton the sofa. He wanted to know more about Pamela and asked her lots ofquestions about her relationships. He found out that Pamela was bi. Sheliked to fuck woman and men although she preferred men. Jeff asked herabout her rudest and dirtiest sex. Pamela admitted to Jeff that she hadthreesomes and foursomes with men and women and that she had been fucked bya dog. Jeff asked her to tell more about the dog sex. Pamela said that itwas about a year ago and she was at a man’s house. She was giving the mana blowjob while kneeling naked in between his legs. She said that the dogjumped up with no warning and plunged his cock into her before she couldstop him. She had tried to move away but the man had held her by hershoulders until the dog had come inside her. Jeff told Pamela that Hannahhad been fucked by his dog and that she would definitely be getting fuckedby his dog herself before too long. Pamela smiled and said she would fuckanyone and anything that Jeff wanted her to. Jeff had a sudden image andtold Pamela that he would bring his dog to Hannah’s and that he would fuckher face while she sat on Jimmy’s cock and the dog fucked her arse. Pamelasaid the idea was making her hot having never had a three hole fuck before,she would be looking forward to it.Jeff had to go home. He quickly dressed before kissing and fondlingboth women and telling them to have one more orgasm each before going tosleep. They both grinned at him. They stood together holding hands asJeff opened the door and left.Pamela moved in 2 days later. Jeff put a second hook inside the frontdoor for Pamela’s clothes to be hung on when she walked in. Pamela boughtherself a rampant rabbit which she kept in the glovebox of Hannah’s car. They masturbated together in the car each morning before going in to theoffice. Hannah told Pamela about the security guard and warned her aboutthe security cameras round where the bins were at the back of the office.Pamela made Hannah tell her about every sexual experience since she had metJeff.When Hannah told Pamela about the bus journey Pamela asked her if shecould try the same outfit on. Hannah went in to the bedroom and opened thewardrobe. She took out the little skirt and top and took them back toPamela. Pamela quickly dressed in them and went to look at herself in themirror in the hall. She gasped. She stood with her legs apart as Hannahhad on the bus and was amazed at how much of Hannah’s cunt would have beenon show and couldn’t stop herself from reaching down and stroking hervisible clitoris. Hannah stood next to her and described what had happenedon the bus by acting out what the men had done to her using Pamela as hermodel. Pamela had to stand with her arm raised as if she was holding thestrap on the bus as Hannah stroked, pulled and fondled her body, bothwatching the mirror. When Hannah stuck her finger inside Pamela’s soakingwet cunt Pamela gasped again. She was so impressed that Hannah had beenable to stand still while all this was going on in full view of everyone onthe bus! Hannah smiled, pleased with Pamela’s praise. Pamela came twiceas Hannah told her story and acted it out on Pamela. Once the story wasfinished Pamela stripped off the micro-skirt and blouse and gave it toHannah to put back in her wardrobe. The two women fell onto the bed,stroking each other’s bodies before Hannah lifted herself up and threw aleg over Pamela’s head. Both women were soaked. Their cunts were alreadythrobbing from the bus story and they eagerly licked and sucked eachother’s cunts until Hannah, with the extra sensitive clitoris because ofthe ring, came first, followed in a few minutes by Pamela.Jeff could barely wait for the weekend. He made a point of visitingHannah’s every evening and fucking both his naked hot women. He also sentJimmy round on his way to school a couple of mornings, but he wouldn’t lethim fuck them without him being there but he gave them instructions thatthey were to suck Jimmy’s long skinny cock.When Saturday finally arrived Jeff was in a quandary. He wanted to havePamela tattooed and ringed, but he remembered how sore Hannah was after shewas pierced. Jeff called the tattooist and explained his predicament. Thetattooist was smart, he told Jeff that if the payment arrangements were thesame as his previous visit that he would open the shop just for them onSunday, so Pamela’s recovery would take place on Monday while she was atwork, not when Jeff needed to fuck her on Sunday.Jeff thanked the guy and worked out his new plan. He telephoned Jimmyto meet him on the corner, then grabbed the dog’s lead, called the dog andslipped out of the house.As soon as Pamela saw the three of them her cunt just flooded and shecould feel her thighs were wet. Both women rushed up and kissed andcuddled Jeff, then Jimmy, before petting the dog. Both women had theirlegs open as Jeff fondled them. The dog was rushing between the womenlicking their exposed vaginas. Jeff had planned to fuck the women firstbefore letting the dog loose on them but the sight of the dog licking thecunts made him change his mind. He told Jimmy to follow his lead and stoodbehind Pamela as Jimmy stood behind Hannah. He told the women to spreadtheir legs wider, and each to tilt their pubis out and to lean back on theboys. Both boys were holding the women in front of them with their handsunder their tits, gently stroking their nipples. Due to her nipple ringsand clitoral ring Hannah’s tits and cunt felt like they were attached toeach other by an electrical current. Jimmy’s caress and the dog’s roughtongue had the effect of making her cum in minutes. She stood there as thedog moved to Pamela and licked her. Jeff allowed the dog to lick Pamelauntil she too had an orgasm. He told Pamela to get on her knees and spreadher legs, and he grabbed the dog and brought it up behind her. The dog wasprodding around her bum trying to find her entrance. Jeff told her to grabhis cock and put it in her cunt. As soon as it was inside her the dog wentcrazy, he was fucking her so hard. Jeff found it fascinating to watch. Jeff still had his image though, so didn’t want the dog spunking inPamela’s cunt this time. He told Hannah to get Jimmy’s cock hard forPamela. Hannah smiled, she remembered what Jeff had said about Pamelahaving her three holes fucked at once, so she set about sucking Jimmy’scock, looking forward to the show she was about to see.When Jimmy’s cock was hard Jeff told him to lie on the floor. He toldPamela to impale herself on Jimmy’s cock but not to move. Pamela did asshe was told and Jimmy took the opportunity to suck Pamela’s nipples asJeff arranged her body how he wanted her, with her arse sticking up hertits were in exactly the right place for Jimmy to alternately suck bothnipples. Pamela’s nipples were very sensitive and she was soon begging tobe allowed to move on Jimmy’s cock. Jimmy told Jeff that Pamela wassqueezing his cock with her cunt muscles, and Jeff had to slap her bum andtell her to behave and keep still. Pamela groaned but did as she was told.Jeff went to his jacket and brought back a pot of Vaseline jelly. Pamelahadn’t seen it but certainly felt it when Jeff smeared it around her arseand stuck two fingers inside her arse rubbing the jelly inside her. Pamelawas feeling a bit scared, she now knew that Jeff was going to fill herthree orifices today. She wasn’t expecting it to be quite this soon whenhe had mentioned it. When Pamela felt the hot dog’s cock slide into herarse it felt so different from a human cock. Pamela didn’t exactly likeanal sex but she had been fucked that way many times during variousrelationships and knew well what a human cock felt as it slid in and out ofher arse. The dog’s cock was different. It was like a greasy pole. Itdidn’t have the bulge at the top like a man’s cock. Pamela opened hermouth to receive Jeff’s cock as the dog began to fuck her arse frantically.Pamela well remembered how fast the dog fucked and wondered, no hoped, thatJeff understood about the knot and wouldn’t let the dog get tied to her. She remembered the feeling of her stretched cunt from the dog’s knot andwasn’t looking forward to having her arse stretched in the same way.Jeff used his cock deep in Pamela’s throat to keep her rocking backwardsand forwards on Jimmy’s long cock. Jimmy could feel the dog’s hairs whentheir cocks met when their thrusts occasionally occurred at the same time.Jeff controlled Pamela’s vagina by pushing his cock deep inside her throatmaking her push down on Jimmy’s cock and back onto the dog. Jimmy couldfeel the dog’s ramming cock through the thin walls separating Pamela’s cuntand arse. He told Jeff that he was going to cum soon. Jeff told Jimmy tohold on as long as he could because he wanted the three of them to cum atthe same time. In the event it was four of them at the same time. Pamelahad felt the dog’s knot growing as he fucked her, the knot was ramming intoher arse then pulling out until it was so big that it wouldn’t pull out. The dog’s motions changed to a much shorter quicker fuck that Pamela couldfeel deep inside her bowels. Jimmy could feel the dog’s movements and toldJeff that he thought the dog was going to cum any second. Jeff told Jimmyto lift his bum and fuck Pamela hard and carry on until he came but to warnJeff before he did so. Jimmy started to pound his cock in and out ofPamela’s cunt, bashing his pubic bone on her tender clitoris. Pamela wasmoaning on Jeff’s cock as she took it deep in her throat and Jeff knew shewould be cumming soon too. Jimmy yelled that he was cumming. He rammedhis cock into Pamela and kept it still and told her to squeeze it with hercunt. She did. Jeff was on the brink too and pulled his cock out ofPamela’s throat and told her to stick her tongue out. Suddenly the dogcame. Pamela gasped as she felt the hot spunk in her bowels as Jimmy cametoo, Pamela, squeezing Jimmy’s cock with her cunt came as Jeff started toejaculate his spunk onto her tongue. Jeff backed up and sat on the sofa;he told Pamela to swallow his spunk as Jimmy wriggled out from underneathher. Jeff told her to put her hand over her cunt so she didn’t drip on thecarpet as they had to wait for the dog’s knot to shrink enough to get itout of Pamela’s arse. As they waited Pamela told Hannah how fantastic thathad been, even the stretched arse was worth it for the feeling of beingcompletely stuffed. Hannah said she wanted to try it but she wanted tofind a way where she didn’t have to have the dog’s knot stretching herarse. Jeff grinned and said he would think of something for later. Thedog’s cock plopped out of Pamela’s arse and she was able to get up. Jefftold her to eat Jimmy’s spunk, and that she could let nature take itscourse to expel the spunk in her arse. Pamela was grateful that she didn’thave to eat the dog’s spunk out of her arse, but she correctly guessed thatshe would be eating dog’s spunk some time soon.Jeff phoned a few other friends, some of the 12 that had gang-bangedHannah after THAT bus ride. He told them that he was putting on a show atHannah’s and that they should be there by 12:00 or they might miss the fun.He told one of the boys to bring his Alsatian too. Just before 12:00 Jefftold the women to take a shower. While they were in the shower togetherJeff let the four boys and the dog into the house. They were not at allsurprised to see Jeff and Jimmy stark naked and quickly stripped their ownclothes off. Jeff told them to stand behind the door and to be quiet. When the two women came back in from the shower they went straight up toJeff who was sitting on the sofa. They opened their legs and asked him ifhe wanted to feel how smooth their cunts were as they had just shaved eachother for him. Jeff smiled, he resolved to arrange to watch that sometimeas he reached out both hands to feel both women’s perfectly smoothly shavedcunt at the same time. They both emitted a little gasp as they felt histouch on their puffy lips. Soon Jeff was pumping his fingers deep intoboth their cunts. The women were holding on to each other as Jeff demandedthey crouch to give him better access to their soaking vaginas. Jeffsignalled Jimmy and he came and sat next to Jeff on the sofa, his cockalready hard at the thought of what was going to happen. Jeff told thewomen to kneel and suck their cocks and to pull their cunt lips as they didso. Soon they were both deep-throating the boys, when Jeff demanded morefurious finger action between their legs. Both women increased the speedand depth of their penetration until Jeff told them to stop and concentrateon the cocks in their mouths. Both women had their legs wide apart. Jefftold them to tilt their pelvises so their arses were higher in the air.When they were busy with their mouths and in the correct position, Jeffsignalled to the boys to release the dogs. They both went straight toPamela, Jeff guessed they could still smell his dog’s spunk around Pamela’sarse. Jeff’s dog wasn’t into sharing though and nudged the Alsatian away.The Alsatian quickly found Hannah’s available cunt and began to lap at itfuriously. As the dog started to lick Hannah’s cunt she jumped as she feltthe big wet tongue. Jeff told her to keep still and concentrate on herblowjob task. The dog carried on licking Hannah. Her exposed clitoris wasunder attack from the hot wet tongue and she wasn’t sure she could controlherself. Meanwhile Jeff’s dog had Pamela gasping as his long tonguestroked her from her clitoris to her arse. Jimmy was ready to cum, but sowas Pamela. The rough tongue had brought her to a climax so quickly. Hannah too was writhing on Jeff’s cock and he knew she was cummingbig-time, but she was being a good girl and letting the dog continue tolick; though her clitoris was by now way too sensitive to be getting anymore pleasure from it. Jeff nodded and both he and Jimmy spunked at thesame time, filling Hannah and Pamela’s mouths with their jism. Jeff hadboth lick their lips so he could see the spunk in their mouths beforeallowing them to swallow. It was only when Jeff told Hannah to get hershoulders on the floor did she realise that she was going to be fucked bythe dog. Jeff signalled to Pamela to get in the same position a few feetaway. Jeff and Jimmy helped the dogs to get on the kneeling women, whoboth grasped a doggy cock and fed it into their hungry cunts. As soon asthe dogs were in the soaking wet pussy’s they started to fuck hard andfast. Jeff was enjoying himself immensely; partly it was the power he heldover the women and partly the sheer spectacle of watching a dog fucking ahorny woman.The urgent fucking by the dogs soon had the women moaning incoherentlyas their cunts were rammed by the rampant dogs. Jeff wanted themdistracted a little so he could have some more fun. He told both women toclose their eyes and to straighten their backs parallel with the floor andto open their mouths wide. Both did so immediately, aware that thisrelocated the movement of the dog’s hard shafts so that they rubbed againstboth their G-spots. Both women knew that they had just swallowed a load ofspunk from both boys and wondered what was going on. Not for long. Jeffsignalled to the boys behind the doorway, all had solid erections. Heindicated and they stood in front of the lovely spectacle of the two lovelywomen being fucked hard by the two dogs. At the same time they both puttheir cocks in a woman’s mouth. They were both startled, they didn’trecognise the cocks. It took all their restraint not to open their eyesand look up at the boy that had his cock in their mouth.The two boy’s previous sexual experience was limited to having fuckedHannah when Jeff arranged his circle, so they were relativelyinexperienced. The feeling of the women’s hot mouths soon had them on theedge of cumming. They knew that Jeff wouldn’t be bothered how they came,just so long as they did, so both boys grabbed hold of the woman they wereface-fucking and rammed their cocks down their throats. The boy thatHannah was sucking had at least a 7″ cock and she was struggling a bit tocontrol her gag reflex. A bit shorter, or longer, and Hannah thought shecould manage it but this length she found, was difficult. Hannahpersevered and managed to bring the boy to orgasm in less than 5 minutes; afeat if you consider that her cunt was being pummelled by the big Alsatianat the same time.The boy that Pamela was sucking came in her mouth too and she licked herlips and swallowed the load. The boys sat on the sofa and watched the dogsfuck the willing women. Jeff reminded the women that they had to havetheir mouths open as he signalled the other two boys. They grinned withanticipation as they came forward and stuck their turgid cocks in thewomen’s open mouths. The women were both startled to find yet another cockthey didn’t recognise in their mouths. Neither knew the other woman had acock in her mouth too. The Alsatian that was fucking Hannah had managed toget his knot into her. She was shocked at the size of it and could feelher labia stretched tight around it. The dog was doing much shorterstrokes now that he was tied and Hannah could feel the end of the dog’scock rubbing against her cervix as he pumped in and out, she couldn’tcontrol her orgasm and struggled to continue to suck the boy’s cock as shecame. Pamela was still being fucked hard by Jeff’s dog and had already cumonce as the big cock rubbed her g-spot. Pamela hadn’t felt the knotgrowing only that the cock felt bigger and bigger as it fucked her until itwas so big that the dog only just got it inside her before it would havebeen too big to fit. Satisfied that his cock was deep inside his bitchJeff’s dog also slowed his humping to short, but still fairly brisk thrustsinto Pamela’s cunt. Hannah felt the Alsatian’s hot spunk as he came andsprayed the walls of her vagina. Hannah could feel that the boy was goingto cum too and she felt another orgasm rise deep inside her cunt. The boycame and as he did so he pulled his cock out of her mouth and held it so hecould see his spunk bridge the gap between his cock and Hannah’s mouth, hissperm filling the bottom of her mouth as it ran off her tongue. The otherboy had already cum in Pamela’s mouth and both boys, now spent, went to sitnaked on the floor in front of the sofa to watch the show. Jeff’s dog hadcum inside Pamela now and everyone watched and waited for the dog’s knotsto shrink so they could get untied from the women. Jeff told the womenthat they could open their eyes now. He could see how shocked they were tosee the 6 boys watching them. The Alsatian got his cock out of Hannahfirst. Hannah immediately clamped the palm of her hand over her pussy sothe spunk didn’t immediately run down her thighs. Jeff told her to cleanthe dog and she scooted round and grabbed the dog, pushed it to the floorand got the rapidly shrinking cock into her mouth and cleaned it with hertongue. Pamela was watching and as soon as Jeff’s dog pulled his cock outof her cunt she did exactly the same. Now both Hannah and Pamela werekneeling on the floor with one hand holding the spunk inside themselves. Jeff told them to eat the spunk and the boys watched fascinated as both hotwomen scooped the doggy spunk out of their cunts and licked it off theirfingers and palms.Jeff sent the women to the bathroom to wash each other’s cunts in theshower. He told them to unscrew the shower head and to use the tube insideeach other to wash out any remaining dog spunk. They soon came backbeaming, freshened up, but still hot for cock.Jeff told them how pleased he was with both of them and suggested theyboth laid on the floor on their backs. When they did so Jeff had to remindPamela again to keep her legs wide open at all times. She apologised andspread them. Jeff dropped down next to Hannah and began to kiss and fondleher. She lifted her arm and found his cock already hard; she stroked it ashe kissed her and played with her nipple rings. He lifted his head andtold one of the boys to get between her legs and lick her. The boy grinnedat Jeff and dropped to his knees between Hannah wide spread legs and beganto lick her exposed clitoris and her labia, sucking the lips in, swirlinghis tongue around and pushing them out of his tight lips. Hannah wasgasping. Jeff directed another boy to come and play with Hannah’s tits andnipples. The boy immediately opened his mouth and sucked Hannah’s erectnipple into this mouth, rolled his tongue around on it and licked it likean ice cream before moving onto the other erect nipple, using his hand tokeep the first nipple taught and erect. Jeff got Jimmy to take overkissing Hannah, leaving the three boys taking Hannah towards anotherorgasm.Jeff turned his attentions to Pamela, he started kissing her andstroking her body. The two other boys had seen what happened to Hannah anddidn’t wait for Jeff to ask them, one sank between her thighs and startedto lick her smooth naked cunt while the other licked and sucked her tits.The six boys and two women stayed like that until both women had an orgasm.Jeff made sure that the boys kept Hannah’s cunt hot and wet while theywaited the short time until Pamela reached her orgasm.Both women were told to kneel. Jeff and Jimmy slid underneath, Jeffunder Hannah and Jimmy under Pamela. Their cocks slid inside the womeneffortlessly they were both soaking wet. Two of the boys took positionbehind the women and slid their gelled cocks into the willing women’s arsesand, as Jeff directed, began to slowly fuck them but ensuring that the endof their in strokes ended with a hard shove that made the women move up anddown on Jeff and Jimmy’s hard cocks. When the rhythm was working to Jeff’ssatisfaction he called the other two boys over and had them put their cocksin the women’s mouths. Both Pamela and Hannah were in heaven. Theirorifices all filled with young men with fantastically hard cocks doing whatthey loved best; fucking them. Hannah moved her eyes to see Pamela alsoglancing over to her. The women could only wink at each other as theirmouths were busy being fucked.Jeff told the boys that there were now no rules, that they could fuck ashard and as fast or as soft and as slow as they wanted to. The eager boysthat were fucking the women’s arses took opposite approaches. Jeff couldfeel the gentleness of the boys thrusts into Hannah’s arse as his cockcould feel the ridges of the other’s cock through the thin walls separatingHannah’s cunt from her arse. Jeff gently held Hannah’s tits, rubbing hisfingers over her nipples and gently pulling the rings with his teeth everynow and then. The boy that was fucking Hannah’s face came very quickly andJeff allowed her to swallow his spunk straight away. Jeff started to pushup, working his cock in and out of Hannah’s hot, wet cunt. Hannah wasalready gasping from the torture of the greasy cock sliding in and out ofher arse. Jeff’s movement upwards ended as he thrust his pubic boneagainst Hannah’s exposed clitoris. It only took a few minutes and Hannahcame, drowning Jeff’s cock in her juices and causing the guy fucking herarse to cum too as her orgasm forced her to clench her muscles. Then itwas just the two of them, the way Hannah preferred it, her darling boythrusting his rigid cock in and out of her willing cunt. Hannah liftedherself higher so that Jeff’s cock rubbed against her g-spot as he thrust.Her vagina felt Jeff cumming. She knew the tell-tale tremors of Jeff’sspunk rising and she started to cum even before he started to spray his cuminside her vagina.Jeff looked at Jimmy and could see that the other two boys had cum andJimmy was thrusting his long cock into Pamela. Pamela was sweating andbreathing heavily, begging Jimmy to fill her cunt. He did. Withoutwarning Jimmy rammed his cock deep in to Pamela and began to cum. Pamelawas already on the edge and as soon as she felt the first spurt of cum herorgasm started. She pushed down onto Jimmy so his cock was pushed right tothe end of her tunnel so she could feel every spurt of the boy’s copiousload as it hit her cervix. She collapsed onto Jimmy and Jeff smiled as hecould see a little spunk escape from her arse as she relaxed her wholebody.Hannah was laid onto her back (legs open of course) while Pamelacrouched over her to transfer Jimmy’s spunk into Hannah’s mouth. ThenPamela was laid on her back while Hannah crouched over her to transferJeff’s spunk into Pamela’s mouth. Jeff told the girls to mix all the spermup by French kissing each other and pushing their gift from one mouth tothe other.Jeff told the four boys that the show was over and they should getdressed and go out to play. Thanking Jeff profusely the four boys put ontheir clothes, waved to the kissing girls and left the house, along withthe Alsatian. Jeff and Jimmy sat on the sofa watching the girls until Jeffasked to see what was left. Surprisingly there was still an awful lot ofspunk in both women’s mouths. Jeff allowed them to swallow.It was still fairly early, even though both Jeff’s sluts had been fuckednumerous times. Jeff thought for a while and telephoned a different set offour boys from the twelve that had gang-banged Hannah. Jeff promised themsome action with his sluts and they all promised to be there as soon asthey could.As soon as the boys arrived Jeff told them to strip off and sit on thesofa to watch and see how things developed. Jeff orchestrated thepositions starting by bringing his dog into the room. First he had Hannahkneel in front of the sofa and start to suck the cock of the boy with thebiggest member. Just seeing the naked women had caused all four boys tohave significant erections and Hannah duly chose the biggest, about 9″ longand 3″ diameter. Jeff presented the dog to Hannah’s cunt and it startedlicking. Then he told Pamela to suck its cock. Pamela got down on herback and slid underneath the dog and wrapped her hand around his growingcock. She pulled it down to her mouth and began to lick it while shestroked it. Jeff watched her and told her she was doing a good job as hesaw the dog’s cock get bigger, until it was about as big as the cock thatHannah was sucking. He told Pamela that she had forgotten the “legs apart”rule. She quickly spread her legs and continued stroking and licking thedog’s ever growing cock. Jeff went and sat down between Pamela’swide-spread legs and began to play with her cunt as she carried on strokingand licking the dog’s cock as it licked Hannah. Pamela’s cunt was so wetthat Jeff soon had three fingers inside her. He knew that Pamela wasgetting more and more aroused and made her pull her legs up so that hisfingers were brushing over her G-spot as he finger-fucked her hard. Soonhe could hear Pamela’s breathing getting ragged as she neared a new climax.Jeff encouraged her. He told her what a dirty girl she was for playingwith an innocent dog’s cock and what a naughty slut she was. Jeff knew shewas getting near an orgasm and he told her to put the dog’s cock in hermouth and suck it. He felt her cunt squeezing his fingers as she liftedher head to follow his instructions. Jeff watched the cock disappear intoPamela’s mouth and into her throat. She was really good he thought. Hewas pleased that she had given herself to him.Jeff let her suck the cock as he worked on her cunt until she had acrashing orgasm and collapsed to the floor. Jeff knew it was time and hegot up and lifted his dog up. He told Pamela to feed the dog’s cock intoHannah’s cunt as she still knelt in front of the boy she was sucking off.Hannah was on another planet by now. The dog’s tongue had already givenher an orgasm, but as she felt the big dog cock slide into her vagina shecame again. Watching the dog fuck Hannah made the boy she was sucking comein her throat. He just held her there with his softening penis still inher mouth as he watched the dog’s movements get faster and faster. Hecould feel Hannah being rammed from behind as the big dog’s cock stroked inand out of her.Pamela was still lying underneath watching the dog’s cock hammer in andout of Hannah’s cunt, Jeff tapped her shoulder and told her to slide outfrom underneath him. He put her on her knees and got up behind her andpoked his cock into her moist cunt. He held her by her hips as he rockedin and out of her. Both were fascinated by the spectacle of Hannah beingfucked hard by Jeff’s hound. The dog fucked Hannah for nearly 10 minutes,Jeff heard Hannah go through at least 2 racking orgasms as the huge doggycock pounded her cunt. The boy whose cock Hannah had sucked and got outfrom under her head and all the boys were watching Hannah and Pamela beingfucked. Mesmerised mostly by the sight of the big dog’s cock sawing in andout of Hannah’s vagina. Hannah was moaning and Jeff knew she wasapproaching another orgasm. The dog had managed to get his knot insideHannah’s cunt and Jeff could see that it had stretched Hannah’s skin sotight it was virtually transparent, then Hannah felt the dog’s cock stiffenand she knew he was going spunk inside her. As the dog started toejaculate Hannah screamed as another orgasm rocked her body and shesqueezed hard on the dog’s cock, encouraging him to fill her with his doggygoo. Once he had delivered his spunk the dog wanted to pull out ofHannah’s cunt. It took another 5 minutes for the knot to shrink enough tolet the dog’s cock escape. The dog went to lay down on the other side ofthe room. Hannah just laid there face down on the armchair exhausted. Shestill had her legs wide open and her cunt was gaping where the big cock hadstretched her. Jeff could see a big glob of spunk was about to startdripping out of her cunt and down her thigh. When it did Jeff told Hannahto clean herself up with her fingers. Jeff was on the verge of cumming. He stopped fucking Pamela and told her to squeeze his cock. Hannah liftedher head and turned around and smiled at her audience. She said howfantastic that fuck had been before she stood, then crouched and began todip her fingers inside herself and lick the dog spunk off them. Pamelasqueezed Jeff’s cock and felt the familiar throb as his spunk rose andsprayed inside her.The boys were all hot from watching the doggy fuck. Jeff looked aroundthe room and saw 5 very hard cocks, he slid his cock out of Pamela’s cuntand she scooted round and licked it clean for him. He told the girls toget busy relieving the boys of their erections. Hannah could only manageto suck one of the boys as her cunt was still throbbing from the dog’sfuck. Pamela took on two of them, one at each end, the boy fucking her wasoblivious to the presence of Jeff’s spunk inside her. The boy in Hannah’smouth had never been sucked so expertly and he soon came. Hannah suckedall three boys before Pamela managed to coax the spunk out of the two boysthat were fucking her. Jeff was having a great time. It was still earlyand the women had been fucked in their mouths or cunts at least 10 timesand Jeff was feeling very much in control of his women. There was one morething Jeff wanted to do before they went to find lunch, and that was towatch Pamela being fucked by the dog.Jeff told Hannah to crawl over to the dog and to suck his cock until itwas hard enough to fuck with. Hannah did as she was told and the boys wererewarded with the sight of Hannah’s adorned cunt lips as she spread herlegs and lowered her head to get the dog’s cock into her mouth. Jeff toldJimmy to get behind Hannah and get his cock in her arse to keep herfocussed – which of course it didn’t. Jimmy grabbed the jelly and stucktwo fingers into it and smeared it over his cock before sliding intoHannah’s willing arse. Soon though, the dog’s cock was hard as a rock andhe was starting to thrust into Hannah’s wet and warm mouth. Jimmy wasrolling Hannah’s clitoris between his thumb and forefinger as he gentlypushed and pulled his greasy cock in and out of her tight arse, when shecame hard she accidentally let the dog’s cock all the way down her throatas she lost control.Pamela was instructed to get onto her knees and spread her legs wide. Jeff told her to put her cheek on the floor and really push her cunt lipsout. Jeff walked around behind her and played with her cunt lips andpushed a finger inside her and moved it about to stretch it a bit, readyfor the assault it was about to get. When he was satisfied that she wasready Jeff told one of the boys to bring the dog over and had Pamela reachback through her legs and feed the stiff cock into her cunt. Pamela’sposition allowed for much deeper penetration and soon the dog was hammeringinto Pamela’s cunt. The boys just watched as the horny woman was fucked,amazed to see the long pink cock ramming in and out of her soaking wetcunt. As they watched Pamela being fucked by the dog Jeff saw that Jimmyhad spunked in Hannah’s arse and she was licking his cock clean. Jeff hadHannah come over to where he was sitting on the sofa, first she had toclean the spunk out of her arse, which she did by holding one handunderneath her as she put two fingers in her arse and spread her rectum. The spunk dripped onto her hand and she licked it off her palm. When shewas done she stood up, turned around, held her cunt lips apart with twofingers and sat on Jeff’s cock and watched with him as the dog gavePamela’s cunt a pummelling. Jeff thought her cunt felt fantastic as shegently squeezed his cock with her vaginal muscles as they both watchedPamela being fucked.When the dog came Pamela came too. Jeff was watching her face and sawher smile as she felt the spunk filling her. The dog had to wait for hisknot to shrink, then he immediately pulled out and went away. Jeff toldPamela to cover her cunt with her hand so she didn’t lose any of the spunk.Her Vagina was stretched open at least 3” once the dog had withdrawn hiscock and Jeff could already see the spunk there ready to dribble out. Pamela knew what to do and turned over and crouched down. She took herhand away from her cunt. It was already leaking spunk and she licked thegoo off the palm of her hand before plunging her fingers deep inside hercunt and scooping big dollops of doggy spunk onto her fingers and lickingit off.Jeff was delighted with his women. He told them to go and showerthemselves and to behave themselves and to come straight back when theywere clean. While they were showering Jeff selected their clothes fromtheir wardrobes and left them on their bed. Jeff had decided when Pamelamoved in that they should sleep together, although Pamela had her own roomso it wasn’t suspicious if Pamela’s sister came to visit.When the girls emerged from the bathroom they found that Jeff had putout the Micro skirt and top that Hannah had worn on the bus on Pamela sideof the bed along with the tight button-up blouse. Pamela didn’t have hugetits like Hannah did but the tight blouse really showed off her hugenipples. When she put the skirt on and looked in the mirror she gaspedagain at how short it was. Her cunt lips were covered but when she lookedbehind she could definitely see the cheeks of her arse. She stood therewhile Hannah dressed in what Jeff had left for her, a short tight leatherdress with a zip that opened top and bottom. Hannah put it on, it wasmaybe an inch longer than the skirt that Pamela had on which meant that herarse cheeks might be covered. Hannah left it undone as she knew thatwherever she put the zip Jeff would want to put it somewhere else. Whenthe girls walked back into the lounge the boys clapped their hands, theylooked so sexy. Jeff did Hannah’s zip up – hardly. It was open so much atthe bottom that she could see her rings if she leant forward a bit. Thetop was unzipped down to below her tits, her huge tits forcing it apart butthe tightness of the fit kept her tits covered. Three of the boys had toleave as they had things planned with their parents for lunch. They eachthanked Hannah and Pamela for their sexy display and for sucking andfucking them and gave them a kiss and fondled them as they left.Jeff let his dog out in the back yard and they all left the house andwalked down to Hannah’s car, which was parked a few houses away. Jeffwalked behind the two women and watched the reaction of the people in thestreet to his wardrobe choices. The men certainly appreciated it he couldtell as he watched Pamela’s arse cheeks as she swung her hips as shewalked. Jeff got in the front with Hannah, while Jimmy and the other boy,Tommy, got in the back with Pamela. Tommy hadn’t seen the women followingtheir rules before so he was a bit taken aback when Pamela sat in themiddle of the seat and opened her legs wide, one foot either side of thetunnel. The action of opening her legs pulled the skirt up and the wholeof Pamela’s cunt was on show. Hannah too had opened her legs wide and Jeffhelped by pulling the zip up further so that she was totally on show too.Hannah turned and grinned at Pamela and asked her how she would havemanaged on a bus wearing that! Pamela looked at her and smiled and saidshe would have been terrified but she would have done it if Jeff had toldher she must. As Hannah pulled away Jimmy and Tommy couldn’t resistm*****ing Pamela. They got her to put her arms around their shoulders andthey soon had her blouse open with a boy sucking either nipple, onestroking her clitoris and the other sliding two fingers in and out of hervagina. They stopped at a traffic light and there was a truck next tothem. Jeff leant over and beeped the horn to attract the driver’sattention. He looked down amazed to see the two naked cunts on show and thetwo boys m*****ing the mostly naked woman in the back. He pulled the hornin the truck to show his appreciation. Jeff smiled as the lights changedand Hannah drove away.When Hannah parked the car at the shopping mall the boys quickly broughtPamela to an orgasm and helped rearrange her clothes to a semblance ofdecency. They waited for Jeff’s instruction to get out of the car. Jeffwatched a car load of boys pull up a few yards away then got out himself.He walked around to Hannah’s door and opened it wide and stepped back asshe turned and put her leg out of the car, deliberately totally exposingher decorated cunt to the other boys. The boys could not believe what theywere watching as the sexy older woman deliberately and slowly got out ofthe car showing off her cunt, adorned with rings and chains and a tattoothey couldn’t quite read. Then Jeff opened the back door wide too. Jimmyhad slid out of the way so that Pamela could make an exit. She did too. In her tiny skirt she couldn’t have hidden her cunt anyway, but she made ameal of sliding to the door with her legs apart and putting one foot on theground before sliding forward and with wide stretched legs. Once bothwomen were sitting in the doorway showing their widespread cunts Jeff toldthem to stand. They both stood facing the other boys. Both still showingoff their cunt’s lips as Jeff hadn’t told them they could pull theirclothing down to cover themselves up. Jeff stepped between them and tookthem by the hand and they walked towards the shopping mall. The boys fromthe car followed them in gawping at the sight of the two of them frombehind. At the doorway to the mall Jeff stopped and arranged the women’sclothes so they were as they had left the house, indecent – but notblatant. Jeff then led them straight to the escalator where they stood sideby side, Hannah a couple of steps up from Pamela, both standing with theirlegs apart. Jeff was only a couple of steps down and could see both theircunts. The boys all waited at the bottom until the girls walked off at thetop. They couldn’t believe what they had seen.Jeff took them down the aisle looking for something interesting. Thenhe saw a shoe shop. He took the women into the shop and asked the managerif he could fit them with identical red sandals that he had seen in thewindow. He asked the manager to be sure to measure their feet as it wasthe first time he had brought them here shopping. The man got the footmeasure down and knelt down in front of Pamela he asked her to lift herfoot so he could remove her shoe. He held her ankle as he helped her, thenhe noticed her cunt. He could not notice it really as from where he waskneeling it was completely on view as she stood with her legs apart, justlifting her leg slightly completely exposed her cunt. He glanced over atHannah and realised she was just as on show as she was standing with herlegs apart too and her dress barely reached the bottom of her cunt lips, hecould see the chain hanging down from her cunt rings. Jeff watched themanager as he started to sweat. He was trying not to look, or not be seento be looking as he fitted the measure for both of Pamela’s feet beforedisappearing out back to find the sandals for her size. He sent in a youngman to deal with Hannah. He clearly hadn’t told him why, but when theyoung guy saw Hannah’s cunt he could keep his eyes away from the jewelleryon her lips. He made a good show of measuring her and when the managerbrought back the shoes for Pamela the man told the manager Hannah’s sizeand took the sandals off him. He clearly wanted a closer look at Pamela’sfanny. He got it too because he asked her to sit down. As soon as she satdown Pamela opened her legs as per Jeff’s rules. Jeff could have told hernot to but he didn’t so she just followed the rules and the guy had anunobstructed view of Pamela’s lips. Pamela was so turned on that her wetlips had stuck to her thighs and the shop assistant could see right intoher pink vagina. Jeff was standing next to her and he could smell herarousal from when Jimmy and Tommy had brought her to an orgasm just a fewminutes ago. The man just gazed into Pamela’s cunt as he fitted thesandals. The manager came back with the other pair and just stood therelooking at Pamela’s cunt while holding the shoe box with Hannah’s newshoes. When the man was satisfied with the fit he asked Pamela to walk upand down the store to see if they were comfortable. Pamela stood and madeno attempt to cover herself as she paraded up and down the store, gaininglots of attention. She came back and said they were fine and sat down andimmediately spread her legs again, and as the assistant removed the sandalsseveral other people seemed to want to be in that part of the shopsuddenly, including at least four men and a couple of boys that just stoodopen mouthed looking at Pamela. The assistant had just finished taking offthe sandals that Pamela was wearing when Jeff said that she would bewearing them and to pack her old shoes instead. The man said OK and helpedput the sandals back on her, all the while with the audience gazing at hernaked shaved vagina. Then they turned to Hannah. The assistant asked ifshe would sit down for the fitting. Hannah did so and immediately openedher legs as Pamela had, showing off not just her cunt’s lips but her ringsand chains and the little ring that held her clitoris out. Jeff had notput the zip down as much as before they were in the car and he could justmake out the bottom of her “Jeff’s cunt” tattoo, as could all the peoplewatching. There was quite a crowd gathering now as people were attractedby the circle of people looking at the two girls sitting side by side, bothwith their legs wide open. Hannah did her parade and decided the shoeswere comfortable for her too, so she kept hers on and went to pay for both,leaving Pamela sitting entertaining the crowd. Jeff told her to stand upand she walked over to where Hannah was standing at the cash desk. Shestood next to Hannah and opened her legs, as Hannah had done. She knew shestill had an audience and she bent over from the waist to make a leisurelyadjustment to her sandal strap giving the whole shop and unobstructed viewof the inside of her cunt lips and almost all her arse as the micro skirtlifted up as she bent over. She stood up, turned her shoulders and winkedat Jeff who was smiling at her. When they left the shop Jeff thought theiraudience would follow them for the rest of the day, so after a little morebrowsing, including a couple of more revealing escalators Jeff decidedthere were too many following to make lunch fun, so they went back toHannah’s car to find somewhere quieter to eat.Jeff asked Pamela to drive and got in the front next to her, pleased tosee her open her legs wide before closing the car door. Hannah slippedinto the back into the arms of Jimmy and Tommy who soon had her dressunzipped and off her shoulders. They were fondling her huge tits andpulling her nipple rings while the played with her pussy jewellery andpulled her big cunt lips. Before they left the mall car park one of themhad his fingers in her cunt while the other stroked her sensitive clitoris.Jeff directed Pamela to drive to a drive-thru fast food place where theorder-taker was gobsmacked to see first Pamela’s wide-open legs and vaginaas she gave the order, then as he entered it into the machine his eyesglanced to the back of the car to see the two boys groping a naked womanwith the biggest tits he had ever seen and lots of rings and chains aroundher vagina. Needless to say when they got to the pick-up window there musthave been all the male staff, and some of the female staff in the placestretching over each other to see the displayed charms of the two olderwomen.Jeff told Pamela to drive down to the car park near the river a shortdistance away so they could eat. They all got out of the car, once Hannahhad completed her orgasm and the two boys had helped her back into herleather dress. Jeff got a picnic blanket out of the back of the car andspread it on the grass next to the river so they all sit and eat. Thewomen of course opened their legs as soon as they sat down, but they werefacing the river with the boys sitting around them. Some of the boatsseemed to have to make numerous journey’s past that point on the river andthere were several cameras heard. The sound of the cameras gave Jeff andidea that he would remember when they returned to Hannah’s house.After lunch they laid on the blankets for a while stroking the womenuntil Jeff said they should go before the boats started mooring! They wentstraight back to Hannah’s house where Tommy saw the rules being acted outfor the first time as Hannah and Pamela both stripped naked as soon as theyclosed the front door. Jeff disappeared for a couple of minutes and cameback with Hannah’s video camera. The women weren’t sure about beingrecorded having sex with u******e boys but Jeff wasn’t asking, he wastelling.Jeff went through and let the dog in from the yard. The dog wentstraight for Hannah’s cunt as it was the smelliest having been recentlymasturbated by the boys. Hannah began to push it away but Jeff stoppedher. He made a new rule. If the dog put his nose between either women’slegs they had to stop walking and stand with their legs apart. If the dogstarted licking them they had to stand and wait until it had finished. Ifthe dog’s tongue brought them to orgasm then they had to get on their kneesand let the dog fuck them. The other woman had to supervise getting thedog’s cock into whichever cunt was going to get fucked. Hannah stood andlistened to Jeff’s instructions as the dog licked her. Her clitoris was sosensitive that it took hardly any time at all before she came again andimmediately dropped to her knees and Pamela helped guide the dog’s cockinto her cunt. Hannah suspected there was going to be quite a lot of dogfucking going on! Jeff watched the action as the dog urgently fuckedHannah Jeff began his first video recording of his women’s sexual activitywith him, his friends and his pet.When the dog finished and had spunked inside her, they waited a fewminutes until he pulled out. Jeff made another new rule that whoever hadbeen fucked had to clean the dog’s cock with their tongue while the otherwoman was responsible for cleaning the spunk-filled vagina with theirtongue. Hannah immediately dropped her head into the dog’s lap and cleanedhim before crouching over Pamela’s supine body and watching the other womanlick the spunk out of her cunt with her tongue. Watching Hannah beingfucked by the hound got all the boys erect again. While they watchedPamela lay down and Hannah crouch over her mouth to be cleaned they allstripped off and decided that Hannah could suck Jeff’s cock while the othertwo double-fucked Pamela. Pamela smiled at how they organised themselvesas she dropped to her knees and spread her thighs and opened her mouthready for them.Jeff continued to record video all afternoon as the two willing womenfucked and sucked the horny young boys. Eventually it was time to leaveand Jeff put the video camera down and told Hannah to copy the film ontoher laptop and to charge the battery because it would be going with them tothe tattooist tomorrow. Hannah smiled at the memory of her visit andlooked forward to seeing Pamela get her tattoo and jewellery, andespecially she was looking forward to seeing Pamela pay for it on the endof the tattooists monster cock. Jeff too, couldn’t wait for tomorrow andtheir special session he had arranged with the tattooist in the closedshop.

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