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Subject: Happy Birthday Dad Part III Want to keep getting your rocks off? Donate to Nifty! Thanks for all the emails, means a lot that so many enjoy the stories and so many get a sense of closure with them. Enjoy part 3! We threw on boxers, heading back down to the kitchen for more coffee. Dad had fucked me more times this morning than I had been the past six months! Black coffee in hand, we sat at the table, smiling ridiculously at each other. “What made you ask for a blowjob for your birthday?” I asked, wondering what had come over him. “You complaining?” He patted my cheek laughing good naturedly. I blushed, “No, but just curious.” He leaned forward, held my smaller hand in his large, calloused one, holding my gaze with his eyes. “You told me you were gay when you were a teenager and that you had a crush on me. I did everything I could to build your confidence, be the man you looked up to,” he squeezed my hand, “Then you started dating in college men that had my build, my mannerisms, resembled me a bit.” He leaned back, winking at me. “Finally, you moved back in, (where you belonged-he muttered), and you looked so lost. I wanted to give you something that you had always wanted…plus, I hit a dry spell.” He laughed, big and large, just like him. I blushed, leaning forward so he leaned forward as well, I gave him a light, sensual kiss. He grabbed the back of my head, turning the kiss into something more. “Wow!” I exclaimed. “It’s your birthday and you gave me a present!” He turned serious for a moment, looking at the plain black and white circular clock on the wall above the table, then out the window opposite, above the sink where just hours before he was enjoying his first cup of coffee. His eyes found mine again, burning dark, “Doesn’t have to be a one-day thing, Dave.” My shocked eyes gave way to bright and happy. `So, what’s on the agenda for the rest of the day?” “The guys are treating me today .” He grinned. His three friends were childhood friends who had done everything together. “Well, they’re buying lunch, snacks and later, dinner.” He got up, placing his heavy, muscular arm around my smaller shoulders, steering me upstairs. “They’ll be here in half an hour, let’s get dressed.” A few minutes later, the doorbell rang and his three buds came in, Qox, Rox and Tox. I never understood the nicknames, they gave Dad `Sox’. The four of them were large, muscular men, big boxy outdoorsmen who worked hard at their respective jobs. We piled in Qox’s Suburban, me sitting between Dad and Rox, Rox owned a road grading business and helped out Dad’s construction business when a lot needed leveling. Mostly he contracted with the State Department of Transportation rebuilding roads. The guys teased each other good naturedly and we pulled up to the Baseball Stadium over in the next city. Inwardly, I groaned, I hated baseball. It was a slow game, mostly guys in baggy uniforms standing around for twenty minutes until they switched places with the other team, also in baggy uniforms, who would stand around for twenty minutes. I really didn’t get the idea. We piled out of the SUV, carrying escort nothing, Dad’s private suite would have everything, plus we zoomed by security in a side door where VIPs entered. Dad and the guys glad handed the security guards, one large black man followed Dad who he fist bumped. Qox and he knew each other, raised chins and continued to the Suite. Inside the suite was a table at one side filled with a buffet of shrimp, sausage, small corn cobs, various vegetables, dips, chips and so on. We were half-hour early, so the men munched on food, I wasn’t hungry, so I just admired the good looking hunky men and guards. Fellow VIP Suite mates came and went, a few minor politicians glad handed everyone, capped teeth gleaming. Finally someone started singing the Anthem, we stood together at the chairs, hands over hearts and waited. After the introduction, song and speeches, we sat down and I groused to Dad. “Baseball?” His eyes flashed dark, lust filled the air around him, he put his hand on my shoulder. “I never said you had to watch.” He guided me down to my knees, hitting the plush, padded carpet, between his legs. His other hand popped his dockers open, his large cock flinging against my face. Qox, seated next to him, said `GOODDAM!” “There are Nine innings, we each get two blowjobs each, he gets his fill of cock and cum, everyone’s happy.” The guys were smiling, Dad’s hands were gripping both sides of my head, I opened my mouth and throat, giving Dad the slowest blowjob. I think he enjoyed it because his moans were soft and needy, his hands. Even though he fucked me about ten times–in bed, in every position and in the shower, he fed me his thick, sweet/salty man cum just as the inning ended. He caressed my cheek, I leaned back while he tucked his cock back in his dockers, rose and stood behind Qox. “You want a turn?” He whispered in his friend’s ear.” “Fuck YES! The bitch hasn’t touched me in months and i’m ready to blow!” “No, I blow.” I announced, scooted over so I was in front of him, he fast unbuttoned his dark blue twill pants, a sizeable tube wrapped around his thigh. His large dark hands reached inside and a twelve inch thick black cock slapped against my face. Dad was at the buffet, filling a plate.The guard was in his booth at the back, monitoring the foot traffic outside the Suite, communicating with stadium security. I relaxed my body, so my throat would stay open and my face smoothly slid down his meat. His cock looked a bit threatening. It was long, slightly thicker than Dad’s with raised veins running down the top and sides. He patted my head but didn’t force me down. I relaxed, breathed deep and placed my mouth around the thick head. It hit the back of my throat and I swallowed like I was drinking. I could feel his cock ridge at the back of my throat, so I pushed it down, so it wouldn’t hit the hanging thing at the back of my throat. He was half-hard already, gasping manly mewls and soft grunts filled the air around me. He was half way down my throat now, the veins rubbing against my esophagus until my nose hit his soft, wiry, untrimmed bush. His legs stretched out alongside izmit escort bayan me, his thighs squeezed the sides of my head. His cock was getting thicker and longer. Suddenly he sat at the edge of his chair so he could get a better angle down my throat. The men continued fun banter with each other, Qox laughing at something Rox said, Dad slapped Qox on the shoulder. Qox was using my head as his personal fleshlight. By now his cock was straight shot down my throat, it thickened, if possible, he shoved down one last time, his body rigid and thick, salty cum started shooting into my stomach. He pushed my head back until the thick cockhead was in my mouth and jacked off for another ten minutes. His balls emptied the past few month’s frustration into my mouth. I almost couldn’t swallow it all! He sat back, picking his cock out of my mouth. “GOODDAMN BOY!” Dad laughed, “Not bad, eh Qox?” Qox pushed me sideways and Rox leaned over, his hands under my armpits, gently dragged me in front of his wide man spread. There was a large lump in his tan construction work pants. He caressed my face with one hand and with the other, my head. “That’s a good boy.” His deep, gentle voice wound around my head, like a soft summer breeze. “You want to help ole Rox out?” He gave a soft chuckle, his thick muscular thighs were popping and stretching. I looked up at his athletic face, his grin more pronounced and his biceps-bigger than my head-were flexing as he unbuttoned his work pants, his thick, chunky boots on the soft carpet. He popped the fly, the chunky copper zipper went down with a `zip’ sound. He was commando! A seven inch, thick cock with trimmed pubes greeted me, weeping at the tip, Rox was still smiling. I went down on his thickness, his hands never leaving my head. The game was well into the third inning, Rox was smiling, joking and thoroughly enjoying the blowjob. His hands never left my head, his cock just hitting the back of my throat. He was relaxed, laughing and gasping. Finally his muscular body went rigid, his hands smoothing over my head and his laughing voice was quiet. “OH FUCK!” he was able to mumble. Qox and Tox slapped his back with one arm while their other arm rubbed circles on my back and head. Tox pulled me over in front of him, he was an anesthesiologist at the local hospital, thus his nickname. He held me against his pullover, letting me catch my breath, after giving three long, hard blowjobs in a row. He was good at bringing me down from the cock and cum high I was on. Some air freshener blew with the air conditioning, removing the sex smell. I looked up at his hard face, he had to have a neutral expression on his job that was both intimidating and gentle. He gave me a wink, put one hand under my chin to look up at him. “Ready, boy?” I nodded, he unbukled his belt, his grey cotton twill pants separated when the smooth nylon zipper was down. He pushed silk boxers down under his balls and pulled his long, narrow cock out from the side of his thigh. I could hear the announcement for the fourth inning as his length slid down my throat. I could breathe izmit sınırsız escort in his masculine scent in his inch long black pubes. With his cock down my throat, I could still breathe, where Qox’s cock I had to breathe on the updraw. Tox leaned back in the chair, his legs still at 90 degree angles, his hands never stopped rubbing circles around my back and head. I could feel his voice vibrating in his thighs and hands. Once in awhile he would give a large belly laugh, leaning forward. When he did, his hands cradled my head so I wouldn’t be hurt. He stiffened a few times during the inning when he was getting close. After the fourth time, his hands did gently grip my head, his cock stiff as a stake, shot his cum down my throat, giving me my fourth meal of the day. “Oh, you are good!” He winked at me again, holding me tight against his torso. Dad picked me up, grinned at the guys and led me to the security booth. “Hey, Lathe,” Dad greeted the guard, after knocking on the door. “Hey bud,” Lathe shot out a paw to Dad’s large hand, “What’s up?” “Thought you could use a little relaxation,” Dad pushed me forward, his calloused hand in between my shoulder blades. A grin broke his face in two, Lathe’s hand enveloped my whole shoulder and neck. “Oh yah?” One eyebrow arched upwards to his shiny bald head. “Yup, enjoy yourself, You have him the entire 5th inning.” Lathe brought me inside his booth, a small room, really, about 10 x 10, with a few monitors on the wall, several keyboards and very large captain’s chair in the middle of the carpeted room. “You ready boy?” He gave me a soft grin, snapping open his black security guard’s pants. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into with this giant. His hands brokered no argument when he guided me to my knees as he sat regally in the chair. I could only gasp myself! His cock was made up of the four guy’s cocks. Lathe’s cock was easily 12 or 13 inches long, with angry veins popped up all over, thick and heavy, one hand was heavy on the back of my head, I looked up and he wasn’t even looking at me. He was taking for granted I was going to deepthroat this monster. And he was correct. “Just relax boy, take deep breaths and go down when you’re ready.” His authoritative voice urged me no, no rushing. I took a deep breath, put my mouth over his shiny apple head, relaxed my throat and began swallowing. Even though his cock was a combination of Dad’s and Qox’s, really, I had trouble at first, he didn’t even acknowledge my trouble, his hand never leaving the back of my head. After a few minutes, I continued down the black rod until my nose scrapped the stubble. “Now, just stay there for awhile, boy.” When he knew I couldn’t breathe, he let me up off his cock long enough so I could breathe, then he pushed me back all the way down. I knew better than to try and raise before he was ready to let me go. We did this for about ten minutes, his cock getting thicker and harder, he was going to blow soon. “Oh, you’re a good boy, nice and slow is how I like my blowjobs. Good boy, good boy.” That became his mantra until his thighs held my head in place and he blew about a half a cup of cum straight down my throat. Lathe had me lick his cock clean, tuck it back inside his work pants, then walked me back out to Dad. I repeated the four blowjobs for the men. I was beginning to like baseball.

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