Happy Halloween, Heather


Rachal loved Halloween. It was her time for hunting. And she’d already selected her prey. Although the twenty-four year old usually preferred young flesh, the forty-year old Heather was her target for the evening.

The brown haired, mother of two had a sweet smile, a need to be dominated, and a slender yet incredibly curvy body that begged to be devoured. She’d be happy to oblige.

By day, Rachal worked in a boring job. By night, she partied with her friends and took her pleasure from any male or female who took her fancy.

But all that concealed her secret. Rachal was one of the undead.

That select group of travellers who, at this time of the year — each and every year — leave their normal human life and are charged with bringing another into their ranks. In truth, Rachal was centuries old, and had brought hundreds of unsuspecting lovers to their new destiny. Male or female, it made no difference.

Halloween was the time of year where people dressed up in their costumes and pretended to be someone they weren’t. For Rachal, it was the opposite. The only opportunity she had to dress in her ‘normal’ clothes and be exactly who she was. Her undead self.

Her clothes had been perfected over the years. A skintight pair of low rise jeans, as black as the night itself. A red, low cut blouse that showed off her apple sized breasts to perfection and gave her a wonderfully tingling feeling each time her hard, brown nipples rubbed against the almost transparent material.

The thigh length boots were black of course, as was the long, leather coat that ran down to the top of her boots.

Unusual for her, she curled her dark, shoulder length hair so that it framed her face in soft waves, allowing her piercing blue-brown-hazel eyes to change colour as the mood took her.



Crossing the Atlantic took seconds. The undead had powers that mere mortals would never be able to understand. A few seconds more took her to her destination. Rachal knew exactly where Heather would be, and when. She’d desired it, and no man or woman was able to resist her unspoken thoughts.

She waited in the shadows, feeling at home in the dark. Not long now. Her enhanced hearing took in every sound around her, feeding off those she enjoyed and spitting out every irrelevance.

And then, it was time.

Her superior power of smell inhaled deeply in the autumn night air, sucking in the older women’s scent. Innocent. Yet willing. She was near.

But there was something else, too. A man’s aroma. For some unknown reason, Heather’s husband was with her. The fire that rose in Rachal’s chest began to spill over. She spat venom into the empty air. This was not what she’d planned. Not at all.

Then the though hit her. Two for the price of one.

The undead had to be careful not to upset the karma of the Universe, but Rachal realised what was happening. It was a gift… a gift to her… a gift for all those undead years, and for slavishly following those rules of the Universe that bound each person like herself.

Two for the price of one.

Rachal knew that Heather was hers. That much was already written. Her husband would be hers only if he allowed himself to be seduced into her spell. The brunette laughed out loud, startling a passer by who hadn’t noticed her in the shadows. How would he be able to resist?

“Good evening,” she purred a few moments later, as the couple walked past her.

Heather immediately jumped, looking into the shadows with those incredible, but very startled eyes.

Her husband turned aggressively in her direction. “What the…” he began.

“I’m Rachal,” the undead beauty purred. “I need a lift. Would that be okay?”

She watched Heather’s brown eyes cloud in puzzlement as the older woman stared at her and then glanced at her husband.

Even as he began to refuse, Rachal sent her thoughts into his mind. ‘Of course, that would be no problem at all.’

“Of course,” he dutifully said. “That would be no problem at all.”

Heather’s mouth dropped open and she tugged on her husband’s arm, telling him she was uncomfortable with the scene unfolding.

Seeing the look of concern on his wife’s face, it appeared he rethought his words and began to speak again.

Rachal was one step ahead of him. He was a mere mortal after all. ‘Our car is just around the corner. Please come this way.’

“Our car is just around the corner. Please come this way.”

“Thank you,” she smiled, stepping between the couple and linking their arms as they walked towards their vehicle. “By the way, I’m Rachal.”

‘Sit in the back with me, Heather.’

Heather’s husband opened the car door for his wife. She ignored it and slipped in the back of the car beside the beautiful young woman.

‘That’s fine, just drive.’

He nodded as the unspoken words registered in his brain, opening his door and dropping into the seat. In a few seconds, they were heading along the highway.

‘Invite me to your home for a drink.’

“Why the sandman izle don’t we stop off at ours so you can have a drink with us before continuing your journey,” he asked.

“That’s very kind,” Rachal answered. “Is that okay, Heather?”

Rachal could see even as she asked that the beautiful woman’s cheeks flared to life, enhancing her beauty. She reached out a hand and lightly brushed away a stray lock of hair from Heather’s cheek, feeling an aroused tingle run through her at the warmth of the blushing flesh.

She could have used her mind control, but that was not for her. Not with Heather. She wanted this beauty to be fully compliant.

Heather didn’t answer, instead her delicate fingers gripped her purse with excessive force as Rachal settled close. She knew her sensuous perfume would affect the older woman. It was always where her seduction began.

Her leg pressed against her intended victim’s as the car swerved around a corner, and she made sure it stayed there for the rest of the journey despite Heather’s constant attempts to edge away.


Inside the house, Rachal went immediately to work. “I need a shower. Would you show me where the bathroom is?”

Heather stared at her, speechless.

‘Of course, come with me. Heather, would you tidy up and make us some drinks, please?’

“Of course, come with me,” he said. “Heather, would you tidy up and make us some drinks, please?”

Ignoring his wife’s surprised expression, he turned and led the brunette towards the stairs. Rachal threw Heather a smile over her shoulder as she sashayed after her husband.

As soon as they hit the bedroom, Rachal sent another command. Undress.

With a hypnotic look on his face, Heather’s husband removed his clothes.

Nodding her approval, the brunette pushed him down on the bed. She pulled her red top from her body as she sank to her knees, allowing the swell of her apple shaped breasts to rest in his lap for a second before she began to rub them against his already hard cock.

She looked up into his eyes as he moaned.

Smiling, she removed her boots. Then her soft hands slid to his chest, stroking and tweaking his nipples. Arching her back, she slid up his body, ensuring her naked breasts stayed tightly against him as she did.

“Want to see a little more?” Rachal asked, her fingers easily undoing and pulling her low-rise jeans down her legs. She was naked underneath.

He swallowed hard as she straddled him.

“Your wife is downstairs,” she purred. “Want to fuck?”

‘No, you can’t. You’re married.’

He shook his head. “No, I can’t,” he gasped, his cock twitching in her hand. “I’m married.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, rubbing his hardness along her wet furrow.

‘Yes, I’m sure. I just can’t. I’m married.’

“Yes, I’m sure,” he moaned, raising his hips to push against her as she worked him. “I just can’t. I’m married.”

“A-ha,” she whispered, her tongue licking along his neck as she positioned him and slid just the crown inside. “Are you sure?” she asked again.

‘Yes, I’m sure.’

“Yes, I’m sure,” he moaned, his words contradicted by the hands he slid to her hips as he pulled her down. Effortlessly, with one smooth pelvic thrust, he sunk inside.

“Hmm,” she whispered, her continually moving mouth now biting down on his earlobe. “Fuck me, baby.”

He looked up at her face. Her eyes seemed to be changing colour as she spoke, and what seemed to be fangs were appearing behind her smiling lips. Even as he began to recoil, her pussy walls suddenly sucked his erect cock deeper within them. He moaned again.

Her heavy, thick perfume was the same spicy aroma he’d smelt earlier. But now, it seemed much stronger.

Gentle warmth suffused his muscles. Lustful images invaded his thoughts. Both his breath and blood quickened in excitement.

“That’s much better,” Rachal murmured in his ear. “Give yourself to me…”

Her hot mouth found his. Her soft breasts pressed against his naked chest. Her pussy, now slick with her juices, began to slide up and down his cock. He was in heaven. Her heaven.

Rachal sat up as she thrust harder and faster. Her perky breasts swayed as her body drove against him. As she came down even harder, he began to moan, feeling his balls tighten.

“Wait,” he moaned, feeling her take him towards the edge.

Rachal took no notice. When she had his seed, she’d attend to his sexy wife. She drove her hips down on him faster and harder, bouncing him to the very edge, sensing the cum gathering in his balls. Then she stopped her movements, his cock held tight within her vice-like grip.

‘Try to hold back.’

Even as her unspoken instruction permeated his mind, she began to move again. Leaning forward, she sucked on his lower lip and rubbed her erect nipples against his.

Her captive’s body was as taut as a steel cable. He knew he must resist. He tried to block out all his senses.

She moved again, this the snow girl izle time rotating her ass in little circles.

He grunted, desperately trying to hold his body completely taut. His balls were tightening and he could feel that toe-curling sensation of his oncoming orgasm. He tried to focus every aspect of his being on anything but the climax that threatened to tear him apart.

‘Try to hold back.’

Even as she sent the final instruction, she knew he was powerless.

His body was drowning in her sea of sensuality. His senses were flooded by her perfume, her warmth, the silky feel of hair, the softness of her lips, her breasts against his chest.

And the warm wetness between her legs, tightly clutching his engorged cock. Rachal tightened her muscles, for a second just holding him in her vice like grip. She squeezed. Once, twice, three times. Then she plunged down again.

His hips convulsed upwards as he exploded. His balls contracted and contracted. One burst of his creamy tribute fired into her, followed by another… and another. Eventually he had nothing left and his dreamy eyes looked up at her.

When she bared her fangs, he passed out.


Rachal gave Heather a soft smile as she re-entered the living area. Her acute sense of smell had told her the older woman had freshened up while she’d been upstairs. Her scent was intoxicating.


“Busy,” Rachal interrupted her, flopping down comfortably on the couch, the robe she’d put on opening to show her shapely legs. “He’s left us to get acquainted.”

A look of panic settled on Heather’s face. “Er… I need a shower, too. I won’t be long.”

Rachal smiled to herself. Perfect. She gave her intended lover a minute or so before materialising in the bathroom. Heather was facing away from the shower door and Rachal’s eyes slipped across the wondrous curves of her figure. Could she really be forty?

“You have a beautiful body,” she said, loud enough for the naked beauty to hear over the sound of the water.

Heather swung around, innocently displaying her full nakedness as she stared at Rachal with wide-eyed horror.

“No! Leave! Please!” Her voice was almost pleading, her face flushed red with embarrassment and sudden anger.

“You don’t want me to leave, Heather,” the young woman murmured, allowing the robe to fall to her feet. Her hands slowly caressed her breasts, pulled on her nipples.

She decided to give Heather a soft push against her mind. Not forcing, she didn’t want to force. Instead, it was just a little push, allowing Heather to forget her husband and easily accept what she already knew she wanted to happen.

‘You want me in there with you.’

She wasn’t immediately convinced. “No… I don’t think that’s a good idea, Rach…” she mumbled, slowly backing into the corner as the young woman opened the door and slipped in beside her.

She was almost cowering against the wall, her hands splayed out to cover as much of her naked body as possible. Time for another push.

‘Move your hands and show me your fabulous body. Be proud of it.’

When Heather dropped her hands to her side, she also arched her back, pushing her majestic breasts out further. Both women were fully aware of how hot she looked.

“You’re beautiful,” Rachal whispered, reaching to gently to run her fingertips across one perfect swell and then the other.

The innocent in front of her shivered at the touch, her cheeks flushing even as Rachal’s hand snaked around her head and pulled her forward. The younger woman’s mouth descended upon hers, slow and gentle but with just enough force and heat to steal her breath from her lungs.

Heather gave a soft whimpering sigh, releasing her fear to bring a hand to Rachal’s cool cheek, touching her there with her soft fingertips.

It was the encouragement Rachal needed. There was no need for further mind control. This beautiful woman was about to give herself freely.

Her hands slid along Heather’s shoulders and down her sides, lightly caressing the warm flesh of her flat stomach then around to the small of her back.

Heather hesitantly bit her lower lip at the touch, the action wholly innocent and completely adorable.

Rachal’s lips dropped to the wet curve of her neck, her tongue flicking over the fluttering pulse, lightly grazing the fangs that were now prominent… yet which Heather could not yet see.

Despite the overwhelming need running through her, she resisted the urge to drink. That would come quickly enough.

Instead, she listened to Heather’s quiet sigh of contentment while she continued to kiss along the heated skin of the older woman’s shoulder and neck, nipping ever so gently every once in a while.

Letting her hands wander across her stomach, Rachal led them upwards to lightly pinch the older woman’s hard nipples, being rewarded with a whimpering moan.

She focused on Heather’s face, her expressions, the way her eyes closed the spencer sisters izle at the now welcome attentions, the way her body arched up towards her caresses, wanting more, begging for more.

Gently, the undead temptress turned her and pulled Heather back against her apple sized breasts, positioning the older beauty so that the spray of warm water caressed her thrusting tits and stomach, even as her hand slid down to the dark, wet hair between Heather’s legs.

The moment she touched her there, the older woman’s body tensed.

“Relax, Heather,” she whispered, for a second resting her fingertips against the heated lips of the wonderful pussy.

Then Rachal’s fingertips pushed into her beautiful victim, gently and slowly, searching out the sensitive bud of her clit. With an intoxicating slowness, she began a slow rotating motion, all of her attention completely focused on Heather’s reaction, Heather’s pleasure.

The older woman gave a soft hiss, followed by a low moan, then rested her head back against Rachal’s shoulder, involuntarily giving the young beauty better access to the flesh of her throat and neck.

Her legs opened, too, and time stood still as Rachal’s fingers moved and pleasured. When the older beauty began to shiver with anticipation, she moved her fingers from the hard bud, sliding one inside her wetness, followed by a second.

With practiced ease, she stroked the heavenly g-spot while her thumb reached up to begin its circular caresses at her clit again.

“Oh God!” the older woman muttered, biting down hard on her lower lip before allowing a series of throaty moans to fill the confined space.

The shower water rained down on them as Rachal continued her caresses, her fingers exploring her heated folds while her thumb teased her clit. She refused to let up until Heather reached her nirvanha, her wonderful body tensing as her pussy clenched on the pleasuring hand.

Rachal smiled. It was time!

Bending her head to the sweet neck, she sank her teeth into the warm flesh, drinking in Heather’s pleasure, her essence, her innocence.

Her fingers continued their teasing, enjoying the feeling of the older woman’s orgasm as she came once… twice… while Rachal drank her fill.

When the beautiful woman began to recover, Rachal brought her hand upwards and allowed Heather to watch her lick the older woman’s juices from her fingers.

“Delicious,” she purred.

Heather shivered with arousal, taking one of the offered fingers to suck in her own syrup.

It seemed an afterthought when she raised her shaking hand up to the small wound at her neck, fingering it tenderly with a small flinch. “You bit me…” she whispered.

Rachal nodded. “Yes, Heather. You’re mine forever now.”

The older woman’s eyes narrowed, as she tried but failed to understand the meaning of the words.


“Come with me,” Rachal smiled, taking Heather’s hand and pulling her from the shower.

Still dripping wet, she led the beautiful older woman through to the bedroom. Heather’s husband lay unconscious on the bed. Taking her hand, she pulled his wife onto the bed with her, allowing her to settle one side of the helpless male while she settled the other.

‘Feast,’ her mind told her soon to be lover.

Rachal dropped her head to the flaccid cock, sucking it inside her mouth and instantly beginning to restore it to its former glory. Pulling away for a second, she held it out to Heather, allowing the married woman to take her husband’s hardness between her lips. She soon had him fully hard.

“Good?” Rachal purred, raising an eyebrow as their heads gently touched.

Sliding back down again, she dragged her lips along one side of his hardness while Heather’s tongue licked along the other. When their lips bumped into one another, they kissed, passionately, their tongues playing inside each other’s mouth.

Rachal glanced upwards. He was fully awake again. She met his downward gaze and encouraged Heather to do the same. Ending the kiss, both women grinned up at him, with the knowing look that said they were delivering his wildest fantasy.

Then they went back to work, resuming their tongue bath.

Rachal dipped down towards his balls as Heather sucked in his round crown, licking around the purple head as her husband let out a loud groan and surrendered himself to the mind-blowing dual blowjob.

When they felt his balls tighten, Rachal sent a message to Heather. ‘Let’s share.’

As he exploded, Heather’s mouth took the first burst and Rachal’s the second. The two women alternated as they sucked him dry, their eyes feasting on each another as they worked as one. Only when his cock began to diminish did Rachal send the next instruction.


Both women slid up to his neck, briefly showing their fangs to one another before biting down on each side. It took some time before they were sated.

When they were, Rachal fell on her back and wiped the blood from her mouth. She pulled the wonderfully curvy older woman to her for another kiss. Then her hands were on Heather’s shoulders, pushing her head downwards towards her wet cunt.

At last. At long last.

As Heather’s tongue snaked out and began to lap at the young brunette, Rachal snaked her hands into the older woman’s hair.

“Happy Halloween, Heather,” she purred.

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