Happy times


Happy timesI am laying on the red satin sheets the way my Dom, Mike, toldme to, playing with my now erect nipples my newly shaved pussy throbbing and leaking my juices with sexual excitement.“I have a surprise for you my cum slut” he says. He opens the playroom door and lets his friend Tony in. I gaspedin shock as Tony only has a towel wrapped around his waist. “Tony is going to fuck your pussy while Ifuck your arse, this is the fantasy I know you have wanted.” Tony and Mike both drop their towels andI look at their swelling cocks, realizing my biggest fucking fantasy is coming true. They are bothdifferent in looks. While Mike has dark hair with sexy blues eyes and that scruffy beard I love feelingon every part of my naked body, Tony is fair, with brown eyes and clean-shaven. Both their cocks arelong and thick making me lick my lips with desire, wanting to suck them at the same time. They comecloser, running their eyes over my body, as I lay spread open on the bed. Tony gets down on hisknees between my legs, looking at my pussy. I look up into the mirror above the bed and can seeTony looking at my leaking slit. I feel more cream leaking out, as I am very horny. “Mmm nice pussy,it’s already wet, waiting for my tongue to eat and lick it clean.” Tony sticks out his tongue and wigglesit at me, so I can see how thick and long it is. My pussy clenches and leaks my fuck juices. I can feelit running out soaking the sheet. “I am your master and you will do everything I tell you to do,” saysmy Dom, Mike. “Yes, sir.” Tony grabs my ankles and pulls me further down the bed so my arse ishanging off the edge. He moves up and starts licking my thighs slowly moving up to my throbbingmound; His licks up my pussy lips, up to my clit, I moan pushing up, thrusting into his mouth. “Openyour legs wider and lay still, no moving,” Dom Mike says. I do what I am told finding bursa escort it difficult not towriggle around as Tony’s tongue delves between my pussy lips licking all my cream and flicking histongue up and down from my clit to my swelling lips. I cannot stop moaning very loudly, sucking in mybreath at the feeling. I look up and watch in the mirror as his tongue causes me to cream even more.This is a huge turn on, watching and feeling what his tongue is doing. Mike gets up on the bed andplaces his legs either side of my head facing Tony. I can see small amounts of pre-cum beading onthe tip of his cock making me lick my lips. “Suck my cock and balls, cum slut while I watch Tonyeating your pussy.” I moaned very loudly as I lick the cream off the tip then slowly take his engorgedcock into my very wet mouth. He sucks in a breath as my teeth sc**** along his cock as he movesslowly in further to the back of my throat. He starts fucking my mouth with slow back and forthmotions, as my tongue swirls around and under his pussy fucker; each time his cock hits the back ofmy throat I swallow causing him to jerk and moan. “Fuck! If you keep that up I will flood your mouthsoon “ My pussy is leaking my juice as Tony laps it up and uses the flat of his tongue to lick up anddown, completely tongue fucking me. I gasp and moan even louder as his tongue slides between mylips pushing into my slit, as he comes out he sucks on my pussy lips, making me shudder. I can feelmy cream leaking out before he laps it up and swallows it. Mikes cock is becoming slick and juicy,fucking my mouth. He takes it out so I run my tongue up underneath to his balls, sucking them intomy mouth, savoring their musky taste and smell. “No coming yet, not until I tell you,” Dom Mike says,as I am moaning and wanting to come very badly. “Please sir, let me come, please! I moan as mypussy is throbbing bursa escort bayan for release. “Take my creamy honey now, cum slut,” he groans as he shoves hiscock back into my throat and pumps harder. I feel it engorging and his creamy juice throbbing ontomy tongue. “Open your mouth cum slut so I can see my juice.” I poke my tongue out so he can seehis cream covering it. “Now swallow every drop.” I savor the taste as he orgasms while I swallow it all.He is moaning and groaning watching his juice flood my mouth. “Come now into Tony’s mouth, givehim all your juices, my little slut.” I let go as the sensations center on my pussy, throbbing andcoming, feeling my juice pumping out as Tony continues to lick and suck my juices from my slit, as hemoans and sucks harder. ”Fuck, oh fuck, that feels so good,” I yell loudly. “Now turn over and spreadyour cheeks so I can fuck your arse,” Dom Mike says, as Tony gets up onto the bed spreading hislegs; he is holding his swollen cock and wanking himself slowly. “Now suck Tony’s cock while I fuckyour arse, you cock hungry slut” My juices are still leaking out as I lean over Tony and lick at thepurple head of his dick, licking and sucking it into my wet mouth. It fills my mouth and throbs as I suckharder, swirling my tongue around, my mouth going up and down, tasting his salty pre-cum. Mikestands behind me and leans onto my back, I shiver as I feel the caressing of his chest hair on myback. He pushes two fingers into my pussy finger fucking and juicing up my slit. I moan in ecstasy,writhing and moving back onto his fingers. I grab my arse cheeks and spread them apart to give himeasier access. “Stop moving while I fuck you, do as your told,“ Mike says, as he slaps my arse cheeklightly, causing me to buck, but I make myself stay still and enjoy his fingers moving in and out of mycunt. He uses my juice to lube escort bursa my arsehole, then puts his cock at my rosette, easing in slowly as Igasp. “Push back onto me, babe, just a little, go easy.” I push feeling him filling me, as my mouth isfull of cock swelling even further. “Oh Mike, fuck me,” I moan as his cock sinks in all the way and hisballs slap at me. He eases out until the tip is just at the entrance and then forges in again to the hilt.“Now take Tony’s fucker in your pussy so we can enjoy the ride,” Mike says, as Tony maneuvershimself under me and slowly slides his cock into my very wet and juicy pussy. It is so so tight, but theincredible sensations are driving me wild with lust. “Your pussy is so fucking tight on my cock, it’sincredible,” Tony groans as he keeps fucking me. Both of them move at the same time, setting arhythm I do not want to stop, my pussy screaming for orgasm, but I want this fucking to go on and on.I feel our combined juices leaking out running down my thighs. “Are you ready to come now baby,”Dom Mike says. “Yes, yes please, let me come sir,” I moan, as my pussy clenches and throbs. “Comenow, I can feel Tony’s cock in your pussy, I can’t hang on much longer,” he moans scr****g my neckand ear with his beard and that mouth I crave on my body all the time. My pussy spasms as I let gowith my orgasm, I scream as it takes over,shutting my eyes while my head spins and I come andcome. My throbbing pussy feeling like it is on fire as their two cocks continue to pump in and out ofmy pussy and hole. I clench down on Tony’s cock and my arse tightens on Mike. Suddenly Mikegives one last thrust and I feel his come shoot up into my arse, as he groans and yells into my ear.“Fuck! Your arse is so tight, it feels fucking good on my cock.” Tony stiffens and moans very loudly ashis fuck juices squirt and fill my pussy; pussy and arse continues to throb and clench around them aswe slowly come down. When I am lying on my back between them both totally fucking satisfied. I say,“I think we should do a foursome next… We need another fucking pussy…”

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