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Happy Wife Happy Life CuckoldThis story is about the love between a small cocked husband and his beautiful wife. *****Let me start out by introducing my wife Kim, she is the love of my life. Kim is a petite big breasted blonde with sex on her mind 24hrs a day. She has total control over me, which I enjoy. She makes all the decisions in our marriage. We have been married for over 20 years and we still love each other like the first time we met.She can also be one of the nastiest slut’s you have ever met. The biggest problem in our marriage was that she doesn’t like to suck cock or taste cum. It took a long time for me to get use to not getting my cock sucked, or coming in a hot wet mouth. But she always was free with her pussy and ass. As long as I cleaned her up after fucking her. She didn’t like cum at all, even when I cum inside her, as soon as we were done I had to get her cleaned up. And I don’t mean with a towel, I mean get down there and suck the cum out of her. I had been tasting my cum for a few years before I had meet Kim, so that didn’t bother me much. What bothered me the most was having a small penis, and knowing that Kim craved a bigger cock then I could give her.I went to a Adult Bookstore and bought her a 8″ rubber cock with a 3″ girth. When I got home that night, I didn’t say anything about it, as I was sucking on her clit, I slipped it out from under the sheet and started inserting it into her very wet hole. She started moaning like I have never heard her, she was humping back and before I knew it she had slipped the whole thing in her.I was so happy to see my wife being satisfied, it made me so horny I was licking her asshole while she had grabbed the end of the rubber cock and was fucking herself wildly. She seemed to have cum over and over. When she was done, she rolled over to me and thanked me for the best fuck she had ever had.It kind of hurt my feelings what she said. But I understood, my cock is so small, I have seen bigger clits on a woman. This went on for months I fucked Kim more with the dildo then I did with my cock. It worked out real good for Kim, because she didn’t like cum any ways. And I was jacking off more than I had ever, of course I was eating it and she loved to watch me. That would give her another chance to fuck herself. I didn’t know this illegal bahis till later on, that she had gotten addicted to her rubber cock, and was fucking herself with it after I left for work and all during the afternoon.At this time, I hadn’t fucked her for over two months. I started out tongue fucking her asshole and moved on to her pussy. As soon as my lips touched her pussy lips I knew something was wrong. My wife’s beautiful pussy was gaped open, she had stretched the hole out and her lips where even longer.My face was buried in her cunt and she was moaning like the whore she was. After I had satisfied her over and over, I climbed up on top of her. I sank my little cock into her and was fucking her hard. When she looked up at me and ask me when I was going to fuck her instead of dry humping her.When she said that my little hard cock became a little soft cock. I couldn’t even cum. Kim wanted to know what was wrong, of course I didn’t tell her I was hurt by what she had said. So she jumped up and went over to the dresser and got something out of the drawer. She came over and threw something at me. I caught it and she said ” put this cock cage on”. I did as I was told and locked it around my balls and handed her the key. The last time we did this, It was a time to remember.Kim then had me get on my hands and knees, as she was telling me how disappointed she was that I couldn’t cum tonight. She then explained to me that she believed I was jacking off too much, is the reason I couldn’t cum.Then she informed me that my cock and balls would stay locked up till further notice. As she was speaking she had the lube out and was starting to finger my ass.Kim has only played with my ass a few times. I love ass play. Kim might not have fucked me much in the ass, but I have been known to stick a carrot in my ass and fuck myself. I learned later that I was massaging my prostate. By now she had two fingers in and was working on number 3. My legs started quivering and it felt like I was Cumming. My little cock was straining in my cage. I remember Kim started saying “you like it when I play with your ass” she kept saying that over and over. Finally I answered her with a “yes, fuck me, fuck me” my asshole felt so damn full and I was loving it. My cock started throbbing inside the cage, illegal bahis siteleri next thing I knew I was cumming all inside it. Kim jerked her fingers out of my ass. Then she told me that I had better liked cumming, because that was the last time I would be shooting for a while. She also informed me that I would be getting lots of anal training in the month to come. She said that as long as I was in anal training I would have to wear my cage. She also let me know that my anal training would end when I could take a large cock in my ass, and she expected to see me fuck a real cock within the next 30 days. She than let me know that she loved me very much and how much she appreciates me. She said they will be a lot of changes in the near future, like I will be sucking real cocks and fucking other men for her. That it has come a time in her life where she needed a larger real cock, not a big fat fake one.And since she doesn’t like to suck cock or eat cum, that would be my job. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She then stated that I wouldn’t cum again till I could take a cock and make it cum in my ass. After I thought about what she told me, I agreed 100%. Happy wife, Happy life. I knew right from the very first anal lesson I could fuck a cock the first day.Why do you think I call myself Anal Slave now. Of course I was playing games with Kim, day after day Kim massaged my anus, I would start to cum and she would stop. I was enjoying myself, and not for a better term, I was milking it! I didn’t know it but Kim knew I was ready to be fucked after only two weeks, she brought this college student home and had him hiding in the closet. She had me in the bed finger fucking me, she had all her petite hand in my ass except for her thumb.She then pulled all her fingers out went over to the dresser got the key out and unlocked my cock cage. She then told me I was about to graduate, she turned and called out to Bob.When Bob stepped out of the closet. His massive cock was swinging back and forth. All my eyes was fixed on was his giant member waving in front of me. I was in shock, I reached out and wrapped my fingers around it and it was like I was in a trance.I stuck it straight into the back of my throat and licked it as it was coming out. First time I had ever tasted a real canlı bahis siteleri cock and I could tell I was a natural born cocksucker. I started kissing it around the head all the way down to his coconut size balls.I was so turned on that my unlocked cock that hadn’t cum in two weeks was leaking sperm out of it. Bob told Kim that he thought I probably had sucked cock before.Kim didn’t know it but they was a faggot sitting in his car out in the parking lot of the Adult Book store where I bought her rubber cock. He seen what I had bought and we both went into a back room where you could watch movies and we sucked each other off. I didn’t let him cum in my mouth, but I did cum in his. He also made the comment about my small cock but I sure had a lot of cum for him, since I never get a blow job from Kim.I kept sucking on Bob thinking I was going to suck him dry, I wanted his cum bad. When Kim noticed Bob was going to cum, she made him stop. Kim pulled her skirt up and ask Bob if he wanted to fuck her or me first. I spoke up and suggested that Bob fuck Kim first and when he gets ready to cum that I would love to suck him off and taste his cum. Then he could fuck me later. Kim agreed , I could tell she wanted a big cock and I wanted to taste his young load of spunk. Since this was the first time we did anything like this, we both wanted it to be special.Kim took command she explained to me that I would be doing the same thing over and over after this night. That I would suck her lovers cock till it was hard, then I would insert their cock into her love hole or asshole, which ever they wanted.If during the course of the fuck they needed lube I was to pull the cock out and slurp my saliva on it. I could jack off or fuck myself, but I was not allowed to cum. At this point all I wanted was some hard meat in my mouth.I edged Bobs cock three or four times. I was getting good at this and I was eager to learn. I wanted to be the best cocksucker and cum eater ever. And I knew the more I edged him the less time he would be fucking my wife and the more volume of cum I would be receiving from him after the fuck.I was right he stuck his cock into Kim and filled her up, she was moaning like the first time I fucked her with a Rubber cock. That made be happy, Bob didn’t fuck her 5 minutes before he yelled out I’m cumming. I knew it because I was sucking one hell of a load down my throat.It seemed like I was a old pro at sucking cock and eating cum. Kim won’t kiss me after I have sucked cock. So I get up and brush my teeth so I can kiss her.

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