Happy X-mas


Finally done with the “family togetherness” it was time for some much needed alone time. It was nice to visit with family and of course getting a good home cooked meal. The presents were fun as well, even if there were still too many clothes from the same relatives as always and the gift cards which were lazy but way more useful than some gift that you will never use and don’t know where you can return. But seriously, it had been over a week since she had been laid and a girl can only take it for so long with that kind of buildup of sexual tension. Everyone was finally starting to settle down and to head for bed, it shouldn’t be long now until she was the only one awake, or at least wouldn’t have to worry about anyone paying any attention to anything other than their own pursuits.

Settling onto the bed she perused her e-mail and message boards, replying with some witty banter to keep the gents on their toes. But some of those guys really knew had to flirt and push a girl’s buttons in all the right ways, and she ended up hornier than when she got to her room. Unwilling to delay tuzla escort any longer, she put away the computer, dug out the few toys she had been willing to bring home with her and stripped down to nothing. She settled back down on the bed with her ipod and let her mind ramble down a delicious path. She had recently received a stimulating reading of a story she had written and it always get her nice and hot. Playing it now, she closed her eyes and let the rich baritone carry her into a temporary fantasy.

Letting her hands explore, she gently teased a her breasts, gently teasing a nipple into full hardness while letting her other hand wander down to the light fuzz of hair on her pubis. Massaging gently, she let her fingers tease through the light thatch of hair on the way to her already moistening cunt lips. Running her fingers along her labia, she gently pulled and tugged them, heightening her arousal still more. She teased her fingers along the inside of her lips, imagining they were his, knowing that when they finally met, he would be down there with his fingers, lips and tongue pendik escort working to bring her to orgasm after orgasm. Thinking of him, her other hand left her breast and traced a line around her neck remembering how the collar he gave her lay against her skin, the sensation bringing a slight shudder of pleasure that tickled down her core to settle in her stomach.

The fingers teasing her lips were now moist and she knew she was ready to break out his other gift to her, the bulbous glass dildo. Placing the tip against her now wet vagina, she teased it up and down her lips, thoroughly lubricating the toy for insertion. Slowly. slowly she pressed it into her sex gently stretching to accommodate the rigid invader. Gently she pulled it back out before hitting the first ridge on the dildo and began gently thrusting in and out. Her other hand continue teasing her nipples, now turgid points rising from the ample mounds on her chest. She then thrust deeper, gasping as her cunt contracted and then expanded as the ridges on the dildo pressed in and out of her twat. Knowing as horny aydınlı escort and aroused as she was it would be short work to get her to orgasm, she began thrusting in and out in earnest, the sensations building deep inside her each thrust adding to the push towards release.

Reaching down with her free hand she teased and tweaked her labia, massaging her clit as it began to emerge from its hood. She ran her fingers along either side forming a tightly closed “V” that gave maximum stimulation to her engorged clit. She began thrusting harder and deeper driving the glass invader deep into her twat imagining it was him between her legs using his magnificent cock to pound into her welcoming and waiting sex. The imagery proved to be the last needed piece to click in her and she exploded in a massive orgasm. Stifling her moans through clenched lips she rode the wave continuing to piston the dildo in and out, furiously rubbing her clit and building her orgasm extending it into a second following closely on the first.

She slowly withdrew the toy, smiling with bliss as the mental images meshed with the erotic audio provided by his recording and the thoughts of what she was going to do to him when they could finally meet in person. It occurred to her that sometimes the best gifts were the gifts you gave yourself.

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