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Copyright 2022 Hard Working Brothers Chapter 10 “Please, read it for me,” Zach moaned as he handed over his phone to Shawn. He had gotten an email while they were working saying that his challenge exam results from the government were ready. The apprentice had stopped at the splash screen that he needed to proceed through to find out if he passed or failed. With a sigh, Shawn took the device and punched at the link. He hadn’t had to deal with that when he had finished his tickets, but progress marches on. After a second of loading, he was presented a thorough breakdown of Zach’s performance at what they deemed first years should know. “Fuck,” he muttered loudly, causing Zach to slump back in his seat. Shawn handed the phone back to its owner. “Call Nicole,” he said in a serious voice, “and tell her that you need to be reclassed. Send her a screenshot so she has proof that we have to pay you second year rates” “No!” Zach jolted upright like someone had tased him. “You asshole!” The redhead snickered at how easy that had been. “Yes, and yes.” He extended his right hand. “Congrats, little buddy. You did it.” Zach’s shake was somewhere between zombie and coma patient as he tried to process the good news. The beefy teen was now staring at his screen, going through every single little detail of how he’d done on the various sections. There was a big smile on his face, widening his shaggy goatee into a frame for his blindingly white teeth. Shawn was pretty happy to see the results as well. He was proud of Zach’s progress in the trade, as well as the changes that he had seen in the kid’s attitude. When Zach had moved in with him, he had thought of his helper as sometimes touchy with odd mood swings. Some of that had been youth, but the rest had been his way of dealing with the stress of his home life. He was still an arrogant prick with a big mouth sometimes, but he had also started to be more conscientious and plan for longer terms than a week or two. Even though it had only been a few months, Shawn was amazed at the changes that he had seen in the young man. “Thanks, dad,” the younger man replied in a tone that indicated intense relief. Ironically, due to Zach’s love of a daddy/son dynamic, it had been very easy for them to revert to calling each other that way, even when nobody was naked. For Zach’s side of it, the presence of an actual father figure for once was something that he craved, while Shawn was reveling in being a positive role model. “Keep your pants on, son,” the redhead said with a sigh. He scratched at his hairy arm, acutely aware of how many mosquitos they had encountered at their last call. “It’s not hometime yet.” “Nooooooooo…” Zach trailed off in fake despair. Shawn couldn’t help but laugh wickedly. “A powerful tech you will become. Henceforth, you shall be known as Darth… Pervert.” “Wow,” Zach said with a shake of his head. “If you’re going to quote old movies at me, even-” “What do you mean old?!” Shawn interrupted his apprentice’s critique of his reference. “Dude, I was like 3 when that came out. Just because you are basically a big kid in a trenchcoat pretending to be an adult doesn’t stop you from being old.” Shawn snorted suddenly as he idly stroked his beard with his left hand. He found it calming, a soothing action to help him focus better. “You’re grounded,” he said shortly. “Awwww, man,” Zach said with a laugh. “Do you want me to pull up the next call?” The younger man shook his head as he changed the subject. Shawn was so easy to set off sometimes. “Please.” “Ok, give me a minute,” the apprentice said as they pulled out. “Ok… Next customer is a Jenny Kelbesque, new client, no system info, AC not working with no other info, note: no need to phone before arrival?!” Zach looked up. “What the hell, who did this bare bones writeup?” “This guy,” Shawn said shortly. Their dispatcher had her issues, but the lack of details on this call was on him. He had gotten a message last night from his father to talk to one of his cousins. He hadn’t really dealt with his aunt’s family much, but they had asked his dad whether he knew someone that could fix their system. So obviously, it got passed on to him. After Zach provided the address, he gave a quick explanation of how and why we booked it. “Cool. Unknown problems, someone’s home, and can’t gouge them. Got it.” Zach returned to going over his test results as they drove to the site. It turned out to be relatively close, so they were ringing the doorbell. Well, Shawn rang. Zach had to carry the tools. Even though they usually started troubleshooting outside, Shawn liked to let the owner know they were there. A short, broad shouldered, and handsome young man opened the door, looking a little disheveled. He looked to be in his early twenties, about five foot six, and had about a week’s worth of blond stubble on his face and his short but shaggy hair was definitely in need of a trim. He wasn’t wearing anything but a pair of sweats, showing off the variety of tattoos across his chest and his arms. His physique was moderately muscular but chunky, and his chest had what looked like a good coating of blond hair. “Hi,” he grunted in a tired voice. “You here for the AC?” “Yes. I’m Shawn, and this is Zach. I take it that Jenny isn’t here.” “She’s at work.” The young man yawned suddenly. “Sorry,” he said without any sincerity. “I just got off nights.” “That’s fine,” Shawn said easily. “Just tell us where the unit is, and we’ll take a look.” The blond man pointed them around the side of the house, and they went over there. “He’s friendly,” Zach noted once they were out of ear shot. “He’s half dead from sleep deprivation,” Shawn replied. Unlike most times when they encountered rude customers, he felt actual sympathy for someone that wasn’t running on all cylinders. As they started to pull the panel off, Shawn heard his apprentice’s phone give a familiar chime. “No, you can’t run off and get a beej,” the redhead said without looking up. Zach grunted a response from behind as Shawn began his work. He found the problem in short order, but heard the hookup app chime twice more before he was done. “Don’t get up,” he told Zach, who was leaning against the house. Zach didn’t move as Shawn went back to the truck, and was still messaging even when the journeyman replaced the dead contactor. The unit shot to life once everything was reconnected and the disconnect replaced. Shawn poked Zach with the nut driver once it was all back together and he checked a couple things over. “Let’s go tell buddy that he’s going to be good to go, and that he needs to change his filter.” Customers always needed to change their filter, he’d found. If there was no other constant in life, it was that. “Cool,” Zach said without looking up. “That’ll make Daine happy.” Shawn poked his apprentice in the ribs again with the driver, this time a little harder. “You’re something,” he said with a laugh once he realized how the younger man had found out their customer’s name. “He messaged me first,” Zach said defensively. It wasn’t like he had gone out of his way to be hit on. “Besides, I’m only teasing. I’m not going to cuck your cousin, even if her dude is way hot.” “Has to be her son,” Shawn sighed. “Jenny’s older than me.” “Really?!” The brown haired teen perked right up as they went back to the door. The blond fireplug seemed a little more awake this istanbul travesti time as they gave a breakdown of the billing after a quick check of the indoor section, and he happily paid. Zach had gone back to the truck for a new filter for the furnace, and came back just as the credit card cleared. “Um, can you show me how it goes?” For a rough and stocky guy, Daine was speaking really shyly. “Of course, sir,” Zach said with a smarmy grin. He followed the still shirtless client down the stairs, eyes directed right at his beefy ass. He turned his head back to Shawn to mouth one word. ‘WOW!’ Letting himself out, Shawn gave a quick sigh as he walked back to the truck. He activated the stopwatch function on his phone, and began to boredly start a crossword. He didn’t want to admit it, but he absolutely wished he was in the basement instead of Zach at the moment. Usually customers were a little more gross and a lot less hot. Even if the vibe he was getting from the blond wasn’t quite ‘fuck me now’ level horny. “Ok, let’s go home!” Zach nearly slammed the door behind him as he leapt into the passenger’s seat. His journeyman stopped the app, and looked over at his junior. “It does NOT take over twenty minutes to change a filter,” he noted with mock disapproval in his voice as he started up their rig. “Hey, firstly, he actually didn’t know which way to put it in, so I did the arrow thing for him.” “That’s two minutes,” Shawn said blandly. The younger man did not stop with his enthusiastic commentary. “Secondly, Daine’s really sweet. I don’t think he talks to a lot of dudes cause he seemed really nervous and he jumped when I put my hand on that big butt of his.” “Bad boy,” Shawn chortled. He expected no less from his protege. “I know,” the beaming apprentice grinned. “He was so awkward, but then he gave me the cutest little straight boy kiss. So of course I had to just show him how to properly suck face.” “As one does.” “Don’t worry, he just wanted to ask me out, nothing more,” Zach laughed as he responded to a text message with an adorable little ‘hmmm’. Shawn just concentrated on the road. Zach was obviously hot for his cousin’s son, which was fine, but all he could think about now was his own man. The younger technician’s horniness seemed to be contagious. *** “I think your little hoochie is back,” Jason noted as he saw a shadow pass in front of the living room window. From the couch, he didn’t have a good view, but it looked like someone was parking right in front of the house. “I thought he’d be out later,” Shawn commented. Zach had taken off right before dinner, and had spent a little bit longer than usual cleaning himself up after work. He snuggled deeper into his lover’s arm as the movie continued playing. “Maybe his date was a two pump chump?” The bigger man figured that was the most likely option, knowing Zach’s priorities. The sound of the deadbolt opening was a slow creak ending in a loud snap. As the door opened, Zach’s youthful voice called into the house. “Shawn! Jason!” The young man looked around as he stepped in, and saw his elders on the couch under a blanket. “Please have pants on under there,” he muttered even as he turned and said something quietly outside. He had cleaned himself up nicely, and was wearing a dark grey shirt and black shorts. As he swiveled to talk to his date, the telltale waistband over asscrack that peaked out from between the top layers stated that Zach was very interested in showing something off tonight. “Don’t worry, we do,” Jason called back even as he looked to the floor to see where his sweats went. The big man nudged his brother roughly, indicating that he should do the same. “Keep the blanket on,” he whispered. “Thank fuck,” Zach responded. “They’re decent,” he said to his date as the blond man from earlier in the day stepped in behind him. Daine was wearing a black shirt that was a bit too tight across his chest and olive cargo shorts, and looked more than a little nervous. “Uh, hi,” the stocky blond gave a quick wave to the two men on the couch. “You met Shawn earlier,” Zach said quickly. “That’s Jason, his dom.” He grabbed Daine’s hand and almost pulled him out of his sneakers. “My room’s upstairs,” he added with a quick grin as he dragged his date upstairs at what looked like almost a sprint. “Cute kid,” Jason said almost at the exact same time his brother started sputtering. ” ‘His dom?!?’ ” Shawn didn’t know whether to laugh or swear. “I’ve topped him before, and you with him, and somehow I’m now a power bottom?!” “I think he’s got something else on his mind right now,” Jason smirked. *** “Sorry for those two,” Zach said as he shut the door behind Daine. He sat down on the bed, wishing that he had changed the sheets to ones without anime robots on them. The shaggy brunette patted the bed next to him, and the stocky blond obliged. “S’ok,” said Daine. “It’s cool that your dad’s gay and ok with you having someone in your room.” “He’s not really my dad,” Zach laughed, and explained how Shawn had taken him in after his mother lost it on him. “Sounds like he’s your dad now,” Daine chuckled, having gotten a little more relaxed as they laid down together. “You lucked out, though. My parents just fight all the time now. Don’t even know why they’re still married.” “I am lucky,” Zach agreed. “Sometimes we even watch porn in the living room together and stuff.” He felt Daine tense up against him, and looked over to see a very wooden look on his date’s face. “Something wrong?” “Uh, well,” Daine stammered, trying to hide sudden nervousness. “I just, uh- you’re more experienced than me,” he spat out as if the words were burning his throat, his cheeks turning flushed and ruddy. “Oh.” Zach let the word stand on its own. He hadn’t expected to be slut shamed, and pulled his arm away from Daine. They were only two years apart in age, but right now it felt like a massive gap had formed between them over something else. “No!” Daine rolled over and sat up a bit at that. “I’m not judging! I’m just- I’m-” The burly man bit his lip before continuing, “I don’t want to disappoint you, but I haven’t really, you know…” He trailed off, letting his meaning hang in the air between them. “It’s cool,” the brown haired teen said, joining Daine in sitting up. He turned and guided his date to face him better, looking into his eyes. They were warm hazel eyes flecked with amber, but they were also filled with fear and anxiety. The younger man had figured out earlier that his date didn’t really get out that much, and was exploring something far out of his wheelhouse. Zach’s earlier flash of rejection faded away with the understanding that it was completely misguided. “Thanks,” the blond said, a little of the anxiety draining from his face. “I went out with a bunch of guys, and none of them felt right,” he said quickly. “Like, I felt like a piece of meat, like they only wanted to get with me cause I don’t act like them.” “It’s cool,” Zach repeated, putting one hand under Daine’s chin and rubbing his stubble. “I don’t like bitchy twinks either. I’ll just dump a load in them in a pinch.” “Heh,” Daine said, shifting his eyes sideways. “I couldn’t even do that, felt bad. I wanted to get it out of the way, but I just couldn’t.” ‘Oh fuck,’ Zach thought, his dick suddenly jumping in his jock. He hadn’t expected Daine to be this innocent. “I mean, I’ve gotten blowjobs,” Daine quickly added, almost embarrassed at what he had revealed. “I mean, I’ve been with a guy and stuff, but-” “Babe, don’t worry about it,” Zach interrupted. He moved in a little closer, and gave Daine a quick kiss on his rough cheek. “I don’t care about that, I care that you’re here right now,” he whispered before slipping his tongue over and into the blond’s mouth. Daine’s eyes rolled back in his head as he felt Zach’s shaggy goatee rub against his face. He lost himself the moment, letting the taller man take control and pull him in. He felt Zach’s tongue, strong and warm, probing the interior of his face, even as he felt the teen’s dexterous hands moving across his back, exploring his body. “Fuck,” the blond breathed as Zach withdrew. “You’re really good at that,” he said excitedly. “It’s only as good as your partner,” Zach said with equal gusto. kadıköy travesti “And you’re fucking amazing.” The stocky blond began to lift Zach’s shirt up over his head. “Fuck, you’re a lot hotter than the usual guys that message me.” Daine hadn’t had the best luck meeting guys, but he had seen more than enough smut to know the sort of guys that he wanted to see naked. The fan of brown hair on Zach’s chest, trailing down into his shorts, was getting his juices going. There was absolutely nothing he didn’t like in what he saw, just burly, masculine flesh. No ribs showing through the skin, no razor bumps from unnecessary shaving; just a natural, manly body. Zach exhaled loudly as he felt the blond’s big hands knead his chest. One continued to feel its way through his chest hair, while the other explored lower, tracing his trail down to where it disappeared into his shorts. The brunette shifted his ass a bit, pushing his crotch out, but Daine didn’t proceed to his bulging crotch. Instead, he let his hand pass over the hard tent and instead moved it to the small of the bigger man’s back. “Let’s get more comfortable,” the taller man said quietly as Daine continued to touch him. He reached down, and unbuckled his belt. As he went for his shorts, the blond began to undress himself, following the example. Soon, Zach was wearing only his jock, black with white graffiti across the pouch, and Daine was down to a pair of boxer briefs in a floral print. Both of them were very obviously erect underneath the fabric. “Nice shorts,” Zach grinned as he cupped the distended bird of paradise that was directly over the pouch. Daine moaned in appreciation, and as Zach massaged his hard cock, he got a sneak preview of a thick bush of blond hair poking out of the top of the boxer briefs every time his motions pulled them a bit. Daine grabbed at the front of Zach’s jockstrap. “I like this,” he said in a lusty voice as he grasped the other man’s package. He worked his hand under the side and pushed the fabric over to expose a little over seven inches of cut cock, standing at attention. He gave the shaft an exploratory squeeze before letting it rest in his hand, slowly milking it as he looked into Zach’s eyes. The brunette took that as a license to strip his date fully, and grabbed the waistband of his boxer briefs to expose the blond man’s privates. Zach’s eyes widened a bit when he saw what Daine was packing. The stocky man’s cock was about the same length as his own, but thicker and uncut, with veins standing out against the blond hair that came up from his wild bush to halfway up the shaft. “Damn,” he swore as he closed his hand around the swollen member. Even Daine’s big hairy balls were gorgeous, ‘A true hot package,’ he thought. They quickly divested themselves of their underwear, and continued to touch each other. As they stroked each other, the two began to make out again, and soon moved onto grinding against each other. Zach felt his balls becoming slick with the precum that Daine was leaking from their session, and felt the blond man’s thick cock probing at his thighs while his own was trapped against Daine’s hairy belly. The teen had started out by guiding the other man in what to do, but Daine’s earlier inhibitions had left him. Now, the stocky blond was right on top of Zach, grinding his cock into the bigger man, his hands on Zach’s shoulders as he braced himself. “I really want to suck your cock,” Daine breathed as he looked down. “Me too,” Zach said, shrugging Daine’s hands off of him. He guided his partner to lay on his side, then flipped around so that they could please each other. He felt the blond slowly take his cock head in his mouth, starting cautiously but soon sucking with fervour. Zach made a happy grunt as he slid back Daine’s foreskin and began to lick up and down the fat, hairy cock before letting the big head slip between his lips. The beefy brunette let the cock slide in and out of his mouth, enjoying the feeling of it filling his maw. Daine’s precum was sweet, but had a strong flavor to it. That, along with the faint smell of his natural musk coming off his crotch, was putting Zach on cloud nine. He could feel how rigid his cock was as Daine gave his glans attention, a fast learning tongue exploring each and every part of his head. The shorter man wasn’t taking too much of it into his mouth, but he was enthusiastic in what he was doing. The big apprentice could almost feel how much precum he was depositing in that eager mouth, and it made him even more aroused. “Fuck, you taste good,” Daine swore as he coughed after trying to deep throat Zach. He proceeded to start sucking on Zach’s balls to give his gag reflex a rest. He had been trying to copy what Zach had been doing to him, but was having a hard time to take all of the length. “Yeah,” Zach agreed as he let the fat cock fall from his lips. He moved back, and turned around so they were face to face again, and embraced the burly blond. As they began to kiss again, he could feel his own taste on Daine’s tongue as this time the shorter man took the lead and invaded his mouth. As they moaned into each other, he reached down, and played with Daine’s balls for a moment before rubbing lower. “Not yet,” Daine said softly as he felt Zach’s finger run through his hairy crack and search for his hole. He felt a bit of relief as Zach withdrew, and returned to stroking his balls and taint. “That’s fine,” the brunette breathed as he worked his hands up his partner, and began to run his fingers through the thick golden hair on that big chest. “I really want to top you,” Daine continued. He felt Zach’s cock pulse in his hand, a fresh spurt of precum issuing from the dark head. He squeezed it harder, and heard Zach hiss in excitement as his other hand tightened around the bigger man’s shoulder. “That’s very fine,” Zach responded. He reached over to his nightstand, and pulled his lube out from inside the top drawer. He squeezed out a generous amount into his date’s hand, and gave himself a bit to apply to his cock even as Daine began to work a thick finger into his hole. The taller man’s asshole took the invader easily, his body craving the feeling of another man inside him. Daine took his time loosening him up, and asked him if he was ready to take a second finger. Zach guided him on the pace, and soon enough, he was moaning as the stocky blond was slamming three fingers into him with ease. “Are you ready?” Daine took the lube bottle from Zach, and gave his cock a good coating as his partner pulled his legs back, fully exposing his hairy hole. He set his cock head against Zach’s pucker, and put one hand on Zach’s leg and the other guiding his shaft. Daine exhaled loudly as he felt his tip touch Zach’s entrance. ‘I’m gonna do it,’ the thought screamed through his head as he concentrated on what was happening. The blond’s cock was almost painfully hard with need, the head a dark, angry purple against Zach’s ass. His shaft glistened with every breath, and as he pushed forward, he struggled against his body’s urges to slam himself in hard and take what he needed. He didn’t realize he was holding his breath until his head cleared the ring of Zach’s hole, and the sudden change in pressure caused him to exhale in surprise. Zach could only watch as Daine held himself just inside him for a bit, letting them both adjust to it. “Fuck, you’re thick,” Zach swore. He felt Daine’s cock jump a bit at that bit of truth. The blond was stretching his hole good, more than when he had taken Shawn or any of his hookups over the last few months. The blond’s fat, veiny cock was thicker than any of his toys, and it felt like a rod of hot iron inside him. The burly blond began to slowly thrust in and out of Zach’s hairy ass, mesmerized by the sight of his hard meat being engulfed. He straightened up a bit, adjusting his posture in order to give himself a bit more leverage. Daine leaned a bit harder on Zach’s legs, giving him a touch more access to his hungry hole, and a great view of the younger man squirming in pleasure. “You’re so tight,” he trailed off as he was absorbed in how much the bottom was enjoying everything. As he picked up his pace a bit, Zach began to encourage him to fuck him harder. This brought a big grin in Daine’s bakırköy travesti face as he felt a bead of sweat drip down his cheek. He had been holding back a bit, concerned that he might accidentally hurt Zach. But with the go-ahead, he began to drive himself hard and deep into the warm tunnel that was choking his meat. Daine pulled himself right to the brink of the bottom’s asshole, then slammed back hard enough that his hairy balls slapped sweatily against the firm flesh. “Fuck, boy,” the blond said as he continued bucking himself into Zach like a madman, “I’m getting close.” Zach was panting hard, his cock drooling precum from the intense pounding that his prostate was getting. Daine was hitting his inner nut just right, sending a jolt of lightning through his body that almost paralyzed him with pleasure. “Do it,” he grunted in between pounds. “Take it home, stud. Breed my hole.” Hearing the handsome man’s encouragement was all that Daine needed. He was fully drunk on lust, absorbed in their steamy coupling. He didn’t register anything else at that moment, only his body’s baser needs, and the man who was satisfying them. He breathed harder, staring at Zach and burning every iota of that image into his brain. The half-delirious expression of his mouth hanging open from the pleasure he was feeling; the way his beefy body was slick with sweat and making all his hair stand out even more prominently; his formidable erection standing tall and dripping with the physical expression of how good getting fucked was making him feel. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” Daine grabbed Zach’s body and drove himself in balls deep for one final push, straining to hold back his orgasm until he was as far in as possible. This man was his right now, and he wanted to seed him deep. Without withdrawing, he tried to buck himself further into the brunette’s hole, jackhammering at his prostate in a flurry of quick strokes. “Ah!” Zach didn’t have any words when his own body demanded release. He had never came hands free before from being fucked, but there was something about this stocky beast of a man that just hit right. Even as he felt spurt after spurt of hot cum filling his guts, his own heavy load was spraying against Daine and back onto him. “Holy shit!” Daine leaned in and began to make out with Zach in a crazed fury as he felt the bottom’s hole milk his cock in his throes of ecstasy. For what felt like a short eternity, his mind shut off and he only existed as part of their shared orgasm. They lay there, sweat slowly cooling on their hot bodies as they continued to share a long, passionate kiss. Eventually, Daine softened enough that he slid from Zach’s ass as they moved to a more comfortable position. Words weren’t necessary for a good while as they just enjoyed the touch and presence of the other. But eventually, Zach realized exactly how much they needed another shower. “I can feel your boys trying to escape,” Zach grinned as he rubbed a finger on his puffy hole. “Yeah, they do that. I usually eat them to keep them out of trouble,” came the reply as the stocky man nuzzled a little closer. “Hot,” the taller man said with complete honesty. He hadn’t expected that sort of response, but it gave him . He slid over to the side of the bed, and invited the other man to join him in the shower. It was only a quick one, since Daine was fading fast from exhaustion. The toll of trying to get back onto a regular schedule was hitting him hard, so Zach volunteered to go make him a mug of herbal tea to help him get a better sleep after he gave his lover a spare robe. When they got to the kitchen, they found Jason already getting a kettle to boil, standing at the sink in only his boxers. “Did you boys have fun?” He shifted his gaze between the two. Daine was staring down at his feet, flushed from embarrassment. Zach had an expression that read that he wanted to kill Jason for that. “Yes,” Zach said coldly as he retrieved a couple mugs from the cupboard. He knew that it wasn’t Jason’s fault that it got awkward, but his mind refused to take any side except the one of the man that had just bred him. The big man, for his credit, took the hint immediately, and changed the subject. “We didn’t really get a chance to get introduced earlier. I’m Jason, Shawn’s partner,” he said with a friendly smile as he extended his hand. “I’m Daine,” the stocky blond said nervously, looking up at the muscular man that stood almost a foot taller than him as he shook the big man’s hand. “I’m- I’m- uh-” “I asked him out,” Zach interjected to rescue his stammering date. “Nice,” came the sincere reaction. “You two look cute together,” Jason said as he heard the kettle finish boiling. He poured out water into both of the mugs that he had out, and the two that Zach had retrieved. The two he had prepared already had tea bags in them, so he picked them up and prepared to head back to Shawn’s room. “Sleeping grouchy needs all the help he can get,” he whispered in an almost conspiratorial manner. Zach laughed and shook his head. Somehow, Jason had managed to quickly defuse Daine’s anxiety and even got a smile out of the shy man. “Goodnight, Uncle J. Give dad a kiss for me,” he called as the big man walked away. “I knew he was your dad now,” Daine commented as Zach invited him to pick out a tea. They both settled on chamomile. “Yeah. I sometimes roleplay with them that way too,” the brunette said carefully. He didn’t really want to spill the beans on their secret, especially since he was still feeling Daine out. “That’s cool,” the blond said as they sat down and waited for the tea to steep and cool. “He seems pretty nice.” Daine wasn’t sure yet how he really felt about how openly sexual Zach was at times, but he forced himself to keep an open mind. Zach seemed a lot different from the guys that he had had so many bad encounters with. He was kind-hearted and funny, and somehow sexy without having that sleazy air that turned him off so many gay guys. Shawn and Jason seemed the same way, a little rough but good deep down. It made him feel a little more like he belonged somewhere, and less like an outsider. “He is,” Zach said with authority. “They’re both really awesome guys.” “Nice.” Daine smiled as he took a sip of the brew. He reflected on that things were turning out better than he could have hoped for on a date. They ended up spending a bit too much time chatting and continuing their earlier conversations as they drained the mugs. Soon, they both agreed that it was time to get themselves to bed. “I’m really glad you asked me out,” Daine said quietly as he settled against Zach’s chest. “I thought you were really cute, but I wasn’t sure if you were into me.” “Dude, you messaged me,” Zach reminded him. “I know,” Daine replied. He was quiet for a moment, before continuing. “It was an accident,” he confessed. “I accidentally hit the Woof button when I was looking at your profile. I do that a lot, just look and not chat. And I didn’t want you to think I was a weirdo so I tried to cover by apologizing for being a rude dork when you guys came over. And then when you came down into the basement, I didn’t know what to do since you seemed so nice in the texts, so I panicked and kissed you.” The words tumbled out as he tensed up a bit, expecting a negative reaction. “That was a pretty awesome accident, then,” came the immediate reply. Zach leaned down a bit and kissed the top of Daine’s shaggy hair. “You’re worth any accident, even a really crazy one like a bus full of kittens falling into a cement mixer.” He felt the bulky body against his relax a bit from the acceptance, and began to slowly stroke the thick layer of hair that covered Daine’s chest. Daine laughed at that, softly in the darkness. ‘I’m really glad you were my first time,’ he thought. Zach made him feel special, and everything about him was warm and caring. “Me too,” Zach murmured. Daine’s words had been faint, as if the blond was talking to himself. Zach didn’t know that his date hadn’t meant to say them out loud, but neither of them noticed. The young apprentice held the blond man close to him until he felt Daine succumb to his weariness. There was something different about the situation, he thought. He was all about being the pump and dump king, but he didn’t want to dick and dash this time. It made him feel vulnerable, mortal for once in his young existence. Even as he drifted off, Zach didn’t really want to sleep. He wanted to stay holding the big lug that had made him feel a little less lonely and a lot less restless.

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