Subject: Hard Working Brothers, Ch. 2 ATTENTION! This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature between consenting adults who happen to be related. Everyone in this is fictional, and if any of the activities in this story, namely sex between men, specifically between adult men who are related to each other, happen to offend you or are in violation of what your jurisdiction deems appropriate for you to read, you should probably not continue. Feedback, suggestions, and comments are more than welcome to be sent to shawndilf@proton.me , along with if you enjoyed it enough to get off (love hearing that I made you cum hard). Thank you, and have a great day. Also, a reminder that Nifty works off of donations. Consider dropping a tip to Nifty if you’ve been dropping your pants. Copyright 2022 Hard Working Brothers Chapter 2 “I still can’t believe you got me and dad high and then we fucked,” Jason said. They had ended up getting burgers and then coming back to Shawn’s place to eat. Electing to just stay in, relax and wait for the THC to kick in. “I didn’t mean to,” Shawn laughed. They were laying on the bed, still fully clothed, Shawn curled up in Jason’s big arms. “I’m not complaining. I mean, I also didn’t know that that was going to be what made me finally actually do something like this.” Jason murmured against Shawn’s hair. “Can I tell you a secret?” Shawn asked softly. “Sure.” Jason felt his brother’s body tense up slightly as he felt Shawn’s chest jump a bit. “I always wanted you, Jason. I wanted to do more than just jerk off in the same room as you when we were teens, but I thought you might think I was a perv. I thought you were cute when you started growing your first beard, and I think you’re amazingly hot now.” “Yeah, me too. I didn’t even want to consider doing something with a guy because I kept thinking about that you were my older brother and what that entailed.” Jason hadn’t really ever thought about why he had never acted on the urges to be with a man, but the insight came suddenly to him. “Dad was kind of a fun bonus reward for us putting it off for 20 years, then?” Shawn felt Jason’s chest heave as he laughed at that, which set off the redhead off with his own reaction. “I guess so. I’m really glad that you’re cool with it.” Jason said softly, before continuing, “Why are we still wearing shirts, bro?” “I don’t know. Why don’t we fix that?” Shawn sat up out of Jason’s arms and began to pull off his shirt. His brother did the same, and after they got rid of their bottoms, they were laying side by side, squeezing each other’s jock pouch. “That fucking looks good on you,” he said, admiring how Jason’s bulge filled the black pouch to almost breaking. “I like how it makes my ass look, too. All that hair, framed perfectly. Tight and sexy.” Jason said as he began to kiss his brother. By now, they were both fully erect and their dicks were leaking precum right through the jocks as they ground together. Jason was laying on top of Shawn, pressing the shorter man down with his bigger frame while they made out. “You feel so good on top of me,” Shawn said. “I just want to hold you down so you can’t run away. You’re mine tonight.” “Damn. Look at you all possessive.” “I don’t think I need to worry about you bolting,” Jason grinned. Shawn pulled his brother in for a long kiss, sucking on his tongue as they rolled over and the larger brother was now on his back. “I don’t think you need to worry about anything other than what you’re going to moan when I get inside your ass.” Jason moaned as Shawn moved his body down and began sucking on his chest. “Fuck yeah. Do it. I want to feel you inside me, bro.” “Tell me what you want,” Shawn said as he began to lick his way down Jason’s body, starting at his armpit and down across his torso to find his brother’s massive cockhead outlined through the precum soaked jock. He pulled it off his brother, letting his cock spring free with a wet smack and worked down Jason’s hairy legs before returning to that glistening cock. “I want to feel your cock in me,” Jason moaned. He pumped his cock against Shawn’s face as Shawn sucked at his balls. “Soon,” said Shawn, as he pushed Jason’s legs up to give him access to the larger man’s hairy hole. There was so much brown hair there that Shawn couldn’t resist just rubbing his face against it for a bit, feeling it on his cheeks while he began to lick at Jason’s hole. The big man hissed in pleasure, not really knowing what to expect with it. He had never had his hole given attention really in the past besides some awkward fingering attempts on his own, and the one time that Shawn had put a couple fingers up there with their dad. He had always thought it was hot, though, and it had been what was behind his need to try it on Shawn in the shower earlier. He had loved how it felt, to drive his face into his brother’s hairy ass and enjoy the sweaty scents after a long day before losing himself in that hole. This was even better, he realized, as Shawn started to flick his tongue against his hole. Jason had heard Shawn take some long inhalations as he worked his face down his big balls and towards his hole. It made his cock twitch and leak like crazy every time he heard that. His hot brother loved his musky scents, and it turned him on so much when Shawn would make appreciative noises while sucking and sniffing at his body. “Fuck, you make me so hard when you do that,” Jason moaned, slowly working his foreskin to spread his precum as lube for his slow jerking as Shawn continued to devour his hole. “You like me eating your hole, huh, bud?” The shorter man said as he raised his face out of Jason’s crack. “You like your big brother teasing your pucker, getting you all horned up to take his cock? “Yes,” Jason said slowly as Shawn took a long slow lick from the base of his hairy shaft to his cock head, then down the top of his meat. He could feel Shawn’s shaggy beard dragging against his nuts and his cock as Shawn worked his way up. It felt like agony, waiting for Shawn to work his way up, feeling his older brother press his legs back so that Jason’s knees were almost against his chest. He felt a wet hardness slide against his hole as Shawn had braced himself looking down at his brother. He had pulled his cock out of his jock, and was now slowly sliding his dripping cock back and forth in Jason’s hairy crack. “You going to get fucked today, bro?” It was a hot day, and with the AC off, they were already starting to get very sweaty from their activities. As Jason looked at Shawn’s face, istanbul travesti a foot from his own, he found himself focusing on details like the sheen of sweat. The way Shawn’s hair was starting to mat down, and how his beard was starting to get damp from rubbing against Jason’s body and dragging through drool and precum. The determined look in Shawn’s eyes, a strange combination of focus and lust that Jason had never seen before. There was a feral glitter in them that seemed to shimmer in time with every languid tease to his hole. “Please,” he said before Shawn lowered his body and began making out with him. He felt his brother shift as they kissed and groped at each other, and they continued on that way for a bit before Shawn came up for air. “Gotta get you ready, bro,” The redhead said with a smirk as he rolled over to grab the lube from the nightstand. “I want to make you feel good,” he stated as he pulled his own thoroughly wet jock off and threw it on the floor so that nothing could get in the way of what he was preparing to do. Jason watch as Shawn gave his own cock a couple rubs as he worked the lube over his hand. It was a bit intimidating for the big man. He knew that his own cock was almost the same size, and thicker, but something about seeing the shorter man stroking his seven inches made it seem even more imposing for the scale. Shawn began rubbing the fingers of his right hand over Jason’s pucker, working some of the lube into it, exploring gently with one finger to start. Like last week, he could feel Jason’s hole almost welcoming an invasion. Both of them were thoroughly relaxed at the moment, and Shawn found no resistance as he slipped his index finger in up to the knuckle. Jason groaned, a combination of the teasing finally coming to the next stage and that feeling that he had been craving since last week. His own large fingers hadn’t been any good when he tried to finger himself. Even with plenty of lube, he hadn’t really had much luck making himself feel good. But his body wanted Shawn’s digit in there. He could even feel the rough skin on Shawn’s finger as his brother slowly worked it in and out of his hole. He could see how much precum he was leaking from it, since his rock solid erection was dripping right down his shaft and pooling right in his bushy pubes. The big man was focused on what was going on past that though. He saw his brother, watching happily as he slowly explored Jason’s hole. Shawn’s red chest hair shone with sweat every time he moved a bit, and Jason could see both of his brother’s hands working, his left one stroking himself in time with every slow movement the right one was making. Jason wanted to touch himself, but he didn’t dare move. Everything felt so good to him right there. He saw Shawn meet his eyes quickly and flash a quick grin, before Shawn engulfed his cock again. Jason rolled his eyes back in his head, moaning harder. As Shawn continued to suckle at his younger brother’s leaking cock, Jason felt Shawn pull his finger almost all the way out, and add a second one. With the same motion of going all the way down to the base with his mouth, Shawn worked both fingers deep into Jason’s hole and began to fuck him gently. The big man couldn’t say anything coherent. He was completely absorbed in the sensations of Shawn’s warm mouth on his meat, and those strong, blue-collar fingers working his ass. He started bucking himself softly into his brother’s mouth, finding a rhythm as Shawn pistoned his fingers back to his short nails and then as deep as possible. Opening his eyes, Jason grunted in pleasure as he looked at his big chest, covered in sweaty hair. He began to play with his nipple with his left hand, as his right hand found Shawn’s head and gently guided his brother up and down his meat. They continued that way for a little while, engrossed in the sounds of wet flesh moving against hair and skin, the animal sounds that they were making, and the heady smell of men in rut. Shawn found almost a zen calm in it, the feeling of his brother’s fat cock sliding in and out of his stretched mouth, depositing his sweet precum on his tongue, while his fingers slid in and out of a hole that felt impossibly hot and hungry. Shawn added a third finger to the mix, and felt Jason’s cock belch even more precum into his mouth as he sucked at the big head. He felt the sheet under him squish as he humped his leaking meat into it. His piercing rubbed against the damp fabric, reminding him of how painfully hard he really was from this. This was almost too much for the bearded otter to bear, as he slowly worked his brother’s hole. It was everything he had thought of for the past week. His bull of a brother, all those big muscles of his, laying flat on his back and ready to take cock. Everything about Jason drove Shawn crazy. He loved how much bigger his younger brother was, how broad framed he was, and how he filled out his shirts. That big fucking ass, a side effect of so many squats and playing rugby. How handsome Jason looked with his dark buzz cut and beard, those kind eyes and quiet smiles. Everything about it drove him crazy because he had watched Jason turn into such an amazing man. He had seen him develop and grow into this pinnacle of a muscle bear. “You ready for me to take your cherry?” Shawn looked up at his brother, fingering his nipple with one hand. He straightened up, and pushed Jason’s legs back, letting his brother hook his arms to completely bring his big ass up. He pushed a pillow underneath to give him a bit better position, while his fingers were still deep in Jason’s ass. Shawn pulled his fingers out slowly, and grabbed the bottle of lube. He slathered it on his hand, and stroked his cock a bit before rubbing more on Jason’s hole. It twitched at the momentary contact, and then Shawn crawled forward, and put his cock right at his brother’s ass. He looked at the silver of his PA, barely visible between Jason’s hungry hole and his own angrily engorged cock head. He put his hands on Jason’s big hairy legs, and looked at his brother. With Shawn holding him in position, Jason was able to reach the poppers and grabbed at the bottle. He shook it violently, and his hands were almost shaking as he took two long hits before handing them to Shawn. Shawn took it from him and was torn in between what he wanted to watch: his pierced cock disappear into Jason’s big hairy ass, or his brother’s handsome face as he took Jason’s anal virginity. Dragging his eyes away from seeing the engorged head of his penis slowly sink into kadıköy travesti slick warmth, Shawn met his brother’s eyes. There was a look of overload to them, as if his brother’s brain had short circuited from all the feelings. “Breath, Jase,” he encouraged. “I’m not going to hurt you, just let me in.” Shawn wanted to resist his urge to punch deep into his brother’s hot ass. He put the poppers down, declining to take a hit right now. He needed control so that he could make sure that Jason’s first time taking a dick was as good as he could make it. For his part, Jason’s body was welcoming the new invader. He began to moan as Shawn slowly brought himself deeper and deeper into his body. It felt so different to him, feeling his brother’s hard cock gradually getting further into his ass, exploring parts of him that he had never known. He brought his legs in a bit more, giving Shawn even more access, and rocked a bit, trying to coax his brother to push his cock further in. The redhead moved at his own pace, though. He knew his brother would be more than able to take all of his cock on the first time with how hungry his ass was. He looked at Jason, unspoken pleas in his open mouth, his eyes wide with shock that it was really happening. He continued that slow controlled descent until finally, after what felt like an eternity, his balls met Jason’s muscular asscheeks and he was as far as he could go. The dark haired man made a load moan was Shawn bottomed out in him, the head of his cock pressing against his prostate and giving Jason new feelings to appreciate. “That’s all of it, bro,” Shawn murmured. “I’m gonna start slow for a bit to let you get used to it, ok?” Jason let out a deep breath, and moaned again as Shawn started moved inside him. “Fuck,” he grunted, “You’re so big. It’s like a railroad spike, you’re so hard.” He felt Shawn’s cock twitch in his ass at the comment. “Yeah, I’m just like my bro,” he said as he started humping Jason’s ass. He started to build up speed a bit, still only pulling out a couple inches before driving back in. “I’m just like you, got a cock made to ruin my brother’s hole.” He thrust his cock into Jason as hard as he could, causing the bigger man to moan harder. “Gonna fuck you hard, the way you fucked me.” “Fuck me,” Jason pleaded. He kept repeating it over and over, as Shawn began to take longer and harder strokes inside of him. Shawn’s beard was now half soaked with the sweat dripping down his face as he pushed against Jason’s beefy legs and pistoned himself in and out of his brother’s hairy ass. Even without touching his cock, Jason’s fat meat was sticking straight up, and seemed like it threatened to erupt at any second. Every time Shawn bottomed out, Jason watched another glob of precum spew forth from his big purple head. Now he understood why his brother would bother going through getting his cock pierced, because Jason was starting to appreciate the feeling of unyielding steel added on top of Shawn’s already rock hard cock. All he could do was hold his legs back, the sensations of it all threatening to overcome the big man. His sexy older brother, all his tight muscles and pale skin combined with the glistening red hair that covered his chest, arms, and almost everything else, was all he could look at. The look of satisfaction on Shawn’s face as he thoroughly enjoyed taking his brother’s hole with every pump of his hips. The sheer masculine feeling of two hairy men, in their prime, bringing pleasure to each other in the most personal way. Shawn picked up the bottle of poppers and unscrewed it. He took two long hits before leaning over and putting it to Jason’s nose. He let Jason take the same, before putting it aside and putting his hands on Jason’s legs, continuing his pistoning. As it kicked in, Shawn started to drive himself faster and harder. He picked up the pace, grunting and panting as he watched his hot younger brother moan and writhe under him. He pulled his chest back so he could get a good view of his cock. His trimmed red bush stood in stark contrast to Jason’s dark brown hair as he went balls deep, then his pale shaft stood right out, until he pulled back enough for the ruddy head to expose itself halfway before driving himself in as hard as he could. “I’m fucking my bro,” he said to himself. “Fucking my hot brother, taking his hot muscle ass.” The fact that it was Jason made it even better for him. Jason had been beyond the forbidden fruit for him, the fantasy that he didn’t even think about because there was no chance of it ever happening. And even on the times where Shawn had let his thoughts go to messing around, he had never thought that such a massive guy would ever give him full license to rail his ass. “Shawn,” Jason said in a choked voice as he began to pant. Even as Jason tried to say something, his cock began spewing out a massive load. All six and a half inches of his thick cock spasmed, untouched except for when Shawn’s hairy abs had occasionally dragged across the underside. Shawn felt Jason’s ass tighten like a vice on his cock, as the big man’s hairy chest and belly were covered in four long strings of cum and a pool began forming in his belly button. “Jason!” he cried out as his body got rigid, driving all seven inches of himself hard and deep into his brother as his own orgasm was triggered by it all. He kept bucking himself deep into his brother’s big ass, trying to get each spurt as deep as it could be. It felt like he had dropped a gallon into Jason’s guts as he held himself deep inside the big man and took a moment to breathe. They both tried to catch their breath from the intensity of the situation. Neither one of them had expected to blow quite so fast. As Shawn tried to pull back, he felt his still hard cock continue to be wrapped by Jason’s velvety tightness. He didn’t want to pull out of his brother’s hole, it felt so good to be deep inside him, to feel his load around his cock in that tight cave. Jason had closed his eyes for a bit, overcome by how amazingly hot it was when Shawn had thrown his head back and howled his name. As Shawn had jerked his head back, his hair and beard moved in the same motion, flicking sweat in all directions as Jason’s redheaded brother filled him with his seed. He had never felt anything like this before, and his balls still ached from the intense arousal that the evening had brought before he had been able to unload. It had been primal, and tapping into that same animal feeling as when Jason had bred his brother in the shower before, marking him with bakırköy travesti that load. They stayed there for a bit, too stunned to dare move, before Shawn shifted a bit and leaned forward to kiss his brother. “Hey bro,” he said as he licked at Jason’s moustache before sticking his tongue into his mouth. Shawn pulled himself out of Jason, his cock making an audible slurp as it came out of that tight hole. They didn’t care about the mess on Jason’s torso that was slowly seeping down on the sheets, or how it matted their fur together as they made out and pressed close in a long cuddle. Instead, they were just lost in how good they felt. “Hey bro,” Jason laughed back. “So, was my ass as good as dad’s?” Shawn snorted a bit. “Better,” he said with a choked chuckle. “You’ve ruined me for guys. That’s a prime Grade Triple-A slab of beef that I just bred,” which was punctuated by a loud slap as Shawn found his brother’s hairy asscheek. The bigger man made an appreciate sound, and ground his still hard cock against Shawn. “Good. Cause I think your cock felt amazing up there.” “My cock thinks you’re amazing, and so do I,” Shawn said as he mashed his face back against Jason’s. They continued on that way for a while, until they realized they were still hard. They began to stroke each other as they made out, then moved to cuddling against each other while they jerked themselves off. “We didn’t even jack like this before,” Jason said, watching Shawn’s cock slip in and out of his brother’s fist. “We should’ve. Fucking so hot to touch you and watch you work your cock.” “Totally,” agreed Jason. Shawn slipped a little lower, and put his face into Jason’s wet armpit. He began to lap at the wet hair there, intoxicated by the earthy musk of his brother that had been building up during their fuck. That got Jason pumping his meat harder as he watched Shawn enjoying his body. The moans that his elder brother was making as he huffed the big man’s scent got his cock even harder. “You’re gonna make me cum again, bro.” Shawn continued to lick at Jason’s pit. “Cum for me. I want to swallow you.” Jason moved his arm, and sat up a bit. “Hurry,” he grunted, as Shawn rushed his head across Jason’s hairy belly. Almost as soon as he felt Shawn’s tongue touch his bloated cockhead, Jason grunted out his release. Shawn, for his part, caught every drop in his mouth, and after he felt Jason’s cock finish pulsing, he pulled back. Still with his mouth shut, he moved back, and shared his brother’s load back to him in a long snowball. There, their tongues entwined around Jason’s hot load, Shawn moaned as he felt Jason reach over and play with his nips. “Cumming,” he panted as he felt Jason squeeze his nipples in his big fingers, and his brother was almost too late as he rushed his body down to catch Shawn’s load in his mouth. As Shawn was cumming, Jason grabbed his nuts and gave them a squeeze, to encourage as much juice as possible to end up in his gullet. They returned to making out, this time sharing Shawn’s load. Jason thought he liked Shawn’s load a better than his own. It tasted stronger, and a little less sweet, but he liked them both. He wasn’t sure, but he might’ve preferred Shawn’s load more just because it was Shawn that produced it. Jason continued to hold Shawn as they made out, until they both became aware of the air movement drying the sweat on their bodies and the stickiness that threatened to rip out their body hair as they moved against each other. “Shower?” Jason asked. “Yeah, but just a shower,” Shawn replied as he sat up, taking a moment to let the blood rush back to his head and steady himself. “I think I’m all fucked out for a while.” “Same,” his brother agreed. As they got up, he looked at the mess they had made. “I don’t think I ever came so much before,” he said softly. Shawn ran a hand up Jason’s muscular front all the way to his chin. “I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he said as he gave Jason’s beard a tug. “I’m due to wash them anyways. I’ll just put the other set on.” Shawn pulled the sheets off to keep their fluids from seeping deeper in, and tossed them on the floor. “After our shower, we can put these in the wash and put a new set on.” From there, they were pretty relaxed. They took a nice long shower together, with more of a brotherly horsing around tone to it than the lust-soaked fuckdown that had happened before dinner. Shawn offered his brother a spare robe, but they ended up settling on skin to skin contact under a blanket while the washing machine thumped softly as their despoiled linens entered the wash cycle. Shawn had put on some soft music for them to listen to while they cuddled. “This feels good,” Jason said as Shawn nestled in. “You’re just the right size.” “Mmmhmm,” Shawn agreed as he burrowed himself even closer. Jason’s big arms made him feel like he was being held by a giant, and with the blanket on top of them, he got to feel every inch of his brother’s big hairy body and how warm it was against him. Right now, both of them were feeling a level of relaxation that they hadn’t known they needed. The strain of working in the trades and not being open about his sexuality was always in the back of Shawn’s mind since he had started out, along with how guys always seemed to flake after whining that he worked too much, and he had too many cuts and scrapes, and that he talked too bluntly and crudely for them. It had driven him into living to work, throwing himself into the trades rather than deal with rejection. Trade ticket after ticket to try and focus that frustration and find something to distract from the loneliness he felt. Working out of town for year after year, and just existing rather than living. Meanwhile, Jason just felt acceptance. He had never really felt comfortable with someone else. His ex-wife had been a huge mistake, outside of giving him a son he loved dearly. The dates that had come after the divorce never really went anywhere, since Jason seemed to have a knack for picking up gold diggers that quickly never talked to him again. He actually had never really felt satisfied that way physically, outside of jerking off to porn and wishing that he could fuck as easily as those guys. He hated to admit it, but he was always watching the guys’ and their cocks, not the pussy. Messing around with Shawn and their dad made him wonder if maybe he just needed to try a different outlet, and now he felt that he absolutely made the right decision. He was pretty gay, just like his sexy older brother. As the bigger man’s mind drifted on that, Shawn just continued to curl up against him and began to snore softly. Jason just let him rest, appreciating the feeling of his older brother’s body against him, and found his own fatigue take him away as he listened to the relaxing music and the sound of his sleeping lover.

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