Hardwork Pays Off – Cathys time to shine – encount

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Hardwork Pays Off – Cathys time to shine – encountOn the journey back from work all sorts of things were running through my mind. I had built up many feelings, guilt – poor dad had no idea just how much of a naughty women Cathy was. Lust, I kept fantasising about Cathy and her perfect body. Excitement, the chase of of going after an older women and succedding was a big adrenalin rush. Looking out the window gave me time to reflect on what I wanted out of life. People might say why don’t you go for someone closer to your own age but women my age are not the same. Most of them are too needy and not mature enough, playing daft little games where as the more mature lady knows how to treat a man properly. Older women are just as physically attractive as younger women, they just scream sex appeal and the thought of them being attracted to me was a big turn on.We drew up to the drive way. Exited the vehicle and entered our home. I ran up stairs and quickly changed into more comfortable clothing – a simple black t-shirt with a pair of three quarter length navy blue jeans. Coming back down dad entered the kitchen and put the ketltle on. Me and Cathy sat in the living room next each other. Cathy came closer to me “your reward will be nothing you’ve ever experienced in your life” she smiled as she placed her hand on my lap. Fantasising about this thought in my mind for a second dad walks in with some coffees. He says “what was that about a reward I heard” I froze and went all red “eh, mm” Cathy stepped in “it’s just an advance on the boys wages, he done excellent today, a real natural” cool, calm and composed Cathy winked and just like that defused what could have been an akward situation. Five or so minutes later the phone rings. Dad answers “hello” it was big Andy from the Air force – Dad knew Andy from being in the same courses at uni they go way back. Dad chatted away “yeah, ok, should be fine, right see you in a bit Andy bye.” Dad come over “right guys I’m going out to meet an old uni friend, don’t illegal bahis wait up, I’ll be leathered” we responded “sure thing, there’s plenty we can do while your away.” Cathy smiled at dad “right that’s me going guys, see you later” and just like that me and Cathy had the house to ourselves. I turn to Cathy “I’m I still getting a reward?” I asked nervously “more than just a reward baby boy” I felt week with anticipation, my b***d pumping harder and harder. Cathy stood up “you just wait here just now” she said.Sitting on the couch my mind running at 100mph. Cathy came back in with only a towel around her body. She walked over our eyes glued to each other, mine nearly popping out of there sockets. She lead me with one hand slowly towards the bathroom. She began saying “now we’ve both had a steamy day at the office, time we get cleaned up” just after saying “up” she dropped the white towel falling gracefully to the ground. I couldn’t believe my luck Cathy standing in front of me her perfectly shaped body was as God created a miracle, her perfectly shaved pussy bore no sign of hair. Cathy strutted towards the walk in shower and pulled the knob to begin the flow of water. I threw my top off, flinging it in any direction such was the anticipation. Dropping my jeans to the floor I joined Cathy in the shower, my cock already swollen – throbbing. The water streamed down Cathy like a waterfall. The water glistened as it steacked down her soft smooth skin. Next thing I know Cathy lifts up this bottle of shower gel. Rubbing some onto her hands she exclaimed “turn round honey” turning round I felt nervous. Cathy rubbed some of the gel onto my shoulders and back, her soft hand running up and down my back felt amazing, she knew how to realise the tension in my body – also realising any nerves that I had. Squirt, squirt Cathy released more gel across her palms. She bagan to wash from my ankles to my ass. Slowly rubbing in the gel, Cathy clenched her hands on my ass rubbing inbetween my legs, it was illegal bahis siteleri so erotic, better than I could have ever imagined. Next thing I know Cathy on her knees in the shower grabs my balls from behind and starts straddling them I let out one all mighty moan ” uhhhhh”. “Oh you like that son don’t you, your stepmum playing with your young now clean balls” I winced in pleasure “I certainly do Cathy” cathy spun me around to my front, pinching my erect nipples along the way. Cathy pushed our bodies close together so her soft breasts pressed up against my chest. The sensation was unbelievable, both our nipples perfectly aligned with one anothers. Cathy smiled “would you like to give me a wash son, after all I am your stepmum now after all” no sooner had she that, that I lathered my hands in shower gel. She looks down at me. As now it was my turn to be on my knees. I began to rub her lightly tanned feet and legs getting between her toes. Her ultra smooth silky skin was phenomenal, almost as smooth as those leggings she had on earlier. My hands now rubbed between her legs, I rubbed her ass ensuring it was spotless, Cathy then said ‘you can make sure it’s ultra clean later” I giggled as she knew what I wanted. Gently rubbing slowly up and down her pussy, giving her swollen clit a little rub along the way. I stood up and began caressing her gorgeous 34dd breasts in my hands – enjoying every minute of our experience. Cathy turned the shower off. We dried each other off, throwing the dirty towels into the basket. I began to put my clothes on when Cathy stopped me “no, no, no you’ve still got desert, that was only the main course son” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was if she just knew what my fantasyies were. Leading me towards my bedroom completely naked she said” wait here.”My door creaked open and there was Cathy standing in front of me wearing a fishnet body stocking. She slowly walked over to me in the bed. I stood up and we began French kissing, our tongues now canlı bahis siteleri firmly in each other’s mouth, our body fluids mixing in a naughty mess. I kissed her neck which she really liked. Sucking and feeling her breasts she pushed me down onto the bed. Cathy then said” I want you to feel what a real women feels like” she slid her already wet pussy on my cock, devouring it’s thick head. Although the not the longest cock in the word about 5 inch it was thick enough that it stretches her open and gave her plenty pleasure. She started pumping my cock, both of us groaning and moaning in perfect harmony – “yes, yes, yes uhhh, mmm” her pussy walls clench my cock. I could feel a pulse in my cock and with every stroke it seemed to get faster and faster. She looked down at me “cum in me Hun, I can’t get pregnant” this turned me on even more. It didn’t take long before my thick creamy load shot out my cock faster than a Ferrari. It now resided deep within Cathys vagina swimming amongst all her delightful juices. We were both knackered, panting for breath I said “that’s the biggest and best orgasm I’ve ever had” Cathy looked round “me too Hun, your dad never gave it to me like that before” Cathy rolled over onto her. She said “not so fast mr, you’ve got leftovers to attend to” her ass wide open. I began licking out her ass she squirmed violently as I did so enjoying every second “uhhh yes , yes” my cum dripping out her pussy all over the sheets. We sat up “you can’t tell your dad anything” I smiled “I won’t I promise” we both got into clothes and sat and watched tv for a while in the living room. Talking about regular things. Minutes later the front door opens, dad walks in. “That’s me home” he shouted. He walks in excited as If he had an exciting piece of news.Dad poured us some drinks and we sat down. He began saying “guys were going on holiday” me and Cathy both looked in amazement “wow, can’t wait where we going?” Excited dad replies “I’ve book a weekend away for us in Amsterdam” all of us had a group hug. Excitedly I ask ‘when”? He replied “next Friday son” me and Cathy both looked at each other and smiled. I think we both had similar ideas of what sorts of fun we could get up to in Amsterdam However that story is for next time!

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