Harika Adventures

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Harika AdventuresdeleteddeletedI am harika. I live with my mom and dad in MUMBAI. I am 21 and a student of BCA 2nd year. My dad is a businessman and my mother is a principal of a college. Hence, I am one of the richest girls in the class. I have a fair tone and long black hairs right up to my ass. I go to the gym regularly and maintain a figure of 34-26-36. I have got a big pair of boobs, smooth flat belly with nice curves and a big ass. I am very horny kind of girl. I have been in lots of relationships since a young age and got fucked by many boys.People who know me well mention me as slut or whore and I really like that.So one day my parents told me that they are going to visit my grandparents next day. So I became very happy and I thought to call my boyfriend at home and we can have fun all day long. I was very excited. Next day was Sunday so I don’t have to go to college. So as soon as my parents left I closed the door and got naked. I played a porn movie on the TV and started masturbating. My body gets heated and I was getting really horny. So I was going to call my bf when suddenly the doorbell rang.I switched off the TV and ran to get my clothes. I quickly put on a yellow top and denim shorts. I didn’t get time for wearing bra and panty as the bell was continuously ringing. I opened the door and saw two strange illegal bahis men standing with some tools and wires in their hand. They were dark fat men aged over 30. I saw a large part of my cleavage was visible and they were staring at it like hungry dogs. I was getting wet seeing two strangers enjoying my body show. I interrupted them and asked what they want. They told me that they were from the cable company and my father has complained about some missing channels. So they are here for fixing it.I told them that nobody is at home so they can come on another day. But they insisted and said that it will take only 2 minutes. So I let them in. They switched on the TV and porn movie started playing. O fuck! I forgot about removing the disk. They were shocked and they looked at me. I was embarrassed and start looking at the floor. I knew they were scanning my body right from my milky smooth legs to my red rose lips. One of them asked me for water. I went to the kitchen and I was thinking about these events. My heart was beating very fast. My body was on fire so I thought if somehow I could get fucked by these strangers. So I decided to seduce them and satisfy my pussy.I took the water in a glass and went back to the room.While giving the glass I touched his hands. He looked at me. I gave him a real slutty look and bite illegal bahis siteleri my lips. He came near me. His arms were touching mine. He put his hands on my hips. I smiled. He squeezed my ass. He told his partner who was shuffling the channels all this time that he is going to check the antenna on the roof. He asked me to show the way. I took him to my terrace. There I held his arms and kissed him. Then he grabbed my waist and started kissing me back. His body was smelling very filthy and sweaty. His mouth had a taste of tobacco. These things were making me even more hornier. I put my tongue inside his mouth and we tasted each other saliva.In between he put his hands inside my top. He was happy seeing that I was not wearing any bra.He quickly removed the top and started sucking my breasts. He was literally chewing my nipples. That made me moan real loud. I was biting my lips in pleasure. While he was pressing my breasts so hard with his strong hands. Suddenly his friend came to the terrace and he was shocked seeing his friend sucking a college girl boobs. He was staring at my top less body. I went near him and gave him a nice smooch. I placed his hands on my boobs. While he was kissing and pressing my boobs his friend removed my shorts and started licking my pussy. I was enjoying that both my boobs and canlı bahis siteleri pussy were sucked at the same time. My body was filled with ecstasy and I was moaning continuously. I begged them to fuck me.The guy sucking my pussy took out his cock and put shoved it in my vagina while I took other guy’s cock in my mouth. Both their cock was average sized. One of them was playing with my asshole. All my holes were filled and I was on seventh cloud. I cummed in pleasure. Soon the man who was getting blowjob slid 3 fingers in my ass while my pussy was being pumped by his friend. He took out his cock from my mouth and shoved into my ass. I screamed in pain. My body got sandwiched between theirs. Soon the pain turned into pleasure and I started enjoying the new feeling.My body was feeling like engine both my ass and pussy was pumped rapidly. They took turns and switch between my holes. In between they were pressing my boobs and pinching my nipples. They were also playing with my pierced belly button. Ultimately they said they were going to cum . I asked them to cum over my face. So they took out their cocks and spilled their seeds on my face. I spread the cum all over my face with my fingers. Then I took the selfie with those guys. Finally we all washed ourselves and put on our clothes.They told me the problem had been fixed and asked for my number and went away. Thus, I was fucked by two guys and I didn’t even know their name. This is how Suhani like to spend her Sundays. Hope someday I will have the pleasure of your cocks too. Till then have fun guys.deleted

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