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Author’s Note: A friend asked me to write something in the taboo realm. I’m not comfortable having …much in that realm tied to my name, so I compromised. I had no editor, so all mistakes are my own. Enjoy.


Someone once asked me what the most exciting thing I’d ever done sexually, and I’m always brought back to my junior year of college when I came home to meet him mother’s boyfriend for the first time. That summer and the choices I made and the choices made for me… were by far, the most daring things I’ve ever done. It didn’t help that I had helped my mother’s own boyfriend cheat on her.

My junior year of college I came home to see my mother for summer vacation. She had met a man named Harland early in the semester and had just bought a new home with an awesome swimming pool in the back yard. He’d bought her a new car, a designer dog, and diamonds to fling around on her fingers and neck.

I couldn’t complain. Harland was nice enough. I inherited my mom’s Jeep Grand Cherokee, that was totally better than the car I had, which was none! And my mom didn’t pester me to get a summer job. All my friends had summer jobs, though, so I ended up with a lot of free time.

Even though Harland seemed to make plenty of money and didn’t mind sharing it with mom, she was always at work. She was up before the sun and came back home sometimes after it was dark. She often worked on the weekends and even traveled. I never asked mom what her job was exactly. I know she works for the DA downtown and spends more time in the courtroom and the spa more than she spends at home.

Turns out Harland had a lot of free time too. He worked in the home office on some internet website’s safety. He explained that it had something to do with a white hat. He worked out all the time and practically lived at the pool. He was kinda funny and didn’t seem too interested in taking on a father role with me, which was good since I had a dad — dad just lived in Italy with his famous ballet dancer girlfriend. He didn’t seem to care how late I stayed out or where I was going as long as I didn’t do anything stupid like drive drunk. The thing was… Harland was only four years older than me.

I had turned twenty one a few weeks ago. Harland was twenty five. It sometimes made things a little awkward. At dinner time, we got the same jokes and understood technology in a way that made my mom feel like she was part of the Stone Age. We ended up spending time together because we were the only ones in the house and ran into each other a lot. We ate pizza and watched movies, played Rock Band and sometimes made dinner together. He kinda became a friend.

But I remember when I walked in on him showering like it was yesterday. I was looking for my mom’s curling iron and didn’t bother to knock. I don’t know if he noticed me, but I certainly saw him. Standing in the glass shower, only a slight mist of condensation was between his naked body and my eager eyes. He was tanned a warm olive color down to his waist with a slightly lighter patch covering his ass to about his knees — a swim trunk’s tan. I could see his muscles in his back bunch as he rubbed his hands over himself, over his chest and abs. His eyes were closed, head lifted into the water of the shower. His arms lifted and I suddenly noticed how broad his shoulders were as his arms folded behind his head. His body turned, his groin suddenly coming into direct view.

My mouth fell open as I stared at my mom’s boyfriend completely naked. He had one hell of a cock and I got excited just staring at it. He must have been working on himself earlier because he was thick and hard as any man I’d ever seen. One hand smoothed down his chest to grip his cock and rub up and down its length escort kartal slowly. His mouth opened and I heard a faint sigh that sent thrills down my spine.

I popped back out, hoping as much as I could that he didn’t notice me. I lounged in the kitchen, waiting for him to make his way downstairs to the TV in the living room before dashing back up and getting the lost curling iron. I hoped I didn’t have to face him tonight because I don’t think I could without blushing from head to toe! I got lucky and was able to dash out to a friend’s house and shouted my goodbyes to him.

A couple weekends later Harland told me my mom would be out of town for the weekend and he wanted to throw a party. He agreed to let me invite some of my friends so I wouldn’t tell mom. I let him know that I wouldn’t have told anyway, but it was great to have some friends over for a pool party.

That night my friends and I were sitting around the pool, sipping our drinks and talking about boys. I had broken up with my boyfriend last semester for being a total douche bag cheater after I caught him getting head at the ZTA party he thought I couldn’t go to. We were pointing out the hot boys in the crowd and making up reasons to talk to them when my friend commented on Harland without knowing it.

“Oh my god. Look at his chest! He looks so hot.”

“Which one?”

“The guy at the grill! Holding the Bud! Don’t look, he’s waving at us!” She squealed delightedly, thinking a hot, available guy was flirting with her.

I waved back, a cheesy grin on my face, feeling very awkward at that moment, “Amber. That’s Harland. You know. Mom’s boyfriend.”

“Oh. My. God!” my friends giggled and gasped, “Isn’t he like, your age? And isn’t he like, rich?”

“He’s twenty five and I guess he’s rich. We haven’t gone to Hawaii or anything yet,” I shrugged, keeping my eyes downcast as I tried to keep the image of him naked out of my head. My cheeks were flushing and I couldn’t stop it.

“Kelly? Oh, shit, Kelly?! What did you DO!?” Amber knew me too well. My blush burned through my ears and down my chest. “You have to tell us!”

I told them. I told them all the details. How I’d seen him naked. How I’d watched him turn and give me a full view of him. How I watched him stroke that huge cock before I dashed away. They squealed with delight, bobbing their heads and covering their mouths. “It was an accident! I totally won’t do it again.”

And then Amber said something that made me think, “Why the hell wouldn’t you want to do it again? He’s fine, your age, and fuckable. I’d do it as often as I could.”

I tuned out of the conversation then, thinking silently to myself about Amber’s crude statement. Why wouldn’t I want him? He’s closer to my age than my mom’s. He’s hot. He’s got plenty of free time. Maybe. Maybe I’ll see what he thinks.

We cleaned up the party and called it easy the next day by doing nothing. Harland lay out at the pool, headphones on, arms behind his head and his toes waggling to the music. I decided to put on my smallest bikini and see if maybe I could get a reaction out of him.

I started off by asking him to oil me up. He’s put sunscreen on my back before, but I’d never untied my suit for him to rub it in. He didn’t seem to notice while I held the cups of my bikini on and he rubbed over my back. I sighed softly for him, leaning into his hands just a touch. I thought I felt him pause.

“All right. Think I got it all.” He clapped his hands together and rubbed in the rest of the sunscreen on his arms.

“Tie me back up?” I batted my eyes at him.

“Uh, sure.” His fingers were a bit clumsy, but he tied my suit back up.

“Thanks.” I stood back up, stretching a bit, “Mmm. Party was fun last night. It was a good idea.” I bent over next to him to drop my sunglasses on the table. I made sure I gave him the best view of maltepe escort my ass I could. I rubbed sunscreen over my legs, taking my sweet time. I moved up my body, making sure to rub all the cream in nice and slow.

“Uh. Yeah, it was fun.”

I pushed the chair all the way and lay down on my back. I lifted one leg, rubbing my foot over my shin slowly. “My friends thought you were cute. They thought you were someone else.”

“Uh-huh,” he said. “I thought Amber was cute. But that Sonia. Sonia, right? Yeah, she’s hot.”

“Are you using me to find young, unsuspecting women to prey upon?” I laughed, playfully slapping his arm. “Just how many women does it take?”

He turned his head and smiled at me, his face warm from the sun. He gave a laugh and turned back, ignoring the question.

I smiled and closed my eyes, relaxing into the chair and the sun. “I could always invite them back another time,” I offered sarcastically. “Maybe another time, huh? We’ll see.”

The time at the pool passed by easily enough. We chatted every now and again. The sun was getting ready to pass by the palms when he got up. “Pizza?”

“Sure,” I shrugged.

“I’ll order. Let me know when it’s here.” He got up, picked up his towel and disappeared into the house.

I got a very bad idea. I walked back into the house as quietly as I could. I made my way up the stairs, being careful not to make too much noise. I eased the master bedroom door open and pressed my ear to the bathroom door. He was in the shower. I could hear the water splashing. I knelt down and pressed my face to the crack between the double doors to the master bath. I could just make out his body in the shower.

I watched, my mouth open, as Harland rinsed off and soaped up. He pressed his back into the tile and leaned over a bit. He was groaning. His head lifted, eyes closed, lips moving as he moaned. I couldn’t hear what he was saying over the water. But I watched, totally entranced, as he stroked one hand up and down his length. He began to move faster, his hips pumping his cock into his hand. His mouth moved some more, lips curling into an “o.” He moved faster and faster, his body moving rhythmically as he jerked himself off. I heard his sigh and watched his body twitch as he came. He rested back against the wall and I climbed back out of the room.

Pizza arrived, Hulu was on, and I attempted not to stare at his crotch as best as I could. I wanted to move forward so badly. My mouth watered at the idea of sucking down that hard length. But how was I going to do it? I licked my fingers clean, groaning exaggeratedly and decided to stretch out on the sofa. I flopped a pillow down against his lap and rested my head down. “You’re my headrest!” I announced somewhat lamely. Harland looked at me, shrugged, and rolled his arms along the back of the sofa.

I waited, barely watching the show, for at least a few minutes before shifting positions. I moved the pillow a couple of times and even by body a couple of times, pretending I couldn’t get comfortable. Finally, I tossed the pillow aside and lay my head down on his lap. His workout shorts were soft and he smelled clean. I didn’t dare glance up at him, but he didn’t move so I didn’t either. Before our show was over, his hand had slid down from the back of the sofa and rested on my back. It could have been so innocent and even an accident. Then his hands curled slowly, fingernails scraping ever so slightly along my back. My t-shirt slowly moved up. My skin broke out in goosebumps of excitement and nervousness.

Our next show had begun and I was getting bolder. I pretended to scratch my nose, my cheek rubbing directly over his crotch. I thought I heard him gasp and felt his body jerk just a bit. His hand had moved up my shirt enough that his nails scratched ever so gently along my bare back. I gave him a quiet croon and stretched pendik escort bayan out on the sofa, my face pressing into his crotch. I kept my eyes shut. I didn’t dare try to look at him! His other hand came down. I felt it as he pushed my hair back behind my ear. He wasn’t stopping me at all. He was petting me!

And there we stayed, watching another show. My face would occasionally find a reason to press into his groin and he’d continue to pet my hair and my back. My heart thudded so loudly as I thought about my next move. I was convinced he could hear it beating it was so loud! I turned my head enough that my mouth dragged up the groin of his workout shorts. I hummed lowly, my lips puckering as a planted a kiss right on the slight lump of where his cock was.

He totally moaned, his hand curling in my hair, his hips rising off the sofa. I was thrilled! “Kelly…” he whispered, urging me on gently with his hand. “You’re about to get me so excited that I won’t be able to stop, girl.” His cock was swelling and it was becoming very obvious in his loose fitting shorts.

Emboldened, I loosened my jaw and dragged my tongue down his growing length. “Stop…? You haven’t done anything to stop yet.”

“Fuck. You’re serious?” His hips rose again, his hand now fisting in my hair, tugging me to look up at him.

I gave him a smile as my hands tugged down on the waistband of his shorts. He picked up his hips enough that I slid them underneath his ass enough to bare his cock. My hands smoothed over his length, and I stared at it, getting somehow nervous again. It was so big, veiny and so not what I was used to.

“Oh baby girl. Please suck on it. You’ve been teasing me forever. Please suck my fat cock.” He stared down at me, hungry and needy.

I wordlessly wrapped my mouth around his cock, my tongue exploring the soft texture. How something that felt so soft could be so hard was always amazing to me. I bobbed my head down, taking as much of him as possible. His hand in my hair urged me on, wanting me to take more. I was inexperienced taking in something that large so I had some difficulty trying to not gag on it.

Harland’s head rolled back, his mouth dropped open as he groaned. His hand eased up, his hips relaxing back into the cushions. “Oh, this is fan-fucking-tastic,” he breathed out deeply. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

Feeling more confident, I swallowed down his length and breathed through my nose as best as possible, wanting to give him the best I could manage. I bobbed my head up and down, tongue laving over the soft surface of his cock. He smelled clean with a hint of masculinity underneath. His groans were all the encouragement I needed to keep going.

“Oh, baby girl, yes… You’re gonna make me cum soon…” His body tensed, shoulders hunching, his hands gripped the sofa.

I worked harder, my hand tightening over the base of his cock, my mouth working quickly as I moved my mouth up and down, suckling eagerly while I waited for him to finish.

“Kelly…” he raised his hips, his voice tinged with urgency, “Gonna, baby, I’m gonna cum!” His hands slipped from the sofa and buried in my hair as he shoved his cock deep in my throat as he came. He twitched, his body moving beneath me, breath erratic until his orgasm ebbed. He sank back into the sofa with a huge sigh.

I swallowed down every drop of cum I could and pulled away, wiping my mouth with my hand. I gave him a crooked, shy smile. “Don’t have a ton of practice with that.”

He re-situated himself and leaned forward, kissing my forehead and pushing back the hair from my face. “You did an amazing job. It felt great.” His arms wrapped around me, tugging me closer. “Let’s finish the show?”

Nodding and nervous about what he would do next, I laid down back in his lap and cuddled close. His fingertips trailed through my hair and along my back. The show finished without us saying another word. He dragged a blanket over me as he moved away, “Got an early morning. See you tomorrow.” He dropped another kiss on my forehead and left me on the sofa wondering what I would do next.

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