Harley Rain – The Lounge


The lounge was crowded, but it always was on nights like this. She glanced around until she located the table where her friends sat and then continued to scan the crowd looking for him. He wasn’t in the lounge yet, which sent a twinge of anticipation through her body. She wasn’t a patient girl and she was juiced up and ready to go.

She was dressed in a simple sundress, offering up just the right amount of leg and just a little too much cleavage. A tiffany’s key dangled between her breasts, drawing the eyes where she wanted him to notice. Under the dress she wore some sexy boy shorts and a black bra. The underwear was a deviation from her norm when she was meeting him, but since she was anticipating it to get very moist between her thighs long before he could touch her she decided they were best.

As she sat with her friends and poured some wine they lapsed into a comfortable conversation. Her mind drifted to the small vibrating egg that was placed against her clit, waiting for him and she scanned the crowd again.

She saw him enter the room, with several other men. He glanced around and their eyes caught each other. A small smile graced his lips but there was no other sign of recognition from either of them. The group sat several tables away and to the left. They had the perfect view of each other and that was the point.

Her friends were talking to her again. Sliding out of the fantasy that was building in her she realized that they were talking about the group of men that just walked in. Sexy in a business casual way, a couple nice bodies’ and a set of blue eyes that could make your pussy swell. She knew those eyes, she’d seem them up close and personal many times, but she said nothing and added a non-committal shrug as her answer. The heat that radiated from her sex told another story though, God how she wanted him!

As if in answer to her silent story she was jolted with a vibration against her clit, a short burst of pure pleasure. She struggled to maintain a straight face. As quick as it came it stopped and she relaxed.

His finger fiddled with his keys. An unassuming white square dangled from them, looking like any regular car starter, but this button juiced a much more sexual engine. As long as the line of sight wasn’t interrupted he could push the button and cause the vibrator against her clit to start. He could make her orgasm right at that table, in front of her friends, in front of him. He was really getting off on that power zeytin ağacı izle trip. He shifted in his seat to better hide his growing erection.

He pushed the button again, like a pulse, a steady on and off of stimulius, but never enough to allow her to catch her breath. Her hand clenched into a fist and dropped from the table; the only sign that she was feeling anything at all. She crossed and re-crossed her legs, searching for the relief that would remain elusive. A warm flood flowed from her pussy, reminding her how good he could make her feel. Constantly reminding her that he was fucking her right now, even though he wasn’t touching her.

He stopped as he watched her trace her finger down the line of her necklace and linger on her cleavage. He couldn’t wait to suck her tits. He held his finger on the button, unwilling to stop. Her eyes closed, only for a moment, and his cock twitched, tight against his jeans.

The ding of a text message arrived on her phone. She glanced at it.

“Are you wet?” it said.

“Getting there…” she responded. She knew he wouldn’t like that response, she knew he would push that button again.

This time the vibe exploded with a fast tapping, like his tongue was flicking her clit over and over again. The vibe slid against her easily now, gliding on her moist folds and making her want to cum right there at the table. She swallowed a large gulp of wine and steadied herself against the onslaught. Again and again the vibe massaged her throbbing clit, teasing her, bringing her so close. Trying to still her facial expressions was difficult and she risked a glance at him.

He could hardly sit still as he watched. He was looking for a sign that she was close and when she looked at him he knew she was. His cock throbbed against him and he wanted to release it from his pants, to stroke it himself and cum with her. He was so hard that it hurt.

His phone beeped.

“More!” was all the text said

His hand hammered the button and the other reached into his pocket to ease the strain. A gentle squeeze of his own cock and he almost came. He was resolved to watch her.

The vibe was in the perfect place, her senses in overload. She wanted to leave her table and spread her legs over him and plunge his cock deep into her. The pleasure of the dirty little secret was so intense she almost screamed. She was so close…

Her face flushed and she tilted her head the terminal list izle back to laugh. But it wasn’t laughter…. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened to let go of a silent moan. He was watching ecstasy. He had to know, had he made her cum right there?

Her world faded as she tried desperately not to cry out. Knowing he was 10 feet away watching, tormenting was driving waves of pleasure through her. The orgasm raged through her body right to her core. Her pussy was begging to be filled with him. She wanted to wrap her lips around his cock and feel his hot cum slide into her throat, wanted to put her hands all over him. She wanted to fuck him.

He needed to touch her, slide his fingers deep inside her and feel how hot and wet she was. He wanted to bury his cock in her warmth and have his balls slap against her as he pounded her. He didn’t know how much longer he could sit and watch.

She slid from her chair and walked towards the bathrooms, as she disappeared around the corner he pushed the button again. The quick flick of her clit was so pleasurable it almost hurt and she wondered if she could cum that hard again.

He rounded the corner and came face to face with her. Without thinking he pushed her against the wall pinning her there with his weight. His erection strained against her middle and he kissed her hard. He wanted to devour her. His hands were rough in her hair and as he pushed her dress aside and grabbed her tits. He wanted to fill his mouth with her hard nipples and use his teeth to balance pleasure with pain. He wanted to rip off her clothes and shove his cock into her right there against the wall.

Her hands slide to his ass and she squeezed him. She kissed him hard. Her hand snaked around his front and she grabbed his rock hard cock through his jeans. He groaned in sheer pleasure. She wanted to fuck him right there.

His hand explored up the side of her leg and he pushed harder against her. She hadn’t even touched him yet and he was ready to cum all over her. He couldn’t, not here, but she could. Somehow his fingers found the button again and her clit exploded.

“Cum right here, right now, for me!” he growled into her ear

She nipped his neck before her mouth found his again.

Her clit was being ravaged by the vibe. Her pussy ached and she wanted to rip her clothes off and have his face between her legs. She was panting, moaning softly into the traitors izle his ear. His mouth found her neck, his fingers a nipple and he flicked the button again. Her hands gripped his shoulders and her back arched into him.

“Fuck yeah!” she groaned.

Her sex was liquid fire as she came, pulsing and throbbing onto the vibe. She could only see sparks and her vision blurred. Her body shook in his arms and she pressed into his rock hard dick. Her eyes slammed shut and her mouth opened. His fingers found the side of her mouth and stilled her.

It all felt so good, so exciting, and so raw that he almost couldn’t take it. If they stayed there someone would surly see them but he was going to cum with her right now regardless. In a quick motion he spun her towards the bathroom door and pushed himself through. It was empty.

Their eyes locked and she pushed him into a stall with such force the door crashed against the wall. Spinning with a swift movement she locked the stall. Her hand reached for his belt and zipper. She freed his hard-on from the jeans and roughly pushed them around his ankles. His boxers followed as she hurried to look at his cock. It was standing at full attention pointing directly at her. She squatted in front of him, and slid the top half of her dress off. She unhooked her bra and let her tits fall naked and beautiful in front of him. He loved to look at her tits.

She gripped his shaft with her hand and swallowed his head deep into her throat. He groaned, loudly. She slid his cock in and out of her mouth slowly, flicking the tip of him with her tongue. She grazed her teeth lightly against him and sucked harder. Her free hand moved until his balls filled it and she squeezed lightly. His eyes glazed over and he wrapped his hand into her hair. He forced her head back and force along his shaft. His rod was so hard that is threatened to burst with every stroke. Her tits bounced in front of him and he thought about blowing his load all over them. God she was good at this. He was so close, so hard and so ready. She shifted her mouth to take in his balls and she sucked them and she stroked his shaft. He moaned her name…

“Harder, faster!” he pleaded.

She swallowed his shaft again and squeezed his balls. Her mouth was hot around him, moist and wet. She stroked and sucked again and his body tensed. His cock utterly ridged. He pumped again and again with his hips fucking her face and she moaned. He came, hard and fast in her mouth. His cock pulsed over and over flooding her mouth with his cum and she took it all. As the spasms slowed he released his grip on her hair and had to use the door to hold his weight. She licked the remaining cum off his cock with a satisfied smile. It was a good start but she was looking to get fucked and since that hadn’t happened yet…

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