Harry and Ginny’s first time

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Harry and Ginny’s first timeThis story is fan fiction intended to take place immediately after the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was written after the publication of Harry Potter and the Cursed c***d, and therefore should be canonically correct. Fair use policy is in effect, no copyright infringement intended. Harry could not say how long he had slept. It could have been weeks, months. He had never felt this well-rested in his life. For the first time since that fateful Hallow’s eve in 1981, he had slept without the burden of a mental connection to lord Voldemort, able to wake him at any time, intrude on his peaceful dreams no matter what sleeping draughts or incantations he used. When he finally awoke, he found Ginny sitting on Dean Thomas’s bed, looking at him with eyes that simultaneously expressed concern and an inexplicable happiness. Ron and Hermione were on his bed, and they broke apart from their snogging as Harry yawned loudly and sat upright in his four-poster. He looked at them and smirked.”Oi! You two mind getting a room?”It was Ron who came to their defense. “Sorry mate, but this sort of is our room. We wanted to be here when you woke up, plus you know what happens when boys try to climb the stairs to the girls dormitory, remember?”Harry vaguely recalled when he and Ron had attempted to climb the stairs to the girl’s dormitories to go visit Hermione, only for them to turn into a slide and repel them back into the common room, to gales of laughter. He was not given much opportunity to ponder this, however, as Hermione intruded on his reverie.”Oh Harry, it’s over! It’s all over! Can you believe it? He’s gone, he’s finally gone! It’s the dawn of a new era!”It did almost feel as though it had all been a dream, but somehow, Harry’s long sleep and the lack of connection he felt to Voldemort shrugged off those self-defeating thoughts. He decided he should get up to speed, now that he was awake.”How long was I out?”Ron piped in. “The best part of a full day, mate. It’s nearly sunset. I expect you’re famished.””Yeah, I am. Kreacher!”With a crack like a whip, Harry’s house elf, Kreacher, apparated into their room with a plate of fried eggs and toast. As Harry helped himself to food, he turned his attention back to Ginny, his ex-girlfriend, sitting on her previous boyfriend’s bed. Immediately, that old flame which had so heated his veins during his sixth year was reignited, and the familiar feeling of the lion in his chest roaring that something was wrong here needed to be dealt with. His look at her must have been obvious, because even the normally thick-witted Ron could see something was up.”I expect you two will want a chance to talk. Hermione and I can find someplace else, if you like.””No, that’s fine, we’ll go elsewhere.” Harry felt as though the taint of Dean Thomas was still present here, and, depending on what conspired, he felt as though a place so thoroughly tainted with both ex-boyfriend and semi-permissive brother may throw a damper on the mood. Ginny broke her silence for the first time.”We can go to my house, if you like. Everyone is at the ministry, attempting to spread the news and restore law and order. I doubt anybody will interrupt us there”.Harry felt as though the prospect of no interruptions was a good thing, and an overpowering desire to reach the burrow as fast as possible presented an interesting quandry. The answer was staring him in the face, waiting for him to finish his toast.”Kreacher, can you take Ginny and I to the Burrow?””It would be my pleasure, master.” Harry grabbed hold of one of Kreacher’s arms, and Ginny told hold of the other. Harry turned back to Ron and Hermione, and although bursa escort they both looked at him, it was Ron’s gaze Harry sought.”If you’ve got anything to say about this, mate, speak now, because once we disapparate, the time for voicing concerns is over.” Harry recalled how Ron’s eyes had the sting of betrayal the first time he sought approval for kissing Ginny, but this was entirely different, as he felt it was likely to go much further than simple snogging. Ron’s look was different this time.”Here’s what I have to say: you two have my blessing, as long as the three of us remain friends, whatever changes happen.” Harry nodded.”You have my word on that, mate.””Good, then if you don’t mind…” Ron turned his eyes back to Hermione. Harry smiled at Ginny.”Let’s leave them to it, shall we? The Burrow, Kreacher.”And with a crack like a whip, the three of them vanished.******************************************************************************************************************************Harry, Ginny, and Kreacher were suddenly standing in the kitchen at the Burrow. As Harry felt a surge of emotions, he suddenly very much wished them to be in private. Sensing this, Kreacher inquired, “Shall Kreacher go back to Hogwarts, then, Master Harry?””What? Oh, yes, thanks a bunch, Kreacher, that was really helpful.”With the same whiplike crack as before, Kreacher vanished into thin air. Harry turned to Ginny.”We met for the very first time in this kitchen, do you remember? You were so awfully shy.””It’s only because I had the largest crush on you. You were always the one, Harry.”Hearing this made Harry more sure than he had ever been, and he walked over and began passionately snogging Ginny with a fervor he hadn’t been able to muster since that first glorious day when they had last won the Quidditch cup. Words were no longer necessary, it seemed. As he peeled off her clothes, revealing her supple breasts and fiery thatch of pubic hair, time seemed to slow in his personal paradise as he reveled in the glory of her naked body. As he finally left her completely naked, she paused and sat down.”I know we never talked about this the first time around, Harry, but I feel like you should know. I never, you know…” She left it hanging for a minute. “Dean always wanted to, Harry, but I felt like I couldn’t. Even when I was dating him, I was still holding out hope for you, so it didn’t feel right. In the end, I think that’s part of why we broke up.” Harry felt as though this would be an inopportune time to mention the helping hand he and Felix Felicis had played in their split. “At any rate, when I think about all of the times you’ve saved me… Riddle’s diary, the department of mysteries, giving me the last of your luck potion when the death eaters invaded the castle…” Harry could not help but see the irony in this credit to Felix, given what he had just been considering, and had to stifle a snort of laughter. Ginny continued. “At any rate, what I’m trying to say is, I owe you my life many times over. I want to be with you more than anything, and I can’t imagine my first time being with someone else. I’m yours for whatever you want, whenever you want, at least until that debt is repaid, but probably forever. If you don’t want me, I’ll understand. But I really hope you do.”As Harry stared at her beautifully freckled alabaster skin and pink nipples, his mind was blissfully blank. When he awoke from his reverie, he stopped to address what she had just told him.”It took me a while to realize it, Ginny, but you’re definitely the one for me. Cho and I were never good together. You stayed by my side through the darkest times, and I knew I could count on you…” bursa escort bayan he paused as he mulled over what she had just told him, and looked down at her fiery pubic bush. “Did you really mean whatever, whenever?”She smiled, although looked slightly nervous, before mustering her resolve and saying “yes, I really meant it.”Harry smiled back, and the lion in his chest roared. “In that case, I want you to go to your room, lay on your bed face up exactly as you are, and wait for me.”Her expression changed to being even more nervous, but she wordlessly stood up and marched upstairs. Harry ran to the shower, his erect penis swaying as he thought about what he was going to do. As he quickly rinsed off and brushed his teeth, he mulled over a solution to the obvious problem: what could he do about that huge red bush? Seeing it reminded him too much of Ron’s unkempt hair, and thoughts of Ron deflated his penis immediately. The answer came to him as he opened the bathroom cabinet to find the enchanted razor which Mr. Delacour had given him as a coming-of-age gift on his s*******nth birthday. This would shave her clean, but he wasn’t sure it would get through the huge mass of bush without trimming first. He looked out the window and saw Arthur Weasley’s strange tool shed of muggle appliances, and everything clicked into place. He pulled out his newly-repaired phoenix feather wand, and decided to test it out.”Accio Clippers!”As he looked out at Mr. Weasley’s storage shed, he saw a large pair of electric hair clippers whizzing towards the bathroom window. The cord had been cut off, as he remembered Mr. Weasley saying he had tested his new “ekeltricity charm” on them. Harry felt momentarily bad as he flicked the “on” switch and felt them buzz to life in his hand. Using Mr. Weasley’s own magically-augmented muggle artifact on his daughter’s pubic hair? The lion in his chest roared its approval. He proceeded back to the bedroom where he had left Ginny.******************************************************************************************************************************As he walked into her bedroom, Ginny looked at Harry and saw what he was carrying in his hand. Her previously nervous look had turned into downright alarm. She pointed at the clippers.”What in the name of Merlin are those? Some kind of Muggle torture device?””Just one of your dad’s muggle artifact experiments. Now lay down, be quiet, and don’t move. I don’t want to hurt you, but I can’t look at that ridiculous bush without thinking about… never mind. It has to go.”Ginny looked wide-eyed, but did as she was told. Harry popped the clippers to life, eliciting a small squeak of protest which he silenced with a quick glance. Their hum turned into a snarl as they made first contact with the top of Ginny’s pubes, shearing the fiery red hair away effortlessly. Harry worked quickly on the mons pubis before progressing down to labia, shearing the left side in one quick swipe, then the right with a second. Once the bulk of the offending hair laid in a pile on the floor, Harry unzipped the enchanted razor case to reveal both the razor and some shaving foam. He quickly lathered Ginny up, then gave the razor its instructions.”Make her as smooth as the day she was born.”Mr. Delacour’s enchanted razor swooped over Ginny’s vulva at a blistering speed, clearing away foam and small red bits of stubble with each pass. In no more than 15 seconds, there was no hint as to what color her pubic hair may ever had been, as none was left visible. Ginny broke her silence.”Wow, that’s been there ever since I was a little girl. I feel kind of… I don’t know… exposed or something, you can see escort bursa everything down there now.” The lion in Harry’s chest roared as he took control. Moving the razor and clippers to the dresser, he threw Ginny back down on the bed. “Did I give you permission to speak? Whatever, whenever means that you’re going to shut it until I deflower you. I saved your life so many times, you owe me! You owe me everything, and I’m going to take it!”Both Harry and Ginny were surprised by this outburst. The lion continued to take control as he grabbed Ginny by the throat and pressed her head up against the headboard as he mounted her. He used his other hand to place his cock in between her labia and began sliding it around to find the entrance to her virgin depths. Ginny grimaced and closed her eyes.”Open them, girl. I want to see the look in your eyes when I pop your cherry!” It was as though an alternate personality had overtaken Harry. He didn’t even know what he was saying anymore. It felt as though he were being possessed by the lion spirit of Godric Gryffindor, and had the bravery to express how he had always felt with no reservations whatsoever. He paused for the briefest of moments with the head of his cock pushed against her hymen. He could see tears welling in her eyes from the pain this was causing. He pulled back, then thrust with all of his might.Ginny screamed as he obliterated her hymen and plunged his cock into her no-longer virgin pussy. As her mouth gaped open from the pain, Harry pulled out and shoved the cock, thick with blood and pussy juice, quickly down her unsuspecting throat. She gagged at this unexpected loss of her oral virginity, and choked as the fluid trickled down into her stomach. Harry quickly moved his cock back to her pussy, and pounded away as hard and fast as he could. In virtually no time, he could feel the cum being pumped from his balls, out of his cock, and deep through her cervix into her womb. As he pulled out and slumped on the bed, exhausted, Ginny stopped choking and regained control of her vocal chords.”Are you k**ding me? You just, just… came in me without asking? It’s not that I don’t want to have k**s with you, even, but didn’t you want to think about it? I’m ovulating, you enormous git.”Harry couldn’t suppress a grin. “I thought whatever, whenever meant what you said. All that talk about how many times over you owe your life to me? After all, I’ve just destroyed the greatest dark wizard of all time, I think I’m ready for parenthood now. Think of each c***d you bear for me to be worth one time I saved your life. Once we finally get even, we can rethink ‘whatever, whenever.'”Ginny had no response to this other than pure shock. She laid on the bed as Harry got up and put away the clippers and razor.******************************************************************************************************************************It was four months later, and Ginny was beginning to show as their wedding day approached. Arthur Weasley had been cleaning the house in preparation, and had come across the clippers, razor, and pile of red pubic hair in the bathroom cabinet. Harry had felt as though he wanted to keep it, as a kind of memento, but had never gotten around to storing it elsewhere. Harry saw Arthur’s look of disbelief as he was walking by, and watched Arthur’s mind work as he put two and two together.”What’s this! Why, no, you didn’t…” He looked at Harry, and Harry met his gaze as he watched Arthur’s eyes change from shock to apoplexy to, finally, acceptance.”Look, boy, I don’t really want to know what happened here. I can surmise what may have happened, but I really want to know.””I understand perfectly, sir.”Arthur held his gaze for one more moment.”Actually, Harry, my boy, I want to know just one thing.” He could scarcely contain the curiosity in his voice, despite the gravity of the situation.”Did my ekeltricity charm work?”The End

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