Have a Drink on Me


Have a Drink on MeHere’s a small account of how I got my sister.I didn’t really mean for it to happen, it just wound up that way. I will blame a little alcohol.Here is a little about us.My sister (Dee) and I live with my mom. The parents have been divorced since we entered out teen years.My sister is 18 months older than me, so she’s a year ahead in school. My sister was always the cheerleader, homecoming queen, miss popular. Her friends were mostly the cheerleaders, so a lot of hot girls!She is 5’3, medium length brown hair and hazel eyes. She’s about 190lbs and has a nice 38DD bra.As for me, I’m a little more geeky than she is and not nearly as popular. I am 6’1 and 150lbs. So, tall and lanky would fit me.I also have short light brown hair, blue eyes and am happy with 7 1/2″.My sister has pretty much snubbed me when she’s around her friends. It’s pretty normal.Unless it’s a family thing, we don’t hang out. It seems when we do, it always ends up in an argument.Near the end of my senior year, my sister was getting ready to head off to college after working a year.She decided to throw a party with her friends while our mother was at work.Mom worked a second job at a restaurant/bar to pay the bills. I also worked at the restaurant, but not usually as late.My mom and I had to work a Friday. I worked 6 to 10 and mom 5 to midnight. This gave my sister the opportunity to have her party without worry about mom busting in. She had planned her party to start at 7 and told everyone that it had to be over by 11. That would allow about an hour and a half before mom got home to clean up and pass out before mom got home.My mom wasn’t really big on my sister having parties, but kind of turned a blind eye to it since they wouldn’t be out driving.The part that really irked me was my sister came to me that Friday morning and said she’s having a party and she didn’t want me to come home.Imagine that, a party at my house and I’m not even invited.I told my sister I would be home after work, but I’ll stay out of her way.She said I could be there as long as I stayed in my room.Yeah, right!Work was normal, like most restaurant jobs are. As it got closer to me leaving I kept thinking about how my sister had asked me not to be there.I figured, like most parties my sister had had, her best friend Jan would be staying the night.My sister’s friend is a little hottie!She’s 4’11 about 90lbs Hispanic/American mix. She’s got medium long black hair and brown eyes and some cute little A cups that defy gravity.Needless to say she had inhabited a few of my masturbation fantasies.About 9 I went in to the back area to get a few things and I walked by the desk the manager uses from time to time.My manager had left her purse on the desk and it was open. As I walked by, I noticed a pill bottle on the top.Curiosity got the best of me and I peeked at the bottle. It was prescription of Xanax.This, of course made my mind do a few loops. I looked around and didn’t see anyone.I opened the bottle and took 2 pills out.I figured if my sister wanted to be a pain, I could put her and her best friend to sleep and take a couple of pics of Jan while she was out.I got off work a little early, since the restaurant was kind of dead. The bar was busy and thy asked mom to stay until 2.She agreed, told me she’d be late and I headed home.When I got there the party was in full bloom. There were only about 15 k**s there, but that was a lot in our little house.I went in and went to my room to change.I barely got dressed when someone came to my door. One of my sisters friends opened the door and say “Hey!, Yous want a beeeer or somethin?”I said “Thanks, I’ll get one in a minute”.I went back in to the living room and spotted my sister and hanging on a guy with Jan next to her.My sarıoğlan escort sister was wearing a pair of short shorts and a tank top.Jan was wearing a miniskirt with a tank also. You could tell neither of them was wearing bras. They both appeared to be pretty ripped from what I could tell.I headed to the kitchen and passed my s*s.”Hey, b*o, when you get home?””Just now, I was getting something to drink”.”Get me one too”, she slurred. “Sure s*s. You want one too Jan?”Jan barely acknowledged my question, but I noticed her beer was empty.This was working out great!I went and got 3 beers from the cooler in the kitchen. I popped 2 open and slipped one pill in each.I gave each their beer and wondered through the house. There were a couple more really drunk people and a lot of jocks.I retreated to my room for a little more quiet and solitude.I got out my Polaroid camera and thought about the pictures I was going to take.After I finished off my second beer, I was feeling pretty good. I heard the music to quiet down and people to start to leave.After all, they figured my mom would be home around midnight.I came out and helped a couple of the last sober ones clean up the house. My sister and Jan were stumbling around a lot, so I directed them to my sister’s room.After everyone left, it was about 11:30. I still had a while before mom got home to take my pictures.I was still feeling a little buzzed and very brave.I walked over to my sister’s room and opened the door quietly. I really didn’t need to do that, they were already passed out cold.The sight before me was great!Both were laying diagonal on the bed. Jan was lying on her back, almost spread eagle on the lower half of the bed. Jan had managed to get out of her skirt and was laying in just her tank top and thong.Needless to say I felt a stirring in my boxers when I saw that!My sister must have lasted a little longer. She was flopped face down on the upper part of the bed.She managed to get out of her shorts and shirt and was laying there in just her skimpy panties.Then that timeless.. If she wasn’t my sister….. ran through my head.I stood at the door and said in a loud voice “Hey s*s, you’d better clean up this place.”Nobody stirred. No movement at all.So, I yelled a little louder, “HEY s*s! GET UP!”Still nothing.I walked over to the bed and noticed that they were still breathing. I shook the bed some and managed to get a slight murmur from one of them.I stood there for a few minutes just admire Jan’s body. God she was hot!I ran my hand up her thigh, just enjoying the soft skin. My gaze ran up her body and I noticed her tank top standing tall. I had to see those perky, firm boobs.I slowly moved my hands up and gave them a soft squeeze through her shirt. They felt great!I then raised her shirt up so they were exposed. There they were, perfect little boobs standing nice and tall.I cupped them in my hands and gave them another squeeze. This felt even better!I noticed her dark areola and nipples. Looking my sister to make sure there wasn’t any movement, I bent down and gave one of Jan’s nipples a lick.I watched as it slowly hardened. I bent down and took the other one in my mouth. I sucked and licked it and felt it getting hard as well. I was getting pretty hard myself.I could hear her breathing get a little heavier, so I stopped and made sure she wasn’t waking up.Then I remembered the camera. I had almost forgotten I was going to take some pictures.I went back to my room and got the camera. While I was there I became very aware of my erection pressing against my shorts. I decided if she’s really out, I’ll get some better pictures. So, I took off my shirt and shorts and walked back with just my boxers on.I figured if they did wake up, they would still be too drunk to remember a naked guy in the room.I walked back in and took my first picture of Jan laying here in her thong with her shirt up and boobs exposed.I took a couple more pictures from different angles then decided I wanted more.I had to see what was hiding under that thong. I slowly moved it aside and was happy to see a sweet little pussy with a nice dark landing strip leading to it.I pulled her thong aside and used one of her hands to keep it to the side and took a couple more pictures.I thought of taking a picture with her finger in her pussy, so I tried to get it to happen, but her sleeping hand wasn’t helping.Being that close I got a nice whiff of her aroma. I decided to push my luck. Since her hand won’t stay there I used mine.I slowly slid my finger along her slit. Then I pressed a little more as it gave way to let me in deeper. I kept hearing her breathing increase but no other signs of life. I also noticed the more I rubbed the wetter she started to become. My mind was racing on what else I dare do.I knew I wanted to taste her, so I lowered my head between her legs and parted her flesh with my tongue.I was in heaven.I looked over and noticed the camera sitting there and my erection was begging for some attention.I thought I would have a little more fun before going back to my room to jack off.I took off my boxers, climbed on the bed and put my dick up next to Jan’s mouth and took a picture. Then I slowly slipped it in her mouth for another picture.The look of it in her mouth was great, though I wish there was some sucking or something on her end.As I sat there with my dick in Jan’s mouth, I noticed my sister laying there. I could make out the outline of her tits.She was facing away from me and the thought occurred. Maybe I could get some incriminating pictures of my sister for later.When I got off the bed I notice my sister’s mouth was slightly open. Another thought occurred. What’s good for her friend is good for me. So, I slipped my cock inside my sister’s mouth and took a picture. Part of me wanted to ram it all the way down her throat.But, that could be really messy given her drunken state.I decided to roll my sister over for a couple more blackmail pictures. She rolled over easily with little more than a snort.My sister’s tits seemed big compared to Jan’s as both girls lay only inches apart now.I took a picture of the two of them together, both with their tits exposed.Then I decided to take one of them mostly naked. I had Jan’s thong pushed to the side, so I decided to pull down my sisters panties and take a picture.I slowly pulled her panties down to her knees and was nicely surprised.My sister had a very nice bikini triangle trim, but her pussy lips were shaved bare. After a couple more pictures, I knew I needed to go back to my room to release the cum building inside of me.All I needed to do first was to put their close back on.I looked back over to Jan. She was still laying there exposed and spread and ready I knew I had to have her. It would be wrong, but I had to have her.I slowly crawled on the bed between her legs. My heart was pounding. I kept looking to see if there were any signs they might wake up.I put my cock at the entrance to her pussy and started to rub it back and forth. She was still wet from earlier and my precum added to the lubrication. I slowly slipped inside her velvety smooth canal. I heard a slight mumble as I entered her and then all was quiet again.I quickly took a picture of me inside of her and got back to what I was doing.The feeling was incredible! I could feel her pussy softly contracting around my shaft.I slowly pumped in and out of her, enjoying the feeling. I looked over and saw my sister there, her boobs giggling slightly as I fucked her friend.Having two naked girls on the bed was getting to me quickly and I knew I would cum soon. But I didn’t know if Jan was on the pill or not.So, reluctantly I removed myself from her piece of heaven.As I pulled out and steadied myself, I put my hand between my sister’s legs and brushed against her pussy.My sister shifted a little bit causing her legs to spread open a little more.Normally I don’t think of my sister sexually, but she looked damn fuckable!The other thing that shot through my mind was my sister is on the pill. Mom put her on it when she was 12.I felt the ache in my balls and my little head took over.I reached down and rubbed my sisters bald slit. Then I bent down and gave it a lick. I noticed that her legs parted even more.I licked a little longer and soon had my finger sliding inside of her. I had waited to cum long enough and I knew where I was going to do it.I pulled myself up and positioned my cock at the entrance to my sister’s pussy.I slowly rubbed and slid my way in.Sparks shot through my brain!My sister’s pussy was tighter than Jan’s, but still velvety smooth and wet.I push all 7 1/2 inches in my sister and felt her pussy grip my shaft. I felt it contracting and massaging my cock.I started to slide in and out of her pussy and I knew it wouldn’t be long.I reached over and slipped a finger in to Jan’s pussy and brought her nectar to my lips. The pressure in my balls turned to extreme pleasure as I felt my orgasm overtake my body.I gave one final thrust in to my sister and shuttered as the waves of pleasure came over me. I felt my cum explode in to my sisters tight pussy, blast after blast.I had never had that good of an orgasm when masturbating, nor came that much.After I regained my senses, I slowly, and reluctantly removed my cock from my sister pussy.I noticed my cum leaking out of her, so I picked up my boxers and cleaned her up.Then I took some of my cum that leaked out of her, put it on my finger and put it in Jan’s mouth.Then I put some in my sister’s mouth. If nothing else, they would swallow some of my cum.I looked at the clock. It was almost 2. I knew I had about a half hour before mom got home.So, I slowly pulled my sisters panties up and adjusted Jan’s top and thong. I was just about to leave when I had another thought.I positioned my sister and Jan on their sides facing each other.Then I took my sisters hand and put it in Jan’s thong. I put her finger inside of her pussy as best I could.Then I took Jan’s hand and put it inside my sister’s panties and did the same thing.I took my last Polaroid picture of them appearing to feel each other up.I gather up all of my pictures, turned off the light and went to my room.I looked over my pictures, which gave me another stirring.I quickly jacked off again and got in to bed as I heard my mom come home.The next morning I could hear a muffled conversation coming from my sister’s room.There was a “Huh? What the…” “How did that happen?”I could hear them talking about how fuzzy the night had been. My sister noticed she had what seemed to be cum in her.That brought a sneaker from me.I heard something about how she thought she had given Roger a blowjob at the party last night, but though he had came in her mouth.She figured he must have fucked her instead.Jan said it was a good thing my s*s is on the pill. Then she said she was glad they were both on the pill, and they both giggled.I’ll make a note of that for another time, I thought.I got up and threw on some shorts and a shirt and went in to the kitchen for coffee.Dee came in a few minutes later and said “Hey b*o, when did you get in last night?”I told her I got in a little after 10 and tried to stay out of her way.She said that was cool and said she’s probably going to have one more party before she leaves.I told her that sounds like a good idea.Of course, I was thinking, “Next time, I cum in both”.

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