Have You Got a Light?


“Have you got light?” Was how it started. Fifteen minutes later I was bouncing up and down on his cock.

I was drunk, there was no other way of putting it. I had gone out to get drunk aswell. And it had made me flirty. With my bright red lipstick, black vinyl skirt, black fishnet stockings and high heels it wasn’t hard to find the attention to get flirty with.

It had got to the point that after a couple of glasses of wine and a few vodkas that I needed a smoke. I headed out past the toilets to the pub garden and pulled my pack of cigarettes out of my handbag. I went through my bag looking for my lighter to no avail. Damn I thought I’ve lost it now what! Just then he wandered past me. I had seen him staring at me a few times at the bar. I’d not really seen him look at anyone else other than me.

“Have you got a light?” I asked him as he walked past me.

“Yeh sure.” He replied somewhat nervously as he fumbled for a lighter in his pockets.

He held out his lighter to me as I pulled a cigarette out.

“Aren’t you going to light it for me?” I asked as I brought the cigarette to my bright red lips. He struck the lighter alight and I leaned in to light my cigarette taking a deep inhale and then blowing out the smoke with some force enjoying the first hit of nicotine.

“Aren’t you having one aswell?” I asked him taking another drag.

“I erm, I don’t smoke.” He replied.

“You don’t smoke but you have a lighter and are in the smoking garden?”

“It’s just one of those things!” He replied now with a bit more confidence.

“More like a trick to get chatting to women! I’ve seen you eyeing me up tonight!”

“Well maybe a little!” As a smiled appeared across his face. “It’s not hard not too look at you is it?”

“Why do you say that?” As I took a deep drag on my cigarette.

“Well you are the hottest woman out tonight.”

I laughed as I blew out smoke towards him.

“Sorry you don’t smoke and I’ve covered you in my smoke.”

“It’s okay I don’t mind the smell of it.” He replied this time back in his more nervous fashion.


“Sorry I find a women smoking sexy.” He admitted. “There’s something very erotic about it.”

“Are you finding watching me smoke erotic?” I purred before taking a long deep drag.

“Yes I am.”

“Good,” I said as I leaned into him and exhaled the warm smoke on to the side of his neck and then whispered into his ear, “It turns me on to know that you find it so erotic to watch me smoke.”

With this I lightly kiss his neck leaving a slight smear of lipstick on his skin. My ankara grup escort free hand dropped down to his crotch. I ran my hands over his trousers feeling his hard cock bulging against his trousers.

“Oh this turns me on aswell.” I said with my hand on his crotch.

I took another deep drag as I rubbed my hands over his bulge and leaning into him I whispered to him telling him how wet I was.

“Would you like to fuck me?”

At this point he finally showed some balls and leaned in and started to kiss me. I felt his bulge grow as he tasted the cigarette on my mouth as I kissed him back.

“Let’s go and fuck in the toilets.” I whispered as I grabbed hold of his hand and dragging him across the pub garden. I don’t think he could quite believe my confidence and what was going on but he willingly followed me.

I shut and locked the cubicle door behind me and pushed him down on the toilet seat. I pulled out a cigarette from my pack as I sat down on top of him straddling his thighs.

“Are you going to light this for me then? I wanna see how much harder it makes your cock to watch me smoke.”

“You do know you can’t smoke in the toilets in a pub these days?” He said somewhat nervously.

“I know! But I’m close friends with the landlord out there!” I said with a wink, alluding to last weekend when after closing time he fucked me from behind in his pub kitchen.

I put the cigarette to my bright red lips and leaned forward as he struck his lighter. I took a deep suck on the cigarette lighting it and inhaled deeply. As I pulled the cigarette from my mouth I exhaled with force right into his face making him cough and sputter a little.

“Oh sorry was that a bit too much for you? Maybe I should do it more slowly and seductively?”

I took another drag and this time leaned in close to him. My lips made contact with his. I love the feeling of the first contact of lips whether it’s a man I’m kissing for the first or a woman. The feeling of excitement when my lips touches their lips. His mouth opened against my lips and I let the smoke curl out of my mouth slowly past my lips now locked against his lips and into his mouth. I felt his cock grow even harder through hid trousers as soon as my smoke passed ours lips. I ground down on his thighs feeling how hard and big it was. I pulled my lips away from his and let the smoke go before kissing him hard again.

I sat up on him and took another deep drag. This time I exhaled but formed a circle with my big red lips as I did. I was such a tease and I now had him totally under my control. gümüşhane escort I climbed down off him and in the small confined space of the cubicle I undid the button and zip on his trousers. Diving my free and inside I pulled out his hard cock. And boy was his cock impressive! Long, thick and now rock hard who knew he had this hidden away! I felt the heat from his shaft as I wrapped my hand around it and gave it a couple of tugs making him moan.

I swapped hands and wrapped my other hand around his cock so my cigarette was right next to his cock as I wanked it. I delicately crouched next to him, my heels slipping a little on the dirty wet floor of the toilet and proceeded to lick the head of his cock all over.

I took a deep drag on my cigarette and slipped his cock into my mouth, the hot smoke in my mouth enveloping his cock in my mouth. I slid my mouth as far as I could down his cock my cheeks bulging due to the size of it. Once I had got so far down I pulled up a little and looking up at him I let the smoke breath out of my nostrils over the shaft of his cock. He groaned out loud and his cock quivered in my mouth. With one hand holding my cigarette at the base of his cock I worked my mouth up and down his shaft and head sucking as hard as I could.

I pulled my mouth off his cock leaving it stood up proud and hard. Looking straight at him I took one last drag on my cigarette and put it out.

“I need that cock in my pussy now.” I said as I blew smoke out towards him.

I hitched my skirt up around my waist, his eyes bulging at the sight of my stockings and lack of underwear.

“Oh you like my fishnet stockings aswell do you!?! It makes it so much easier just to sit on your cock doesn’t it!” I said teasingly.

With this I swung one leg over his and straddled him as he was still sat on the toilet seat. Leaning forward a little I reached round and grabbed his rock hard cock and positioned my pussy right over it and began to ease down and work myself on to it. Thankfully I was soaking wet as his cock felt so huge pushing apart my pussy lips. I gasped as I moved myself down on him further, my pussy stretching around his hard cock.

Once I had eased myself all the way down on his massive cock I stopped for a moment. There I was impaled on him in a toilet cubicle, skirt up around my waist, my stocking clad thighs gripping him tightly. I pulled another cigarette out and placed it in my lips and leaned forward to him.

“Shall I light this and smoke it whilst riding your cock?” I whispered in his ear.

“Yes, yes!” He cried out as he held on to halkalı escort my thighs.

I leaned back a little and this time lit my cigarette myself. Blowing out the smoke towards his face I started to ride him. Slowly at first, grinding away on his cock until I got more use to it inside of me then building up. Everytime I took a drag on my cigarette not only did I savour it I rode him harder and faster. By now I had really built up a rhythm, bouncing up and down on his cock filling my pussy as I leaned over him my cleavage in his face.

I rode his cock as hard as I could given the location and my heels on the hard slippery floor. I had one hand on his shoulder for support, the other hand held my cigarette. I took another deep drag on the cigarette, the heat of the smoke briefly burning in my mouth, the nicotine hitting me. I slammed down on his cock and a blew the smoke out of my mouth with force into his face. He coughed out slightly but I swear his cock swelled a little more at the same.

I could see his face getting more and more red the closer he got to cumming. His breathing faster and faster as I rode him harder. I leaned back a little as I rode him I had to get my timing right as I got close to my own orgasm. My legs wobbled as I got closer to my orgasm as I bounced on his cock. His cock rock hard in my pussy as I slid up and down it, I was desperate to scream out but struggled to keep it in. Just as my orgasm kicked in I leaned back a bit more and took a big deep drag on my cigarette. As soon as the smoke hit the back of my mouth my body shook with my orgasm. I leaned right forward as he thrust his cock up into my pussy as I held on with my legs shaking with orgasm. I blew the smoke out of my mouth in pure ecstasy right in his face again which tipped him over his edge.

I slammed my body down on his cock as far as I could as his cock twitched then pulsed his load deep in my pussy. His hot cum flooded in me spurt after spurt as I moaned into him. My thighs gripping him tight as he spasmed and his cum filled me. I slowly recovered as his cock finished shooting his load inside of me. I sat up and slowly and gently moved my hips up and down to get the last bit of pleasure out of him.

I took one last dragged on my cigarette savouring the taste and nicotine hit and manoeuvred myself off him leaving him sat on the toilet with his cock obscenely laying to one side covered in my pussy juice and his cum. As I stood up I felt his cum start to seep out of my pussy a little. He had shot a massive load of cum in me and I was in heaven with it. I adjusted my stockings and pulled my skirt down, smoothing it out the best I could.

I walked towards the door and unlocked it, turning to him as I opened it feeling his cum running down the inside of my thighs and with smile said as I walked out,

“After a fuck like that I think I need to go out for a smoke to recover.”

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