Have You Seen Jr’s Grades?

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Have You Seen Jr’s Grades?Have you seen Jr’s grades? The question rang thru my head. “Yes Yes, they are not good. I am not sure what has happened. It is like he hit puberty and his brain went to mush.” I replied to my husband. “You need to do something or this k** will flunk out of high school. I went thru this at that age and once I got laid I was all right. Get this k** laid or work with him, hell I don’t know what to do. You are good at these things, making the k**s straighten up.” My husband said. “I will have a heart to heart with Jake.” I replied still not sure what to do. My husband left for work and Jake was already at school. I was going to research the web on what to do about Jake’s problem. That is when the phone rang and it was the school, seems Jake is in trouble and they want me to pick him up. I get there and find out Jake was caught with his hand in his pants pleasuring himself, lucky he was alone and had his hand in his pants with everything covered or he would be in real big trouble. Suspended for three days. “Oh wow I get a five day weekend!” Jake exclaimed once we were in the car. “No sir, this is going to be the worst weekend ever for you, you are grounded.” I yelled. “What the hell, jacking off at school? Come on Jake. First your grades are shit and now this. You better quit playing with your dick and get back in the game.” I said.We got home and Jake went straight to his room. I did some things in the kitchen and then thought I would go talk to Jake. As I got to his room I noticed he was standing and stroking his cock. I froze and stared. His cock was bigger than his dad’s and so were his balls. As he stroked I started to get wet. Just then he started to cum , he pointed his cock at something as cum spurted from dick. It was a pair of my panties. illegal bahis The white fluid shot from his dick hitting my panties right in the crotch. It was a large load. I very quietly made my way back to the kitchen. I could not believe what I just saw. I also could not believe how wet and turned on I was. When my husband got home I told him about Jake getting kicked out of school. I did not tell him about the the other thing. “Damn, this k** is worse off than I thought. We may have to take him to see someone. If only we could get a girl to fill his need. Are any of friends sluts that might help us out?” My husband said with a laugh. “No none of them are, but I can help you out.” I said pulling my top up. I was so horny I could not wait for my husband to do me, which he soon did. I thought about Jake the whole night and also about what my husband had said about just needing a girl to fill his need. The next morning my husband left for work and I went to see if Jake wanted breakfast. There he was again standing there stroking his rod. I walked right in there and jumped on his bed right in front of him. I had had enough. I threw open my robe and spread my legs. “Here you go Jake, shoot your load on this! Right here on my pussy, the real thing. Or on these tits. Just get it out of system.” I said. “Are you sure mom?” Jake replied. “Go for it” I said. Jake started to stroke his rod again. I rubbed my hand around my pussy as he stroked. Then he pointed his cock at my cunt and knelt down a little and let loose a rather large load right on my bush. The warmth of it and the sight of his cock throbbing as each rope shot out made me so horny. “Wow, cool mom, Thanks” he said as I smeared the cum around my bush. I got up and closed my robe and went to my bathroom to shower. illegal bahis siteleri As I got the water I started to finger myself smearing Jake’s cum around my pussy lips and then up my cunt. I came quickly. But I was still horny. After the shower I was in the kitchen when Jake appeared. “Hey mom, can we do that again? I think it is helping.” Jake said. “Well sure” I replied excited that maybe I hit on the magic cure for Jake’s problem. We went to his room and we both got naked. Jake started again and I waited for him to do his thing. Jake again shot a huge load all over my cooch. I again left the room and headed back to the kitchen and then fingered myself using his fluid till I came. About thirty minutes later we did it again. And then again forty five minutes later. The next morning I could not wait for my husband to leave for work. As soon as he did I headed for Jake’s room. He had just got up, his cock hard with morning wood. “Hey mom I was just thinking about you.” I dropped my robe got on the bed in front of Jake and took his cock and started to stroke it. I rub it up and down my slit and across my clit. I was going to use his cock to make me cum. I could not believe how good it felt in my hand and could not wait to feel pump its load as I squeezed it. Things were getting pretty steamy as I worked his dong around my wet cunt. I knew he was nearing that point but so was I. I was so wet that as I rubbed his cock around the tip would slip into my cunt. “That feels really good” Jake said. I was a little worried about actually fucking him so I was only letting his head slip into me even though I wanted the whole thing. Then Jake pushed it a little further into me each time. Then I started to orgasim and as I did Jake pushed his cock deep into me. Jake canlı bahis siteleri started to thrust back and fourth inside me as I came. I could feel his cock swelling and I pulled him close to me and held them there, his was deep inside my cunt and I squeezed it and he exploded. “OMG” The feel of his cock pumping its load deep into me made my orgasim even more intense. The feel of his hot juice filling my womb. Jake moaned as he continued to pump his deep into me. When his balls were drained, Jake stepped back, his cock sliding out of my soaked pussy. “Wow mom, that was the best! I hope you are not mad. I just kind of pushed up in there, I just wanted to feel what it was like to be inside a woman and cum and all.” Jake said as his cock dripped a couple of drops of semen onto the floor. My pussy was still quivering and cum trickled from it. “No I am not mad. I just hope that will help you get back to making good grades. Clear your head.” I said. I wanted more of that cock but was afraid to say so. “Well, my cock is getting hard again, can I get in there again. I really like fucking you.” Jake said as he stepped forward pushing me back on the bed. He lifted my legs up and pushed his cock into my gooey cunt. He started to pump me. “Yes Jake, fuck me. Fuck me any time you need but it needs to be our secret and you need to concentrate at school. You can fuck me all you want as long as you meet those demands.” I said as Jake got into full rhythm. As he drained his balls in me again I orgasimed myself. “okay mom we have a deal.” Jake said. The next several days that Jake was still suspended from school were unbelievable as Jake just wanted fuck all the time. I mean this young man would get hard on after hard on. But I kept up my end of the deal. Jake did bring his grades up. And I kept fucking him. I got to where I liked having him fuck me so often. I was still fucking my husband but that was like once a week. I guess some times it takes a little pussy to get Jr. to clear his mind and make those good grades.

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