having fun with the hommie’s younger sister (


having fun with the hommie’s younger sister (This happened when i was 21, from my first post (which was a real story and so is this one) i hadn’t had much luck with women, i was very shy and if you read my first post, then you know she was the one who made the first move, well now me and my hommie Mike who i call Meeklo cause he’s a white Mexican, (Meeklo is the name of a white Mexican in blood in and blood out a Mexican gangster movie)had been out smoking some weed or herb what ever you want to call it, cause i had just got my medical license for medical marijuana (don’t you love California 😛 ) and we thought we’d brake it in, well after about a two hours of us toking in my house his sister came to my house looking for him she was 19 years old and i had a crush on her since she first started to mature into a young woman around the age of 15, i opened the door and she could smell the weed and told Meeklo their ‘grandma (who they lived with) wanted him to go back and clean something” i wasn’t paying much attention cause of the low cut top and tight spandex pants she was wearing, he told her “lets go” and she said “no’ she “wanted to smoke a lil”, Meeklo asked me if it was cool, cause he didn’t want her to rat him out to his grandma, i told him ‘no problem” and he left, i started to pack my bong which is a 3 footer, and she told me she “had never hit a bong before and that she thought it might be to big of a bong for her first time”, it was all i had cause Meeklo had dropped my only pipe like 45min before, I told her this and she said “well last time klasbahis yeni giriş she was at a party her friend had shot gunned a hit for her”, now in all my years of smoking i had never heard of a shot gun hit, so i asked her “what it was”, she told me “its when one person takes a hit and blows it out close to other person’s mouth”, so i thought why not and did it, the first time i got real close but never touched her lips, the second time i didn’t know what came over me but i full on kissed her open mouth and let out my hit, she looked at me kinda shocked but didn’t pull away, so she said “if she can have one last hit” and i again packed the bowl and kissed her this time i felt her tongue dart in my mouth, and i was the one that was surprised so much so i started coughing like it was my first time smoking all over again, she giggled and i smiled and she told me that she heard me and Meeklo talking about the cheerleader i use to fuck and eat out, and she had never had her pussy eaten before and wanted to experience it, i don’t know where i got the courage but i dropped to my knees and pulled her body so that the her back was lying on the couch and her legs where around my shoulders, she didn’t stop me she just smiled and i told her how much i liked her and “I’ve always wanted to fuck her”,Samantha (which was her name) told me she “found me sexy” and has been working up the ‘courage to spend time with me alone”, as i was pulling down her spandex pants i noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties and i smiled and called her a klasbahis giriş “naughty girl”, she said maybe i should punish her, I said “i will after i eat your Pussy”, then i pulled her further towards me so that her pussy lips where against my lips and i turned my head and started to kiss on her inner thigh first, I could actually feel her pussy get wetter and start to drip on my cheek, i turned and licked the outside of her pussy lips working my tongue in, the i twirled my tongue around her clit, She was moaning louder and louder with each twirl, I started to suck on her clit, and she came in my mouth before her orgasm was over i darted my tongue in and out tongue fucking her sweet pussy, she instantly came again by now i couldn’t wait any longer and stood up i pulled of my shorts and boxers and positioned my cock next to her pussy she told me “I’m not on the pill” so i stopped my self and pulled my wallet out of my shorts, I took out my condom but before i could put it on she took it from me and opened it and put it on for me slowly stroking me with the condom on I was throbbing by this time and she told me “fuck me” with that said i pulled her waist of the couch and had her lower body tilting up off the couch, i was caressing her waist and lower back as i held her up, and slowly started to slide my cock into her tight pussy working it all the way in and slowly pulling out till only my cock head stood in her, after a few more slow pumps i started to fuck her faster and harder she was screaming in pleasure so loud i was afraid klasbahis güvenilirmi that my neighbors might come and check to see whats wrong, but i wouldn’t stop i just started pumping harder and faster till She pushed my waist off of her, i looked and thought she was pissing but i had actually made her squirt, now I was over come with Horniness and sat on the couch and had her sit on top of me and ride me, I was telling her how beautiful she looked bouncing up and down on my cock, and She told me “talk dirty to me”, not really knowing what to say, I started to tell her “bounce on my cock, fuck that cock”, and she told me “call me a slut a bitch anything”, so i called her “my lil slut, does my lil slut like riding my cock ride that cock like a good bitch” she screamed “yes Papi” and i pulled her closer and kissed her while she was bouncing up and down on me, then told her “how do you like the taste of your pussy, is it Delicious” and she said “yes daddy yes” i could not hold out any longer and came, we got dressed and talked for awhile while kissing, and we heard my door bell ring it was my hommie Meeklo, I let him in and he was giving us a strange look, and asked why his sister looked like a mess before i could answer she said “Eddie (that’s me) gave me my first few bong hits and i was coughing badly” he laughed and called her a rookie and both me and Samantha gave a lil chuckle at that, we all kicked it in my room on the couch relaxing listening to music and talking she was resting on my shoulder, and Meeklo would give us a weird look, he never said anything but i think he knew something was up, while me and Samantha would get to gather a few more times after that, and smoke and fuck, till she left our home town to join the marines i haven’t seen or heard from her since, but me and Meeklo are still good friends 🙂

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