He Enjoys Me


I was asleep but I felt him slide into bed. He crawled under the covers and drew me back to him. His hands were warm against my skin, his touch firm and gentle at the same time. He nuzzled my neck, nibbled on my ear and down my neck.

I moan my pleasure and he slowly turned me onto my back. I keep my eyes closed and he places little butterfly kisises all over my face before settling on my lips. His lips are warm and soft. I could smell the toothpaste, and the clean scent of him after his shower. I smile under his ministrations but keep my eyes closed.

He keeps kissing me, his tongue outlining my lips, waiting for a response from me. I smile and open my mouth a litle. That’s all he was waiting for, he draws me to him, my body pressing into his. He deepens the kiss, his tongue exploring. I love his kisses. They drug me.

There are no words to describe what he does to me. My insides melt when he looks at me. When he touches me, the desire ignites a fire in me that yearns for more. I can’t get enough. His kisses can’t be deep enough and his hands can’t touch enough.

I want him everywhere. I want his hands on my breasts, squeezing and kneading, rubbing and tweaking. Then I want his mouth on my nipple, sucking, licking and nuzzling. When his mouth replaces his hands on my breasts, his hands roam down my belly.

He finds my mound and gently presses down. My legs ataşehir escort spread for his entry. He finds my pussy lips wet with anticipation. He has that affect on me. He can make me wet with a look. Knowing that he wants me does something to me.

The powerful feeling that gives me is very heady. I’ve never felt it with others. My eyes were half closed, but open as he continues nuzzling at my breast. I love looking down and see him enjoying himself this way. The only thing better is when he is lying between my legs, his eyes focused on my face just before he buries his tongue in my pussy.

He laps at it, enjoying the wetness. I moan my pleasure. He doesn’t rush for he knows what reaction he wants from me. But soon he wants more and he starts sucking my pussy lips into his mouth, nibbling on my clit as his fingers work their way into my tight wet pussy.

My muscles contract around his fingers as his mouth works his magic on my clit. It is growing in length just like a little tiny cock. He sucks at it, enjoying my moans of pleasure, enjoying the way I push my pussy up into his face.

I feel my juices flowing and still he continues. His mouth and tongue are everywhere. On my clit, pulling on my pussy lips, licking and sucking. I feel his hands now burrow themselves underneath my asscheeks, raising my pussy and I grind it into his face. He buries kadıköy escort bayan his face in it. I know that my pussy juices are covering his beard.

As he continues to take pleasure in my juices, I moan and groan. I love the feeling. He is making noises of his own. The lapping noises, the little guttural sounds at the back of his throat. They drive me wild.

I can’t hold back and I start to cum. Only it’s not just a little. It is what seems like buckets full. The more I cum the harder he licks and sucks. He wants every drop of my juice and that thought alone makes me even wetter. The feeling along with the sounds are a heady combination.

My head is thrashing from side to side on the pillow. My thighs squeeze themselves around his head. He couldn’t move now if he wanted to. He continues to lick and suck and drink of my essence. The pleasure is so intense that I almost pass out. I cum and cum and all of a sudden… something new. I squirt!!!

That has never happened to me before. It is an exhilerating feeling. That must be something like what he feels when he explodes in me. After what seems like hours I finally relax my thighs and I feel him raise his head. I open my eyes to see the biggest smile cross his face as he slides his way up my body to give me a deep passionate kiss.

I smell my juices before I taste them on his lips and on escort maltepe his tongue that I suck into my mouth. I have tasted myself before on my fingers but tasting myself this way is totally different and exciting.

I sigh thinking that this is all but to my surprise as we kiss I feel the head of his cock sliding between my pussy lips. After it is wet he thrusts into me. My pussy muscles contract around his hard cock, wanting to milk him dry. He thrusts in and out, stroking my tight wet pussy. His kisses deepen as he strokes me.

I am getting fucked in both holes at once and it is so HOT. His tongue simulating what his cock is doing to my pussy. I moan and grown. I love the way he makes me feel. I don’t ever want it to end. He thrusts faster and harder. Going deeper and deeper.

He breaks the kiss as he thrusts. His eyes are focused on my face and I open my eyes to see the intensity, the need. We look deeply into each others eyes as he thrusts, faster and deeper and I feel him tense just before he cums deep in me. His release triggers mine and we cum together.

He rests himself on my belly as my pussy drains his cock of his essence. I could sleep like this. I love feeling him there between my thighs. It’s where he belongs. It’s where we both want him to be.

Again he surprises me. Rather than joining me on the pillows, he lowers his body down and again laps at my pussy this time drinking our shared juices. When he has licked me dry he then joins me on the pillow.

He leans over and whispers “goodnight my love” just before he kisses me one last time. We both fall asleep with the taste of our shared juices on our lips.

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