He found his young Bitch

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He found his young BitchIt was a warm summer night.I had just turned 18,so I thought i,d take in the local club.I got all dressed up,a short little leather mini skirt,black thigh high,s,satin black pantie,s,black bra and white blouse.I know I dress like a slut,but hey it,s saturday nite.I walked into the club,it was real quiet,but it was early yet.I went to the conner of the bar and ordered a beer.I was sipping on my beer when a man walked up and said have,nt seen u in here before,well no this is my first time just turned 18 last week.well congrat,s and welcome to the club.Let me be the first to buy u a beer.sure and thank-you,my pleasure he said…I,m dan,i,m linda,nice to meet u linda,same here.i,m new in town,only been here a week,still trying to find my way around.It,s early yet,think u could show me around town real quick.Show me the thing,s I need to know.I guess so,we,ll come right back I promise.let,s finish our drink,s first.We leave,he say,s I just have to stop at my place and get some money.He pull,s up in front of the new condo,s .You live here I say.Yep all the way up on the top floor.You want to come up and take a look at the view? ok I say.We go in he close,s the door and lock,s it.I look back when I here it.He push,s me against the wall.kisses me hard pushing his tongue into my mouth.I turn away,What are u doing? I,ve been looking for a young little bitch like you.He begin,s to kiss me again,his tongue back in my illegal bahis mouth.I try to get away but he,s too strong.Your going to be a good little bitch and behave right? Well Yes I,ll behave. Good girl. He stand,s back,take ur blouse off I want to see your sweet little tittie,s. Now bitch..I take it off.Oh look at u with ur sexy black bra on.Lose it whore.I take it off.He tie,s my hand,s together.begin,s to squeeze my tittie,s,pinching my nipple,s.Ohhhhhhhh that hurt,s you,ll get use it slut.lean,s down start,s to suck and bite my nipple,s.OMG that hurt,s so bad.shut the fuck up u whore slut.he unzip,s my skirt and pull,s it down.ohhh u were ready for action,black satin pantie,s on bitch.He squeeze,s my clitty,u like that slut.I moan out loud.He drag,s me into the living room.Get on ur fuckin knee,s whore.He pull,s his hard cock out,rub,s it all over my face.then push,s it into my mouth,suck on it good bitch.I begin to suck on it.Put ur tongue in my piss hole u fuckin slut.I push my tongue in as he shoot,s his pre cumm into my mouth.O h my little cum pig,swallow it all down whore.I do.he take,s his belt off,put,s it around my neck.You thirsty bitch? he pull,s me into the kitchen,there,s a water bowl,and food bowl on the floor.He push,s my face into the water bowl,drink u fuckin little slut.Now eat ur food bitch.He grab.s a hand full.walking me around the kitchen,He throw,s some on the floor ,,that,s a good dog eat it up bitch.Bark illegal bahis siteleri for me,woof woof woof.louder u bitch WOOF WOOF WOOF.I,m eating dog food as he walk,s me around the kitchen.Get up on the table whore.turn around.on all four,s slut.He pull,s my pantie,s down,oh yesss what a tight little cunt hole u have.I don,t think my cock will fit in there.He grab,s a knife ,I might have to cut it open a little bit.No Please ur cock will fit.U are a fuckin whore aren,t u? And what do whore,s do .I say whore,s fuck,suck cock and swallow cum.That,s my little fuckin whore slut.He rub,s his cock around my lip,s ,I open my mouth wide and take it in,sucking on it good..Get me nice and hard slut.so i can fuck that tight little cunt hole..He get,s behind me grab,s my hip,s and pull,s me toward,s him.I feel the head of cock against my cunt hole.OMG he,s not going to lube me.He thrust right into me.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.I arch up in pain.scream out.he begin,s to spank my ass hard.thrusting in and out of my cunt hole.Feel my ass being torn open wide..OMG it hurt,s so fuckin bad.His cock is throbeing in my dry cunt hole.Spanking me harder and harder.Tear,s running down my cheek,s ,as I scream.Shut ur mouth u fuckin whore bitch.He push,s all the way in and hold,s it there.OHHHHHHHHHHHH fuckkkkkkk The pain.Ur a dirty little fuckin whore.and this is how fuckin whore,s are treated .Ur my fuckin bitch now,I,m going to breed canlı bahis siteleri my little bitch.He begin,s to jerk wildly shooting his load into me .One last jerk and he pull,s out fast,OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH shittttttttttttttttttttttttt,as I fall on the table,my cunt hole torn open.His cum leak,s out of my cunt hole on to the table. He turn,s me around,push,s my face into his cum,lick it all up u fuckin cum slut pig.I begin to lap it up.Oh yaaaa that,s a good dog lap it all up and swallow it u fuckin cum pig slut.He walk,s me back into the living room,leave,s for a minute,come,s back with his dog.OMG no please no more.Stroke his cock u fuckin whore.I reach under and begin to stroke his cock..That,s a good little bitch.He grab,s his cock and pull,s it back between his leg,s.I kneel behind him,his cock slippery and wet.Suck his cock u little pig.I begin to suck him,his cum dripping into my mouth.Take all his cock into ur mouth pig bitch.I swallow him down.He fill,s my mouth with his cum.Suck him good bitch he,s getting ready to shoot his load.My head bobbing back and forth on his hard cock.He explode,s into my mouth.I try to swallow it all.but it run,s out my mouth.He rub,s my face in the dog cum.He pull,s my head back.his cum and dog cum dripping of my face.He take,s his cock out and begin,s to piss into my mouth.All over my face and hair…Ohhhhhhh yesssssss my little cum pig and piss pig.I think my little whore slut bitch need,s a nap.He walk,s me over to the dog cage,put,s the dog in then push,s me in.This is ur new home bitch.Ur mine now whore,u go were I go bitch.I knew I,d find a young little bitch like u.I curl up knowing I,m his slave bitch forever. THE END

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