He Removed the Rubber but Wasn’t Ready for th


He Removed the Rubber but Wasn’t Ready for thAbsolute true story. You can see the same titled vid recently posted. I found this old vid from a few years ago after my now-wife Sophie and I just remodeled the house. On the night of this vid, I was in another marriage going southward and Sophie and I were already dating then. She was not the reason for my marriage failing in case you’re wondering, but she’s dangerous enough to be a reason. We we’re previously friends for 2yrs before dating. Anyway, we both decided that we’d try E for the first time splitting one between us and chilled at my house watching porn, smoking, and having gin and OJ. Our sexual compatibility from day one has and is still off the charts. She is one of only 2 chicks that I would constantly have to check the rubber because there heat and wetness and perfect shape, tilt, or whatever would feel like the condom broke or slid because of unusually good pussy. And this illegal bahis would be a constant task because realistically, Sophie did tend to pull the condom as she has a Venus Fly Trap (Gripping walls). Anyway, she is 5’4 half Belizean, half Puerto Rican. Thick, BBW, your choice, but a bombshell nonetheless with an indigenous Mayan beauty. Beautiful legs, thick thighs, perfectly shaped yet phat ass with a walk that’ll crush men. That night she wore a black dress not quite form fit that hung mid thigh with a pair of black heels. Later while watching porn growing increasingly hornier from our energy combined with the growing effects of the ecstasy, she removed her dress wearing a sexy purple lingerie making me think “when is she going to let me hit raw?” That reminded me that when we were friends she had complained close to their breakup that her boyfriend had complained after a year in a half of having to still use a rubber. She illegal bahis siteleri didn’t fully trust him. Being slick I asked “Did Ricardo ever get to catch feels?” “Hell no papi. Fucked up thing is I hate condoms. I just can’t let anybody run up in me raw. Why? You think you ready for the truth?” “The Truth?” I asked confused dick precumming from the sight of her, us touching, porn, and uninhibited conversation. One of the things that made her sexy to me is that she has a sense of humor most chicks don’t. “You know papi, Jack Nicholson. ‘ You can’t handle the truth!” Just knowing this made me want to conquer being lucky to do so. Fast forward, she’s sliding on me. After a minute or so, it felt like the condom broke from that sudden great feeling causing me to want to cum, but I was conflicted on whether to pullout or not. I did, finding the condom still in tact. Maybe it was carelessness due to the E added to my increasing canlı bahis siteleri want to do so, I try to covertly stealthed the condom off with her asking “you came?” Lying that I didn’t, I threw the skeet-filled rubber and she slid on my bare dick, and it was an overwhelming feeling. Never had I experienced that much wetness and still feel her ridges wrapped around me perfectly. “Does she know I took it off?” I thought, because she started to really finesse it. At this point she began riding savagely and whispered “I know you took it off. You’re not ready.” I’m ecstatic, finally fucking Sophie raw, and she loves it. But her savagery, bomb pussy, and sexual prowess was too much, I pulled out cumming on her ass. Still hard, she slid back on my cum dripping raw dick, squeezing and slowly riding. As she picked up the pace, something happened that never has before. I hadn’t cum, but her riding and keagles started causing my dick to uncontrollably spurt nut, and when I did cum and pullout I was still hard and kept fucking her with her whispering as she felt me swelling again inside her “don’t pullout daddy. Flood me.” I swear I came for a minute straight. Dreams do cum true

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