He Takes Control


I hope this effort will bring some enjoyment to a few of you readers out there. The event itself is true and as such there is a continuation though for my part this will depend on the reaction I receive from you readers.

Yes I expect there will be the usual negative comments of which I don’t mind for we all have our own opinions, all I ask is they are constructive!

Of course it would also be nice to receive some positive feedback, which I guess all writers require for it gives us the stimulus to carry on.

Read on and I sincerely hope you enjoy!!


Lin hadn’t been home from work long. Just long enough to have said “Hi” to her hubby who was back from working away and now she needed a shower but needed a drink more.

She made her way through to the kitchen and poured herself a cold glass of white wine before settling herself down on the kitchen stool where she sipped at the cool drink whilst contemplating the idea of showering and changing.

It was a Friday evening. Summer had moved into Autumn, though while the nights had noticeably drawn in and temperatures had cooled from their highs of the summer, it was nonetheless pleasant outside.

Lin took another sip of her wine. She lifted her arm checking her watch to note the time, then smiling to herself picked up her glass and made her way into the bathroom.

Inside, she placed her glass on the vanity unit, turned the shower to full and began to remove her work clothes.

A few minutes later she climbed into the shower and allowed the freshness of the warm water to wash down her back… She tilted her head back where the spray quickly wetted her shoulder length hair. She felt good. There was always something so good, so sensual about showering. Lin tilted back her head once more and again let the vibrant spray wash through her hair and all down her back. She shook her head as the water cascaded down over her body.

She reached for the shower gel and started to move her hands and fingers in a circular motion over her breasts and was immediately aware of how sensitive her nipples were feeling this evening.

She continued to move the palms of her hands over her firm pert breasts, every now and then her fingers toying with her nipples causing her to shiver with delight at her own touch.

She lowered her right hand and started to lather the rest of her body, her fingers sliding first over her tummy, then lower still til they found their way between her trim thighs, lingering sensuously over her bush…

She groaned quietly to herself.

She felt aroused.

She’d been feeling horny all day and even though she knew she didn’t really have time for any of this, she nevertheless found herself leaning back against the coolness of the tiled shower wall as her fingers first lathered her bush, then steadily, assuredly slid in between the lips of her pussy.

She closed her eyes while her thumb started to circle her now swollen clit, her mind beginning to recall what had happened the previous Saturday and what? if anything the evening ahead would bring..

Again she tilted her head back allowing the warm water to stream down her body. It splashed off her firm shapely breasts, her erect nipples like two fast flowing waterfalls.

Lin was in a world of her own. Her head leant back…her eyes closed tight her thumb now rubbing hard over her clit as her body jerked too and fro on her fingers. Her soapy back slid down the tiled wall til she was semi crouched, her legs open, her orgasm imminent.

She could hear the sound of her own gasping, her own guttural sounds of pleasure…She closed her eyes once more, tighter still this time as she stopped rubbing her clit and started to drive two fingers deep and hard into her pussy.

She could hear her breathing coming in short sharp bursts…she could hear her own groans…her own whimpers echoing off of the tiled walls.

She crouched lower still…the water splashing off her face now but she was too far gone…too aroused to notice…She wanted to finish herself off. She needed it so so bad.

Her free hand reached up and mauled at her own pert breasts. There was no softness in her touch, no gentleness… her fingers simply dug themselves deep into her flesh, flesh which rose and fell in rhythm to her breathing.

Again and again she violently squeezed each in turn…plucking at her nipples..pinching her cherry like buds harder as her fingers reached deep and found her g-spot.

She mewled like a wounded animal, but it wasn’t pain she was suffering. It was pleasure…pure pleasure…

She bit her lip as her climax hit like a wave of pent up emotion. She felt the warmth of her juices trickling down her inner thighs as they mixed with the cleansing freshness of the shower.

She lay there, slumped back against the wall as her body slowly recovered. She smiled to herself as she stood. She turned to face the refreshing spray once more, allowing it to wash over her face and on down her body…Already she could sense just some of what the night ataşehir escort might bring.

Ten minutes later, showered and changed into a lilac cardigan and a mixed coloured skirt with side slits, she made her way through to her hubby who was sat in the lounge..

He looked up from the paper he was reading and smiled at his wife as she walked in.

He put down the paper and stood.

“You look nice darling”.

Lin smiled, pleased he still found her attractive.

“Thank you!”

He looked to his watch. “I thought I would treat you tonight and take you out for a meal to save either of us cooking. What do you think?” he asked.

“That would be lovely, but I will have to check first to see if that’s ok.”

Her hubby looked at her quizzically, unsure what she meant.

“Check? Check what?” he questioned.

“Oh darling! Please don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already? I did tell you last weekend, and even went so far as to remind you in the week that I’d arranged with Andy to come over tonight for some fun. So it’s only fair I check to see if it’s ok with him we go for a meal?”

Lin held her smile, though she was aware it was more a sneer as she looked at her hubby’s bemused face.

“I thought… Well…I thought you were joking…”

Lin could sense his disappointment and see the hurt written over his face. She stepped forward and placed her hands on his waist, giving him what was no more than a consolation peck.

“Don’t be silly darling. Why would you think I was joking. I told you what happened last weekend didn’t I?”


“And didn’t I make it clear to you just how good Andy was?”

He looked into her eyes and where Lin should have felt shame, instead she felt a thrill of excitement course through her body.

“Yeah but…”

“Oh there are no buts darling! None at all! And I know it was the same for Andy. Why else do you think he’s made sure he could get away from Simone tonight?”

Lin stepped back and as she did her hand brushed seductively down over his crotch. “Hmmmm! And if I remember rightly darling, this little dick of yours was getting quite aroused when I was telling you what happened last week. Didn’t it?”

Her hubby chose not to answer… instead he stepped back and sat back down on the sofa.

Again Lin smiled to herself. Her affair with her son in law had been going on now for over two years though of course she hadn’t told her hubby straight away for at the time, and indeed for quite some time after, she had felt guilt… But two years or not, these past two weeks really had moved things on in leaps and bounds between her and Andy..

For one, Andy had grown more assertive of late. In fact Lin attributed his change from around the time she had started to tell him how she would tell her hubby on the internet just what she’d been getting up to.

Andy at first clearly hadn’t believed her, but then one day, purely by chance he had been looking through her computer, one she had loaned to Simone her daughter and he had come across a chat Lin had had with her hubby one night. It had opened his eyes to the fact she had been telling the truth.

He had still been a little unsure if it was true or if indeed her hubby ever believed what she’d told him, he suspected not, but then last weekend her hubby had been doing some work over at Simones… Lin had phoned in the afternoon and spoken to Andy and had told him to call over.. Had told him her pussy was in need of a nice big cock…his cock.

In truth despite her asking, Lin was nevertheless surprised when he had turned up ten minutes later. She could see straight away not only had her dirty phone talk turned him on, but the idea of her hubby being round his place while he was with his wife had excited him all the more…

Now here she was, a week later, expecting Andy to call and had just told her cuckold of a hubby how she would have to check that a meal was what Andy wanted.

With her hubby sat on the sofa Lin moved closer then, lifting her foot, placed it alongside him on the cushion. In doing so the split in her skirt opened to reveal a long stretch of slender stocking clad thigh. As her hubby looked on, so she tantalisingly popped open the top four buttons of her cardigan.

“Well darling! How do I look? Do you think Andy will want to play with me tonight?”

“Please Lin! Don’t do this!” If it’s pleasure you want I can give that to you! You know I can.”

“Yes darling! I hear what you are saying. But there’s pleasure… then there’s Andy’s cock! And I have to be honest darling! Given the choice, I am always going to want for Andy’s cock every time!”

Lin moved her foot closer to his thigh then as he was looking up at her she reached to her right and eased her cardigan seductively off of her shoulder…

“Or do you think this might appeal to him more?” she taunted as the top half of her left breast came into view.

“Stop this Lin! Pleaseee!”

Just then they both heard a knock at the front door. kadıköy escort bayan Lin immediately withdrew her foot, placing it back down on the floor.

“Hmmmmm! Saved by the bell darling!” she cooed. “Now if you would be good enough to wait here I will go see who it is.”

Hubby sat there, not through wanting too, simply that he was still too shocked to do anything else. He had just seen what he had thought, well intentioned plans shot to pieces, and now really did have no idea what the rest of the evening would bring.

He watched as she disappeared from the lounge and listened to her sounds as she made her way to the front door. He heard the sound of the door being opened, then the unmistakeable sound of his wife’s voice.

“Hello lover! I am soooo glad you could make it.”

He heard a pause then the sound of the door being closed, which foretold Andy was now inside. If he had any doubts, the next few sentences soon laid them to rest.

“Is he here?” he heard his son in law ask.

“Yes! In the lounge. So let’s go through to the kitchen for a moment?”

He heard the retreating sounds of their foot steps and knew straight away Andy had followed her though to the kitchen. The kitchen wasn’t too much further on and with Lin not bothering to close any doors on her way there he was still able to hear what was being said..

“How are you lover?” he heard his wife ask. “And more to the point, how is Lindy’s big fat dick tonight?”

For a moment all he could hear was silence. He had no idea what was going on, though had he cared to get up off the sofa and take a peek around the lounge door, he’d have seen for himself. For right then the two of them had their hands all over one another…it was almost as if neither had ever touched a member of the opposite sex before… The passion was intense, animal like even…their hands mauling at one another’s bodies in a frenzy and all the while this was happening their lips were lunging and mashing hungrily together.

The encounter lasted only moments, probably no more than thirty seconds but it left the both of them gasping for breath as they pulled away…

Had Andy made a move on her, Lin could have happily allowed him to take her right there and then. Indeed it was what her body was crying out for. The kiss alone was enough to have set her pussy on fire, but as much as she wanted him she also knew the evening had much more fun in store.

She took a step back and smiled at her young stud, admiring his perfectly formed, muscular body.

Andy smiled, pleased with how she was looking him up and down for he could see from the way her eyes were moving over his body, she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

“Hmmmm!” Lin whispered. Mike has suggested we go for a meal tonight. What do you think?”

Andy looked slightly puzzled. “He suggested we all go?”

Lin grinned. “No! Well in fact to be honest what he actually said was, I thought I would treat you and take you out for a meal tonight.”

“Ahhh! So he meant the two of you?”

“Yes! He did! But I told him I would have to check to see if it was ok with you?”

Andy’s curious smile suddenly broadened into a wide grin.

“Is that what you really told him?”

“Oh yes!” Lin grinned.

Andy suddenly felt his cock twitch inside his trousers.

“So you made it clear it all depended on me then? On what I would say?”

Lin didn’t answer, instead her lips turned into something of a wicked smile.

Andy stepped closer. In the lounge Lin’s hubby was straining to hear what was being said but could barely make it out.

Andy pushed his hands onto her waist, his fingers automatically caressing her flesh through the soft sexy lilac top. “Well then horny! What do you say? Should we let hubby treat us both to a meal out?”

Lin leant forward and slid a hand up behind his muscular neck.

“Why not? He’s got to serve some purpose hasn’t he?”

With that Lin pushed her mouth forward and slid her tongue easily into Andy’s willing mouth. He immediately responded and instantly their hands were mauling at one another for a second time, their passion one of pure carnal desire.

Again it was all too brief…again it left each of them gasping for breath.

Andy stepped back admiring the swell of her breasts that rose and fell as her lungs took in oxygen

“Well then Lindy. I think we ought to go tell him the good news, don’t you?”

Lin grinned and moments later they were making their way through to the lounge.

Once there Andy nodded in her hubby’s direction, the bare minimum of recognition. Her hubby nodded back, acknowledging his presence.

Andy looked to Lin then back to her hubby.

“Lindy tells me you want to treat us all to a meal?”

Mike turned to look at his wife, hoping against hope she would suddenly change her mind, or better still exclaim it was all a wind up. He could see right away this was not going to be one of those times. He looked back at his son in law.

“Yes! Why escort maltepe not?” he said, a definite annoyance to the sound of his voice.

“Great!” Andy said. “What are we waiting for?” Then added with a smirk. “You can drive.”

Again hubby looked from one to the other before this time rising to his feet. Lin watched and could see how despondent he was and all at once her pussy spasmed as she relived just how arrogant Andy had just sounded.

Within minutes Lin had slipped a cream jacket on over her shoulders and the three of them were headed out of the cottage towards the car with Andy making sure he and Lin lead the way side by side with hubby behind. They got to the car and as hubby opened the doors, so Andy opened the rear door and held out an arm beckoning Lin to get inside.

Again Lin felt a thrill course through her body at how Andy was now dominating events and with the wickedest of smiles at her hubby she slid into the rear seat.

Mike groaned inwardly to himself for the evening was now taking a further downturn.

Andy slid in alongside Lin and pulled the door closed.

“Where did you think of taking us?” he asked leaning forward in the seat.

Mike thought for a moment then said, “Well how about the Red Lion, (you should use a restaurant you know lover, close to your home) It’s close and we should be able to get in without booking.”

Andy smiled. “Sounds good to me. You eat there quite a bit don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes why?”

“No reason! Just they will know you and Lin, won’t they?”

Instantly Lin knew what Andy was driving at. She could tell though her hubby was unsure. Again she felt that now familiar rush of adrenalin.

Andy sat back in the seat as hubby started the car. He pulled away and as soon as they turned into the darker country lanes Andy’s hand slid onto Lin’s lap where moments later his fingers dipped inside the split in her skirt.

Within moments Lin had opened her legs for him and was physically wriggling on her son in law’s fingers. She had never known Andy so confident. It was as if he no longer cared. She shivered with the excitement of it all but deep down she needed to test him still further. She wanted to know just how confident he now was with his newfound powers.

“Oh you naughty boy! Can’t you wait? We’re supposed to be going for a meal?”

Lin sensed rather than saw, her hubby look to the rearview mirror but even before she had caught his head turning Andy answered her question by pressing his lips over hers. She responded immediately, opening her lips and greedily sucking his tongue into her mouth.

In the front hubby kept glancing from road to mirror but with the inside of the car so dark he was unable to see what was going on and could only allow his imagination to take over. He knew from his wife’s moans of pleasure something was taking place.. He could feel his blood boiling but knew without being told there was no point in objecting. Lin had already made it clear earlier where he stood.

The journey was a short one, the restaurant was close but even so, by the time her hubby turned the car into the pub car park, Lin’s jacket was no longer set on her shoulders, a further two buttons had popped open on her cardigan and her split skirt was all but up around her waist looking more like a mini.

Hubby was first to step from the car followed by Andy who turned to smile at him while they both waited for Lin to make herself look presentable.

Eventually she slid over and took Andy’s hand which was offered to assist her exit.

She purposely slipped an arm through Andy’s then turning to face hubby said, “Lead the way then darling, as it’s you who is paying tonight!”

They made towards the door, they stepped inside and up a few low steps towards the restaurant area where Lin was quick to recognise the owner. Her smile was met by one of his but Lin quickly saw a his smile fade, replaced by a new look of puzzlement as she slipped her arm around Andy’s waist. She could guess some of the things running through his mind, but that didn’t matter to Lin. It was merely another reason why tonight was going to be so much fun.

They stepped to the bar and were greeted warmly like long lost friends but again Lin noticed that same puzzled look still spread across the owners face. defiant now and wanting to confuse still more slid her arm further round Andy’s waist as she turned to look at her hubby.

“Do you fancy white wine darling?” she asked as she turned her eyes to Andy.

“Yeah fine!” he answered.

“A glass?” the owner asked, looking at Lin.

“Mmmmm! No a bottle I think!” she said turning to Andy once more. ” I feel “in the mood” tonight! Don’t you darling?” she continued, aware her innuendo was not lost on the owner.

“A bottle it is then!” he replied, with what Lin felt sure was a shake of his head as he made his way to the cellar for what would be a cool bottle of wine.

By the time he returned Lin was sat on the bar stool with Andy stood between her legs. Her back was turned against her hubby and to the owner it was almost as if she were ignoring him.

“One cool white wine!” he announced, as he placed both bottle and three glasses on the bar. “And are you planning to eat?” This time he seemed unsure quite who to direct his question to.

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