He was my Forbidden Fruit (Part 1)


Mason is my husband’s best friend, and before I knew it, he’d become more than a best friend. He’d become my lover…My husband RK and I have been married for 5 years and we have no kids. I’m a 33 year old South African Indian woman. I consider myself attractive and look younger than I actually am. I have a curvaceous built, perfect, perky 36C cup tits, which don’t sag at all. I have olive color skin, black shoulder length hair, and hazel green eyes, which is a striking contrast to my dark hair and skin. My eyes are considered to be my best feature and I get complimented because of it all the time. I’ve always had my fair share of male admirers, and realized very early on that I could use my looks to get what I wanted. I’ve always loved the attention and used sex as a way of gaining power and control over men!Then I married RK. The passion and chemistry was undeniable in the beginning but slowly fizzled out as time passed. The sex began to dwindle, and became less frequent. I did everything I could to spice things up but it was no use. My husband would get turned on by me all the time, he just felt it was too much of an effort to actually act on it and would make excuses, saying he’s too tired or not feeling well. I’ve never had any problem keeping men’s attention in the past. In fact, I’d always been the center of attention! This was the first time I was actually being turned down and I felt unwanted, undesirable and ugly.Mason came raging into my life like a monstrous tornado, upending my entire being; Thrashing me about in a swirl of emotions, passion and excitement; Reawakening that long lost need and desire deep within; And then, disappearing just as quickly as he’d emerged…Leaving me behind in the aftermath of his destruction.I’d never in a million years thought of Mason in a romantic way and never thought he’d ever be interested in me. He’d never shown any sort of interest before, other than me being his ‘Best Friend’s’ wife. We simply contented ourselves enjoying each other’s company, sharing the same interests and we both loved deep, meaningful conversations. We’d talk for hours about anything and everything.These conversations were sometimes so intense and so full of emotion that it took my breath away. We started to connect on a much deeper level, and before we knew it, we were both in so deep, we hadn’t realized it!Mason suddenly rocked up on our doorstep, out of the blue, after two bahis şirketleri years of being out of contact. He asked if he could stay with us for a while because he was having issues with family, and had left home and had nowhere to go. He was desperate and lonely. As I suspected, my husband couldn’t refuse his friend and so it was settled. Mason had stayed over before but only for a day or two; This time, he ended up staying for three months.My husband would leave Mason and I alone a lot of the time. He owned a business with his dad and although his hours were flexible, lately, he seemed to be extremely busy. When he did come home, the three of us would stay indoors, listen to music, watch movies, and spend time chatting.RK began to detach himself from us and would keep going into his study, making calls and doing work. Eventually, entire evenings would go by without Mason or me ever speaking to RK. He spent almost all of his waking time on his laptop, locked away in his study. I didn’t yet know this, but he was secretly watching pornography and had became obsessed with this form of ‘Adult Entertainment’. He preferred the pornography to having sex with me.Mason and I ended up spending most nights alone together in the lounge, talking, laughing, watching movies, and listening to music. We’d enjoy deep, intellectual conversations, contemplating life and enjoying each other’s company. I learn’t more about Mason, about his personal life, and found him intriguing to say the least. He’d only ever had one serious relationship before which had ended badly. Because of this, he’d closed himself up emotionally and started having sex only with prostitutes. This kind of impersonal sex was the only kind of sex he’d become accustomed to. He didn’t know how it felt to make love to someone he was close to or had real feelings for. Mason and I had hit it off immediately since being introduced by RK five years ago. We became friends immediately and apart from being RK’s best friend, he sort of became my best friend as well.Without warning, I realized I was falling for Mason. His undivided attention towards me didn’t hurt either. He made me feel sexy by the way he looked at me, and his constant praise and compliments increased my self confidence. I started to feel sexy and desirable again after a long time.RK would be out most days catching up on work and because of this, Mason and I ended up being alone bahis firmaları for a few hours at a time. I think the point came where Mason and I both knew that something was bound to happen and it would be soon. We both anticipated it’s arrival, the air thick with the scent of an oncoming storm. The chemistry between us was undeniable,we started openly flirting with each other, testing each other’s self restraint, finding this little game exciting and captivating. One cloudy morning, RK left extremely early to go see a client and Mason and I were alone that entire day.We sat on the couch, having our morning coffee and chatting as always. I was wearing my silk pink nightie, and had a matching satin gown over, tied loosely at my waist. I don’t sleep with any underwear so naturally I wore nothing underneath. He sat on the couch across from me and looked deep into my eyes. My legs were folded and my my nightie and short gown rode all the way up my thighs. I knew that I was being slutty because I didn’t have on any panties and Mason would see my exposed pussy. I was feeling bolder than usual and what I was doing, made me extremely horny, I could fell the wetness between my legs. I hadn’t had sex in almost two months and here was this sexy man right in front of me and suddenly some deep animalistic instinct took over. I unfolded my legs, parting them slowly, revealing the dark spot between my thighs. Mason sucked in his breath, his eyes travelling down my body, to the spot between my thighs and he stared, mesmerized.I’d waited for this moment for so long and it was finally here. I lingered a while longer, because I wanted to savor it. I slowly leaned forward, my lips inches away from his, and whispered: “Are you ready for this? Because after this moment there’s no turning back, so you have to be sure.”His eyes moved back up to stare at my mouth and he whispered back, “Yes! I’ve never wanted something, or someone so much in my entire life!”I smiled, leaned in, and kissed him softly. His lips were so warm, so soft. I deepened the kiss, sliding my tongue into his mouth and playing with his tongue, teasing, tasting, losing myself to this amazing kiss, with this amazing man. Oh God! He tasted wonderful! We stopped kissing and I leaned back against the headrest, parting my legs so he could get onto his knees in between my thighs.He stared at me, mesmerized! I gave a naughty smile and whispered, “I’m not kaçak bahis siteleri wearing any panties!”His eyes traveled down to stare at my exposed, wet pussy! He responded huskily, “I love how kinky and bold you are!” His gaze never left mine and he managed to say, with a groan between gritted teeth, “FUCK! You are one gorgeous woman! I can’t believe you want me!”My entire body tingled with desire and I could feel the moistness between my legs. My pussy was already so wet and ready. God; I loved being so horny. These moments didn’t happen often but when it did, my body often did me proud. My low neckline exposed my cleavage, and my nipples were getting hard beneath the fabric. It was clearly visible. His hardness was a clear bulge beneath his shorts and the mere sight of it made my pussy even wetter!He slowly leaned forward to kiss my neck while caressing my breasts. He untied my gown and slipped my nightie down my shoulders, exposing my hardened nipples and left a trail of kisses leading to my cleavage between my breasts, my nipples already taut, hardened peaks. He cupped my breasts with his hands and I instinctively arched my body upwards and moaned with pleasure.His voice was hoarse and he whispered huskily, “Fuck you have perfect tits! They are so amazingly firm, yet so soft and smooth! I love the way they feel and I’ve wondered what they would taste like!” And with that, he claimed a nipple between his lips, and began sucking and licking it softly. I went absolutely dizzy with pleasure. My God! His hot mouth felt amazing! My nipples were aching with a delicious pleasure and I arched my back upwards, begging him for more. He sucked each breast until my nipples were so hard that it felt almost deliciously painful. I found myself begging him to stop because the pleasure was so intense. My pussy tingled and was so hot with pleasure, that if he didn’t stop what he was doing, I might actually have an orgasm right then and there.He stopped sucking for a moment, looked up at me with a shy smile, and asked if he could go down on me. He’d never gone down on a woman before even though he’d been with countless prostitutes. I loved the idea that I’d be his first. It’d be something special between us that no woman after me could ever claim. I simply nodded, and encouraged him to go slow, so if he didn’t like it, he could stop at any time.I suddenly realized how much I adored this man who slept with so many prostitutes, but didn’t have a clue about being intimate with a woman he was emotionally connected to and perhaps even loved. I loved being his first ‘intimate’ woman. He was my ‘Virgin’ and I was going to deflower this darling man.

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