He wouldn’t let me sleep..


He wouldn’t let me sleep..It reminded me of that night my boyfriend and I were watching Silent Hill on my iPad. I was wearing something he loved to see me in. A white, sheer gown that was frilly and had two thin ribbons that you could tie and untie in the front. We finished the movie and I put my iPad aside and laid on my back and closed my eyes. “Alright, goodnight.” I said. He just laid there though. His body propped up with his elbow as he gave me a calm but confused look. “That’s it?” He asked. I didn’t open my eyes to look at him, I sort of just said “mhm” and tried to sleep. It wasn’t long before he started nudging closer to me and kissing on my neck, then my face. I pushed him away and groaned but he still kept kissing me. Then it was my neck again.. then he untied the two ribbons on my gown and grabbed my breast firmly before he pressed his lips over my nipple and began sucking, one then the other. He knows that gets me wet every time. I started moaning and pulled his face over to me and kissed him heavily. I was a virgin then still. So the only thing I did was bakırköy escort grind on his dick and he came, I didn’t though. When we finished it was almost 7am & we both slept.-Now it’s the present. He’s still around like he used to be before we broke up briefly, the only difference is I don’t want to call things a relationship. He spent the night over my house a few nights ago because he had a few drinks with me. He was so tired that he ended up falling asleep on the couch and because I was bored & horny I decided to mess with him. I mean I wasn’t ready to sleep.. anyway.. I kissed his face several times as he was dozing. Then his lips over and over before I ended up kissing his neck and licking it. Whenever I do he squirms a little. While licking his neck I started rubbing his dick outside of his pants & I could feel it pulse and grow. His eyes started to open more and he no longer looked tired, I could tell he was horny now.but I’m a tease..so instead of continuing.. I pulled away and smiled, laughing at him a little and beşiktaş escort feeling his hard dick. I kissed him once more and said “Goodnight” before I left the room and headed to mine. After some minutes passed I was already in bed, naked and touching myself. I wanted to be fucked so bad but he was asleep, I felt dumb for teasing him all of a sudden.. but I decided to make myself cum. I had my fingers inside of me, rubbing and thrusting, I was almost near until I heard my door open. I immediately pulled my hands from out under my blanket and saw it was him. “What is it?” I asked. He came over to me and kissed me. “I just wanted to kiss you again.” He said before he gave me another and then slowly pretended to exit my room. I was annoyed and aroused already that I didn’t have time for him to play games. “Is that all you came in here for?” I asked him with a brow raised. It wasn’t long before he walked towards me, a little faster than usual, and smashed his lips against mine, heavily kissing me. It was deep and wet. He pulled beylikdüzü escort the covers off of me and immediately got in between my legs, gripping me with his arms while grinding his clothed, hard dick against me.. which felt really good. I couldn’t take it.. I wanted him to use my pussy and fuck me until he came & I came. He then rushed to remove his dick from out of his pants and put it inside me. His thrusts were deep and slowly for a few seconds before he sped up slowly. My bed ended up making too much noise (and I had roommates sleeping) so we snuck back to the couch where I pushed him sitting down & climbed on top. I began riding him, which wasn’t very pleasurable for me, but this time it was all I wanted. I was bouncing on his dick as hard as I could, seeing his face clench with pleasure. He wasn’t doing anything with his hands so I took them and put them on my ass where he naturally began to slam my ass down on his dick.. which.. felt.. so good that I came & gripped him very tight. He came shortly after me, the second time by the way.. yea he came inside me when we did missionary on the bed. And I love the feeling always. His gooey, hot cum overflowing my insides just turns me on & I want to keep fucking him. Especially since I don’t cum easily.He then passed out on the couch and I went to bed satisfied.. but still wanting more dickBased on a true story, it happened to me –

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