Head Lifted for a Neck Kiss Ch. 04.5


Chapter one has been updated as of February 2018

Note: This story is a mix between a lovely romance and female domination, it belongs to the “gentle femdom” and “role reversal” category that emerged on reddit and tumblr a few years ago: extremely soft and caring femdom put into idealistic romance often marketed at teenage girls… … … except that point on the story goes deep into the REAL teasing!

Alternate timeline, following chapter 3.5. More cuteness, not less tease and denial… but kinder!

Story goes as follows : Chapter 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 or Chapter 1 – 2 – 3.5 – 4.5

This chapter are the final moments of a story which background evolved in terms of months with innocence and cuteness that turned far away in my original take, I wrote this timeline to fit more to the story style! So I strongly recommend to not start with this chapter if you don’t want to miss all what’s between the lines… because there’s a lot with the symbolism freak I am!


I was sitting on her lap, escaping discreet little noises of pure pleasure, on a lone bench of the old building. There was a little twitching here and there between my legs, someone it its new home still didn’t want to be a good boy, but I didn’t care, it was part of it.

I loved to be all rolled up protected in her, but it couldn’t be the case as she was nuzzing into my neck and sweetly scratching my nape, leaving a little kiss here and there. It sounds like an orgasm for me.

Sure, back home, I take my key, free my poor member and let it cum in my bathroom… but it’s just so blend when you compare to her sweetness! I even stopped “surviving” two days or three without cumming since I live on chastity, ironically; only to enjoy my time at her side without actual frustration.

Anything sexual unrelated to her became so blend, I just cum every evening because my body asks and I don’t give a fuck. She could totally start keyholding me if we played on another level… I say this because I have been the first one to be surprised of it. The boy in me was reassured at first to not start usual play right away, the idea of a crescendo and all, it’s all mostly for the kitty game but just 90% maybe, you know… well no: it was really a total matter of being a kitty, to my own surprise. The “orgasms” I had with her lips and hands in my neck were clearly related to my little male bit suffering, what raised even more sensitivity and tension over my whole body, my poor martyr privates!

There was two big months left before the exams, starting by sweet pleasures, back where it all begun, with a little hint of subversion now and then. Not in the two first weeks yet, I started to learn to cope with my predicament by being an extremely demonstrative and affectionate kitty. Home, I would just lie on my back and purr, whenever she pets my head on her lap or does to my hean and neck as she please, on four hands over me.

I’d caress her hair and her back, make her fall asleep and wake up with sweet kisses all over her back and neck. Her feathers in my hand would make her moan in delight with little delicate tickles close to the neck and shoulders; while in her hands, most of the times, they would run over my nape and back till a tear forms in one of my eyes and I turn back to calm down while I feel them under my neck…

And one day, when I turned back all shaky to show my owner a shivering kitty’s neck waiting, needy of less unbearable sweetness. She came in my ear to ask one word:


And she looked at my priceless face when she gave the neck relief to my restrained balls over my boxers, and my twice as priceless face when she handed me my key the next day at school. That face probably looked like the left side wanted to get hard after thinking of her for hours, while the other wanted her to keep it all day… and even all night.

Kitty tasted a bunch of sweet panties from that day on, even one day at school, watching out for noise climbing the stairs on the old building to not give a public display of facesitting… hasn’t it all be about transgression from day one after all?

Kitty remained kitty, it was important. I purred as her hand spend countless minutes on my neck, I painted nails, I owned my own keys, I tried to be as cute and can be… we both just enjoyed that a little swift movement makes a day in that cage harder for me, and that the pure kitty turned half boy a few times to pleasure some delicate places of his princess.

The kitty was in the symbols, the devoted guy in the acts. I was touching her body lightly, blushing, my own skin more sensitive than hers at the idea I was making her skin sensitive; I didn’t feel any frustration to not receive a thousandth of what I gave her, the little kisses I always give her nipples and pussy can confirm, before more chewing and licks are required.

And past the kitty’s innocent happiness and honored feeling to please her, there was the guy doing it for real, feeding with her pleasure moans that tortured his own intimate place.


“There casino siteleri is our time kitty!” she beamed as she took me in her arms, closing the bedroom, and she kissed me deeply. We were a random Wednesday of the last week of holidays in the year, and she left since Friday evening, the key to my heart in her pocket.

The key was now dangling in her cute little chest, I handed it to her as we kissed, before she pushed me on the bed. Yeah, I handed it to her, what I meant that she held the key to my heart in her pocket was that I couldn’t stop thinking about her, sorry if it sounded like it meant something else… let’s not be so impatient!

“Hihi, they are red!” she giggled when she sat on my chest and pulled my pants and underwear away, referencing how I proved her with photos I stayed locked all time I wasn’t masturbating, with or without her text and voice help.

So maybe she was kinda impatient too!

She smiled innocently as she got in panties over me, and lied to start devouring my neck and caressing my body anywhere higher than my stomach.

“Mhhhh, Lisa, I love you!”

“I missed you my kitty.”

“Mhhhh!! Ah!”

I squealed as she grabbed my manhood in her full hand and kissed my tenderly, then I let her do for a big minute and I felt her panties brush the protruding cock head out of its cage.

I saw her chuckle adorably, her intimate heat discernible in her voice.

“I’m far for a little week and we finally start to play with that thing waiting here, kinda cliché, right?”

“Hmmmm, your thing has safely waited all that week, and all those months before…”

“Yeah, you’ve been a very good kitty, and today… that’s a bit too cliché for us!”

She smiled and got up, quickly getting her panties on my face and moaning as she rarely does before half way her orgasm when she received the first kiss.

She raised her pelvis seeing my throbs and twitches to know how I felt, but she closed her eyes in awe when I raised my head to keep pleasing her lovely pussy, without even an eyebrow moving to let her think I was begging inside. Her face was showing a “I know I should know it, but I still can’t believe it” look, letting her pleasure grow. She allowed herself the guilt to love the look of my filled-up cage more protruding and jumping that she ever saw it, just like months ago, when she allowed herself the guilt to know she made me hard when only my neck and face existed.

“Kitty… what was really too cliché, you know, that was to start seeing you again and get ready to play with your cock right away, without… hours… of gentle cuteness. But the fun part… is that you’re licking me already and… your neck still misses me.”

She opened her legs wide and let her hands start to tickle and scratch under my chin, making me squeal in her, creating an orgasmic moan leading to her panties falling on the floor for the first time since the day before I got locked.


Our little trip back to first day innocence had been too good to leave it right away. Replaying the guilty parts of our first hot yet clothed night, refreshed about what lies frustrated between my legs, became our pre-exam turn-on.

Considering I was already handing her the key any time together out of school before she did anything of it, now she was clearly loving to feel it against her chest when we walked hand in hand anywhere, back from school, or when an innocent finger fondled my neck. And now… well… more now than the last now, she was also enjoying it when a little brush of her butt against my crotch makes me gulp, even before any clothes are away.

“Feeling uncomfortable kittycutie?”

I turned my head away, blushing, arms loose over my head. The cold metal key she held firm into her lips while trying to kiss my neck had finally fallen down, and it took no more for a shiver and squeak to come out.

“I feel like… too much of a bad kitty and not enough of a good boy yet…”

She chortled cutely and traveled the key over my shivering stomach till her lips meet my asking worm and free it.

“You’ve been a good kitty already, I wanna be kind today so you can feel like a good boy already, you should just relax.”

I closed my eyes and let her escape a little noise of delight as I started to breath against some thin yellow panties, and move my hands slowly in her back. I couldn’t believe she was gonna play with it. A week ago, she denied me to get out of the cage with her at home, and since then I’ve been out twice to relax more, and I was starting to shiver at the air blown on my member by her knowing little smirk.

“Ahhhh… Lisa! Hmmmm, you’re divine…”

“So much for so few?” she teased with a lovely voice and gave my cock head a kiss, followed by a loud amazed moan and a desperate twitch for more. My cock had never felt so sensitive, if you imagine my moans with just her sweet blow, well… imagine it again with her fingertips touching it barely all over, like if it was both too hot and made of almost broken glass. Now I had what to moan slot oyna for, having never been touched there for months out of the cage, but two little kisses.

The change of atmosphere these days, towards the belt, added the additional effect to make me super frustrated and regularly trying to get hard from the moment I cum to 2 minutes later when I think of her. Just because my balls weren’t filled at all, less than a full day, didn’t make the hours till now much crazier than they were when I was free… and if you remember… I was already quite a horny guy.

Her tongue teased the side of the head she raised up with a few tickling fingertips and she found my ass in front of her eyesight when her eyes opened up from a blink.

“Ohhhh… were you close?”


“Don’t be ashamed because it took me… hm… 15 seconds, fingertips and a couple of kisses… ok, be a bit ashamed maybe haha!”

I mumbled and turned back, ready to be the most vulnerable pussy pleasing toy ever, but her panties were already half way to cover my dick as her lips gently took control of mine, the other ones humping my cock sweetly, very slowly.

She sat just behind my balls to enjoy the view of her own subspace lost plaything, likely very close to the edge. She “grabbed” them with her fingertip torment to see my dick twitch repeatedly at the impending orgasm as she heated herself against my thigh, and let go before it was too late. She bit her lips at my unreal face and a “I love you” moving in the air from there to her ears, in such a moment.

She got on all fours over me when the danger was further and we both shivered of pleasure when her delicate hands on my shoulders felt like they were turning a feather on my skin. A little line of hot kisses in my neck and my ears started to blush.

“Don’t hump the sheet okay?” She started to scratch my nape and immediately made me gasp for air, climaxing before I climax. “but tell me soon enough if you’re gonna cum, grab my arm firm if you want”.

Her scratches over my all shivering skin ended me in less second it took to write it and I screamed while taking her arm. My cock head immediately into her mouth, she tickled my stomach and chest at lightspeed so that I arch and buckle in all directions while cumming in her mouth, and almost took a bite of her skin largely around her pussy.

My subspace didn’t stop me from lapping gently, and realizing that made her mind give up and abandon all ideas she had to make my pleasure last. She fell on me, lips over my cock, almost static. And she orgasmed in calm and silence a minute after me.


“H, how are… Oh, hi you too, coming to eat with her?”


“Morning mom! Yeah, I guess I did something that glued him to my arm yesterday hihi!”

I couldn’t help to blush, not knowing how Lisa’s mother was understanding the meaning of it.

Lisa was absolutely right though, I mostly remained silent this morning, my hands that refused to leave her spoke for themselves.

We fell asleep cuddling yesterday, after we came… my parents called for dinner and didn’t wake us. Awaken at 5am, she found a needy kitty looking at her by her side, and a breakfast by her other side.

Her mother in the bathroom, I opened my hands in front of her with my key inside… with her key inside. My eyes looked the further they could from her, my head 90° turned.

“When you… are asleep, I can cage myself back, brave the cold and risk my parents see my cage to take you breakfast in the night, and look at your face for hours without a blink. When you’re awake… when you… when you…”

She held me tight and nuzzled gently, comforting me.

She took the key around her neck and pushed gently my head in her cleavage to kiss it.

“Do you feel better my cute little kitty?”

I nodded shyly and nuzzled some more.

“I can almost survive class now”.

She laughed and made her backpack for the day with her only free hand.


It wasn’t supposed to go like that, mostly for my mental sake, but I wanted it from the deepest of my heart, so my mental sake adjusted: a cute kitty whose owner held the key to his heart in her voice, mouth and finger fondling his neck.

Okay, all right: A cute kitty whose owner held the key to his heart in her voice, mouth and finger fondling his neck; and the key to the guy inside’s cock over her chest.

There was only four big weeks before the exams, maybe it felt unreasonable in these times of heavy work to find myself all glued and overresponsive to her gentle care again, not be given the key every evening and bear her tease and amusement by evenings and nights together. What was implicitly going to happen that we both imagined was it on the last days of exams, home.

It was just a mindset, as always, it takes to decide together to have that mood for a while and I consciously make it stay, until it unconsciously goes off to its natural evolution.

“It kept me very dependent and vulnerable all day, I’d have run into your arms if we canlı casino siteleri were alone after each class” I murmured against her, kissing over her chest, where her key lied all day on display. “To-Tonight, I’d love you to keep it, to prove you I’m serious, and any other evening, it’s up to you to be kind or mess with me… I am… hm, gathering all kinds of sensitiveness you can imagine, the good kitty and the not so good boy…”

“Is that a “be kind when you’re mean or be mean where you’re kind?”

“Hmmm… saying it when I’m in that state, that’s mean… and your voice and fondles are so kind…”

She held me tighter, comfortingly, a smirking wry smile on her face. The urge of delight and power she felt every evening rushed again, as her introvert self fades once no one remains around us… she was going to favor the mean side:

“I love to hear you try to talk of bad boy things with your usual devoted kitty language, don’t stop doing that, it’s all lovely to my hears when I’m emotive, and fun when I’m like now, so don’t talk like me right, but I want a clarification of what you tried to say all these numerous times since this morning.” she cooed and surprisingly grabbed my crotch swift and fast, and squeezed, still gently, but still squeezed, whispering in my ears.

“Your cock, is my cute little caged toy… and your balls, they’re desperately filling for my fun, to make you so high strung.”

“Y-Yes my love! That’s… quite it… when I don’t paraphrase it to be a good kitty…”

“I love it then! And just right around these horny leaky babies, there’s an invisible line that marks the frontier between the kitty and the bad boy. It means if I fondle your neck or pubic lines, a cute kitty will moan and nuzzle against me for more. But then I do… this!” she tried to lift me up a bit by the balls and whispered against my lips” If I do this… oh poor horny boy, you already regret you can’t cum tonight.”


These last weeks were so wonderfully intense. That feeling to be an oversensitive kitty trapped into a vicious circle of delightful longing was incredible. If I walked alone in town, even a mere breeze could start to awake my vulnerable state, a little naturally induced shiver and my mind was running around an infinity of thoughts of her overwhelming all the others. I would end moaning alone in my head, send her a bunch of hearts and joyful “I love you” through my phone for no reason, till I feel a drop of precum stain my underwear and my balls feel pretty itchy.

It didn’t take long to start developing the start of a fetish for the place between her neck and chest. Sure, the key was dangling lower, in her cleavage, in public, everyday, in front of everyone; but I just drooled at this sight quite more that a random guy would do, especially for not so much “matter”, it made my cage twitch, my voice mumble and my skin get goosebumps. No, I got that fetish growing because it was at the natural height to kiss if I bend my head forward down, right over her cleavage, between the laces holding the key.

“So… tonight… I don’t get to give you a kiss there…”, I muttered while we were ready to get each home and study, her key in my hand, around a big week after I handed it to her.

She looked surprised and smiled.

“You wouldn’t want a third day cutie?!”


“Hm, if that makes you happy then”

I almost trembled when I turned my head down, I would usually have star in my eyes when she wants to be kind and caring, and try to do what she allows me the way it gives her the most pleasure, and feel thankful for eternity… but now my body was shivering a little bit and my eyes finding comfort in her lips.

“No… that wouldn’t make sense…”

Our lips separated and she left her happy kitty go with a head pat.

Don’t be so disappointed if you expected I’d remain denied of any emotional relief since I refused myself to kiss what I realized I’d grown crazy about. Are you thinking a good boy should have accepted a third day without cumming at first? He should have, but I’m a cute kitty share one single part of his anatomy with a good boy, it’s very different. But even then, I should have shown my total devotion by turning my back to that delicate place I craved, twitching and drooling… I tend to forget I am a servant too, it’s so embedded in both the kitty and the guy now, back then I had no genitals after all, and the kitty needed a friend to pleasure his owner as she deserved, from her nails to her pussy lips. So yeah that’s what the servant-kitty-boy would do, and he will have the time to do. But Lisa wanted to be kind, and she had been kind, she add allowed me to kiss her over the chest and I almost felt guilty to turn it down, I drowned myself into her lips because she was sweet with me, as she always was. It was because she was so sweet that I blushed when I looked at the key in my hand, and bit my lips at the image forming in my mind, from her slightly open lips to her mouth-watering cleavage. I twitched relentlessly like if the metaphoric ants running all over my nuts menaced to castrate me; my breath accelerated and the metaphoric eyes of the street watched me close my eyes half a second and let a little moan travel from my mind to my vocal chords. Isn’t it freaking intense too?

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