Head Master Takes It Slow


My names Candace, but I prefer to be called Candy. I am 22 years old and have recently qualified as a primary school teacher. I have secured a post for September in a large village primary school in the south of England. As I had completed my training in June the school gave me the opportunity to work the last three weeks of the summer term to get to know the staff and pupils. This was very helpful and Rob the headteacher and staff made me very welcome giving me plenty of advice about lessons for the new academic year. After the first two weeks Rob said he wanted to discuss planning and class organisation with me in greater detail. He asked if I minded working at the weekend and I told him I had no objection. He suggested we work at his house as it would be more comfortable and his wife would make us lunch so we made arrangements for Saturday.

Rob is 44 years old and his wife Sandra or Sandy as she prefers is 36 years old. They live in an old cottage in the village that has an outdoor swimming pool. I arrived about nine-thirty on the Saturday and was met by Sandy who showed me into the breakfast / dinner where Rob was busy reading the paper. Sandy made me coffee and all three of us chatted generally about this and that, my college course, my new flat in the village etc.

At about ten Rob and myself retired to the study and began work on planning, designing schemes of work, talking and making use of the computer. We worked hard on what was a very hot day with just a desktop fan to keep us cool. Before we knew it there was a knock at the door and Sandy was inviting us to take some lunch, it was already twelve thirty. We had some fresh soft rolls with a choice of cold meats, cheeses pickles etc and a nicely chilled glass of Sancerre.

After lunch Sandy said that she was going to the stables to check on her horse in the hot weather and possibly to go for a ride. She suggested that Rob and I had worked hard enough during the morning and we should spend the afternoon enjoying the sun and cooling off in the pool. The idea seemed very good to me but I told Sandy that I had not brought a swimming costume with me. She told Rob off for not having told me to do so but also said, “Don’t worry Rob and I usually go skinny dipping anyway”.

With that Sandy got ready for the stables and before leaving took me to a small wooden shed at the far end of the pool. She showed me in then said she’d see me later. The building was obviously used by guests for changing and there was a large white fluffy towel and equally fluffy robe lying on a chair. I was now confused, what should I do. If I didn’t get undressed I would be rejecting their hospitality and if I did I could end up being nude in front of my new boss.

It seemed that Sandy was o.k with the idea and I didn’t want to do anything to upset Rob especially as I had a probationary year of teaching to pass. I have never been ashamed of my body and all the guys at college seemed to appreciate it so I decided to join in the spirit. It wasn’t long before my skirt, top, bra and thong were on the chair and I had immersed myself in the towelling robe.

I left the shed carrying the towel, a little nervous and excited at the same time. When I approached the pool I could see that Rob was already in. I placed the towel on a lounger and as I did so Rob said, “Come on in its lovely and cool”. With that Rob began to swim away from me and I decided to take the opportunity I removed the robe draped it on the lounger ran a few paces forward and dived into the cooling waters. As I surfaced I was thinking here I am naked in a pool with my headteacher boss.

“I told you it was cooling,” shouted Rob.

“It’s lovely” I replied not knowing what to say.

We swam about and talked as if nothing was out of the ordinary. My mind was in turmoil.

After a while Rob began to get out of the pool. He ascended the series of steps from the shallow end. I was at the other end of the pool. I now knew for sure Rob was as naked as me. I could see his firm bottom as he walked away from the pool and into the house. I was still quite dazed but continued to move around the pool slowly. Rob then emerged from the house carrying a tray with two drinks on, it was then that I saw it, Robs cock. He had not got dressed but emerged in his total nude state and I could see his long thick cock (even in its flaccid state) slowly moving as he walked down the path towards the pool. His cock was accompanied by a pair of very large balls covered in a matt of dark hair.

“I thought you’d like some cooling home made lemonade so I’ve brought you a glass” he shouted.

He placed the tray on a table beside the pool and took up a seat next to it.

This was it I thought. Rob is going to have to see me. I was close to the steps so decided to exit the pool. I was right in front of Rob so he was bound to see my pert little breasts and small pink nipples as well as the blonde bush of my pussy.

I made my way to the table the way home izle and took a seat facing Rob.

“I feel better now, did you enjoy your swim,” he said.

“Yes it was most refreshing” I replied.

We then entered conversation without any mention of the state we were in. I began to feel a little more relaxed.

“Do you fancy getting some sun?” Rob said after a while.

“That sounds good” I said and made my way down to the other end of the pool to my lounger, towel and robe. As I walked I thought I could feel Robs eyes studying my back and firm little bottom as I moved away from him. I laid my towel out and placed myself face down on the lounger.

I had been lying for about five minutes when I heard a voice above me.

“Don’t forget your lotion”. It was Rob. “Would you like me to put some on for you,” he said.

Without a thought I said, “That would be kind”.

Rob knelt beside the lounger, opened the spray and squirted some lotion at the top of my shoulders and the small of my back. The cold spray made me flinch a little. Rob then slowly began rubbing the lotion in using a massage technique starting at my shoulders and working down to the small of my back stopping just above the round curves of my bum cheeks.

He then moved down to the end of the bed and gently got hold of both my feet, one in each hand and slowly parted my legs. He then squirted lotion along the backs of my legs from toe to the backs of my upper legs. Then using the same massage technique as before he worked his way up each leg stopping once again at the round curves of my bum cheeks.

During all this neither of us had said a word.

Rob returned to his position at the side of the bed and then I felt cold lotion on each of my bum cheeks; I also felt some trickle into the space at the top of my legs. Again Rob began massaging, a slower more gentle technique this time. He was using one hand on each cheek occasionally pulling them apart I knew he could see my pink bum hole when he did this. I didn’t care. I was beginning to get excited. I was being excited by my new boss, my mind was racing.

Slowly Rob allowed his thumbs to move deeper into the space at the top between my legs. Each thumb working its way along the sides of my now very eager and wanting pussy. He kept this teasing going for what seemed like ages until his thumbs ran either side, pulled my pussy open and both were pushed into my moist wet hole. He slowly moved them around inside me, the feeling was incredible. After a while his thumbs were removed and slowly replaced by first, then second, then third fingers of his right hand together. He slowly moved them in and out of my pussy very gently. In this position he encouraged me to kneel slightly just lifting my pussy from the lounger. With his left hand he was now able to get underneath me and he found my clit squeezing it between his thumb and forefinger. He now put more energy and speed into the finger fucking my pussy was getting and I soon was mounting towards my finish. I climaxed and on that Rob pushed his fingers deep inside me and I coated them and his hand with a large amount of my cum.

Rob slowly released his grip on my clit, letting me settle back into lying. He slowly continued working his fingers in me removing one at a time until my pussy was empty.

I lay there for what seemed like ages. Neither of us had said anything. I was thinking, what is going on, you have just been finger fucked to climax by your new boss.

“Come on dozy I need my bits protecting as well” came Robs voice once again from above me.

I swivelled round on the lounger and found myself facing Rob. He’d already placed some lotion on his chest and stomach and said “Are you going to rub it in for me”.

How could I refuse? I stood up in front of Rob and began massaging the white cream into his torso. His body felt firm and strong as I slowly worked my way down his body stopping at his waist.

I then sat on the lounger facing him, took hold of the spray and applied some to Rob’s thighs and shins on both legs. Robs legs were slightly apart and I slowly massaged the lotion into his legs, one hand per leg working from bottom upwards. All this action was starting to create a tingle in my tummy and my pussy was becoming moist.

After reaching the top of both legs I removed my hands away, sprayed some lotion onto both palms, reached forwards and cupped a free hanging ball in each hand. Wow it felt good, I had not had any male contact for six weeks, since breaking up with my college boyfriend and I had certainly never had contact with such large balls before. I began gently massaging and squeezing the hard round orbs letting my hands slide over them aided by the lotion. After a while I lent my head forward, stuck out my tongue and very gingerly and gently began to lick the skin at the end of Rob’s uncircumcised cock.

By now my pussy was more the witcher izle than moist and it felt quite wet. I knew I wanted Robs cock, I wanted to taste it and feel it in my mouth. I have always enjoyed sucking cock. I removed my hands from his balls, placed my palms either side of his still flaccid meat, pulled his foreskin back revealing a large purple head. I placed it to my lips and let it gently slide into my eager and waiting mouth. Mmmm that first taste and feel sent a sexy and horny shiver through my body. This was by far the largest and oldest cock I had ever had.

I began to lick around that head, tonguing around the rim and probing his little eye and cum hole. It had the desired effect and after a little while Rob’s very large cock was fully hard and erect. It was very long and thick and I concentrated on sucking on the first five inches or so. I don’t like cock down my throat or being made to gag. Rob was content with my sucking and allowed me to dictate pace, rhythm and depth. Occasionally I would remove him from my mouth, suck each of his balls in turn whilst continuing to jack his cock. Several times Rob was ready to cum but I slowed down, slowly squeezing his cock from base to tip producing quantities of shiny pre-cum from his tip, which I licked off and tasted, mmm he was good. Eventually I decided to end his torture and teasing and with the head of his cock securely in my mouth I began jacking his cock increasing the pace until Rob let out a long sigh and proceeded to fill my wanting waiting mouth with shot after shot of hot white thick semen. Yes I had made my boss cum and all his juice was dispatched to my stomach as I swallowed every drop. I continued sucking and licking his head clean and his cock lost none of its rigidity.

It was amazing once again not a word, apart from Robs sigh, had been uttered.

Rob slowly pulled back and allowed his still hard tool to exit my mouth.

He caught hold of both my hands, turned me slightly and lay me down on my back on the lounger. He moved to the foot of the sun bed, getting hold of my ankles he pulled me forwards till my bottom was at the end of the bed. He lifted both my legs up parted them and forced them back either side of my head. He then knelt down and using both his hands he parted my pussy. He lowered his head and began giving me a long protracted session of oral. His hands were only used to keep me open the rest was delivered by mouth and tongue. He licked, sucked and probed concentrating on my now swollen and very sensitive little clit ensuring he uncovered and exposed it from its protective hood. He probed his tongue deep into my moist wet pussy hole and was tasting all the juice and fluid he was making me produce. He also did something that I had not experienced before as he gave a lot of time to licking the space between my pussy hole and anal opening. This gave me intense pleasure and Rob was showing that he was a well-practiced and excellent oral stimulator of the female pussy region.

Slowly I could feel that gradual sensation in my body that indicated that I was going to cum. It slowly built until I could hold back no longer and I gave Rob what he had obviously been waiting for a hot stream of my sex fluid. Rob licked away and probed inside me with his tongue.

Before I could regain my thoughts and come down from my high Rob moved his mouth from my pussy adjusted his position and presented the head of his still erect cock to the lips of my pussy. Ever so slowly he eased forward and with one long slow movement he let the whole of his large long cock enter my love hole until I could feel his balls against my body. This was the start of an incredible fucking.

In this position he began moving in and out slowly increasing his speed whilst his hands and mouth were giving serious attention to my small round breasts and pink little nipples. It felt absolutely wonderful being filled by such a big cock on each inward thrust and my boobs and nipples had become highly sensitive. It was not long before Rob had me cumming all over his cock once again.

Rob wasted no time, he removed his hard cock, took my hands and led me a few paces from the lounger. I was standing about two feet away from and facing a large tree. Rob leant me forwards placing my hands on the tree, he came behind me made me stand with legs slightly apart and began feeding that hard cock of his into my pussy, a standing doggy fuck, one of my favourite positions. Then he started with the long in and out strokes once again. In this position he was able to use one hand to play with my breasts and tweak my nipples the other was used to stimulate my now extremely sensitive clit. Again rob worked his cock up and in and out of me and with the attention of his hands he again made me release more fluid as he made my legs go weak as I came again for him.

He held my hand, removed his cock, and guided me on rather jelly like legs to the far the witcher blood origin izle end of the pool. He sat himself in a chair and pulled me towards him. I knew what he wanted so I faced him, opened my legs, straddled him and lowered myself on to his still hard cock. I lowered all the way down until my pussy had swallowed the whole of his length. I was now in control of pace and movement and I was determined to milk his cock. Rob was gently squeezing my breasts and nipples whilst I was squeezing his cock inside my tight wet pussy as I slid up and down his hard shaft. I increased the pace hoping to get my delivery of cream when Rob popped out of me, he turned me round to face away from him and made me sit back down on his cock. I was determined to get his juice and increased the pace. However Rob was now rubbing my clit as well as playing with my boobs and it was me that ended up producing cream as Rob had me cumming again.

During all this fucking Rob and I had not spoken to each other, the only sounds made were those of sexual effort and pleasure.

I sat on Robs cock for a little while recovering from my exertions, surprisingly Rob was still hard. I couldn’t believe the stamina of this man.

Eventually I lifted myself and my pussy of Robs cock and made a move back towards my lounger. Rob gently got hold of my hand stopping me in my tracks, he stood up out of the chair, gently tugged my arm and I followed him in the direction of the house.

Once inside Rob took me into the living room, he stood me facing the leather settee and made me kneel on it, he pushed my head down until it was resting to one side on the seat and my bum and pussy were sticking out and upwards.

I then heard Rob move away and leave the room, I couldn’t see from the position of my head. A few minutes later Rob returned and took up a position kneeling on the floor behind me. Without saying anything Rob gently parted my bum cheeks and he spat some saliva onto my pink little bum hole. So it was Rob’s intention to give me an anal fucking. I was a little concerned. Only one guy had been in there before, apart from a little fingering around the edges, and he was nowhere near the size of Rob.

Rob carried on. He gently massaged the saliva around the pink little rose of my anal opening. I then felt his warm tongue circling my pink bud and trying to push its way in. He also once again licked that area between bum hole and pussy, it felt good.

I really didn’t know what to do or expect. I then felt a weird sensation in my bum hole. It felt like something was inside but it was not as big as a finger. It seemed to be going deeper, slowly. I then felt a further sensation inside, it felt strange but good. I later found out that Rob had inserted a narrow plastic tube up into my hole and that this was attached to a syringe. The syringe was full of lubricating jelly and once the tube was far enough up my hole Rob slowly plunged the syringe squirting lube into my hole whilst slowly withdrawing the tube. This ensured that the whole length of my hole was well lubed and I would experience the strange but erotic sensations that I had done.

I then felt Rob rubbing lube around my hole and one of his fingers gently worked its way inside me. I was enjoying this but was very apprehensive about the size of Robs cock. Rob was twisting and pumping the finger inside me when it was joined by a second and a little later a third. I couldn’t believe how easily Rob’s digits were working my hole, round and round, in and out (at this time I didn’t know how much lube was inside me).

Eventually Rob removed all his fingers and stood up behind me. I knew then that I was about to take his cock. I felt the head of his cock resting against my tight little pink ring. Slowly he pushed, I could feel my hole being opened wide as he carefully squeezed his cock head into my tight little tube. Very slowly, inch-by-inch Rob pushed more and more of his cock inside me opening my bum hole wider and wider, deeper and deeper. It hurt quite a bit, even with the lube, but I eventually felt his balls dangling against my bum cheeks, he was in all the way.

For a few minutes Rob just left his cock deep inside me but then he began to give me an amazing, very expert anal fucking. In and out very rhythmically, slowly the pain faded and complete sexual enjoyment took over. Rob changed his position now standing on the sofa so that he could fuck harder, faster, deeper. I couldn’t take any more and my pussy flooded with juice once more as again Rob had made me cum.

Rob slid slowly out of me, still erect, took my hand stood me up and walked me to the kitchen. Once there he cleaned his cock with a cloth and facing him he pushed me to my knees, pushed two fingers gently into my mouth moving them in and out slowly. He removed them and encouraged me to replace them with his cock. It took no second request and I began sucking and licking him passionately. After very little time Rob removed his cock, tilted my head backwards ensuring my mouth was open and tongue out. He began jacking his big cock and had soon let a large load of sperm fly into my open and waiting mouth. Three other sizeable loads landed on my cheeks, with that Rob got hold of a tea spoon began scooping up this wayward cum and fed it to me like a little baby.

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