Subject: Headline Hayden Chapter 16: The Bitter and the Sweet I will leave Hayden’s age up to my readers and note that this is a complete work of fantasy. This story is set in a completely fictional world and I certainly would not encourage anyone to try and replicate this fantasy in the real world. It is just a flight of my fancy. Please feel free to email me at ail with feedback, comments and suggestions! This is my first Nifty story so go easy on me. Headline Hayden Chapter 16: The Bitter and the Sweet There’s an old Arabic saying about tea that runs along the line of the first cup you drink being as sweet as life and the last being as bitter as death. While that bitterness wasn’t quite as sharp where the situation with Hayden and I was concerned, it was definitely still there. We had been granted a temporary reprieve by Jason’s intervention for which I was deeply thankful, but the spectre of separation still floated menacingly over us. However, the sweetness of the first cup is what I want to turn to now, since that is where the story goes. Jason’s parents were pretty relaxed about Hayden’s comings and goings, so there was no problem with him spending a whole day and night with me. He cooked up a story that satisfied Jason’s parents and was over at my apartment bright and early, a lambent glow in his eyes and a hungry smile on his full, warm lips that made me tingle. This time we did not devour each other immediately inside the door. This time I took his hands and lead him to the bedroom. There was a reverence in our movements as if we realized how important savouring the time together could be. At first, we just sat on my bed, kissing. These were slow, gentle kisses that rolled over us in waves of passionate desire. Our mouths were tight on each other, soft motions of tongues and lips that were sensual and pleasurable, not just wild kissing full of sexual abandon. I traced circles on his chest while his strong hands squeezed my back. I could feel the firm, strong weight of his body against mine and leaned into him, revelling in how very close we were now. Eventually the urgency grew and I ran my hand up the inside of his thigh and up to squeeze and massage the heavy weight of his hard cock where it was outlined in his skinny jeans, beautifully shaped and enticing. He moaned in his deeply lustful and sensual way, husky as he pressed against my hand with that beautiful penis of his, so firm and full. He firmly nuzzled his face into my neck, his teeth lightly sliding across the skin there, his tongue tip tapping at it and then he more aggressively raked his teeth over my neck, making me moan at the contrast of his wet, warm tongue and the scrape of the sharp edges of his teeth on the soft skin there. I could feel him suck hard but didn’t resist. I wanted a mark from him on me. After a moment of this, he broke free and pushed me back onto the bed, straddling me so our very stiff erections rubbed together, the weight of his strong body mashing them hard against each other, grinding on me as he took a deep kiss from me, pushing his seeking tongue between my lips. I opened quite readily and he grabbed my wrists and held me down, his strength and power evident in the movements of his muscled arms and torso, I moaned into the kiss as he pushed me hard into the bed balıkesir escort and our two leaking, wet cocks began to leave spots on our respective clothing. Now, still straddling me, he slid up my body. With one hand, he easily lifted my head, jamming the pillows under it to prop it up and then he pushed his musky crotch right into my face, grinding the bulge there on it. I whiffed deeply to get a good deep nose full of that natural aphrodisiac and his voice came, full of command and aching desire. “Take my cock out, Matt. Take it out and taste it!” There was no need for him to say that twice. I was rapidly fumbling his skinnies button undone and sliding the zipper down. I was so aroused by his hard stiff cock that sprang out, spattering me with precum as it slid free. He wasn’t wearing any underwear which aroused me more. I slid my tongue out and flicked against the swollen head, foreskin peeled back to reveal it in all its glory. He moaned loudly as he pushed forward, sliding it over my tongue as he did so. I relaxed my throat and sure enough he slid n deeply, so deep that I gagged briefly before adjusting to him there. I was achingly stiff, my cock throbbing madly in the confinement of my jeans, but I was mostly concerned about bringing him deep pleasure as he took my head in his strong hands and began to run his hard length in and out of my throat, my nose pressed into the flat hardness of his torso, his full balls resting on my chin with each thrust into me. I was trembling from the thrill of his strength and aggression, as this was something that aroused me more than anything else. The contrast of Haydens’ youth with his power and dominance was somehow more arousing than it would have been if he were merely more submissive. The surprise that I was as willing to be dominated as I was didn’t take long to subside into pure need and ache. Now it had become something that I craved. Eventually he pulled his cock from my mouth and ran it over my face before he ordered me to wriggle out of my jeans. It took me no time at all to undo my belt, wriggle and pull them down, revealing my own very hard cock that stood quivering and ready, dewed with a little clear droplet of lubrication. Hayden flashed me a cocky grin. “Well, well. I guess you like doing what I tell you to do, huh, Matt?” I grinned back at him. “I guess I must.” Once again, a tone of command came into his voice. “Now I want you to flip over and show me what you have for me!” It took me no time at all to obey that particular commandment. I rolled over, now on hands and knees, pushing my freshly shaved and cleaned bottom out at him, showing him the pink rosebud that nestled there. I flexed it at him and I heard the drawer open and the sound of the lube being taken out and opened. A moment later the arousing sensation of one of Hayden’s strong fingers gently running in a circle around the opening made me whimper in pleasure. Ever so slowly and gently, he began to press inside of me. I shuddered and moaned, pushing toward his finger as it entered me. He deftly hooked it and I let out a yelp as he found my prostate and caressed it. I thrust my hips and began oozing copious precum as he added a second exploratory finger and repeated the massaging process. Abruptly he stopped and I heard bartın escort his powerful, husky voice order me over on my back. I did as I was bid and was shocked as my teenage lover snatched the belt out of my jeans and shoved my hands over my head, binding them firmly together. His blazing eyes gazed down at me. “Keep your arms up there, Matt. Do not move them!” There was no need to emphasize his point at all. I was not about to do anything else as the powerful arousal coursed through me. Seeing the lithe lean muscle on his torso, tapering down to his narrow hips and having that rigid cock of his above me, oozing a string of precum was enough to keep me captivated. He grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs up, commending me to hold them wide and up. Once again, I needed no encouragement to obey. In that position, my warm open ring was spread for easy access and once again, I was surprised to feel Hayden’s tongue there, tapping at the rosebud and flickering over it. My hard erection throbbed as his ministrations sent stabs of hot pleasure running through my body. I suspected that he could have had me orgasm right there just with the anal stimulation he was providing me, but he had other designs on me. Once again, his strong teenage body reared up over me as he guided his erect cock to my thoroughly fingered and rimmed bottom. I groaned in pleasure as he entered me and he grabbed my ankles and with an aggressive thrust, drove his length inside of me. I cried out in pleasure as he did so, unable to touch myself with my arms over my head. It was the first time we’d tried anything vaguely like bondage and the arousal of it was mind-blowing as he filled me so full of his beautiful young cock. Despite my submissive nature, I had taught him lessons and he knew exactly how to move in order to hit my prostate as he fucked me. As an added bonus, he took control of my hard cock, stroking it to match his pace. He would speed up, slow down and drive in again making me writhe as he penetrated me so fully. I was in a flowing state of pleasure and he knew just when to back off to keep me from splattering myself with an orgasmic flood of semen. I don’t know how long we went on for. By now, Hayden had gained good control over his ejaculation, so he was able to draw out the pleasure and his hard teen body was quite capable of going for an hour but our arousal became too powerful and both of us began to climax. Hayden was bellowing as his hard cock throbbed and pulsed inside of me and I had a rip-roaring prostate orgasm that launched sprays of cum onto my chest and throat while he bucked and orgasmed, flooding my insides with his seed. The orgasm left us both gasping and drained, his sweaty teenage body collapsing against me as he kissed me and took the belt from my raised arms so I could wrap them around him. I held him close to me, feeling his strength and warmth against me, even with the mess I had made cooling on my chest. After we’d showered and organized some dinner, we sat in the companionable silence that often follows a meal between friends or lovers. Eventually Hayden broke the silence, sounding more tentative than usual. “Matt, can we talk? I mean, really talk? I nodded. “Of course. What’s on your mind, love?” He heaved a deep sigh. “I’m still really scared. batıkent escort I know Jason letting me stay’s awesome and all, but my dad’s still not backing off. I really wanna know what you think we should do.” This was such a contrast with the confident lover I had just been pleasured by, but it was another reminder of the gap of years that stretched between us and how little life experience Hayden actually possessed. I took a pause before replying. “Well, we should make the assumption that whatever’s happening is going to go ahead. Maybe it won’t, but we need to plan for the worst.” He looked miserable but nodded his agreement. “So what? Online stuff I guess? Texting?” “Yeah I guess thats gonna be it. I’m sure there will be some free time where we could talk a bit too. I was also thinking that you do go back home for holidays and stuff. I know it’s gonna be tough but I think I could manage it if you could.” He ran a hand over his face. “I probably can but, like, there’s something else I’m scared of…” I prompted him and he heaved another deep sigh. “What if, somehow, either you or I meet someone else. I mean I know that school’s supposed to be all straight and shit but I doubt it is. I mean, not that I wanna do it, but what if I met some guy there and something happened? Or what if you realize when I’m gone that you want someone older, someone better for you?” Now it was my turn to sigh deeply. “Well I doubt I would meet anyone who can compete with you, Hayden. As for you, I mean, if you did meet someone your own age who you were attracted to and there was something between you, I wouldn’t stop you. I’d be very depressed but I just want your happiness and so I’d let you go.” Impulsively he grabbed my hand and squeezed. “I promise that it’s not that likely, but I wanna just let you know how I feel Matt. This is scaring me big time.” I squeezed his hand back hard. “Me too, my darling, me too but we just need to take our time. We can’t jump the gun yet. Day at time Hayden, day at a time.” His face grew more serious, a cloud rolling across it. “I still don’t get my dad. I know other guys who are gay and their dad’s aren’t fucking assholes about it. He’s acting like it’s still something that I can go to jail for.” I counted off points on my fingers. “One — your dad is older than many of their parents since he was on his second marriage when your parents had you so he’s from a different generation. Two — he has a strong sense of family reputation from what you’ve said and he’s concerned about how his more conservative colleagues might take it and three — your relationship is rough thanks to him in general.” His face was glum but he nodded. “Fuck. I just want him to quit being such a jerk. I mean…for once, can’t be be a nice person?” I squeezed his hand again. “I know. It sucks but don’t give up quite yet. Maybe with some space between you, things will get better.” Once he had gotten some of the stress off his chest, Hayden relaxed more and we began to fall into the patterns that defined our relationship. It was relaxing for us to simply cuddle together and watch mindless TV until we decided to get some sleep. In the middle of the night, I awoke as moonlight slanted through the window and turned Hayden’s face and smooth skin into a study in nearly monochrome contrasts, I softly traced fingers across his cheek and felt tears well in m eyes. It would break my heart to lose him and that loss might leave something jagged behind. Sighing, I kissed his soft cheek and lay back against the pillow, lost in a reverie.

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