Subject: Headline Hayden Chapter 24: The Sweetness At The World’s Heart I will leave Hayden’s age up to my readers and note that this is a complete work of fantasy. This story is set in a completely fictional world and I certainly would not encourage anyone to try and replicate this fantasy in the real world. It is just a flight of my fancy. Please feel free to email me at ail with feedback, comments and suggestions! Headline Hayden Chapter 24: The Sweetness At The World’s Heart My whole body shook in the car on the way to see Hayden again for the first time in months. A heady brew of excitement, desire, nerves and passion had kept me up most of the previous night. I had thought that I’d never see the boy I loved more than my own life again. The thought had very nearly broken me, leaving a jagged tear in my heart that I had been convinced would never heal. Now I was going to see his deep eyes, feel the tracery of his strong hands on my skin, hear his voice and press his sweet mouth to mine once again. I felt delirious, drunk with love and hope. It was a physical effort to focus on driving my car, so intent was I on getting the chance to spend even a few hours with Hayden. The time seemed to drag and also to flit by like a passing bird. It was a strange sensation as my mind still struggled to wrap itself around a thought that I had tried to banish from my brain. I felt as if I might collapse at Hayden’s feet and sob or have my heart tear itself out of my chest at the sight of him and the touch of his hands. There was a euphoric rush in my chest as my mind drew images of his lean, strong teenage body against mine. The mingling of love, desire and passion was a heady cocktail for me. As my destination drew nearer, I could feel my heart pound even faster. I was nearly in a delirious state when I pulled into Emily’s driveway. I had to take several minutes to do some deep breathing exercises and calm myself down. I was sure Hayden didn’t want me as a shaking wreck. Once I had settled myself well enough, I stepped out of the car and locked the doors. My walk up her driveway felt like a momentous occasion. I half-expected the swelling strings of a romantic movie theme to accompany me to her front door. I rang the doorbell and as it opened, I felt a pair of strong arms enfold me and pull me inside. Hayden held me close to him, squeezing me against his warm, firm and very real chest. I felt him bury his face balıkesir escort in my neck, the trickle of hot tears on my skin as I felt the moisture dew my eyes and cheeks too. We stood there, bodies so close together, just quietly sobbing. Eventually Hayden swallowed and steadied his voice enough to speak, whispering in my ear. “I love you, Matt. Oh god…fuck I thought I’d never see you again. Oh, I love you, I love you!” I traced a hand gently over his beautiful features, wiping away his tears. “I love you too Hayden. I love you more than I can ever say. I thought…well, it doesn’t matter now, does it? We’re here. We’re together. Let’s make it count, my sweet boy.” There was the sound of a soft throat clearing and we both suddenly recalled that Emily was still there. As we disentangled, she gazed at us with eyes full of their own sort of tenderness. “You guys are gonna make me cry too! It’s…well, it’s amazing. Anyhow…I think you need all the time you can get so I’ll head off. Hayden knows where everything is. Have fun, boys!” There was a moment in which everything was absolutely still and silent. Eventually Hayden took my hand and lead me to the sectional couch in the living room. He pulled me down onto it and immediately his soft, warm mouth was against mine. I dissolved into that hungry kiss. My whole body was magnetically drawn to him and the erection that throbbed into life under my pants was incredibly stiff, almost at once. His mouth tasted of peppermint as our tongues flickered and explored. His body, so firm and lithe, felt familiar to me but the distance that had been forced between us only increased the excitement. I could feel the powerful, thick weight of his teenage cock pushed hard into my thigh as the fire of our kiss continued. I couldn’t resist any longer. I began to insistently push his t-shirt up and his quick fingers nimbly undid my button-up shirt. I eagerly ran my hands over the lean muscle of his youthful frame, my fingers circling and teasing his sensitive nipples which made him whimper. I sucked on his neck, scraping my teeth gently over the skin there and hearing him moan made my penis surge in time to my racing heart. Feeling his smooth skin near me radiating heat on my own bare chest was like basking in a heavenly light pouring down on me. I lowered my mouth to nibble and lick each of his nipples in turn while my hand fumbled the button bartın escort of his shorts open, slipping the zipper down. To my surprise and delight, Hayden had decided it was a good day to go commando. I lifted my mouth from my ministrations to see his cheeky, crooked grin. “I knew you weren’t gonna wanna have to wait for what you crave.” I smiled. “Oh you know me so well, baby!” He was absolutely correct as I sank down in front of him, kneeling on the floor in front of the sofa. He reoriented himself so he was sitting with his legs on either side of me. From where I was, I could gaze at the towering beauty of his throbbing, pre-cum dewed penis as it pulsed in firm time to his heartbeat. There was a vague scent of musk that made my aching erection throb as hard as my young lover’s as I started to caress his hardness in my hand, smearing the precum that he was leaking copiously. I lapped some of it up, revelling in the sweet flavour of him. I caressed his blazing hot, throbbing cock in one hand as I licked and dragged my teeth down the long, flat plane of his abs. The ridges of muscle trembled and flexed under my wet tongue as I drew my mouth closer to his beautiful penis. The foreskin was fully retracted to show off the glistening, swollen head of his magnificent teenage cock. I tenderly, softly traced the tip of my tongue over the hot, faintly salty glans and popped it into my mouth. I felt the whole of Hayden’s youthful body shudder and a deep moan tore from his full lips. He was so stiff in my mouth as I began to relax my jaw and take more of him in, cupping his full balls in my hands as I sank down his shaft. He let out a low, lusty moan as I took every inch of his throbbing teenage cock down my wet throat. His hands ran over my neck and back, snarling in my hair, guiding me down his extremely rigid penis. I felt my need to submit seize me and I allowed him to thrust up into my mouth, dictating the pace and depth. I enjoyed the sensation of him back in control again, his coruscating beauty and power making me want to worship each inch of his beautiful body and express the depth of my love and desire for him. It was so arousing as I felt him bury his length inside of me, sliding out and driving in again. I hungrily took him inside myself, tasting his unique flavour and inhaling whiffs of his hormonal scent, giving myself over to the pleasure he was deriving from me. I could feel batıkent escort his warm, heavy balls begin to rise in my hands as the arousal grew stronger. I kept swallowing him inside of myself, feeling his hard abs spasm and relax rhythmically. Hayden was getting back into his old ways, taking over the dominant role in our relationship. “Mmmm oh how I’ve missed you pleasuring me Matt. You know just how to make me feel…unh…good.” I rolled his balls delicately around and made him shudder, his penis pulsating so stiffly in my wet throat. He took a firm hold of my head with those big, strong hands of his and started thrusting in harder and deeper, satiating his lust in my throat. I relaxed more, swallowing him to the root as I felt his thrusts speed up and grow more ragged. With a deep, ecstatic moan he began to erupt into my throat, gasping as his orgasm shuddered through him in a long wave. He sagged back onto the sofa, spent, before I joined him. I lay my head on his chest as he kicked his jeans off. He put his arm around me, pulling me onto his firm chest. His heartbeat was slowing as we lay there, so close to each other. No words were necessary as he softly touched my face, stroking my hair softly and kissing the crown of my head tenderly. I eventually shucked out of my pants as well, slipping my underwear off so that I could be near him completely. I nestled my body in tight to him, not even noticing how hard my penis was, simply happy to have him close to me. Eventually I broke the silence. “I’m so glad that I could bring you such pleasure, my love. You can’t image how lonely it’s been.” I felt his warm hands caress my chest, feather-light fingers brushing it. “I’ve missed you too, Matt. I spent a lot of nights crying myself to sleep. I felt so lost without you. I was so scared that I’d never get to see you again or do…this with you.” We lay there, not moving as we soaked up each other’s warmth, for quite a while before I felt Hayden’s hand softly stimulating my half-hard cock. He teased it and toyed with it until it was standing fully erect, throbbing again and he kissed me hard on the mouth. I realized as we explored each other’s mouths that he’d grown hard again himself. After breaking the kiss, he locked eyes with me, transfixing me in his gold-flecked emerald gaze. “I want you to cum with me inside of you, Matt. I wanna be as close as I can be to you, to feel you when I make you orgasm.” I will pause the action here to let my readers, well, absorb the tale fully. I wanted to save the next phase of our lovemaking to fully explore what it meant to me. I want to prolong this story about the sweetness at the world’s heart for as long as I can.

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