Health Club


I stepped out of my car, clicked the remote, and hustled across the snow covered street. It was cold as a witch’s tit outside and I was bound on getting out of it as soon as possible. I grabbed the front door of the American Athletic Club and darted in to the warmth.

It was a Sunday night in the dead of winter, in Minnesota. My buddies were tired from a weekend of partying and no one wanted to go work out with me, so I had ventured out alone. I was trying to build up my upper body strength and looks for the summer which seemed to be a long ways off.

I said hi to the hot looking girl at the front desk, signed in, and headed downstairs to change clothes. There was literally one other guy in the locker room. I’d never seen it this vacant before! I guess no one wanted to go out into the cold.

I started my routine on the weights but my heart really wasn’t into it. After about 30 minutes I gave up and headed to the showers. I stripped off my clothes and stepped into the shower room, turning on the water as hot as I could stand it. It felt great, and I remembered that the club had a hot tub. I grabbed a pair of swim trunks that I kept in my gym bag and walked into the other room.

This was a co-ed room, but again, there was no one in there. I slipped into the water and took my seat on one side of the giant hot tub, submerged up to my neck. There was a jet right behind my back, and I fooled around a bit, holding my hand in front of it. Suddenly I got a great idea. I wonder how that rushing water would feel on my cock?

I slid down the seat a ways and pulled cock out of the side of my swim trunks. I leaned to the wall a bit and put the head of my hardening cock right into the center of the jet stream.

Wow, did that feel great,! I thought. The pressure was hitting that tender area on the underside of my cock head. I was beginning to realize this was going to give me an orgasm if I kept it up. “And why not, I thought, no one else was in the room.”

Of course, about that time the door from the females side of the club opened and in walked the hot girl from the front desk in a one piece, very tight fitting suit.

“Hey, how ya doing” I said, trying to appear casual while still holding my cock into the water stream. I realized the surface of the water in the hot tub was roiling so hard that she couldn’t see into the water depth at all.

“I’m cool” she said, casino oyna “Just finished my shift and I want to catch a soak before I headed home. “

After that we just sat there in silence, enjoying the therapeutic benefits of the hot water. And me, of course, about to get off because the feeling of that hot rushing water on my cock head was driving me crazy.

Another minute, and it happened. I started to cum. I tried to stay calm by not moving my body at all. I didn’t have to; the water was doing all the work for me. I started at her full breasts and beautiful, hard nipples poking through her thin suit as my semen gushed from my cock into the water. Altogether I sent three ropes of my cum into that steaming water, and to one of the hottest girls I had ever seen, not five feet away.

She never suspected a thing.

In about another minute she said, “Well, time for me to go home. Enjoy the rest of your soak.” I gave her a smile and a weak wave, watching her firm ass as she walked out the door.

I laughed to myself. I couldn’t believe I had done anything that kinky, that perverted! She had literally shared the same water with my cum! I stuff my cock back into my suit just as the guy’s door opened.

It was the same dude I had seen earlier walking around the club. He was about 25 or so, a white guy with not an inch of fat on his body. I figured he must spend a lot of time here. He also was totally hairless. No chest hair, no leg hair, not even hair on his head. I thought that was kind of odd. Then again, I knew that some guys did a full body shave for certain competitive sporting events like swimming and bicycling.

I’d had enough of the hot tub. I climbed out, said “take care, man” and headed for the showers.

I stripped off my trunks, turned on the water and rinsed off under a cooling stream. I couldn’t get that twisted thing I had done out of my head, or stop grinning about it. Just then the dude from the hot tub joined me in the showers.

As he shed his trunks I caught a look at his impressive cock and balls which, I might add, were also hairless. The lack of hair made his cock seem even bigger than it was, and I felt my own cock give a twitch.

“Oh no,” I thought, “Time to focus on something else.

I was washing my hair when he left the shower room and stepped into the sauna. I was glad to see that, as my own cock was beginning to stiffen slot oyna more all the time. Since he was gone I felt ok with giving it a few strokes which felt really good because of the soapy water. I also massaged my balls a while and then bent over and washed the crack of my ass. I couldn’t resist running a finger in and out of my rear passage a few times.

I’m not gay, but I am a sexual opportunist. By that I mean that if something feels good and gets me off, I’m going to do it. If that means taking a cock in my ass or giving a blowjob, so be it. A cock-artificial or real-feels great going in and out of me as it hits that prostate gland. And sucking someone else’s cock; well, that just appeals to the kinky part of me that is so strong.

I finished up my shower, and started for my locker. As I walked past the sauna I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. Turns out there was a window in the sauna.

I didn’t want to be window peeping in a men’s locker room, but my curiosity got the best of me. I walked past it, then tiptoed back until I could just barely get a glimpse of the seats in the sauna. There sat the dude who had shared a shower with me, and there was movement going on, all right.

The dude in the sauna hand his right hand on his cock and was jacking it slowly. His head was thrown back wearing a look of ecstasy, and his left hand cupped his balls.

I suddenly realized that, from his seat in the sauna, he had been able to watch me in the shower while masturbating! Every time I had slid my hand back and forth on my cock, every time I massaged my balls, even when I eased a finger into my butt hole…he had been able to see that.

It took a few moments for that to sink into my brain. And, when it did, my cock got hard in a second. Damn, that was so hot! And I knew right away what I was going to do.

I grabbed the handle to the sauna door and threw it open. His wide eyed look, while still gripping his erection, was hilarious. “Hey man, watcha doing?” I said.

He started to stammer out what I’m sure was going to be some bullshit excuse when I interrupted him. “Settle down, dude. It’s all right. I know you’ve been watching me in the shower while you jack off. It’s ok. I think it’s hot. Here, let me give you a hand.”

With that I stepped in front of him, grabbed his cock (which had deflated a bit) and started to stroke it.

He stared canlı casino siteleri at me with a look of amazement. I just grinned, leaned over, took one of his nipples in my mouth and started to suck.

The nameless stranger moaned softly as I moved from one nipple to the other. With my free hand, I cupped his balls. “Hey, slide forward a bit, will you?” I asked.

He slid forward on the bench so that his balls dangled over the edge. It would give me the room I needed to further stimulate him and increase the intensity of his orgasm, which didn’t appear to be far off.

At first I just fondled his heavy balls in my hand. Gradually, I began to slide my middle finger back toward his butt hole. I reached the round entry port and massaged it gently. I heard his breathing quicken. I applied some pressure to my finger and it slid it, effortlessly. The dude was already lubed up! He had come prepared today, and it was obvious this wasn’t the first time he’d had something jammed up his rear passage. I slowly finger fucked him.

“Oh damn man, you’re gonna make me cum!” He uttered. I replied, “well that’s the plan!”

After a few minutes of this tantalizingly slow grind I sensed he was ready for the grand finale. I took my mouth off his nipple and lowered it onto his raging erection. I let his cock slide as far down my throat as it would go, then tightened my throat muscles to grip it like a warm, wet sheath. I bobbed my head up and down and the feeling of his hard throbbing muscle in my mouth was heavenly.

About the same time I shoved my middle finger as far into his ass as it would go, then curled it a bit to massage his prostate gland.

That was too much for him. I felt his body tighten up and his cock swell. He cried out “dammit man, I’m gonna cum! Right now!

For a second I thought about letting him cum in my mouth. But, to be on the safe side I raised my head, renewed my grip on his pulsing cock and starting jacking him again. The first spurt of semen hit me square in the chest. I moved to the side a bit and watched as three more rockets of com exploded from his dick and shot across the room. I still had my finger in his asshole and I continued to ram it in and out. He just kept convulsing in bliss as my right hand slid up and down his member.

Finally, it was over. He laid back, exhausted. “Damn man, that’s one for the books. Who are you? he asked.”

“I’m the guy who is going to fuck you in the ass if you don’t come and get me next time instead of creeping around stalking me in here,” I smiled.

I left him on the bench and returned to my locker to get dressed.

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