Heated Tension

Anal Creampie

The tension had built to an unbearable point. We had been on two dates, and texted every day for two weeks, about every little thing that came to mind, even a few inappropriate conversations that made me glad he couldn’t see me blush.

The dates were cute, coy even. It started with a nice dinner, full of shy smiles and laughs, but it was quickly obvious that we were already comfortable with one another. The second date was a ball game, still public, but cause for sitting closely and leaning our heads together for private conversation. In the 7th inning, I missed the home run because he leaned in to kiss me. It caught me off guard, but he quickly grabbed my attention with gentle pressure and an adept tongue. We kissed for ten minutes outside my apartment, until a car that he had blocked in needed to leave.

Although I knew things had reached the boiling point, I was still nervous. I’m what you would call a curvy girl, and I’m not exactly confident in my body. I decided liquid courage was the answer, so we planned to go out and have a few drinks together. The bar was loud and a little crowded, but we found a small table out of the way and the waitress was polite and efficient. He teased me about ordering a fruity drink, and then ordered us shots. I knew then we wouldn’t be there long.

On the drive back to his house, he put his hand on my thigh and I shivered. He raised his eyebrows at me and murmured, “If you’re not ready for this…”

“I’m ready.” I was surprised at how steady my voice was considering the liquor. “I think we’re both more than ready.” He pushed his foot down a little harder on the gas pedal.

I walked slowly through the door, glancing around at the previously uncharted territory, but as soon as I heard the lock click on the door, his hand was on my hip, pulling me backwards into him. With his other hand, he pulled my long dark hair to the side and kissed my neck lightly, brushing a line from behind my ear down to the strap on my tank top. Goosebumps rose instantly despite the summer heat seeping into the house. With gentle hands, he turned me around and then cupped my face with both hands, kissing me deeply.

With a little effort, he stopped, and led me by the hand down a narrow hallway to the bedroom. ataşehir escort The window air conditioner had been working overtime, and the cool room was spotless, the bed sheets clearly freshly laundered. He kicked off his shoes and sat on the bed, still holding my hand and waiting to see what I would do.

I dropped his hand and ran mine up his arm, feeling the muscles tense as I passed over them, and noted the strength there. I smiled a small, sideways smile and applied gentle pressure to his shoulders, placing my knees on the bed and straddling him. I pulled off his hat to reveal the mess of dark hair, running my fingers through it as I leaned into a deep, pulling kiss.

His hands were hesitant at first, rubbing my hips through tight jeans, but as I nibbled on his bottom lip, he grabbed my ass firmly, a small moan escaping him. I kissed across the stubble of his chin up to his ear, and when I nibbled here, his hands moved up under my shirt, finding the bra clasp and undoing it quickly. His rough hands pulled me with him as he lay back on the bed.

I sat up, still straddling him, and smiled devilishly, reaching for the edge of my shirt. I pulled it up slowly, feeling him hold his breath as the shirt and bra came away to reveal my breasts. I didn’t even have the shirt over my head before his hands came up, grabbing slightly more than a handful in each one. I closed my eyes and let out a small whimper as he rolled the nipples, and gasped when he leaned up to capture one in his mouth. He quickly realized that a little teeth and a lot of pressure got the desired result, and had me moaning as I twisted my fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck.

He pulled away, and laughed softly at the pout of disappointment on my face. He kissed the tip of my nose, and then quickly used those strong arms to grab me by the hips and place me on my back on the bed. He laughed again at my yelp of surprise, but silenced me with a deep, rough kiss. He trailed kisses down between my breasts, and then down each side, stopping at the edge of my pants each time. His fingers quickly found the button and then the zipper. As he grabbed the edges of my jeans, he looked up into my eyes. Instead of responding, I lifted my hips up off the kadıköy escort bayan bed.

After stopping to put my clothes in a neat pile on the dresser, he removed his t-shirt and walked back over to the bed. I knew what he was seeing: a naked woman on his bed, hair splayed out beneath me, my eyes dark in the dim lighting. He looked into my eyes for a moment, and sat down on the edge of the bed, leaning in to kiss me gently, sweetly. As the kiss deepened, I ran my hand up his thigh and up to the buckle of his belt, undoing it slowly. The button and zipper followed suit, and he leaned back as I sat up and pulled down his pants and boxers.

He closed his eyes as I ran my hand firmly up and down his cock, feeling it pulse. I leaned over and ran my tongue from the base to the head, taking him in my mouth and running my tongue around the head. My hair fell into his lap, and he gathered it up, pulling slightly as he held it behind my head, making me moan on his cock. I continued to tease the head gently with my tongue, until his grip in my hair tightened and he pushed me down slightly, gagging me a little with his sizeable tool.

When his moans turned to gasps I pulled away, still running my hand up and down his rock hard cock, and smirked at him. He opened his eyes and looked at me, mouth slightly open, as if seeing me for the first time. I hesitated then, unsure of myself, positive I had disappointed in some way. I started to ask him if everything was okay, but he stopped me quickly.

“Shhh. You… are amazing, woman.” He pulled me close then, wrapping those strong arms around me and kissing me, exploring my mouth with his tongue and biting my lip, making me gasp and moan. His hands began to roam, and with gentle pressure he parted my thighs, teasing me with light touches. When his finger finally brushed my clit, I jumped, clinging to him with my arms around his neck. He laughed that deep, sexy laugh, and pushed me back on the bed, continuing to rub my clit and making my legs shake.

He stood up and dropped his jeans to the floor, careless now of where they ended up. He climbed up the bed, kissing my thighs, my stomach and my nipples before kissing the tip of my nose. He looked into my eyes as I locked escort maltepe my fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck, and I felt him grab his cock and rub it against me, moaning at the wet heat he found there. I nodded a small nod, and looked him in the eyes as he pushed inside of me, and then I saw stars.

As my first orgasm gripped him inside of me, he groaned, letting me ride the waves for a moment before moving slowly in and out. He leaned up on his elbows and I wrapped my legs around his hips, letting him deeper inside of me. “You are so hot, and tight, and wet,” he growled into my ear, biting on the lobe and making me dig my nails into his back.

He reached one hand back to grab my hip as he gave in to desire, and it felt like he was pounding me further and further into the bed. I cried out as another orgasm took me, and he stopped, sitting up and grabbing my breasts, pinching and pulling at my nipples as he felt me pulse around him. As I was catching my breath, he pulled out, and I looked at him with surprise until I saw the gleam in his eyes.

He grabbed my hips and helped me roll over onto my knees. I grabbed a pillow up under myself, and wiggled my ass, knowing he couldn’t resist. I was right. He was back inside me in seconds, hitting all new places and making me cry out again. He gripped my hips and pounded furiously, smacking my ass and making me yell. He stopped to lean forward and gather my hair, twisting it around his hand and getting a good grip. I arched my back and moaned as he used my hair to pull me back into him, driving his cock inside me with incredible speed and force.

It felt like weeks of tension were coming to a head as we dripped with sweat, and I felt one hell of an orgasm building. By the way he was driving furiously into me, I knew he was close, too. He let go of my hair and grabbed my hips again, his fingers gripping hard enough to leave bruises. I heard him yell out incoherently, and then the stars returned and I was lost in the moment, feeling him burst inside me, and shaking from my own release.

He stayed on his knees for a moment, and then shifted slightly to the side, turning me as he lay down next to me, curling behind me and wrapping his arm around me. I giggled a little as his hand came to rest on my breast, but he just squeezed me tighter and nuzzled my neck, kissing me, causing more goose bumps to rise.

I glanced around the room for a clock, and sighed contentedly to realize that it was only midnight. There was a whole night ahead of us.

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