Heavenly Falls


Was it the cool spray of the water making her nipples ache? She couldn’t really tell. Just that they’d been so hard for so long, she could feel them acutely. Intensely. They were jutting out at him, begging for his attention. The shirt heavy and wet as the stiff digits pulled her breasts out away from her body. Oh, when he takes them in his mouth and toys with them! She could scream with joy.

It wasn’t as though she hadn’t had her hands tied above her head before. It was one of the experiences that came with dating him. She’d been tied to a beam in a barn, tied to a ceiling, a hook on a door in a hotel, a tree. Thinking about it was an interesting string of memories. She almost giggled thinking of her hands tied to bedposts over half of Europe.

You’d think it might get old and worn, but somehow it never does. Today it was hands above her head, holding her up and at the edge of the spray from a waterfall. The water was warm, but the spray where the falling precipitation pounded into mist against the rocks, slightly cool.

She felt a stab of need drive into her groin and decided the cold wasn’t the reason her nipples ached so very much. It was need. God! She needed to cum. More than that, she needed his cock plunging into her.

The feel of the water beating on the rock felt to her like a rock hard pole ramming into her. She felt the throb and pulse as though it were live and inside her swollen pussy lips.

It was amazing that she could feel the thrumming in the air. That it made her practically feel the pounding inside her, but the spray and the way her clothing was soaked through kept her from feeling the usual streaming of moisture pouring out of her body. She was aroused and more without the response she was so used to.

Just as with her nipples, it was titans izle more of a blatant arousal. Nearly a dry, painful one in its constancy. Like being fucked without being pushed to the edge. She wasn’t used to this feeling with him. Normally, he would drive her to orgasm repeatedly. Either pulling back just as she began her spasming, quaking reaction to his ministrations, or allowing her to cum again and again. He would often use the denial of her orgasm as a build up and a strengthening to her repeated climaxes.

This time, she was definitely aroused. She felt the utter sensuality of the falling, pounding water. The way the ocean invades the senses and makes her accept the crashing and the pounding as part of her. She could feel the need for him to enter her and take her, pound her like surf. Like the way the water concusses, hitting the rock and pulverizing.

He’d tied her hands up the path a little ways. After leading her to the park. Just a romantic walk, holding hands and kissing. Suddenly, he’d pushed her against a tree and showed every intention of taking her right there. His kisses urgent and fervent, his hands insistent. She was gasping for breath and to regain her senses when he released her and bound her hands together.

Her excitement piqued. Arousal certain. She knew him well enough to know how much he loves her hands bound before her when she sucks his cock. And oh, how she loves to suck his glorious rod! She was shivering as he let her sink to her knees and bring her hands to his crotch. She loved working them together and feeling them chafe at their bindings while she opened his jeans and pulled him out.

She worked him furiously. Her mouth pumping, her hands stroking. She wanted his cream with a passion that surprised too hot to handle izle even her — and she knows she loves it. Oh, and he blew. His pole stiffened and shuddered, then popped and shoved a mouthful of hot jism into her. His cock jumped and shimmied as her lips locked and she sucked everything from him she could get.

He silently took his penis back from her, even as it was beginning to harden again. He zipped it back into his pants, took her wrists and pulled her to her feet. Her knees had been on the hard dirt, but she’d hardly noticed and now they felt a little worn. He brushed at them lightly.

“We’ll need to take care of that.” He said this in his sweetest voice. The one she acquainted with torment and heaven to come.

He led her, then down the rest of the path and of to the waterfall. Right to the bottom, just out of the pool, where the spray soaked her clothing within minutes, but the body of water missed her in its continual cascade. He secured her hands above her, to an outcropping. She could probably have yanked and freed herself, but couldn’t have brought herself to do it if she wanted or if he left her alone long enough.

His hands molded the skirt where it had plastered itself to her ass and they moved knowingly, firmly over her. His thumb pushed gently at her delicate pucker. She moaned with need.

When his hands moved to her distressed nipples, they felt almost raw. His fingers plucked at them with certain, determined movements that made her gasp and cry out. When his hands moved down her front and tweaked her clit, she cried out in a combined agony and ecstasy.

She had no idea if her juices were flowing or not. She couldn’t tell if she was slippery and slickened enough to take too hot to handle brazil izle him in one jolting pummel. She only knew she wanted his cock in her, pounding her like the thumping of the stream on immutable stone.

The skirt was lifted off her ass. Peeled away like a wrapper and again she felt the pressure against her anus. Her nipples were so completely sensitized that she felt the push on her bud shooting out the ends and tingling the aureolas. When his cock penetrated her, she screamed. He’d put a condom on and lubricated it so well that his engorged tool pushed right in and filled her completely. Each time he shoved it in, she felt the waves of electricity throughout her body. When he reached up and enclosed her breasts in his heated hands, she melted.

He pounded her for an eternity. Lifting her to her toes with every stroke and releasing her with a jolting of her calves. Her rounded ass taking him between the globes and feeling every hair of his thighs.

Her body continued feeling the motion well after he’d stopped and she was still rolling with an internal pounding when his mouth found her clit. She came so fast and hard that she’d had no chance of knowing the exact moment when it would happen. It simply crashed down upon her the way a rogue wave breaks upon a cliff.

While she was still in the throes of orgasm, he slid his hands up her thighs, raising the thoroughly wet skirt and lifted her onto his cock. She came again and again as he ploughed into her. His tool ramrod straight, her legs wrapped around his buttocks and his hands on her ass.

The outcropping he’d attached her hands to held better than she would have guessed, but she didn’t care or notice. Had it fallen around them, she would just have put her hands over his head, around his neck and kept his cock slamming into her. She came until she didn’t think she would anymore — and had no idea how – and then one more time as he did.

The walk back to the car was an agony of fatigue, but she would have traded any amount of discomfort for the experience and her smile radiated as she met his eyes over the top of the car.

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