Helen’s New Hobby

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I don’t know what I had expected. I never even really considered the greater complications that would arise from my wife’s newfound love of exercise.

It’s been a year since Helen decided she’d had enough of being out of shape. She had always been an athlete, and compared to her peers she kept herself relatively fit. But age and real-life had taken their toll and while I never stopped finding her attractive, she had lost some definition and gained a few pounds.

I think what broke the camel’s back was when she tried on an old dress she had worn in her early twenties. The dress did fit, but it was very tight. She had been talking about getting serious about exercise for a few years but never really got started and stuck with it.

This time around she joined a CrossFit box, something she hadn’t tried before. I remember her being unsure about it for the first few weeks, she hadn’t done this much weightlifting since college, and even then this was much better structured and focused on raw strength gain. I supported her all the way through, despite membership being a bit more expensive than spinning classes or whatever else she had tried before. I figured that at worst she’d give up in a while and at best she’d like it and get fitter. I don’t think many men would complain about their wives getting in better shape.

As the months passed I stopped paying as much attention to her escort eryaman exercising as it simply became a part of our daily lives. She was now training six times a week and had gotten really into it. I had my own life and while I certainly noticed her getting slimmer and fitter I didn’t realize just how much.

This brings us to today. We had just purchased a new cabinet for the living room. It came unassembled, but in a huge flat pack, and it was quite heavy. I casually mentioned to her that I could call my friend to carry it up the stairs. We live on the third floor and the building has no elevators, so it’s a few flights and some twists and turns around the corner.

Helen cut me off and said: “Don’t be silly I can carry this with you up the stairs.”

I didn’t think much of it and responded with a simple “Okay.”

The box was heavier than expected. The store guys had loaded it into the back of our car, leaving the back seats down and the trunk open. We got it out and started up the stairs. I was unsure if I should take the lead, navigating the stairway, or be at the back where the heavier load would be. I decided on the back. After the first flight of stairs, I was completely exhausted and called for a rest. It had taken a little bit as Helen struggled to maneuver the large box around the turn of the stairs.

Helen said: “Let’s switch, you’re better than I at steering elvankent escort this thing.”

“Sure but this is quite heavy.”

“I’ll manage.”

She wasn’t wrong. I was a better navigator than her and the next flight of stairs went more smoothly. We kept on going and got the box up to our apartment. Both quite winded I mentioned her success in carrying the heavy box.

“I guess all that working out is helping, you did more of the heavy lifting on this than me.”

“Yeah, and it’s not the first time around it’s useful. Even at work it just feels so good to not have to ask for help carrying things around. It’s been a great confidence boost.”

“I bet I’m stronger than you at this point!” – She added playfully

“I don’t know about that honey…”

“Let’s see, arm-wrestle me!”

I wasn’t about to back away from that challenge. Helen took off her oversized hoodie to reveal a tank top underneath and sat down at our kitchen table. She always did her workouts in the mornings, so while I had certainly noticed her improved form, I hadn’t seen her with any kind of a pump before. Her arms looked quite strong.

I put my hand in hers figuring I’d start off trying to hold steady instead of rudely slamming her right against the table. But as she gave the signal to go I immediately realized my mistake. She had gone for the all-out strategy and it paid etimesgut escort off, as she pushed my hand about half the way down. I quickly scrambled with all my strength, but from that disadvantageous position, there was not much I could do but slow her down for a few seconds before my hand was flat on the table.

“Gotcha!” – She exclaimed.

“I guess you did, your arms look impressive.”

“Thanks, my upper body is actually my weakness, my legs are much stronger comparatively.”

I was very impressed, and a little aroused. I reached out for her upper arm and she gave it a little flex.

“Jesus honey, you have gotten quite strong. I believe you may be stronger than me.”

“Looks like you’re okay with that.” – She said as she nodded towards my pants, I was noticeably excited.

“Do you like having a fit wife?” – She asked.

“Fit? You’re well past fit at this point. You’re just straight-up muscular and strong.”

“Semantics, wanna take this to the bedroom?”

I quickly agreed, and we headed for the bedroom. What followed was the best sex we’d had in years. Helen was on top and with my newfound realization, I just felt how strong her body had become. She was in control of our movements, it was her legs doing the work, and I’m not even sure I could’ve done much to stop her. She kissed me aggressively. Formerly I had just defaulted to touching her breasts, and it was a massive thrill to instead feel up her impressive triceps as she leaned over me. I didn’t last long, but it wasn’t a big deal. She seemed extremely turned on as well and we finished at the same time.

But man, do I have to get in shape…

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