Help From a Friend – Crossing Lines

Big Tits

We’re not really sexy people. We’re very average, but for me, that’s what makes us wonderful, and real, and hot. Normal people in their very normal bodies feeling pleasure.

I’m about 5’6″, pudgy, with big DD breasts, pink nipples, pale. Light brown hair, green eyes. I’m bi, a tomboy who never grew out of it, always in tees and flannels with a weakness for leggings. 24.

He’s my old friend who recently picked up the other half of my lease and moved in. He’s pretty much the same size as me, and same age. Strong in his arms and legs, a college athlete gone soft, with a tattoo on his shoulder. Pure dadbod with a soft tummy. He’s Dominican, with brown eyes and black curly hair. When a curl falls down the center of his forehead I find it hard not to look.

I’ve always been one of the guys in my friendships with men, and his unquestioning acceptance of this behavior is part of why we’re good friends. He calls me buddy, we drink beer and watch baseball together. Swap dick jokes.

But every once in a while I encounter him in a way that makes me feel much more like a woman.

He falls asleep on the couch with his arms thrown over his head. I peek at the black hair spreading across his soft abdomen away from his navel in swirls.

One time leaving a diner we’re caught in the rain and run across the parking lot. Panting and wet, we tumble into his car. I can hear his hard breathing and I look hard out the window as he hesitates, pauses before he reaches for his keys. I leave whatever that pause was hanging in the warm wet air between us.

One evening he’s cooking his dinner in the kitchen as I circulate through the apartment getting my shit together for tomorrow. Together we’re riffing a rhyme about how much we hate Mondays.

It’s my turn and I’m wracking my mind for a good rhyme.

He breaks in on my turn: “My Sunday is down the toilet cause l let Monday spoil it.”

“That’s a terrible fucking rhyme. That’s not the same sound.”

“It’s not my fault you’re so slow. Keep up dude.”

I’m offended. “Oh fuck you!” I grab a towel off the dishwasher and throw it across the room at him, he catches it midair but bends over laughing at my flash of anger.

Something about his laughter and my peevishness wakes something wicked in me. I tease him all evening, but just enough to have plausible deniability. Then, when we’re both moving in and out of the pantry, I let my chest graze his back as I slide past him. I don’t see his face so I have no idea if he reacts. I’m not sure if I’m trying to invade his space in some show of dominance or just trying to make him uncomfortable.

After dinner, we’re standing in the living room. He holds my little dog and rocks her in his arms. I walk over to scratch her head as he cradles her. He coos to the too hot to handle latino izle dog, “Oh, is mommy a bad rhymer? Does mommy suck at poetry?”

“Oh, shut up.”

He sets the dog on the floor and she scurries off.

“You’re sad to lose because you’re a stupid moose.” He mocks, grinning.

“Jesus Christ that’s still not a rhyme.” I go to smack his arm, he grabs my wrist. I push his shoulder and he grabs the other one. We’re the same size and I’m not gonna be defeated that easily. I shove hard against his upper arms with mine and he lets himself fall backwards onto the couch, laughing. I lean over him with my hand on the wall behind him, and playfully shake my fist at him, ready to be fake-menacing. I see him stare at my breasts pushing against my t-shirt right in front of his face. Suddenly we’re silent. We lock eyes. He doesn’t move for a minute, neither do I. I lean a little away, chickening out, embarrassed that maybe I imagined the tension. But then I see it, his hardening cock bulging visibly against his sweatpants. He sees me see it. He looks at me again and neither of us move.

I guess I’ll be the decisive one.

In one motion I lean forward again and plant my knee beside his thigh, leaning over him with one hand on the wall behind him and one sliding down to ghost over his dick, which strains against his pants, already firm. He inhales sharply at the contact, reaching to grasp my hip and moving to kiss me. I don’t let him, but catch his lower lip gently between my teeth, pulling for just a moment before I let it go and bury my face in his neck, licking and sucking where his shoulder meets his neck. “Fuck!” He whispers sharply, and digs his fingers into my hip. I feel his body tense as he hesitates, then breaks into motion.

Growling in his throat, he grabs my other thigh and pulls me down hard straddling his lap. Through my leggings I can feel his erection push against me. My legs are pushed wide apart across his lap and my labia are spread from the stretch so even through all my clothes I feel his cock push against my clit. I start grinding gently against his bulge, building friction.

Sitting on his lap I’m a head taller. I grip the slightly longer hair at the crown of his head and pull his head back, grinning down at him as I watch his pupils blow wide. He pushes his hands up inside inside my loose t-shirt, grasping my soft, full tits. He slides his hands over them as I grind slowly against him. His thumbs brush gently across my nipples, almost on accident. It sends a direct jolt of arousal to my crotch and my hips stutter. I lose my rhythm as he drops his head to mouth gently at my breasts through my shirt.

“Hey. Okay.” I pause, regaining a little bit of treason izle mental clarity.

He stops suddenly and takes his hands off me.

He says, “I’m sorry I shouldn’t…”

I stutter, “No I’m…”

“I mean this is probably a bad idea?”

“Yeah, no I mean, but…”

I don’t get off his lap. He gently puts a hand back on my knee. His erection is rigid a ever against me.

“It doesn’t like, have to be weird though.” He says. “This doesn’t haven’t to be a big deal. Just friends helping friends right?”

“Yeah,” I say, almost giggling “just buds being buds.”

He laughs, “Sure, buddy”

“It’s just bodies,” I offer.

He agrees, more eagerly than I expected. “Yeah, if we don’t make it a thing it’s not a thing.” He slides his hand up my thigh. “We can just…have fun together?” His accent, ever in the back of his mouth, thickens as he relaxes into his arousal. He’s sliding over his “th”s and sharpening his vowels as his eyes flick from my eyes to mouth to tits and back.

“Okay?” I say, “Not a thing. No feelings. Just urges and release. And we can be cool.”

“Yeah, I’m cool, we’re cool. Yes…” he trails off, sliding his hands up from my lower back up under my shirt to grip my waist. I shrug off the flannel I was wearing open over my shirt and let it fall to the floor.

I smile wickedly and grasp his jaw, tilting his face up toward me. “Oh, you’re cool? And here I thought we were getting hot.”

He rolls his eyes and huffs out through his nose, giving me a pity laugh as he always does. My heart squeezes for a minute, and I acknowledge how much I really do love him, not romantically at all, but still deeply in our own way. I pray we’re not about to ruin it.

But, you know. No guts no glory.

I finally lean down to kiss him, and his stubble rubs against my face. He “mmm”s softly in his throat as he pushes his hands up my shirt again, and I lean away to let him pull it over my head. I almost fall backwards off the couch and he catches me around my waist with arms that are stronger than I expect. We both smile.

He pulls me tight against his body, burying his face in my bare breasts as I grind against him once again.

“You wanna do this for real?” I ask, pushing away from him to stand.

“You tell me what you want.”

I grab his waistband and he lifts his hips for me as I yank his pants to his ankles. He kicks them away across the room. I’m sliding my leggings and panties off my big round ass as I see his cock bounce free from constraint. It’s not easy to gauge its size as it curves slightly to one side, but it’s one of the better looking dicks I’ve seen. I kneel between his knees, naked now. I lick from balls to head, bathing the underside of his head true detective izle with my tongue before taking him completely. He reaches for my head but stops himself from grabbing at me, instead gently stroking my hair as I bob my mouth up and down.

I start to shiver as I kneel on the cold hardwood floor. I come up for air, grab the flannel from the floor and slide it on my arms, leaving it open so my hard nipples stay free.

At this pause, reaches his hands toward my shoulders so I crawl up onto the couch and straddle his lap again.

He tilts his face up to mine with parted lips, pulling me closer by my open shirt. His mouth is warm and soft and I can feel his lips smile as my tongue passes through them.

I reach down and guide him inside me, where I’m already slick. We both moan a little. He’s rock hard, hot to the touch, and he feels great. My swollen lips and clit press against his groin when I’m bottomed out.

So there we are, two heathens doing what bodies do on the living room couch. Him still in his t-shirt and me with shirt unbuttoned, both of us naked from the waist down and fucking with all the tenderness of rutting dogs. It really is all in the body.

We get rougher as I grind and bounce. I pull his delicious curly hair. He grips my hips bruisingly, slamming me down as I match our rhythms. My nipples rub against the cotton of his shirt. His hands push against my thighs, spreading me open to feel him more intensely.

I feel the orgasm building hot in my stomach and thighs. He’s starting to sweat at the temples. He locks eyes on me as my breathing changes and I start to pant into orgasm. He pushes his hips up into me at the right moment, and as I start to roll into my orgasm he bites into my breast just beside my nipple. Not too hard, but the sharp pain ignites another level of pleasure and peaks my orgasm, sharp and sweet. Before I can stop myself I’m groaning aloud, all but shouting, “oh yes..yeah… ahh FUhhck” as I come and luxuriate in the pain and the pleasure, my hands scrambling at his shoulders. As I start to come down I look down past the blossoming bruise in my breast to see beads of sweat forming on his forehead, interrupted by his unruly curl falling onto his face.

I’m still spasming when he wraps his arms around my hips, pinning me against him with his face in my tits as he thrusts up and I rock back and forth, squeezing him with my pussy and trying to ratchet up his orgasm as he did for me. I can’t see his face but I hear him panting harder and rasping and urgent. I feel him tense, and he chokes out, “uh, uhn, ohfuckme” as he bucks wildly, coming inside me.

I lean down and rest my forehead against his for a moment as our breath returns. We’re both sweaty now.

I pat him brusquely on the shoulder as I push off him and stand.

“Well thanks man that was a big help,” I say, laughing breathily and trying to return to normal.

He’s a sight, red in the face with hair sweat-stuck to his forehead, softening dick resting against his glistening wet thighs.

“Oh uh yeah. Any time.” he collects himself and smiles. “Anything for my best buddy here.”

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