Help When I Least Expected It


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I work in the software industry, performing a variety of technical duties for large customers. As a result, I travel quite a bit on business. Most trips are 2-3 days maximum, which is about the perfect amount of time to get the necessary things done but not long enough to get really lonely or homesick; that wasn’t the case on this particular trip.

One of the largest customers in my region suddenly came to the realization that they needed to implement one of our larger and more-complex pieces of software immediately. Normally, planning, testing and deploying this software takes a month of planning and two months for deployment. However, since the customer did not want to take that long, they pushed us to do it much faster. Additionally, my company would usually have the consulting wing of our company do this work (for a hefty $$$), but once again, the customer balked at the high price. Since the our Sales Executive for this customer brings in huge overall $$$ from this customer each year, they pulled the political strings to have me go on-site (at our company’s expense) and deploy the software using a plan used previously at another large customer. (By using the previously tested plan, we would save a shitload of time on the planning phase.) I’d go in for a couple of weeks (including weekends), get the project rolling and then hand-off to another technical specialist who would perform the follow-through on the deployment.

I got the call on a Friday evening, telling me what I had to do and when I needed to do it. (The call(s) were actually much longer and more involved than that, but we’ll skip those bits so we don’t put you all to sleep.) Suffice it to say, I had to pack my bags and equipment immediately, catch the first flight I could and be ready to work on the next morning. The flight was no problem…I was able to grab a seat on the red-eye flight. The hotel was a different story. Due to the last-minute nature of the booking, every “business class” hotel room was booked. I ended up booking a room at a luxury resort hotel about 30 minutes away from the customer site. This hotel cost a fortune (particularly on short-notice), but the nature of the job/customer made it acceptable with my company to spend that much on a room. (At the time, I was actually pretty happy with the turn-of-events regarding the hotel room…getting to stay at such a nice place was very rare with my company, so I looked at it as an unexpected perk.)

I got to the job and started a grueling grind of 12-hour workdays right away. The project went pretty well, but the customer’s corporate culture caused almost-all of their employees to act like overbearing pricks who are never satisfied (even if you do something that they need, before they ask, complete the work instantly and without errors and for free.) I was glad to escape that place every night so I could go back to my hotel, work out and enjoy some room service while I filled out status reports for my company. It was a pretty lonely existence, as the only people I spoke more than a sentence to face-to-face were the (unpleasant) customer contacts and the maid who came in each night to perform turn-down service in my room.

On the third night, I’d just got done working out and was showering in my room when the nightly turn-down maid knocked on my door. I was buck-naked, so I attempted to quickly throw on one of the complimentary robes in the bathroom. I’m a large, muscular guy (think of an NFL lineman about 5 years past retirement), so the robe barely fit over my arms and chest. I barely got the waist sash tied and scooted over to door. I saw through the peep-hole that it was Manuela, the maid who’d turned down my bed the past two nights.

I undid the locks and let her in (with her giving her standard, “Good evening, sir. Turn-down service this evening?”

I smiled and nodded, holding the door open for her. Now it’d been close to 5 days since I’d had sex, so by this night, I’d started checking out just about every woman I saw. Manuela was no different in this respect, as I chit-chatted with her while she did her tasks, I also stealthily admired her body. Manuela appeared to be around 50 years old and spoke with a fairly-thick Spanish(?) accent. She had a solid, thicker build and wore the traditional maid uniform and comfortable shoes. I liked her right away on the first night because she beamed a bright smile frequently and made an effort to make conversation with me about work, my family and other topics. (You’ve got to love the commitment to customer service the top-level hotels demonstrate.) On top of these positive qualities, Manuela had a nice, “bubble butt” that any butt aficionado would notice right away. I leaned back against the dresser and watched her while we talked, with my neglected penis trying to peek out and see for himself. She quickly completed her tasks and bid me goodnight. I was again left alone with a raging libido, memories too hot to handle latino izle of her smile and round bum playing through my mind…and more reports and e-mail to get done.

The next day was a repeat of the prior three…long hours, good progress on the project and a return to the hotel for a workout and shower. I really liked the plush, terry-cloth robes the hotel kept in the bathrooms, so despite their tightness on my big frame, I continued to wear it after my shower that night. Manuela’s smile, brown eyes and ass had been in my thoughts throughout the day, usually bringing a hard-on along with it. I was getting hornier than I normally like to, so I’d planned to masturbate to some Internet porn after turn-down service that night.

Soon enough, the knock on the door at the usual time came and I peered through the peep-hole. I figured Manuela wouldn’t work *every* night, but to my surprise, she was at the door again. I opened the door and we greeted each other as I let her into the room. We chatted a little longer than usual that night, which seemed only natural, as we were slowly becoming more acquainted over each passing night. My dick was hard even before she came to the room that night, but I was painfully aware of it while she was in the room. I wasn’t rock-hard, but the terry-cloth robe rubbing against it made it very difficult not to go to full-staff right then and there.

I was leaning back against the dresser with my hands in the pockets of the robe, trying to discretely keep the robe over my dick without rubbing it against the cloth any more than absolutely necessary. When Manuela was done, she started to bid me goodnight when I offered my right hand in a hand-shake, thanking her for being a pleasant person to talk with each night. She smiled widely and took my hand and shook it, thanking me in return. I saw her eyes dart downward and her left hand came up to her mouth, suppressing a laugh. I glanced down and, to my horror, saw my dick poking out of the robe (as if the little bastard wanted to thank her himself.)

She then did something that shocked me; she reached down with her left index finger and lightly tapped my dick (almost in the same gesture you’d make to a naughty puppy) and said, “We have BIG robes to fit you better. May I bring you some?”

My whole face and neck must’ve been crimson with embarrassment at this point, as I quickly covered up and told her that I’d really appreciate that. Manuela smiled again, told me she’d bring the robes after turn-down was done and left the room. Part of this was great, as I’d get to see her one more time before I beat off that night; part of it was bad because I had to live with my cantankerous cock for another hour or so (because I certainly did not want to be in the middle of jerking off and have to answer the door with a rock-hard and drooling pecker.)

About 45 minutes later, Manuela came back to my room with the robes. I was still annoyingly-hard the majority of the time she was gone, so rather than fighting to cover it up, I just got up and walked over to the door, my pecker poking out of the gap in the robe with all of the pride of a rebellious teen. I opened the door and Manuela greeted me and held up the stack of larger robes. I couldn’t open the door to accept them (not with my dick hanging out…I may have been a horny bastard, but I wasn’t up for letting hallway passers-by see me like that), so I stood behind the door and held it open for her to come in. I closed the door and took the robes from her, thanking her for the help.

She glanced down again and smiled slightly, “You miss your wife,” she said understandingly.

Losing some of my embarrassment (hell, this was the second time tonight she’d seen my dick), I apologized and said I really couldn’t help it.

Manuela reached over and patted my dick again (once again, like you’d pat the head of a dog or something) and said, “You be fine when you go home soon.”

We looked each other in the eye for a brief moment, her smiling and me returning the smile sheepishly. (I’m sure she knew what was going on. I mean, she probably gets hit on a few times each day by horny traveling businessmen. I on the other hand, didn’t know what the fuck was going on…was it me being a horny bastard or was she coming on to me?) Manuela broke the moment by asking if I wanted her to take the smaller robes with her when she left.

“Not unless you’re going to wear them while you’re here,” I joked suggestively. (Thinking about it later, I can’t believe I had the balls to say that.)

She smiled and shook her index finger back and forth, “Naughty man you are.”

I again flushed red and started to apologize when she told me to give her the robes. I thought I’d offended her, but she was still smiling, so I guess she was playing along. It was my turn to play along, so I untied the sash of the robe and took it off, right there in front of treason izle her. I handed it to her with my hand shaking ever so slightly.

Manuela looked over my body and smiled again, saying, “For tip, I can remake your bed?”

Not entirely sure what she was offering, but I figured that it would be good since she was asking for a tip. I walked over to my khakis and fished out my wallet, retrieving two $20 bills. I handed them to her, which she promptly pocketed and turned to lock the door. Still naked, I walked over and sat in an easy chair near the corner of the bed. Manuela untied her sensible, “nurse-type” white shoes and kicked them off. I watched her next untie her half-apron and unbutton the front of her uniform dress. She quickly shrugged out of the dress, dropping it to the floor and reaching behind her to unhook her bra. Her bra joined her dress on the floor, revealing her soft, slightly-sagging C-cups which were tipped with silver-dollar-sized chocolate nipples. Manuela’s breasts dangled freely as she bent over, hooking her thumbs in her pantyhose and tugging them down. She stood back up, revealing her stretch-marked “mom belly” (as I call it) and a curly patch of wiry, black pubic hair.

She sighed and smiled, brushing her hair away from her face and proceeded to tear the sheets from the already-made bed. I stroked myself openly as I watched her work. She was putting on a show for sure, as she move more slowly than usual and exaggerated her movements to make her breasts and butt jiggle for my enjoyment. I was close to cumming very quickly, but I wanted to wait until right before she was done before I let my juices fly. Manuela remade the bed, then re-turned it down as she shot glances and smiles at me while I pumped my cock. She stood up at the end and, seeing I had not cum yet, walked over to me, turned around and fiddled with the sheets at the corner nearest to me. She bent over at the waist, giving me a full, close-up view of her ass and pussy. I leaned forward a little and could very faintly catch the aroma of her pussy. That was all it took and I started shooting cum like crazy. The first sticky, white jet hit her on the back of her knee and calf, causing her to jump in surprise and laugh. I pumped feverishly through the next four big squirts and collapsed back onto the chair, feeling like I’d just shot a gallon of semen. Manuela walked over and picked up the smaller robe on the floor and one of the larger robes from the dresser and walked back over to me. She used the smaller robe to wipe the splooge off the back of her leg, then wiped my cock and hands and finally mopped up the puddles of cum on the carpet, smiling widely all the while. She handed me the big robe and I stood, pulling it on easily and tied the sash.

I thanked her for her “wonderful service.” She stepped over and hugged me warmly for just a second, then got dressed again and gathered up the smaller robes and turned to leave.

She unlocked the door and turned to me, asking “I bring you more big robes tomorrow?”

I smiled and told her, “Yes. I like these robes and will need the big ones every night.”

Manuela smiled and said she’d make sure it happened every night I was here. After that, she left the room and I locked up behind her. With a wonderful sexual after-glow, I climbed into bed, watched TV for a bit (to hell with work after an experience like that) and soon drifted off to sleep.

The next day was a repeat of the others, but at least the customer project was going well, despite the unpleasant nature of the customer themselves. That night, Manuela turned down my bed as usual.

She seemed to work a lot, so I asked her when her days off were. She told me that some of the girls don’t like to work during summer, so she picked up extra shifts to make extra money. She also mentioned that she was a single widow, so the extra money helped her keep her standard of living how she liked. Upon completing the turn-down process, she asked me again if I needed more big robes tonight. With a smile and a tent forming in my robe, I told her that I would. She said she’d be back again after completing turn-down and left. Once again, about 45 minutes later, she returned to the room with two big robes and a smile. I let her into the room and handed her another $40 tip, after which she disrobed again (but with no pantyhose on this time…she must’ve taken them off before coming back to the room.) I sat in my chair and she moved to start “remaking” the bed. This time, I asked her to leave the bed alone, but to just lay on it for me. This seemed to surprise her a bit (not sure if this was a “service” she did from time to time and I was breaking the mold a bit -or- just nervousness on her part), but after a pause, Manuela climbed up on the bed and lay back, resting her upper body on her elbows and spreading her legs. I moved my chair over to the foot of the bed and asked her to watch me do it. She agreed and smiled and watched intently true detective izle as I ogled her body and fucked my hand. She was so sexy…viewing her mature body while having a woman watch me masturbate had me rock hard and throbbing. After only a couple minutes, I shot another huge load of cum all over my hand and onto the carpet. Manuela once again cleaned me (and the floor) with a towel and got dressed. She gave me another warm hug and left me alone in the room again.

We were getting more comfortable with one another over the next few nights. On the 6th night, I asked her if it would be OK if I lay on the bed next to her (and she agreed.) Manuela lay on her side, facing me and I lay on my side, facing her. She put a hand towel between us (to catch the cum) and proceeded to lift her leg to show me her pussy and rub her breasts. She also started talking during this time, smiling and telling me things “how naughty I was with my horny cock.” She really had a way with making me cum hard…that night my first blast flew over the towel and hit her on her tummy. (She started getting a bigger tip after that night.) On the 7th night, I lay on the bed with her again, only this time I asked to lay so I could smell her pussy (to which she agreed, but insisted on no touching.) Manuela opened her legs and I put my face as close as I could to her pussy without touching anything. I deeply breathed in the musky aroma of her pussy and soon shot onto her breasts and neck and all over the towel. (I was surprised that she never once complained about my semen hitting her body.) On the 8th night, I asked her to lie on top of me, 69-style so I could smell her pussy again. She again agreed (and I think by this point she was enjoying this some as well) and soon had my cum hitting her in the face and neck. I was enjoying the escalation of activities each night and I was starting to think I might even get to have sex with her (even though I was painfully aware of how wrong it was to be fooling around like this…but despite that guilt, Manuela was an addictive bit of warmth in an otherwise lonely, grueling trip, so I was having a hard time fighting the convenience of having her with me each night.)

Unfortunately, Manuela was off the next two nights (she told me about this as she was leaving on the 8th night, to which I told her (with a wink and smile) that I wouldn’t need robes brought up on those nights.) Besides, my nuts were being nicely relieved, so I really didn’t have as much need as before. I worked extra-late both of those nights, trying to get the customer project wrapped up as soon as possible, because it was getting old being away from home so long.

On the 11th night, Manuela delivered my robes as usual, then promptly disrobed thereafter. This night, I wanted to repeat the position before, where her pussy was right over my face as she lay upon me. Her pussy was very wet even at the start and her aroma was very strong. I know she was aroused, so as I pumped my dick in front of her face, I really wanted to taste her. I lifted my head and placed a brief, gentle lick between her lips…a move which startled her, causing both of us to pause. She didn’t say anything or move, so I ventured another lick. This time she pushed back slightly. Another lick…and another push back and a slight moan…she was enjoying it! I reached up with both hands to spread her cheeks so I could have full access to her pussy. When I did that, I felt her mouth slip over the tip of my dick. We continued to mutually pleasure each other until she moaned loudly around my dick and started to shake with orgasm. The vibrations of her moaning around my cock (plus the idea that I’d just made her climax) made me shoot in her mouth, a wonderful sensation that I relish to this day.

After we cleaned ourselves up, Manuela hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, telling me thanks for making her “feel good like a woman” and that hadn’t happened like that for a long time. Flattered, yet surprised by this remark, I asked her if the maids did this sort of thing often. She said some do (and some do it too much and get fired.)

“What about you then?”, I asked.

She said that she’d never done it before, which surprised the hell out of me (remember, she was the one who initially offered.) I asked her why she’d never done it before and she told me that nobody had asked for it before. We shared a smile and I told her that I think she’d be surprised at how many guys probably want to ask for it, but never do. Manuela kissed my cheek again, bid me good rest and left.

The next morning, things were getting very tense at the customer site. Some of the customer underlings hinted that one of the VPs, who was an up and coming man in the company, was pissed at how long we were taking to complete the project (which was completely ludicrous to me, as we were doing this project on an impossibly-short schedule as it was.) This was a bad sign to me, as I’ve worked with this customer before and know they play games to try and make you work harder or give them free shit just to keep them happy. I also knew that, if we were really going to get broadsided by the VP, there is no way his employees would risk giving me any warning. So suffice it to say, it was a tense, draining day on-site, but I was almost done with my part of the job, so I could go home soon.

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