Helpful Neighbour Pt. 02


Jeff Saw nothing of Tina for the next few days. He did notice a young woman pull up in her car outside and walk to Tina’s door on the Sunday but nothing of Tina. He did hope she was OK after her trauma of the previous day, she had been in quite a state, he was sure she’d suffered a panic attack. He hoped her visitor was a friend, at least she’d have some company.

It was Thursday evening around seven when there was a knock at his door, opening it he found Tina smiling up at him holding something out to him in her hands.

“Hello Tina, what’s this?” He asked.

“Just a little thank you for the other day,” she replied.

Taking her gift from her he said, “come in, fancy a cuppa?” he asked.

“That would be nice,” replied Tina as she stepped inside.

“Come through while I put the kettle on,” said Jeff as he lead the way.

As they entered the kitchen and Jeff placed Tina’s gift on the worktop he asked, “so what’s this then?”

“I baked my hero a cake, hope it’s alright, I’m not a great cook,” said Tina.

“You didn’t have to do that but I appreciate the thought, you’re very kind. And don’t call me your hero, I’m hardly that. Anyway how are you now?” asked Jeff.

“Yeah, no I’m fine, still not sure why I reacted like that,” she replied.

“Tea or coffee?” he asked.

“coffee please, milk one sugar,” she replied.

As Jeff prepared their drinks he asked, “so did you still want me to sort that damage out for you?”

“That would be great if you really don’t mind,” said Tina.

As he passed her coffee to her and led the way to the lounge, “I’d be happy to do it, when would be convenient for you?” he asked.

“Anytime at the weekend if that’s good for you, there’s no rush though if you’re busy,” she said.

“We’ll say Saturday then. Might be an idea to swap phone numbers just in case anything changes, we can always rearrange,” said Jeff.

“Yeah good idea,” agreed Tina.

“So tell me Tina, do you have a boyfriend?” Jeff asked.

“Err, well no, boys aren’t my thing normally,” said Tina.

“Sorry Tina I didn’t mean to pry, it’s none of my business,” said Jeff.

“No I don’t mind, it’s just that some people can be funny about that sort of thing,” she explained.

“Yeah I know, some people are so closed minded I’m afraid. So you have a girlfriend?” Jeff asked.

“Well no not really, I have girlfriends that I see regularly but I’m not in a relationship as such. You might say I have friends with benefits…does that shock you?” she asked.

“No not at all, I think the most important thing is to be happy in life, are you happy Tina?” he asked.

Well yes, it suits me, at the moment anyway. Who knows in the future I might want something more,” she replied.

“Good for you. There is something that confuses me though…last weekend…what we did!” Jeff probed.

“It happens sometimes, you were so kind and well, you are an attractive man you know, and I do have a bit of a weakness for older men at times,” said Tina.

“As long as you don’t think I took advantage of you when you were vulnerable.” he said.

“No of course not. While we’re on the subject, it’s obvious you have a thing for feet, one of my girlfriends has a foot fetish and I must admit I think it’s rubbing off on me,” said Tina laughing at the unintended joke.

“Really! I thought it was a male thing,” he said in surprise.

“I cant say I know, I just know Sin, that’s my friend, hatay escort Sinitta, she has quite a fetish for feet. She loves playing with mine and loves hers played with,” said Tina and sipped at her coffee.

“It’s a funny thing, I didn’t realise I had a thing for feet until I’d been married a while, it’s not something I really thought about, it just sort of developed, cant say why,” said Jeff.

“Hope you don’t think I’m rude but I’d best be going, got an early start in the morning and I’ve got things to do. But it’s been nice talking Jeff, have to chat again soon and thanks for the coffee,” Tina said as she finished her coffee.

“No problem Tina, nice to see you and I’ll see you Saturday if not before,” said Jeff as he saw her to the door, “Oh and thanks for the cake.”

After Tina had left Jeff couldn’t help but think back to how he was so turned on by their session the previous Saturday. After several tough years he really had lost interest. It seemed like a new awakening and he knew he wanted more. All this talk of feet had got him aroused.

. . .

Saturday soon arrived and Jeff stood at Tina’s front door awaiting a response to his knock. When the door opened he was greeted by a scruffy Tina dressed in shorts and a baggy shirt with her hair tied back with a few strands that had escaped their restraints.

“Hi Jeff, come in,” said Tina stepping aside to allow him to pass before closing the door. “Excuse my appearance, I’ve been getting stuck in to housework.”

Jeff couldn’t help notice her bare feet, “You look fine to me… right lets get this job sorted, alright if I go up,” he asked.

“Yeah of course, is there anything I can do to help or anything you need?” Tina asked.

“No no, you carry on with your housework, I don’t think it will take too long,” said Jeff as he headed upstairs.

After about an hour Jeff had just about finished when Tina called from downstairs, “kettles on, want some tea?”

“Two minutes and I’ll be down,” Jeff called back.

Tina had the tea ready when Jeff entered the kitchen, “perfect timing!” she said as she handed him his tea.

“All finished,” he began, “had a look at the lock, had to give it a clean and I’ve oiled it, shouldn’t be a problem again.”

“Thanks so much Jeff, to be honest I probably wont lock it in future, don’t really know why I did, after all I live alone. I guess it’s just habit,” she said.

“That’s just what it is, habit, I realised the other day I still lock my door,” he replied.

“I was wondering Jeff, my friend Sinitta is coming round tonight, you know the one I told you about, would you fancy joining us for a drink, that’s if you’re not busy of course?” Tina asked.

Surprised by the invitation Jeff replied, “well, yes I’d love to, are you sure?”

“Yes of course, would eight-ish be OK for you?” she asked.

“Yes fine, looking forward to it already,” Jeff replied with glee.

When Jeff returned home he wondered what the evening had in store. Perhaps it was all very innocent but he couldn’t help fantasising.

After dinner Jeff showered and dressed in jeans and tee shirt was soon knocking on Tina’s door, “come in my hero,” Tina said jokingly as she greeted him.

Jeff laughed as he stepped inside and admired Tina’s short black dress and black tights that covered her legs, her brown hair now neat and tidy hung down past her shoulders.

“Come through,” she said leading the way to the lounge.

“This hurma escort is Sinitta, and this is Jeff,” she said introducing her guests to one another.

Jeff was surprised to see a young dark skinned girl sitting on the sofa. She looked a good few years younger than Tina, very pretty face with long black straight hair and wore a very similar black dress and black tights.

“Hello Jeff,” she said holding her hand out, “Tina’s told me all about you.”

Gently holding her hand Jeff replied, “pleased to meet you Sinitta.”

Tina motioned Jeff to sit in the chair opposite Sinitta and after supplying him with a glass of wine sat next to her on the sofa. Jeff could now admire and compare the two of them. Sinitta looked a little smaller than Tina in almost every way apart from her chest which looked as full even perhaps slightly larger.

Sinitta certainly wasn’t shy, “Tina tells me we share a passion,” she said and lifted her feet, wiggling her toes.

Tina joined her and Jeff was treated to the sight of four small perfect little feet. Sinitta swung her legs round, resting one foot on Tina’s lap and raised the other to Tina’s face. The movement caused Sinitta’s short dress to rise up and Jeff soon realised she wore stockings as he saw the light brown flesh of her thighs.

As Tina started kissing Sinitta’s toes Jeff soon became aware of his growing erection which soon became uncomfortable confined as it was beneath his jeans. It wasn’t helped when the girls repositioned themselves so they could now kiss each others toes and feet at the same time.

Jeff was now aware that Tina also wore stockings. Her dress had risen far enough to expose not only her white thighs but also her red panties. Sinitta now had Tina’s foot flat against her face and was kissing along the sole while Tina’s foot was between Sinitta’s legs, her big toe rubbing up and down.

They then untangled themselves and both stood up. Helping each other they unzipped their dresses and let them fall to the floor before embracing each other in a passionate kiss.

Breaking from their kiss, still holding each other Tina turned her head towards me and said, “you must be uncomfortable Jeff, why don’t you get out of those jeans and release that lovely cock. I know Sinitta wants to see it don’t you Sin.”

“Oooo yes please,” said Sinitta.

Jeff couldn’t quite believe what was happening, two gorgeous young women standing in front of him in just their underwear. He then realised they were dressed identically. Both wore the same red bra’s and red panties, no coincidence he was sure.

They both stared as his erect cock sprang into view, “you was right Tina, that is rather nice!” exclaimed Sinitta, “would love to run my toes all over it.”

At this remark Jeff was sure his cock grew even harder.

“I’m sure Jeff wont mind, lets see shall we,” said Tina smiling at Jeff.

Both girls laid on the floor so their feet were in range of Jeff’s cock as he sat back on the chair after removing his jeans and pants. They both rolled their stockings down their legs and off over their feet and stretched one leg each towards their target.

Jeff gently guided their feet until he felt their delightful little toes touch his shaft, his cock twitched. Their toenails painted with exactly the same shade, feet almost identical in shape and size the only obvious difference being the colour of their skin. Such a beautiful contrast.

Supporting ığdır escort their feet with his hands under the heels they tweaked his hard shaft with small movements of their toes. Pre-cum flowed freely from the tip. Taking one foot at a time Jeff ran the sole up and down his wet knob smearing his juice all over.

Looking down he watched as the two girls kissed and licked each others lips, they both had a hand between the others legs lightly playing with each others pussies through their red panties, Jeff couldn’t think of a time when he’d been this turned on.

As though they had some kind of telepathic contact they both suddenly moved position and knelt facing each other and proceeded to undo each others bra’s. They were soon both topless and Jeff admired their naked breasts as they began rubbing them against each others.

Then again in near perfect unison they removed their red panties and now kneeling faced Jeff and like some fairground game tried to throw their panties to land around Jeff’s hard upright pole. They both missed but giggled at their failed attempt. Jeff picked both pairs up from where they landed and wrapped them round his cock as though they had succeeded.

Tina and Sinitta laid back on the floor raising their feet towards Jeff, “rub your cock on our feet Jeff, rub your knob over our toes, ” instructed Sinitta.

Jeff knelt before them and started rubbing his throbbing swollen knob over their toes, making sure he didn’t miss any one. As he looked down he could see both girls, with their legs slightly parted, were both fingering each others wet pussies while they kissed with pure lust.

Their wet panties still wrapped around the base of his shaft Jeff now wanked his cock brushing it against each foot in turn, over their sexy little red toenails, his pre-cum on their toes and feet glistened in the light. The girls, now watching were moaning with increasing pleasure as they fingered each others pussies faster and faster.

Jeff groaned as he shot his load over their feet trying to share it out as shot after shot sprayed out, Tina orgasmed almost exactly the same time as Jeff’s first shot with Sinitta very close behind. They all panted as their orgasms subsided.

Jeff slumping back in his chair, looking down… what an erotic sight, two young sexy woman laying with their legs wide open, pussies dripping wet from their own cum and their feet dripping wet with his.

“Wow Jeff!” Tina began, ” that was quite something, such a huge load,” she sat up examining Sinitta’s feet, “look at it all, looks so sexy on Sin’s dark skin, all that creamy spunk.”

Sinitta sat up and ran her fingers through the cum on her feet, “you wasn’t kidding was you, you said he shoots a huge load, I didn’t realise just how much you meant,” said Sinitta still playing with her wet feet.

Tina rushed out of the room, “I’ll get something to clean that up,” she said.

By the time she’d returned Jeff had pulled his clothes back on and noticed Sinitta licking her fingers, “there we go Sin,” said Tina handing Sinitta some kitchen towel.

After cleaning up the mess I’d made of their feet they both put their underwear back on and sat down on the sofa.

“Thank you girls You’ve made an old man very happy,” said Jeff smiling at them both.

“Not too old though Jeff,” said Tina, “You’d put most younger men to shame I would say.”

Sinitta looked up at Jeff, “I think we should thank you, that was so hot.”

“Well I can tell you that this old fella needs his rest so I hope you don’t mind if I leave you to enjoy the rest of your evening,” Jeff said.

After returning home Jeff reflected on the evening. What an evening! And to think he thought he was past it!

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