Helping Hands.

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Helping Hands.Nwandy and I had been married 25 years. We have 2 grown c***dren and yet she could still turn a few heads. During the past few years, she had become very active in a non-profit organisation. One year ago, she was promoted to an executive position that required her to travel quite a bit. The k**s were gone, so that wasn’t a concern, but it had an impact on our love life. We could go a couple of weeks without seeing each other.She was due back in 2 days when our friend Nelo stopped by after work. She had an armful of books, which I took from her and carried into the house. As we were going down the steps into the living room, Nelo let out a cry and grabbed the calf of her right leg. I set the books down and turned to see what was wrong. Nelo sat on our couch and was rubbing her calf vigorously. “What’s wrong?” I asked.”I have a cramp and it is killing me.” She looked at me and said, “Could you rub it out for me?”I moved down near her feet and grabbed her calf with both hands. I could feel the knot, so I massaged it as best I could. She lay back against the pillows. When I rubbed her calf, she jumped a bit and her left foot grazed my cock.Nelo is a petite woman, 5′ 4” and about 110 pounds. We had been friends for 20 illegal bahis years. She and my wife are good friends, as are her husband and I. She has great legs and a tight ass. I had admired her ass for years. She has virtually no tits and a beautiful face. Just coming from work, she was still dressed in a modest skirt and what I thought were pantyhose. Her top was a light sweater. Nelo had kicked off her shoes when she set down. I have always had a thing for stockings and feet and I could feel my cock starting to grow, especially when her foot went across my dick. Nelo said she was going to turn over so I could have better access to her leg. I was now able to focus on her calf muscle and knead the knot in her leg.I leaned forward a bit to apply pressure to her leg. Her left foot came up to my crotch and rested against my cock. The site of those beautiful nylon covered legs and feet caused me to get rock hard. She didn’t say a word as she moved her foot across my cock. I pressed into her foot with my hard on and she didn’t move away. I decided to see what she was up to, so I slid my hands up her legs. Her skirt moved up with my hands and I was pleased to see she had on thigh high stockings. I concentrated on her thighs and heard illegal bahis siteleri her let out a sigh. She took both of her feet and began to jack off my dick through my jeans. I reached down and undid my belt and buttons so I could get my dick out of my pants. I was in heaven when her feet gripped my swollen cock.My fingers reached the skin at the top of her stockings. I continued to push her skirt up over her ass. She had on a black thong. What an incredible site. I grabbed both ass cheeks with my hands and massaged them. Nelo lifted her ass slightly off of the couch. I hooked her thong with my thumbs and pulled it off of her legs. Her pussy was sopping wet. I brought my hands back to the inside of her thighs and massaged up near her box. I did that several times and then brought my fingers to her slit. I moved her lips apart and then ran a finger across her clit. She moaned and bucked her hips. I helped her lift her ass even higher.With her ass raised up, I spread her knees apart. This meant her feet couldn’t reach my throbbing cock, but it opened up her pussy to me. I buried my face in her cunt and started to lick for all I was worth. I would take my tongue up her slit, almost to her asshole. I would go back canlı bahis siteleri down and take her clit in my mouth. I would suck on her clit, swirl it around and then lick it as fast as I could. I noticed that she had pulled her shirt up and was pulling and twisting on her nipples. They stuck out about an inch. She was slamming her hips into my face. I brought my tongue back up to her ass and she shuddered. I thought I’m going for it. My tongue went into her asshole and my finger to her clit. She started to shudder and shake as she came hard.I moved up behind her and put my cock at the opening to her pussy. She pushed back against me and buried my dick to the hilt. I pulled back and slammed into her again. I would pull back to where just the head of my dick was in her and then drive back in. She was extremely wet and we were making a sloshing sound. We continued to fuck and then I felt her fingers circling my balls. I could feel them move to her clit and she was rubbing her swollen clit as fast as she could. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, but I wanted to wait for her. She started to tense and then shake as her orgasm rolled over her. I filled her pussy with my come and we collapsed on the sofa.After a few minutes, Nelo rolled from under me and gave me a deep kiss. She grabbed her clothes and said she had to get going. We’ve seen each other several times since that evening a word has never been said about what happened. I would love to have another go with her.

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