Her Ass is Up For Grabs

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His eyes caressed her legs. She drove a popping red PT Cruiser. Her knees were angled high in the car too small for the 5’11” woman. Her face was leaning forward. She held the top of the steering wheel with both hands. Her forearms rested against the steering wheel.

He stole more glances onto the slender, pokey knees. The knees were parted to work the paddles leaving a big gap in between her thighs. The colorful dress reached her mid-thigh. The skin was smooth from youth and clean waxing. The skin color was a very rich brown, deep in color and little gray tone or black tone to it. Her feet were long and skinny, just as her hands had the longest fingers. The feet were in red shiny high heels with many parallel red straps. The side of her feet, where the soles begin was dark. Her palms were dark.

She bopped her shoulders to Fugees music. Her speech was clear and well enunciated. She dressed sharp. Yet, she had a head of an African mask hanging from the review mirror. It was pale gray, had circles for a neck. The hair were big squares standing out far. “I got that, when I stayed in Africa,” she said. And, she flipped the idol head with her index finger and giggled. “It was my getting back to my roots time, when I spend a few months in Africa.”

He nodded. He was dressed in a brand new Hawaiian shirt and pressed black pants with shiny leather shoes. A smirk crawled over his face, “So, did you get any over there? Are they really that big over there?”

“Hey, you don’t ask that on a date! I had a special romance there. And, yes it was the best sex in my life.”

“Hey, we are all grownups. And now, that you are about to meet my friends, we are maybe a little further ahead.”

She smiled and looked him up and down for a moment before looking back at the traffic on the freeway. “Aw, you know that I like to make fun of you. You are a good kisser.”

He smiled victoriously. His fingers played with the locking mechanism for the glove compartment. “We’ll see, if you are cool enough to hang with us.” He put his hand friendly on her shoulder, careful to not restrict her from driving.

A few minutes later, the car pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant. The brand new car’s shocks easily took the bump of the sidewalk. The parking lot was mostly empty, because Inland Empire of Los Angeles is simply pretty slow. The Southern California sun shone drenched everything. The restaurant was made from dark brown wood. There was ample shade from awnings and walkways. Black shadows hid the windows and entrance. A couple token bushes stood in otherwise hard baked, dead dirt.

Two men were standing in the partial shade and waved. The left one was a hefty figure in a black suit jacket with a t-shirt that had a deep v-cutout that showed a smooth white chest. The glasses were black aviators that gave a cool look. The right one was short and extremely meager. His hair was cut short and choppy. He wore no glasses. His eyes were small black holes. He blushed slightly and wore squarish, plain clothes.

The couple got out of the car. She rose high over the car, standing on her heels and with her height. He stood with his feet wide apart and hands in his back pocket taking his time. “The dirty Mexican guy is Ramy. We call him hippie, because he hates hippies so much. The light weight is Sawyer. We call him thrills, because he doesn’t have any. He is a total geek.”

Making her first step, her ankle buckled. The high heel slipped sideways. Her mouth corners twitched. She struggled to her feet like bambi and let out an accidental hiccup. “You hiccup, when you trip???” he shook his head. “I don’t know. My parents must have crossed some wires wrong.” She smiled trying to be smooth again.

“Nice to meet you Ramy and Sawyer.” She reached out her hand with the palm down and fingers bent down in a ninety degree angle. Ramy immediately took the opportunity and spun her in a circle. She tripsied around and laughed. Sawyer gallantly took a knee bow and kissed her gently on the hand. “My beautiful flower, it is a pleasure to meet you.

“Kim, why don’t you be our tour guide? It’s your favorite place.”

Kim turned around and walked backward. She pointed at a lantern like light at the ceiling. “This light was a gift from president Obama for being the most authentic fake restaurant. Over there, at that table is where Al Capone had his first date.” She stepped backward onto the barstool of the hostess. She smiled and redoubled her effort by holding an imaginary microphone to her evenly shaped lips. Everyone slowly trotted behind her gazing around like tourists. The hostess hugged the menus to her chest and suppressed a smile with her lips.

“And, now you are in for a special treat. This is the room, where national history was made.” She bumped her behind in the sheer fabric dress against the heavy oak door to walk in backward. She took a look around and pointed to the mirror. “This is the famous mirror room. The mirrors have been assembled by monks in the tuzla escort Himalayas. Follow in, don’t be shy.” She waved the group to follow her energetically. Yet, they stood at the swell of the door.

“Yo goofball, you stepped into the women’s restroom.”

Despite having a brown skin, the bright red blood shot into her face. She jumped out of the restroom, as quickly as she could. The air was sucked out of her lungs. Ramy smiled warm with a wink in his right eye, “You’re alright.”

The hostess took over. They were seated at the edge of the court yard in comfortable cool shade, while the beautiful flower garden with a pond and bridge was simmering in the unrelenting sun. The menus were printouts from the manager’s office stuffed into clear pockets. Ramy was just kind of sitting there, starring into nowhere. Sawyer was intently studying the menu. His lips were so red that they almost seemed painted. Yet, his whole dress suggested that he had no clue about fashion. So, it was unlikely that he painted them.

“What do you do for a living, Kim?”

“Oh, I sell vacuum cleaners whole sale. It’s a little flat building next to the factory. I push the merchandise to Best Buy and other stores. What do you do, Sawyer?”

“I’m a software engineer at a local medical insurance company.”

“Sawyer is some super scientist. He invented regular expressions.”

“No, no, I wrote a regular expression evaluation library. It’s pretty well documented on how to that.”

“Ramy, let me guess what you do? You look like a lawyer or a doctor.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well, you dress really well. Your face looks very studied. You have this pensive movement about you, like you are often thinking very deep. I could imagine that you drive a Porsche or something. That costs a lot of money.”

“I sell produce at the local super market. But, don’t worry. I get that a lot.”


Everyone had their phones and car keys on the table. They had iPhones and Android phones. Her phone had a little Japanese character glued to it. Ramy’s Toyota car keys had a BMW key ring around them. The napkins were unfolded and thrown back on the table in a mess. The water glasses had big sweat pearls running down from the heat.

“Kim let me see your phone. Unlock it, too.”

Kim curiously looked at Ramy and handed her phone. Upon holding it in his hands, he smiled big and started typing around in it. He drew his body away from the table and leaned the chair back on the hind legs. A shock flashed over Kim’s face. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m just sending Louise a text message.”

“What! That’s not okay. Give me that phone.”

She reached over the table. The table was so wide that she could only bang on the other side of the table. Her face drew anger. Ramy leaned back as far as he could. He slowly spelled out. “I have yeast infection again.” Kim ran around the table and pulled his ear until he dropped the phone into her palm. Everyone laughed at her temper outburst.

Ramy excused himself to go to the bathroom. Kim swiftly got his cell phone and typed at the lock. She mumbled to herself: “1234 gotta be his password.” And, the phone unlocked. A blue veil was lifted. A naked glamor girl was the background of the phone. She opened the address book and pulled the first girl with a sexy name out: “Laurel.” She typed, “can I tap that?” She quickly put the phone down.

Everyone was trying to look cool. Yet, their eyes shifted to the men’s restroom. “Why did you do what you forbade him to do?” “I did not forbade him. He simply didn’t get away with it. I did. So, that’s different.” The waitress brought the burgers and salad out.

Ramy sauntered back to his chair. On cue, the cell phone vibrated. He casually lifted it up and looked at it under the table. His eyes blinked and then his calm body was calm like before. He typed something. Then he looked each friend into the eye. Kim couldn’t hold his gaze and burst out laughing. She slapped the table hard. With tears from laughter running down her face, she asked, “What did she say?”

“Wait! What? I’m your cousin! We are blood relatives.”


“Now, you owe me one.”

Sawyer curled up in his chair and looked down. He pulled his arms in front of him. The left palm held the right elbow. The right hand was on his cheek. His teeth were pressed together. He whispered, “Tina alert.” Everyone, except for Sawyer, craned their neck to see the blond next-door-type girl with workout shorts and sneakers sit down at the counter to seemingly wait for a pickup order.

Ramy grabbed Sawyer’s knee firmly, locked eyes with him and sad with the warm charm of a father: “Man up and walk over there. It’s the foot eye reflex. Your eyes see it; your feet should immediately start walking. Don’t think. Just go.”

Sawyer was frozen. Ramy added, “You made a deal with me. You said that I could have Suzie, if you freeze up one more time.” “No, not Suzie,” stammered Sawyer and slowly tuzla escort bayan got up to walk to the blond girl.

Kim raised her eye brows, “you trade girlfriends just like that?”

Her new boyfriend explained, “Suzie is the name of a real medieval morning star. He keeps it in his bedroom in an expensive glass display. He collects medieval weapons. And, Suzie is his prized possession, because some king went to battle with it and won.”

Sawyer was standing at attention like a cell phone sale man in front of Tina. There were six empty bar stools next to her. He kept standing and smiling. She played with her hair and starred into every which direction. Everyone on the table was feeling uncomfortable looking at it. They heard Tina say overly loud, “yeah, right,” while starring at her shoes. He tried to make funny movements with his hand like pretending to be a monkey.

Her boyfriend added, “The girl over there is Tina. She’s his prom date. He is horrible with girls. However, he got lucky with her. And, he even pulled her home. He told her that he wanted to show her his medieval weapons collection, like a player. Then, they were sitting on his bed. Her pussy must have been wet as the Colorado River. However, he kept explaining to her how to tell a replica medieval weapon from a real one. At some point, he felt her head on his shoulder. He thought she was ready to make out with him. However, she had fallen asleep and didn’t wake until the next morning, when she left really quickly. He still has a crush on her.”

The bartender returned from the kitchen with a white plastic bag that said ‘thank you.’ Tina jumped up, grabbed the loops of the bag and ran out without bothering to say bye to Sawyer. Sawyer walked back with a puzzled face. “Ramy, I did well, right? You saw that she played with her hair. That means that she is attracted to me.”

Kim burst out, “Dude, what is that monkey hand thing. Did you learn that in the zoo?” She laughed loud.

Her boyfriend waved his hand in front of his throat for her to cut it out. Kim sensed the energy at the table and grew pale. She looked around. Nobody said anything. Sawyer slowly turned saying that he was going to fresh up at the restaurant.

Kim leaned over to her boyfriend and whispered in his ear, “What kind of guy goes to the restroom to freshen up?” Her face was distorted from the question. Her boyfriend said nothing.

When the restroom door closed, he leaned forward and said, “boy, Sawyer is really sensitive about being awkward. When he was in high school, they put him in a trash can for his ears sticking out. You can’t even make fun of him. And, don’t apologize. He hates it even more, when he seems like a wimp. Just ignore that it ever happened. And, don’t ever do it again.”

The waitress arrived with another round of blond Corona bottles. The mood mellowed out with the alcohol. Ramy laid out a cigarette and a lighter on the table. He carefully arranged them and then moved them. Smoking is not allowed in restaurants. So, he had his ritual of playing with the addiction stick before going outside to light it up. He looked up at Kim.

“So, goofball, you really wanna be part of your boyfriend’s wolf pack? There is an initiation rite. It’s like Hell’s Angel, where you have to drink champagne out of your boot or something like that.”

Her boyfriend gazed up her body. Her breasts were covered by triangles of her dress. It gave a good idea of the shape of her small to medium sized boobs. They were slightly hanging, yet the skin was young and taut. An underbra left the top and sides exposed. “Yeah, I like my friends doing something kinky to you.”

“Oh, my god, you are pimping me out! I’m not your ho!”

Ramy leaned in, “have you ever done something wild in your life?” His eyes sparkled with suggestion.

“Okay, you are all well manner gentlemen.” She paused and her eyes looked at the sky. All three men held up two fingers and placed a hand on their chest. “You know how black women are proud of their bootie. You’ll get to do with my bootie whatever you like. But, we have to do it in private, not here.”

Everyone cheered their bottles together. Her boyfriend made himself bigger and stated, “pinky swear.” She held up her pinky, cringed it, and giggled with her whole body.

Ramy called out, “more drinks!” “No, no,” protested Kim, “I’ve had enough. And, you don’t get to do it now. Next weekend!” Ramy ordered her another drink anyway. Kim hit him to insist that she didn’t want another drink. The waitress arrived with the drink. Kim crossed her arms. The waitress put the beer down. Once the waitress had left she smiled and said, “Okay, one more.” The conversation deteriorated into incoherent slurs.

A week later, Kim’s slender, long, brown index finger pushed down on the doorbell. The doorbell was an elaborate circle that flowed out like a wave. A deep single gong rung inside of the house. The grass in front of the house was lush green. Black irrigation houses snaked escort tuzla through it. The houses on this street stood well separated. This was Ontario, CA, where $100,000 bought anyone a palace of a house. There was plenty of space. Every house had a big yard and circular drive way.

Her boyfriend opened the door in his board shorts without a t-shirt. He was barefoot. He held a box of pool chlorine tablets in his hand. They hugged and kissed. She was wearing another silky dress that fluttered lightly in the breeze. Her face was neatly prepared with a subtle lip stick and makeup. Her hair was neatly weaved into small braids. She held her new purse with green leather and big buckles in her hand. She carefully stepped into the big living room with the hardwood floor, white washed walls and big ceiling fangs blowing down the stale heat. It was cool inside. The sweat pearls on her forehead were casually wiped away.

He took her by the hand. She softly let her hand rest in his firm grip. Her eyes looked at the painting of dramatic farm and dance scenes on the wall. There was a big counter island in front of the kitchen with high bar stools. He pushed open the floor to ceiling glass sliding door. A concrete backyard with a pool opened. Sawyer and Ramy were sitting up on the white lounge chairs with the royal blue upholstering. They starred a little confused from the heat out there. Soft ripples ran over the blue pool water.

“We are really going to do this,” stated Ramy. His hair was wet and slicked together into a pony tail. His facial hair was only trimmed to make his face look dirty.

“I don’t know,” she said. She seized up the three guys in the backyard. There was a high wall all around the property that gave them privacy from the neighbor’s houses.

Sawyer was skinnier than he had seemed with his close on. Where muscles should have been only bone poked out. His chest was a little concave with his shoulder rolling forward. He was pale white, almost shining.

“Totally, we are going to do it,” said her boyfriend with a firm voice. “I got all the material here. He pointed to a red and black colored rock climbing rope that lay on the floor. He pointed to a wall that hid the pool utilities. The white wall had soft lines, where the bricks where meet each other. There were all kind of little hooks on the wall. One held an empty plant pot. Another hook held a garden hose. There were empty hooks at different heights. The highest hook had a carbiner put through it.

Her hand shook a little bit. She kicked off her shoes. The bare black feet walked over the hot tiles. Every step was a mixture of burning pain, soothing heat, and relief a second later, when her foot had sucked the heat out of the surface.

“I was kind of kidding. It was something that I agreed to in the moment,” said she. She held her arms out for him to wrap the rope around it. Her boyfriend’s hair was wet with sweet and excitement. “It’ll be so much fun. For us, of course.” “Yeah, right, you white boys have been dreaming all your life about some black bootie.” She smiled with a feisty stance.

Without acknowledging her flair, he stepped onto a chair to reach the carabiner. The rope looped through. The rope tightened and pulled her forward until she stood under the carabiner in the shade of the wall. The rope kept taking up relentlessly. Her arms raised over her head. Thick strands of rope had been wrapped around her wrists in many, neat loops.

Ramy and Sawyer had watched breathlessly with their sun glasses down. Their legs were straddling the lounge chairs wide. You never know what goes down in the suburbs. Sawyer nervously got to his legs. “This is not a proper way to treat a lady. I mean, a lady is supposed to get flowers and candy. Tying her up in a backyard is depraved. I will have no part in it.”

“Sawyer, don’t you have stories like this from your medieval studies?”

“Yeah, I mean, I studied a lot about torture and public trials of humiliation.”

“Don’t you have an interest to play it out? You always try to make us join your friends with cosplay.”

“Okay, I guess, this is kind of like cosplay. We are only playing something out.”

Kim started wiggling her butt. She swayed her hips side to side. The curve of her butt was so clear through the sheer dress fabric. She quickly squeezed her butt cheeks alternatingly. Then, she bounced up and down. That had the effect of making her butt cheeks lift and bounce together at the bottom of her bounce. “Yo mama, got the bounce. Have a look fellas,” she said with a playful ghetto accent.

Her boyfriend still didn’t acknowledge her tease. He bit of a strip of duct tape from a gray role. He swiftly lifted the back of her dress up and taped it down. Her butt was fully exposed. The luxurious brown of her skin reflected the light even in the shade. Her butt muscles were elongated like her whole body. Yet, the butt was well exercised from hiking and biking. She shrieked and jump up at the sensation of fresh air on her ass.

“What the fuck! Put down my dress!”

Her boyfriend responded coolly, “You told us that we’d have a free go at your ass. It’s the initiation rite. You said that you were up for something wild.”

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