Her Boyfriend’s Roommate Ch. 01


At about 8am, Eliza woke up to a notification on her phone. She got a text from her boyfriend cancelling their date today. They hadn’t seen each other for a while and this weekend was supposed to be just them unwinding a bit. She was disappointed; Eliza missed him after all. When she heard that he had to stay in the dorms to do some last minute schoolwork, she thought of just bringing him food and coffee. She cleared her schedule for the whole day anyway. She had nothing to do.

Plus, Sam often forgets to take care of himself. The fact that he had to cancel probably meant the amount of work was overwhelming; he’d probably forget to eat.

The concerned girlfriend reluctantly stood up from her bed and washed her face in the bathroom. She checked herself out in the mirror. Eliza was a beautiful woman; she was often told that. Smooth, glowing skin, dirty-blonde hair, long eyelashes on pretty hazel-colored irises–she stood out in any crowd. She undressed calmly in front of the mirror and tiptoed around, examining her naked body. She was mostly thin and petite in her teenage years. Now, as a college woman, she’s gained a bit of weight, giving her a more thick and womanly figure. She started exercising a lot in the past year too. It toned the curves of her body just right–accentuating her figure to the fullest. It was a mature woman’s body. The type of figure a healthy woman ten years older than her would have. She stretched, her taut skin glimmering in the warm lighting of her room. People would be stunned if they saw the sight.

Every inch of her felt like it had an aesthetical purpose on her beautiful body.

Eliza got a towel and took a shower. She came out completely drenched and awake after a few minutes. Originally, she chose a strawberry-colored dress to wear, but since the date was cancelled, she’d probably go with something a little more practical. A white shirt with jeans would do, she thought. Eliza went out of her room and greeted her already-awake roommate, Julie. She was a straight-A student who looked deceptively ditzy. Despite her casual look, Julie’s actually the most disciplined person Eliza has ever met. In fact, Eliza had never woken up before her. She saw her roommate reading every morning without fail. Novels, almanacs, biographies, you name it. She followed a sleeping schedule to the tee, but she’s surprisingly laid back during normal days–always wearing her hoodie. She was pretty nerdy and Eliza liked her a lot. If she was being honest, a little too much.

They’ve been roommates since they started college and she’s always had a thing for Julie. Sexually. The oblivious woman didn’t seem to notice one bit. Either that or she did, but she wasn’t interested. Regardless, they remained good friends over the years.


Eliza nodded and explained.

“Ah. Have fun then. Careful on your way out,” Julie said, waving her hand.

Eliza said goodbye and left the compound wearing a jacket Sam gave her. It was pretty cold here in the morning after all. People were starting to wear more and more layers each passing day.

The beautiful woman bought two cups of coffee and a hot chocolate for herself. She also got a healthy take-out from Sam’s favorite diner while she was at it.

Eliza headed to the college dorms. She waltzed right in and no one stopped her. Everyone knew Sam’s girlfriend. Extremely hot and way beyond his league, plenty of men and women were already hitting on her before she met dated Sam. Even after she finally answered her boyfriend’s vehement courting, some men still shot their shot. In fact, many of them already tried getting into her pants with more straightforward ways despite Sam, who was taller than average, incessantly glaring at anyone who dared oggle at her.

Eliza smiled: her boyfriend was the sweetest man she knew. She didn’t think he was below her league. Shallow people tend to only see the surface. That was what separated Sam from the others and that was why she dated him over her many choices.

Plus, he was good at sex.

Eliza opened the door to the apartment and saw her boyfriend buried under a lot of papers.

She greeted, “Hey, baby! I got coffee.”

He turned towards her and yelled, “Oh, shit. You’re here! You’re a lifesaver, Lizzie. I love you so much.” Sam walked towards her and took her in his embrace.

“Baby, why are you here?” he asked, pleasantly surprised.

Eliza gave him the take-out she ordered.

“I thought I’d drop by and see how you’re doing. You don’t eat when you’re stressed out, so I brought breakfast. I didn’t have anything to do anyway. Cleared my whole schedule out,” she explained.

Sam squinted his eye suspiciously and asked, “You just came here to play with my consoles, did you?”

“Pretty much,” she replied instantly.

He laughed and said, “Well, play away! I do better when there’s a pretty girl waiting for me anyway.” Sam pecked her lips before comedically sprinting towards the kitchen to open the breakfast she bought him.

Eliza chuckled over his playful antics.

Then, he walked bahis siteleri in.

The smile on Eliza’s face slowly disappeared. Not in a malicious way. In fact, not even consciously. Her usually bright countenance just slightly dampens down in his presence for some reason. The difference was somewhat negligible, but it was obvious to an observing eye.

Eliza has always been really keen and observant on intra-personal stuff. She was aware of the way her mind reacts to certain people whenever she hung out with them. Hyun-woo was a nice, handsome man. Out of Sam’s friends, he was possibly one of her favorites.

She just couldn’t feel completely comfortable around him for some reason. In fact, she knew the reason. She just didn’t want to entertain it.

“Oh, Liz! You’re here. I haven’t seen you in a while,” Hyun-woo greeted.

Yeah. It’s because of you.

“Hey. I just came here to bring Sam some coffee, if that’s okay,” Eliza said, uncharacteristically nervous.

He grinned, “No problemo, Liz. Stay as long as you like. Heck, stay for the night! You know you’re welcome here.”

He continued, “Date was cancelled, huh? Sam told me about it. That sucks. I know his professor–she really is a bitch, that one.”

She smiled back, “Thanks. It’s cool though; I’d rather stay indoors anyway.”

“Also, put on some clothes,” she said after a hesitant pause.

“Ah,” he omitted, surprised that he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Honestly, who walks into a room and fail to notice they’re half naked?

“Hyun, who’s there?”

The man who gets a different slam-buddy every night apparently.

He looked at her and apologetically said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were coming.”

Eliza waved her hand, “It’s got nothing to do with me. Why would I be bothered?”

He stared at her for a while, his expression unreadable, before chuckling. Hyun-woo sheepishly rubbed the back of his head as he muttered, “You’re…right. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Silence visited the two once again. It was kind of awkward, Eliza thought.

Hyun-woo replied back to the new mystery girl, “Sam’s girl is here. Pretty sure I told you about her. Come here and meet her.”

Footsteps followed and a girl came out of his room. She was almost naked, just wearing a two-piece and a polo that was way too big for her–probably Hyun-woo’s. She was pretty, Eliza couldn’t help but glance.

Hyun-woo suavely put his arm across the woman’s shoulder as he continued to stare at her. For some reason, Eliza couldn’t help but feel as if he was somehow…taunting her. As if he was a kid, showing off his toys to make her jealous. The blonde girlfriend was taken aback. That couldn’t be it. That didn’t even make sense.

“Hello. I’m Eliza, Sam’s girlfriend. You are….?”

“Maybelline. So you’re Liz. He’s told me a lot about you,” she said as she pointed at the man beside her.

“Oh? I’m curious. What did he say?”

“None of your business, kid.” He grinned as he walked towards her and messed up her blonde hair. He seemed completely normal now, unlike awhile ago.

You see, that was the part that bugged Eliza the most. Hyun-woo had these moments where suddenly, she couldn’t read him completely. People were usually black and white in that regard; it was either you could read them, or you couldn’t. The more you spend time with them, the more you could predict their reactions somewhat. Hyun was different. He was so predictable…..until he wasn’t. As if what he normally showed her was only the surface pretending to be the sea-floor.

Eliza didn’t like that, but it was mostly irrelevant if you ignored those moments and just focused on what you can read from him. None of what he shows seems fake either, so she didn’t mind too much.

“I’m literally your senior of two years. Doesn’t Korea stress the importance of hierarchical positions in school years?”

He raised his eyebrows and asked, “You living in Korea?”

“No, but–“

“Well, that answers your question! Stay in your place, shorty.”

Eliza pouted as she stared at him. Hyun-woo laughed. He said, “Okay, okay. I was kidding, sunbae.”

He ran back to his room. Maybelline followed after him. Hyun-woo came back out alone wearing a white shirt. The blonde girl felt herself relax, though she didn’t know why. She looked at her boyfriend’s roommate. Only Hyun-woo could make plain white shirts seem so fashionable. Still, he looked better naked. Eliza found herself slightly disappointed. She was loyal, not dead. Anyone could see how objectively attractive he was. His biceps, his pecs, his abs.

His smile.

What was she thinking? Eliza shook her head. It wasn’t a big deal. It was just looking. She’d argue eye-candies are for everyone. Hyun-woo was a stone-cold 10. It honestly wasn’t a surprise he could play with different women so casually–and men too; she’s seen him with plenty guys. Eliza snapped her thoughts in two as she handed him the coffee she bought for him.

“What’s this?”

“I got you a coffee,” she replied.

He looked at the cup blankly. canlı bahis siteleri She wasn’t lying; it had his romanized name on the side. Properly spelled too. No one would know how to spell a random Korean name in this country–which either meant it was pure luck, or she paid extra attention and told them how to spell it. He wanted to ask which one it was, but a lump in his throat prevented him from doing so. He wanted to assume it was the latter though.

If it was, how did she even know how to spell it?

Hyun’s heart ached. Just when he thought he couldn’t be more down for her than he already was, she does shit like this.

He smiled from ear to ear and said, “Thanks.”

Eliza was stunned. Hyun-woo seemed so genuinely happy over the simple cup of coffee. She never noticed it individually until now, but his teeth were pristine white. Was his smile always this pretty? She didn’t know. It looked bright enough to power a whole city-wide power shortage.

Did he really like coffee that much?

“N-no problem,” she stuttered. Damn.

He looked at her cup and asked, “Did you also get coffee?”

“I did, for Sam.”

A glint of jealousy appeared in Hyun-woo’s eyes. Eliza didn’t notice, still pretty dazed over the guy’s gorgeous smile.

She raised her cup towards him.

“I got hot chocolate though.”

Eliza was about to talk about the taste when Hyun suddenly held her hand gently and leaned in to take a sip.

Eliza looked blankly at him.

He looked at her back as he licked his lips. Smirking, the man said, “I think I prefer your drink.”

She didn’t know what to say.

“I mean, do you wanna switch?” she asked casually.

His teasing smile disappeared as he remarked, “Nah. Your cup doesn’t have my name on it.”

“But it has mine,” she replied. Eliza didn’t know why she said that.

“Hmm. That is tempting.” He chuckled as he continued, “But I’ll have your name written somewhere else, Lizzie.”

“And where is tha–“

“What you guys talking about?”

Eliza visibly flinched. She looked at Hyun-woo. She could tell he was bothered too. She played it off cool and said, “You scared me, Sam. Don’t do that again, you know I get surprised easily.”

Sam laughed as he ate his take-out. The pretty girl also came out of Hyun’s room at the same time. He said, “Oh, you’ve met Maybelline?”

“You know her?”

“I do. I met her last week. I swear to god– I’m thankful these rooms are sound-proof every day, lest I hear something I really don’t want to hear,” he joked lightheartedly.

Hyun-woo chuckled and replied, “Whatever, dude.”

Maybelline also laughed hysterically.

The atmosphere was amicable, as if the previous tension between Eliza and the roommate didn’t exist. She questioned if the whole thing was even real, albeit momentarily.

Why did he flirt with her? And why did she flirt back?

She looked at the comfortable, joking atmosphere between the three people as she forced herself to smile along.

What was that?


A few hours pass by and Sam was knee-deep in concentration with his work. She didn’t wanna bother him so she lowered the volume and casually played random games, not that he could hear much regardless. The room was big, and he was at the other end. Plus, he had a habit of wearing headphones and listening to classical music whenever he studied.

The hot girl named Maybelline left a long time ago. Hyun-woo asked her to leave when he found out Eliza was staying for a while. She tried to stop him; none of them had to leave.

If one of them really had to, Eliza should be the one to leave. She had nothing to do here anyway. Her suggestions fell on deaf ears–Hyun was insistent.

And the girl obeyed.

Eliza was confused. Maybelline looked like the kind of person who liked everything in her control. Proactive. Dominant. That kind of stuff. What she looked like when Hyun commanded, not asked–commanded her to leave was so…spineless. Submissive.

Hyun-woo sat next to her in the couch.

“You waiting for Sam?”

“Not really. I kinda gave up for today. I’ve seen the amount he’s working with and I expect to be here until the sky goes dark and I go home.”

“That sucks. I told you–Christine is a bitch.”

“Christine,” she repeated in confusion.

“His professor. A stuck-up, conservative woman in her 40s. She really gets off on making her students suffer. I told her to lay off a bit too. I guess she did in the first semester, but she’s back on it again,” he clarified, shrugging his shoulders.

“You’re on a first-name basis with a professor?” Eliza teasingly asked.

Hyun-woo stared at her, smirking. He said suggestively, “I guess professors have a thing for….Korean….men.”

She looked back at him, dumbfounded.

“No way.”

He suddenly burst out laughing at Eliza’s reaction. He replied, “Yeah.”

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed out of disbelief. She continued asking, “Does Sam know about this?”

“Honestly, he’s the reason it happened in the canlı bahis first place. But no, he doesn’t know about it.”

“Wow. You’re a certified whore,” Eliza said lightheartedly.

“Born and bred, baby.” He laughed. She flinched at the unexpected nickname. Only Sam ever called her “baby. Eliza chose not to make a thing of it.

She had the sudden urge to ask, “How’d she even agree to it?”

He paused and asked, “Can I tell you something slightly inappropriate?”

She asked, “Is it related to my question?”


“Go ahead then,” she said as she took a gulp of the orange juice Hyun-woo gave her.

“I have a really big dick.”

Eliza almost spat out the juice. That wasn’t at all what she expected him to say. It wasn’t even in the top ten, honestly. A really big dick? What even constitutes as “really big”?

She stared at him, slightly doubting. He chuckled, “That’s why she slept with me. Honestly, that’s why most people sleep with me.”

“Wow. I don’t know how to react.”

He teased, “Well, save the words ’til you see it.”

An awkward pause suddenly visited the room.

He apologized, “Sorry. Does that make you uncomfortable?”

“A little bit.”

“I was joking. That did seem too creepy, huh? It won’t happen again.”


“I tell you, that joke would’ve worked better on Sam,” he said, trying to lighten the mood.

Eliza couldn’t help but laugh. He was right. Maybe she was being too sensitive. He obviously messes a lot; that was just his personality. Why was Eliza even bothered about it in the first place?

Hyun-woo stretched his hands. I stared. I couldn’t help it. His hands looked like a work of art; his fingers were long and slim, coupled with nails that were neat and clearly maintained. He wore a ring in his pinky. It was uniquely shaped, closely resembling some sort of snake.

“A tangent, but you have really pretty hands.”

He looked flustered at the unexpected compliment, “Thanks.”

I continued, “Anyway. That’s why you have different men and women in your bed every day? Because you have a big….penis?”

“Yeah. I’m pretty hung,” Hyun-woo stated casually.

He continued, “By the way, you’re not disgusted at me for sleeping with men…?”

“Are you kidding me?! I’m bisexual myself,” I said.

His eyes shone as he exclaimed, “Wow! Damn, I didn’t know.”

He laughed before saying, “We get the best of both worlds, don’t you think?”

“I agree. More people should be bi.” She meant it. Being bisexual was fun.

“Since when did you find out, Liz?” he asked.

“Pretty late actually. I always thought I only liked the way women look because I wanted to look like them. Or wear their outfits. It took a while to realize I was sexually attracted to them. What about you?”

“Pretty early. Then my time with the military pretty much confirmed it.”

“You served in the military?”

“Korea has a law subjecting every man to serve in the military. It’s mandatory and almost no one can escape it–unless you’re rich and powerful,” he explained.

“Damn, you sleep with anyone there?” I teased.


Eliza was dumbfounded. She said, “Wow, does a day pass by where you don’t have sex with someone?”

“Not during my military service, no. At least if you count blowjobs as sex.”

“No way. Military men?”

“Definitely! They’re definitely one of the more cock-crazy ones. In fact, the best cocksuckers I know were military men. Is that hard to believe?”

“Kinda. I mean, like, hmm. How do I put this? They just seem so…straight. Aren’t most of them like butch heterosexuals?”

“Most of them are. My sergeant was straight and married. With kids. That didn’t stop him though,” he said with a chuckle.

“That’s weird,” she remarked.

“Really? It happens more often than you’d think. Honestly, straight men were

the majority of my sexual encounters there.”

“Maybe they were closeted. If they really were straight, why would they suck a man off?”

He paused and repeated, “Because I have a big dick.”

“Okay, okay. Stop blowing your ego. Jesus,” Eliza teasingly said, rolling her eyes at him. She continued, “That shouldn’t change anything. It’s kind of irrelevant.”

“Not in my experience, Liz. In fact, I’ve experienced this the other way around too.”

“You mean lesbian women?”

“Yep. I can’t fit the instances in my hand where I fucked a lesbian and she realized she was bi–but only for big dick.”

The conversation took a more obscene turn with dirtier words being used. It felt weird talking about this with her boyfriend’s roommate, but Eliza found herself morbidly curious.

“That doesn’t make sense, right? I mean sexuality is all about attraction. If she wasn’t attracted to men, then she’s a lesbian through and through. Same with straight men,” she said, deeply pondering.

“Well, labels don’t really matter that much to me, but you’re right. Just because they love big dicks doesn’t mean they’re attracted to men. I stand corrected.”

“That still doesn’t make sense though. A penis is a male organ. Why be curious of one when you’re a lesbian or a heterosexual man? Does that make them straight or gay, respectively? A penis isn’t exactly a trait–it’s a full blown man-thing, right?

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