Her Ex-Boyfriend Came Back


Her Ex-Boyfriend Came BackI was holding my wife Kate’s hand as we sat waiting for her to be called into the room for her dialysis session. I look way across the lobby there is Sue and Jayson, Kate’s parients. But let me go back to the beginning, I met Kate at a party three years ago. I saw her sitting with two girl friends that would get up and dance from time to time, guys were asking Kate to dance but she always turned them down. She was a lovely young woman, long brown hair great figure, when she got up to go to the bathroom she appeared to be about 5’5” very nice legs and great butt. When she came back her friend gave her a drink it was the third for that night, one of her friends said something that made her laugh. I asked a friend if he knew her, he said her name was Kate that six months ago she was engaged to her c***dhood friend and he had broken it off and moved out Town. I asked if she was seeing anyone now he said no she just keeps shutting everyone down. Ok it never hurts to have some inside info. So I approach her, I say hello your Kate Stephens aren’t you, she says yes. I say I am Bryan Taylor, would you like to take a chance and dance with me I’m not very good but it’s better than sitting and getting drunk, she laughs and her girlfriends egg her on to dance with me. She says oh ok but you better not step on my toes we all laugh. We were in a set of slow songs that was good for me to get to know her. We started dancing one hand on hand and the other arm around our waists. Halfway thru the first song her arms were around my neck my arms hugging her and her head on my chest. We melted together actually we didn’t talk that much but we stayed out on the floor for four songs, I don’t think either of us wanted our time together to end. Finally one of her friends said it was getting late and they needed to leave Kate and I were holding both our hands as they talked, I asked Kate if I could have her number, she said give me your phone and she put her name and info in my contacts. I said thank you for making my night very special and I would love to see her again, she reached in and we kissed a long tender kiss and she said you can count on us getting together again, and she walked away with her friend. My friend came over and said you’re the first guy that’s gotten passed a hello with her and probably only the second guy to kiss her in her life. He said her ex-boyfriend and her were a couple from first grade thru college. After they graduated college they got engaged then six months later, he broke it off and moved away no one knows where he had moved to. I told myself I really liked her but I knew I had to take it slow. As I went to bed all I could do is think about her, damn no woman had ever made me feel this way, except Sara who was totally out of my league. I dreamed about her all night when I woke up Saturday morning I was still thinking about her. A bit about me I had graduated college with a MA in Business Administration and minor in software development, and went to work for my pairents, who owned several companies. Tragically they were killed by a d**g addict in a carjacking. I inherited the all their companies and property’s, including the mansion on the Chesapeake Bay where all my companies were run out of. I had to do a lot of growing up in a very short time. I am 6’ tall 190 lbs. ruggedly handsome I’m told, I have a great sense of humor and can actually dance very well.It was 8:30 maybe a bit early but I pulled up her info on my cell and press call, she answers with a groggy hello I say oh damn too early she says what who is this, I say this is Bryan, she immediately perked up and said hello Brian I was hoping to hear from you today. I asked her do you have anything planned for today? She said no not really, I asked her if she would like to have brunch in Disney World. She says what how, I say it’s only a two hour flight, she say yes if you have a jet, I say I do. She says you do what have a jet, actually I have three, and one of my compiles is an executive jet charter service. Kate says yes sure who could pass up a date like this. I say I’ll be there about 9:30 she says ok I really have a lot to ask you I say we will have all day to talk see you in a bit. I call my business manager and tell her what I need she said well it’s about time you showed interest in something besides business she said she would see everything was done first class, I said thank you Sally, she is very special. I jump in the shower shave put on shorts and tee shirt nice button shirt and a good pair of walking shoes hop in my Dad’s restored custom pickup and off I go I get close to her house when I relize I am real early I call her and I can tell she has me on speaker phone and says hello, I say Kate it’s Bryan she says please don’t tell me you’re not coming oh no but I’m a bit early she yells BRYAN I’M A WOMAN, YOU CAN’T BE EARLY TO PICK UP A WOMAN then I hear her call Mom help he’s early I hear a blow dryer running, she says don’t be here before 9:10 I say ok just wear comfortable walking shoes, I hear her say Mom he’s such a nice guy a really nice guy. I say see you in a bit bye. I pull up right at 9:10 and walk up and knock on the door, her father answers the door and invites me in I hold out my hand and say Bryan Taylor her dad takes my hand and says Jayson Stephens I say it’s a pleasure to meet you. He asks you’re not related by any chance related to that couple that were killed in the carjacking a few months ago. I say yes they were my parients. He says I so sorry son, I say thank you actually it’s been a little over a year ago. I had been just graduated college six months before it happened. Jayson says you appear to be adjusting well. I say I was brought up in the business and schooled to take it over when my parients retired. After they were gone I just through myself in the business to keep myself going. I ask do you by any chance like to fish in the bay, he says yes I do I only get to go once every few years. I say any time you want to go let me know we have four charter boats in our charter fishing fleet. Kate’s mom walks in her dad introduces us, and says Sue this is Bryan Taylor, she takes my hand kisses my cheek and says you have made quite an impression on our little girl. I say your little girl has made a bigger impression on me. Her Mom says you seem like a very nice young man but Kate had a very tragic (Kate’s Dad is standing behind me shaking his head no and mothing the word no) breakup a while back and is very valuable please don’t take advantage of her. I say I am very familiar loss and I would never take advantage of her or any other person. Kate comes in and says Mom, then I’m very sorry Bryan, then Mom you had no right to talk to Bryan that way. I say Kate its ok your Mom is just concerned about your welfare any responsible mother would do the same. Sue says thank you Bryan and gives me another kiss on the cheek at least one person understands. Kate says Mom he’s my date and you kiss a date like this and she puts her arms around my neck and gives me one hot long tongue kiss. Jayson says well Sue it appears Kate is capable of taking care of herself Sue says yes but now I’m concerned about Bryan we all laugh, I ask would you two like to join us Kate says NO they don’t then she says don’t we have a plane to catch I say yep It was very nice to meet you two and I hope to get to know you much better, they walk us out and her dad says is that a restored 55 Chevy pickup, I say yes it was my dad’s it’s a curser. He says you two have a good time.We get in the car and head for the Bay Bridge airport. Sue asks Jayson what was all the no BS back there, he says remember that rich couple that was carjacked and murdered a year ago she says yes that was very tragic, Jayson says you just ment their only c***d, her face turns white she says oh my god what did I do she sits down in the chair on the front porch and oh my god what did I do he must hate me. I have to apologize to him why didn’t you stop me Jayson says I tried. We get to the airport park in the hanger, and board the plane, Kate says this is nice. The pilot closes the hatch, I say how are you today Tom, he says great Boss it looks like we have great flying weather and a good tail wind so we should be there before 11:00, a car will meet you there with all your VIP passes, please buckle up we will be taking off directly. I sat next to Kate who says I always get scared taking off I take her hand and say these are the best pilots you will ever find we will be ok baby, I wouldn’t let anything happen to you. Kate gets a text and asks is it ok to use the cell phone on the plane I say of course we even have wyfi. Kate looks at her phone it’s a text from her Mom saying please apologize to Bryan for me. Kate text back for what? Mom responds talking about your loss when his was so much larger. Kate types back what are you talking about? Mom types you don’t know? Kate know what? Mom about his loss, Kate what was his loss? The plans starts to accelerate really fast and you can feel it lift off the ground and steeply climb into the sky Kate squeezes my hand really tight and leans into me I smile and say its ok I won’t let anything happen to you, she smiles and bends over and we kiss. Kate looks at her phone and the text message saying that Bryan’s parents were killed in a carjacking a year ago. Kate types Ok Mom guess I’ll have to make it up to him for you. Mom don’t lose your virginity over my big mouth, Kate no chance of that John took my virginity in the ninth grade, best I can give him is used goods but I’m sure I’ll put a big smile on his face Bye for Now. The pilot comes on the speaker and says we have reaches our cruising altitude of six thousand feet. You may unbuckle and move about the cabin. Kate says is there a bath room I smile and say yes of course, do you need to go? Not yet but I will, whats behind the door in the back, I say it’s the sleeping birth, Kate says can I see, I say yes of course. I take her back and we walk in, she says wow that’s a big bed, no sense in letting it go to waste and she starts taking off her clothes, I say what are you doing she says joining the mile high club, get your clothes off I can’t do this without you! She didn’t have to tell me twice. Kate is laying back on the bed with her head propped up I drop my paints and Kate stares at my rapidly rising cock and says you better be gentle with that thing I’m no virgin but It’s been a while, I just stand there staring at her beatiful body, her big firm breast big dark areolas thin but very long nipples flat tummy, great ass and long legs, you can see she has had a bikini wax leaving a neatly trimmed landing strip. Kate says nice aren’t I now stop staring at me and come take me I’m all yours, I craw up the bed beside her take her in my arms and she asks what are you thinking I say I’m afraid to tell you, she says I know I feel the same way, we kiss it starts out as long loving kiss that rapidly changes to a hot passionate tongue sharing kiss, my hand slides down to cup her big boob, and roll her long nipple between my fingers, I hear her suck in a big breath of air between her lips and her whole body shutters and she holds me tight for a few seconds, and says damn already oh I’m on the pill so enjoy I slide my hand down across her flat belly then down between her legs and slide my finger down her slit and into her hot wet pussy till I find her little raised spot in the top of her love tunnel her back arches she calls out AHHHHHHHHHHHHH and her body twists and turns, she pulls my hand away from her pussy. When she regains herself she says what did you do to me I say just rubbed your G-Spot she says I thought that G-spots were a myth, I say appearently not! I pull her to me kiss her lips than her neck and down between her boobs, then over to her long nipple and suck it into my mouth, Kate runs her fingers thru my hair and moans as I continue to attack her nipples. Then she pushes down on my head I look up at her eyes are most the way closed she smiles at me and mouths “eat me baby” and she pushes down harder on my head, as my head goes down her legs go up and spread wider I reach her hot juicy pussy, I take the tip of my tongue and trace the line from her dark little butt hole up to just below her clit and back down this time circling her butt hole and back up again pressing a bit deeper in as my tongue tracks back up her slit, she moans a deep long moan as I start my tongue back down her crack this time when I get to the bottom I push the tip of my tongue into her little butt hole, then when I get to her pussy tunnel I slide my tongue up into it and find her magic G spot and tickle it with the tip of my tongue and get rewarded with a flood of her pussy juice an arched back and an oh gad Bryan don’t stop so oh gad yes so I move up to her clit suck it into my mouth and flick my tongue over her clit and reach up and pinch her nipples and she explodes try’s to push my head away from her pussy and squirts pussy juice all over both of us. She keeps cuming and cuming lifting her mound in the air, I let go of her pussy with my mouth and move up on top of her when she is on her down stroke I slide my cock into her and when she pushes up she totally impales herself on my cock all the way to my balls, she gasps and I take over pumping my cock in and out of her as the pace increases my balls begin to tighten up I hear Kate gasping oh yes baby push harder oh yes my cock swells and I explode into her pussy over and over I squirt into her, she is exploding on my cock I collapse on her totally drained. I roll off beside her look at her she is breathing like she just ran a marathon, I bend down kiss her eyes, nose, when I get to her lips she reaches up puts he arms around my neck and we kiss a long passionate kiss and I look at her and say I Love You a tear runs down her cheek and she hugs me and says I Love You too I say damn she says whats wrong and she pulls away for me and sees I’m also crying she hugs me tight and we both cry out our pent up pain and welcome our combined joy. The pilot comes on the speaker and says we will be landing in twenty minutes boss the weather is clear and seventy five degrees. Kate looks at me and says we smell like sex, I say no we smell like your pussy, she says it’s your faugh nobody has ever come close to making me squirt before. I say do you want to shower she says yes of course I take her into the bathroom and show her how the shower works, and reach into the vanity and hand her a deuce and say unless you want me dripping out of you all day, I say it’s been a long time and I think I might have pumped a quart of cum in you. She laughs and says thank you and gives me a quick kiss. I go out strip the bed put the dirty bedding in the bin for it and get out a fresh set and make up the bed. Kate yells I’m out I go in the bathroom and go to hug and kiss her she says NO I’m clean and you smell like my pussy I say ummm yes, she says go get clean. Dry’s off puts on her makeup and gets dressed. Then she goes on Facebook and updates her status; What a wonderful dayFlying to Disney World in a private jetJoined the Mile High ClubFell in Love with a wonderful man and fantastic loverI found out I have a G-Spot actually he found it for me I found out with the right lover I squirtAnd it’s not even eleven am yet, more to follow!Oh one more thing Mom I apologized to Brian for you and I won’t be home tonightAnd she hits enterI walk into the bedroom Kate is sitting on the bed and says come here grabs my cock and sucks it into her mouth, I say don’t start something we can’t finish, she says just making sure it’s all clean! I pull her up and say can I kiss and hug you now, she smells my face and kisses me a peck and says don’t want to mess up my lipstick I laugh and shake my head then bend over to pick up my shorts and she smacks me on my butt. I get dressed and we hear please take your seats and buckle in. As the plane descends Kate has my hand again, then I notice her phone is ringing, beeping, vibrating I say what wrong with your phone. Kate giggles and says oh I guess it’s my friends responding to my Facebook post about my day so far, I say what did you post about she says everything, I say I would guess that would get a lot of reply’s! How many friends do you have? She says lots, I said well now you have something to do tomorrow reading all the post. Oh no we are spending tomorrow together, I say it will be late when we get back tonight, before I can say anything else she cuts me off and says I know that’s why I’m spending the night with you. Then she asks is it ok I spend the night do you have someone else? I say yes its fine you stay no one else I just never thought anyone as beatiful as you would want to stay overnight with me. She says stop you’re a hunk I’m so lucky you choose me last night. Then she asks your house isn’t a dump in a bad neighborhood is it? I laugh just then we feel the plane touch down. Slow and turn towards the hangers then into a hanger and stops. The pilot comes back and says, you can unbuckle now, he opens the hatch and lowers the stairs as we get up to walk out the pilot says I hope you enjoyed your flight, Kate walks by him and says oh we did and kisses him on the cheek and walks down the ladder, the pilot says I think you got your hands full with that one, I say I hope so. We get in the waiting limo and it takes off for Disney World. We start looking at Kate’s messages the first one is from her Mom it says When you get home we are going to have a long talk, if you intend to live under her roof there were some rules she was going to have to agree to. Kate says looks like I’m going to have to find an apartment. I say I might be able to help you out with that, she says no I’m not going to shack up with you in your bachelor pad! I say let’s talk about it tomorrow. We pull into Disney World, Kate is in all WOW look at this place. We pull up to the VIP reception area and are met by Sara our assistant for the day. It’s 11:15, she says what would you like to do first Kate says FOOD, I say we would like to go have brunch and I was hoping you could join us and discuss with Kate her options for today, she say sure Bryan. I say right now I need to go find a tree Sara laughs and says you know where it is. Kate asks do you know Bryan. She says a year ago when his pairents were murdered he spent a month here recovering from his loss. I was his consular, then she says you have a great guy there he is the nicest, kindest most generous most loving man I have ever known, a week after he got here there was a disturbance at the main gate, there was a grope of 30 High School k**s from the mid-west that had worked for three years to earn a trip here, that had got caught in a scam an purchased counterfeit passes and couldn’t get in the park. Bryan bought them all VIP passes, then because this happens more often you would think Bryan setup a scholarship to prevent this from happening in the future. Actually I’m a bit jealous of you I became very fond of him when he was here last year. Kate says he must be a very powerful man, Sara says he is but you would never know it.The day was spent in the park we all had a great time Sara was great as always. While we were there I told Sara we needed to purchase a change of clothes and a bikini for Kate, and she took us to a boutique where Kate got everything she needed and a very sexy bikini. We got back to the plane at 10:30 Kate was dragging butt. We climb back into the plane and Kate tells the pilot home James, he smiles and says yes mam. He whispers to Bryan don’t think you’re getting any tonight, Kate says I heard that and no not tonight but his ass is mine in the morning, I say actually it’s already hers, she says all baby so nice. Now come over here and sit next to me so we can take off, we sit and buckle up Kate turns and gives me a big kiss and says thank you for one of the best days of my life, but I’m glad we are leaving that Sara is way hotter than I am and she has it bad for you. I say Sara is a sweet girl but I love you with all my heart and soul. Why would you take me over her, she could be a model or a play boy bunny. I say yes but there is something you have that she doesn’t, she says whats that I say me. Kate you are my whole world I never want to let you go! Kate gives me a big kiss, we recline our seats and she hugs me and lays her head on my chest and falls asleep. The next thing she knows she wakes up Sunday morning in my bed. She has no idea where she is, she realizes she is sleeping nude with a man behind her. She rolls over and sees me gets a big smile on her face that lifts the sheet and see’s my morning wood and gets an evil smile on her face and crawls under the sheet takes my cock in her hand then sucks it in her mouth. I feel like I am having a very pleasant dream, I reach down put my hand on her head, I open my eyes, look under the sheet and see Kate steady working on my cock with her mouth, I through off the covers and pull her up in my arms and give her a big hug and kiss. She jumps up straddles me pinning my cock between her pussy and my abs. She says where are we did you rent the honeymoon suit, and she gets a good look around. I say no this is my bedroom in my bachelor pad, she says this isn’t a hotel or a resort I say no it’s my house. Can I ask how big your house is I say a little over fifteen thousand sqft. She says this a mansion not a house, show me around. I say why don’t we get a shower first and get dressed, then we can have breakfast and I’ll show you around. She says why can’t you show me around now, I say the staff isn’t use to nudist running around the place. Kate says STAFF! And grabs a pillow and covers the front of her body. I say Kate there not in here, she puts the pillow down I walk her over to the french doors open them and walk her out onto the balcony overlooking the pool, and patio with the Chesapeake Bay just beyond. She looks down and gets somewhat of an idea for the size of the house. She asks how much land is here I say 150 acres. I take her hand and lead her into the bathroom. She says OH MY GOD did you put in a health club I say kinda, she says I’ll need a road map to find the toilet speaking of which where is it I say behind that door, she says the toilet has its own room I say of course. She runs to it I walk over and watch her sit down and she jump right back up and she says it’s hot I say no just warm she sits slowly and says that’s nice and I hear her pee splashing in the toilet and say you’re not shy I say, she looks at me and says you had your tongue in there yesterday so what hell, I bend down give her a kiss. She gets up I take her hand and lead her to the shower. She says did you steel the showers from the Y I say no this is all ours, she spins around puts her arms around my neck and says OURS! I say yes ours baby she say ours as I move in with you or ours as long term. I say ours as in same last name, baby carriages and minivan. She says you had me at same last name, and baby carriages but lost me at minivan, I say oh thank god, but you are talking long term I say till death do us part long term and tuzla escort hug her in my arms, walk her under a shower head and turn on the water, grab the pink shower sponge and the pink shower gel and start washing her sweet face, breast and she moans. Then her flat tummy, turn her around an do her sholders, back and lushes butt, I walk around in front of her kneel down and tell her to grab the bar that’s fastened to the wall, then I wash one leg and lift it over my sholder, I wash the second leg and put it over my other sholder, and in my face is her very sweet pussy that I proceed to wash with my tongue, Kate rotates her hips so her slit is right at my mouth, she holds onto the bar with on hand and takes the other put it on the back of her head and presses me into her pussy, she continues to ride my face for five minutes, till I suck her clit into my mouth and gently bite it, she goes wild and tightens her legs around my head and squirts all over my face and chest. I reached up to steady her as she let go of the bar and layed back , I was now lying flat on my back with Kate’s pussy still straddling my face and my arms supporting her. Kate opens her eyes and smiles at me and says your turn and slides back rises up a bit reaches between her legs grabs my cock lines it up with her pussy and slides down on it, she closes her eyes, bites her lower lip tilts her head back and begins to ride up and down on my cock I reach up and cup her breast as she starts to go faster and I pump up my hips to meet her thrusts I start to roll her nipples between my fingers she lets out a loud AHHHHHH then I feel my balls tighten feel my cock swell, I pound up on her and start to shoot my cum deep into her sweet pussy as I pinch and twist her nipples causing her to cum all over my cock. I sit up hold her in my arms kiss her a long loving kiss. Kate says I hope you have a douche stashed in here because I have no intention of walking around dripping your cum down my leg all day OH and god I love you baby and we laugh. We get up I go out to the vanity grab a summers eve pre-packaged douche she twists off the top hands it to me inserts the spout into her pussy and squeezes. I say sorry guys as clumps of my cum and douche liquid flow out of her pussy. Kate says you gota put a ring on it before I’ll let them stay in there and swell my belly. I say sure we can go look at rings whenever you want I’m ready! Kate puts her arms around my neck and says I’m close give me a little more time, I say I’m not pressuring you whenever you’re ready. We get out of the shower, dry off Kate puts on the outfit she bought yesterday which was a Minnie Mouse tee shirt and a pair of white cotton short shorts that turn out to be a bit tight causing a perfect camel toe, I say your ears have bumps, she stands in front of the full length merrow and says oh my this is a bit slutty, I walk over next to her cup her butt and say yes but you can pull it off with class. I lift the hand set and say good morning Nick how are you today great I’m supper how long till breakfast, oh good, we will need another place set, oh you did, ok see we will be right down. Kate says I can’t find my shoes, I said appearently I dropped them on the stairs carrying you up stairs last night. We need to go down so you can meet the staff and breakfast is ready. Kate says wait I where do those other doors go, I say real quick, this is my closet, I open the door, she says this isn’t a closet it’d a clothing store, this door on the right goes to the exercise room, this door goes to our bathroom, then this door goes to your dressing room, and this room goes to your closet, what the heck it’s twice as big as yours whats that thing in the ceiling, I say it’s you clothes carousel, see on the wall there are buttons for dresses, tops, paints and on and on just push one and it rotates around to you, then over on the sides there are rotating storage units for shoes, nylons, socks, tights, underware, bras, and jewelry, And out this door to our bed room. Ok let’s go meet the staff and eat.We walk out the bedroom door Kate walks out and stops, looks right, left, up and down and say’s this is a resort not a home, I say actually at one time it was kinda a resort. We go down to the breakfast dining area I introduce Kate to everyone, we sit there and talk to everyone Kate blends right in with the gang. Then I say Kate do you and your parients like local seafood, she says god we love it. I have an idea why don’t you call your Mom and Dad have them come over for lunch and dinner, we can have crab cakes and soft crabs for lunch along with a salad, Paul my personal assistant will we be joining you all Kate says of course, you all appear to be family I would never do anything that would not include you all, I say as long as you don’t have a date or other obligation you all have always been and always will be included. I say after lunch you and your Mom can relax at the pool, you’re Dad and I can go out in one of our charter boats and catch rock fish for dinner, I figured we could have stuffed rock fish for dinner and fresh sweet corn and salads for dinner, a few of the people here like to crab and they can go out and catch crabs for the imperial toping, Kate says Mom and I love to crab I say great, you can tell your Mom to bring clothes for crabbing and if you want to move in have her bring you enough stuff for a few days Kate says I’m staying we have a lot talking to do, I say of course, I can have a limo pick them up or they can drive. Kate says send a limo. How long does it take to get to my house from here, I say you’re already at your house, but it’s 35 to 45 minutes to your pairents house. Kate takes out her cell phone and says I’m putting on it on speaker so we can all laugh together and calls her house next thing we hear is KATE WHERE ARE YOU WHAT DO YOU MEAN NOT COMING HOME LAST NIGHT AND SHACKING UP WITH SOME GUY YOU DON’T KNOW, Kate says good morning Mom, her Mom goes on KATE IF YOU INTEND TO LIVE UNDER MY ROOF YOUR GOING TO LIVE BY MY RULES. Kate says Mom are you and Dad doing anything today, No why, Kate says in 30 minutes a limo is going to come pick you up bring you and Dad here for lunch and dinner, after lunch you and I are going to go crabbing and Bryan and Dad are going on one of Bryan’s charter boat’s rock fishing, her Mom says really, Kate says really Mom OH and I need you to pack some clothes and make up and stuff for a week so don’t forget my makeup and hair dryer and things, just enough till we can get over there and pack all my stuff and move it here. I think you and Dad should bring a change of clothes and bathing suits too Oh the limo driver will have another guy with him to drive my car here. Mom says Kate are you sure I don’t want you to get hurt again, Kate says Mom hold on a second, she takes the phone off speaker and says this is kinda personal Brian says right thru the french doors to the patio, Mom yes I sure Bryan is everything John wasn’t, he’s stable, employed hell he owns at least five companies, sober, fateful Mom I’m his first real girlfriend, he’s kind, if he had his way he would marry me today. Her Mom says I’m starting to wonder who I should be more concerned about you or him, but are you going to be ok living in his bachelor pad, Kate laughs Mom his bachelor pad is over 15000 sqft. He has a staff of 8 people that live here on the property which is 150 acres. We all eat meals together we are like a big family and they all very nice to me. Her Mom says I can’t wait to see you, any chance I can talk to Bryan, Kate says sure Mom Oh and we got you and Dad Tee shirts from Disney World hold On Bryan Mom wants to talk to you, I say hello Bryan thank you for having us over and thank you for respecting and loving my daugther, I say well your welcome and Kate is so easy to love I’m looking forward to seeing you all in about an hour.Kate says I need to go get ready, I say honey what do you have to do, she says I don’t know I’m just nervous to see my Mom, I say honey you saw her yesterday morning, she says yes but things have changed, I have moved out, I’m in love with a wonderful man, I ask anyone I know, she nails me in the ribs with her elbow. I get a notice on my phone the limo is at the gate house, I tell her we need to go out front and meet your Mom and Dad. We walk out front stand side by side with our arms around each other’s waist waiting for them to arrive. The limo pulls up, inside her Mom days to her Dad Jayson look at them they look like an old married couple, honey she looks so happy. The driver comes around opens the door Her Mom gets out I see tears on her cheeks, I look down at Kate she’s crying too and runs down and they hug each other and cry their eyes out, I walk down and shake Jayson’s hand and I give Kate and her Mom a look like what? Jayson says it’s the female hormones you have herd so much about. Kate’s Mom says shut up Jayson, then lets Kate go and comes over and hugs me as Kate hugs her Dad. Kates Mon says do you promise to take care of my little girl and love her with all your heart and soul, and no d**gs, I say no d**gs don’t worry about that Mrs. Stephens, she says please Mom or Sue I say of course Sue, she smiles and gives me a big kiss. The driver says where should we put all this stuff, her car is full too Jayson says your Mom said pack everything her Mom says I wasn’t sure what you wanted I say everyone grab something and head up to our bed room her Mom says Kate this is your special box, Kate says you mean my sex toys, KATE says Sue then she says Bryan I hope you know what you’re getting into Kate says Bryan if you know whats good for you, you won’t answer that! My guys are laughing their asses off, ok you two your cleaning bird dropping off the pier this afternoon, Kate says no your not don’t listen to him, one guy says oh he says that all the time but he doesn’t mean it, we all grab some of Kates stuff and rake it up to our bed room, I say let’s start with the hanging clothes Sue walks in and says HOLEY SHIT, Kate says MOM My two guys and I bust out laughing, Sue says oh sorry, Mom you haven’t seen anything yet, through these French Doors is the balcony with table and chairs, overlooking the patio and pool and beyond is the Chesapeake Bay. Follow me she opens the door and says my closet, Mom says whats that, Kate yells bring in my hanging clothes please, we bring them in and Kate and her start filling the clothing carrousel, then Kate says this way Mom this is my she opens the door and says this is my dressing room, then this is our bathroom, Sue asks whats that Kate says it’s our shower, but it’s more like a shower room there are jets that can do some wonders, speaking of that this is my duvet that will give you a real thrill too, then this way to the gym, and out this door to Bryan’s closet. Kate says the gym is also accessible through the hall. There you two are no on knows where you want your stuff. Then my phones goes off I look at the number I say work I gota take this in my office, and ask Nick to have the house keeper come up to and help Kate to put away her clothes please.I walk into my office I unlock the bottom right and take out a phone and press a button, the voice on the other end says verify, I say alpha, omega, foxtrot, 12579 the voice says verified, hello Bryan anything new to report this week, I say lots, I say I have fallen in love with a woman, the voice congratulations, Bryan but you know this can be very dangerous, we are going to have to do a level one background check and surveillance. I say I know ok give me all the info you have on her, her family and friends and past lovers. I give him all the info I have, he said I already have a red flag for a criminal record on the old boyfriend it’s d**g charges possession and sales of d**gs, he’s been locked up for the past six months he got a five year sentence, wow looks like he is in k**ney failure. Jayson he is a 6’4” black male. Ok I’ll keep you informed. I say ok dragon out. I put the phone back into the drawer and lock it. I had been recruited by the CIA my first year of college, they were interested in me because my high school records, and the cover my Parients at that time companies, some of which were international. I did my training during college brakes, summers etc.I walk back into our bedroom Kate runs over to me puts her arms around my neck and gives me a big kiss, and says I missed you everything ok I say yes fine just a weekly report. I ask Kate did you get everything put away, she said yes not sure I’ll find half my stuff again but who needs pantys, I say you don’t, and she nails me in the ribs with her elbow. An announcement comes over the intercom saying that lunch is being served on the patio please remember to leave you phones in the baskets by the doors to the patio. Kate asks whats that about, I say I have a rule no phones at meals so we talk to each other, Sue says that makes more sense than you can image. After we eat I say Jayson you ready to go tare up some rock fish, he says sure am I say there will be seven of us including the Captain and the Mate. Kate and Sue are going out with the grounds crew crabbing, I give her a kiss and say see you in a few hours, she says have a good time. As we are boarding the boat Nick tells me the phones have been cloned, Kate’s car has the tracker and recorder installed. Her pairents house has a complete surveillance system installed along with their cars also all the laptops, tablets and computers. I say thank you for the info Nick I hate to do it but we have no choice. I three hours we had our limit of fish and the women had caught two bushels of #1 male crabs. We meet at the patio, I say your change of clothes are on the bed, in the bedroom next to ours of course there an on suit, it will be about two hours before dinner, so anything you want the pool the bed whatever. I put my arm out and say to Kate care to join me in the shower, Kates Mom Sue put’s her arm thru mine and says lets go. Kate OH NO YOU DON’T you already have one this one is mine, Kate’s Mom Sue says I don’t see any brand on him yet! Sue says we are talking I just need a little more time. Sue says I’m sorry baby I was just k**ding, it’s been a very good day and I guess I was feeling a little silly, It’s fine Mom, I say there is plenty of room in the shower for three, that got me a very hard elbow to the ribs and I wheeze maybe not, Kate grabs me by the ear and says come with you need to wash the salt water off my body I say yes mam. Kate pulls me all the way into the bathroom. She put her arms around my neck gives me a big kiss pushes me away strips and starts taking off my clothes off, I grab our clothes laying on the floor and dump them into a swing hatch on the wall, Kate says whats that I say it’s the laundry chute, she says a what I say it’s a place where we take our dirty clothes and through then in and they go down to the laundry chute to the laundry room, about three times a week the house keeper does the laundry and brings it up here and we put it away, Kate says I don’t have to do laundry or iron I say nope, she says damn that’s cool now get your sexy butt in the shower and sit on the bench we need to talk, we go in get washed off and sit on the bench with a warm mist spraying on us. Kate says you have no idea how much you mean to me or how much I love you. Six months ago I was engaged, to a man I had spent my whole life with, I went to college he went astray, We stayed in touch and I saw him when I was on break, he cheated on me I confronted him about the cheating we got in a fight, he hit me, appearently he had developed a d**g habit. He apologized went to rehab, but every time I’d go back to college he would go back on d**gs and whoring around, he even tried to get me hooked. When I got out of college I got him back in rehab, he had been stright for two years he had a job, we got engaged were planning our wedding then six months ago he broke off our engagement and disappeared, I haven’t heard from him sence. Then Friday night you walked into my life and swept me off my feet, I mean the planes , mansion, boats and all your stuff dosen’t mean a thing to me, what does is the kind, genital, generous and loving man that would give up his life for me that I love, I just need some time.Honey I totally understand and will never push you into anything you aren’t ready for. My life unlike yours was boring, there were no girls or women in my life growing up, from the time I could walk I was working with my mother or father at one of our businesses, actually I look down at the floor other than masturbating and watching a lot of porn up until the other night with you, I had never been with a woman. (Actually this was a total lie, his CIA training include extensive training in subduction and love making by some of the hottest women alive, and there was practical application training where he was sent out to seduce unsuspecting women and he passed with top grades.) Kate looks at me and asks you mean I took your virginity. I say I don’t know if there is such a thing but you are the first woman I ever made love to. Kate says you certainly were very confident and persuasive, I have been brought up all my life to be confident and persuasive in making deals the rest of it was all you, I fell in love with you as soon as I saw you, I watched you for two hours figuring out how to approach you and get you to dance with me, I saw you turning down guy after guy until they stopped trying, when they did you seamed to relax, but I continued to watch you until one of your friends said something and you laughed and you had finished your third drink and started your fourth, that’s when I made my move and prayed, Oh and I lied to you when I told you I was a bad dancer, I was schooled in privet schools and had six years of dance classes along with lots of other non-typical I was in classes from 6 am to 7 pm. So Kate when I say you are my life you are the only person I have had in my life to love sence my pairents were murdered. I say ok now we both know our life histories, It’s time we put our pasts behind us and concentrate on building a future together. So I want to have k**s right away how about you! Kate says slow down big boy, we haven’t even picked out a ring yet. Kate says ok we have bared our soles, get over there and clean your bare butt and let’s go get dressed oh and hold me and never let me go. While we are washing I reach over and cup her butt and Kate smacks my hand away and says excuse me that doesn’t belong to you yet! We get out of the shower, as we dry off Kate says what should I wear for dinner, I say we are eating in the main dinning room I’m just going to go with shorts and a button down, short sleeve shirt, Kate says ok think I’ll just put on a sun dress. And walks away I say hey where you going she says to my dressing room of course, I say you’re getting into this way too fast, she walks over to me gives me a peck on the lips and says but of course darling spins to walk away and I smack her on the butt. She says ouch and rubs her butt and says what was that. I said a reality check, I take her hand, pull her to me give her a big french kiss, and she said that message is far more effective! Kate then gives me a big french kiss and says I Love You. Than walks off to get dressed. I wait in the bedroom for her to come out. When she comes out of her closet she is a vision of beauty and I tell her you are so beatiful, she walks over gives me a sweet kiss and says you’re getting lucky tonight. I say we got an hour before, Kate says baby we just got cleaned up, I was going to say how about a game of pool, she says of course we have a game room, lead on hansom. As we walk down the hall we pass the door of the room where Kates pairents were using to clean up and change, Kate freezes I hear faster Jayson harder and a loud moan, Kates mouth falls open her eyes get real big, she puts her hands over my ears and pushes me down the hall away from their door, when we get clear we both burst out laughing. Dinner went well following dinner, Kate and her pairents took some time to walk the grounds and talk, a bit later the car takes Kate’s parents’ home. Three months later I wake up Kate is staring into my face, she asks me are you real busy with work today, I say no, she says I’m taking the day off, thought we might go looking at engagement rings today if you want to. I jump up drag her into the shower, we get cleaned up and dressed, go down and have breakfast, and she called work and took a personal day, then I called a very small privet Jewelry Store, to make an appointment, the store is very exclusive you can’t just walk in off the street. As we arrive in the store I was greeted with open arms by the owner and his wife, my pairents were some of their best customers and friends. I introduced Kate to them and announced we were there to purchase a wedding ring set. We see a tear run down the cheek of the owner’s wife’s cheek. She says to Kate you need to understand that Bryan’s pairents were not just customers they were some of our oldest friends, and we have watched him grow up from the day he was born. What everyone needs to understand is how exclusive this store is, the least expensive item in the store is fifty five thousand dollars. The owner’s wife Jan, takes Kate to a privet room and measured Kate’s ring finger and selecting rings in her size range. They narrow the selection down to five sets, of course there is one special set that Kate loves Jan arranges the sets in a row in two ring, ring boxes with the special set in the middle box. Kate and Jan walk out and George and I go in to make the final selection this way Kate won’t know which set she will get until the proposal. When we walk in the room George picks up the center set and hands it to me and says this is the set she loves I ask how do you know he says it’s the center set Jan arranges them so I know which set she really wants. The selection was made, Kate would never know the cost of the set was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. While the men made the final selection the women browsed the store, Kate tried on a tennis bracelet, Jan the owners wife said that does look like it belongs on you. Then she holds Kate’s hand and says consider it an engagement present, Kate says oh no I could never, Jan cuts her off nonsense I won’t hear another word now. Bryan comes out and Jan registers, the ring set and tennis bracelet, then calls Bryan’s insurance company to add the items to his policy. Hugs are given all around, and they walked out of the store. We get in the car I ask Kate if she minds if I invite her pairents over this afternoon, for her Dad and I to go fishing and for them to have dinner. I ask her not to tell her pairents about the engagement until after I actually pop the question. Kate asks when that will be, I tell her I’m working on it. I call her pairents on the car phone her dad answers and I say good morning, Kate chimes in good morning he says hi k**s whats up Kate asks is Mom there he says yes Kate says put the phone on speaker please. Sue says where are you two Kate says we are driving in the car, Bryan asks Jayson would you like tuzla escort bayan to go out fishing today Jayson says of course, then Kate says Mom I’m going to call the spa and have them send over their mobile van and we can get massages, have manicures and pedicures, how does that sound, Sue says sounds great to me, but why are you off? I say Bryan and I have been working so hard, I decided we needed a day to be together and relax, Sue says that’s great we will see you in a bit, Kate says Mom wear your bikini, you know you look great in it, and we both know Dad loves you in it Bryan says me too! A few hours later we are sitting in the fighting chairs in the back of boat as it trolls under the Bay Bridge, I say Jayson I would like to ask you permission to propose to Kate he says of course I know you will be very good to her and know how much you love her, the reels light up and it’s on, we spent the next three hours catching our limit. We go back to the house I shower the women are looking hot in their bikinis, after dinner Kate and I have our alone time where we walk out to a bench and watch the sun set. Sue says look at them they are so perfect together I wonder when they will get married. Jayson you know its Kate but I have a feeling it won’t be long now. As we walk out to the bench Kate sits down and I kneel in front of the take her left hand and say Kate you are the love of my life and my whole world will you do me the honor of becoming my wife and spend the rest of your life with me? Kate choked up says yes, yes of course, I slide the engagement ring on her finger, then we stand up and kiss a long loving kiss. Sue Kates Mom is sitting back at the pool deck watching the whole thing take place as Kate and Bryan are silhouetted by the setting sun, she puts her hands over her mouth and says Jayson they did it, how did you know, did Bryan tell you today, he says no but he did ask my permission to ask her to marry him. Kate goes running back to her Mom and Dad holding her hand out looking at it, she gives her Mom a big hug, then her Dad, I walk up Jayson gives me a hand shake and her Mom gives me a big hug and kiss then says I was hoping you would have asked me, I say well you were already takes so I asked Kate.Nine months later Bryan finally gets Kate in front of the alter in a huge wedding on the lawn of their house. For the last week Kate had not been feeling well, we were thinking it was due to the stress of the wedding, but that night she was in terrible pain, we rushed her to the hospital enroot I called her parients, they were there when the doctor came out and told she was in k**ney failure, that she would need to take dialysis four days a week with each session taking four hours, with that schedule she would be able to lead a normal life until a matching k**ney can be found, but she would have to take antirejection medication for the rest of her life. Then he said she was I an emergency dialysis session and it would be about four hours before we can see her. We wait at the hospital finally a nurse comes out and says she’s in a room to follow her, we walk in the room Kate is sitting up looking bright and alert and says Hi guys I say are you ok as I give her a big hug and kiss. We talk for a while then Kate says Bryan I am so sorry we won’t be able to go to Jamaica tomorrow, I say where ever you are is our honey moon, Kate says well actually nine mounts ago I didn’t think to project out my periods and I just got it I say damn that’s alright honey as long as we are together and you are well that’s all that is important. The next three months everything goes perty much the same way, then right after her period when she is normally really horny she says she wasn’t feeling well. This went on for the next four months she never felt good enough for sex. I noticed after the second month she did not get her period, and she was very distant. Then I get the CIA code message on my phone and call HQ. I go in my office unlock my bottom drawer make the call give them my code and my handler says I have bad news for you Bryan, Kate’s old boyfriend got out early, and the first thing he did was contact Kate. He had told her he left because he was in k**ney failure and didn’t want to burden her with his health problems. He said he never stopped loving her and that he had stayed in touch his friends to find out about her. That when he heard she also had k**ney failure that he was coming home so that they could go through this together as they always have. Them it happened Kate told him that she still loved and wished he would have shared his medical problems they could have worked through it together. He told her he wanted meet with her she agreed to meet him at his apartment immediately. When she arrived at his apartment they were immediately in each other’s arms and nude and fucking within ten minutes. The thing that put the nail in her coffin was the doctor’s report that was three months pregnet and Bryan knew he had not had sex for over four months. Months of reports and videos of their affair. Also it appears that Kates boyfriend was looking for a big payout when Kate and I divorced, but she has signed a prenuptial agreement that clearly states in big letters that if she cheats she walks out with only the clothes on her back. Sue Kates Mom gets a call from Kate asking her and Jayson be at the Hospital today when Bryan took her for dialysis to get him to go home because she was leaving me. Sue says what the hell she was talking about, why would she leave Bryan a man that loved her with all his heart and soul, that had dedicated his life to her. Then she dropped the bomb that John was back and she had been seeing him for four months and was three months pregnet with his baby. The phone was on speaker and her Dad had been listening, Sue says I’ll do this for Bryan that as far as she was concerned her daugther was dead, her father says the same applies for him. At this point Bryan was real time monitoring Kate’s phone and herd the whole conversation. Bryan called his lawyer the divorce papers had been prepared and signed by Bryan for months just waiting for Bryan to give the go ahead to serve them, Bryan told them to serve her at the hospital at 10:00am and to include a copy of the prenuptial highlight she get the clothes on her back only for cheating. At this same time all her credit cards were canceled, her name was removed from all accounts, her phone cut off, an add was put in the newspaper stating Bryan would not be responsible for any of Kates depts. I call Kate and say come on baby we need to get going or we are going to be late, Kate comes in a loose top and jeans I put my arm around her and say you know I love you with my heart and soul, she never reply’s. As we drive to the hospital Kate says my phone’s not working, I say we will go to the phone store and get it checked out. We are in the dialysis waiting room, I look way across the lobby there is Sue and Jayson I say to Kate there is your Mom and Dad she says they are gesturing you to them, I play my part and go over to them, when I reach them Sue says we need you to come with us right now, just then a black guy walks up behind Kate reaches up under her top and cups her bare breast, she turns with a big smile on her face and gives him a big passionate kiss then he reaches down lifts her top exposing her belly and rubs her baby bump with his big black hand, Jayson says come Bryan you don’t want to watch this, Sue is holding on to me crying just saying she is so sorry, she was not brought up this way. I say watch this and my process server walks up to her and serves her the divorce papers. I say that’s her receiving the divorce papers along with a copy of the prenuptial agreement along with a video of the agreement being explained to her and her signing it, proving she completely understood it and was not coned into signing it. Oh and that does not include her rings, they are mine. I say I love you two I’m sorry this turned out like this, Jayson any time you want to fishing just give me a call anything ether of you need anything just call me. John and Kate go in for their dialysis sessions, then John call’s his lawyer and they meet. He goes over the divorce papers and the prenuptial agreement and they watch video. Their lawyer asks and just how are you two going to pay me John says from Kate’s devoice settlement. The lawyer says how much do you think you’re going to get for the clothes she is wearing because that’s all she gets, then the lawyer says Kate where is your car, she says at Bryan’s house. The lawyer says the car all your clothes, hair dryer’s makeup everything belonged to him when you left the house this morning. Kate says he loves me he will give me my stuff. The lawyer says look you were his beatiful white wife that he gave everything to this morning you walked out on him for a black guy that’s knocked you up, and for the past four months you have totally denied him your love and affection while you fucking him, my guess about now all your stuff is burning in his back yard. She says I still have my credit cards, the lawyer says hand me one of your cards he calls the number on the back to get the balance he puts the phone on speaker punched the card info and the recording announces the card is canceled. Then the Lawyer asks Kate how’s your phone working, Kate she says it stopped working this morning, he yells out Alice bring me todays paper, his assistant brings in today’s paper he turns to the back to the notices and says damn the first one and real big your husband’s lawyers has placed a notice stating as of today he will not be responsible for your debts. While you two geniuses’ are running around trying to con him out of his money, he already had you two fucked. This guy is a billionaire I guarantee, he knew about your cheeting five minutes after it started. I have no doubt they have recordings, videos and have everything you own bugged. Kate why did you leave a billionaire who adores the ground walk you walk on for a d**g addicted jail bird looser like John. Kate defending him says he hasn’t d**gs for years, and he has never been in jail. The lawyer says he has spent the past two years in prison for position and intent to distribute, look at his arms those aren’t mosquito bites they are injection sites some are bleeding so their real fresh, my guess heroin. All in all you two don’t have a pot to piss in and no way to pay me, so no I won’t take your case you have already lost so my free advice sign the papers and put the rings in the envelope and give the envelope to his lawyers, now please leave. John says how much money do you have on you Kate checks her purse and all her credit card and cash are missing, she says. John gives her a dirty look and calls a friend for a ride for him and Kate, the friend says I’d luv to get a piece of that John says fifty, John’s friend with him and says he’d like some of that too same for him. A few minutes’ later two guys pick them up and take them to his apartment and they follow John and Kate up to John’s apartment, when they get inside both guys give John fifty dollars each and start to take their clothes off, Kate says whats going on John says you’re going to fuck them your ass is the only way we have to bring in money now, she says no way for god sake I am carrying our baby. John slaps her hard and knocks her on the floor reaches down takes the rings off her finger she spits in his face, he backhands her almost taking her head off, she is barely conscious, he pulls her up by her hair and tells his friends to take her in the bedroom and fuck the piss out of her and for an extra twenty five each they could have her ass. They say deal and take her back to the bed room, a few seconds John hears clothes being ripped off of her then her screaming as one of the guys pushes hid huge cock up her ass then he hears her screams muffled as his buddy stuffs his cock down her throat fucking her mouth. John sits back smokes a joint and relaxes as he listened to Kate being ravished. He gets up walks back to the bedroom Kates ass is gaped and a mixture of blood and cum is running out of her, she is straddling a guy’s cock as he fucks her the other guy is fucking her mouth. He says he has to run out for a bit and to have fun. He walks down to the pawn shop pawns the rings for seven hundred and fifty dollars, walks out and troughs the pawn ticket on the sidewalk. The agent following him picks up the ticket walks in the shop fishes his badge and confis**tes the rings. The agent walks out pulls out his tracker and finds John he walks down the street John is in an alley scoring d**gs. He returns to his apartment, walks back to the bedroom his friends are gone, Kate’s face is beat to a pulp, and both her eyes are swollen shut her nose is crocked, broken and bleeding, her lips are swollen torn and bleeding, she had bite narks all over her neck and tits and thighs are covered in bite marks. Her nipples are chewed and bleeding. Her ass and cunt are gapped and have a mixture of cum and blood flowing out of them, she is covered in cum. She is u*********s, John turns her over drops his shorts, strokes his cock till it is hard grabs her hips pulls her ass up and fucks her ass drops a huge load of cum in her, pulls out and goes into the living room and fixes up and starts to inject his arm. Just then SWAT breaks down the door troughs John on the floor and cuffs him as they clear the apartment they find Kate they yell get the paramedics up here fast she is barely alive.As all of this is taking place I’m landing in Orlando and being whisked off but instead of being taken to Disney World I’m taken to a private residence. Standing at the front door is Sara, who is a Company employee and the woman who had seen me through the loss of my parients, and my one day trip to Disney World with Kate, but more importantly she is madly in love with me and has been for years. Sara is wearing a very see thru yellow full length gown and a pair of yellow 5” pumps. As I walk up to her she puts her arms around me, I hold her in my arms and burst out crying sobbing that she hurt me so bad she held my head and says I know she did, but I will never hurt you and am never going to let you go again. She takes me directly to the bed room gives me a glass of water with a mild sedative in it to calm me down drops her gown strips me, and takes me into bed and soothes me until holding me in her arms until I fall asleep. Four am, Sara eyes spring wide open, I am between her legs with my tongue deep in her pussy she is in the middle of an orgasum wishing she had been awake for the whole thing. She moves her hands down to my head pulling me tighter to her pussy, I move my lips up and sucks her clit into my mouth and flick my tongue over her clit as I reach up and pinches her huge nipples Sara screams out in ecstasy, arching her back locking her thighs around my head the more I suck the longer her orgasum last. I release her clit and nipples she, she begins to recover spreads her legs I climb up between her legs dip my mouth down to her lips and french kiss her, then her eyes shoot wide open she says please be very careful and go slow I have never been with anyone near as large as you I say I have been lessening and lubing you up for the last hour, Sara we needddddddddddddd I start my cock’s entry into her pussy after my head is in I stop for her to adjust Sara says oh god no moreeeeeeeeeee another inch slides in, her while I’mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm holey shit, two more inched slide in, while I’m sleeping I want to enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy two more inches enter her, Sara gives up trying to talk ad I begin to gently slide my cock in and out of her at a slow pace, rapidly Sara’s discomfort turns to pleasure and she begins to pick up the pace slowly but surely swallows my cock in her pussy, finally I drive my cock balls deep into her pussy Sara tightened her grip around my neck and explodes in a giant orgasum biting my neck which sets me off, it’s been almost six months sence I had last emptied my balls and Sara was getting it all at once. I held her to me and said how I could have been so stupid, Sara says she was very beatiful, I say no I fell in love with you the first time I saw you but never thought I had a chance with you. I say damn you were dumb, but not as dumb as me. I ask her why she would say that she says two reasons, first I wasn’t aggressive enough with you before I say that yes that was stupid what was the second, and she said I didn’t put in my diaphragm in before we went to bed! I never in this world dreamed we would be making love tonight. I say well it happened I said I guess we will just have to be more careful in the future, but as far as I’m concerned it would not be the end of the world. Sara says good thing because I’m ovulating! I jump look at her and say sure she shakes her head yes. I pull her in my arms kiss her a long loving kiss as I work my now reinvigorated cock into her pussy she says what are you doing I say the same thing I’m going to be doing for the rest of the week I want to make sure we do it right and not miss this opportunity, we would make love three more times that morning. We get up shower, then we check in with HQ and I learn about Kate’s **** and beating, and that she was going to need several months’ recovery. I call my lawyer with Sara along side of me. I tell him I needed my devoice now, I tell him to go to my wife offer her the best medical help including plastic surgeons to repair the damage to her face, a live in nurse and house keeper until she recovers, tell her we will advertise in countries where it’s legal for a new k**ney for her. A fully furnished apartment rent free for five years, all her stuff and her car and 5K a month for 5 tears. Sara says as soon as she’s well enough after she has the baby I’ll bring her down here and assign her a consular get her all the help she needs, I say all she has to do is sign the devorce papers, and press charges against John and his friends, and no way was she to put my name on the birth certificate for her bastard baby. Sara looked at me and asked Kate is pregnet and is there any chance it was mine I said no chance in hell the baby will be black. Sara says John is black and I say yes he is, Sara says you are being very generous to Kate I said no I’m paying for my mistake and making sure our baby is born 9 months after we get married. Oh I guess I should ask you if you want to marry me. Sara kisses me and says yes I want to marry you. That night we get a call from my lawyer we put it on speaker the lawyer says she signed the papers and wanted to thank you for being so generous and apologize for being unfaithful, and stupid. That she did really love me but understands me never being able to forgive or trust her when the only thing I ever asked of her was to be faithful. She asked my lawyer if he could arrange an adoption for her baby at birth, she never wanted to see or touch the baby. I told him to do it for her. Sara said she needed the same prenuptial Karen had emailed for her signature, I say baby you don’t have to do that I trust you, she said she would never be as stupid as Kate but it was a show of her fidelity to me. My lawyer Ron breaks in and says Bryan are you getting married again I say of course it’s just like falling off a horse, fall off you have to climb back on and ride on. Sara believe me her has been doing a lot of climbing on and riding! Ron asks so when is the happy event I say as soon as possible I’ve knocked her up, or she will be knocked up in the next few days which is making hard to get up there to see my jewler because she’s keeping me in bed. Ron says there is always the mile high club. Sara says I never thought of that, Sara let me see your phone I call Dave I need the plane in Orlando six am to come home. I call the Jewelry Store, Jan answers I tell her about Kate and then about Sara, we make an appointment for ten am in the morning. I get back to Dave and set up for lunch at twelve thirty, he said he would bring his Notary, to make all the document signatures legal. I say to Sara I have one more call to make Kate’s parients. Sara says I’ll go away while you talk I say if it’s ok with you actually they are closer to me than they are to Kate, they all but adopted me and they have disowned Kate. I keep the phone on speaker and make the call Sue answers and says Bryan hold on Jayson get over here our son is on the phone, and she says I’m putting us on speaker ok I say yes of course, I hear hello son how are you I say actually great that’s why I’m calling I have lots of news. Sue asks where are you I say Orlando, Sue says that’s smart of you to go to your retreat at Disney World for a few weeks. I say actually I never made it to Disney World, I was way layed and taken to an old friends house, Sue asks would your old friend be female I say yes as a matter of fact and I think you’re going to love her. Sue says when do we get to meet her, I say Sue, Jayson meet Sara, Sara says hello you two. Sue says Bryan she sounds lovely, I don’t like her already, I say why, Sue says I was planning on dumping the guy beside me here and going after you myself, but now you come up with young I’m sure beatiful and I’m sure sexy woman I have to compete with. I say hold on a second, Sara has a short sexy silk robe on I say give me a sexy pose show lots of leg and boob the phone goes click we check out the photo she says damn I’m hot I look at her laugh and say yes you are, we go back the call and Sara says Sue I’m sending you a picture of me your competition. Sue says damn Jayson looks like I’m sticking with you, he says sorry I making a move on her, you and Bryan can go do your thing. I say Sue but you never had a chance Sara has or shortly will have something you don’t my baby in her belly. Sue says really, Sara says in my defense I woke up this morning at 4:00 am in the middle of an orgasum and after we finished I told him I was ovulating and we talked about it and both liked the idea so he climbed back on me and been there ever sence he only stopped to make some calls and for him to recharge and I need you help to keep him talking so I can get a break. Sara says BRYAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING I say multi-tasking I’m recharged just bend over the table Sara says BRYAN oh damn your big oh gad Sue yells BRYAN get off that poor girl, Sara oh noooooooo it’s really good I mean OKKKKKKKKK I say Jayson what are you doooooing tomorrowwwwwwwww, Sara in the background OH,OH.OH,OH Jayson says fishing with you tomorrow afternoon, I say OK but I need to meet my Lawyer for lunch at 12:30 and was hoping you twooooooooo gad AHHHHH could join us for lunch at the normal place Sue says fine and we are going to have a talk young man. Now go be nice to that girl, then Sue says Sara I’ll get him stright for, Sara says oh he’s stright believeeee me he’s stright. Jayson says we’ll see you tomorrow, I say gota run got my hands full, Sara says your hands are on my hips. Sara says to Bryan you so bad you made me cum three times while I was trying to talk to themmmmmmmmmmm damn your bad but so gooddddddddddddddddddddd shit four times. Hold on baby here escort tuzla comes our baby Sara says DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN FIVE, That evening we ordered Pizza for dinner, Sara says I need to pack. We never unpacked you, you haven’t worn any clothes! Oh and one more thing you’re going to let me get some sleep tonight we have to get up early to go to the airport and you better call them and make sure they have a hot breakfast for me cause you’re not getting any pussy till I get fuel! I call Dave and say please see that there are two hot breakfast are onboard in the morning. I call Sue and Jayson and Sue answers I said I didn’t get to tell you this morning I need you and Jayson, to pack for at least a week, tomorrow night you will spend the night at our place then we are flying down to Orlando six am on Tuesday morning, Saturday or Sunday Sara are getting married. Sue says you can’t get married your still married. I say Kate signed the papers this morning. Now the bad news Katy was beaten and ****d Sunday afternoon. Sue says do they know who did it I tell her John and two of his friends, they are all in jail with multiple charges. None of them will see the light of day again one of the charges is sex trafficking which is federal so all the charges go over to the feds. Sue asks how bad is she hurt I say very badly, they are going to put her in an induced c*** this and they expect she will be like that for at last two weeks, she asks the if baby is ok I say for now but she has opted for an at birth adoption, where she will never see or touch the baby. Sue says she has hurt Jayson and I a lot more than you would know, now this, I say I’m taking care of her Mom and you’re coming to Orlando believe me it’s a good place to heal, Sara says who you talking to I say Sue just told her about Kate and how Orlando is a great place to heal, Sara says as long as you’re on top. Sue says you two are a lot of fun can’t wait to meet you Sara, Sara says I might be in a wheel chair by then, but we will still have fun, Sue says if I can get a bit personal how long have you known each other. Sara says about twelve or fifteen years, Sue asks what took you so long to get together, well I thought he was too good for me and he thought I was too good for him so a lack of commutation, Sue so what changed, Sara says when he came down here with Kate and please excuse me I said to myself damn I’m better than her, and made a promise to myself, if anything ever happened between them I was going after him, when I got the call they had separated and he had made long term reservations, at Disney World again I k**naped him, I had the limo driver bring him to my house instead of Disney World. When you guys come down we will stay part time here and part time in Disney World. The next morning Sara wakes up to hot breath in her ear, my pussy is on fire and leaking like a flood stage river, she open her eyes I staring down at her with a big grin on my face she looks at her watch and says make it fast big boy. I take her into my arms give her a big kiss her eyes are closed as I start to slide my cock in her, her eyes fly open and she says when are you going to stretch me so it’s not so damn tight when you put it in, I say never I hope but you know once I get it all in and you adjust to it you love it, she says shut up and impregnate me I finally bottom out feel her pussy adjusting to my cock and she says oh god yes baby now make love to me come on now yes OH YESSSSS ALREADY, go baby harder faster come on baby fill my uterus baby give me a baby OH SON OF A BITCH ALREADY YES as I empty my balls into her. I pull her into my arms and look at her I tear up and say I Love You Sara you’re going to be such a great mother. She says the Limo will be here in forty five minutes let’s get in the shower and get dressed, We are up and in the shower she washed him real fast, I washed her but I was having a hard not lingering in certain areas. We get dressed Sara starts to put on her makeup but stops and says no sence in doing this till we finish on the plane. She says how should I dress I say sexy concretive she says oh like a high class call girl I can pull that off, I say I’d put that in a garment bag till we are close to landing , I’d just wear shorts and a tee shirt for the flight. The car arrives we load the bags in the car and off we go, for some reason I can’t keep my hands off her and she is being very receptive. She opted for a short denim skirt we are kissing a hot passionate kiss trading tongues she tells me to suck her tits and pulls her tee shirt off I’m hypnotized by the beauty of her breast how can natural boobs that big defy gravity and sit up so high her oblong dark areolas and fat long nipples cried to be sucked, they are going to be insane filled milk in a few months. Sara says Brian I don’t know why but I need them sucked rub them baby oh gad the nipples are sensitive they have never felt like this before. Suddenly we stare at each other, she looks at me as we both relize the significance of her unusually sensitive breast, she says what have you done to me bad boy. We kiss a long loving kiss she say Bryan honey please suck them but be gentle with the nipples they are extremely sensitive. I suck in her left nipple, she says easy baby oh yes that feels wonderful your making my pussy contract oh gad yes baby oh damn OH BRYAN DAMN BABY YES, YES she has her nails dug into my arms, she says baby that was intense I have never felt anything like that before, oh damn I ask whats wrong she pulls off her soaking pantys and says these aren’t doing me any good. The driver says we will be at the plane in five minutes. Sara says I’m glad I packed a fresh pair in my garment bag. We arrive at the plane our luggage is quickly loaded the pilot says this is going to be a steep take off and we are will be cursing at ten thousand feet to take advantage of a tail wind. Sara asks if the food is on board he says hot cakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, and bacon. Of course we have orange juice and milk. I say we think she may be eating for two! The pilot says congratulations, in a questioning tone. I say yes we are very happy. He says very good I have been wondering for years when you two were finally relize you were susposed to be together. I say thanks Dave looks like everyone knew it but us, let’s get going I need to see the jewler so I can put a ring on her!We board strap right in and in a few minutes we are rapidly climbing Sara says it feels like we are on a rocket ship, after a few minutes the plane begins to level off the pilot comes on the speaker and says you can unbuckle and move around the cabin. Then he says Bryan go feed Sara and your maybe baby, we both laugh. I take her over to the table sit her down and ask her orange juice or milk, she says both, I look at her, she says OJ is good for you and the milk is good to grow the baby’s bones. I ask her how many pancakes, she asked how big are they I say big four, I say bacon or sausage she says both, then she says don’t forget the scrambled eggs, I say here you go and butter and syrup. She digs in I’m watching her eat she says aren’t you eating I said I’m waiting on you toast she says ummm good, the toast pops up Butter Yes and g**** jelly too please honey, I ask her how many she says three please, I think oh good she saved me one I give her the toast and she asks for more milk. I fix myself two pancakes a spoon full of eggs, a glass of orange juice and my piece of toast. I sit down to eat she asks am I going to eat my toast I say no you can have it she gobbles it down. Sara says I’m going to wash up and wait for you in bed, she comes out the bathroom nude shakes her butt and says come on big boy or I’ll have to start without you, I’m thinking I’d like to see that! I clean up from breakfast walk into the bed room she has the covers pulled back and is cuddled up with a pillow sound asleep. I know this woman for years there no way she would be sleeping like this on a plane flight unless! I cover her up give her a kiss she smiles and mumbles thank you baby. I go out tell Dave to let me know thirty minutes before we land. I went back and called Sue she answers the phone and says hello baby how are you and Sara I say good, I say I wanted you to know a little about her before you meet. Sara was abandoned at birth raised in an orphanage, never adopted at eight teen she got into a government program that sent her to college full ride and became a phycologist specializing grief and PTSD. She graduated at the top of all her classes once she got out of school she was hired by the government as a consoler treating federal VIP’s a and service men at all the resorts around Orlando, she works one on one with her clients until their problems are resolved. I ment her years before when I was in private school. My school was near the orphanage, they would bring over the older girls for dance lessons we hit it off and became dance partners, why I’ll never know I know her feet had to be sore from me stepping on them all the time. One other thing about her she is drop dead beatiful with a body way better than a brick shit house. I hear Sue crying and ask whats wrong she says she went to see Kate before they put into the c*** and Sue asked her how she never got pregnet by you and got pregnet so easy by John, she said she never stopped taking birth control until she stopped having sex with you and started having it with John again. Then she said I’ll bet Sara could have helped Kate. I said you can’t blame yourself, you and Jayson and I did everything we could for her as hard as it is we have to relize you can’t help someone that can’t help themselves, maybe now she has hit rock bottom and John is going to jail for the next two hundred and fifty years, she can climb herself out of her hole, I say I’ll see you a few hours love you Mom, Sue says love you Son see you soon. I take care of some much neglected work. An hour later Dave come on the intercom and says thirty minutes to landing Boss, I say thanks Dave. I go in to get Sara up give her a kiss she smiles reaches out her arm pulls my face to hers kisses me and says come snuggle baby, I say I’d love too but we land in about twenty five minutes she says ummm , her eyes fly open WHAT I’ll never be ready in twenty five minutes! She reaches between her legs and says why is there no cum in my pussy, I said I let you sleep! She says I’m clean I don’t have to shower, I can be ready on time, she sits up and says I don’t know why I’m so tird, I say you better hustle baby she says get my panty’s please there in the bottom of the garment bag. She is at the bathroom merrow putting on her makeup and says damn look at my completion it’s all pink and rosé I can’t improve on that just a little lip stick and a little eye makeup. I say lift your foot I slide one leg of her panty on and then she lifts the other and I slide her pantys on and say there is something wrong here I have never put pantys on a woman before, I give her pussy a kiss as I cover it then I give her belly a kiss and say that one is for the baby. Dave comes on the intercom and says buckle up we are landing. Ten minutes later we are in the hanger bags are loaded in the limo and headed to the jewelers. Pete the driver hands me back a package and says both items are in there. We arrive and go in I introduce Sara to Jan and George. I say to Jan can you take Sara and do your thing Jan says I’d be happy to baby and they go back to select a ring set. What I should say here it’s rigged they narrow the selection down to five ring sets, but there is always one the bride to be really wants and Jan always makes that set of the five the center set but the bride to be doesn’t know the fix is in. I hand George Kate’s rings and asks to trade it in, George knows I don’t need to trade it in just getting rid of bad memories. Then I give him back the tennis bracelet and said this was an engagement present just like the rings and actually she never took it out of the box George. The women come out Jan says go select we walk in the room and close the door. George asks what happened I say to make a long story short I noticed something was off I got ahold of Ron he put his people on it found her old black boyfriend was back in town she stopped having sex with me and took up with him he knocked her up, then she left me, there is a lot more to it and it gets really ugly but that’s about it. Out in the shop Jan see’s the tennis bracelet in its box and on the counter, says to Sara I have something I want to show you something and go into the display case and pulls out a pair of diamond studs that are companion to the ring set she liked and has her try them on. Sara looks in the merrow and says they are gorgeous I’d like to purchase them as she takes them out and hands them to Jan. Jan puts them in a box rather than the display set and hands the box to Sara and says they are an engagement present just promise me you will love and make him happy. She says I believe I’m going to make him real happy in nine months, Jan steps back looks at Sara my god you have the glow then Jan gives Sara a big hug and says you’re going to make our boy so happy. We walk out I have a ring box Sara asks what do you have there I say oh nothing I see she is holding a box and say what do you have she said our first engagement present, George gets the items registered and changed the registrations back to the shop for the returned items. And get the changes to my insurance. Hugs and kisses were given and a promise to get away for the wedding. Back in the limo I tell Pete to take us to Sue and Jayson’s I say I hope this goes well it’s been a rough week for all of us so many lows and highs. Before we get to the door Sue has it open and she is running out to us Jayson being dragged close behind she goes right past me and gives Sara a big hug and kiss, then holds Sara away from her and says you have the glow your nipples tender, sore and very sensitive Sara says yes. Unusually tird Sara says yes exhausted, Sue says anything I can do to help you thru the next nine months and beyond just ask, Sue puts herm around Sara’s waist and turns and walks up to Jayson and I she tilts her head up and I bend down and give her a kiss, Sue says to Jayson you know what your boy has done he’s put our first grandc***d in her beatiful womb. Sue holds her hands facing her and says my god you’re gorgeous and your baby glow will makes you even more beatiful. I say we need to get going Pete helps put their luggage in the limo and we head to the restraint Jayson says I want to thank you two for all you’re doing for Kate your being far more generous than we will be with her. Sara says putting on her clinical hat that Kate had been basicly indoctrinated into a cult with John being the cult leader. What makes it so hard to is that John dominated Kate for years, when he dumped her to go to prison, which of course she did not know, she had a major void in her life, when Bryan came along with his powerful persona he easily filled her void, unfortunately it was his powerful persona that she was attracted her not love. Actually the only true love she has ever known was with you two, but of course John long ago crushed that love to totally control and dominate her as his possession she has been his slave for years. Then when John returned Kate had no choice she was his property and he had total control over her she had to do whatever he said. Now how to help her recover that has already started by forcing her to file charges we broke his control over her, that along with her decision for a no touch adoption has totally cut all ties to John but she is again left with a void in her sole. That’s where you two come in, the best way for her to recover is for her recover the only true love she has ever known that’s you two. Once she is able to love you two, we can get her to love herself that will break her need to be dominated, and be able equally share her love with another person. Bryan must stay away from her so she dosen’t try and transfer her dependence on to him again. That brings us to you two I know she has hurt you and a lot of other people but you are her key to her independence and normalcy. Sue says you can never stop loving your c***d our threat to disown her was our way to show our displeasure with her, believe me it’s a heck a lot harder to disown a c***d than it is to love and nurture her. Well we are going to start as soon as they take her out of her c***, but the real work can’t start until she recovers from her physical injuries. We arrive at the restaurant Ron whose law firm is a CIA front, is already there with his notary, I also brought Pete the limo driver in to have some lunch with us Ron stands up to greet us when shaking my hand he leans in and tells me Kate lost the baby last night and it was black. I just shake my head, then Ron induces his notary we sit down sign all the necessary papers the last one is the prenuptial agreement I say to Sara before you sign that can we talk I ask everyone to please excuse us for a second, we go to the hallway to the bathrooms, Sara says look we talked, I cut her off no baby that’s ok Kate lost the baby last night and it was Johns. Sara ask when you going to tell them, I say on the drive to our place on the shore this afternoon you sit beside Sue I’ll sit by Jayson Sara says that would be best because Sue and I have establish a degree of trust already, ok let’s return. We sit down Sara signs the prenuptial agreement it’s notarized, we order lunch and have a good time, after lunch we say our good buys, load into the limo Sara ask Sue if she packed her bathing suit she says yes I say she has a hot bikini she keep at the house. Sara says I’m going to get as much ware out of mine while I still can, Sue takes her hands and says you could wear a paper bag and look good. Sara holds onto her hands and nods to me. I got some bad news at lunch Kate lost the baby last night, Sue squeezes Sara’s hand and Sara takes Sue into her arms. Jayson asks do you know if it was John’s I say it was. Then he says Bryan I was always a little worried it might have been yours. I can see the hate in Jayson’s eyes for John for all the pain that he had put his family through for all these years. Sue buries her face into Sara’s breast and softly sobbing knowing she had lost a grandc***d even though she has mixed feelings about it being John’s baby. When we get to the house all of Kate’s belongings have been removed and placed in storage Sue and Sara go up and change into bikini’s, Jayson and I look at them and I say which one do you want Jayson says I’ll stay with Sue I think Sara would kill me, Sue says good choice now go away and get smelly us girls have some serious drinking to do I say you do but little Momma is off the bottle for a while Sara says a little white wine will be fine. Jayson and I go out fishing he admits to me he was not entirely sorry Kate had lost John’s baby, I say in the long run for Kate’s recovery it is for the best knowing she doesn’t have a c***d out in the world somewhere. Fishing is great we get our limit fast and get back we find them laying in the two person lounge chair in each other’s arms sound asleep. I say looks like they bonding, let’s let them sleep and we can go get cleaned up then we can come back and get them up for dinner, but first I need a picture of these two together I get out my cell and get the picture, Jayson and I go up to our respective rooms I take off my clothes and climb in the shower, as the warm water covered my body I feel a pair of hands hugging me from behind and a big pair of tits poking me in the back. I turn around Sara backs away from me and gives me a sexy pose and says remember this you haven’t played with this sence yesterday afternoon we shower fast I pick her up carry her into the bed, don’t even dry off spread her legs and slide my tongue into her pussy UMMM baby make me wet STAY AWAY FROM MY CLIT I don’t want to cum till you’re in me I ask he if she is ok and she says fine but low on energy can’t do ten orgasms in a day right now. Come up here and give me a kiss baby I kiss her she snuggles in my arms and says how about we nap now and do this later I say ok but just for a few minutes, we need to get ready for dinner , she says ummmm food yes I want some. I let her sleep in my arms for twenty five minutes, then wake her up and get her dressed Sara says I’m sorry baby I’ll make it up to you. I say yes in nine months. She gets dressed as we walk past Sue and Jayson’s room we hear them going at it. I go to knock on the door Sara grabs my hand and whispers don’t you dare they need this. Half an hour later they come down we sit down to a crab cake dinner, as we eat Sara says to Sue do you feel up talking about the change in Kate’s situation she yes I’m fine, she says with the loss of her baby it’s going to be important that she knows that Bryan and I are married, but she cannot know I’m pregnet, the only other thing is not to let her see Bryan, or me if I’m pregnet. Sue says anything else Sara says no you two just need to give her lots of love, affection and attention. She will return it to you two immediately. Sue says it’s going to be a beatiful sun set here shortly. I look at her and think smart ass I should have knocked on their door this evening. I stand up put out my arm out and say to Sara walk with me and I walk her out to the water front bench she sits down, I kneel in front of her take her left hand in my hands and say Sara I have loved you all of my adult life will you do me the honor of marrying me so we can spend the rest of our lives together, Sara says sence you knocked me up yes I’ve loved you sence the first time I saw you, back in dance class. I slide the ring on her finger, we stand and kiss and walk back to Sue and Jayson when we get close Sara runs to Sue they hug and Sue says let me see Sara says it’s the one I really wanted, I say I knew that Sara said how could you know which one it was. I said Jan told it would be the center set. Sara says son of a bitch you two cheated, I said you got the ring you wanted and I got to see the happiness on your face when you got the set you really wanted. The next morning we were flying to Disney World, Sunday morning we are on the helm of the pirate ship, I’m dressed as a pirate and Sara dressed as a very hot pirate wench, Sara chose the theme we are being married by none other than Capt. Jack Sparrow at the completion of the ceremony rather than kiss the bride the instruction is to ravish the wench at which time I through her over my sholder take her to the captain’s cabin and ravish her. Wednesday we mover to Sara’s for a few days, Thursday morning I sleep in a bit till I smell breakfast cooking, as I walk down the hall to the kitchen and pass the powder room I see Sara sitting on the floor hugging the toilet with Sue kneeling beside her rubbing her back, I say honey are you ok Sara takes her head out of the toilet and gives me a dirty look, Sue says get dressed go to the d**g store and buy a pregnancy test strip. I’m out the door in four minutes and an hour later we are holding a positive test strip. Nine months later Alice after my Mom, Sue after my x mother in law, Taylor is born, on our anniversary. It would take three years for Kate to recover and have a normal relationship with a man. Eventually she would marry and have k**s of her own.

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