Her Freaky Side


Her Freaky SideM/FI used to live with and date this girl, Kate. She was 5’6” brown hair, a c breasts. And this girl could be a freak.One incident comes to mind.One of the first nights after she moved into my apartment we were in the bedroom making out. We decided on having sex. Kate was relatively new to thee realm of sexual possibility so she always tried whatever came to her little mind.We wrestled our clothes off and hiltonbet giriş lay together naked on the bed. Making out still she grabs me and starts jacking me. I slid two of my fingers into her neatly trimmed and oh so wet vagina. It’s on from there. We break our kiss and focus on the activities at hand (so to speak). Working at each other we stare into each other’s eyes. Watching as micro expressions hiltonbet yeni giriş pass on or faces towards delight. She turns herself downward. We are laying side by side still but in the 69 position. “Be forceful, force it on me.” She said. I knew what she meant. She wrappeed he lips around the head, taking me in her mouth. I let her get a rhythm, get warms up.After I think she is comfortable hiltonbet güvenilirmi I roll on top, She is laying on her back, I begin to face fuck her. Something about ramming my dick down her throat really got her going. As I face fucked her I used m fingers and tongue to get her off.I rolled to the side. Laying next to each other again she pulled off of my dick to let out a screaming orgasm (she was a screamer.) She then went right back to work as I grabbed her head and began to face fuck her again. I feel the rise.I pull out just in time, cum spurts, spraying her face, load after load. After I am done she takes me back into her mouth for courtesy clean up. Her face is covered.”That was fun.”She said.

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