Her Hero: Ben’s Story


For Ben, my favorite truckie and the guys down in Engine Company 28. Thanks for being my biggest fans… Hey Chief.. where’s my transfer papers?

As they pulled up to the scene, the crew could tell that it was going to be a good fire. Initial size up showed smoke coming through the basement and attic windows on the north side of the two and a half story residential.

The neighbor was yelling at the firemen that the girl who lived there was still inside the large Victorian house. Ben grabbed his tools and went to work on the front door. They popped the door and started the primary search. They found her on the floor in the third room they searched, overcome by smoke. Her face was covered in soot but Ben could see that she was very pretty in any other situation. He looked up and saw the flames impinging the ceiling and he knew it was time to get out of there.

Ben grabbed her with the help of his partner and came out of the house yelling for the rescue squad. He put her down and started to assess her. Rescue came over with the oxygen and a stretcher. They transferred her from the ground to the stretcher and started to take vitals.

After a few minutes on a non-rebreather, she was starting to come around. The first thing she saw when she came to was Ben hovering over her. His helmet off and his nomex hood around his neck. He was dirty and stunk to high heaven from the smoke inside the house but he was sticking around to make sure she made it.

“Who are you and what happened?” she asked.

“M’am, you’re looking at God’s gift to firefighting”, said Hollywood laughing. Ben was the low man on the shift and he took a good deal of teasing from the guys for his good looks and the ability to pick up women in the damnedest places.

“It’s ok darlin’. Your house caught on fire and we pulled you out of there. You took in some smoke and you’re going to need to go to the hospital to get checked out.” Ben was putting on all the charm he could muster. The redhead was built nicely and Ben couldn’t help but stare at her. She had amazing green eyes and Ben knew instantly that he wanted to get to know her under better conditions.

Mike whisked her off to the ambulance with one of the guys from the rescue company and Ben thought he saw the last of his red headed princess. Hollywood grabbed him to go back in the house to do mop up. They were a bit short handed due to the budget cuts.

When they got back to the station, Ben called the hospital to find out how she was doing and she had already been released. At least he knew he saved her pendik escort life, even though he didn’t know her name and regulations prevented him from getting it from the Rescue.

A few weeks later, an amazing looking red head pulled up to the station in a corvette convertible and asked the first firefighter she saw if any of them responded to the fire on Park Avenue a few weeks ago. Sean remembered the fire and remembered her from the rescue. He called out to Ben that someone was there to see him.

Ben came out from the back of the bays and saw his dream woman. He tripped over the bunker gear at the side of the truck trying to walk over to her. He couldn’t talk and he couldn’t walk. Sean just shook his head, walked inside and muttered “Truckie” under his breath. He fixed his boots and went in the back to find the rest of the crew so they wouldn’t miss the hottie talking to Ben.

Hollywood called out to the Chief to come witness Ben in action. Everyone in the station migrated to the bay door. By then, Ben found out she was single and got a cell number. She got into the car and called out to him that she’d see him the next day.

The guys teased him about picking up girls in the oddest places then the alarm went in for a structure fire. They all dashed for their gear and rolled out lights and sirens.

Ben dressed up for his date with the redheaded angel and went to her hotel to pick her up for their “date”. He was hoping to lay hose with her before they even went out to dinner. He figured, he saved her life, she should suck his dick. He knocked on the door of her room and she yelled for him to come in. She was standing naked in the far corner of the room by the king sized bed. Ben mentally did an arm pump and went over to her, stripping off his clothes as he walked. Within a minute they were in bed and Ben was all over her.

His mouth tasted her smooth skin and she tasted like cinnamon and smelled like the spice cookies his grandmother used to make. He sucked on her pert nipple then kissed his way down to her belly. She reached for him and he sucked in his breath as she tightly gripped his hard on and started to stroke him. He rolled over and laid on his back so she could work her magic. She moved down the bed and took him in her mouth. The wet warmness spread from the tip to the rest of his body. She sucked on him with gentle pressure as she stroked his shaft. Her mouth rubbed back and forth over his head and he leaned his head back with his eyes closed letting her take him to a new level of consciousness. She nibbled maltepe escort on his shaft just under his head and he writhed on the bed. She was going to make him cum soon if she kept up what she was doing. She sucked on his balls one by one and stroked the area between his balls and his ass. She went back to sucking on his cock and stroking him at the same time.

“Oh god baby don’t stop. I’m gonna cum” moaned Ben. She kept doing what she was doing a little faster and his moans got louder and deeper. He breathlessly told her he was cuming as a hot wad hit the back of her mouth. She swallowed every last drop he could give her and she licked him clean. He begged her to stop because he was sensitive and she was driving him nuts. She laughed and slid up along side him. He put an arm around her and told her she handled hose well.

He started playing with her double d breasts. He liked how soft they were and how her nipples pointed in opposite directions when they were erect. He teased them with his tongue and she gasped with delight. She slid her hand between her thighs and started fingering herself. She asked him if he ever saw a woman get herself off and he said sure but only in the movies.

She told him it got her off having guys watch her play. He was all game to watch until he was ready to go again. She had long nails and they looked like jewels holding open the gates of heaven as she spread her lips apart to play. She made slow lazy circles with her fingertips over her clit. She leaned her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes as her fingers moved faster. She gasped then began to moan.

Ben couldn’t help himself anymore and reached over to where she was playing and started to help her. His fingers quickly found her wetness and he began play with her clit. He was barely touching her, but he could feel her heat increase with each stroke. He moved his body between her legs and lowered his face to her dripping lips. He licked her slowly, getting every drop of her cum. He licked her slit up and down slowly, tasting her and savoring her taste. She tasted like honey to him and his tongue had a mind of its own as it explored her. He sucked on her clit. Her moans became louder as she arched her back, trying to get closer to his wonderful mouth. He sucked her harder and she squirmed against his face even more. He wanted her to cum hard for him so he slipped a finger inside her slick pussy. She responded to his touch and he could feel her gripping at his finger. He slid another finger in with the first and she gasped as he kartal escort started to stroke in and out of her. Seconds later she was begging him to go faster and she was writhing on the bed like a mad woman as she came for him.

Ben let her rest a few seconds before he mounted her. He had a raging hard on that needed to be taken care of. He had her roll over and he pulled her up by her waist so that her ass was facing him. He rubbed his hardened steel rod up and down her slit then shoved it in. He wasn’t being gentle at all and she seemed to like him getting rough with her. He plowed into her like a mad man. He was slamming his dick into her as if he was a fork and she was a piece of meat. He smacked her ass a few times and she cried out in pain. He slowed down his strokes and told her to play with herself while he fucked her. She did as she was told and began to moan loudly. He ordered her to rub faster and soon she was rubbing herself to the rhythm of his stroking and she began to cum again. As she came for him, he slid a finger in her ass and she bucked against him uncontrollably. He could feel her pussy tighten against him as she came over and over again for him. He pumped her harder as he felt her contractions ease up and soon he was about to explode himself. He could feel his balls tighten and he knew he was going to fill her hole soon. He slowed down a bit and enjoyed her wetness a few minutes until he started to hurt and it was time to fill her with his cream. She was still kind of out of it from her release. Ben was almost holding her up to fuck her. He pulled out of her pussy and dripped her cum on her sweet asshole. He always wanted to ass fuck a girl and she seemed to like it when he put his finger in her ass. He rubbed his dick against her ass and she didn’t tell him to stop. He lined it up and shoved his way in. She screamed then moaned louder than she had before. He loved how tight it was. A few pumps and he was shooting white hot cum into her. He pulled out and laid beside her. They were both shot and fell asleep across the bed.

The next morning Ben woke up to find her still asleep beside him. He got up and got dressed. He was due into work that evening and he had a lot of stuff to do before he went in. He tried to get out of her hotel room before she woke up, but she rolled over and said good morning to him. He told her he had to go and she told him that she still owed him dinner and she planned on paying her debt.

“Stop by the firehouse around 11 tonight and bring something with you. I’m sure we can find some place quiet to eat at the station and not be too bothered. Most of the guys are asleep by then anyway,” said Ben.

She agreed to meet with him and he let himself out. She laughed as she thought about having sex on one of the trucks. She was sure he’d be game for it.

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