Her, HimMe…Part One


  Me, Nicki and her boyfriend Jack, had just got back to Nicki’s after being a friends party. We sat in her room had a smoke and drunk some more. It was one of those really humid, sweaty nights and encouraged by the vast amounts of alcohol we had consumed, Jack took his top off. He was tall and toned with shaggy fair hair and dark eyes. He insisted we followed his lead, and so we did. We were all very horny and Jack suggested we play around, so we started to play our own version of Truth or Dare. It started out with me kissing Nicki, which wasn’t hard as I’d always thought she was really hot. She had long dark wavy hair, tanned güvenilir bahis soft skin and a pair of tits that’d turn Dale Winton straight! I leant over to kiss her, we both shut eyes as I pushed my tongue through her pink lips. She wrapped her arms around me, one hand on my neck the other on my lower back. She pulled me on top of her. My chest met hers. I felt her silky bra rub against my skin. I felt myself getting hard so i pulled away. I could see in her eyes she wanted more. Next Jack had to kiss me, we were all open minded so it didn’t phase us. I knew i’ d enjoy it! He leant over me and quite forcefully broke through güvenilir bahis siteleri my lips with his tongue, which passionately massaged mine. I opened an eye to see Nicki who was watching intently. She had one had in her jeans touching  herself. She noticed that I had seen her and momentarily looked embarrassed. I broke away from Jack and gestured for her to join and we shared a three way kiss. I ran my hand over Jacks crotch to see if he was aroused which he was – big time! And so parted the three-way and let them kiss while I unbuttoned his flies. He pulled away from Nic and brought his jeans down. He was wearing iddaa siteleri tight boxer shorts which had a small pre-cum stain on them. Nicki kneeled one leg either side of his and began nibbling his neck and straddling him. I undid her bra, and groped her breasts from behind, tweaking her nipples. She moved off Jack and on to me, pushing me down next to Jack. She removed her jeans as me and Jack kissed some more. I pulled my jeans down. Jack started to rub his hands over my sweaty torso whilst nibbling my neck. Nicki on the other side doing the same as I felt her delicious bum. Then Jack took my place in the middle and me and Nic in turn licked his whole body from neck to toes. She pulled down his underwear with her teeth revealing his huge pulsating cock. I was first to go down on him, taking a subtle sniff of his manhood before I did, the smell drove me insane.

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